Steelers Burning Question: What doomed the 2018 season? Dysfunction or Turnovers?


Pittsburgh Steeler fans. What is going on? This is Jeff Harbin editor of behind the curtain dot com here with you another episode of the Steelers burning question if by chance your first time, you or listener, this is a weekly podcast. I do by myself where I simply answer a question that I feel is either pertinent to the Steelers currently or that a lot of people are talking about. So for instance, there's a lot of people that, you know, have been talked Antonio Brown lady on bell, recently, not really going to talk about that too much in regards to this. Today's episode this burning question, I do wanna mention if you're watching live on YouTube in your in the live chat. I've had a lot of people Email me leave comments on other video saying we really like when you all answer some questions from the live chat. And I wanna let you know. I'm going to do that at the end of this episode. So if you're on the live chat right now. Once I'm done talking about the burning question. You can either comment on the burning question that I ask you can ask a separate question. If you like if there's no questions than screen guys. I'm going home, essentially, so let's get right down to brass tacks. And for me the burning questions this week. I give a mad props to my co host on the standard is a standard, Lance Williams. He's the one that gave me the idea for this burning question he said what derailed the Pittsburgh Steelers two thousand eighteen regular season or what derailed it more. I think they both had their hand. But was it teamed is function. Or was it turnovers team this function or turnovers in on the surface? A lot of people would immediately say turnovers because that is a direct correlation to on field play. And I get that. I really do. But at the same time, I can definitely see a justification for saying the team dysfunction had their hand in the overall demise of what we'll be very promising season in the Steelers won six games in a row. They're seven two and one. Everything's looking bright. It looks like they're going to win their Thursday division title. It looks like they're definitely gonna make the playoffs at that time a first-round bye. Or number one seed was still on the line. They trip and fall on their face several times down the stretch. None more larger than Oakland and they finished nine six and one outside the playoffs. They don't win the divisions. I still go back to that stat. Since reliant is kind of getting a sidebar here. But since realignment when the AFC north was created in the Browns Bengals ravens dealers were all placed in that division. No team has won the division three years in a row. Not once there's been several back to back winners. But never three years in a row. I still find that mind boggling I kept an eye on that all season because I'm watching the Steelers thing. Okay. Seven to one man, they could do it. They could be the first team since the creation of the AFC north going from the AFC central to the AFC north. They could be the first team to do it. And they didn't. So that holds true. So what derail it let's break it down one by one step by step brick-by-brick with start with team dysfunction, in my opinion. This was a bigger factor that a lot of people wanna let on and it's not just what we're talking about right now in that is Antonio Brown. It's not just Antonio route. This is. Lady on bell stuff that goes all the way back in the last season. I'm sorry. Two thousand seventeen in my opinion, this dysfunction started prior to the playoff game in the AFC divisional round against the Jacksonville Jaguars. When Jeremy Fowler of ESPN just had very casual conversation with lady on bell in practice leading up to that game where he asked him about what he thought the Steelers might do with new contracts, and what he would do if he were franchise tag again and Bill straight up said man, I would retire before I would play in refranchising tagging in. And I think at a time everyone kind of brushed that off. But it it lingered. At least for me. It did it lingered. Then later on Dell doesn't show up for the walk through before the games. He still plays. Everyone's wondering what's going on? Why Tom and putting up this behavior? He says he had an excused doesn't matter. He missed the walk through and said then. The offseason begins. And everyone's wondering about what's going to happen will the Steelers try to get a deal? Dumb bell. Doesn't happen franchise tag. Again. What do we do? Now. What's the next course of action? Everyone is assuming he's going to do what he did last year that he's gonna report before week one so in training camp off season workouts. No one expected lady on to be there. Because he wasn't there the previous year another franchise tag. Then all of a sudden week one rolls around and he's an Osho. Again. I don't think this impacted the teen that much until he didn't show in week one week one when he didn't show up, I think players were pissed plain and simple. They were angry because I think and you can kind of deduct this from what player said in quotes in different bits and pieces here and there and kinda put this puzzle together, I'm pretty sure that leaving on Bella told them guys, I'll be back. We want him to be back. And when he didn't show up as as it's a direct stab in the back right in the back knife to the back, and they felt betrayed. But you know, what the rule is. You don't talk about another. It's money. Well, they did. And so it kept getting drawn out kept getting drawn out during this whole