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Larry Swartz Pt. 2


This episode is brought to you by the completely reimagined twenty twenty four to escape with Ford co-pilot three sixty a suite of advanced standard driver assist technologies. It's built to help you outsmart some of the obstacles. You'll encounter out on the road. They're smart and then they're street-smart the completely reimagined twenty twenty Ford Escape. Due to the graphic nature of these crimes listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions of violence and sexual assault that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen nine year old. Anti-sports woke up suddenly to the sound of scream. It was muffled but the cry sounded like a came from somewhere inside the house. Any glanced at her clock and saw that it was almost eleven thirty PM. She wasn't supposed to be out of bed so late but she couldn't get that scream out of her head. She had to investigate any got up and looked out the window she scan the dark treetops outlining the winter night sky below them in her backyard. She saw a tall figure walking towards the back gate. He was carrying something over his shoulder. Some tool with a long handle any try to make sense of it but she couldn't figure out why a man would be roaming around the property in the middle of the night then as she continued to search the yard she gasped any saw something on the ground. It looked like a body naked lying in the snow. Any leapt away from the window. She raced out of her room and flew down the stairs. She threw open. The front door stepped out onto the driveway. But stop there. She was terrified of whatever was happening in the backyard. She wasn't sure she wanted to run any further and he's heartbeat faster at a noise behind her but when she turned around it was just her big brother. Seventeen year old Larry telling her to come back inside any trying to tell Larry what she had seen but he wouldn't listen rushing her off. It was just a dream. Go back to bed. Any did as she was told but she knew there was something outside a tall man and a Pale lifeless body. She never wanted to see either of them again. I'm leaning hops and this crimes of passion a podcast. Original the legal definition of a crime of passion is a violent crime that occurs in the throes of extreme emotion leaving no time to reflect on the consequences but in this show we explore how passionate relationships sometimes lead us to criminal activity out. Does the husband and wife become killer and victim or killer and co-conspirator if there's a thin line between love and hate what manipulates our relationships and deadly results? You can find episodes of crimes of passion and all other podcast originals for free on spotify over. Ever you listen to podcasts. To stream crimes of passion for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type crimes of passion in the search bar at podcast. We are grateful for you our listeners. You will allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network? And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review. Wherever you're listening. It really does help last week. We met Robert and Catherine Schwartz. Over the course of ten years. They adopted three children. Michael Larry and any. They were strict parents with little patience for disobedience friends and neighbors claim that their disciplinary tactics sometimes cross the line into abuse the sorts. His were frustrated by Michel's behavioral problems and disappointed by Larry's poor performance in school in nineteen eighty. This Horta's kicked Michael out of the House and forced him back into foster care afterward. Larry became the sole target of their anger and disapproval over the next few years leary grew increasingly resentful towards his parents as they put more and more pressure on him to succeed this week. We'll see how the tension in the household finally boiled over into a shocking explosion of violence. We'll also explore how authorities responded to the crime and how it impacted the family for years to come in January of nineteen eighty-four seventeen year old. Larry Schwartz was fed up with his parents fifty one year old Bob and forty three year old K Yvonne. They were unreasonable and overly critical before he was adopted Larry had endured neglect and abandonment from his biological mother and several foster parents. This meet him all the more sensitive to Bob and keys harsh uncompromising parenting style especially when Bob was abusive to his brother. Michael Leary later. Said the way MOM and Dad were. Michael got to me. I hated it. They were so mean to him. I think they hated him and they started treating me like that for no reason. It wasn't fair on the night of January Sixteenth Nineteen eighty-four. Larry had a brief argument with his father. After leary admitted to accidentally destroying one of Bob's computer disks afterward Larry retreated to his room and fumed he drink some rum. He'd hidden in