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Had a new authors building a loyal readership. We'll talk about it on this episode of the mind al-tv podcast yet another episode of the mind. Dog tv podcast. I'm matt napa. Thanks for coming. It's great to have you here as always We visit another episode of meet the author. Except we've already met the author so is their return episode of Meet the author. I guess and ed green is back with us and we're gonna talk about His latest book. And and then we're gonna just gonna have a casual conversation about wherever it goes I have a lot on my mind this morning and i want. I want to talk a little bit about first of all. The steele dossier is trending on twitter. Why because during the merrick garland confirmation For attorney general John cronin senator. John cornyn from texas brought up the steele dossier. Why what does that have to do. With the attorney general well conan wants garland to commit to investigating Be a phony steele dossier. Now i want to say something about the steel here. I know something about the steele dossier. Because i've actually read all of the parts of it where most people who comment on these kinds of things never read the actual documents. I also know something about the veracity of the claims in Be still today. Because i follow things very closely. And before anybody ever heard of the steele dossier hope hicks who was donald. Trump's most loyal confident of than like pence and Probably even more. So than mike pence in some ways she testified before the senate intelligence committee. really early in trump's presidency. Long before anybody even heard the words steele dossier and she was asked about Access hollywood tape. You remember the access hollywood tape. That's the one where Trump says Grandmother pussy now Bet came out in august of twenty sixteen right before the first debate with hillary clinton and At the time of the day after a came out trump campaign was in defcon. Five more trying to squash the hollywood access tape the access hollywood tape about grabbing by the pussy now hope hicks goes to donald trump. At that point she testified this to this in front of the senate intel committee long before anybody heard the words steel dossier. She testified that while donald trump was freaking out about the release of the access. Hollywood tape she went to him and said we hear rumors that putin may have a p tape. A tape of you with prostitutes pissing In a room and trump's Immediate response to that now remember. He's in defcon five mode over the access hollywood tape. Nobody knows about the he tells her. Do everything you can to get that tape from putting get michael cohen on. Make sure he gets the tape about that. If there was no tape of trump hiring hookers to pee on a brac obama's bed in moscow that tape it and exist. Why would a guy in the middle of a crisis. Say get that tape at all. Costs tape doesn't exist. The only reason trump said get that tape because he knew it did exist. He knew the incident actually happened because of the incident never happened. The tape couldn't exist and trump would not say. Get that tape at all costs. Get michael cohen overland. Make sure he gets the tape. That's a fact that came out long before anybody knew about the steele dossier on most of the stuff in the steel dossier. True contrary to What the republican will have you believe it or most. It have been verified. Now they pylon like Like a talking point machine from fox news. They pile on this stuff. About the the dossier was funded by hillary's campaign. It was funded by ted cruz campaign It was the origins of it. And they used the steele dossier as the initiation of the russia of a probe and all that stuff The actually had absolutely nothing to do with russia. Probe was started by papa dopplers aka coffee boy bragging about the russian dirt that russian dirt on hillary clinton in a bar drunken bragging about being overheard by Investigators so that's where it started from the whole nonsense about the steele dossier napping through and still dot ca Not being verified bullshit. Gop bullshit and republican party is is off the rails Gas lighting america full of shit and most shameful organization ever in the american Body politic just that simple And they really need to rebuild. And i've been saying this for a while. And i am a big proponent of we need a strong republican party in america we need you know. I'm not a big fan of the two party system. But i'm far less fan of a one party system and so if the republican party is just going to go down this sewer of lies and bullshit kill all the trust and cater to the worst element of society thinking. That's who they need to survive. They're going to fail and america's going to be worse for. We need a strong republican party. We need both parties to be shrunk in this country and i know the left celebrating the The demise of The republican party And the further they dig themselves into this hall of nonstop bullshit on. But it's not a good thing for america and even if you even if you are a die-hard democrat you don't wanna see. The republican party just become completely dismantled. Because it's not a good thing for america. Enough about the steele dossier also wanted to talk a little bit about this Jimmy want wanna talk a little bit about cancel culture and how i got sucked into it Recently over the crystal. Not even sure if that's exactly how you pronounce the name. Comedian al slash. Who sometime last year was outed as Grooming underage girls for sex. I mean meaning fans who are under aids He would Text message with them. Keep him around and till they became of age and then have them and so he was for better lack of were d platform by a bunch of very angry feminists comedians. I guess anyone into therapy and he produced a video last week with which was meant to be an apology video and basically he still is maintaining that he's never had sex with an underage girl which but he admits that he had sex a lot and that he basically considers himself a sexual sex at Somebody who is just the insatiable and he's been working on that in therapy. Whatever don't know the guy memory even heard of them before the scandal last year where quote scandal