time. Now. There's underlying current of Antonio Brown stuff, he skipping workouts and OTA's, and he's making comments about you know, how Ben Rothlisberger is not as workouts either. He's talking about his freedom to the media in the press and how he feels like he's not free just odd behavior even offering Tonio Brown. I'll put it that way. And there's all this stuff going on. He's not happy. His numbers aren't great got off to a slow start of the season. He's talking about why fi connection in all this stuff. It's all kind of bubbling up steals a one to one, but they get on a streak. I said earlier they go when six in a row lady on Dell. Now at the week the part report, I think is week seven by week everyone thought okay, he's a show up after the bye week. He doesn't show up players are still pissed. I think now at this point, they're not. Pissed that he's not there. They're angry that they're constantly having to answer questions about him. Not being there. James Connors played his tail off. He is making fans say lady on who playing his plan tremendous football. And so then it gets the stage of the season where all of a sudden lady on bell has to make it are you gonna show up or you not gonna show up, and he doesn't show up in the players rate his locker, and they're taking his shoes, and they're taking shirts and his cleats. A really bad. Look a bad look for everyone involved badly lady on bell because he passed up an opportunity to play on a team that in my opinion had Super Bowl aspirations, obviously fell short too bad look for his teammates to go into a man's locker and steal stuff and take what did they took it or not? It's a horrible, look, okay. In three. Title this. There's some ongoing issues with with Antonio Brown that as the season progresses. It gets worse and worse they intended to Brown in directly related Ben Rothlisberger. Then Rothlisberger makes the comments against after the Denver game. They turn your Brown. Ran the wrong route he said he would have gone to Judi species four straight times if he had the opportunity again, and you could tell the Brown did not like those comments at all. And I think that might have been the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak. So all this stuff goes down lady on bells out, he can't play at this point. And then you get to the point Ray until you run week seventeen just walks out and everyone always wants to refer to now when they say, oh my gosh. Look at what the offense look like without Antonio Brown in week seventeen against really bad Bengals defense. I'm pretty sure that the game plan leading up to that game had into new around in it. And then when he didn't show up after Thursday Friday, if I got my my time line, correct things change, really quick. And you don't always get time, especially with the rookie James Washington to get acclimated to the game plan. I'm not so sure that that would be the default offense for the Steelers Antonio Brown's not there next year. So all this stuff's going on. It's behind the scenes, and you just had this different feel to it. You know, you go to the go to the two thousand seventeen season when they had the national anthem ish. Issue and Alan hundred Villanueva even with all those off-field issues going on in with lady on bell still at before that season having franchise tag stuff going on. It never felt like it was a distractions. But I cannot say the same thing about this team in two thousand eighteen I felt that it was a distraction. I felt they combine that with those losses key losses where you could point to one play typically especially early on. It was a Chris Boswell mis kick where people felt that. They were good enough to win these games, and they weren't winning. And so when you're losing and you have all this stuff going on off the field. It's like the perfect storms, and it just bubbles up to the surface, and you had players lashing out not lashing out verbally at the the media, which is something Tonio Brown earlier in the season preseason where he threatened punch a a writer from the feed who kinda wrote a hit piece on him and his relationships off the field in his social media. He called Ed bouchette of the Pittsburgh pros Gazeta racist. Just because we shed suggested he might have been limping off the field after this quote unquote, quad injury that kept him out of all of training camp. All this stuff. Just bubbled the surface and players just felt like he couldn't take it anymore for the first time with all this drama around the killers. You had I I can't speak for everyone. But for me, and I mean on the one answering this question right now this did have an impact on the field. It absolutely an impact on the field lay on Dell being there had an impact on the field. What is was it a great impact that he wasn't there? No. Because like I said earlier James Connor he bought out. He played tremendous football a Pro Bowl season. Okay. So I think Antonio Brown. He's a he had some issues going on some lingering stuff that eventually escalated to the point where he said, I'm done undone. So do you think it did have something to do with the play on the field and the regular season? But. At the same time. You have the other side of the coin in that is turnovers. And this is the biggest bugaboo for myself and for my co host Lance Williams when we talked about the season. Just listen to these numbers. Okay. We're talking about turnover giveaway. Takeaway ratio. The Pittsburgh Steelers ranked twenty eight in the National Football League in the two thousand eighteen regular season. Okay. In terms of takeaways. You create an interception