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Tom Brady Has Destroyed The Beauty Of Golf


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Rene Bach had no medical training. When it comes to missionary work and humanitarian aid in the developing world, what is the line between helping and hurting? We'll find out in the new podcast the missionary. Listen to the missionary on the iheartradio. APP Apple, podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks for listening to the odd couple PODCASTS Bichon, check us out live every weekday from seven pm to ten PM. Eastern four to seven Pacific or Fox Sports Radio Find Your local station for the odd couple at Fox sports radio, DOT, com or stream it live every day on the iheartradio APP by searching F S are. You're listening to Fox sports radio. It is. Couple on your memorial, day. In DD odd couple, Rob Parker. And Bernie Fratto in for Mr Cruz bussard. A magic city Monday and we do have. FULL SO POOR! You got plenty of stuff coming up. Some guests include Sekou Smith from MBA DOT, com and NBA TV. Adam Kaplan for more Fox sports. Radio and of course Sirius Xm. NFL. He is an insider. We'll talk NFL with Tim in the second hour, and a third hour Jon Morosi. Who of course is a Fox sports radio MLB INSIDER MLB network and NHL Network, so we'll talk some baseball with him as well but first. Let me woke them in a my partner for today it. Is Mr Bernie, Fratto? As Chris Bussard is on vacation this week and Mr Prado, of course on this magic city Monday in his stead. Bernie Fratto, good day. Will Rob I happy Memorial Day to everybody and special? Thanks to all those who serve we are the land of the free because of the brave. Expecting Alex on the ones and twos to queue up reunited by peaches and her, because for the record, the rob, Parker and I while we are in Detroit. We did upwards of two hundred shows together. When you add up, all the Parker manned with Mark Wilson Detroit. Lions, pre and post game shows etc.. So, Rob, I realize you encourage the couple, but I think it could make a case that you and I are like the old Mary couple. I guess so because we go, we do go back way from Detroit days and you're right Bernie on this Memorial Day. I, want also send out my lay dad was a veteran, and my brother is a veteran, both and for all who have served US thank you and also to get started on the program. I want you to know that the I couple on memorial. Day is coming to you live from the Geico Fox Sports Radio Studios. That's right. Mr O'Reilly live fifteen minutes could save you. Fifteen percent or more on car insurance visit GEICO DOT COM for a free ray quote. Doing that's right bill, and of course it's a holiday, so you know what that means. That means a Christmas. Orders off be robbed Gr producer producers off, and it made that Alex engineer of is of course working just lead delap. Of course our producer today is working and Steve Sager Steve. Of course is working because. As it always turns out. The, the four of us are always working Lee a Steve and of course Alex. we always seem to be out on the holidays, but it's all good, so we have a good program. We hope you enjoy it and yeah, let's kick the. Let's kick it off. Of course. Yesterday Bernie was the big. Match Golf met. Charity event to raise money for Kobe, nineteen great raise over twenty million dollars, which was great. So that was good to hear, of course, people tuned in not too much else going on on on a Sunday afternoon. People looking for live broadcast live programming, and of course you had the names you're tiger. Woods, Phil Mickelson. The had peyton manning. Tom Brady. And I will say this. Tom Brady was trash. Tom Brady was all golf. I know he had that one shot in the seven zero everybody went. Like it was a whole one. Finally Tom Brady was bad. Tom Brady ruined it. Could have been a spectacular thing. There's other guys coulda put in I know you are Tom Brady's wants. Six super bowls. Tom Brady has the name. Everybody wanted all Tom Brady's goat early. Some people think I. Think he's the low to lucky of all time. He one lucky yesterday. And Phil Mickelson to carry him all over the golf course and You know it could have been a perfect. Afternoon had Tom Brady. Boorda's golf clubs had Tom Brady been ready to play, but Bernie Fratto. That wasn't. The case and everybody can make. Oh, well. Yeah, it was great. It was must see. TV to ratings were great Tom Brady wasn't ready to play I. Don't know what's he nervous or whatever? Hitting the ball all over the place I was disappointed in the. Appearance by Tom. Brady I think they could have picked somebody else. GAURAV first of all six point, two million people watched and yeah, they raised twenty million dollars, and I believe that a lot of people tune in because of Tom, Brady, you got to remember something rob. We don't royalty in this country. Are Athletes Are Entertainers? Are Royalty People Miss Sports? People want sports, and for whatever reason Rob Brady. Brady's of force in nature, and for whatever reason you just simply haven't been able to reconcile or come to grips with the entity known as Tom Brady Yeah. I don't know if he's the goat, but he's definitely the at greatest resume of all time and I'm GonNa Agreement on one thing that belongs to Kareem. abdul-jabbar has the greatest resume of all time so I'm GONNA fucking football. Talking about football. But anyway irrespective of that I'll give you one thing I. Don't think he was an eight handicap. I mean. Some of those swings in the fairway looked like he was trying to kill a snake in a phone booth I. Don't think he brought down the event. Though because he's Tom Brady granted. He's not an entertainer. He's not Glib neither is tiger tiger. Say Two words neater guys like Derek, jeter Lebron, but his presence in when Barclay called him out on the seventh hole in response by holding out from one hundred and five yards, come on man that got a rise out of a lot of people then I realized. Yeah, there's. There's a little bit of luck involved. Bob Grieving home. Run once off a Sandy Colfax, but you can't tell me did. Brady didn't create that moment and prove that he is still the ultimate competitor you watched because of Brady, but that's always the case you've got to find a silver lining for Brady. That's that's that's the. That's the story of his whole career. That's why say he's lucky. Because what if it wasn't that? You still would make a case oh? Brady split his pants. Wasn't that funny? That was so funny. He ripped his pants during the Gulf what that that TB? Twelve they working so well group out of pants. I guess. He's down in Tampa Bay at hooters so much already. Could you know that's the most popular restaurant down at Tampa Bay Bernie? He was hitting the ball all over the fair way. He couldn't ship with any touch. Wonder, he had one good shot and the first nine holes I. Mean Come on I'm just talking about guys who play golf on a regular basis. You could have stuck Aaron. Rodgers drew brees. There's a number of people that could have made that a little more entertaining, and that's all I'm saying. Is If you wanted to play pea knuckle, sit around a table with a deck of cards and have Brady a fine. But if you're going to play golf, I wanted to see a little bit more I want. I did I'm not saying he was supposed to. Be The bend end all be all and be great, but come on. He's gotta be better than he played and he was disappointing to me. Here's the beauty of this conversation because it's against a lot of practice psychology without a license, but this I know. The opposite of love is not hate. It's indifference for you. React this way. You're emotionally invested in Brady man. He is renting space in your head for free, and I gotTa Tell, you rob demand has ten super bowls ten right well. He did have an offspring with bridget. Moynahan that concerts a super bowl. Way? I think it does look you. If drew brees would have been on older respect any defined luminaries. You mentioned Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Taurus for crying out loud. You wouldn't be reacting this way you would not. Like Brady. I'm telling you even without. Tom Brady you still raise twenty million. You still get the viewership Bernie. It's easy to say what's Tom Brady. But it wasn't. It was the event all the event was going to be ahead. Looking cuddle brandy. No I totally disagree I. Do not believe that people only tuned in for Tom. Brady Peyton, manning in his own right, is a big time Guy Guy and you saw his his commentary. Going in no, no going in and and you also have to titans in Golf Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, so your golf crowd is already there. If it was another big Tom Quarterback, who was super bowl winning? You still would have gotten a ratings. I do not believe that it would ticked any lower or people would have said. Oh Aaron Rodgers playing I. DON'T WANNA. Watch that I. Don't believe that. Well you. There's no way to know it's. It's imponderable. I would just say this that it was a huge success, and you mentioned Peyton. Manning everybody already knows paid. Manny's Glib and he's funny, and he's self deprecating, and he's natural and he's a pretty good golfer. Everybody knows Phil Mickelson's all about and everybody knows what Tiger's all about. Brady was the wild card. You really know how he was going to conduct himself and a few holes in you can. Clearly, he was embarrassed. Okay, he was not striking the ball well. He was ninety ball here. You mentioned chipping around. The Green Hailey was using his potter from twenty yards off the green. That's not what an eight handicap does, but he got to the. The several, he managed to keep his wits about him, and he holds out from one zero five, then he makes it clutch later, so we had enough moments. You can call though silver linings I'm calling. That's what defines Tom Brady. The minute you give up on them, which you do pretty much every day that ends in y he brady comes back and surprises you. Because he gave you a nugget so now I'm supposed to feel good. Tom Brady gave us a shot on the seventh hole. He was awesome. He ripped his pants. Also, that's great. Can you get an endorsement for that hanes underwear? Some sort of pants that don't rip you know is. Is that what we're looking for next? All I'm saying is. It could have been a perfect afternoon. Had Tom Brady shown up golf? Wise this. Is it maybe okay? Oh, maybe he's been around to law. Maybe this is a precursor what we're going to see in Tampa. Bay for maybe just don't have it anymore. How about that? Maybe you? Are you. Are we really go there? Rob? Let's turn. Let's play back the tape from September twenty eighteen, when you said braehead one foot and agree of in the interim banana peel since then fifty four touchdowns, sixteen interceptions been to a super bowl, won a super bowl into the playoffs both years. How `Bout on whole, Sixteen Russell, Wilson said by one hundred thousand meals so many stick one within twelve feet of the pin. Brady sticks one within six feet of the pin. He comes through hundred thousand meals which. By the way and pick out a couple of things that he did and not talk about the whole afternoon while Peyton, manning was playing well, and everybody else was was pulling their weight Tom Brady was dragging Tom Brady. That's why you have to dig deep to pick out two or three nuggets to feel good when I go to McDonalds I want a six piece nugget not to nuggets out of the pack, and that's all you got from Tom Brady on this day. It could. Could have been a banner day is all I'm telling you. It could have been a lot more entertaining to watch. Instead people looked set boy. Brady's a bad golfer. That's what I got out of the first nine holes. I didn't feel good about it. I wanted to see a little more competition. When you put somebody to play with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. You expect them to be a certain degree of golf game. That wouldn't be like setting up if you would've told me. Him Or Charles. Barkley could've played. What would have been the difference? Arkley yeah, put Barkley out there. Okay. I know your trip and come on man. Barkley was great Mike by the way no one. Does job? You've seen him to golf club. Barclay proved one thing yesterday when sports come back when though fans, we're gonNA lean on the announcers for energy. We're going to lean on the announcer for inflection entertainment. It's not going to be easy. I would just say this about yesterday's event. It's proven once again sports. Here's the greatest reality show, and you can script everything, but the outcome including the ripped pants, bad golf shots and Inbetween Tom Brady was Tom. Brady, which is which Bucci enlists emotion from you. I'll tell the telephone number eight, seven, seven, thousand, nine on Fox. Eight, seven, seven, nine, nine, six, sixty, three, sixty, nine, wondering what you thought of the charity event yesterday did Tom Brady ruin the event or was? He must see TV. It is a memorial day. You got the odd couple rob. Parker and Bernie Fratto Infra. Chris bussard sticking stay. America Fox sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation catch all of our shows at Fox, sports radio