last year where he Basically was outed as having text messages According to him he returned text messages of girls. If they told him they were underage he would just keep them hanging around until they were of aids and then wouldn't have sex with him now. that's not against the law. It's not something that is in my view. All that bad. And i know i'm gonna take a lot of heat for that You know it would be worse if he were having sex with minors. According to him and according to even the people who are making the allegations he waited which to me would be something we would want to encourage people to do. I mean not to keep them around. Groom them But at least he had the decency to wait and not have sex with underage girls. Now let's say. I brought this up yesterday and comedian Refused to comment on facebook about it. Because i want to understand where this whole cancel culture stuff come from and why people will go after somebody like him again. Never had sex with underage girls Message them go after him. But the rockstars from my era talking every rock from the softcore rockstar the eagles which was a very soft pop to commercialize banned Brag about it in the history of documentaries and talk about a handing out buttons Two girls in the crowd underage girls to have them come back to The hotel rooms vip for the after party now. Every member of the band was giving it a certain amount of buttons to Invite a certain amount of of girls per concert back to the room but they brag about openly brag about as if it's no big thing. This is the eagles. This is not motley crue. You can imagine what was going on with motley crue. I guarantee you david lee. Roth has had hard core sex with more groupies young girls from the audience. Then leah even could possibly have texted in his entire career thousand one. I mean i. I know van halen back brokers. I know somebody who was a for van. Halen i know there There After parties and their concerts were Filled with you know all about just fishing for young girls fishing for young girls in the car and we still celebrate them. So it's confusing to me like why they go after. I'm christopher steele. I'd never heard before before the scandal. I'm sure he's a popular comedian. But i never heard him why. Go after that guy in isolate him and and and believe me. I know it's not isolated but it is selective where they just being selective of who they go after meanwhile we still celebrate. The rockstars of my generation and their careers are still going strong. Reputations are still strong. Even with all that i've got to bring it in. We'll talk about this after we talk about his book. I'm gonna get his take on cancel culture. It's confusing to me but a comedian friend of mine who Throw it on facebook responded. Like how dare. I even broach that subject on social media. It's too dangerous now too. Dangerous to talk about with a sincere interest in learning about it and becoming more enlightened and understanding about it too too dangerous to have that discussion on social media. That says something about our society and where we're at with free speech and the fear. That isn't something. I'm not afraid of being platform now. Somebody can cancel my podcast. Cancel my platform. Take me off a facebook. Take me off of youtube take meal for twitch and every other place where on. If i'm determined i'm going to get my voice out there. I'm going to build my own platform So i'm not a big proponent of crying cancel culture just because you lose your job or somebody takes you off of their platform if capitalist society But we're going to talk about that. I'm really confused about cancel culture and why whites it thing and why. It's a selective link and where we always it really confused by it Before i bring. Ed and i'm gonna talk quickly. Talk about a sponsor today audiobooks now. 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Ed is the author of more books than i can count or more books than you can shake a stick at and if you're the kind of person who wants to shake stick at books you you might have some kinda something going on between the ears that you need to look at. But he's written many many books and his latest is called Delta dawn please open your ears. Open your minds and welcome back at green mind. Tv podcasts and welcome back it. Looks like in muted at see there again day ago. How are you buddy. Get how you doing. I'm a little frustrated as as you could tell opening The other thing. Before we get into your book i the other thing i wanted to mention in the monologue Clarence thomas is Trending on twitter and the reason. He's trending on twitter because of his decision Oh his Descent about The the incivility and all that stuff and they're basically basically saying What what he's saying is that just because of lack of evidence. Oh it's about the voter fraud thing. He's saying lack of evidence of a crime is not a reason not to prosecute. The crime will convict somebody of the crime. Basically the fact that there's no evidence of voter fraud Whatsoever is not Enough to not to say we can't charge somebody with voter fraud and Nick negating election based on claims of voter fraud because lack of evidence is not a not a good reason. And that's a supreme court justice Basically saying just because ed. There's no reason no evidence that you've committed murder that's no reason that i can't charge and convicted of murder So this is clarence thomas. Capricorn time for for for the judge ago I'm sure is a nice nursing home where we could probably but pubic hairs on coke cans and freedom to them all day long and it will be just fine But i just wanted to include that. Because i forgot to put that in the in the opening monologue. Thanks to bear with me through your wallet. I wanna get some of your thoughts on that. But first let's talk about your book and the book is called Delta don now I have feeling that It was at least inspired by is a tiny tucker or helen reddy. Who whose song it was i. I know they both had a hit with it but The song delta on do you know who who's who saw tun charter first thing in nineteen seventy two thirteen okay. So it was. It was the book somehow inspired by that. Yes it's actually yes. I've loved that song. I've