you force and in recover a fumble. They had eight interceptions and seven fumble recoveries for total of fifteen now. It's about the giveaways. We're talking about your giving the ball away seventeen interceptions. Nine fumbles lost for a total of twenty six that simple. Math folks, minus eleven turnover differential, minus eleven twenty eight in the National Football League. The best team in the league. The seattle. Seahawks. They were plus fifteen. But if you look at the top teams here in terms of turnover differential tummy, what were they all have in common Seattle plus fifteen Houston, plus thirteen Chicago, plus twelve LA Rams plus eleven New England plus ten Kansas City plus nine New Orleans, plus eight Cleveland, Denver Washington plus seven, and I could go on from there. But before we got in Cleveland, those top seven teams you're talking about teams that everyone thought would be legitimate contenders. In the playoffs. You look at Dallas was plus three Indy was plus two yet to go down all the way to the LA chargers. The Baltimore Ravens. We're actually minus three to the only playoff team that had a minus turnover ratio. And that was probably because of Lamar Jackson fumbling issues. It's tough to say that the dysfunction off the field had a big impact on the play on the field. I do think it it mattered. I guess the team distracted on more than one occasion. And from the ports coming out. It's hard to disagree in hard. Not to understand why they would be distracted. But here's the kicker turnovers loss games this year period in everyone thinks of turnovers day mealy think of then Rothlisberger number seven y he led the NFL and interception seventeenth, which is the lowest margin. The lowest Mark in a long time. At least stay Scofield for that stat that it's the lowest interception. Total to lead the NFL in a really long time. But still he led the he led the league interceptions at seventeen and everyone remembers the really bad picks that loss games and not only loss gains. But turn the tide. Think back to the Atlanta Games. Early in the season. The Steelers are a team that is on the ropes in my opinion. A must win game. They drive down the football field in less than two minutes at the end of the half. They get the ball to start the third quarter. Their info there in chip shot field goal range. They're looking to points on the board Rothlisberger throws a pick. There you go. It's it's just unbelievable. How that turned the tide? Now granted they ended up winning game. The falcons, we're not a very good team. You look at the Denver game spoke about that interception. Earlier just really really bad tournaments. But the thing is like I said everyone thinks about Ben Rothlisberger. But he wasn't the only culprit here folks good week once the tie to the Cleveland Browns. James, Conners fumbles. I'm sorry. I know that the conditions were ideal. But I'll tell you what there's this fumbles where you turn the ball over and that was in their own zone if the Steelers just punishable away there they probably win the game. Instead the Browns get new life. I don't wanna hear about the Nick shove, Sean Davis punt recovery, fumble, whatever the Steelers got hosed in that call but it wouldn't have mattered. If James Connor doesn't fumble the ball in that earlier situation. Go to the saints games. The Steelers were there was their game to be. Had they were moving down the field in whatever was calling hostile environment in the National Football League against the best team as everyone was saying the National Football League and juju Smith, Schuster fumbles, and it's just as backbreaking turnovers that seemed to be the ongoing trend for his every single matter if with every single event on the time line of dysfunction in the two thousand eighteen season. There were turnovers that were marked every single step along the way even in wins. It were bad bad turnovers that just left he scratching your head saying my gosh, what is going on. So let's let's wrap this thing up here, which was more important. I do think the to kind of fed off each other. Like, I said it was the perfect storm. It was bad play on the field at really bad times. And it was awful awful dysfunction off the field, you combine is to mushroom cloud so to speak, and that's the Steelers to doesn't eighteen season. But if I had to say the one was more responsible for the dysfunction, not the dysfunction, but more responsible for missing the playoffs for having a very mediocre season. For really falling off the face of the earth. After what looked to be very promising seven two and one record Citerne overs has to be the turnovers because like I said turnovers ended football games. You could even go to Jacksonville the turnovers were bad there. And there's a my opinion, you know, dental office burger is a Ryan Switzer. I don't know they call defensive holding or pass interference ever. Remember them that game where he threw a pick in the end zone and Bank. Flea Switzer was yanked down they called it. They got new life Rothlisberger. Scrambled in for a touchdown on the next play to win the game. Those careless plays lack of ball protection by the people running the football just can not happen. So I think about points of emphasis, everyone knows with the Steelers point of emphasis was leading into two dozen eighteen tackling tackling tackling tackling. That's all you heard from the coaching staff the general managers defensive coordinator, everyone that has say in the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was all about tackling and they're tackling improved tremendous article