DOT COM and within the iheartradio APP search F. S. are to listen live. An it career at GD means owning the opportunity to play a crucial role in transforming how agencies operate. Join Gd it for challenging and impactful work that advances your career apply now at GD dot com slash careers. Memorial Day on the. Couple hope you're enjoying. The holiday and remembering those who served and who still serve. And the I couple is live rob Parker and Bernie Fratto in for Chris, Broussard That's right bill. Live right here on Fox sports radio and. Chris on vacation this week we'll have all kinds of. sub-hosts coming in. Filling in for Chris. Including! I think it's Thursday ben Maller. Will be in for Chris on Thursday and a bunch of other guys. This Week? That's right Ben Maller. How many times Alex get ready for that? We'll play about a million on my wall. You already know Ben who? There you go, so that's Thursday but Bernie. I'll telephone number eight, seven, seven, ninety, nine on Fox and we threw out there to of course I'll listen to. Others, did Tom Brady ruined the event or was? It must see TV. Let's check in burning. Let's take some callers Rob Sean in Fort Lauderdale. You're on the odd couple of Fox sports radio. What do you got I rob Yes. Hey Man I. Love your show first of all. I'm always with you on that Tom Brady stuff I'm always way be sound like a toll on this one due. I sat around yesterday. Saying I can't wait to hear Rob Parker tomorrow about Tom Brady because I know he's trash. They raised twenty million. He's sucks golf. What's? That though I said that I know you're killing. I. I said that they were going to raise that money. No matter who played. Okay and I thought it was for good a quick house. Obviously, everything was cool. He played terribly. That's all. Can you at least give me that? He's. Golf. Mattered Rob. You could got. Made Fun of them. Thank you sean. We appreciate. Todd Salt Lake City. You're on the yacht. Couple of Fox sports radio. What's your take? My Take Brady wreck. o Dyke's Sean. Listen Real simple twenty million is nothing. If you want to see I really, really good golf game. SHOULD DUMPED BRADY Brought Michael, Jordan and Utah made fifty million. Agitator would straight up ten million could beat him. Thank you that now that now you're talking now. You want to raise money. Give it, but now you WANNA. GET YOU WANNA get eyeballs I'm telling you told me you imagine Michael Jordan's competitive juices. On the fifth hole let's especially on the heels of the last dance. If it you love enjoyed up tiger I can put it closer to the pin in you. It would have been even bigger and better and more exciting. Yep He brought. He wrecked it. You know the reason. He sucked so bad. He couldn't deflate the golf ball. Now you go! My man takes the call. Appreciate the call by the way in the second half of that game with. Size footballs threw. Three touchdown passes and. Twenty years. and. He got suspended for cheating. Don't valley. Don't record. They raised twenty million six billion. Mongol though talking about the Jordan, Negga would have been better than Brady. Brady has no personality and is golf game. He left his clubs in the bag. You got a man crush on him. You know at LE- low in California. You're on the couple of Fox sports radio. What are your thoughts without Fellas, lovey show. You're wrong again. Like that one man Brady did all right. I'm not even Brady Fan. I'm from the Bay Area Joe Montana Guy so but Brady hell, don't he says? He's innocent. He doesn't even go yet. Pay Manning. He's been retired for a couple of years. He golfs every day Brady made. His own talk! On a man he did, he did okay. I didn't mind watching it. Me Michael. Jordan win a bit better in that spot now that Rao I'll give you that one now. You came up with Alan does. Argument we're. Not GonNA amount Jordan. We're talking about what happened yesterday. I know. This. Let me program this stuff in the future I could help out the Gulf in a charity that would've raised fifty million dollars, and then we're not a big would have doubled. The TV Audience Ted Turner you listening? Let's go. Good I like thanks. Nathan and Texas. You're on the odd couple. Fox Sports Radio Buddy. Rav. I always agree with you, but you're being a little harsh today. I would like you to it. I would like you to realize that is working on the holiday. In my little got my pennies in. A bunch may like ward cleaver. You're heart on the beaver to. A little tough I mean. He only died a few days ago at it had school, but Call Ken Osmond. Their mazing Sir yes sir. Raw. I! Love your call in below as well, but let's just put it slow. You can put it float, and you can fill in the blank about what that would stand for. Could he did save the day with that shot? I if you. If you say saved the day with the shot I'll just Nathan. My man appreciate. Thanks for calling. Porch radio. You're down three two one. Let's go to Marty. In Kentucky Down Are you kidding I'm John Three keeping track here. Three people agreed with me. Agree with you. Let's go to Marnie and Kentucky Martier on the Cup of Fox, sports radio. What are your thoughts on this but several doing? Morning how you doing. You knew Chris would be off, didn't you? I I didn't I just assumed Chris GonNa be off. I'm surprised when. I think I'll think brady ruined it, but maybe we caught a glance. Of Brady's composer without mental check, you know Michigan Bright. He never really did anything I open and. You are there no, no, no, no, no, Mardi. You weren't there I was there I was an arbor covering Brady. He did a lot. But go ahead. and. They wanted to. Assume Tom Brady was their. Way Below Niche. Michigan Standards Tom Way below. Already, thanks a lot Martin Marty. You got any more on this on the golfed. We got my caller. Let's him. Lane, you're on the couple, Fox sports radio. What's your take on this craziness? They make all. Its goal. It was things raised. He's a football player. He did it for fun I feel, but I just wanted to say one thing rob, I love you but Memorial Day it's not Veterans Day, so we're not. Appreciate and the people who are serving and did serve where appreciate the people who have lost their lives serving the country. Can't I want to make that distinction? Yes, that's fair. That's WANNA. Be Honorable. Yes, all right, thank you, Zach We. Keep it. Movin Isaac in New York. You're on the odd couple of Fox sports radio. Do you got? Guys first thing I. I gotTa say that The big question is guy is. Is Bill Belichick the the coach that want them to the super bowl or is it the Tom Brady? One. quarterback. Brady I. I feel it's Tom Brady. I believe the Tom Brady's GonNa. Go all the way you're gonNA. Prove everybody wrong I think he still has it I. I believe that Tom Brady is going to go all the way and I believe that Rob Gronkowski is not gonNA. Do Much. Rob Gronkowski's only there for support for Tom Brady I believe that you're going to see someone else stepping. It all next year. Watch and learn all right. Thanks for the call. Rob Real quickly. We got Jordan. Bella Check Gronkowski in Ann Arbor. No, that's why right let's go from California. I hope I'm pronouncing that right. You're on the odd couple of Fox sports radio. You got the last word on this. Show Rob Bernie. What's up? Razzano me, man, you got me back. Yeah happening. What's up man I'm here with my wife. She hates you. Because I was listening to your show, they were thought maybe. Is. Hey Don't hate your husband because he loves the couple. Come on, we need we need him. One about favorites. Rob I hate Tom Brady and he's a full tomfoolery. The clown are shocked. Gee with pants address like a janitor after time TV twelve is. Ball my God. Do you go read? I, mean to be disrespectful. You think safe got into GRANDPA's cough Syrup earlier today. I don't want to say that Tom. Brady's old, but I hear that the practice facilities move into the graveyard. The Sound Grad Rob. Is He so durable. It was good all right. Our Guys Sekou Smith from NBA. Joins us to talk about the potential return of the NBA, but I be sure to catch live editions of the odd couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker Weekdays at seven PM Eastern Four PM Pacific on Fox, sports, radio and the iheartradio APP are right. That's woke amid. Couple of Fox Sports Radio Rob Parker Bernie. Fratto in for Chris Bussard, and yes, we're coming to you. Live from the Geico Fox Sports Radio Studios. It's easy to save fifty percent or more car insurance with GEICO GO GEICO DOT, com, or call eight, hundred, nine, four, seven eight ut. Oh, the only hard part figuring out which way is easier now. Welcome in good buddy of mine God known forever. Excellent NBA DOT COM NBA TV and the hang time podcast. He is Sekou Smith Sekou welcome to the couple. How're you doing? I'm good rob. How're you doing doing well? Say Hi to Bernie Fratto Philip for Chris. Today Bernie will serve you nice to be with you. Yes, so Hal Sekou about this whole Orlando I'm I'll call it. The Mickey Mouse Championship. whoever. Wins but. That's what I'm calling it so when they steal it. Remember saying told you, but tell me about this. Can this plan work? Do you think this is what's going to happen and we'll adjust? Be Start of the play offs, not the regular season. Yeah. I think it can work. And I think Orlando is. Ideally set up for the type of scenario we're talking about. It's going to be everybody house in one place. and. It has to happen. I mean if if there's GonNa, be a restart to this season. They're going to have to come up with something really creative that can mitigate all. The health risks. For the players, coaches, personnel, and everybody else involved this safety first and. If they get it done maybe. Some at environment where they can control. You know who come. In who has access to all of this personnel mattis? Around, obviously with a debt toll, crawling sports, one hundred thousand I don't. I don't know that people have really grabbed the head around that number. But you talking about them if he lives lost. Pandemic you gotTa really. Put Life above everything else when you're talking about restarting any. Sekou. They're talking about reseeding and eventually I think the NBA is going to do that, but this is one year I. think it makes no sense. They played eighty percent of the schedule. And there's actually bragging rights and knees your the Greek freak it to the final Jason. Tatum be the Alpha Alphabetic Boston back and how about the rapper without Kawhi? They've got something to prove. What are your thoughts? Where does this end up? Do you think they're going to recede? I'm not sure and I and I don't think I like the idea of of rolling. Hail Marys on some of the things that you really WanNa do all these years now to me that kind of disingenuous to try and change it up. We're already dealing with into. Uncharted territory, but I don't know it makes sense. To die down the rabbit hole of all different things you might have discussed trump petition committed needed and and. Now during the during the tournament, which is already a huge departure from what we normally have my thing is you get best seven series? You do the traditional way, and you condense it and and put it in satellite location. That's more than enough. Chain to disrupt. Guesses Sekou Smith MBA DOT com. NBA TV and the hang time podcast and. Earlier I was kidding about the Mickey Mouse Championship, but you gotta be very careful not to upset applecart too much to where people don't recognize. It I mean. Isn't there a chance. You could do that because you're doing so many things and play too many games with tradition. I think there's an opportunity for that rob, but I also think if you watch the match yesterday and you saw that astronomical number of viewership that was out there. That has to be on your mind as well if you're the league. MVP A and everybody else involved. You don't want to give people Bastardize version of what your normal fantastic product did. You put the players the stars of stars the guy if he would normally see in playoff setting you put them on that stage and a lot of what they do best and I think the players appreciate that the fans will appreciate it, and also that you didn't have this time here. People are gonNA. Be Tune in. If we do get a restart, you're going to have an increase audience. People who maybe haven't been watching play basketball passing US and you WANNA make sure you. Then with a compelling product if they're gonNA WANNA, come back and see you after you so I. Agree with you wholeheartedly that you've gotta be careful not to disrupt too many traditions for for the sake of you know you know playing to the moment, and then being caught up in this idea that you can you know tweak things and adjust things in a way that's going to be cute with won't necessarily resonate with the basketball public. So you brought up some great points about player safety, which is paramount, but hop up prevention of player injury after the layoff. They're going to have to play. A few games. Live Games five on five. What's that process going to look like? How many Games will they play? Will they be formatted with account? What are your thoughts? I don't think