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I Should Not Be Left Alone!


Nope well either. Happy Friday Eh. It is February the seventh twenty twenty. And I'm eric talking at you once again from Kalona British Columbia Canada. where I'm in a really good place right now? I don't mean spiritually Just being an at home in front of a microphone when a beer that is one of those intros that God would have really enjoyed. Welcome to what if we're right. Everybody I am here tonight by myself. ALF WITH NO GOURD I so it's GonNa be a short episode It's GonNa be a not funny episode. I'm just going to bitch. She bought some Shit. And we'RE GONNA Miss Gordon La but we're not totally GONNA miss. Because I I brought some with me amazing casings nine. Oh I got to do my usual show to a Mike and the boys at pit lane. Par Lay. Ah that is the number one raising an Indycar podcast on the Internet today in there on Apple. PODCAST if you want to give them a listen if you hasn't into racing it's actually a really good show and they'd really appreciate it if you let them. Starve five star rating on Apple podcasts. As we all would if you we do that for me and Gourd you can listen to us on apple podcasts finely for now I don't know how long it's GonNa last but for the time being where there and we would really like a rating or a review good or bad Feel free to go there and rate or review view our show. If you don't want to listen to our show. I recommend thors kin. That's a pod in podcast. I really funny one with my friends Tom. Tom and Alex they podcast together from the use of a and the wonderful United Kingdom. And it's a really really funny show. I had a blast hanging out with them and we are trying very hard to get a Gordon. I on together with the two of them. It would be a really really funny episode episode Tonight right now because I'm by myself with a Gourd which really really sucks We are live though so you you can call me and and help me out with this show. Six zero four six five five nine six three zero or you can live chat with me on speaker dot com that shot that is open right now and then We don't have to try to pretend that this is any fun without Gord I can't I can't tell you why Gordon not here just because I'm not talking about this or are going to get in trouble and that's right. I do have a clip. I'm under show you guys a little bit later. That is one of my favorite clips of Gourd that. I don't think made it to the air. So that'll be fun in a minute Also WanNA mention starting on March the first is a fantastic tastic show produced by oracle media productions. And it's called the stories behind the songs and it's worth three different hosts walk you through the stories behind some of their favorite songs. Some of the band's being featured or the cars sticks rush the Beatles Elvis Costello Silver Chair. Bjork I get to do a pearl jam episode. which if any of you know me you know that's going to be a lot of fine and I? I decided not to pick like five songs. Everybody knows I went with some some of their lesser known songs. Unless you're a Pearl Jam Fan in which case as you know them all I would like to know what you guys think of the new song dance of the CLAIRVOYANCE I. I made a special time all myself. I had it On my phone but I waited till I was like a loan out in the woods so I could really enjoy it and I listened to it and it didn't blow me away as a matter of fact it's Sorta pissed me alone still supported the there's still Though band and I like more at the moment but that song I wasn't blown away I just I don't know I like that. They do everything different from previously. Like every almost totally different from the one before it. That's pretty cool but that song I just I don't know it didn't do it for me. so tell me what you think of that you can Send me an email tonight. we're not doing anything funny funny because I'm by myself so you just send your emails to Eric at Eric. ENGORGE DOT world. That is the new website that I've put out for us again. I know sooner or later. I'M GONNA quit. Put No new websites but I until we find one that sticks and works. That's just what I do. So Eric Gordon Dot world. That's cool and a website. I put some fun stuff on there. There's not a bunch of like self-indulgent Eric Crap there it's just just Eric in Gourd plan is up all the really cool thing is. There's a feature there where you can go and leave up to five minute voice message for Eric or Gourd or either less if you WANNA fuck and tell us to go pound salt or you WanNa tell us how great we are or you want to just talk doc about something that we didn't talk about on the show or whatever you want leave a five minute up to five minute voice message at Eric. ENGORGE DOT world. There's a little button off to the side. You just click that and go ahead and start talking and just please be sure to specify if you don't want played on the show 'cause if you don't tell me not to do I promise you I will So where was stories behind the songs. Listen to that starting March first. It's GonNa be a fun show. It's been a lot of fun to make. I'm looking forward to it coming out What else I don't know I don't know I am lost without Gord? Amazing I know all the best God. I hope you're doing okay. I hope