loved it my entire life and once i started writing he just popped in my head one day and i realized you know i think that would make a great story in. So y'all check me a year of contemplating. It took me another eight months before it began. I was scared obscure globular song. Right right and You know she's forty one in her daddy's because a baby but so that the ins correct me. If i'm wrong here now the book the story takes place in minnesota yes since she lives in brownsville in the song i kept getting images of the delta itself in areas that look like the delta. I began researching for brownsville on the mississippi. Somewhere and up in brownsville minnesota. The mississippi river runs next to the town. And actually when you look at their pictures it looks like delta down in mississippi 'cause when i yeah when we think of delta and we think of You know the riverboats. We think of more towards the southern part of the mississippi river not necessarily in the northern part so i always thought delta dawn was probably Louisiana girls something or In the birth family is from louisiana events. Were they flayed during the time of the vicksburg banal. Her father mother them all leave in vegas head north to get out of the battle in his diet. The died in the book. Settles on brownsville Reminds the delta. Gotcha you know one of the problems with having authors on here to promote their books is being a teasing book enough that people will want to buy it and read it and buy it and read it and not giving away too much. That they don't they don't need to read it and bhai. Now they know the whole story. So i don't want you to tell the whole story but give us a kind of a synopsis teased. That is gonna make somebody go to amazon today by the book all the saw we know that at some point she satisfied lives by the way the song goes. And so what i did was i broke down in. I basically told her life of why so sad and what happened to her. Because of the song it sounds like she's not at all there is so you've in the book you're gonna find out why she's not there all cool Yeah i think i. I think you're right. Always kind of wondered about that in the bucket. Because you know first of all. I think a tied for somebody in my generation in today's world to kind of relate to a young girl natty younger. A girl who's in her forties still living home with the parents and And she's forty one in the daddy so calls a baby that whole thing but that was a big part of the southern life and the southern belles kind of is. They were pampered in a lot of ways and Princesses in their daddy's is and all that kind of stuff but relating to that period. I did wonder like what's going on with this girl. She's forty one years on a kind of dependent in a way so yeah. I did wonder about that. So you cover you kind of create that in the book. Yes you're gonna meet her family before she was born in. It's gonna go all the way to forty one and you're gonna find out happened to her why she turned out the way she did. It is a love story so right in the song she meets the drive with a stranger and so is a big section on our love story in what happens there but yeah it's it's funny is out tell people are tiny song. Delta dawn realize only lavar generation and somebody somebody in the ban with actually Came it said that you know. That's a helen. Reddy song. And i said no. I think tenure tucker Had the hit. I do you know if tanya tucker wrote it is 'cause she was a a songwriter to now. I can't remember the name of the men. I've got it in the book. I bet you down. But men rodents in one of the mandate helped. Write it actually. Based the song on a girl he knew. And it's it's basically a true story of someone that this guy knew growing up and so there really was a delta. Wow that's interesting stuff Have you have you thought about even sending a copy to To tanya tucker reached out onto other media. I've actually sent an email to them to our company words. I gotta responsive they were it. But that's it. I've got no backing you on it. So my plan is figures. Crawl am happy to oklahoma here in may july thirty first. She's gonna be playing at a know about an hour away. Wow it so. My goal is figures crosses the by ticket in the present a bookstore in person while good luck with that. We'll support you with that in in that any way we can. I mean if the if you can think of any way we can help you with that. I would definitely Support you in that effort. I think it's it's. It's a cool thing to do. So i have a url for breaking rules publishing that common and it Where they can get the book they can also get it on. Amazon link is in the description so that breaking rules publishing dot com slash bookstore that html you could just breaking rules publishing that communist linked to bookstore on the top I'm not sure how if you're even aware of this but because meet the author is running episode type that we do during the day in complete play list of successful and up up and coming in an aspiring authors. You come up a lot in the discussion. I bring you up a lot and be and it's because i follow you on social media and So i like to present issues that authors facing two extremely successful office people who've really have made a great success adamant to say. How can we help. And one of the concerns. I i've seen you express at least i at least once maybe more than once. Is this idea of being frustrated with growing readership and that stuff. So are you aware. First of all that. I bring you up often to successful offers authors and talk about What we can do. What young our or beginning. Authors or aspiring authors or people who have yet to build a solid following what they can do to actually improve their following and readership. The are you. Add that that i talk about you. Actually i'm not but i definitely appreciate it well And so i. I wonder have you have because it seems like sometimes you get really frustrated and lose patience with with the at. Do i have that right because i know it's a frustrating game. We you put all this work into it. You put it out there and amazon. And then you see your numbers and while i'm not jk rollings yet Wh you know. How can i be more successful. I know it's a frustrating game but