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hollow its mission angela and listen if you're online looking for something to listen to what you get all the info all the tea how do you need to come over lifting my brand new podcast shane angela each week i dive in with some of your favorite celebrities talk hot topics as well it's what's going on in their careers and how they got to where they are if you wanna know how to get when the back streets the hollywood walk of fame hunting this is the place the get it it's on the podcast called she angela make sure you tell a friend 'cause we chattan over here darby danton rainy day with their mail bill i know where they live in writing in my mind people making news breaking down in melbourne florida out there by bell on happy day saying man i don't think people are not go down with co host are nato d'amico band dirty filthy be sure young gone down around town you're down to dump people town a hate townies another episode of the people population you shouldn't tate jeffrey tate she she wasn't be how are you man a fan favorite any friends favorite we love having you on the show the front yeah this is all this is all too much guys my favorite moment with last night of the dead and company a at the show at the hollywood bowl having a great time my wife and then all of a sudden i hear randy and i was like what in the world but it was like hey great i see you and i knew it was someone who knew me 'cause he didn't have a little geoff tate now is like such a tree when you see someone in that environment it you know from another environment it is all i'm gonna pay this compliment i quote you're joke a and i probably don't do it right i'm sure you do it right but the joke you made about how people were so freaked out about about steroids in baseball when win every single ballparks dimensions are different oh yeah yeah gotta wealth foot wall with a hundred feet out in left field are really really a get worried about the sanctity of the stats everybody's playing if have a uniform fields yeah they moved the fence up in a in new york at city field the mets yeah the first couple of years it was open nobody had any home run so they move this morning yeah like to talk about the sanctity of stats at that right imagine if my high school basketball team was like we were just gonna use nine four nine foot read only were they were going that way yeah yeah are side the name this do they even had so many dunks a all right well i appreciate you i can't believe it i i a chopper for my brother and i love here so yeah i mean look out the driver vote so low that well here's the deal jeff and i know you know this that the world is getting dumber in your travels in this world where i mean ocean levels are rising going out there like they feel purport they like directly proportional to each other and they only way the combat it is comedy in dan get these great stories sentence so dan should we jump in we got geoff tate let's let's use when genius shall he's like a weapon and we're gonna start sending by brett commons slash motor city h dj at motor city agency needy more stuff i know yeah a wonder h dj stands for h dj yeah motorcyle how cj house dj okay detroit yeah a huntsville alabama here we go state we still have to explore baker part of the newly released surveillance video shows a knife fight between two maybe if he said i would have been like patel okay if you said a knife fight between two babies in in huntsville alabama you party you would have been like yeah yeah yeah i would've assumed it was in the back seat of a car while their mom was smoking heart not even on going anywhere literally and figuratively where they do those yesterday between two would be robbers in a store clerk two people were arrested saturday afternoon noon after an attempted robbery at the conaco conaco konica but yeah i'm polaski pike that under the law or sunday police there is it by the way there as we as a bank in saint louis where we had a ladder laskey savings you can't not say that like you're you're happy friday chicago and very well i mean polanski's only four eroding hey when we go in animal late i gotta go down the players take on hill out some money from my savings at least held firm blaming nicholson land i know listen that's holcomb both face attempted robbery charges bluejays he's won a woman in one man you gotta figure out and that through the riddle start a war with the police say hokum went inside the gas station and started by something going back and fourth to his car several times when you're a convenience store clerk he worked at gas stations we work together say hi to any in and out of you wake you you should have it all figured out in maybe rally wants log on and i went out and i actually we have a couple of quarters in roaring our yeah right in out in again that's all you get more done that and now you're now i'm calling the cops right i've paid for people just say like if they'd gone like where i living a cincinnati like wherever court my podcasts i have the first ever podcast co hosted by brothers oh yeah it's called a altered tate's but it's it's a real where china carver market i think you gotta do it guys i i mean he had been done here you guys be playing it looked like a pioneer whether we recorders we record in a kentucky and the gas the gas station right next to us there are people that will come in and then go back out and then come in and like the second time he has to go back and get more coins or whatever i