we get to hear from you again over the weekend as I said. I'm going to play a clip clip in a little while. I just a couple of things I wanted to talk about that. I thought he would get a kick out of The first thing that I noticed in the news today that I was just fucking amazing to me. twiggy this the headline that caught my eye and this is just a soul. encapsulates leads the town that I live in and if I got any Vancouver listeners that want to chat with me or call in please call in and give me your opinion on this it just goddamn train wreck of city we live in. Here's the headline twiggy. The water skiing squirrel is under investigation for violating Vancouver Bylaws John Dammit. I wish I was making that up. twiggy the water. Skiing Squirrel is under investigation for violating. My laws I guess. There is a boat show in town. The Vancouver international national boats show happens every year. It's a I've been to only one time and it was cool lake. There's some showboats there are just fucking out of just world. They'd just like amazing. These these giant like million dollar yachts. They're bigger than apartment buildings. It's really it's a show of just absolute you'd like affluence and just people who have way too fucking much money Go to look at these things. I don't know if anybody buys is boats there they just go to fucking talk about it People who people who wish they had enough money to afford them go to look at them and people who have enough money to afford those kind of boasts. Probably the aren't fucking spending their weekend at poche shows. They're doing cool rich guy she it but I guess They've got this despu show tours around down with this train. Squirrel that water skis at. It's like to teach kids Safety What do you call it life? Jacket Safety Jaggi put on that. Saves Your Life Life Jacket. They don't just call it that it's that's what it does. So this fucking water. Skiing Squirrel water skis a squirrel. All the water skis and he wears a life. Jacket teaches kids to where life jacket. And that's probably a good thing 'cause kids just there. Let's be honest. They're not getting any smarter every year. Mosul probably drought about that if you take your eyes off him so it's good idea. Just put a life jacket on your kids at at all times when they're walking to school you know if they're riding a bike there alone in the bathtub if they're using a urinal anytime like you might have to take take your eyes off your kids. Just put a life jacket on them. But this fucking Vancouver has a section in there like the laws section Schedule as sex in thirteen of the business prohibition by La clearly states that rodents are prohibited from participating in competitions exhibitions or performance events yet rodent so it no who rodent raises no rat raises in Vancouver. No Squirrel fighting. There's there's never going to be like a UFC squirrels the the the NFC. That's not happening. Because it's not allowed in Vancouver Dogo to Stanley Park and bet on a scroll to win in a fight. Because they're not allowed to partake take. It is against the law in Vancouver Bob Fights probably didn't make the law books. That's not a thing you don't have to worry about like you can pay bums to beat each other to death for fucking fifty bucks but not squirrels protect the fucking squirrels. Lord knows there's not enough of them. I don't even know what to say about this fucking thing. How far can we go with God damn bylaws? That's the problem with municipal government and is one of the reasons I ran for mayor in two thousand eighteen. And I M Y I plan on doing it again next year in two thousand twenty one because I want to just point out the absolute absolute absurdity of the shit that goes on In in new missile. More than anything. Because what happens municipal law. Aw whatever the lake. The term is the next government gets in Vancouver. It's three years some places for someplace. I'm sure it's probably to buy either either way. The new moon this book government gets in and they spend their first year just fucking throwing out shit. The old municipal government did and writing in their new stuff But they do in little bits. Tim Visas so over the years. These things accumulate and you get these fucking ridiculous just half ass laws. It's how like Vancouver you ended up with viaducts sitting there for forty fuck years that go nowhere and do nothing. They're big ice or and and they're useless and then governments for years years and years. have to fucking debate over what they're going to do with them. Or you get someone who's just got some boneheaded fucking idea of something. They put something the books that it gets forgotten over time and this is so this is one of those fucking ideas. Some bonehead fucking probably pita supporter. Ah doesn't want rodents to participate in competitions exhibitions or performance events. That what is just fucking ridiculous. Whoever put that in the books I just thank you for giving me a story and I'm going to be thinking about this for a long time because that's amazing and I feel bad if you're roading owner and you planned on maybe getting in the movies or you know taking them mud on tour showing what your rat or squirrel or mouse or fucking rabbit can do ferret? Maybe