buying steel curtain dot com days ago. And it was all about pro football focus put out there stats for miss tackles in two thousand seventeen Steelers ranked I wanna say twenty eighth maybe even worse in terms of mistake. -als they improve so much they ranked fifth in the least amount of his tackles. So the tackling improved was a perfect absolutely not. I still have visions of Terrell Edmonds. Taking horrible angles. Throughout the seasons, but it improved. So I think if there's a point of emphasis offense only going in two thousand nineteen it has to be protect the football. Because if you have a defense that's not capable of taking it away. At a really, really great clip. You're gonna leave yourself vulnerable to just turning it over and coughing it up. So that's something that cannot happen. I say in this burning question, it's not the team dysfunction that derail the season the turnovers. And I guess you could say misfield goals would be a turnover because technically they get the ball at the spot derail the seasons. They were a few field goals away a few turnovers interceptions fumbles away from potentially having a first John by in the any AFC plastic about that for a second. Some I'd say that you look at two thousand seventeen the bounces went their way. And they were therefore. In a first-round by position and the blues in the divisional round. I understand that. But maybe that's just the season. Maybe it's just kind of way the ball bounces. We'll see we'll see how goes, but in terms of what derailed doesn't eighteen in my opinion. If you're using between team dysfunction in your shoes in between turnovers on the field. I don't think there's any way you can say team this function Trump's actual play on the field. But I wanna know what you think if you're listening to this audio form on behind the curtain dot com or any platform feel free to comment. Good. The comments action. Let us know if you're live on YouTube. You can let us know in the live chat. Currently or if you're watching this and replay go to the comments action in there. Let us know what is the answer to this burning questions? What do you think? Now at this point while open up questions to anyone that's in the live chat right now that might have a question about anything. It could be about turnovers. It could be about projected players. It could be about the NFL. Draft. Although I gotta be honest. I don't know a lot of prospects. Currently because I don't watch a lot of college football. And this is just a precursor to the offseason because we're still going to give you audio content. And I know a lot of fans they follow college football, so close, and they know all these prospects. That's just not me. I spent much time on the Steelers. And so I learned about these processes we go. So like when the combine comes senior bowl couple names pop up starting to learn common more pop up when they bring it in the players for their visits. That's when really start getting into the nitty gritty so with that said. Questions. Let's see we have any here. Okay. We have one from Sahi said, you think that Ben Rothlisberger wouldn't get a contract extension? That aby would stay seems like this all started as soon as it was announced. Ben could be getting extended. You know, what that's a really good question. And that's an answer. I have an answer that on the anyone does. I don't know what Antonio Brown is looking for obviously, he wants he wants a change of scenery. That's very well known. But at the same time, I look at this and think that does he really understand what he's asking for because he doesn't control he's not gonna be free agent unless the Steelers completely release which will never happen because then they would be getting having twenty plus million dollars dead cap space taken up by a player that they're getting nothing for. So anyone thinks that's going to happen that you're foolish. But at the same time, let's say the Steelers trade him to buffalo, or let's say the Steelers trade him too. Trying to think of another teams that the Oakland Raiders or let's trade him to the Miami Dolphins a were even listen number of teams that they trade him to that aid. Does not have a quarterback the caliber then Rothlisberger be that he and quarterback. Do not have the time spent in the report that he and Ben Rothlisberger do and see a teen might not put up with all his crap that he reportedly puts the Steelers to on a yearly basis that they kept quiet for so long all these people out there on the mainstream media say the Steelers doing Antonio Brown wrong. Are you serious the Steelers covered up how many of these stories and did not let them get out because Antonio Brown was that good now all the, you know, the you to what's hitting the fan and all these stores are coming to light. So would they would they would he consider staying? I dunno. I think he just wants out period. Okay. Vodka drinker. He saying he's gonna give Trela mulligans for last year. I understand that, you know, something about Terrell Edmonds her no he just doesn't jump off the tape. I watched rewatch him every game. And he looked he looked slow. I didn't like that. Hopefully next year is better say is it longtime listener trade AB for Lovie J. No. Oh my gosh. I know he's laughing. He wrote ha ha he's joking around. I don't want any part of any more diva receivers give me James Washington. Who's a farmer? He's literally a farmer. He has no drama in his body. Take him and juju Smith Schuster any day of the week. Okay. Let's see here. Other questions. How did Rudolph compared to Mayfield in college? If I know terms of