The A-Side Live Chat w/ Lauren Murphy


you're listening to medium long. I found I'm allergic to copy map. I would could not live in a world where I was not so. It's not that bad but couldn't live. I couldn't operate I would. I would be depressed. It's funny you can bring that up because I switched a long longtime and in the last couple of weeks have been like frying in Offi. You know and it's been really good. I've been loving it but this morning. I just woke up feeling super six so I think I have to go back to my team for awhile. I didn't have coffee yesterday and I thought my body was gonNA fall on Lego Five Cup a day. I'm GonNa like a five day guy and it's just pure black soul black. There's an event horizon. No Green no nothing. Just stick caffeine on my body but anyway you talk about office for an hour but people are here like this company. That's been really good to be clear really awesome. Check him out and go to my instagram. You get money off so I don't even have to buy the deliver it to you in money off if you go to the league nine instagram bio one hundred percent check it. I'm always looking for coffee. You're doing really early it. Yeah well of course. This is the live shot here. And I'm a finding dot com. Hi I'm Jose Young's host of this lovely podcast joining me. My normal Monday co host. Alex K Lee Casey Leiden. The producer director cameraman extraordinaire. Run on the scene and soundboard. Of course everyone especially Molly. Mccann loves those air horns and Lauren and Murphy is joining us. I don't know where she is. My squirrels all and there's a dog coming in hot. This is penny. I knew she was going to crash the she did. Warn US ahead of time and we said do not stopper crash whatever interview. She wants penny because any questions for Penny Penny is here to wants. Say That photogenic. And she is definitely one of the most popular parts of my instagram. She's such a goofball she's playing the cameras perfectly. But before we get into the questions Laura I have to ask our you handling Corentin life amid this pandemic down in Houston. I know we were talking a little bit for. You just moved down though not just with down there but you did move from Phoenix to shoot the Houston area. So how's life in quarantine? It honestly really hasn't been bad. I've been really enjoying this time I'm lucky because my aim obviously live with my husband. And he's a black belt in. He coaches me often. He corners in all my fights and so we have a really really. Nice Matt Room with wilmots a bunch of workout equipment so Actually this time I used to really improve some parts of my game that Ah felt needed a lot of work and it's been it's been really a lot of fun. It gives me a lot of confidence to kind of plug up those holes in my game and I'm excited. I hope I get a chance to use them in my next fight so it hasn't been bad and then a lot of the gyms here will open up for lent private sessions Every once in a while we'll get like a small group of three or four fighters together and we'll have a wrestling practice or sparring practice or something like that so it really hasn't been too bad in Texas has not been really hit as hard by the virus has a lot of The rest of the nation especially like New York City where they've just been getting hammered. It just doesn't really look like that here. Luckily and hopefully won't so. Yeah we're in team hasn't been too bad lauren. As we talked to they have young children but you you you. You have a young man. You're right you're raising a young man. I think he's in call it. He's in college now is all right. And he's not in college but he just graduated in. May alker when we moved to Houston moved back to Alaska. So he's he's not now and he was like out he loves Alaska. He grew up there. He loves the weather. He loves the Green. He has a a bunch of our family. Still lives up there so he wanted to back up there and unfortunately he's an adult so I just I couldn't stop him. I couldn't hold onto it so I had a bit. How's it how's he doing? He's doing really well. He's he was working at a At a planet fitness when he moved up there he got a job at planet fitness. And that's all shutdown right now so He's really an integrated kid is well. He's a lot of ways he's my polar opposite which I really appreciate. And so he's actually been loving the quarantine because it's like an introvert stream will like Alex said. We've had a lot of fighters on the show with young kids and they go over. How they they have to have the talk with their kids like Anthony. Smith has like the young daughters. And there'd be like Dad. Why can't I go to my friend's birthday party these anymore? And they're like well. Everyone is sick. I'm sorry so you don't have to have that conversation with an eighteen year old though so he's enjoying it during I I totally understand that and the introverts life. I kind of I kind of appreciate that as well. He's a really good kid. I'm super proud of him. He's doing really well. Casey House Corentin light for you since we last talked you're in California who's actually handled better than most states like every weekend. I ask you this. Every time always rolls his eyes like anything just like. I don't know what days today to date days days. Yeah right now that we have now that if it bills like to forty nine will happen When original forty nine was booked in the more whatever I was like in a happening and of course it ain't happening and never happened but this one feels like it's happening now life feels like there's a there's some sort of something's going on because before it was just one day another day but now there's a there's a a goal somewhat so yeah Casey. How about cats movie? Though is that we're here to talk about. I say I wanNA tell our readers. We got a key. Casey you watched cast over the weekend and set out. Some just thoughts on social media was true some questions and we're GonNa talk about it more. You should all think Lauren that we're not gonNA talk about it because she hadn't seen it so all of you who did not want to hear what the cast movie which. I don't know why you wouldn't want to you can think law and we won't talk about Jose not it either so we don't WanNa spoil it you know it's it's a real is a real all you all spoil live little spoiler okay. So lots of cats in it. Well cats or no cats Casey. Of course we have a lot of questions. I would imagine For Lauren as she's making her debut on the side so for our first for lovely listeners. What is our first question? First question this after all. This is a calculated Casey Sorry sorry sorry my my my oh I will answer. We did on purpose. The cat side low mistake on. We'll fix that. We'll fix it in post. Sorry Guys God. I will answer that question. This is what I am so sorry. I don't know how these I don't even know what these questions are blamed penny. I think penny cats questions. Yeah exactly penny into the cats movie. Yeah can't wait to watch it either. All right here we go here. We go an actual anime quest and Kelly at Camp Game Gang on twitter. Mma has a lot of great characters and some great quotes. What are some of your favorite quotes or call outs? Example Jeremy Stevens. I didn't know we were allowed to turn downfield spell Jeremy Stevens last name. I'm sorry it's a Novi whilst our Lauren. What are some of your favorite quotes? Call outs could be directed at you. It could be your calls of