you're is a fair to Roden fucking fuck. It should be the state But your own stock competing in Vancouver. Sorry you're gonNA have to call. I don't know you even call about that. There's has got to be some robe. Br Roading lawyer you could call Some rodent rodent civil rights lawyer. That's GONNA fight against this and make sure your rodent can get into do you. Do we have something more. That are are lawmakers could be paying attention to There's about one hundred fifty thousand things I think every now and then the more important then whether or not our fucking squirrels are waterskiing without a permit. What do you think the fine is for that? That was cool. Thanks for water skiing rodent. That is just incredible. What else do I have in the news that I wanted to talk about? Oh Yeah Real quick I totally forgot to bring this up. I'm lost without Gordon type. The Canadians in the Wuhan province events were finally airlifted out. None of the Canadians airlifted out of the infected area showed signs of of the Corona virus none of them showed symptoms so That's you could chalk that up right into the no fucking shit file I can't believe this is a news story. I know I've gone on on and on about it every single fucking day I don't understand where this is coming from and I don't understand why it's making news when since since January twenty eight almost four thousand people have died of Ebola. Why why is that not news? Why are we talking about that or doing something about that instead? We're talking about a bunch of you. Know Oh twenty. Thousand people with the SNIFFLES and nine hundred thousand nine hundred ninety eight of them are still in fucking China contained where they should be. I don't get why this is a story. I don't get why people are freaking out on. My mom is going absolutely fucking banana hammock over this story. She thinks she's going to die. You'RE NOT GONNA die because you're not in Vancouver Toronto where the only fucking four people that have this God damn thing are and they basically have to seize in your mouth not for you to catch this fucking thing and even if you do unless you gotta be ninety five and already have AIDS before this is going to make you sick. It's such a non fucking story and okay. What's going on the only thing that I can think of is? They're trying to tank the Chinese economy with it like their oil. Markets have dropped twenty percent which is awesome because the Canadian government just invested some millions millions of dollars in the Chinese oil markets. Thinking it was going to be a good. Roi On a quick investment. No are we that I say. Roi So I sorry Quick Roi on a big investment no new we just flush that right down the fucking toilet so so way to go. That's like I always said my whole life. I'm not going to qualify for. Cpi I'm not going to get see. PPCP won't the existence. When I'm old enough to collect it I never really imagined myself being old enough to collect? CPA or making it that long but it looks like I might just get there and when I do it's not gonna be there are governments are taking every effort. They can to make sure that people my age just fucking fucking hooped or all going to have to work until we're ninety and that doesn't really fit into my schedule. I don't know about the rest of you guys but I don't plan on working till I'm ninety and before anyone makes any smart ass remarks about al.. I'm not working right now yourself This goddamn podcast is a lot of work so figure it out. I'm trying to do something a a little different with my life and besides fucking useless not going to work in any way. This is basically the full extent of like physically. What I'm capable of? I have a muscle from the neck down and I am not. I'm not What's the word? I'm not motivated or interested in doing anything anymore. I WANNA retire at forty two which is not that far away I I all stuff but I don't really want to see too much because I don't want to spoil it because a a lot of this stuff I want to talk about with Gord Some Sunday Asari Gordon brought up. I believe it was last night. Gordon I we're talking about Train crashes changes. That have happened this week. And how convenient it is that the pipeline is going is getting pushed harder and harder. And because there's all these fucking ridiculous ridiculous train. Crashes and Transportation Minister Marc Garneau who is just a shining example of the kind of efficiency we can expect respect from the Canadian government. He has ordered. He's made an executive order that all trains carrying large quantities of dangerous interest goods. have to slow down. That's that's his. Answer right there if you got a shitload dangerous explosive material on your train. You're not allowed to go old very fast but now I'm not sure if our transportation minister understands in how volatile materials work. Maybe if we could get a minister of fucking science or something to tell him how when sparks combine with oxygen and fuel source they create fire. It doesn't matter how fast you're fucking train is going if your tire sparks and catches the dangerous goods on fire. It doesn't matter how fast the train it's going it's going to burn. I love the Canadian government. That is amazing to me me so trains you can. You can