added found some peace within and patients to understand it takes a long time the bill bet. I'm trying. I constantly remind myself why people that start a business. They're looking at an average of five years before they ever see a profit right my cousin. She's a successful author. Chuck her five years before she started saying anything. So yes i'm having to constantly remind myself to be patient. Take a breath because it does get frustrating because there are times i spent eight hours. A day nonstop marketing. And so were you span. Let's say thousand hours this month marketing and you so would book it. It becomes frustrating depressing because like all this work all this work all work. But i just keep reminding myself that all this work is giving me a solid foundation right because i know now that was. Somebody is curious or wants to. You know who is at all they gotta do. Is google me and everywhere so when you talk about the marketing things what kind of things do you do because I'm hearing and i think it makes a lot of sense to me. Is that most of the people who are finding some financial success in writing are building a community and by building a community. I mean Not just having a facebook page where you kind of invite friends in and get them to know you but mailing lists you know re correspondence all that kind of stuff. Special events for the people loyal fans. Do you do any of that stuff. And if so how how do you what to what extent the special events i wish i could say doing but we're still unlocked down to where you can't go new book signings or anything like that. It's making it quite difficult actually to be with the public on one. So right now basically. It's all social media. Got my ear jape channel. I make sure that anybody that responds respond back a dodge these people and then at that time also like is many podcast as they can. I just got my first bookstore which way to go. Yeah so You know. I've got my foot in. The door is just that door has fully open yet so i just have to remember you know on now. I'm already been at this officially two years right and when i look back at everything of accomplished so far need to be proud of that because that's a lot i've got a lot. Here's no question. You've written a lot of books. I mean. go to your amazon page in a more than most authors and more than some who've been at it for thirty years so yeah i would say you have done a lot in a very short time now contained in by self contained. I mean you do your own proof reading editing. Cover design all that stuff. Yes i designed everything. I do it on myself. I'm broke. I can't afford that three hundred dollar editor. I can't afford that two hundred dollars book cover designer mine so i've been in since high school and so designing book covers a breeze for me. There's not that might end up the editing. Thank god for microsoft and a lot of these programs because if it wasn't for them. I see i missed a lot of things at times so i know i. It's also contained fully right and you know proofreading yourself and editing yourself can be very difficult and i think it's a real challenge for. I know i've tried it and then handed it off to somebody. Just not a professional editor. Just a friend who for proof reading while you missed a lot of mistakes. Because i could take out strikes. I can ride a book. listen. I'm lucky i can finish it in two months but it still might take me to reach gesture proofread in it right. Yeah and the problem with that is. You've seen it so much that the mistakes disclosed globe flow by without you even really noticing. Because you've been conditioned to a reading you know it's like a musicians who are working on a song over and over again and this is something. I'm i've been really Thinking about lately people just worked at work something to death and you be you lose your Critical hearing than to to what you're actually working on and don't pick up a lot of the things because you've heard them so so much. I think that that is true in the writing as well. So Yeah i'm glad to see that You know at at least your your mood to her. Because i worry about it when i feel like giving up on facebook. I'm like no no. That's that's not. I hate to see somebody dream. Get crushed by the reality of the business of dram. Yeah it hasn't i. I already knew ahead of in advance that this is not an easy road. Go down you know. It's what you know. What your experiences. Two different things right. And so i do get down and it's i'm starting to see that it seems to be common amongst writers. Yup depression seems to follow us. I think everybody in the creative arts and so to that Are you part of any author support groups. Like on on. And i know people think that. Sounds like a like a Aa type thing. It's not what i mean like a twelve step program. I mean like us on facebook. There are authors supporting authors and that kind of stuff Kind of share your frustrations with them and talk your way through all that stuff. Because i think that's important so that people know they're not alone in this journey right. Yeah i'm probably one hundred fifteen different facebook groups so they'll be times that i'll share my frustration or you'll see a lot of author sharing their frustration and so we'll reach out to them at times. You know like welcome to the family. But it's just it is what it is and but it's really the frustration. I'm starting to see the most is when they get that i give I mean at that point. You literally think that this authors crashed and burned and that's it you'll never see him again and you gotta help each other realize it's just part of the game. This is the hardest thing for creative people to Deal with and you can get a thousand positive reviews that one negative one will stick with no matter. What your endeavour is creatively whether your music acting making writing whatever it is That one negative review will outweigh thousand positive reviews and along the way. And it's something we all need to deal with. What do you do to kind of Deal with that. How do you deal with it so far. I've been lucky lama reviews but chandler have been five star reviews why my only to negative reviews came from no joke gals that ran two different facebook sites