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We've got a great. At Jan thirty four you We got people from low crazier side. Something called I'll show you crazy. And then later on we got one in done compliments. He received the only reason ever received once it but first up. We got riggins Dog Walker in theory. PODCAST it took the Act J. Sho- presents a moment with riggins. I can't do bar class like I can barely do a plank. I can't even sit up now. A sit up. I can't sit up. Cj take all morning. I so riggins What has happened when you met your new dog Walker? All we know is that you met your new dog Walker and you said it did not go will what happened. It went so poorly that my stomach hurts the thought of telling this story. Everybody followed the saga. I had my dog Walker for a long time. Got A new new one About a month ago she's been great she's always on time and she does really with my dog so I had met. Her are a couple of months ago. One time very briefly. She asked me she recognized my dog so she goes. Oh I've walked him before and for the purposes of the story Lori let's call her Katie. It's not her real name but you'll understand what happened to use a fake name for the dog Walker. It's that bad yes. The cells is use a service. That's how she would have walked dog and you're not physically met her exactly okay. So but now she has been walking him every day for two months and on Saturday on Friday night I am walking the dog in the evening and and I walked past the vet. That's near me. He stops at the door because the vet techs and the veterinarian will come out and give them a treat so he knows that like stop the doors of the vet because he loves it so he sits down and a girl not the vet tech comes running out with the treating her hand to give them one and she goes hi. I'm Katie. I'm your dog Walker and I went. Oh It's good to see. I didn't recognize her but she's real cute like knockout. And she's we're we're talking about the dog and she's petting him and he's loving her and all that stuff my great she says Also write my number down so you can text next me in case you ever need somebody in the blink of an eye or if you need to house sit or whatever some okay so type in Katie put a number in and she goes in just text me later so I'll have your number 'cause through the APP. It works differently so my great. This is perfect. I get upstairs. Go to type out a text message I type in Katie Bunk at the center type in the message. Hey Katie good to meet you again again. Ha Ha I appreciate. You always take good care of my dog I'll see you soon. Ten minutes goes by fifteen. Eighteen minutes goes by being. I get text message back and it says hey mother blinker good to hear from you again. Lose my number two years ago on the road in different. Katie I hooked up with a girl named Katie on from tender. It was a week long intense relationship that ended very poorly with me with her calling me and cussing me out like S- Obama fly woodland on me right. Cuss me out to the to the Hilt I. I'm shaking Tony. The story now so what I read this message and at first I'm confused. I went through my phone across them. I like threw it out like that hot potato. I I'm like my hands are shaking right now thinking about it. 'CAUSE who I'm like really freaking out. I ended it so not cool and she was a little crazy. which Kinda that's why? He was so intense for like a week. uh-huh we were seeing each other every day. Like you know going out and stuff and you know doing all that kind of stuff but for some reason my phone did not distinguish distinguish the two different. Katie's that I had and I would never even knew never even knew so I did did not respond. Of course I didn't respond but it was just the most horrible thing that's ever happened to me. Stay with somebody that I don't see any more okay. So Katie let's say X.. Just for the purposes of the story here. Yeah Chances are listening in our knowing that you're talking about this on the radio right now. What would you say twenty twenty percent Oklahoma? So didn't want to respond. Didn't want to get into that. Whatever now did you then text the real Katie the new Katie? Or were you so distraught that you didn't even go back and text the dog Walker. Katie didn't even respond to the Rio. Katie when you got to do that I will I I will but that was like she was just hit me up so I can have your number so if you ever need anything but I I'm telling you like it took me a good ten seconds I think like what is she talking about. And she's calling me a blank blank or lose my number and I just seen Katie ten minutes ago and at the moment it hit me. That's the girl. Did you delete her number. So you don't make that mistake again. Yeah we'll good good. Hey good to hear from you again lose my number blank blank blank blank. And she's not wrong like it. She was like she was wild. Wild what did you do. She started getting a little too much for you and then you he goes through or whatever I didn't go stir at all like I couldn't have. We hung out for a week like everyday lunch and dinner during the week. You know how crazy that is for me but it was intense she. She was saying crazy things that I never heard from any other girl for doing things. Such girls weren't doing so I was like Gaga for and then one day I couldn't make dinner for with her and she lit me up on the way out of work. I was driving down the interstate and she lit me up so I was like. I'm not awesome that anymore which I don't know I could handle it a lot better but she was crazy right and I was like you know nuts for all right so anyway. That's my story will. That's all thank you Johnny Nash. National never do this is the ace and TJ in thirty podcast coming up on the TJ. Show Friday we met a lady was going on her first date or the guy that she met it. Is it a fake facebook dating. So we're going to check back in with her and see how that turned out. She was very excited about it to tell us her her story. So we're looking forward to finding out how that worked out and if you are a member of the ace and TJ radio family who entered the contest through our APP that were having for this week. It's your chance to win. Five hundred dollars. You are listening for a