sleep easy tonight. Anyone who has a train going through your backyard It's okay it's all gonna be okay because they're going to go slow from now on and that is just fucking yes. Science yeah rate. We seriously need our big train company. I think they're still just the one I think. C. The N. C. P. is only NBC. CNN is national. Or the other way around. I don't fucking know how they work. I know we only have the two you or maybe they're just one. I'm not even sure about that. But they the need some regulation. I don't understand how we're still working on like hand brakes in fucking relying on these pothead fucking engineers. You make the train stop. Why can't we just have some sort of breaking system that that doesn't fail something made in the twenty first century? I don't know how we're putting fucking rovers on Mars and we got supply ships going to the International Space Station and we're figuring out time travel and we can make a third fucking John Wayne movie but we can't come up with some way to make a train. Not Blow up that baffles me and anyone who's anti pipeline right now Gordon tell you to go eat a fucking bullet. 'cause this train thing is obviously not working and I don't even understand how we allow this to go on the the part about the Canadian government that I just don't get is how they can just turn a blind eye to things that are so blatantly obvious. Obvious whether they seriously don't care or it's just it's got nothing to do with their pension plans so they don't give a fuck. I don't get it. I would love love to have a government official. Join Gordon I for serious conversation if there's anyone that works for the federal government Who could speak to just some of the things that have gone on in? Let's even just see Trudeau second-term if if someone would be willing to come on we will make funny We won't Bring up anything. You don't WanNa talk about or anything I just WANNA know how decisions like this. Come about how we're not putting regulations in where we need them. How fucking like gorgeous saying the parole board is just you bring your goofy little brother to fucking work on the Parole Board? And he's just as long as your term when you get to a point whoever the fuck you want to work on the board and then they make decisions like this guy's got to get okay whacking. It's not good enough for them. And then the next thing he does is go and kill a super hot sex worker. Those kinds of decisions have to bug you at some point. Like when you're in the government like I I understand shitty people I do. I I get it but like how can you be how you fucking sleep at night when you got the shit going on on your watch like what do you. What do you tell your grandkids when you like? Ah used to work for Prime Minister Trudeau. I used to be part of his government. I made these decisions that saw fucking trains blow cities off the face of the earth and guys is psycho murderers get out of jail and a guy here in fucking. BBC just smoked at Koppel on the highway and killed a pregnant woman. S- only like married for her fiance. Lives she's just newly wed to this dude and she's pregnant with his kid. They get run off the road and she fucking dies do does month in jail. How do you live with yourself after this guy? Ah runs a car off the road only a month for killing a pregnant woman. Like how do you not just want to fucking kill yourself. Every day it baffles me. I don't get it and I don't understand how we as citizens keep electing the same fucking people people who make these kind of decisions. How can we be okay with this? And then we're surprised that there's they crime in our neighborhoods. Yes what why. Wouldn't they be crime in our neighbors. What the fuck do we have to to deter us from committing crime like maybe a month in jail even colder jail? The fucking court feels like Oh maybe rushing enough to even get us a sentence before it's thrown out because it's a violation of their fucking rates for waiting too long for a trial. Why would we ever be deterred? There's is nothing to scare us in jails Coochie fucking thing. It's ridiculous I literally. I wasn't kidding when I told this story. I don't even know to win. Everything just looks like one big day in my fucking head. I don't know when things happen but I told the story of the Guy I know and actually know this guy. This is a legit thing who is actively trying to get put in jail. Because he needs his teeth fixed and in jail he can have his teeth fixed for free. So he's trying to go and that's trying to go like it's actually hard to get thrown in jail if you want to. How fucked up is that I don't get it I don't understand wrong that's right it's wrong. I'm not going to talk about that. fucking meathead tonight night if anyone knows if you if you don't know who this is wrong. I'm not talking about him tonight. I I know Gordon probably like me to say something about him. I don't want to. I don't give a shit. I think it's just they're such a train wreck South of US and frankly I'm a happy to watch him. Just ruin that country because the worst of the worst Support Him and that's great. I would love to see him. Just destroy that country and maybe they smart not. I don't think they will. These fucking queuing on idiots and