and they contacted me one day because of my purse. Instead mike book cover was not professional enough to be on the side they wanted it removed. And so i contacted him back and ask what i asked. What song pressure about it. Because right now and above four hundred bucks. I was in the top twenty four for cover of the month while these checks instantly turned around way. Too good reads found the book that we were discussing in posted. Negative reviews started attacking me And so if you read my books and you give me a negative review. I can handle that good with that but you don't read my books and you just wanna give me negative reviews despite. I can't stand that. That's high school bullshit in his should stay in high school. Well i. I'm glad you brought that up in a way because i was gonna ask you about that because what i see and i talked to people in creative arts all over the place i do talk to a lot of authors but i never thought that the pettiness that i see in musicians who were competitive or Comedians were competitive. There's a lot of pettiness backstabbing spiteful. News and all that stuff. I didn't i didn't think authors had that because often generally seemed like a much more supportive creative group so but what i'm hearing now it is kind of saying well no not always. It's the same yet. Most of us were trying to help each other support each other. But i'm starting to see if these one at b. authors who i'm an authors have written anything yet but author and it's like they're just out there causing chaos by. I'm not the only one. I have seen many authors crying on social media because somebody who'd never rather book to senator attack their book because they read the back of the book right. I had no idea that the literary arena would be as bloody as it is. It is i beat. It's i'm just amazed that people are willing to kill just to make sure they can get that next rung of the ladder before you right well and with regard to the cover design and i know that bothers you when you when you're going to hear that kind of stuff but I think there is some validity to not necessarily criticizing your Cover design but to walk. Bring it up constantly when i talked to artists. There's that old cliche that you can't judge a book by its cover. Almost everybody does. It is is so and i wonder if in the marketing because in conditional business marketing. We do a lot of testing and we have to be flexible. The change to see if what's working or not. Have you ever tried changing coverage to see if it improves. a book. sales or responsiveness. I did change the cover to my first book but cavern design is so i've never except for those two girls. I've never had an issue with anybody. Not like you ever designs right. No i'm not. That's not the question. The question is you did change that one. Did you see any improvement or chain to or even or did you see go backwards in in sales did it didn't affect us sales at all when you change the cover. No not not not at all somebody would be the first year. The cicadas on the cover was brady plain. Jane i mean it was just as the data some blood in an apple in the title and after a while i realize know. That's just too bland. I would really care for it. So i fixed it up. Redid it love it now. But i didn't improve the cells at all didn't decrease the sales at all either Interesting you would think it would have some effect either way. I and you know it's interesting because in marketing we are always kind of testing these things and and seeing you know what effect it did have an it to me. My thinking always been a cover can make or break the sales of a book and i know it was more prevalent when we were brick and mortar for books walking around barnes and noble in the mall and that kind of stuff rather than on amazon with the covers are generally like real like postage stamp size. When you're looking at them anyway so it's really hard to tell them. But i would think it would have some effect on sales but i'll i'll also bookstore in. I'll just kind of looking. If thank the cover catches my attention up. Pulled out redac- just be curious. So yes. I'm one of those that You know gather jabber might not make good luck in a sense. The book but the covers gets night When when you writing a book Do you want to the people who kind of and i i know. It's a common want desires to see a film. A book made into a film. But do you kind of picture it as a film when you're writing what what is your You know your modality of writing you visual are you. Are you a word auditory guy. What what is your modality thinking when you writing the book movie wiser. Thank you to be again mary. I usually don't deal with that until after the bucks. I finished and then i'll think bigger movie or not but when i'm writing these bugs i'm a visual person. I can literally step into the scene. And i'll look and i can literally see everything around me here. The wind there's the birds and so yeah visually. I'm really good at weill pretty close. So what is your physical process. Now are you a guy who outlines the story i do. You have like post it notes all over the place and character ideas or you guys who just start with a blank page and stuff. I'm usually i team. S got the beginning. And i've gone the end and your mind or written down in my mind. Already yuzu when i came up with an idea usually the beginnings there in there's so you know you any outlines at all the only thing i do what i also here's i make cheap notes because of dates birthdays time seasons right. It's all have a cheat now next to me who's dating. Who who's did he married. When were they born. And so i do have that but i do not line out. Let's go from a to b to seat. Now i again. I want that book to breathe in talk on. Its own right. And what about character development. Do you rely on Because it's different for every author and it sounds to some people. Sounds like these are redundant questions. But i know that it's different for every author Do you rely on mixing people personalities you've met in life to come up and develop characters. Yes they're in man my books i remember something somebody said or joke or an incident and i'm thinking that will really get right here so yeah i will bring