other fighters but what are some call outs. That standout standout in your in your mind nate. Diaz comes to mind right away. He's the man I love. The Diaz is Anna. Yeah the man in all his callouts are just I don't think they're pre scripted. It doesn't seem to me like a pre scripted off the cuffs on the fly in the moment. And that's kind of what makes him so great but because of his call outs you know. He got that really epic fight with Conor McGregor where he submitted connor in that turned into. You know the the next fight with Connor and hopefully trilogy someday He called George Mazda at all in that you know that was awesome gangster. He Ain't no west coast gangster. I love was a connor. One your favorite one. The you've taken everything I've worked for. I've liked that a lot because it was so ballsy but the the B. M. F. Call out was pretty bad ass to think they're pretty equal. Yeah I just. I really liked the way Nate Diaz. I like the way he runs his mouth but like the way he fights. I really like that guy. Yes one hundred percent genuine. And that's I. I'm with you on that Web. Anytime they is on the Mike. You have to listen. Because I think he knows WHO's GONNA call up. Everything he says is off the top set the top. I think it is super genuine. Mazar dolls the same way kind of has that character with it Alex what are your favorite call outs for not just saying. I'm just saying I. A kind of agree with Lauren. Like it's the it's the authenticity that makes the best college so good like they don't have our goal all Alexandra issues. This time. Those Ones Alex. Start over on my back on my back. We can hear you move your face. You're frozen a that's not how you. GonNa keep this freeze frame. Raymond you for a while. I've actually been holding that expression like hear me. You can see we can see now. You're you're bopping freezing. I have some bad into as I've worse Internet It wouldn't be authenticity. Is what makes a call I loved. Espn big piece. Dan So of course. I am not impressed by your performance is my favorite cousin. It's not like it's so insulting. But he the way Dsp is it can kind of come up. He didn't really mean to be and yet somehow that made it worse even more disrespectful and again like Lawrence. It's set up a big fight and continue to view and it just serves Sony purposes. So I love that clip. I could watch that clip a million times and things great great moment Casey. Your favorite call out or quote from 'em. You've been covering this for a long time so what ones stand with you. You've interviewed probably been. I can for more fighter interviews than any other cameraman on the planet. So what are some that stand up? And I've seen a person you know you guys were talking about Nick. I nate is I wanNA talk about nick? Nicosia's my favorite call out was back in the lead acce- don't be scared. Homie no better. It was when he fought caging. We know Cagey Nunes. Had just defeated Yves Edwards in Hawaii. Nick D. as was on the UNDERCARD Maybe three or four and nick had just lost a K. J. a few months. Before so. After nick one he won the bout the bell over. Eve's Nick and nate come to the cage and the nick grabs the Mike and Basically says something because cage as girlfriend was in the cage as girlfriend. His family was in the cage. He says you an engine dreary Wayne assassinate someone. You don't bring your girlfriend with you. And that was at all like yeah that makes sense. And then on a big fight in the cage. So he don't shocking. Yes so I just remember like this is so brilliant the one that the gop one. That's done for me is when he got down on his knees and begged for the rematch. Amac US because he could. That's why I doubt one was so sincere because his English wasn't where it is now so he wanted to say I I'll ask fair and square but he said alas fairly squarely and then he apologized. I'm my English. And so it was like He. He the way his broken English and then immediately apologizing for having broken English even though he just won a fist fight. And he's asking for a rematch. It was so genuine and so sincere. He didn't get the. I don't think you got the remote right away. But that's that is my favorite one because of we're talking about authenticity. I think that that defines it right there so Canadian Canadian. I'm sorry I'm sorry. I get my second favorite. Caught out was Breezy over doom. Trying to fight of getting a rematch of Alastair vring amber dooms. English was a little you know. He's still working on it so he kept calling over in he goes. You're too much cock too much coach. So then we explained to the radio show which. I think you meant cocky. The difference between Cocky Cock and was like Oh my God Lauren. What what's been the best. Call out that you've heard directed at you. Gosh I don't know if anybody's has never called me out directly I don't think so If they did maybe just like on twitter. I can't really remember. Do you guys know of anybody? Ever calling the out How's Egghead Now? That you bring it up. I A message sent to me for you. From Roxanne modify. She was on our show a couple episodes ago and we asked her. What are what are three fights? She is most looking forward to in two thousand twenty three female fights. I when she said. Where's her teammate? Joe Joe Fighting Valentina and the second one she said is me versus Lauren Murphy. That was sacrificed. She's excited for her. She has sent me this. I ask Lauren. That Roxanne wants to know when we're fighting. I want to know went to stop eating quote excessive Mexican food just keeping Iraq. Zanu good girl. No actually so you're talking about if I ever called out anybody in. I called out Roxanne after my last fight but Dana hit told us. Don't swear you're on. Espn don't swear. And I have a real big potty mouth why can't will more than like five seconds dropping f-bomb or something and so I wanted to say Roxana. I'm GONNA fight your fucking ass but I couldn't like I had to pause it. Got kind of jumbled in there and I was kind of messed up. Because you're on camera. I just got punched in the head. A bunch of times and then I couldn't swear and so it kind of messed up my flow little bit but Yeah Roxanne I don't know it's a good question. July International Fight League Vegas. Oh I don't think they're doing international fight week but We can find Vegas July. I began a even. The end of June is fine with me. But you have a Roxanne question asked answer given July Rox modifier Lauren. Murphy I love but yeah those and give it third fight. She's like those are the only two fights matter to me for the rest of the my teammate. For the belt and then finding Lauren Murphy did say every time someone could someone she thought she was. GonNa fight you instead of macy barber. But then she macy Barbara instead so it seems like every time she thinks she's GonNa fight. You never works out. She says yeah we were. I think there was a verbal agreement for us to fight previously. Because I thought I was GonNa Fight Roxanne previously and then you have got together in. They're like no. We're not gonNA have you guys fight. We want we want you to fight may see in Andrea and so that's how that worked out and then we both on those fights so it seems to make sense that We would fight each other next. Plus I think she's ranked number five in. I'm ranked number six spring Olympic center ranked right next to each other. I'm trying to break