a Pepsi bottle at around eleven PM. He went down into the basement and toss some dirty clothes into the washer on his way back to his room. Larry through the family room. He found his mother watching television K. Didn't turn away from the TV. As Larry walked past but she did ask him how his high school semester exams had gone earlier that day he answered that one of the tests went well but he was worried he'd failed. Spanish according to Larry K said you probably failed them both. You'll probably fail the mall. Bubbling with anger. Larry stared for a moment at the back of his mother's head. Then he noticed a wood splitting Maul resting on the floor nearby. The ten pound three foot long tool resembled a large axe with adult blade. In days. Seeing red he picked up the mall then he slammed it down. On case head fracturing her skull leaving gaping wound in the crown of case head but Larry wasn't finished case raspy labored breathing filled his ears in reality. Her breasts were likely very shallow. But in leary's agitated and possibly intoxicated state. They were deafeningly loud. He was afraid that the noise would wake up his sister nine year old Ami he had to put a stop to it. Larry spotted some silverware on a small table in front of the TV. He dropped them all and picked up a steak knife. Leary later said I did not care anymore about anything in the world. I picked up the steak knife stabbed her and got her around the throat. When I saw her blood I felt like good in a sense because I finally did something about them yelling at me. I did not feel good because I don't like blood. I had blood on my hands not much. I started growling like a dog. Then I saw my father standing there. Leary had already stabbed K seven times in the throat. When Bob entered the room. For a moment bob was too shocked by the sight to move. Larry Stock Toward Him and stabbed him in the chest yelped stumbling back into his computer. Room and slamming the door closed. Larry followed after Larry. Heard Bob Screaming but somehow it sounded very far away. Bob was trying to hold the door shut to keep Larry out. Valeri pushed it open. It was so easy as if it weighed nothing. Larry paused the doorway facing his father. Bob Stood in the center of the room. Blood covered his shirt neck and hands leary wrinkled his nose at the site. He took a step forward clenching the knife so tight in his fist. Bob Lurched Backward. But there was nowhere for him to go. Larry felt something rise in his chest. Something terrible wordless and wild. He was filled with horror and glee both at once. He couldn't see any trace of Bob's angry temper now he could only see fear. Bob was helpless. He couldn't stop Larry and he knew it. Nobody could Larry Stamped Bob. Seventeen Times piercing. The man's carotid arteries and slashing the major veins in his chest. The wounds were fatal. He was in such a rage field. State Larry was hardly aware of what he was doing. After the fact he only remembered stabbing Bob twice at times Larry felt as if he had floated away and was watching himself from the ceiling. He later told a psychiatrist. My mind never caught up to my body. This may have been consistent with dissociated Amnesia before I continue with leary's psychology please note. I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but I have done a lot of research for the show. According to the American Psychiatric Association dissociate of symptoms include the experience of detachment or feeling. As if one is outside of one's body and loss of memory psychiatrists Dominique Borgo Peer Gung E and Steven. Floyd would have found that perpetrators of violent crimes often claim to experience dissociate of episodes during their brutal acts in a paper published in the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the law. The author cited research showing that between twenty and thirty percent of offenders who committed a violent crime clean. Amnesia for their offense while one quarter to two thirds of homicide offenders claim Amnesia the authors also found that individuals with a history of childhood trauma may be particularly vulnerable to associated episodes. They wrote that. Dissociation may occur more often and people who did not develop effective coping strategies after stressful experiences and childhood. Give him his traumatic childhood. Larry may have been particularly susceptible to developing a dissociate disorder. This could have been the cause of the disruption to his memory and consciousness during the murders however once he was finished he had time to stop and think he began to panic. He had to get rid of the evidence he started with his mother. Larry returned to the family room grabbed K. And dragged her outside into the frigid backyard. He stripped off case. Close leaving alone salk on her foot bleary then grabbed the mall and the knife and threw them into the swampy woods beyond the backyard wants his parents were dead leary returned to the House to find his sister Anne