everyday life into my books very cool And so delta. Dawn is the book. That's out now. Are you working on anything. New or Would just gonna concentrate on marketing. This book for now. No actually i am working on something new marketing delta but right now i'm working on my next book called seventy times seven and basically it's about a girl who she ends up get she a bad live really bad but she ends up getting say while her mother's dead she decides she wants to save her mother and so she hears a rumor that there's an alleyway that back goes through hell and she's gonna take this alleyway. Get your mother. But every time you show any kind of fear or down or anything like that. She has to start all over. Rebecca hells gates excellent insensitive. Keep going and reliving her life and she's trying to get her mom wow That sounds like a powerful story. Now you up in a bible belt. I'm sure you rounded by all sorts of religion and religious groups That that upbringing Playing this novel at all will the religious right. Yes i was. I was raised in. The church is far back as i can remember and even i went on my own for years so the church if you read my books. There's actually a lot of religious into my books. Yeah you can see satellite that i the i'm waiting for the church to read it because we're going to be pissed again. I'm glad you're going here because you seem to be kind of anticipating my next move here. 'cause i wanna talk about as you probably heard the insurance talking a little bit about cancel culture trying to wrap my head around Why people why certain people targeted by these groups who wanted to shut you up sent to you in some way and not understanding where the selective process comes in does it d- in first of all I don't know how well versed you are in what they call and cancel culture but if you are at all know of any Authors who've been affected by because it seems to be a lot of comedians mostly And politicians and people like that but those two groups Comedians politicians mostly and other than that. I'm not seeing it on the music side. I'm not seeing on filmmaking side. i'm wondering if th is it happening authors. And i just not aware of it not to my knowledge but like i said my first book is so controversial. I'm expecting it. I'm expecting them to come after me because it's out there but to haven't now it's just i think it's because the books not out there yet will known torn enough people of rednecks. Well that's that's true. Staying under the radar is one way to to avoid. But i'm expecting if that if that bug takes off i'm inspecting some upset people. Yeah well upsetting. People is is far different from being platform door or or you know when it comes to books. I mean the only way to really deep platform and an author because today we can self published so they'd have to kind of go after amazon se ri. And i'm not encouraging this in any way police but they'd have to go after amazon. Say take that author off there and really put pressure on amazon to do something like that. that team like all burn books. Go we can go back to the dark ages and start burning books so i think it would be a little more difficult with authors than it would be would say. Are you familiar with this. Crystalline thing now Anonymous but i am familiar with. They're doing i mean it's it's really ticks me off. It's like high school all over again. All of those high school who can stop the onset who can stop trying to destroy people just to make themselves feel better now because the internet social media. They're able to expand right so to me. These are people that have nothing to do their best to be as boring l. and all they have to give his friends somebody to pick on the Still better i think in some instances i think it seems to me and i know i'm gonna get hate mail for this by the way info mine. Tv dot com. It's in the hate mail But i it seems to me. There's a lot of frustrated female comedians. That are not happy with the power that paradigm in. Stand up comedy where most of men get more attention get more opportunity still and i understand being upset about that But there is that kind of a good old boy what they call toxic. Masculinity i don't think is talking smack masculine and i just think it's fashioned masculinity coming out where these guys who are mostly hetero guys have room full of a pretty fans. They're gonna wanna bang some of them at sits away it is And and so if girls females have that same situation they could have a room full of guys. But then i'm gonna fuck all of them. They're not. We're not guys are gonna wanna do that so i think we have to understand you know the almond taliban and kinda we don't want to necessarily Stop men from being men. I and and so there's a fine line with where where does the lines of decency come in. And where where does this whole Where we're going with culture. But i think when we take somebody's livelihood away from them without due process or without really having any kind of real hardcore accusation again. Like these people like brian cowen and and crystalline people like this. This people wanna take their livelihood away from home even though they've never been charged with a crime. Nobody's come out and made a specific allegation. And if i say well i have a chance to defend themselves in court or you know faces accuser on almost all of a sudden. I'm a bad guy. Now for protecting a child rapists and like wait a minute nobody are you kidding these people have actual rape because if you are there needs to be a specific allegation you need to go to police and make a vital report right. It's it's really a confusing time for me. And when when i just wanna have a dialogue about it. People are afraid to have that dialogue. I think that's the worst place to be where we can have free speech and and educate somebody like me who obviously needs some education on your thoughts on all that well i. I'm old school. I believe like my grandparents to adults should be able to sit down share. Their opinions discussed whatever the hell they want to discuss. Shake hands and walk away friends but you know we all should have that right to our own personal opinion whether you like it or gods but once we're done we're done right. That's