just paid for the shit like get out of here i just i can't handle you walking in and after the bystander yet on his net worth six dollars for me to be done in kentucky the place where everyone goes the drinker get messed up on sundays you can't buy liquor in there a lot of counties in kentucky dry kentucky is real i mean they're not let's say parent so where i where i ended right there you go i got a room like this and kentucky though like very red room i liked you pay for people 'cause sometimes it's not about being nice it's about wanting at the end yeah dan family thing it'd be olive garden i know the whole meal just 'cause you want it at the end just my fan is over the check asana walking to his car he says under his breath to himself are long national nightmare is over until next black friday though man olive garden black front of that is your personal life on the one on polanski mhm i like i have to be successful enough separate families while you're right that i need to be able to cut that off when i wanna cut it back when i broke fix were done i dated were out on the bottom and that i'm not shooting in says for is like this long yeah yeah i'm not it's an it's everything like water more breads like they put everything in why i dunno i wanna let you know when you look at what you did you animals selenium wholesome so they went to the gas station i'm sorry holcomb that'd be seth went inside the gas station it's starting to buy something going back and forth to his car several times if you're that convenience store clerk just puts her hand on whatever weapon you half yeah it on it press the button underneath of yeah yeah at least covers up on hover the other you just start press because if they show up be like a frog ups yeah i went back and forth through car several times for pulling a large knife on the clerk and demanding cash that's not a knife survey shows holcomb that tried to leave the store this is where the plot thickens mhm but be clerk auto locked the door a so so now you can't get out so well you got a nice yeah right and you've lock them in oh no he hit the wrong button whether we put the lock right the call the cops in regularly name that the guy goes up pushes the or it doesn't open and then there's this they've forgotten about this crime they're both now involved it's like you're gonna backup and then walk at it again it'll pick you up if you know you gotta you gotta kill sorry milk starter said no that's what i would say if i were that guy i'd be like okay something's wrong with their door i'm sorry i don't know what to do here sure that back in let's step forward again are run at it as hard as you can yeah you're able to knock them so much it with head coach story i gotta hit it we had really hard on the ford says i don't go towards the door you'll it'll open or you say running pushing stars you can as they get close you open at a hundred percent design on his the button to open it is way behind the shelf bar that and i first second i got an tap that but oh sure a tragedy so holcomb tries leaves store clerk auto lock the door no me that is wendy on identified clerk then pulled it bigger nice not item on one identified my ass right we all know who that was hall hogue and he has hit hard times but he's probably leaving the manager at kind of go with the machete and then when i got this caskey not if it was the second shift the guy worker would have thrown a pet snake adam closer to what comes first the job and then you decide i'm gonna get a machete the work you're or you're a lot of her shatti yes the clerk dead or are you a machete person who then find the job where you could use this is not is there a line where where's mine but she oh there it is oh have you ever been the huntsville they were probably getting robbed by a lot of jungles by a lot of under growth have you ever do at conaco before this guy needs a machete just cut through red tape of in and out of using that to make those receipts you're yeah exactly no but there is something to be said about the fact that at this job you could bring a machete there's very little oversight shed it could just be there width you like you can't do that if you work for citibank can do that at the u n those saturdays good bringing were knives and stuff and help you only do that eddie eddie cut co you can't even do a convenience store like imagine this exchange of like you're buying a knife for your convenience store job but and i already but i'm almost more apt to let somebody bring a machete to work with them then for people who bring their dogs in the restaurants i'm sick of it and i am so done with that a machete friendly patio yeah near on the side of the tree you're at the point you're on the plano this is my comfort machete so another motorcycle sort of you won't even know me i learned to suppress the metal i kid you not where i can just looking at it in its looking at him and by so they identified clerk pulls the bigger knife a machete on south holcomb the video shows holcomb pushed his way through through the front door to escape excuse me you know the clerk followed hokum outside united and at this point ends up in a fight with laney nicholson who had her own now no yeah the three and i mean i fight holy shit they all right now i've been to a knife fight for all brought to a knife fight whatever brought up a ship wonderful pulled out a met one of those metal pay taxes from the end the streets of fire that celerion steal a she had her on that the video shows the clerk