awake. She told him she had heard her father screaming. Leary assured her that it was only a dream and told her to go back to bed. The pair went upstairs still feeling unsettled and he joined leary in his room where she fell asleep on his beanbag chair at some point in the night she woke up to him vomiting on his pillow. Larry again told her to go back to sleep then. He gathered his pillowcase. And the clothing he had been wearing and crept outside to hide them in the woods the next morning around seven. Am Larry called nine one one and told the operator that he believed. His parents were dead firefighters more the first to respond to the call. They found Larry and Anne waiting in the kitchen in the computer room. They discovered Bob's body outside. They spotted case well. Paramedics and police officers searched the crime scene leary and Anne were ushered to their neighbors house. Jack and Eileen Smith Meyer then they were questioned by detectives. Leary explained that. He'd spent the nights studying for his exams before going to sleep. He claimed he had no idea how or why his parents were murdered. Then unprompted he brought up his older brother Michael. He told police that Michael was living at a psychiatric hospital in nearby Crowns Phil Maryland but that he might have escaped. He informed the detectives at his parents. Were terrified of Michael. Saying mom told me she was afraid. Michael would come home one day and kill her and dad later when any told police that she had glanced out the window in the middle of the night and seeing the outline of toll man in the yard. Larry chimed in that their brother. Michael was six foot four hours after murdering his parents. Larry had already come up with a plan to escape suspicion. He was willing to do anything to avoid being caught even if it meant putting the blame on his own brother that morning. Two detectives drove to the crowns. Bill Hospital Center prepared to question there. I suspect Michael Schwartz up next police narrow their list of suspects hoping to catch a killer. This episode is brought to you by the completely reimagined. Twenty twenty four to escape not too long ago. Driving seemed a lot simpler. Streets were less congested. And there were fewer distractions on the road. Nowadays a million different things are constantly fighting for our attention. 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And we've got you covered. Follow podcast daily free on spotify or wherever you get your podcast you can check out more cash shows and a full library of episodes in spotify by searching for a podcast in the spotify search bar or by going to spotify dot com slash podcast. Now back to the story. On the morning of January Seventeenth Nineteen eighty-four. The Anna Rondo County. Police Department launched a murder investigation into the deaths of Robert. And Catherine Schwartz of Cape Saint Clair Maryland. They began by interviewing their seventeen year. Old adopted son Larry. He claimed he was asleep during the murders then quickly pointed to a possible suspect. His older brother seventeen year old. Michael Detectives drove to the crowns. Full Hospital Center more. Michael Live to pursue the potential lead. I they questioned two nurses who worked in Michael's dormitory. Did they know where Michael was the night before? They showed the detectives along which included all the patient's names and check marks noting the times throughout the evening that each patient was accounted for according to the log. Michael never left the facility even so the detectives took Michael Assigned to question him. They didn't tell him that his parents were dead. They wanted him to have as little information as possible. If Michael had killed Bob in case warts perhaps he would slip up and reveal something only the killer could no but after a few questions it became clear that Michael didn't know anything at all to fully rule him out as a suspect. Detectives asked to be locked in Michael Ward to determine how easy it was to escape. They checked every window. But each was secured with metal screen. Detectives concluded that would have been impossible for Michael to leave the facility without anyone noticing after ruling. Michael out as a suspect. The police found it. Suspicious how quickly Larry had pointed a finger at his brother so they brought both leary and any to the police station to make their official statements. In the meantime while Larry anywhere out of the House officers carefully investigated the crime scene. They found a bloody handprint on the patio door leading to the yard because both Bobbin case hands were clean police surmise. That the handprint probably belonged to the killer. Police also found footprints in the snow that led from the yard onto other neighbors properties before they disappeared into the woods. Some of these prints appear to have been made by Barefoot and K wasn't wearing any shoes this led investigators to speculate that Kay was perhaps still conscious after