name. We will announce that name sometime in the next few minutes or so. When we say your name you will have fifteen minutes to call and if you call within fifty minutes you five hundred dollars very simple contest through our APP? You don't have our APP. You can download free in your APP store sponsored by Papa. John's on what did your ex put too much importance. You had to end it because he put too much importance on this and not enough attention attention to you Not Cheating or anything like that F.. This is This is a good example of what we're talking about. Meg says the dog too much importance on the dog. He now lives with his dog alone. that that's a that's a good one. It's also a touchy one. People go No she dare say anything bad about about a dog but I know a lot of dogs that have ruined relate not the dog. Didn't ruin the ray relationship. The person who couldn't control their attention and I gave to the dog ruined. The relationship is the good one drinking. He would be wasted on a Tuesday night at the age of thirty MHM judge that one. Yeah okay there's one here though. That is so so weird. She said She caught him watching Piano playing xrays What piano playing looks like if it were an X-ray Yeah I honestly had never heard of that before even either but was he. I mean is that any worse than catching them watching regular P.. I don't think so I don't think so either I think it's worse really. Yeah so out there so mad you know. This latest is He put too much a Importance on me gave her too much attention. Oh there ain't no status thing that means that she was just must have been up to no good No I'm kidding. Naked being all kinds of stuff like him. He didn't want her going anywhere. He wanted to know her whereabouts at all time. Who you talking to who it is that you know that kind of he put too much attention on his mom? I dated him for a while. He was Super Nice. Had everything going for him. I moved into my new apartment. I ask him if you wanted to come stay the night. He told me he'd have to ask his mom. I was like what He said he always involved his mom and everything we'd go out to dinner. He'd call his mom and let her know where we were going ahead of time. We meet after work and hang out. He call his mom. We decide on the spur of the moment to go to the movies. He had called her Mama. And who's going to the movies. Oh no this is a really good when he put too much attention on his ex facebook stalking not ignoring her drama. Clearly he wasn't over her. You put too much importance on whatever your ex is doing then. Yeah you'RE GONNA and you'RE GONNA end up losing the one that you're dating even if you're looking at your ex and talking crap about how much you're glad you're over her and and rid of her. It's still let it go. Those are fascinating that's crazy. Yeah because if you WANNA lose the woman's interest in a hurry stop paying attention to you're good point. Get a new dog right SAS wait. I'm sorry Ooh your boyfriend did that. But you're still forget you're still on the line. He's hasn't stopped paying attention to you know on on the nights he wants to all right so coming up on. Now trending with Regan's officers that cocaine is not mine. That cocaine is not mind. My window was open and I was dragged listened. The best story of the day is in now trending in less than ten minutes. This is the ace and Tj show. Thirty hey thanks for listening coming up I'll show you crazy. Is The thirty podcast. This is the ACE and TV and thirty podcast now. Jason Dj on demand on case and TJ DOT COM TJ APP or through. I heart radio never duplicate crunch of Papa. John's brand new garlic Parmesan crust. Fresh never frozen original dough topped with Parmesan Papa. John's famous garlic sauce if a fabulous dog with crazy over bell imagine the tizzy throw over this growth. Get a one topping pizza with a new garlic Parmesan on crosswords. Just ten bucks better ingredients. That are Pizza Papa. John's not battling with discounts fees and tax extra prices vary Rodin and fields has been named the number one premium skin. Care Line North America for the last three years. There's something for every skin concern now at ace. TJ Dot com click click the Rodin and fields add on our partners page. There's a sixty day. Money back guarantee and new monthly specials go to a C. J. dot com and click the road road and fields. Add on our partners. Page coming up on the TJ show. has anyone ever told you. Your toes does look like sunflowers. What's a compliment? You've received one time and one time only it's called ace and Tj's one and done in about thirty minutes on the ice and TJ show. So we ask. I'll show you crazy. What happened when he called you crazy? Oh my Gosh This lady said Well anonymous please. I ran over a guy's foot Afrikaner. Christ I also wrote the word. The W word in cursive with lighter fluid in a girl's yard after she called me crazy. The ended lit it on fire so it was permanent. What course that's not crazy? The guy with the foot was fine. Yeah the girl was. It's not a not a good person. wrote the W word in her front yard in big letters and then lit it on fire. Burn for the whole neighborhood to see this lady says one time When my boyfriend now husband and I got into a fight about six years ago we were in the car and he called me crazy and it threw me over the guy said? Oh you think I'm crazy. How crazy would it be about? Drove US right in front of that diesel then acted like hours going to and he called his mom to come rescue him. But then that made me even crazier and I smacked this phone out of his hand. We had a very large break from each other to reevaluate it. We were good for each other's sanity or not. I never dreamed I'd do that stuff but I was definitely acting crazy. It's always always the way it is like. I have no idea. Look what you made me do. You're being crazy and she's like how drivers in front of that hold up so you see ladies doesn't just because somebody breaks one of the women rules doesn't mean that you are then excused used from you know whatever repercussions would come from doing what you're GonNa do for example just because he called you crazy doesn't mean that you can abuse him or attack him physically or destroy his property. It's