everyone else who's a trump supporter. At least they all seem like the world would be a better place without most of them ninety percent of them. I'm not on board with gourds whole thing about wiping out two thirds of the population but definitely any trump supporters who legitimately support anything about that man The world's better off without you. You could go on a couple of Elon. Musk test flights. I certainly would mind and I don't think a lot of people would. I think a lot of people are fed up and I think the thing you've got to watch out for is what is going to happen after trump. It's a funny news story right now. It sure as fuck is given Gordon I a lot to talk about and I I appreciate it on that level but nobody seems to be thinking about in four years from now at the maximum. What do you do with gear train wreck of a trumpster fire? Goddamn country in a post trump era. What do you do? You're just fucking stock with with all the decisions he's made that is i. Don't I don't even know what to tell you. That is really just fucking sad for you guys. What else do I have that? I talked about the stories songs. Yeah I did Not what he has faked virus. This is going to go really really fast the train. That fucking us to slow down. Slow Down Your trains. That is amazing. Okay I only have like one or two more things to talk about I was good at you a big speech about the easiest thing in the world. I'll do that in a little bit as well. Probably in the meantime. Why don't I show you guys? I clip of Gordon I talking. I believe this is in January and it is. I don't think we talked about this on the air but it was a story. Gord wanted to bring to the episode and I. I'm not sure if it made it. I know we didn't she didn't talk about it on the air. I'm almost positive but it was a really funny story. It had me just howling today when I was looking for stuff to show you guys so this is probably about about a month ago. Gordon I talking about. It's just an awesome story. Not wait to read you something. I I tend not wait rather surprise you with it. All right we'll go on Saturday. Amazing can I tell you I do on here in Des Moines Nyala des Moines Kansas. Kansas man has as an Iowa court to grant his motion for trial by combat seeking meet his ex wife and her attorney already code on the field of battle where he will read their souls from the corporate body search. Wow all the guy wants to literally Lark to death. Yes us that I granted do it in any way you want to die. I think she'd be granted no he wasn't kill her. It was to kill his ex-wife and her attorney. I think as long as he does himself. Afterwards I'm on board today for. Our combat has never been explicitly banned or restricted as a write in these United States state or to love. I love those old laws. Technically get what he wants. Yeah I I love of those laws that they just they never bothered to remove them. He got he got the idea after learning about a two thousand sixteen case it with the New York Supreme Court justice. Philip Marineau acknowledged that duels had not been abolished. While they're young they find it. How do do all these as well? Then in that case Michael Moore when he had his TV show TV nation. He found somewhere in the states that they forgot to take slavery out. So you've got a bunch of slaves and lived there and he literally got a bunch of black guys to be his leaves for the day the Shit the Alberta one that I always talk about if you get kicked out of Alberta they still have to give you a horse in three the as food one hundred and fifty thousand dollars now. Horses aren't cheap. The little if you get kicked out of the money for the three or four says alone James Van. That's crazy money money. It's a lot harder GONNA get kicked out of a province now than it used to be though doesn't even happens anymore. I never heard of it legitimately happening. Uh Okay I thought that clip was a little bit longer than it actually is. But that was one of my Favorite conversations. I've had with Gordon Lord recently and I just thought it was really funny. I I- finding it. I don't get how you still don't get to choose your way to die That's pretty cool that you can. I don't think I don't know I think most states just like the states that have the death penalty it just pretty much. I think your only choices like the chair or the lethal injection or something. I don't think you can like have a dual anymore. I think you should be allowed to Eli today. Anyway that you want to especially in that in that kind of scenario now if you get the death penalty I think as long as you try to expedite the situation. You should be allowed to go however you want fucking strap you to a rocket and shoot take a rainbow or something. I don't give a shit as long as you want to go quickly. I I don't understand people end up on the on death row for forty fifty years. Whatever you can be on death row until you die? How does that make any sense We we pay for you to just be on on death row till you die. It's not really death row. Then that's just fucking waited out row. Why did tax taxpayers pay for a guy to sit on? Wait it out row. Mike put a bullet in him and fucking be done with it and give that money to people who didn't commit crimes I don't know am I