big twelve play they were the best quarterbacks in the big twelve. I do know that Mayfield obviously had a more head a better team. But when you look at numbers, I don't have them in front of me the need. That's a an article topic that we could write for behind the curtain dot com. How did they compare Rudolph? Most people said it was a better pro prospect in terms of his ability to re defense's his ability to stay in the pocket, his size his arm strength. So in terms of comparison. I don't have the stats in front of me. But I do know that Rudolph's numbers were very much right there. But they Mayfield Baker Mayfield had the intangibles that most people coveted the leadership. But the thing is that's not a knock on Mason Rudolph he had every ounce of those same intangibles. I think a lot of people thought that roof was not ready for the next step. Just yet. The Steelers took a flyer on them. We'll see if. Ever pans out if it ever pans out. Okay. See here. Oh, you got some non Steeler fans chime in, and I was like we have we have several listeners viewers on the that are fans one's a patriot fan. Hey, if they like listening to me talk about the Steelers the entire time. That's fine. Yes. He got Joe's. If he has a question. What's your gut feeling is AB in a different uniform next year? Yeah. My gut feeling is. Yes. A lot of it will depend on. What happens off the field in terms of what they get in return? I just don't see any way that this marriage to speak is reconcilable. I don't think that they can get back that started. I don't think they could come back from that. And players are going to say the right thing. They're going to say they want Brown. They're gonna say that because they want into Brown because he's good. I have a feeling that a lot of players in that locker room. You just listen to the comments especially leading up to the Super Bowl a juju. Smith Schuster made some very Frank comments cameras, another one I had a feeling that they they were sick and tired of he and Leon on bell. I mean, sick and tired of it. And I think that they're okay with him being gone. They're gonna miss their production. But I think that they're totally fine with them being gone because there's of it period. And I think that's that's something to keep in the back of your mind as this thing plays out where we go. Whoever gives them the best offer that's not an ASC contender. So if he's not gonna go to a division rival, he's not gonna go to the patriots. He's not gonna go somewhere like that. If they're gonna look for someone of some like, the forty Niners would not be a bad choice, but the forty Niners you willing to give them the compensation that they want. Okay. They could shift Arizona let let him play with Josh Rosen. Let me know how you. AB that I have an article coming out hopefully Friday, maybe tomorrow about how anyone that's interested in tenure Brown buyer, beware period. Because there's a lot of stuff that can go wrong with Antonio Brown's. All right. So here's David patriots fan. What do you guys think about trading Browns and the patriots? Let's say the offer I round picks the best offer you get. I don't think they would do because the patriots first-round pick the thirty second pick the Steelers had the twentieth pick. They would have to give a player a very good player and pick for them to even think about it. And I still don't think they'd make that deal because they wouldn't want Antonio Brown to be the reason just like they kind of had that feeling James Harrison went there knows a different scenario. I get that. But you kinda had that feeling that. James Harrison may when he went there steals like oh my gosh. We could probably face this guy again. And what if he is deter determining factor of a women loss? What if he gets around the edge and sacks brought burger I mean, it would it would be devastating and it didn't happen. But I don't I don't think they make that deal. No matter what let's see if we have a couple more questions before we call it a. Got a couple more. Here we go vodka drinker. Says you have your AB. Why would you be doing all the social media drama? It's only hurting him at the other teams looking at acquiring him. That's a good point. But at the same time is it hurting him was hurting the Steelers think about this for a second. He goes on social media, and he puts out these I loved holidays. I love how he put out a thank you fans. Video of nothing, but highlights of himself that is so AB, and I love what Marco Bali of the road. He's there's a very distinct difference between Antonio Brown's and aby almost like AB is the persona the doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hidesato, speak and he's dead. But that's so aby you this guy. If you fall him on Instagram he has fans coming up to his car window every day he signing autographs. He's really good with his fans, you're telling me. You're putting out a video saying thank you fans. You couldn't have taken some of your story videos, mash them up and shown you interacting with your fans to say thank you to the fans. No. Instead, he puts a look at me highlight reel as a thank you to the fans. What what here's the kicker give back to your question, a quick sidebar there, but vodka drinker, you say, I think this is the Steelers because with all this stuff that's going on Antonio Brown's getting his money. No matter what he's going to get that dead money from the Steelers, no matter what he's under contract. So what he's doing right now is he's hurting the Steelers because people are going to say, he's got this domestic violence thing. He's got some off field