they need to count you. Give the teams enough time to you know stage of basically thick and training camps. And invited Hussein. For. Those It's guys his name. Used to be guys getting in shape at least you know. About that as much as you. May Be in bygone eras, but it's not GONNA BE A. Best looking thing. Now and that's fine because she wanted these guys to be slaving after about one two weeks of their home market for working out maybe another couple of weeks on site you get the balance different. Paves the DEL path. And once you really. And you get a better idea of the finished product of what you would get an NBA playoff, steady and by the end of of a playoff run I don't care where it is the best seven and you go deeper and deeper into it. Start Looking back while we used to lead. The greatest players on. The, best very bad impression. Pac Ten championship if that doesn't bring out there. I don't know what will. Say Cool. One last thing we got less than a minute to go. The time off. Does that hurt Lebron? Restart a season and this is year seventeen obviously and to me I think the clippers wound up. Getting helped because Paul George. Kawai Leonard were both banged up and they've had the last two and a half months to get better and he'll up. Is there an advantage to Lakers clippers from this? No. I think it's advantage for anybody had players. Anybody who had played with everyone men guy like patrol the depot. Those are the guys who to get help by this delay. You guys have struggled to get on the court that have months now to get healthy. The rest is. Everybody will be charged by the injuries. It'd be no wait. Hold that NBA is GonNa Happen Tom that part of the game, but everybody especially when you. Start the season. It happens in late July to me. There's really no advantage for anybody anybody that it needed He's still a week to the rest of well. They got more than that. They got more than enough time to get their bodies back safe and be ready to go. I would expect everybody to be one hundred percent into be is greedy for a championship. Is they've been? All right, his name is Sekou Smith Mba. DOT COM MBA T. We appreciate the knowledge. Say Coup and Stay you win the family, my man all right. Robin Man Stop Messing around with the names I. Don't close Mickey Mouse Championship. Because it's already you wait and see my next column on deadspin. State, you say coop. Right is the hottest radio game show in the country. Coming next sources say theod couple of Fox Sports Radio Fox. Sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at Fox sports, radio DOT, com and within the iheartradio APP. Search F. S. are to listen live after all you've been through the class of twenty twenty deserves a proper sendoff, which is why Iheartradio and Doritos brings you commencement the podcast, featuring speeches and dedications from icons. We admire most here from Halsey. A little kids. We've shown the world while we can be told a lot of things we will never buy a dream and pit bull, you guys. Stand standup up. You guys a generation. Make a difference. You Guys Generation Gold change the world, techy g John Legend Kesse, Angie Martinez Khalid and many many more all have something to say to you the amazing class of Twenty Twenty Syracuse firmly choose willfully and choose confidently listen to iheartradio new podcast commencement now on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get podcasts with a special doritos. Valedictorian episode where doritos takes graduation speeches to another level by naming five torrens, giving them each fifty thousand dollars in tuition assistance and sharing their speeches with the world. You are the ones that's GonNa make a difference. See I'd Goupil Fox sports? Radio Rob Parker Bernie Fratto in for Chris Broussard today. Chris is on vacation this week. We'll have some. All kinds of people filling in for Chris. Be Looking forward to that but I do know what it is on this magic city Mondays time for sources say. Back! My sources say these two of uncovering sports for nearly free. I will say this. Let's put the big. J journalist the task. It's sources say that is right. This is the odd couple we are. The hottest growing radio show in this is by far the best game show on the Radio Chris Broussard Rob Parker Bernie Fratto sitting in for Chris, Broussard and let's get to a guys. This is a game where we like to test the incredible knowledge. Chris Broussard and rob. Parker have gained over there. Journalism career spanning over two hundred seventy five years combined together. Since crisper, art is out. It's down to two forty five with just rob. And so the the game here for you Bernie is you have to guess if these stories that I'm giving you are true or false, and so at the end of this we'll see who has more knowledge, so let's start with this guy's sources are telling me that on Sundays airing of the match, Rob Parker, new favorite show between tiger between tiger woods and Peyton manning versus Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady. It was the most watched golf event in cable history, averaging more viewers than even the last dance rob or my sources good. Yes, you know I. It's different when it's a one time live event compared to a ten part series because people know that there's something else common. If you missed it yesterday, and then it's perfect. It's a Sunday afternoon. Nothing going on on a holiday weekend, so I say yes. That is true. Absolutely one thousand million percent true, and yes, it did exceed viewership over the last dance and Scottie. Pippen is still ticked off. So. You're right. It was at five point, eight million versus the last dance I was at five point six. So that's some pretty big ratings. Guys so wonder one here. Sources say Fox sports radio now, guys. My sources are telling me that thanks to baseball season still being delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, the parking lot outside of Yankee. Stadium will be converted into a drive in movie theater this summer robber, my sources good. That's a good one. I think. The first showing is catcher in the riot. Think now. A. Bonus points for jokes, rob, true or false good. I'll say that that's true. That would make sense. One thousand percent true as a matter of fact I'm GonNa. Go See Clint Eastwood Double Feature Next Week You WANNA. Go Rob! Let's do it. Oh! Wow, all right guys looks like sources are a little bit stronger with Bernie Christopher. Sarda sources say Fox sports radio so now, guys sources are telling me that devante Freeman angrily shutdown retirement talk, and it is in now deleted tweet where he said `I quotes I got ten more years in me. He added killing that fake retirement blank, and by the way blank all y'all Bernier my source is good I. Don't know if it's for him that your sources are good with all the F. bombs and all the vitriol, but yeah devante Freeman is not retiring. Say False. So Bernie you're right. That is actually quote for quote. Everything he put in that deleted tweets. Wow, you, kiss your kiss your kids with their mouth I hope not man well. This is supposed to be the Rob Parker invitational, but it looks like Bernie might be taken that today to one nothing lead. Let's go. We got plenty of time for me to win. This guy sources say Fox sports radio CRISPER. Crisper soldered Rob Parker Bernie Fratto filling in for the Chris Broussard now. Guys sources are telling me that Bartolo Colona Aka the big sexy age forty six today that despite his age, he still wants to play baseball saying quotes if I had the opportunity I would play in any league. Go anywhere. He said and also quote if any major league wants an old man I'm available. Rob My sources good. Say. False it's absolutely true. As a matter of fact, he texted me. The other day dropped. A Chula percents I'm ready to come back. It's true I'm not joking. It's true he wants to come back. So unbelievable Oh. No forty seven. Winter here, boys. All birdie give Goto on everything. That's all you. Know I mean I'm looking for you to mix it up. Mix It up like a salad why? He was he was on point. Come on all those forty-seven. By the second hour of the program is coming up. It is the odd couple on a memorial day. Rob Parker along with Bernie Fratto. WHO's in for Chris Broussard? So you WANNA stick and stay Adam Kaplan. Joins us to talk some NFL, so stick around odd couple Fox sports radio. Be Sure to catch live editions of the odd couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker Weekdays at seven. PM Eastern Four PM Pacific on Fox. Sports, radio and the iheartradio. It is. Couple hour, number two, and yes, we are live live. On Your Memorial Day. Hope you're. Enjoying time with your loved ones who? Live. On this. Magic City Monday on the couple Rob Parker and Bernie Fratto. My longtime friend and colleague. who were used to do? Radio Show in Detroit along with the man Mark Wilson, was called Parker and the man sports night were park a man and it's great to be working with Bernie here on. Fox Sports Radio yes. We're coming to you. Live from the GEICO. Fox Sports Radio Studios Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more car insurance visit GEICO DOT com. For a free rate quote in about twenty minutes, we'll talk to Adam Kaplan. Fox, sports radio NFL insider and Sirius Xm. NFL as well we'll get into some NFL stuff as well. We'll do that but I. Reggie Bush will play college football at USC and in the NFL won a super bowl with the New Orleans saints. and. He's settle stuff in the interview with Playboy magazine, basically saying that paying students. Could destroy some and. Alex I. Think you have the exact quote I. Do for you Rom, so he went on to say that guidance is the one thing that young athletes coming through the college system missing so much I missed on it. They're about to start paying college athletes. This is something that has never been experienced before, and it's going to destroy some people if they're foundation. Foundation is not in the right place. He went on to say that people just assume well. You got all this money, so you're good. It's actually the opposite. The more money you have, the more danger you're in because now. You're a freaking open target for a lot of people. It's a nasty world out there, and it's about to get a lot nastier. Couldn't disagree more. I get his point about money. Being able to handle it or whatever, but the these people. All these athletes are already in harm's way. 'cause you're asking people to play in front of a hundred thousand people. You're selling their jerseys at the Gift Shop. You're putting them on national television doing all this stuff all. This money's being made around them. So you've already put them in those people's ways who've tried to make money from them and Reggie, Bush. We know got in trouble. With the NCAA had his heisman taken away for. Take Him Bernie booster money basically right for his family, yeah! Was Parents. His parents were the beneficiaries. But what's interesting what I find? About these comments with all due respect to Reggie Bush, is he really the right spokesman or Messenger on this topic? And by the way my sources tell me he's already starting to walk it back, but robby really bring up an excellent point because I cringe when I hear the term student athlete turned came about it came about in the fifties when the widow of a former football player. At Fort Lewis College filed for Workmen's compensation because her husband Ray Denison a player, he slipped into a coma and died after a collision on the field, the courts ruled against Dennison's. Dennison's widow because the school argued that Denison was quote, not an employee, but rather a student athlete, so the NCAA invented the term student athlete to get out of paying workers comp for injured players in so they. The universities have guard themselves for anyone who would try to prove that athletes are employees. So now you've got this mechanism. which some of them will get paid very few. We're GONNA have a very marketable image name like missing such, but if they have an opportunity to earn some money, I don't know how it ruins. Their life is Reggie says and And by the way Rob One more thing, 'cause you teach a class at USC and you do find job look. If Reggie's really concerned about colleges teaching fiscal responsibility. Why don't they start a curriculum teaching that what a concept go to college and learn about fiscal responsibility. Well that's a good point and I'm trying to figure out Like this whole notion, if they're people Bernie who need money, their families need money. Why can't we do this? Everybody else gets ripped off a check. The Guy who runs scored clock? The Guy. WHO's doing the change on the sidelines? The Guy who takes tickets at the game. The the athletic director to coach makes millions. The waterboy gets paid. Everybody gets paid. Forty wrong. No you're. Right and everybody gets paid. For. What, but here's my thing. Okay a whole lot that they're going to get ruined. By getting paid for services rendered. Does that mean that everybody's going to handle their money. The same got news for you Reggie and other people people who are doctors and lawyers, educators and people have who have