that's not it today right. It's like you have your opinion but you will listen by being it and they once word out. If i don't like your opinion i'm gonna destroy you right and that's what it's i this culture that i'm out to get you before you can get me. Even though you're not out to get me has i. Don't get where this spirited this fear this This spirit of destruction right it. So i don't get it. I don't know i get. I think it's a bunch of spoiled brats because at a certain toil we grew up. We got out of line. We asked us back. You know what. I'm better for it but then we reached that point. Where you can't spank. Your kid anymore will now receive the results. Your kid is basically that one. That's out to get you and they'll take you down themselves. You know you might be monitoring devastated gear either right and not to be too political here by a political element to everything i do. Unfortunately but Part of the problem for me. Is the people complain. The loudest about cancel culture Tend to do it to themselves a lot. Now i'm thinking about Republican party was heavily up against you know calling out the platforming of of donald trump off twitter. And i. i always say somebody brought up well. He's the president of the united states. How can you take Platform oil when ronald reagan abuse. Twitter never presidents never needed twitter before donald trump and president always had the ability to call somebody into the oval office. And say i want to have a prescott. I wanna talk to the american people directly without twitter and much more effective and much much more Civil in a lotta ways. Because you're not. You're not hiding behind the keyboard in one hundred forty four characters being able to call somebody a doodoo face and run away. He have to look into the camera and talk to the american people so the president always had that but when we talk the republicans have been claiming that cancel culture was a liberal thing liberals. Just want to shut up conservative but then mitch. Mcconnell says something negative about trump and the entire republican party wants to shut him up and have him thrown out of the party. Well if that's not hypocrisy. These are the people complaining loudest about cancel culture. Who want to cancel. Anybody who disagrees with their top cult leader baffling so i think that that part of it. Yeah it's i. It's like joe. I mean it's don't do as i idea but do as i say right and i think that's what i find about the republican party. One of the bad things about it is that it's it's like we're for the people by the way you know. We're not gonna do anything to help you but we're for you. You know we're going to help you going to help you. But now we're not gonna pass this. We're not going to do that. But there's are fifty thousand dollar raise. And i just don't get it dependent on these that i refuse to pick apart the best person i think or the lesser evils. Because that's what it's turned into. These days is best band win. It's the lesser of two evils. But i don't even think it so much about people as it is about issues so You know where do you stand on this particular issue. What what issues are most important to me. Now i know some people you know Gun rights is the most important issue in their life to me. That's not the number one issue in life. I do have an opinion on it. But if i did not vote for a candidate i'm gonna pick out where he stands or he or she stands on the particular issues that matter most to me And so i think that's that's the most important thing and also not necessarily subscribing to the party line if you happen to be a republican but You have ideas that might cross the party on that impresses me you happen to be a democrat and have ideas that might cross party lines. That impresses me that that at least helped me You're an independent thinker and thinking for yourself and not letting party dictate. What what you should think about anything. So you brought up This idea of civility of being able to all out openly. Express yourself and talk about any issue and at the end of it. Even if you disagreed. Share walk away at france had a lady on Last week who was a podcast hosts who incidentally happens to have been an adult film star. That was one just one part of a resume but we were talking about this and she fully endorses. This idea that you brought up is to be able to Agree or disagree without being disagreeable and being able to foster independent thinking and and this stuff by civility and understanding the other person physician necessarily agreeing with it but understanding it and giving them They're say it came to The issue of cancel culture again. Pornhub was targeted by visa and mastercard Couple of weeks ago Four not verifying accounts in some of the people who are uploading content. Where uploading stuff that were either. A depicting rape scenes or child Molestation scenes in this kind of stuff and so visa. Mastercard forced going to comply with those rules. They kind of took them off. Line for twenty four hours and she was complaining about that and i said well yeah i i get that people who are behind it though. I said i think have good intentions. What i mean by that is These are people the activists who were behind the group that was behind all of this Effort to get porn up to comply with rules that they definitely should be complying with oil. Great with that They these people had the best of intentions believing in their minds whether they're right or wrong. That point has the and the influx of point and free point internet porn has a negative effect on society. So they're trying to do something about that and she snap back at me. No these are just evil. There are christian Activists just looking at people's they're just evil people. I said well actually had that dialogue. Will you can't have a dialogue with these people. They're just able. We'll wait a minute. You would just tell me how we have this ability and be able to disagree but at least hear each other out. How does that work while you know you have to draw the line with whereas some people just you can't you can't reach them. Well jen that goes. You can't have it both ways. you can't have we. We need to foster civility and be able