she was attacked in the living room. She may have fled the backyard and run for nearly a mile into the woods. They suspected that her killer chased her caught her and dragged her back to the yard or he smashed her school with the mall. The also found dozens of footprints in the backyard surrounding case body. The footprints revealed a distinct shoe pattern clearly visible in the snow when the police looked inside the house they found a pair of red stain. Dockside boat shoes on the floor of the REC room. The pattern on the bottom of the shoes matched the footprints in the snow. Police brought the shoes back the station to test for traces of blood. The test came back positive. They then showed the shoes to any asking her who the shoes belong to. They were Larry's with the evidence piling up against him. The police position Larry as their prime suspect that afternoon. They asked if he'd be willing to submit to a polygraph test leary but the neighbors who are watching over him. Jack and Eileen Smith Meyer objected. They felt they had a duty to look out for Larry's interests so they contacted a lawyer on his behalf. Annapolis Attorney Ron Barra. Del known the sources for years to their church. He didn't normally practice criminal law but he felt drawn to the case given his relationship to the Family Borrowdale race to the police station where he obtained leary's permission to act as his representative. Then he convinced the police that Larry was too tired and traumatized to take a polygraph test. Leary was released into the custody of the Smith Myers for the night. A few days later Bobbin case family members gathered for the couple's funeral one of Larry's cousins noted that he didn't seem upset in fact he caught Larry Kissing his girlfriend in one of the church. Hallways despite this odd behavior. Most of the family had no idea. Police considered Larry suspect. Most of them remembered Michael as the problem child and several family members express their opinion. That if anyone in the family were to have killed Bob and K Michael would be the most likely one responsible. Larry encourage their suspicions. After the funeral he went out to lunch with some of his relatives when one of them asked whether Larry Thought Michael might be guilty. Leary responded that he was eighty percent. Sure that Michael had killed Bob and K. But the police didn't buy Larry's allegation. The evidence just didn't point to Michael Criminal. Lab Technicians had match Larry's fingerprints to the bloody handprint. Police had found on the patio door of this works. His House. The fingerprints combined with the shoeprints in the snow were enough to obtain an arrest warrant on Tuesday January. Twenty Third Nineteen eighty-four Larry's lawyer Ron. Borrowdale called his client into his office. He knew that the police were going to arrest him and he wanted Larry to tell him the whole story before deciding on a course of action. Barra del and his co counsel prodded Larry about the murders urging him to come clean within minutes. Larry broke down in sobs. He admitted that he'd killed K. And Bob he added without elaborating. He wouldn't stop hitting me after hearing his story. Borrowdale convinced Larry to turn himself over to the prosecutor's office to be charged in booked. Borrowdale offered to drive him that afternoon as Leery sat in the back of his lawyers car leaning his head against the window glass. He felt completely drained. He tried to keep his face calm and composed as they drove to the prosecutor's office. He had led his lawyer see him cry but he was determined not to break down again. He pressed his lips firmly together as the car came to a stop outside. He saw police reporters and cameras. Larry tried not to look at them. He wouldn't let fear take over. He wouldn't allow his despair to show emotions were dangerous. He was afraid to give into them letting out his feelings meant losing control and Larry knew all too well how dangerous could be. He would never let that happen again. Larry was taken to the Anna Rondo. County detention center on charges of first degree murder. He couldn't afford the two hundred thousand dollars. Bail set by the judge so he remained in jail while his attorney strategized case rumors swirled throughout the community. Some said that Larry had been under the influence of PCP when he murdered his parents. One neighbor even blamed demonic possession. Leary dismissed these explanations. Although he couldn't provide any clear rationale for why he'd so thoroughly snapped trying to make sense of his violence. He said I felt mechanical. I was thinking about one thing while doing another. I could appreciate what I was doing was wrong but I couldn't stop is only explanation for his eruption was. Eddie felt angry at his mother. He said she was very sarcastic. I was very mad at her sarcasm beyond that however he insisted that his parents had done nothing to provoke him. Although he had repeated the phrase he wouldn't stop hitting me and