wrong. Just San was that still going. I don't understand what's going on here with this clip Anyway moving right along I am hearing. What the Hell is going on here? Sorry I am hearing Weird Shit here from all over the place a the live. PODCAST is not going. Well see things just fucking fall apart when gourds on around Edison. mazing shut up Gourd Anyway I knew this wasn't going to be a super long episode. I am going perceive what I have for him. Because I know he's GonNa get a kick out of it the next story couple of things we do laws you. Oh Yeah we were talking one thing. I should mention Gordon brought up a coach. Dave Dave Dobbin Myer apparently YouTube secesion he's quite popular. I was trying to look up all his shit today. And he has He's real big on the salt of the earth that people in the salt of the earth and I went today to his facebook page. And I signed up for Dave's Salt Salt and Light Brigade so I am officially a member of Dave Dobbin Myers Salt and Light Brigade. I don't owe that entails. I'm sure sure it's going to be some kind of freaky cult like shit. I'm just waiting for my by phone to ring any day now and just have coach. Dave fucking trying to get me to sue the NFL for eight hundred sixty seven trillion dollars. He was trying to sue for. What a fucking Maniac Christians in general? Just baffled me my mother and I were having this argument vehement again the other day and I'm sorry until you get fucking kids out of your the things that you apologize for and things that you will cover up your for mean guys four then. I'm can't respect. You can't follow anything you do and I can't take you seriously until until don't fuck kids is the top of your list of things that you promote and that goes for anybody out there at these fucking maps freaks that I am not going to shut up about. That's going to be my little mission for the year. These fuckers. You've got this Goddamn. Dan podcast that I I tried to listen to. I couldn't get through it Gourd apparently tried to listen to it independently yesterday to he had trouble. Stomaching it Someone has to find out who is behind this podcast in fucking eliminate them one way or another i. I can't have that shit on on the same fucking bandwidth that I'm on. I can't I I hate to say it turns my stomach that these people can operate and just get away. I know I say a lot of stupid shit on their show and for the most part I mean they're stop. Obviously that I- I exaggerate for comedic value. All the fucking time when I say things like Canada has twenty seven hundred people. I don't believe that gay. I know the numbers. I see it to be funny. I know I see a lot of stupid shit on their. She'll ninety percent. Even I will stand behind I know a lot of firemen Dick's yet. A lot of firemen are heroes. Guess what a lot of them are dicks to sorry. I'm not that's just the way it it is and I I really. I don't apologize for the things I say I don't just fucking Wayne it up here. I'm not just saying Shit to get a rise out of you guys. I am seeing initiate to maybe get you to think a little bit differently. Maybe get you to realize that the status quo isn't working. Maybe you just not pay attention into the fucking. God Am six o'clock news and think that those people are saying anything because they give a shit about it and not just because shot or rogers is paying them to do so. Oh and you know research. I want people to research. Who is writing the fucking article that you're posting on facebook and convincing? People is news news and then you look behind it and it's not news. It's just some guys fucking opinion but he's paid a lot of money to make it look like some sort of legitimate news source. I just want you guys to fuck and figure it out. I don't give a shit. If you agree with me or not. fucking go look at the stories I make they call me and tell me how fucking much as you disagree with me proven wrong. What if I'm right now? I totally am fucking right Proven wrong. That would be fantastic task. You guys start calling in and telling me that I'm a fucking bonehead. I would love it or leave voice messages at Eric Dot World. Tell me on a meathead and while you're there dropped twenty seven bucks on a t-shirt men's five different sizes. I think there's like eight or ten different colors players to styles of t-shirt they're really high quality. They're really good fucking shirts. Twenty seven bucks is a bargain at the moment meant. I'm sure I could get them cheaper than that. Maybe a little bit down the road. But you don't want to wait. You want to be one of the first ones to get them there. Make a great Valentine's gift you have to take the life jacket off your water skiing squirrel. Maybe give them a t-shirt to make him feel better. You can order those. There's sheet on Eric Gore Dot com to order those or air dot world does matter you go to Aaron Gore Dot Com same thing. It's all the same. They're all the same but yeah that was. Did I make a point there. I don't think I did. I'm just trying to. I know a lot of stupid shit but I tried to stand behind it. I'm trying to get you guys to stand behind the stupid shit that you say you know what I mean. If you don't know what I mean said Mia Eric at Aaron you can go out and say he needed. Nobody knows what