still illegal to do that. Just because somebody said a word and I think the more if guys would press charges own women. They'd stop doing our way. Say that he cheated on me so I busted out the windows when does in his truck and keyed. Okay well if you had you arrested for destruction of property the next friend of yours. That got cheated on wouldn't wouldn't do that. Go jail put them in jail. How crazy going be in jail? That's what I WANNA know. Keep me anonymous. Nana my husband calls me crazy. While we were driving down the highway I looked around a major. Nothing was around us or behind us and I said crazy seriously. You you WANNA see crazy. I'll show you crazy. You have no idea what crazy is and on the highway. She just slammed on the brakes slinging. Everything forward stopped. The car just began screaming while cars had caught up to the winning by. They're they're sitting in a four lane. Ours is coming up swerving around Washington Washington. They're screaming at proved him wrong. Yeah none of US Lucie. Welcome to the show Paul. Hey we've got about sixty seconds. I'll show you crazy. What did you do your ex-husband? When he said you were crazy? I suspected my ex-husband was actually a senior. Mommy and what happened is I. Put a tracker background his car and when I followed him actually saw him at another woman Pal philly ended up calling the cops and because he he's in the military. I ended up actually reporting him to the military police. What he called you crazy? You literally bug his car. Yeah it worked out okay. That's fair responding. Yeah well when you call somebody crazy and you beat them and make them feel like they're actually crazy or you try and do something to prove them wrong right true. Thank you lucy. Thanks for calling Dr Kinda felt like we have a moment there that the yeah well she caught him so she wasn't wrong and let me take take it one one more to go over the top was he is they said anonymous. Please backstory. Her husband had his side chick bring him home and after sixteen hour shift I was she was cutting up food and he started trying to talk to her and she said Don't upset me a while. I'm holding a knife. He said you're crazy when he turned his back. She stabbed him with a steak knife in the back. What okay come on ladies can't do? She said she realizes now that it was wrong but he called her craze. He's not supposed host the do that. She said I showed him exactly. What crazy looked like Now you have something to share the rest of the day coming up on now. Trending with Regan's Okay I'm like blown away by that. We will get to all the top trending topics in less than ten minutes in now trend. It is the TJ show. TJ's grandkids videos are sponsored by KML. dun-rite go to jail dun-rite dot com for all your roofing. Restoration needs more. TJ The gas off the TJ APP is your source for streaming more show after the show live each weekday at ten A. M. Eastern turn four download the more show after. Show podcast stay connected funny on the AC TJ APP available at play right. So what was the weird. You're the compliment. You received one time and never again you remember it because it was so weird or out or out of place and I thought it was going to be mostly all women and there's a lot of guys in here too. Yeah I I knew that we would get Some of these. This is one that I've never heard presented this way before guy I used to work with This is what the The lady says I wore heels and he was staring Internet me one day. He came up and asked what size shoe a war. And I said That I ended said that I had the most beautiful arch he hit ever seen. Oh Oh gosh. Because usually the foot freak guys will go for the accomplishment on the toes rather than the arch. Oh you got a beautiful arch Ming Limbs of the Real Golden Arches. He right there just now. I was at the gym a couple of months ago. I was on the shoulder. Press after I got done this guy walked over and said hey what's up. Honestly they've been how you doing. He said pretty good. I just wanted to say you've got really nice. Nice armpit hair. Oh he goes. I didn't know what to do or say after that so it was awkward. I just walked away. It was super we. What was the guy expecting the reaction to be to it a compliment like that? I mean he's was. Oh thanks It's just so we try to keep a conditioned off. Brush it out a a few years ago. I was in a bar and a woman came up to me and she said looking into your eyes reminds me of skinny dipping in the Caribbean is. It was pretty weird. I did did not know how to respond to them. Look again if you don't WanNa do this because you wanna just get away or it's creepy or whatever but try to follow up with a question to get them to explain more because a Lotta Times it'll throw him off guard. Iv Looking reminds me of skinny dipping in the Caribbean Ribian. If he'd say how so 'cause I wanted skinny dip with you in the Caribbean Rian. You know you gotTA throw them off to make them make them respond on their feet. And they'll a lot of times prove themselves themselves to be dumb 'cause Now I don't know how this works out but the lady sent a message that said the older women minner freaks that she says my guy does landscaping and the story. He tells me about rich. Grandma's for example one lady asked him to come inside to move a table for four and she kept having him move it to different places in our house. I dislike watching you work. I appreciate ashamed but I gotta go of it. It's not a specific. I just like watching. You are rotated elicit this is my favorite one. LISTEN LADIES YOU'RE GONNA. I love this. What lady wouldn't swoon? For this one I was playing the piano with a guy in the middle of it. He tells me he can't tell I had had three babies at all. Six thirty five at noon. Subscribe now Jason. TJ On demand now tunes. Hey it's TJ. And I wanNA tell you about my recent stay at the Ballantyne on the second you walk in you know you're in a fancy hotel is not only beautiful but the staff goes out of their way to make sure you have the most luxurious luxuriance experience of your life to go to the Ballantyne Dot Com and see all the great things. You can enjoy everything from their SPA to golf. 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