his initial confession to his lawyers. He later claimed he didn't remember saying it and he refused to discuss what he meant. Since Larry wouldn't open up about bomb in K. his lawyers looked further back to Larry's life before his adoption in order to build their defense case. The lawyers reviewed Larry's adoption papers and records from foster care hoping at the grim details of Larry's childhood would help them understand his mental state on the night of the murders. Ron Borrowdale oath to plead not guilty by reason of insanity over the next year as Leery away to trial his defense attorneys arranged for him to meet with several mental health experts. They subjected Larry to a series of tests and interviews. Three of these experts thought that Larry showed signs associated with schizophrenia and concluded that the teen had experienced a psychotic episode before killing his parents. Leary's background and childhood history seemed to fit these diagnoses in studying schizophrenia. Many researchers have found a link between childhood abuse and neglect and later onset of schizophrenia. Among those with a genetic predisposition child abuse can also increase in individual susceptibility to psychosis in one. Two thousand paper psychiatrists Simona a Steel Marta. Deportee Robin M. Murray wrote the mechanism by which childhood trauma leads to psychosis is unclear but it has been suggested that traumatic experiences may result in changes in the function of the hypothetical. Ms Terry adrenal access. Which is involved in the stress response but even with those expert diagnoses defense attorneys knew it would be difficult to prove leary was legally insane before the murders. Most everyone who met Larry found him to be polite soft spoken and even tempered. He never give anyone the impression that he was experiencing psychosis and the prosecution hired their own mental health experts to evaluate Larry and combat the defenses assertions. Several of these professionals found evidence that Larry suffered from symptoms of one or more personality disorders but none concluded that he was experiencing psychosis when he killed Bob and k according to them. Larry was aware enough to know that what he was doing was wrong and therefore could have stopped himself. Larry was interviewed by ten mental health. Experts in all five for the defense and five for the prosecution. All five experts for the prosecution concluded that Larry was legally sane while four of the five experts for the defense concluded the opposite with different mental health professionals reaching different conclusions. Neither the prosecution nor the defense felt they had an airtight case. Both sides were therefore opened a plea negotiations that would help them avoid trial shortly before the was scheduled to go to trial the state prosecutor offered leary a chance to plead guilty to second degree rather than first degree murder literally carried a recommended sentence of twelve to twenty years rather than life in prison on. Eighteenth nineteen eighty five fifteen months after the murders. Eighteen year old Larry appeared before a judge in Annapolis Maryland to accept the plea offer many of Bob Keys. Relatives were furious about the deal. They thought the sentence was too lenient. But leary's lawyers and even the prosecutors and the judge all seem to believe that Larry would benefit from psychological treatment rather than a severe punishment. The judge said this is not a case that really fits in with the standard behaviour of criminal. This is a young man who had a very troubled childhood. The picture that comes through is that of a strict family at least not a very understanding family for some reason or another something happened on the night of January. Sixteen then. No one has been able to explain. The real issue is what the court can do to protect society. Punish Mr Schwartz. For what he has done and yet rehabilitate him after the guilty plea leary was transferred to the PAWTUXET institution a maximum security facility in Jessup Maryland. Leary entered the prison. Psychotherapy program hopeful that things would finally settle down and that he'd have a chance at rebuilding his life. Unfortunately for the sports is the family's troubles weren't over while Larry was in prison his siblings Anne and Michael for left to reckon with the trauma of their parents debts. Michael in particular didn't have the tools to cope and healthy way like Larry. He was tormented by violent impulses. He struggled to control coming up. The three swats children tried to move on from there traumatic past now back to the story. In April of Nineteen ninety-five eighteen year. Old Larry. Schwartz was sentenced to twelve years in prison for murdering his adoptive parents. He contemplated his future telling friends that he wanted to take classes and earn a degree in psychology someday while he seemed optimistic his siblings Anne and Michael or still reeling from the aftermath of their parents murder eleven year