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Barclays Warns Pandemic Could Cost It 2.1bn


You're listening to the news at this hour Africa Business. Radio Barclays has one. That's the current virus pandemic could cost the bank about two points. One billion euros largely due to customers being unable to repay their loans. The firm said it was settling the money aside to cover its initial estimates of the impact of the virus then payments charge meant its profits for the first three months of two hundred twenty five. That's eight percent to nine hundred thirteen million euros. The latest warning by Barclays comes a day after rival hitch. Sbc reported fifty percent fallen prophets links to the pandemic hitch. Sbc half full cost that the bad loans would rise to three billion dollars due to customers not being able to repay them due to the crisis and that was the news at this time on Africa. Business Radio you can continue to listen life online at. Www Dot Africa business radio does come over a mobile APP. Thank you for listening.

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