into the top five so And you know it's like if you look at the other girls in the top five right now. I think Roxanne just makes the most sense because Jessica is coming off a huge wait miss Vivants coming off a loss. I've already fought Caitlyn. She Kagan that was at bantamweight. So what we will. We will have another fight at flyweight. I would imagine And then I think Jennifer is coming off a big wave missed too and so I think that's the other four women in the top four so I don't I don't WanNa fight somebody that missed weight especially by how much those girls have it by that this to me that. It's not is so unprofessional. And it just makes it so likely that it would happen in our match that I'm not really interested in inviting those girls if they can't make wait so Roxanne's kind of only one that makes sense right now. While I think your words Echo what Roxanne was saying too because I think every fighters whose law since coming back to the UFC has missed weight. Ever likes Adjara Jennifer my and then everyone that she's fought that's made way she's want so she's like sheep you make way down and fight everyone. I was at her fight against macy when macy was weighing in Roxana a whole team standing with the media watching. And then if you go back and watch that video one macy makes way you hear a huge like pop in the background was all rock sandstone. They're all cheering barber midway. Yeah Yeah it's it's a huge deal. I think missing weight is cheating. You know and it's it's like if you can't make the weight than don't agree to the fight in especially women that have you know ten or twelve weeks to get ready. You have plenty of time to get down to a reasonable weight by it might suck and you might have to put in a lot of work and you might have to be hungry a little bit during your camp. But that's the way that you have signed we. You signed a contract to make that weight. It's like our two jobs. You make wait is the first thing and then show up and fight is the second thing and making wait is like the first step to that so it really drives me crazy when people miss wait. It drives me nuts because I know how much I suffered to make way like. I really really have to watch what I eat out. I Diet really hard I have I hired a nutritionist to help me through camp. So I'm paying money to make weight and then these other girls will just miss by like six pounds or seven pounds in. It's a huge advantage for them. It's cheating and here. I am literally paying a guy to help me make wait. You know so it just it. It drives me nuts to know that There's not a bigger penalty for missing weight. Is there a is there? An amount of weight missed that you would definitely say. I'm not fighting. This person like two pounds over three pounds over five pounds over Does depends who it is he. I would just depend on stituation Like when we fought to Jara because she had missed weight she missed weight for every fight she had except for me but it just it just would really depend like with somebody likes ajar. It was like okay if she misses. Wait by one pound then fucker like I don't. She doesn't deserve to fight. You know what I mean. That was kind of how we reviewing it and that she made wait so it was fine. We're able to proceed with the fight but it just depends like if are chronic. Wait Mr Depends on another. Last performance depends on where the ranks Like what the what the like the consequences of the fight might be Fight where like maybe a contender ship position is on the really big deal you know was also like in Las Vegas. There's like a five pound weight limit. Miss Right Casey. That's what happened with the guy. Gedalya daily Grasso missed way in cloudy accepted it but then Las Vegas because she had missed weighed by too much. Yeah some of the commissions will do that and then sometimes to just make it into a catch weight so that the other fighter doesn't have to make weight but it doesn't really matter because if you have somebody that you guys you're that that's a lawnmower in the front is that okay If somebody gets to carry around a lot of weight their entire camp it makes a big difference. You know you're all fueled up all your cardio sessions you're all fueled up all your sparring sessions. You get to exercise having that much more power like it really when you're carrying five six seven extra pounds through your whole camp that your opponent doesn't have the luxury of carrying it makes a big difference in the fight to since you meant so. I have to ask you because we're not the people to answer this question When Jessica I missed waiver reasons why I think by a significant amount like five pounds or something zinc sixty six She said it was because of her lady issues Is that an excuse or is that no if you Prepare for a weight cut. That means that you're GONNA be well hydrated right so when you prepare for away cut. It's a lot of water loading in dieting. And then the last week leading up to the weight cut. There's a lot of little tricks that fighters do like. Maybe they'll take carves out of their diet or fiber Obviously we dehydrate ourselves. But if you have the water in you it will come out by if you work you will sweat in that will come out your period doesn't magically make you stop sweating. It's not like that especially not. You don't have six pounds of period in you like ridiculous but I think that that is a excuse that women often used when they miss weight and I get that like you might be a little more bloated Like when you're pm or something but To me I've made wait before while menstruating in it. It's like if you work. You will sweat if you sweat. Then you will lose weight period period. Get it period funny. Oh my gosh well well said because like you said we've heard we've heard that we've heard that brought up a lot when one fighters miss wait so Kinda go okay. Like what am I gonNA? I don't saying I'm glad you. Can you imagine if you try to comment on that? Casey tweeted something about it. You'd be done all the men in you know. Mma is mostly men all the men are like they can't say anything about it you know so women have. Kinda they use it. I think they use it as an excuse to not make quit. Sometimes when really the problem probably started for them weeks before you know if you have to fight at one twenty five and you weigh one fifty three weeks out from your fight. You're not gonNA make wait period. You know so period comedy gold. What is are not exact question by question on auto boxing When she was GonNa Fight Lawn. And that's how we got there from sportsweek. Mma Lawrence said that she came across. Emma made by chance when taking her son to a Ju Jitsu class what does she think should be doing now if it weren't for that also as she ever spoken. Eddie Alvarez since tough Well if I hadn't found MMA you know I don't know In a Lotta ways. Mma changed my life so so much. Because when I when I started this sport I was. I was in school To do a job that I really didn't WANNA do. I was married to a different guy. I didn't really like and I just had this. I was kind of Surrounded by people living this life that I didn't say I didn't enjoy it but it just wasn't for me and when I started Jujitsu May Is I started eating better I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and so I quit smoking. Obviously because I wanted to be good at sport I started surrounding myself with really motivated