old. Annie was distressed and overwhelmed by the fact that her brother had killed her adoptive parents. One psychologist noticed that she seemed to be in massive denial about the tragedy when asked any rejected feeling upset about the murders but she expressed her anxieties and other ways she exceeded on the biological parents who had given her up for adoption wondering what had happened to them. She also expressed fears for her new guardians. The Smith Myers who had taken her in after the murders. After the loss of two sets of parents she worried something. Terrible might happen to them. Also in June of nineteen eighty five and he's worst fears were confirmed case warts his sister and her husband. Helen and James Rawdon petitioned the court for custody of the girl trying to take her away from the Smith Myers but four months later. The rollins withdrew their petition. Without an explanation any was permitted to remain with the Smith Myers who legally became her permanent guardians. She went on to lead a quiet anonymous life. Michael Schwartz was also deeply distressed in the wake of Bob case murder. He mourned the fact that he would never have the opportunity to mend his strained relationship with his adoptive parents. He said I still find it. It's hard to accept because there's no chance for a reunion now grief. Counselor David Kessler as disgust. The complicated feelings often overwhelmed individuals dealing with the death of an abusive or Strange Parent Kessler stated. We believe we only grieve the people we love but that actually isn't true. My definition of grief is a reflection of a connection. We have lost sometimes we have to grieve for what never was for that. Ideal parent. We never had therapist. Peggy all vera has echoed similar sentiments. Writing Not only do you grieve. The loss of the abusers life but often grieved the loss of hope for the relationship to be something different or for the abuser to take responsibility for the abuse and ask for forgiveness. Michael was filled with resentments but he had no support system to help him. Work through. These feelings is adopted. Parents were dead. His sister had been adopted by another family and his brother. Larry was in prison. It seems that Michael may not have known that Larry attempted to blame the murders on him. The two brothers briefly stayed in touch but even so the relationship was strained. Michael visited leary twice in prison. But Larry said the visits made him feel uncomfortable. He said Michael was to be and that he wouldn't meet. Larry's is it made Larry anxious and he took Michael off his list of approved visitors entirely cut off from his family. Michael try to move on. When he turned eighteen in March of Nineteen eighty-four he was released from state custody. He bounced from job to job unable to find stable work. He expressed an interest in joining the army. He said he wanted to become a sniper so that he could learn to kill and get away with it. But michaels enlistment application was rejected in nineteen eighty-eight likely due to his juvenile record. He got a job as a taxi driver. Instead in nineteen ninety he began dating Sue Hilton. A woman twice his age. Who called herself both mother and girlfriend to him? Sue was willing to support Michael and going back to school and earning a high school diploma. But Michael couldn't stay out of trouble on July Ninth Nine Hundred. Ninety twenty four year old Michael and two of his friends broke into the home of fifty seven year. Old Austin Bow. The young men fatally stabbed Mr Bell when he refused to give them any money hours later. Michael turned himself into the police in November of nineteen ninety one. Michael was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Even remains incarcerated at the Roxbury Correctional Institution and Hagerstown Maryland. Larry meanwhile quietly carried out his prison sentence although he did not actively court attention his keys drew national recognition in nineteen eighty nine journalists Leslie Walker published a book about the sources entitled Sudden Fury a True Story of adoption and murder. The book became a national bestseller leading to unexpected results. One Maryland couple. Who read the Book Glenn and Cindy also ten felt deep sympathy for Larry? Glenn had suffered an abusive childhood. He understood how Larry could have been driven to kill his parents. Eight fought the seem impulses towards his own violent father. Glenn and Cindy began writing letters to Larry in prison. Then they began visiting Larry at Tuck sent. They became like family to them with extra support in his life. Leary made strides in prison. He completed his high school equivalency and earned two years of college credits. He also participated in two years of pawtuxet specialized therapy program. According to an article published in the Annapolis Capital Prison officials felt that Larry had received the maximum benefits from programs there. After completing nine years of his