to disagree and still remain civil to each other and then and then while these people are just evil. I can't talk to them out. Can't exist in the same world can they. You know maybe they care but yeah she can't if you can't find your and ain't balance then at that point if it exists it's just gonna do more damage than good. Can't find that middle ground saw up. Yeah i think they can't exist but you know there's just some points. How much are you going to let it exist like you said everybody. I'm sorry everybody watches porn right. He'll do i wanna pull it up and see a child being raped. Hello but not at all. I don't think so. I agree there. They weren't trying to destroy the porn industry. They weren't trying to stop born up there. Just certain media. That shouldn't be allowed on it. That's what they were pushing for. Athletes and i agree with that. You know so. I don't know this world's crazy these days. It's like dan damned if you don't absolutely and that's a big part of it so but the bottom line where it pertains to you and what you do in writing your next book or writing future books. Are you gonna let that idea of whom i have with this. Are you going to let it affect the way you write or what you know. Man go to write my book like you don't you don't you don't have three inch wanna burn it. Go burn it but thank you for the fifteen bucks. How are you thousand of thousands that attitude that that that's the right way to be. Actually i think you know what your property. You wanna burn it here. It is but you're gonna have to pay full practice. Yeah and i think that's important. But i think what we're seeing as witnessed by my from my comedian friend. Who told me. That's just i can't have that discussion on social media because if they're permanent people no i said that's fear that that's permeating a lot of artists of bad thing for society culture in general isn't it. It is The way i look at it they wanna come after me over something. I've written come after me. All you're to do is make more people know about me. Are you going to make more people curious. More people are going to want to know what it is. I wrote more people are going to wanna read it. You're not hurt me. You might say you're hurting me. But in the long run fighting why that slide out it's going to be the mind bill shit right and that would be one of my point about the whole crystal thing too. I mean. I never heard of him. I literally never heard of them before the scandal. Now he's famous now he's world famous up. I think in time if probably gonna benefit from from this whole Effort to be at to get him At some point is gonna turn around. And he's going to be rewarded for that. Not and i'm not taking sides and i'm not you know i don't really understand the full complications of all that but i think you're right when we highlight these things when people go after them and you go after people for being dictated spiteful reasons at some you make them you give them a bigger platform you make them being amplify them more so i would l- Said it's all the time i would love somebody to try to Cancel me at least it will give me publicity. You know i run unwanted publicity unpaid for publicity which is always wanted like. I found it funny years ago. We all watched miley cyrus grind her. But on the crotch or i can't members name but later on ellen degeneres who's talking to Elton john about it by and he basically said that was the thing she ever did. They were like why are they gonna. Because everybody's talking about miley and nobody talking about anything else right. So she shirt the water. She rock the boat. And now molly sours gotten publicity across the globe. You can't pay for that. You know what what's remarkable about that whole thing and you just said i can't remember his name robin thicke in most so here. We have a woman who and blatant i know. This is going to get me. Some hate mail from women. Feminists Import mine doug. Tv dot com That she benefited from that. She got all the attention. Her career took off. Nobody remembers his name. You didn't i guarantee you bring it up to most of my friend today. Remember that miley cyrus rubbing her s. I'm on what to say. What was his name. Most people just remember. I was dead a year after that. Oh yeah. I think within months after the absolutely so. It's it's just strange how you know for all we hear about it to manuel in this in that one instance it certainly benefited her and hurt him immediately like and she was the one rubbing s on him. Interesting conversation that we are Up on our you know. We need to kind of wrap things up breaking rules. Publishing dot com is way. You want to go to get ed's books Any final thoughts before we say goodbye for today. Just want to my final thoughts. Is i know everybody suffering right now and for those that right bugs be patient because yeah i want myself increase but right now everything that's going on in the world. I can't expect people to buy book. When they don't have water. Might just be patient Valid as long as he keeps pushing and pushing wallet will get there. You know the struggle will finally eventually but just remember that yet. Your fans in your friends in your family might not be buying your books but a lot of them are just. Try to stay alive right now. Just be patient and for those that can't buy boats thank you. I appreciate it. And i just hope everybody hangs in there. Great stuff at thank you for spending this hour with me. Which great success you you find. Me door's always open. You're always welcome here And appreciate it and we wish you great success moving forward and when you when you next book comes out. Let's talk about that and help you promoted here. We'll do thank you. Thank you have a great day. Bye-bye now this episode is brought to you by put me in the story what me in the story creates personalized books kid by taking bestselling children's picture books and well loved characters in allowing you to create personalized books. That make your child star of the story alongside their favorite characters. Save twenty five percent storewide when you click the link on mine dog. Tv dot com and use the code. Save twenty five. 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