a very learned Perth people. Can't handle money have bad credit. Go into foreclosure. Lose their houses. All bad handling money is not just the thing that athletes mess up. You hear me people do it. Ain't that easy if you WANNA talk about putting in some classes and helping people to figure out what to do with their money. Okay, but this whole notion that this is going down a slippery slope by giving athletes money. They've been getting Mardi for forever under the table. Let's act like Nah. What does this game this this thing? We're trying to make like all. I. Remember, the NCAA I said they weren't going down that road into California. made it a law. Then what? What are you? GonNa, do not have USC and UCLA and CAL Berkeley. You're not gonNA have those schools play NCA football. Yeah! I guess that got turned around. There's nothing wrong with paying people and giving them money for their services rendered. And you're right. Bernie classes. I'm good with that to help them understand how to deal with their money, but if you think. Athletes are going to handle money better than normal P. Poll. Go Look at the good bad credit all over the country, and where people because they can't handle money. They don't know what they're doing. It ain't just athletes. Reggie Bush use the word target, and in fairness he was a target because it agent saw dollar science. He was brilliant at USC. He was sensation and he got himself into some hot water. I'm not going to relate that story tonight, but what I'm going to say, is this rob. I don't even know how much money we're talking for. These players I don't think it's a lot, and I do think you have a situation where. As you pointed out. If you have an opportunity in a business, if its own free will I mean if if rob Parker's the starting flank for southern Connecticut State University in Joe, Blatch, dodge is robby really like you want me to come down and meet the kids and have a couple of hot dogs and sweet wrote a cup of coffee and scientists autographs. WE'RE GONNA pay five hundred bucks. I don't see anything wrong with that. If if it's being solicited in to your earlier point, let's not gloss over this. Golden handshakes, he'd been going on forever down on the South in everywhere in football in all sports and the players after. Five. There's money in this sneaker after it's all over. Come on, man to say no, this is not new. They've been paying athletes forever. Well the all boy. Can we make it above board? Here's the one thing I don't like in that Reggie Bush is. Assuming facts that aren't evidence yet. Here's what I mean by that. Why create a problem that doesn't exist yet and try to solve it you helping young men out with a few bucks here there. He's carrying a full load going to class going to practice. Maybe he just wants to go to a movie. Have a little Nash. Whatever the case may be take days. Exactly, that's all. I think we're really talking here. How much money are we really talking I? Don't think we're talking life changing money so again I Harken back to what I said in the beginning with all due respect i. just find a dubious Reggie Bush is actually the spokesman on a subject matter of this nature. Yeah I. It's just interesting and and. It just weird to hear athletes pushing back saying. Oh, my goodness! This is going to open up terrible. Cana worm worms I. Just don't believe in that. I think there will be different circumstances situation. I think, the more you make it. Transparent Bernie up up. Above Orion above board, the better and better chances you have. A law something and you know what I mean, and then you have to go through certain standards, and you know what people are getting and you know what they have to spend, so if they show up in a certain car living in a certain area. You know that that's not enough money to pay for that. Do you know what I mean? And there's a question mark of to what's going on here I think. The idea that players get paid for their likenesses. And even you know people always say Oh, well how you going to figure it out how you going to be fair. It's not about being fair. I'm sorry. Sports that generate a lot of revenue. And knows people should be compensated for their work. It's just that simple I don't know how anybody can look at the NCAA and basketball march madness and the NCAA has a six billion dollar TV deal with CBS. Shouldn't get something I just I. Just don't understand that I don't understand how Reggie Bush implies that an athlete might be exploited because he has winning plaque, and where I think he might be more exploited if he doesn't have money in his pocket so absolutely because people know that Bernie and they say hey, you know got a few shekels here. Maybe you know that's what used to happen. What when when they had when when mobsters used to get an ace to fix the games point shaving scandals that you know well documented. I Bet Steve's disables about he's a true story and the bottom line is this. Reggie Bush has put a damper on what could possibly be a positive aspect of the experience of quote, a student athlete as you're just trying to get through life when you're young, you need a little balance. It's not you know you have to have a little play in your life beyond the work load in the. Obligations and commitments plan a Division One sport, so to turn this into a negative automatically automatically assume because it's a dangerous world. People are going to be exploited because they might make a few bucks for hanging out with the local dairy queen that I don't understand really the logic cure, but that's everything Bernie. That's that's anything and that's what I'm trying to say is that this is not unique? I, think it's I. Think what you said is one hundred percent right that those kids walking around with no money in their pocket is worse. That's where the temptation comes in I might have to do something. I normally don't Wanna I don't WanNa do Bernie 'cause I need the money, my parents. My mom called me. She needs money. Right what am I? Don't it happens? Those are real. Live stories and most people are going to do whatever they gotta do to help their family in need, so there's plenty of money being passed around coaches making gazillion dollars. And everybody else to schools go look at what the schools rake in. There's no reason that. Players shouldn't get a taste of it all right. What do you think? Does Reggie Reggie Bush have appoint, or is he out in left field eight, seven, seven, nine, thousand, nine, on Fox, eight, seven, seven, nine, hundred, sixty to sixty nine. We want to hear what you have to say. Ci Couple on Memorial Day Rob Parker. Bernie Fratto infor Chris Bussard, sticking stay America Fox sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at Fox sports radio DOT COM and within the iheartradio APP search F. S. are to listen live. iheartradio and state farm know that the graduation stage is the first of many and wall. grads made walking across one this year. They can get the off. 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Couple Fox sports radio on your Memorial Day. That's Big Daddy. On a magic city Monday as well, and you know what else you got me. Listen to the song my car now. Played it. But Allergies Rob's to you man bringing it with Kelly's and my milkshakes. Bring all the boys. The I don't Karaoke some nights. That's killing it I. Don't think that would be the show. I want to see about your milk. All right we'll be. It'll be Birdie. I would change the words for your metamucil brings of the voice else. Hang on rap I just dropped my cane so funny. Try The veal. Eight, hundred, Seventy, seven, ninety, nine, or Fox is our telephone number if you want to join in. Reggie Bush. Just talking about athletes getting money saying it's A. Dangerous proposition could ruin. I guess some some kids or athletes. By this whole notion of paying them and. You know. Does he have a point? As he talking to experience or in left field on this all right eight, seven, seven, ninety, nine on Fox Bernie. Oscar! Join in yes Marcellus in Mississippi. You're on the odd couple of Fox sports radio what he got. For. Rob How you? Read man a Christmas right about one thing with the Bruce RJ male would auto loan management got going all you know. Not at all the time. Alex! Era. Anyway Ready Brittany to stop it. Man He he must forgot. He benefited why he was in college or coming up to. Its plenty who don't have a pop pets and then when they go to school and next week. In a motorcycle man come on Man Reggie right? This is not new. People have been getting cash now. Let's just put it above board and. Figuring out guidelines trial inner era Bernie. You know what let's see how it works. Figure out canes for next year and as we go forward correct. Well. Paid a terrible price for Reggie's indiscretions. A two year postseason ban vacated the National Championship. He forfeited the heisman the a lot of sanctions other. It all worked out for him. Josephine Virginia you're on the odd couple of Fox sports radio? What are your thoughts? He's A. He's a Kayak guy out there. Waiting for another bomb from a Barry Bond. They that I fell in love with the college game with Pete Carroll Metlife Ray Mata, but those were the guys. I fell in love with this guy took hundreds of hundreds of thousands of dollars most. Most other things he's the only athlete ever have to return his heisman trophy. If you look at the collateral damage, not just from what he did the USC, but possibly Vince young as well if he would have won that I think it would have been draft to Houston. His career could have been different. He destroyed a lot of lives. If you think about it, I. Touching on this. Recall Yeah. Yeah. No, no, I'm glad people have passion for this. Because when you talk about it, a lot of people push back on these kids getting some money burning I just don't understand. I brought it up earlier. Everybody gets paid except for them and the game is about them. And with this new structure it appears to be above board, and it appears to be out in the open, and it's going to be monitored regulated I don't see the downside at this point. True Tony Sorry Tony in Delaware. You're on the odd couple. Fox Sports Radio. What's your take? What's popular? What's happening for calling? That not a problem for civil. I disagree with both quality and here's why. By the better you ever go out, try to be brief with this walking thirty on ESPN. I'M NOT GONNA say the school is not going to say the kid, but he's talking about how he's costly. Hungary's constantly started, so we start talking about the the meals dodger thing. and. He says they give you. A BAGEL I gotta pay for the cream cheese. They give me a burger. I gotTA people to choose lettuce tomatoes pickles. They give me ice cream voucher I gotta pay for that. You know his his. What's up? You know I got a family back home to painting on me. You know count on my career. He's a yet I. Want to the office and I. Hear Edmund Officials Talking about the south of France talking about how good Bulgaria was, but my stomach is. and. It's like I say a lot of kids that I work with you. Know and basketball you know. I mean you know you got difficult choices here on one hand? You want to check with you on the other hand. We gotta eat. You know as far as well. Reggie. Bush did I mean the only thing I can say is this. Adaptation is a USC has gotten paid. Tobacco plenty pushes Marcus Halibut Reggie except. This is not A. Debate We agree with that I. Agree with what what they've done. My point to you was Reggie's comments, do you? Do you have an issue? or he said that given players money could could ruin them. Do you have an issue with players getting some compensation? Okay mean and drive it out, but not no I got it. You brought up all the omission. Yes, we agree why. Throw them a few extra shackles, and I don't think look I don't think anybody is personally attacking Reggie Bush, but it's not at all, and it's part of history in the annals of college football I. Thought the first two callers are very articulate in the Senate the awareness. They had even though this happened seventeen eighteen years ago while it was. A big deal, no doubt about it. No doubt and that people know about it go ahead. Eight, seven, seven, ninety, nine on Fox drew's upper. Drew in Virginia you are on the odd couple of Fox, sports radio you got. I personally don't agree with him. like everybody said he profited off of recruiting and stuff like that, but as far as getting paid the student athletes getting paid I feel like it's a good thing. Maybe they should make you know. Come up with some kind of loan to give them throughout their college careers, and then you know after they graduate, or if they get drafted just kind of repay that back a reimbursement You know that's that's the way I feel about it how? Why don't you take a percentage off the money that the schools May? And have that as a pool of data, kids so? The six billion dollars NCA gets for basketball from March madness. Three billion was in a pool, and then the school split the other three billion. Do you know what I mean? Why can't it be like that? That's an even better idea. I mean that's something's gotTa give because you know like people who said you know. Some of these kids come from you know. Comedy stricken. Country our cities and stuff like that so I mean they're struggling already, and then you know to take their talent to a d. one school, and then continued to struggle I mean. Absolute. Thanks for the call. Another one. Get One more. Before we get to Tony in Texas rob think about this because your premise is not that far fetched I think in our lifetime, you will see these schools secede from the NCAA Union inform their own entity, and then what you suggested could happen Tony and Texas. You're on the odd couple of Fox. Sports radio which take. Mike is that Reggie Bush is trying to say that you know. He made a Lotta mistakes by taking the money. At the time, I guess you had no guy. This one's parents because his parents were lighting and that's the thing I. Don't understand why these parents what so much pressure on these young kids to go and have to support the family. If you've been a property this long. Three or four years of these kids get. You know y Tony you know why it's hard. 