sentence. Twenty-six-year-old Larry was eligible for parole. He was released on January. Twenty third nineteen ninety-three the judge who had issued his sentence. Wish Larry Well saying I just hope he can make a good life for himself. I help people give him the support. He needs his regular prison visitors. The BUSSELTON 's wanted to provide Larry with a safety net. Talbot adjust to the real world they decided to formally adopt Larry. The Sultan's daughter Amity who was sixteen years old at the time recounted the adoption and a two thousand seventeen essay entitled. It happened to me. My parents adopted a murderer. Amity recall a time. Not long after Larry's release when NBC aired. A TV movie based on his story called a family torn apart starring. Neil Patrick Harris. She described it as surreal to watch the movie with her family while sitting next to the actual murderer on which the movie was based. Emily also wrote about darker moments of the families transition. She described her father as abusive and her family as dysfunctional. Although her parents seem to have good intentions and taking Larry n they like the sports is struggled with the actual emotional toll of accepting a troubled son into their lives. Amity wrote the more Larry tried to rejoin the world to work and hang out with people in date. The more controlling and obsessive became the final blow came when Larry and his girlfriend had a clandestine wedding and informed my parents they were moving to Florida. That was it for my parents. The cutlery out of the will and disowned him. Twenty year old. Larry moved to Florida in early. Nineteen ninety five two years after his release from prison with that. He was cut off from his second adoptive family. As Larry drove south towards a new life it was difficult to hold back tears. He had spent his whole life waiting for the moment of rejection preparing to be cast out but no matter how much he prepared for it. It always hurt. When the moment came he felt lucky that he had moved beyond the rage of his teen. Years you no longer worried about losing control or lashing out and hurting anyone but the grief seemed to sink deeper with each loss. He felt more broken every time relationship shattered beyond repair in prison. He thought he'd had a breakthrough finally learning to love himself now. He wasn't so sure it meant anything at all. Every time he thought he found love and acceptance it faded or twisted into something toxic bleary. Couldn't trust love. He wasn't sure he could trust anything soon. After moving to Florida Larry and his wife had a daughter but the relationship fell apart and they eventually divorced. He ran into legal problems once more after his truck was impounded for parking in an illegal space when he broke into the impound lot to retrieve his wallet from the Truck. Police arrested him. He's been three months in jail after his time in jail. He had trouble getting back on his feet. And it's been a few years living on the streets of Orlando in and out of homeless shelters however a friend eventually took him in. He got a job driving a delivery truck through his friend he met his second wife. Christie a nurse the married in two thousand three after some time leary reconciled with the sultan's his second adoptive Father Glenn was interviewed in two thousand thirteen episode of. Npr's this American life he told interviewers that despite his brutal past leary turned out to be one of the better people in the world as he settled down in a new home with his wife. Thirty seven year old Larry cultivated ties with neighbors and members of his community he had a particular rapport with neighborhood children. He often took them fishing at the neighborhood. Leak or gave them Ryan's in his truck. Valeri had little time to enjoy his second chance at life on. December. Twenty ninth. Two thousand four Larry died unexpectedly of a heart attack at the age of thirty eight. It's possible that his death was linked to his time in prison. Former inmates have an increased risk of developing heart problems. A study by Dr Emily a Yang an associate professor at Yale School of Medicine concluded that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death among individuals incarcerated and those recently released have a higher risk of being hospitalized and dying compared with the general population after Larry's death friends both new and old shared affectionate memories of the man. One neighbor said. I wish there were more people. Like Larry. He was God's gift to life Larry's former lawyer Ron Borrowdale said it was like losing a son. He and I had developed a fondness in his final years. Larry seemingly at last found the permanent family. He'd been searching for his whole life. Larry's widow Cristea remarked. He experienced a whole childhood of hurt. Let he was accepted and loved for who he was. Thanks again for tuning into crimes of passion. We will be back Wednesday with the new episode. 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