athletes. That were chasing a dream and I've never really liked. Been around people like that before you know. I'd never really played a sport before. Been an athlete so It really did change my life like coops Lee and if you guys were to see who I was ten years ago it's like almost unrecognizable from the person that I am today really high Completely different life than than I had when I first walked into the gym that day and Yeah who knows what I would be doing but I don't think it would be good. It would be. I don't think it would be nearly as fulfilling. I don't think it would be nearly as exciting. I wouldn't be as proud of what I've done. You know there's just I can't imagine what it would be like if I hadn't become an athlete and as far as Eddie do we need to Do we need well. Let's explain to anyone who isn't aware of the history. Eddie and Lauren. Just very quickly He was your coach on the ultimate fighter. Eloquent twenty six and things philosophically. Let's put it nicely. People can bypass if you want to go see the drama that that was developed net show and as you. I think you're leaving his team. You want to go the other team Is that right because of again. Disagreements you guys had had In one darkly hilarious moment for us He could he confused you with fellow. Cast Mate Bar Pontiac and called you. Barb discussion involved barb. So there was some kind of rational but it was very rude of him and he called you bar and it was a very fiery Sort of departure from his team so obviously everyone wants to know what happened after and as this question says have you guys spoken. Since what's what's GonNa hell no fiber saw Eddie. Maybe I would speak to him just to fuck you think maybe any Edie Edie was And he was just a really bad coach like and I think maybe part of what I did was. I had my expectation set so high. I thought he was going to be the amazing coach in amazing person in Eddie's really just an athlete you know what I mean. He's not. He's not a coach and he's not a good coach for sure But there was a lot of things that happened on ultimate fighter that that don't get aired. There's a lot of things that don't get aired. That happened that I thought were really upsetting that. I thought were really disrespectful He was really really unkind to a lot of the women on that show Not just me but a lot of the women. I just happened to be the only one that would speak up or say anything about it. And so that is the part that made it on air but Yeah there's just I. I saw that question on twitter. I did start thinking about tough. I haven't I haven't really thought about Goldman fighter in a long time but I started thinking about it after I saw that question. I don't know I just I would do tough again. I really enjoyed the experience there. I loved meeting all the women. I still keep in touch with a lot of women from that show to this day. But Eddie was He was just a really bad coach and he was kind of a bad person he he did some really really hurtful things that just never made it on air so unfortunately. I could talk about it now but when the show was airing people just didn't get to see that so. Yeah so Did you I mean. Do you feel like it was it was just a misunderstanding or I don't know how much You know certain certain coaches and certain fighters trained with with women. I think some have more Spanish than others so I can't speak radio. I don't know a lot. Women are not. Did you feel that there was a misunderstanding on that level? Maybe Again? I I wasn't in the House I can't tell it was more like more like he treated us like we were all jokes like like we were just little girls with our stupid little game for our stupid little competition and you really degrading towards us. So like some of the things he knew if he talked a lot about the women even the ones on his own team to the other women on his own team so if like like when one woman would lose a fight as soon as they walked out of the locker room he would talk to the rest of the team about how they were quitters. They didn't along. They weren't good enough to be there. They shouldn't be there You know I lost her fight and then the next day he was like you know she's not cut out for the sport and he was telling my teammates that about me And that's not just me Keith. That all the women One of the other things like that came to mind was Like there was sober. Aerial back had a panic attack. You know and I know. She's stoppable panic. Attacks and and Eddie actually went in there and comforter and was like talking to her but the the thing was that he this of all the women in the House and circle with with the Red Marker. He put a big Red Circle around the girls that he thought could win the show and he put a big red x through the faces of the women that he thought didn't have a chance and aerial was one of those women he put a big red extra face and then he left that list sitting out for all of us to see you know what I mean and so she knew all season what he thought of her. She didn't want to go to practice with a guy like that. That thought that of her set thought she had no chance and that she wasn't a good fire. Obviously Yahya There was just all kinds of stuff that he did. He came to the house tonight. Okay we live in a mansion sixteen women living in a mansion and he came to the House for night with a friend of his. That wasn't even a coach on the show. Just a random guy that none of us had met. He got drunk with his friend in. Our House watched that we weren't allowed to watch and then let it never interacted with any of us. It was super disrespectful and just like really bizarre and so none of that kind of stuff makes it on air but those were the kinds of things that were really upsetting to you. I just felt so disrespected in so like that. Competition was for the. Us Belt death literally my dream and it's been to which makes it even worse because you would think a guy like that that aspires to be the champion and had been the campion would understand how badly we wanted to win. That competition and that that is not a lot to me. I felt like I was under a lot of pressure. I was one of you that hit already. I think just Roxana and I had already been in the AFC so there was all pressured of reform and do really well and I think Eddie knew that and I think he knows what that feeling is life and he's talked about it a lot and instead of helping people that were in his same position instead. He chose to humiliate them into me. That just seems so wrong. So when I left the team There was a scene of knee like handing him a card and the card. I thanked him for everything that he had done in told him. You know thank you for taking the time to coach us. Stay on it. It's not easy to do you. Unfortunately like I just think you know going get you the best thing for me. I wish you so I would do all that again. You know I would act in exactly the same way. I feel bad for the women that didn't get to experience. What a great host. Dustin was great coach Trevor. Wittman was because they were awesome. They were so good and I'm really really grateful that I got to spend some well. People always want to know more about the financial. We'll see about that particular story so guys. That was a story there too. That is Dana White. Said on an ask me anything on Reddit over the weekend that Oh he said he said we never cut any of the good stuff everything you see on the