'cause you watch the television and you see two. Hundred thousand people sitting there and you see the jerseys being sold and you see the coach makes. Eight million dollars, and you see all this money that is being generated, and your son is a star of the team. Percent Up. They were not. Only raking eight billion to win. Tony Dorsett was playing Earl Company of these people. They weren't making that much money. I made the money now. But what can you on the Dow? Does different. Every game wasn't on television regional contract. It was different. Right? Thanks a lot Tony. He brings up an interesting point in this sense rob that. Desperate people are prone to perhaps sometimes do desperate things that we're dealing with human beings here and I would just look. I would just say this. Really Bush's situation is entirely different. It's my understanding. Forget story, right. That it's his parents who took money to buy a house because agent chase. Them wanted to represent reggie believing he was with her lucrative NFL career. Right I appreciate that could be find himself another super bowl winning quarterback NFL. Insider Adam Kaplan joins US next before. Be Sure to catch live editions of the odd couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker Weekdays. Weekdays at seven PM Eastern Four PM Pacific on Fox, sports, radio, and the iheartradio APP it is the couple of Fox Sports Radio Rob Parker Bernie Fratto in for Mr. Crisp saw on on vacation this week. Coming to you live from the Geico Fox Sports Radio Studios. It's easy to save fifteen percent of more car insurance with GEICO, so go to geico dot. Or Call Eight, hundred, nine, four, seven eight. The only hard part is figuring out which way is easier. One of favorite guests coming up is Adam Kaplan, Fox, sports radio NFL insider Sirius Xm. NFL as well and if you want to follow him on twitter, it's at Kaplan. Captain with the C.. NFL and Adam welcome to the odd couple of Fox sports radio. What's up, BUDDY ROB? Could it be back with you tonight? Low Suharto Bernie Fratto, filling it already going to talk to you tonight. You Adam that's right. help us out, okay. At Tonio Brown, maybe going into Seattle Russell, Wilson wants. Is Interested to help us out with this story. Yeah, he's I, mean the Seattle's currently interested in the player is my understanding. What what what? There was a report for? My friend John Clayton who I work together. ESPN JOHN had I guess a report out there that Russell, Wilson love to have Antonio Brown on the football team, but from a club standpoint there's been no traction and that's kind of where it sits right now and I think when you look at the guys. They certainly could use some depth that receiver. They're said with a to starters became Geffen in Tyler. Lockett that could use a little bit of death, but again they're not on the Antonio Brown currently. Yeah I think. Pete Carroll's a ball control field position guy with defense and let Russell Win it lane I'm GonNa, agreement with you, but GONNA question if someone wanted to take a flyer on Antonio, Brown, What's current situation? Has the NFL engaged in any investigation as to his current foibles, and would even be eligible to play. Yeah, he's under the the personal conduct policy, and the if a team wanted to sign him facing a potential suspension immediately so. Yeah it it. It's a long shot for him to play this year. he, he definitely wants to play. He changed agents by the way over the last three months and The bottom line is when you look at his situation. is on the outside looking in and the way that he left the raiders, and obviously with the Patriots is pretty ugly. Particularly the raiders where the raiders gave up. Two draft picks for a player who went up never playing for them. Let's turn over to the Dak Prescott Saga and Adam helped me here. Everywhere in the NFL. If you get a franchise quarterback, you sign the guy everybody in his draft class had got their money. Everybody else's got signed the cowboys of silent everybody on their roster to a nice contract, and they come, and they offer this deal allegedly reportedly, but it's less than what Russell Wilson got just a little bit. Put eight everybody normally the next quarterback in. In line gets the becomes the highest paid contract right? Even Matthew Stafford with zero playoff wins in a decade. When his turn came, he was the highest paid player in the League for a week or two, or whatever wasn't till the next guy got signed. What is the hold up? Why? Why don't they to pay him? We'll give them the money that most guys get automatically. Serov. Here's the situation suppressed. Wants to get a deal similar to Russell Wilson Russell Wilson. GotTa deal at average thirty five million over four years. The cowboys are looking to do five years with deck and give them thirty five million a year now. The guarantee structure is different. Than Russell Wilson Wilson's got a very good structure in terms of his guaranteed money, and they're not there yet. looked since last fall. They've gotten a thirty five million, but they've been they've been. Different on the years in the guarantee structure, and there's been no traction on it lately now what I'll tell you. Happens particularly with the cowboys. We saw last time with Zeke Elliot when he held out. They wait till the last minute to extend deals desk Dez Bryant to get his deal done at the deadline on July. Fifteenth in two thousand, fifteen went down to the last hour and he got his extension. This is what they do. They typically wait too long. They WANNA pay more they like to. I get it, you're GONNA have to pay any way eventually. You're with the more you're not I mean this any chance that this could wind up being what kirk cousins went through and in Washington, because my biggest thing even backed in, they drafted kirk cousins, they watch every single snap of his in in pro football, and they wouldn't give this guy. A make a commitment to franchise them twice and any eventually wind up getting his money elsewhere. Is there any chance that could happen with Dallas? Short, because here's the situation though I think there's a better chance at fifty, fifty gets done by July. Fifteenth I if he decides to play it out. He gets a twenty percent increase office tag number this year just over thirty one million. That would be around Oh thirty seven million for next season your two year hall. That's that fully guaranteed at signing every time whenever you sign the Franchise Jenner that comes fully guaranteed just over sixty eight million over two years. Of course he he's got a little leverage here. That's the that's the problem. Is it robs you correctly, said why. Why would you continue to wait? Get it done out because here's the deal. When Patrick Mahomes gets his deal. That should average forty two forty three million dollars season, which is historic obviously, but he deserves it. Best quarterback in football super MVP has a real chance to be a hall of fame quarterback. The law of the cowboys wait the more. It's GONNA cost them. No doubt about it. Switch gears just a second, interestingly enough former bucks coach Gregg Xiang came up with an idea eight years ago that they're going to finally vote on I think Thursday having to do with the rule where in lieu of on side kick, you can make four and fifteen play from your own twenty five now our numbers in Vegas tells then onside kicks are only successful about eleven percent of the time, but fourth and fifth. Almost twenty four percent of the time, but I understand this vote only as about a fifty fifty percent chance of passing. What are your thoughts going to pass it I'll be honest with you. The talk around elitist that it's pretty favorable WHA, we're GONNA find out Thursday, but the fact of matter is. This has got some steam because you. You just said it. Because and we're all for player, health and safety because of that. They reduced the odds because. It's so hard to. Get it. You got to have the crazy balance. Really all you got. There's only certain ways you can block. It just just doesn't really happen too much anymore. Though the the Atlanta game last year where they recovered successive onside kicks ridiculous, but yeah, it's such a low percentage play when when I first started coming to even two thousand. It was probably a thirty two twenty five to thirty percent chance now it's tended to twelve percent in that area, and it's just started hypertension kick. I got a chance I really do If it doesn't get done this year, trust me. It'll be brought up again next year. How about did did shoot Tampa Bay bucks fans. Be worried after seeing a very old look and Tom Brady on the golf course. Not. Not actually hidden a pretty well was a bad first nine holes except for that seven. Hundred But what what did you make of Brady's performance there? Wasn't pretty. You know I i. really enjoy it look. It's not easy so when I played golf in high school. I play occasionally I'm not very good, but it's very hard to play in the rain, but how about that shot Barclays? It out I mean. That was. That was fun. That was fun. definitely one of those things anything else on the docket. Adam there was the. INSENT. They want to make incentives for the the the the. Teams to hire minorities as coaches and general managers. That kind of was was put out there once that came out. There was so much negative pushback that that they tabled it and said that they weren't even going to vote on that. Where is that? Was that a mistake by the League? They realized that didn't come off right. Why did they table that? Yeah, look, it's not gonNA happen yeah the IT got shot down. Thank goodness because the Rooney role as it was instated many years ago. was calling looney rule the one they came up with. Was Awful. It was in. This Day and H. How embarrassing that! Teams would be incentivized. To they get they get be able to move up in and around. If they hired a minority, it's so ridiculous and insulting It was pathetic I. I can't believe he's been brought up. It just tells you the state of the inability of the League to promote minorities. It's been awful, but the good thing is now. It's going to be harder to block. You cannot block a coordinator to someone who could interview for coordinator job. Can't you can't block them anymore? But yeah, the League is this is the one thing that they fail completely with this minority hiring. It's not gotten much better in my years of cover the league. They're trying, but they've got to come up with a better way to to to promote minorities because they've. They've failed in that area. The biggest problem is it's nepotism in the NFL. And that's a lot of guys. Get their jobs. That's how they get That's how Todd Haley play. Golf in college and wind up an NFL coach of his dad. There's a lot of that's. That's one of the biggest problems. Don't you think the nepotism? How do you? How do you strike that out a work? That out I that's the problem. Yeah, here's the pro. Here's the real issue. Though friends promote friends, they hire friends. They've worked together at other teams with other. Hey, if I get ahead job, they're coming with me. Like you! You can't tell people who who they could hire who they can't hire. You just can't do that, but there's cronyism nepotism. This goes on every business. And the League is trying its best to to sort of identify it. But. It's one of the many problems with minority harding hiring. They've just failed. You understand it and identify who the key the other thing that they've had a real problem. Identifying the best candidates that that's been ongoing proper on the national football league then giving guys a chance once it gets the job to succeed. Right we appreciate your knowledge Adam Kaplan, of course with Fox sports radio NFL insider and. Sirius Xm. NFL as well, thanks, Adam, that's right. It's the most controversial segment of the week. That's right shop. Talk is next. Why here's the couple of Fox Sports Radio Fox sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at Fox sports radio. Dot Com and within the iheartradio APP search. F.. S. are to listen live. Working from home. Conference