you mean because when gorge not around you just babble like an idiot and that's fair I will accept that okay real quick. I guess I should mention because Gordon. I slacked off on this toward the end of last this year. We started off strong but we didn't really keep it up and it's something I'd really like to push especially now in this era where trump is just gonna be fucking maniac and for some reason that affects. It's all of us and we all were in that fucking. We want winter over and it's taking way too long and it's cold and Shitty and we hate it and it's tax ax to. Nobody's happy about that and we're all just pretty fucking generally miserable right now around this time of year so so it's a really good time for us to push something that I I started it. Y- log before Gordon was ever on the show and gorgeous fucking fell in love with the idea and we've been running with it but we haven't been keeping it up and it is initiative. We're trying to push it on everybody. The HASHTAG easiest thing in the world initiative. And All we're asking asking is that you you don't do anything different. Don't go out of your way. don't change your daily routine or anything just whenever you interact with someone during your day. Try to be nice to them. Literally the easiest thing in the world and guarantee having spent the last two years on the downtown Eastside of Vancouver. The worst neighborhood in the world. this shit works and it's contagious and and it gets to be really fun after a while and it's something you WanNa do 'cause it's cool are you gotTa do seriously just be nice to everybody. It's not gonNa work all the time you know sometimes people are just dicks Dix and you gotta figure out a way Eh to deal with them and that's fine but if you can if it's avoidable then just go about your day try. That'd be nice to everyone. You'd be amazed what it changes and then if you do it and you had a good time doing it has to easiest thing in the world and let me and Gordon Lord. No what you did to be part of this and we'll send you a T shirt and or twenty five bucks or something we can actually do now. Essentially note I'd really like to hear you guys at stories about how you participated in the Hashtag easiest thing in the world initiative breath and what you did to make that a thing and if we all start doing it a little bit it'll start catching on and before you know it everybody's fucking doing it and next thing you know. Maybe maybe people aren't shooting each other. Maybe kids aren't killing each other. Maybe we just all have a really fucking good time. Being together is guaranteed. Don't have a whole lot out of time left whether it's global warming or North Korea or fucking I don't know Sharks Lor or whatever it is gonNA take us out a giant asteroid fucking Chinese virus. I don't know what's taken out but I guarantee it's not far off. I don't think humans have a longtime left on this planet and jolt think we're anywhere near like the starship enterprise wipe us out of here before the planet's Fox I think we're just fucked one hundred years maybe not hundred hundred fifty years. Maybe something like that. I think we're fucking gone so the more we can do do in that short time to teach our kids to be good do each other and just fuck in China to try to be happy. Be Good to each other. Make sure everybody's okay That would be a really amazing thing. And I'm you're not going to be around to see it so let's start to start and do it for each other while we're all still around. Try to pass it off to our kids that is literally literally the easiest thing in the world that is just about all the time. I'm going to bore you guys with for now I I know it's not like a super long episode and probably not particularly entertaining. But I do want to try and be as consistent as possible Even on on the nights where Gord can't make it because Gordon busy guy with a very busy life and he's got a lot of shit to take care of all the time and that's cool it's important portent but I want to try to keep the show going as as much as I can without him. So the best way to make that happen is if you guys follow us on Instagram Like us on facebook. Put some reviews on Pod Cheeser chargeable or even on Apple podcasts. And just tell everybody that these shows kind of cooling win. You'd like it to stick around for a while and I will make sure that next time. Gordon can't make it in. I'll try to have a guest or guest host or someone who is much smarter and more interesting than I am. Who can carry the show? Because I certainly can't do it on my own. I had no pretensions that this was going going to be like the best episode of the year. Or anything I just wanted to say hi and Because I miss you guys a no. You probably don't Miss me when I'm gone but I I miss you so thanks for listening. Hopefully we're back tomorrow night with Gord. I can't guarantee that if he's not here with me I'll make sure somebody who's a lot of fun and better than me so until that happens. Thank you for paying attention. And just that's it take care of each other. Please vote with then old favorite song of mine. This is called calling it out. Have a good night everybody. They don't give. Yeah yeah the.

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