damaging the vehicle in process okay so let's run it's chopping down on the gar car yeah so the guy doesn't care about the machete right so the guy that's insured out shopping l sharpton is that when you know your plan on the do year you're you're the two year old male do i wanna run you this i got five years handled the tip on this thing register ten thousand stab whichever comes first extended warranty if you want only if you see extended machete warranty so the guy tries to rob the clerk right the clerk lock semnan yeah holds that knows what machete but say that guy breaks out through door bush's short get the race a against its way gets out clerk chases him out with a machete only ended up in front with the blaming them yeah with the night now he's got her own life so they start a knife fight the couple of at night fights together stays together we do we do know that that is true yeah true the clerk starts destroying their car with his machete smart while that what's going on that will all he could do in that instance right while that was all going on police said seth holcomb went back inside the store to retrieve the cash from the drawer there you go so are hey you are you got this honey you're keep doing that carpet from it i'm gonna run by the end of the story you do what i do unintended with a door that's broken open dominant just go get the money you left and or property odell open he'll dump keeps shifting in this year right i might stop hitting the car go back and say they've got the guy the leave by the way yeah yeah i mean it's like a goalie and then now you're mad that another guy like kind of checked in weird end is like way out by the blue line way out check guy while still in order crawford from cox back there don't worry about that you know i got some preying on goal to go in the goal dude that's all you gotta come machete on the dan what you're goal is so hokum goes back into the searchers cash in the drawer probably runs out the suit still hitting his car and he's like big drop the knife got they got it from an nicholson that seth and laney if you're friendly drove off huntsville police found the vehicle in stop the couple officers took both in the custody no serious injuries were reported store employees have declined to speak the w h t news nineteen about what happened if you you are they owner of that conaco okay this is the most unbelievable employee you could ever have no we worked a gas stations people did not care about their jobs at all certainly not enough to pull a machete items on somebody stealing cigarettes out of the case where we kept them which is out by the gas we have this story there it was in a giant truck came out by the gas if i say saying take me if i sauce and people saw take it out of there if i saw someone reaching their inserts dealing with i've gone after them no on my way the college go go we're not gonna watch the video which by the way will be posted on the facebook page if you're listening to this and you are following or liking the base but they stop what you're doing right now like it follow it and they get all this great stuff let's check all right before we do that though we're gonna take a quick little break and we'll be right back around town modem hey guys welcome to the show a guest is the great geoff tate where can people see you soon in you have this podcast so let's start with the podcast oh yeah it would the all groundbreaking assholes what my mom calls the first podcast in the history of podcast podcast on by two brothers on by brother i love this were actually brother and how much you love this i it's inspiring to me actually a little pointedly yeah actually with like a susan air of like actually brothers and i tell people how they how they confined it yeah good luck i don't hear a case it's i that actually wasn't the actually was a for the a john hodgman i tried to convince me that the mcelroy brothers more naturally brothers laugh so hard dizzy idea that these guys would do that for my brother my i mean there is none of us are brothers it all in quote my brother my brother it isn't quote it is though which makes you my brother my brother in me so it's not i don't even hear how are you not talking about yourself anyway a day's coming up very ended up yeah oh yeah go bananas and the end of june twentyseventh through thirty go headed if you're in cincinnati and then in july would leave land i'm in i'm in cleveland on june twelfth it's a wins they already have happened in a position where whatever that was a great show off till i i will maybe this'll no i said june twelfth will be on july twelve who knows maybe they'll have a good headliner then to hilarity cleveland hilarious the combat come and get it nick god love him and we both are park as up on tuesdays on i tunes get after it fair enough okay dan daniel what do you have any fun live things come well depending on the structure of the daniel van kirk dot com time to look at tour dates i will be a in cincinnati before the end of the year you finally soon but look for it in the fall and keep up to date on that 'cause i'm gonna be coming to go bananas and then in september i will be part of the jail fell forty two in toronto so anyway kirk dot com for all that stuff and you guys are out the whole year yeah we got about a mile right every month every month worse worse somewhere some months twice the montreal comedy festival and who are fans who bought tickets for san diego we will be back there in january january twenty third twenty