calls. You're still on me, John with everything. We have going on right now. It's never been more important to get to sleep. We need quality. Sleep is a natural immune booster, and only the sleep number three sixty smart bed senses your movements, and automatically just your comfort and support on both sides your sleep number setting so all those other things we're doing to stay healthy and happy well. They'll work better to don't Miss Memorial Day Sale, save a thousand dollars on the Queen Sleep number three sixty special edition, smart bed now, only seventeen, thousand, nine and Sunday to learn more go to sleepnumber dot com. This couple of Fox Sports Radio Rob Parker and Bernie Fratto. In for Chris Bussard. Fox Sports Radio on your Memorial Day hope. Even with the social distancing. You're able to relax a little bit and. Grill out and. People Distance, but see some family I hope. It's time for shop talk. About as Do know that a number. You. Would have. To also. Shop! That is right. It is by far the most controversial segment we do here on the couple crispy starting. Rob Parker Bernie Fratto coming into the bullpen to fill in for Chris. Broussard guys normally on Memorial Day it's filled with grills and good beers and good company and going out to the beach lane now going to the river. There's so many things you can do on this day I wanted to ask you guys. Guys, what is your ideal way to spend, memorial? Day. Is it with family with friends? Do you like to man the Grill Delight to make the Potato Salad? Do you like to go to the beach the river? If I could give you guys, your ideal, Memorial, day. What would it be? We'll start with you rob. It's funny. You say that I posted on Instagram I. Don't know if you saw alyx and. I did rob about my pool at my house in suburbia. And Memorial. Day was always when. I open the pool and had a barbecue and people would come over. You know it's the official start of summer. And, so it was great, that was that was one of the things I had that pool built for my house loved it had a beautiful deck. Half Basketball Court got a girl there than a grill, and normally I'd have free the friends grill or hire somebody to grill 'cause I always wanted to entertain you. WHO cooking it would be hard for me to do that so. Grilling the pool and a little basketball was my memorial day. How about you? Burning well? First of all I was at some of those parties in your backyard. House in Southfield. Lots of people Kaminsky in Mark Wilson John Davis. Hope you're listening. They would come by Robbie a little little soiree. Look. All right I know this is gonNA. Come off sappy. This is my perfect memorial day hanging out with you. Guys Alex Tina. TWOS Steve? On the historic updates. My Man Rob Parker I'm not. I'm a simple guy. Idol launch ables for dinner last night I'm no good on the grill. My wife cooks all the hamburgers and hot dogs. Actually I did cook beans, Internet on the girl rob falling through the grill. Do. I'm happy to be with you guys. I'm sincere about that. What about you Li Li Delap. Grill some steaks. That's for sure I prefer that over some some burgers and hotdogs, but I'm always happy with A. Cold Beer Import, it could be domestic. Mad as long as a whole. All the way like it, you know her. No doubt. Alex on a what about you know you're not? You're not grilling it can. You can you grill a horse? Say Rob. You know that I'm living that plant based life. Usually what I will do is I'll get like a couple of skewers. Put on like some. Different type of veggies maybe cook some sweet potatoes up on the side. You know I can make do with what I got, but surprisingly enough my ideal way to spend Memorial Day's on a beach I love to just be out by the sand and the ocean. Go Long Boarding along the coast I mean oh man. There's no better way for me to enjoy because as going up and down the coast I can smell other families cooking up their own different type of food. You can see kids enjoying themselves families getting together. It's all it's one of the best times. That's forever my best way. No doubt about it rob. We just got some breaking news. I found out that for Memorial Day. Jameis Winston just do another interception crab legs section they piggly-wiggly. Soon. Tutu's too soon. Broke is great though of all things getting this crab legs. You know like the biggest most cumbersome thing to walk out with his probably. Rob Question for you real quick. Are you more of a hamburger hotdog guy when you're at your pad I'm a hotdog guy because I used to own a hotdog, Russia destroy called. All Star Dogs. And I love a one hundred percent beef hot dog with the natural casing. So when you bite it, it's snap. I love it boiled, or you could put it on the grill either way nothing like a suburban hotdog from New York. I'm still waiting for that environment. That's right. You're not gonNA WANNA find a lower of the couple Fox sports radio, keeping law be sure to catch live editions of the odd couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker Weekdays at seven PM Eastern four, pm Pacific on Fox sports radio and the iheartradio APP. It is the couple on your memorial. Day Rob Parker and Birdie Fratto in for Mr Chris Broussard, and we're coming to you. Live from the Geiko Fox. Sports Radio Studio Lot. That's right. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on your car insurance. Visit GEICO DOT COM for a free rake WHOA. We appreciate. Mr Freidel Fillon and I just want you to know in about thirty minutes. We'll talk to Jon Morosi. He'll give us the inside scoop a little bit more on the baseball situation. What's going on? It's an important week for Major League Baseball Hall also throw in a little hockey as well because he worked for the NHL Network to. But Bernie appreciate you burning. I go way back for people who don't know Bernie has show. Every Saturday night. Brody tell everybody about that. Right here on Fox sports radio straight out of. Every, Saturday night eleven PM Pacific. It's a one hour show and what we try to do is bring you up close and personal into all vegas inside stuff, and we certainly handicap and talk about the sports with the Vegas Flavor. But we try to make an ECLECTIC to, and we have guests and rob were guest. One time is great. No, doubt about it and appreciate that as I say. Chris will be off all week and we'll have a different people sh-. Co hosting with me this week, so it'll, it'll be a fun week and we hope you'll. Stay locked in. We'll also on this baseball thing. Bernie We both agree, and we both know that this is an important week for Major League, baseball, obviously because they got to come to some sort of agreement with the union, and there's a long history between the players Union and the owner is not you know trust in each other and and issues. We've had a lot of. Work Stoppages. No, no, we haven't had in years now. They've actual truth in good. The Internet made since ninety four since we lost to world series. Actually things have been good, but now comes. The whole scenario and we heard Blake's now and some other players push back that about the amount of money that they're going to get. That got to kind of figure out. They don't want to accept a salary cap, so there's a lot of. Stuff that has to be hashed out in order to get this thing started. Baseball is hoping Bernie. That the season could start or maybe fourth July would be. It would be great for the country Fourth of July. We always talk about baseball hot dogs. Apple Pie Chevrolet. It would really be great if we could get baseball even without fans in the stands. To have the national pastime on for people to watch and listen to on the radio, get people to feeling. More, normalcy. It comes down to this and I'M GONNA. Let you get in burt. Jumping Bernie put it really comes down to. the players trying to figure out what's going to be acceptable as far as what kind of pay you know how. To. Go about this not to open a door. Of making it a salary cap, and then thinking that owners could use this as we move forward, so both sides have something to lose. The owners have a lot that they've already lost and will lose Bernie with no parking, no concessions and no ticket sales, so this has to be worked out. To say this week is. Important is an understatement rob. If they don't play season, the owners cumulatively are on the hook to lose about four billion dollars. I think you'll see bankruptcies. You'll see teams being sold, but let's not go there just yet, but I will tell you I think it's a fifty fifty proposition. Here's what's not being reported rob before any of this cove, nineteen pandemic canceled the world look the major league baseball negotiations as their CBS expires in twenty twenty one. They were already going to be contentious. I I would characterize the relationship between the Union and management right now is acrimony is at best, and I'm GonNa tell you why. Because baseball is currently eleven billion dollar industry. With the highest revenue ever so when people talk about baseball being a dinosaur dining, Gillis. Falls and people have to understand that Bernie just gave you. The number eleven billion dollars. It's never been more healthy financial wise in seventy six million people attended baseball games last year, but here's the rub for the players, even though it is an eleven billion dollar industry, the past few years player percentage of the revenues has been shrinking incrementally every year. The players want to get. Get Rid of the luxury tax rob and I'll tell you. Why was supposed to agreed to the luxury tax? It was supposed to be a competitive balance tool, but it's now really sort of functioning as a defacto salary cap as a matter of fact last year, only two teams exceeded the threshold, which was one hundred and ninety seven million dollars. The Boston Red Sox in the. The Washington nationals. Here's what's important to note. In two thousand eight baseball was a five billion dollar industry now the CELERY luxury tax threshold VIN was one hundred and fifty five million dollars, so since two thousand eight baseball revenues have doubled, but the luxury tax limit his only gone up twenty five percent, and in two twenty twenty one. It'll be two hundred, ten, million as opposed. Opposed to one hundred ninety seven lane, which I just mentioned, so there are some rearing contentious negotiations, and I understand the players have agreed to parade their salary. They play eighty to eighty one games. If you're making ten million, you make five, but the owners are going back for a second bite of the Apple. Because when they realize there aren't going to be any fans. And the revenues would shrink forty percent as you pointed out rob all the revenue. From concessions parking. That's big. Earn a you know that it's forty percent of the total revenue, so you're looking at about four and a half billion dollars, but the players say no. No, this is what we agree to. You're not coming back after us. The owners are arguing about some language obscure language. Of the March twenty seventh agreement, having to do with the feasability of restarting this negotiation, if there are no fans as an allegedly allegedly, the New York Post said they had an email having to do with the players union acknowledging while there are no fans we can recalibrate this, so the fight begins this week and we'll talk to J P Murrah. Go ahead rob. Yeah, go ahead! We're going to just going to say. They're going to have to get creative and I've heard a couple of ideas. I give it a fifty fifty. Five, forty five play the season, but I still think they can, but somebody's going to have to blink and and I don't. I'M GONNA. Tell me this I think you're saying fifty. I disagree. I think it'll be a ninety ten that there is a season and I. Don't I really do Bernie. I just don't believe either both sides especially the players. It's you WanNa talk about. PR and having to deal with the what's happening in front of you. You have to look at the reality that most people are out of work. People who are on unemployment lines. People's lives have been disrupted, and if it comes to, players are always going to get the brunt. We had David Justice, the former, all star and the world series winner on a week or so ago, and he said there's no way around it. The players always get the brunt of it because they sound greedy that they want stuff to be. To be the same. What's not same for everybody and I'm not trying to say that they should accept a salary cap or anything, but they need to work hard both sides. The Union to make it be fair to make it work out. Of Baseball doesn't if baseball is played this summer over money over a contract. Or disagreement on funds. It will damage the game. You think not having the world series damage the game for a couple of years Bernie. This will damage the game and I think at both sides know what's on the table and you gotta be honest. You gotta be fair. There's no way. If you don't have ticket sales and people in the Ballpark, how could you be making the same money I? Just don't understand it rob. Nine, hundred, ninety four. That's very near, and dear to my heart. It's it's indelibly etched in my memory and experience because I started my radio career in