show is everything you know that you guys WanNa see so. That's one side of the story. Now we've got the story of Lauren. Someone who's been on the show so I'll just say fans Make of that what you will you know you guys can make your day. Dana said that they don't they don't put out the good stuff interesting. That's just what he said. It's a forty minute. Show about commercials and they shoot six thousand hours. I'll put other stuff. It's garbage case carpet. You don't need to see you don't need to know all right you don't see and another thing that I didn't really realize about the ultimate fighter in this also mind mistake You know that it's meant to build up characters for people to get invested in when they go into the UFC. You know what I mean so you watch the show. You meet all these new faces. That are anime that maybe fans haven't seen before they get to know the personalities and then when those fighters go into the UFC following behind them they have their their stories out there already and so it makes sense that when people win the ultimate fighter. They're portrayed in a very good white and people that don't win on the show are pretty expendable and so me being a little bit older having already been in the UFC not having had a great run at one. Thirty five. And then losing in the first round of ultimate fighter. I put myself in a position where I was very very expendable to the production crew. So I I hope that makes sense in that. That part is my fault. I did not perform well on the ultimate fighter and if I had performed better I think I would have had I think they would have portrayed me in a better light but it's my fault for not performing when I needed to well now number six in the rankings. So it's really great so we'll go father with all that said. Lorne you but you said you would do it again though I would. I would like to go back and do it. Better for one thing I'm actually kind of excited about the opportunity to maybe fights at apex or something with no Audience because it will be a lot like the ultimate fighter and to me. It's going to be like a chance to do it again and do it better this time. Like I want to show the world that I've learned from my mistakes and You know I I. I've not only learn from my mistakes that I've improved so much that I can go into a situation like that and perform really well. I do hope I get another chance. But like the ultimate fighter. I didn't get along with Eddie but I did get along with all the other women still keep in touch with a lot of them to this day. I made some really great friends and I did have some really cool experience on their. You know living in a mansion like that In just being on a show like that is a really unique and wild experience in. I like that kind of stat so I would definitely do it again. And I'd like to go back and do it better. Will a court will cases. You took that photo at the Apex Casey of the of the deal to find fighter time line and said like it's done to two thousand eighteen like I had an end date so they don't want it says it's going back but why put an end date on the ultimate fighter if it if it is in bad he'll be back. The question comeback. Tombstone the birthday in when it died. And it's right there on the wall so I'm like the first time you see when you walk in. It's very strange next all the jerseys But Casey any other questions. That was a very long but interesting. Answer wouldn't be out of. We didn't get along tangents fun. Another question Cam Kelly besides hard work what personality traits do believe helped you become successful in. Mma. This is a question of course directed. Lauren known cares about our hard work. Institute stubbornness for sure. It's gotta be just stubbornness and your me like I hate being bad at stuff and of course anybody that starts a sport is going to be bad at it in so I just wanted to improve so much that I kept coming back day after day. It's still what keeps me going back day after day. Because every training session you make mistakes. And that really motivates me to go back and fix those mistakes just like we were just talking about the ultimate fighter. I WANNA go back and do better because I made mistakes the first time on the show and so I I kind of feel that way about every training session where it's like. I have a sparring session. And I'll know what I did wrong or all know bike why I might be having a hard time in a certain area and so to me. It's really important to get better in those areas and I love seeing improvement so but yes stubbornness I guess. Probably one of the most important traits. A fighter cap stubbornness above talent. That you have. I gave up on things really easily. So Miami career never took off from Joseph Boza in the U. Two comments. Will she take a short notice? Fight in the in this current climate in the AFC if the UC asked her to fight with no camp. So would you take a fight with no CAM In this current Utah you talked about a little bit the beginning your situation's a little different some the fives fat on while you're still able to train we corey San Haganah. He's basically said his his girlfriend was holding midst for him and she'd never held and his in her life. So it's been a little rob you've still he's like I'm cutting weight. Justin cates Josie Aldo can make the states and my only training partner is. My girlfriend has never trained to her life. Your situation is a little different so given that would you take a fight in the sea on short notice given the current climate? I don't now if I could make wait. I would seriously consider it but like I said I work really hard to make weight so short notice fights sometimes aren't even possible for me because I just simply make weight in a short amount of time. but If I could make wait like if I was like super in shape and just staying super close to weigh in offered me a short notice. Fight I might. It's hard to say I. I took a short notice fight once at Bantamweight. Against Caitlyn Kagan and I ended up losing that fight and then I didn't get another contract. It was last fight on my contract. So it Kinda put us our case to my mouth about taking short notice bites you know. Why do it if there's no if there's going to be a benefit but the other thing to think about is like where we're ranked? What is the you know? I'm not going to be fighting. Roxanne on short notice where the consequences of the fight could mean a bump up in the rankings. Or am I going to be fighting somebody? Who's opponent just fell out and maybe they're ranked a little bit lower. It just Kinda depends on what the story of the fight is going to be the biggest Factor in that is whether or not I wait so if you were like comfortably on a you know if you felt you were constantly make weight And you're gonNA find someone who is higher than you in the rankings. What would what's the lowest notice you would take like a week? Two weeks like what's considered like extreme. Well when I thought Bar Pontiac I was on. I was on weight but At the finale actually did not have a fight. Vate right yeah. They pulled me like I had a fight in as Priscilla Kashmira and She ended up not being able to get a visa in. So I beg MIC. Please let me go to the finale. I'll make weight and is it. I just know one of those girls is GonNa Midst. Just trust me on this. And so they they did pull me in that fight we just to make weight and then after weigh