behavior. He's now in as social media stuff. We don't know if we want to deal with this the best offer you're going to get as a second round pick, no players involved. Just a second. That hurts his stock. I don't think he cares about his stock. Now the Steelers can screw him right back and send a team like Zona. And say FM of this have fun with a rookie or second year quarterback half with the team that has the number one overall draft why they have that pick. They suck last year. And so it's going to be a cat and mouse type thing it's not a once and all the other. But at the same time there you go. All right. So. Frank is very upset that I'm answering questions in the life feed that he labels a stupid. So he says talk about stuff that matters that could fix this team. What needs to happen to fix this team? I seriously believe there are three or four players away from being a legitimate Super Bowl contender two thousand nineteen Fantoni brownies. They need to either draft a wide receiver high that can come in in step in on day one and be dynamic player that doesn't mean he has to be the same players Antonio Brown. But he's someone that can impact the way defense handles the office. That's one key a need to get an inside linebacker. Jon Bostick is not the answer. I don't think Eljay foresee answer free agency might be your best bet there, but they need an inside linebacker period that hold his left by Ryan shazier is still giving they need a cornerback opposite Joe Haden. If Artie burns recovers from last season and becomes a a good player. Then that's great. But you can't Bank on that happening. So there. Four you need to get a solid quarterback. And for me. I'm looking at a safety. I said I'm not sold on Redman's. I think trill Edmonds would be the perfect fit for the role that Morgan Burnett field out when he wasn't injured last year. He will talk about that nickel that dime safety that comes in like an extra linebacker. I would really like to see them getting more of a ball hawking more lead safety to play alongside Sean Davis. I thought John Davis headed tremendous season. And I think if they can do those things this team can be dangerous because you look the backfield. They still have the skill position players the offensive line still intact. They could see a free agent change there. But I don't think it's going to impact that much defensive front is doubt. I think outside linebacker death. But not starting is an issue, but other than that if they can get those four players, and if Chris Boswell clearly can find his game again, I think they'll be just fine. Okay. So let's go ahead and. Find his will have one more here. One more. Is there any chance to steals? Get a deal close to what the raiders God for Cooper or Dallas overpay. That's a good way to end it here in terms of questions. I think that for me. The fact that that deal is done the middle of the season was a big deal because the Cowboys needed a receiver. And when you need a receiver euro, you're sometimes willing to overpay for it, and Amari Cooper paid off as he worth what they gave up. I don't think so is Antony around better than market or either believe he is. But at the same time, you have to be very careful and precise about offseason, trades and NC's and traits. Look, the raiders were gutting their team anyways. And they were they were willing to take whatever they could get. And so when the Dallas Cowboys, we'll give you I well, they give you a first round pick for America Cooper. They might give him up to there's no one in this planet that would have said no to that deal because you're rebuilding the team anyways under Jon Gruden. So we'll they get a deal like that. I don't think so unlike into new Brown Amari Cooper off the field has been pretty much Saint his production is starting to match the trade of little bit. But at the same time, I think that it's something that seriously could be. Viewed as overpayment period. So. There you go. I thank everyone for listening to the show watching the show. What however your viewing the program if you're watching live on YouTube. 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We have free agent picks the potential players that are out there. Every single position going up every other day. So check us out eight articles and a minimum day in the off seasons. It's a lot of content for Steeler fanatics out there. In the meantime, I'll see you next week for another episode of the Steelers burning question Monim, Spencer hall by name is Jason card. My name is Ryan nanny. But we combined we form the shutdown full chest Ron keep telling you novel from the set now focused technically college football podcast. But it's also a show about care disaster regional grocery stores. We live Tennessee Batman homeowners associations bears video games. Pittsburgh Batman the hell of being trapped in a group. Text unreliable legal advice. I mean, there's also some actual football discussion about coaches, having huge contracts coaches making terrible decisions. Coach's saying really stupid things or the NC double A's saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this big dumb, beautiful sport like time Arkansas decided to use a captured feral hog as a mascot and it escaped and it wind up killing seven rattlesnakes a pig and a Coyote, sometimes we talk about okay village it with if you wanna take college football exactly seriously as it deserves to be taken come find us on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcasts like this one full cast. It's not voltron unless it is.

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