June of ninety four covering baseball for W, Tiki Arbor, and they went on strike, August eleventh, nine, hundred, ninety, four. I am telling you. The Tanner. This feels very much like nineteen ninety-four. We heard the same type of platitudes too much to lose. They won't do it. They'll figure it out and baseball one salary cap then that's what killed his. This is Bernie. Share something with you. I WANNA share something with you because when I hear when I hear that there's too much to lose. It sounded just like ninety four. They're having a glorious season. Matt Williams at forty three home runs. He was going to break Roger Maris's record. Tony Gwynn was hitting three, ninety, four, nine, the next guy to hit four hundred the annuals. The manual disagree on this. This pandemic is different. People won't accept that. You're not playing over money when most people Arado work your. Lives have been disrupted. It's not about the season I. Get the fight over the salary cap, and if you remember in that situation, the owners were going to lock the players out after the season, so they said we're not gonNA. Wait for you to lock us out. We'll just strike in this case. Public opinion and people saying screw baseball would be at a height. You may never get back to eleven billion. You may really be a sport cut in half. You might lose people for a long time if not ever if you fight and squabble over how to. Split up the money that's available. Everybody's going without people all over this country Bernie on or who have guaranteed contracts taking less CEO's of major companies forgo in their income it. It just won't look right. It won't feel right. There's no way fans are going to look at this and be okay. If baseball players say, we'd rather not play, we'll see you next year. I'm telling you you're. This cannot be miscalculated. Well. You're not wrong, but ROB Parker and your we're. We're having a fundamentally disagreement in the sense that you're talking about the world that ought to be and we're talking about I'm talking about the world. Is Blake Snell and Bryce Harper right behind him. I'm telling you this players. Union is thicker than thieves, and they will not show up if they don't get to delay want to. The owners are going to have to blink, or there's going to have to be deferred compensation or even one. I'M GONNA ask Jon Morosi about this I. Heard one of the proposals players, my counter with us to extend to one hundred games so anything you just said, but also the common sense. But, also some common when it comes to these two, yeah, but the union is also talking about. Maybe there's deferred payments. There's some other things that. Out I just don't believe Bernie that they. That baseball can afford it. They can afford I, not history I know the work stoppages I get the Union and the union is strong, but there comes a time in a place where you to look at it and say how much damage can we do? We can't do any more damage and this base. This country has healed so many Tante and baseball has been at the forefront nine eleven. You remember the George Bush paycheck Yankee Stadium game to the world series is one of those iconic moments i. don't care if you're Republican. Democrat it meant something. It meant we were all right. It was back to normalcy that we weren't afraid to go into a stadium as a group and not enough and fear terrorists. It was huge we can we. This is looking forward to something like this. The idea that the American pastime is back in business and America's back in business. This is a big moment. Rob I I don't think baseball can go eighteen months without playing. And if they canceled the season, they'll come back to spring training twenty, twenty one. That would be a blow. It took four years for the game to recover and ninety four, and that would that. livewires. So the only question that remains rob. is to the people who said are you on the owners or the players? That's right, we WANNA know eight, seven, seven, thousand, nine on Fox, eight, seven, seven, nine, nine, six, six, thousand, three, hundred, sixty, nine. Who Side is you, are you on? Fans. Are you on the players side of this? The owners side. And can baseball withstand. At Bernie said not being on for for eighteen months. I mean debt that would be a big blow to the national pastime, so we want to hear from you it is Memorial Day's couple Rob Parker Bernie Fratto input Chris Bussard, eight, seven, seven, nine, thousand, nine on Fox. You want to hear from you right here. On Fox Sports Radio Fox sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at Fox, sports, radio, DOT COM and within the iheartradio APP. Search F. R. to listen live. From the heartland you always make fun of flowers on the wing. Virus things China as bad as it coast, so there is advantages to being a no fly zone, but Baseball, you'd better listen. This is coming from big out and we won eleven world series. The last time you tried to. It took my mark Maguire on steroids the. Ring. So here's tell you your office. All you have already distance, so you Glenn play this game. And don't cry to me because it football and hockey. My Boys Time We. We wanted to thank you guys. I can die now They're gonNA talk about it. Then baseball, go ahead, make my day. Cut You off faster. My Ex Wife Guy Love. You guys. I. I'm not even mad at big Al because I agree if they can't come together and there's no baseball I'm be very unhappy as well. There's nothing you know me burnout love. And fast started up the inside the park podcasts which dropped. Every Thursday on the podcast network and this week Rod Karoo will be our guest, so make sure you. Get that episode outstanding and Rob I. Know You Love Baseball. When we first got going in friendship and nineteen ninety-five, we had the infamous argument in the Tigers dugout on argument. You want by the way having to do with postseason pitching, but that's a story for a different day all right, let's go to Greg Minnesota Greg around the odd couple. Fox Sports Radio. What are your thoughts? Thank you gentlemen how you guys doing doing all right morial day. Oh, Happy Memorial, day the US and I'm GonNa Tell You rob I talked to you guys I've talked to you guys two or three times with you in Chris and I at this particular point. I gotTa Say I. Don't come down. Fabric people force. We take an issue. I'M GONNA. Go with the owners on this one because I'm GonNa, tell you something. This Has this like you guys is inconvenienced me, but I know people and I see this where I am how this thing is going on and people being laid off. Colonel. The healthcare all Arabia vacations that come after the layoff after the for. So I wanna tell you something man. These guys Blake's snail making that stink about I'm GONNA get mine seven million to three. You got people out here. Talking Forty Thousand and I realized I understand that entire. Topic I get it on on it, but they hit better back off of this. With you listen to these guys. Don't pull this together. This is B. S. in baseball I like baseball. I love listening to my talk. Just. Listen to my plans just. GonNa Bonfire, and you know we do things, so it's not a big deal for me is just inconvenient, but. No doubt good call appreciate, Excel or Greg. I'm sorry. Minnesota's a great baseball town. Rob I happen to be there ninety one in the Dome Yes, that was a nice club, Adamant Salt Lake. You're on the odd couple of Fox sports radio. What's your? Thank you for taking my call gentlemen. Just Sir Sir. I feel like both saw I just don't understand things. I mean we haven't had sports. We haven't had the big sports for almost three months. Because of the pandemic in. It's not like that she stopped in fact. I feel like we've done just fine without sports. Now known the world. The world has moved on and people found other things to do. That's the scary part. You're one hundred percent right. People will find something else to do. I mean I mean we don't need baseball like they think we do. And in fact, we got other leagues that seem willing to make concessions to get started again. We'll probably gravitate towards them and based on what just be an afterthought unless they finally realized. They need to work this out. No doubt great call, and you know what he has not wrong. In the sense that people do adapt, but I gotta tell you when it comes back. It's going to be wonderful whenever it comes all. Yeah, no, and it doesn't mean that they can't get a deal done. Nobody's putting saying it ain't GonNa, happen or whatever I I really believe both on the understand how important and the optics Bernie eight seven seven. Nine on Fox is the phone number. If you want to chime in all you on the owners, side or you're on the players side. Do you understand the owners because they're saying forty percent of their businesses? Not they're not going to have that revenue because of no fans and no parking, and no concessions and no merchandise all of that. John in Boston. You're up next year on the couple Fox sports radio. What do you got? Yeah a great show I am on the owners side because of the concessions, the parking, the fans not being in the stadiums and players optics. What you mentioned. It's really the optics just don't say anything. Just. Yeah it's crazy and cause because what you do what you alienate people when you start talking money when when people people out of work and they don't know what they're going to do next. We don't know how this is all going to shake out, and then you hear guys saying. Oh, I'm not playing for less than my seven million dollar contract. Joe Regulars like what. Yeah if you WANNA do that, do that and then go. Behind this behind the closed doors and don't put that in public say the right things and the other thing is I when I don't understand. I'd like you to touch upon this base fall used to be one of my favorite sports now that it's slowed down and they have specialized pitching and. When the play the Red Sox four hours, and it's ridiculous, so I don't understand why. Their salary cap keeps going up and they keep making a higher TV contracts when theoretically the ratings are down and you know. What maybe I'll. Stay on the line I want to say this real quick okay. What people don't understand is how important television is. The NFL's had the number one rated? Television show to last ten eleven years. You know why it's not just because football is because of live sporting events television watching habits are that we binge watch we watch when we want right, we do not go. There's no such thing as appointment television like we used to watch on Thursday nights at nine o'clock to watch seinfeld where I used to have to it now all that programming is not must see TV. The only thing we have to watch live is sports, and that's where all the money come from television baseball make so much money from television. People have no idea. From the TV contracts tracks they really Yomata revenue, but by the way rob. Back just real quickly. They're talking about seven inning doubleheaders. They're talking about if the game is tied after twelve innings putting a man on second base, a relief pitcher s to face at least three hundred a row. Look a little different. I I'll God Jon. MOROSI joins US next here on the couple, weigh in on baseball and the Labor situation, but I be sure to catch live additions of the odd couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker Weekdays at seven PM Eastern Four PM Pacific on Fox sports radio and the iheartradio APP. It is the couple Fox sports radio. Parker Bernie Fratto, in for Mr, Chris Bussard and yes, we're coming to you. Live from the Geiko Fox Sports Radio Studios. It's easy to save fifteen percent or more car insurance with GEICO. Go to GEICO DOT, com, or call eight, hundred, nine, four, seven, a U., T., o., the only hard part figuring out which way is. To help us make sense of it, all is Jon Morosi of course Fox sports radio, MLB inside of MLB network and the NHL Network on John Welcome to the couple how you doing. Robin doing great, this is Detroit. Conversation here. My friends I I run absolutely absolutely no doubt about it. We all cut our teeth big time. In Detroit and John I'm saying the Bernie. I get it what the unions fought for lot, and they're not gonNA. Just give it up and I. I understand their side, but I do understand the owner side to with no fans and no parking, and no concessions and no merchandising sold. You know at the Ballpark that there's a rope here, but the optics. If there is no baseball could really hurt the game if they can't come together. Do you agree? Show around I I agree there's a lot of pressure really on both sides to reach an agreement I believe the will see one I really do, but there's certainly also no sugar coating. The fact this is a really important week for the history of the game probably the next week ten days Perhaps you could still work on finalising deal into the early days of June, but really. Really by a week from today or tomorrow it's important to have a plan and I'll reiterate I believe they will simply because there is that pressure on both sides, and now there seems to be a little more consensus building about how to handle the public health dynamics, and the health dynamics