in they said okay. You'RE GONNA fight farm haunt Jak and that's probably the shortest notice. I've ever had which opponent I was. GonNa fight you know after weigh INS. Then I found out who is gonNA fight but Yeah I mean I feel like I'm in a good spot with a UFC right now. Coming off two wins. I like the contracts that I'm on quite a bit so I I would. I would really consider a fight on a week's notice your two weeks notice or three weeks notice as long as I could make waiting case. Forgotten Lauren. You did beat your namesake by split decision. I believe you to win so yeah I did. Yeah that was one of the best performances. I think I've ever had. It was a really really great experience. Namesake thank you for the question. Joseph Boza I'M GONNA explain it out to another cats question for those of you who just listening of cats from Zana fide longtime comment. If Ronda Rousey is not the goat why every possible breakthrough female prostitutes Referred to as the next Rasi has tag spilling the has tied the a side so First question is Ronda. Rousey the greatest female fighter of all time in your Lauren. She's one of them. It's right I really liked the interview. That George saint-pierre did recently where he said. The idea of the goat is like not. It's not real you know. There's always a bigger fish out there somewhere Even the people that are the best in the world right now are getting their asses kicked in their sparring rounds in the gym by somebody. You know. There's a lot of people out there that don't even fight that are amazing fighters. So it's really hard to say who the greatest of all time really is but Rhonda did something that nobody else could. Do you know what I mean. That's pretty important. I I hate to see people bash Rhonda online now because she was such an amazing force in women's MMA. She changed the game for all of us. I mean she was like shattering. Records shattering glass ceilings. She was doing things and going places that nobody envisioned a woman in MMA. Do and so. I think that's why prospects are often referred to as the next Ronda Rousey because they're seen as these great forces that could be You know shattering the next glass ceiling. Whatever that is but Rhonda was the first to do it in so I love a man Nunez. She's definitely the best in the world right now. She has been for a long time. I think she will be for a very long time. But Rhonda pave the way for all of us have Rhonda hadn't come along wouldn't even be a women's division in the UFC for any of us to fight in you know. Then she blew through the top ten. I mean people forget so quickly we're having discussions about how many men she could beat in the in the men's divisions you know we were talking about whether or not she could she could beat like Canes Alaska's I think or something like that like she was really forced to be reckoned with MMA and it was not just your skill set it was also a personality and the way she carried herself and I think it's really admirable. I'm Rhonda Fans be honest with you. Put start competing at one thirty five and you had a pretty special and I think you were doing really well in Invicta Did you ever find yourself in a deal with expectations not necessarily being called? I don't know if you've ever called the next Rhonda but again being you're in her division. Did you ever hear anything? Like Oh Lauren. Like how high would expectations for you as you kept winning and winning and winning before you came to the OC actually this. Kind of the opposite. I felt I felt like people like she said you know I I. I wasn't doing judo from the time I was here. Kid haven't been boxing. Since I was eat I wasn't even an athlete and When I can eat it in INVICTA I had only been training like three years when I won the invisible. I have literally been an athlete for three years. You know and House competing against these other women that have been training for many many years longer than me and So a Lotta Times I would get this like like I would get like from coaches and comments online and comments from teammates and they'd be like Oh my God like you're so raw but I was just really tough I was super stubborn was really scrappy and That that was Anna why I think I was able to be so successful for a while and then when I got the UFC It kind of caught up with me but yeah I. I kind of had the opportunity where I think. People's expectations of me were actually quite low. And it Kinda go because I was so raw in the sport in I had three for such a short amount of time. Non Casey you and I have had this go go casey. I was like Oh What were the What was the difference as a fighter when you fall Invicta at the time when you file an Invicta like what would what the jitters different with this. I know I know. Obviously the money's better now but just as a fighter in the competition level what what was what was different within big data. I think an Invicta I was just having fun it was like. Oh this is just refined like I don't to me. It wasn't like a career in an oddly enough when I started my career. I thought okay. I'm just going to do one fight just to see what it's like. I could tell my kids about it by. Grandkids are going to have a cool grandma that did make bite once and then. I did another and I did another and then I wanNA belt in Alaska and I was like well. Maybe I'll just keep fighting till I lose. You know like it was really just like a game. I was like this is just a fun little thing I'm doing in all the way through INVICTA. That's how I felt about it I was like just fight till I lose so I guess part of it was that I didn't take myself so seriously. I didn't really feel a lot of pressure. I was really really just having fun and enjoying the sport end Enjoying finding out how far I could go and once I got the UFC. I did feel a lot of pressure and I started thinking. Maybe I'm not good enough to be here like maybe this isn't Maybe I'm way out of my league. Maybe I'm in over my head and that was reinforced. Kinda around me. And so my my confident started really really Going Downhill and then my performances started going down. I so interesting. How like Once you became a full on professional athlete it you Kinda Within his fun is it is it. I always like when when I'm talking to fight is that's the biggest like maybe the fans don't care about Bob always so interesting. That transition from being a hobby being a lifestyle too like okay. This is my job is that it. Was that a weird move. It was Kinda weird when I after I won the injectable I moved to Arizona and I went to the lab and the lab is a super tough Jim. It's full of superstars and so when I got there I was just getting my ass kicked every day day in and day out and I thought man maybe I just need to work harder but I've always been a real hard worker. I don't think that was the problem. I think that I was so concerned about People thinking that I was a good fighter that I was. I started really overtraining myself. I mean when I look back at the workouts. I was doing at that time. I'm like Oh my God has just so overtrained in so under confident in and that's such a bad mix for any athlete any athlete in sport. You can't be over. Trained in under confident has to be the other. You know you have to be really confident and you have to really pay attention to your rest in recovery and make sure that you're firing on all cylinders for your practices better