four twenty fifth twenty six will be a good move you always wanna move though san diego anywhere anywhere man it's gonna be fun yeah yeah you guys you living go ahead and take the other warm weather stuff i'm sorry sorry movie we try to your favorite july maybe you can get your dates have been altered tate i can't believe the man like when manny machado signed with the padres i was the best idea i've ever heard yet ten years in san diego you're never you're gonna be hot every other week most shows get it'd be really happy i don't never just doing what he does in front of dishonorably discharged veterans is i like meghan jfk left i love you all i have to wait for a clean cut i come on are you guys wanna watch this video all right so we're gonna watch this guy at the meat of the story but after we watch this we are gonna play around against you agee we just have to see this go to the facebook page if you wanna play long it's also in like double a triple speed which gives a real yet cutting the uproar you listeners we're looking at the convenience store right now it i there's too many things in the convenience store also it's fucking open the hard way a little bit it's just gonna open party cooler a beer like it by the way i like it looks really refreshing okay i ready here we go very soon we go is running running out the guy if he's yelling it's a partition a glass partition a lot of arguing back and forth like too much amos is set up so imagine how long that actually took can't get in there there really in this guy green hungry in has not looked like a sharp knife so let me know no blunt object that not only can you just want to get into the door the fight the cashier guys got another cashiers got a knife yeah right nice but that is just waving it around and around can't rob a convenience store the orange heady as a gun in his pocket he he's in the back it looks like he's stealing a banana it does look like he's still go after and go well no they're gonna have huge wireless charging it together guy but no one really want at if someone's gonna hit someone this they would have hit it by now i know tony's let me say this to deliver rob a convenience store that already has bars on the windows now the guy cannot get out any slamming into the door repeatedly like three or four times you could see him yelling really convenient bro down the ice she's got she's got outlay mean holy so he's like oh he's hitting a car is headed this way south is run back inside she's like he's doing good damaged stood by the way she tried take eight punch ad hit on the head with a knife meanwhile seth goes back into the convenience store let me get that money i know and then after he breaks the door gets out they chose you can't break a door they fight outside i mean he breaks both doors all my god he breaks and both off they found out it was hilarious i know i'm gonna ask you guys right now is very blurry and how old how old are leaning nichols and so i think they're the same age there is a time of year i believe and there they exact saying okay go first tig or third in your guest tickets between me and jason when when giving actually go first or astra she said i liked going between added the takes lot so jeff you may go first jaeger third where would you like to go in terms of guessing i would like to go to they go chase and go first there thirty three okay jeffrey and i was gonna say twenty seven solid okay a yeah i think there's thirty nine okay one of you is exactly oh now we get to play the game of who you think actly right jani got it on i wanna go third okay to jay who i'm right thirty three i'm right thirty nine okay yes that jamie located at thirty three okay solid podcast point from jeff yeah oh we always do a drawing on their post sorry i took my accused him earlier when he said the receipt was this big we are camera i know that's why point i wear you down and pay by the way he had that loaded up like a machete he brought to work that shit versity barbara bush yeah you were there were like i dare you to buy only wants a little only need a new one okay all right leaning nicholson and seth holcomb barbecue transfers and now tony were gonna get out of this story on this far thirty three years so i got a piece by jumping jay's bandwagon there you go i guess low if i could explain my shift work has been low because they look like they don't look like they've made the best decision so i like that tend to look a little older their aides so maybe they're thirty three but look thirty nine twenty seven you i thought there were twenty seven because they looked forty right i know i go back you back time thirteen years old i mean a you know what's crazy but like that that story being from huntsville huntsville alabama has the highest i q per capita in this country really yeah there's a nasa thing there we go and they were trying to make the ultimate alabama getaway rocket science going with that what a rocket science re sign you also don't have w rocket science you know some guys bring remember bringing irma shaded work checkout altered tate's a an apology update on neil twitter's andy old instagram's giving you handle it agitate on instagram as g eazy have half the time in on twitter it is a jet take ninety six g a if you look at the jail wind up there about immediately great power looking to wherever he just went up and go why he applied and a oh shit we work with joan doniger dummy dummy dummy dummy dummy dummy down

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