of the League as you see the NBA moving forward in the NHL as well with their plans. It's important for baseball to to not just fall in line, but be a leader and I believe that well. They have to really wrap their minds around this and understand the the various. Constituencies and we heard in Steve's a great update about Maybe not necessarily it being the best case scenario to simply defer the salaries, there may be some other ways to to work the the structure in the near term, but to me guys. It's important to play this year to set the game up for a long term benefit and I think the in in the days to come. They will find a way because they simply have to. Negotiations. which expires next year? We're already going to be contentious. Can they treat these? Negotiations this week as a standalone outlier and not have it be a precursor to next year. Are they able to hold those thoughts concurrently? Question because it really is that the timing is so urgent. With the very near term of the twenty twenty season, but also MLB in the union. We're already working in the last six months, or seven months, or so on some very preliminary talks about the next. CBA and so this is now all wrapped up in in sort of this this very complicated multilayered conversation I would submit that there are so many issues at stake for the twenty twenty two, and beyond agreement that you. You really have to do your best to separated. You have to find a way to so to speak. Get the plane in the air right now and then and this this is the most important segment to to work on the one right in front of you, and then if you start to to work a constructive manner, then hopefully, the next agreement could actually be maybe a little easier to reach I. Say that because. A lot of a lot of complicated things that could help the next agreement universal. D. H., maybe some reformulated scheduling structures those are two different definite possibilities, and also the expanded playoffs, which brings in more revenue, and very importantly burning rob also incentivizes the Middle Tier of teams to play more aggressively and sign more free agents I if seventeen per league playoff format, which really expands the plow field by by four teams total that has. Has a chance to really affect the way that teams look at spending in the future, and and the teams that have not spent as aggressively in recent years as the unions wanted in part, it's because of the very legitimate calculation made about their chances to reach the playoffs well if they're more playoff spots, and if it's not just a one game playoff, but rather a three-game series to begin, or maybe even a five game series the calculus. Teams are going to be more aggressive in spending and that I. If that trend continues, it's actually going to have a chance to potentially set the stage for better labor relations moving forward a five point on labor relations, overall burning rob is this while there have been some contentious conversations in recent years between MLB in the Union. Let's not forget this among our four major sports. This is the league had the longest active period of labor peace we saw. In a quarter century that's important to point out. Yes, absolutely I'm glad you made that point exactly mine, and that's why they have to get this done. His name is Jon Morosi our guess. That's the I couple Fox sports radio. Rob Parker Bernie Fratto in for Chris Broussard and John D you. You mentioned it. The the universal I know H. trying to sneak it in now and do it this year. Whatever I still don't I. Don't get. I don't get why there has to be D. H., can you see? What if there's a player on a team? If he's a pinch it or how? How was it different? Is it because it's a paying job? What is the push for the D. H.? Well I think a couple of things number one. It does reduce the risk of of pitcher being injured, especially given that we have this very much curtailed spring. Training I. If we have it and let's hope that we have it's GonNa, be an abbreviated spring. The pitchers are not going to be ready to fully pitch their normal length of innings. Let alone a hit, and so in that circumstance from a pitcher safety standpoint, and certainly for twenty twenty. It makes sense. I think. Kitchen hurt hitting 'cause. I've never seen it happen before. The basis is executing abundant. It's. Not maybe been the most common way of getting injured Robin the history of the game I also think that in general in general, if you WANNA have offense excitement, that dynamic of the game the DA does help you do that. I also realized that the National League style I I enjoy that too I've always enjoyed being involved in broadcasts of games of NFL Games because of the intriguing the moves. He's gotTa make, but it does seem to me that you look at the whole world, very few leagues in the entire Universe do not have a d. h., and and this is the way the game is played even at. At the high school level to college level it really I think is is unique in that we are asking players to do something at the highest level that is not asked minor leaguers all the way throughout, and even in college in many cases too so I. I think that it makes sense from a uniformity standpoint rob, and ultimately whether we love it or not. the traditionalist part of US may may not love it, but I really think the by the next two or three years even apart from the covid nineteen pandemic. We're probably heading in the direction of Universal H.. Anyway. John we have we have one minute left? For Me John, if the players proposal to extend to one hundred games, which I'm here is being bandied about the owners. Don't go forward, and they'll go for the deferred compensation. Who Blinks first? Great question, it's hard to really know what the what the internal dynamics of this are going to be. I whether it's one side blinking or the other. There are a lot of ways whether it's putting money into escrow. I'm not sure which side that would be a concession for in the largest sense, but but if you have a different way of splitting revenue that doesn't involve the pure fifty fifty split. Maybe you set up an escrow that is then dispersed once you have the world series that way the players still get paid, but it's. It's somewhat held in suspense until you know that you're gonNA have a world series or not. That's one way to compromise there a way. Bernie I believe for both sides to compromise and save face and make a deal that gets the game back. Right Job Morosi. I hope you're right. I think you will be what I told. Bernie, it's a ninety ten that we have a baseball. Starting to season and baseball's always been one of those things that's brought this country back. Remember Nine Eleven I. Think we could have the similar situation here so John. We appreciate your insight. And your knowledge ma'am. Thanks Very Robert Really appreciate a great to be back with you guys and rob I think it was a year ago that we had a whip around show together almost exactly a year ago so. To spend that time with your Mike, l. and we will have to do it again soon. My friends no doubt about it sounds great. I we're getting mixed signals from one of colleges from one of the biggest brands I should saying college football about a possible return will break that down next coming up. It's the odd couple rob. Parker Bernie Fratto Chris. Fox Sports! Radio, Fox sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at Fox. Sports radio DOT COM and within the iheartradio APP search F. S. Arte listen live. Wrapping up a magic city Monday on your Memorial Day. It's the odd couple. Rob Parker Bernie. Fratto in for Chris Bussard here on Fox Sports Radio Tomorrow. Aaron Torres will be in Bernie, see. Billing for Chris and then the rest of the week we got Jonas knocks own Wednesday. Ben Maller. Thursday? What was that WHO? That's right Ben. Maller and Brian No. Don't you know we'll be in on Friday so there's the lineup for the rest of the week. Yours truly in the crew will be here for you boarding last if you WANNA. Touch on his. You know a lot of schools were hoping to get college football, and even if there's no fans want college football to be played, and near window was quicker, obviously faster than the NFL. Because with getting kids. into be able to practice and get them ready for the start of. College football season, but at Michigan. The president has said if kids are not on campus. There will be no Michigan football. This year the football players won't be allowed on campus. either. What is your take on this and then I'll give you mine. Well, you know rob I covered Michigan football for many years starting in Ann Arbor and then even when I joined you and Mark Detroit. So the three men I admire most the father, son and fueling. Joost, but having said all that. You know. Michigan has a pandemic precedent here back in nineteen eighteen. During the Spanish flu. Michigan was the first year they were ever in the big ten. The actually went five. Oh! And beat Ohio state fourteen in nothing that year in Columbus. So I'm a little disappointed in the president, because even then at ferry field were Michigan played their home games. He averaged fifteen thousand fant per game, so I'm a little disappointed. Are you really going back that far? We are way more advanced. We understand what it is. We need to do Bravo to the to the president. You can have a football team if there's no student body, the players are our students did not separate from the university. If it's not safe for the kids to be on campus. How the Hell could the football team be on campus? It makes no sense Bernie. The president is absolutely right. Anybody who thinks they can circumvent it and say that the campus is safe for the kids to be there, but football and basketball players 'cause they earn money for universities should be on campus, ridiculous Bravo to the president of Michigan for not being. Fooled in the trick and be caught up in the making money. It's above kids lives. Right just to be clear. Obviously I was being a little tongue in cheek and a little bit, and just there, but it's only me. What's going on here? That's almost inflammatory statement we have. He's just. To make that he wa he to make such a definitive statement were not even the Memorial Day yet. We Got June July August not. Fair I think that's fair from the. My. It's all came out if it came out July fifteenth and said. made the statement, then give it a couple of months to Marinate I. could understand that, but it's May. What's the ideological purpose? What is he really trying to convey the grandstanding? Honest, 'cause, a lot of people thinking. Oh, it's okay if the kids on here will bring the football team that that's really where long not abide the insincerity. It's about timing I. Don't know why he needs to make that statement. Vis suit up but it, but if the kids are back on campus, and what does it matter if he makes it now or month from now? His point is well taken if there's no student body. The football players are made up of students. They're not coming back if if it's not if it's not healthy or safe enough for the students to combat, how could the football team comeback makes no sense. Bernie, what he's saying makes absolute sense. Again. I'm not quarreling with the ideology behind what he's saying I. Just don't understand why he needs to say at this soon there could be a development two weeks from now to changes everything. So for him to say that this soon, I want to know what his agendas. That's all. Why does he have an agenda? I just I want to. What agenda could it be? How well I have to ask Tom Brady next time I see him I, don't know I I'm confused. We'll go. Just don't be in the fairway and you'll. You'll hook up with Tom Brady. Rob Before, we sign off look I wanNA thank you and I wanNA thank Scotch appeal for me to do the show tonight and I don't want to sign off by not giving a huge shadow to my on-site engineers here. In Las Vegas Mackenzie rivers and Matt Christianson gave up the Memorial Day to come help out. They helped me out every Saturday night and rob always good to be with your man, no doubt about it. We appreciate Mr. Fratto sitting in for Chris Bussard. Don't forget. Erin Torahs will be in tomorrow, and we got plenty of stuff to talk about. These sports start to trickle in. Don't forget. It's a big day for baseball. The two sides will. Meet up and figure it all out, but it is the I couple Fox sports radio. Some podcasts are light and fun and fluffy. My podcast isn't. I. Mean unless you'd think a podcast about a teenager. Picking up dead bodies for a living is light and fluffy. I'll tell you this much growing up in a funeral home killing me, my name is grant, and these are my funeral home. Stories listened to season three of my funeral home stories on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Rene Bach was only nineteen years old when she moved from her small town in Virginia to eastern Uganda. In two, thousand, nine Bach founded serving his children a feeding program for severely malnourished kids. The NGO quickly grew into an inpatient medical facility. The heroic image obscured deadly truth. Rene Bach had no medical training. 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