practices. You have the better. You're going to perform and I was kind of doing the opposite. I was working so hard in doing so much that my practices were really bad and I wasn't having good sparring sessions. I felt like I wasn't doing very well at all. And I think that site I could show up. I could fight like I thought Sarah McMahon and it was a split decision and I fought list Karma Razor close like even with a Caitlyn's UK again. It was a super close fight. You know but they were all still losses and The coach that I had the time was like you're not ready for the UFC. Like you know you got into the UFC too soon. You don't have any skills. You're not skillful enough up to be there and and I believed him like that's my coach. Of course I believed him. You know Now I know looking back but that's not true it's like if you walk into the UFC and you find a title contender. Like Serra McMahon to split decision that means you belong there that means you do belong but you are good enough to be there if you go and fight somebody like Liz car moosh. Who is a title Challenger in strikeforce and the UFC? And you have a razor thin decision. That could have gone either way than you are. Good enough to be there but these are just lessons that I have to learn through my career that I think every athlete learns. I just had to learn it on a really big stage. Offense does et my answering your question. Okay do you We we had a similar conversation with Israel out of Assan. He says one of the things that separates him from other fighters is. He made all of his mistakes before he got to the DNV that he's like E- even in and out of the Octagon. He went through all the growing pains before he became who he is now. Just engaging in. I actually talked about this on the fighter And he was like man. If I could give any fighter one piece of advice. It's to lose early. You know lose early in your career so you can learn how to deal with it out of fall down yourself back up Anna. I just never had that not only had. I never played a sport but I never lost until I got to the UFC you know. And it was just a really heartbreaking for me. It was hard for me to wrap my head around. It took me a long time to separate like losing. Losing a match has an athlete does not mean that. I don't belong there. It doesn't mean that I'm not a good person doesn't mean that I'm bad at what I do. You know. It took me a long time to learn that losses really are just part of playing sport. You know you win you lose and you just have to do your best. Pick yourself up and go on to the next. But that was a hard lesson to learn even on the ultimate fighter. I was still learning it. You know it was very hard for me and Belton fighters actually kind of what I think broke me of that a little bit you know. And that's why I was able to have such a good performance against barb in Great performances really set. Ever since I've had I think I didn't perform well when I thought Jarrah but that's kind of a different story but yeah after that I really started having fun because it was like man. What are you doing this for if you're not if you're not having fun like why would you go through all of this and literally get into fistfights daily with your teammates and then with your opponents if you're not enjoying what you're doing yellow what you're saying about sort of a loss having to realize that a loss you know is not the was not the end of the world and is not an indictment of your skills and your talents kind of loose back to the the question started this discussion about Ronda? Rousey you know After she lost of course after a one loss she's a fraud she was never good. Her opponents were never good again. I'm on twitter a lot and twitter. Everyone on twitter is an expert and I know that when when a fighter loses or does this they were never good Also there definitely be scared of their next opponent. If they like shop next. Were definitely scared. We know that you know you guys. You guys are scaredy cat guys. Don't WanNA fight anybody so yeah it's funny that you mentioned that because that again that does go back to what we sort of the whole Rhonda. How easily kind of like one loss like? I'm amazed that you guys can get over just because like you said it's a personal thing but once you're a public figure and you gotta take all this crap from all these people and and this negativity and just kind of to block that out. I don't know rebound under. Go back to work again but you know my husband tells me a lot. He says it's a different kind of bravery you know To put yourself out there and to be willing to to not only lose the fight but then face the humiliation that can come afterwards. You know he said it's just a different kind of bravery that athletes have where they're willing to put themselves out there. But I think you know even like having like a like a cool podcast or or show or something like you guys. Put yourselves out there too. And then of course. Everybody on twitter and INSTAGRAM and facebook. Hasn't opinion about you guys do in in now they can tell you that opinion anonymously and it really is kind of interesting but down. My husband tells me a lot in the different kind of bravery so I try to remember that. Well didn't you hear Lauren? It's our fault that the original UC to forty nine canceled. I did hear that. Yeah sorry about that. Sorry my bad bean right. Everyone's way hut on me. I mean it's pretty powerful. You know the questions we got Casey more. This is actually is directly forlorn from Benjamin Button at Benjamin. A bunch of numbers. I'm not going to be off. Why did she leave the lab? And how's she liking Texas? This many huge improvements going to one twenty five is that because of the weight drop so two questions or measurement done. Why did I leave the LAB Last year a lot of fighters the lab There was actually kind of a mass exodus from the team at the last year. for me it just really wasn't a good fit and so we've already talked about what it was like to be really overtrained in under confidence And for me it was just a really bad mix and I I did my entire career through what not my entire career. I might year two thousand thirteen when I fought for legacy and Mike. Three fights in INVICTA I had done fighting out of Texas and I had a coach out here that I really really loved in for a lot of different reasons. I left him and I went to the lab which I don't regret I don't regret my time at the lab. It made me a much better athlete in and it. I really improves my skill set while I was out there but it just wasn't a good fit anymore end I was really. I wanted to be with a coach that respected me and loved me and believed in me and for me I felt that was going to be so important for my career And I knew that that my confidence was really really really low and I could not continue to compete like that and so When all those other fighters left the lab I left the lab to and a lot of them ended up staying in Phoenix. But I just have to have the opportunity and the means to prove the Houston so we did and I came back here. With my old coach and I started investing a lot more in my recovery. Any like she's tired of this she's going to bed. No I just. It just made sense to me to be out here. The coach to coach is actually the just really believed in me a lot. I came out here and everybody was like a very excited to have me like I just felt such a difference in so I pay a lot. Mark Mentions my recovery. I'm not overtrained anymore. I feel very confident with my skill set and it just made all the difference in so I think that's actually why my performances have gotten better but yes going to one. Twenty five is helped a lot too believe. A lot of people lost the fight ready. If I'm not mistaken. They followed Eddie to fight ready at hours. Yeah Yeah and there was a couple bandmates that stayed at the lab like Sean o'malley Mario Cuyler Phillips and they all trained with really well together. There's you know they. They still do have a good team at the lab. So all right I think we'll have our last question but this is probably the most important one cat related. Okay Tyler Rasheed. Who's excited for the fights this weekend? Laws led I cannot wait. It's the best card ever. It's the best card in so so so long I can't wait and of course. I'm rooting for just engage because love me suggest. Moody. Y'All break breakdown of invoice. Oh Shit a Tony. Ferguson's a madman so as Justin. Justin really is like a freak athlete. When we're on the ultimate fighter Justin can literally there was like a big poll. That was a support beam for the for the gym. You know they. I mean they're in all the gyms and then they usually have a pad wrapped around him so that people don't run into this poll suggesting could run up that whole and do a backflip off of it. He's he's a wild man. I think he's just is athletic. Is Tony Ferguson He's got that knockout power. He's an outstanding wrestler I'm really rooting for Justin on this. I'm sure Tony's a great guy but Tony's got real sharp elbows so I think it is going to be a bloody fight Antonis got amazing cardio for a five round fight I hope Justin can get it done early. You're excited right. Does are shaking my head When the question was I ask because I think as we mentioned before look we succeeded in shutting down April eighteen and it was a big win for them and may media and then suddenly Dana White just says no? I'm going to do to forty nine anyway. And I'M GONNA on May ninth so you can imagine how frustrated we are after putting all that work in to try and shut down all these advances shutdown all your fights you as the get paid and don't get the fight and he's. I'm not excited bites. I'm very frustrated and the media. We'll get you Dana White. Who Will Get you get you? I will bring down this economy as nine does not happen. I'm tired of having a job. He should who who needs shelter? It's not even just to forty ninety three five cards in seven days and then even one two weeks after that. So it's basically four fight guards in three weeks so in Jacksonville for people who WanNa Watch some good old fashioned fist fighting. You'RE GONNA have a lot of it. Yeah I hope I do get to fight soon. I wouldn't mind fighting in Florida the Beach. So or Fight Island. God's these islands or God or whoever's listening and beautify island I will fight anybody on roster I think the reserving it for international -siders So I know Roxanne say you're from Ireland or something. Do something girl come on. We say we said we said before the show. You're essentially Canadian. You're from Alaska. Which I consider part of Canada so they go. I am maybe a Florida. Maybe I'll Clyde for a visa just to get it denied so that go well Casey. Now that was our last question. Casey one one more actually obscure that one to do. That's one that is I. I don't know what this was. The are from Aaron Underscore nineteen eighty. Are you going to make petition to release the Butthole Cut? I don't know what this means. Casey and Alex boy the butthole cut frozen can't hear so casey I'll leave you. Sorry I love I accidents frozen. I just thought he was really contemplating the answer. The questions I started this as you said you describe it. What does the butthole cut me? Because I've seen is yeah. I'm sorry one Michael My back non-mainstream. Just ask all right. Lauren I missed. I missed the last part of your answered last question but Yeah sorry about cats so oh there is. I don't know if this is true. It's a report. I think it's fairly tight over for that. There is a and it's very well. We don't know nothing ever comes up but there is a version of the cats movie. Where yes you can see. Some for some reason they included buttonholes on the characters. All the characters that are anthropomorphized cats They're they're very terrifying as it is but apparently they were even more so in the original cut so yes that is the that is the tension. This movie she's fabulous and Idris Elba. Has Mackenzie Meryl? If you watch a movie ONODA MEANS ALEX. Kelly is amazed by frozen. Again is absolutely shocked. Why Alex you can. You can speak now. I love that I want cat processing of the butthole on it. You can imagine may fans go to Amazon prime. You can read Cats FOR LIKE FOUR BUCKS. It would be the best two hours of Your Life. Just put ever get all the all the liquor in your home. Everything but in your coffee table drink-up watch cats and just enjoy. Oh but the end Google cats movie but whole and you will see the trailer make sure you include the board movie. Don't just Google Pat while approximation does causeway her. Our fight like she likes to dress up like a dragon. Ball Z character. Maybe I'll dress up in a cat butthole costume there. You Go Saturday night cats. I love everything about it without our last question about whole ballpark out of the way we got about four more inches me during the mo the most important part mentioned has failed me execute pros at once again so. I think that's a good sign that we wrap up cases born as guest of honor. The floor is yours to plug whatever you want before we saw an off. You've plugged your your coffee connection at the beginning you can book end this episode of the with another club. Well yes OCHRE SURE. Go check out blackout coffee. You guys go to the link. That's in my instagram bio you'll get money off and if you're interested in C. B. I always recommend a rockies. Cbd Product Console. You'll find them for my instagram as well and then I really just. I want to thank all like jains in Houston around here. That have been so good to me. So if you're in the Houston area you can find me. At Grace Gracie Bob Hawke Eighty or hens dog Gracie Houston for mainstream boxing in wartime. Always at one of those three places. So if you're in the Houston area come say hi Otherwise hit me up on twitter or instagram. I'm pretty a fan-friendly is Lauren Murphy. Mma over social media so come say hi. Give me a follow him. Chat whether you have a case anything you want to say or Alison. I'm sure you'RE GONNA freezing Casey Anthony. still starting hold on. I am so sorry the most important part of this show. My interested failed me. People suffering as someone does not want to hear my thoughts on cats. I won't start talking about more because it will probably someone internet make. They don't WanNa hear this Sorry go ahead. Jennifer Hudson's performance and cancel Gaba tackler spectacular performance. What a way to end it this will be on Google PODCAST APPLE. Podcast spotify all that good stuff. We'll be back on Wednesday and then you'll see to forty nine week is underway. Actually it's underway right now but we'll see on Wednesday we're out thinking is X. Lauren. You're listening to the box media podcast network.

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