Bonus Episode: A Trip to Scary Island (with Sonja Morgan and Danny Pellegrino)


The. I Megan cigarette. I'm Eric MAC. And this is the daily dish bras official podcast. Today. We have a very special Rony Centric bonus episode and honor of the return of the real housewives of New York City, and it features, Danny Pellegrino. So Danny is the host of the podcast everything I contact where he Di everything pop culture, including lots and lots of Bravo. So we dug deep into the vault and decided to dissect the original scary island. And then we also had the opportunity actually to discuss it with someone who witnessed it firsthand. And that is the one and only Sonja Morgan. Hey, danny. Hi, eric. I'm so excited. Megan. Hello helicase chat about all of this. Can't wait. So you mentioned that Roney is your favorite franchise, right? It's not only my favorite franchise. It's my favorite show on TV. I think it is the best drama the best comedy. It's up there in peak TV when we think peak TV to me, it's sopranos Rony. Amazing. Right. Well, why don't we just get into it? Then. Okay guy. So scary island like my favorite of all of these franchise housewives trips and this spanned three episodes, which at the time was like a big deal. Like the first episode. We get to scary island. We're gonna be talking more about episode season. Three episode twelve which is like the middle episode the scary island series. But before we get to episode twelve I just want to refresh everyone what was going on when we got to the island. So we get there before we get there. The whole trip is because Ramona's doing a an anniversary event already knew will. It wasn't even like a milestone years just like a random years like seventeen. Meanwhile, back in New York, like the girls are on this island back in New York Lewis recording her first single, which I think sometimes goes forgotten that this was happening over the course of the scary island trip. It's so true. I was like reflecting when I was watching these episodes just last night. And I was like oh my God. I was like this is the birth of money can't buy you class. Money camp you class. Ladies and gentlemen. This is gown speak. I mean a moment and that that producer that she's in the studio with. Did have the audacity to compare her to Furby an Madonna right in one breath the ARTAS ity. It was just it's so good. There's so many things that are now sort of housewife tropes that were going on over these three episodes. And I mean, even so we're on the island. The first episode episode eleven season three we get to the island and so much happening there. They're drinking the Bethany pregnant at this point. And she was with Jason. And then that I gave us turtle time. Turtle time. Yes. Turtle time hooters. The girls end up on a hooters yacht. And it is it's insanity to me. But I love most about this whole trip. Is it doesn't it feels very organic? But it still crazy. It's dramatic nothing. Feels set up. Nothing feels I don't know even some of the stuff that's going on with Kelly. It just feels like naturally. Bizarre. Does that make sense definitely? And what am I favored moments too? Like, speaking of the like authenticity is when I think it's after their first dinner with Kelly, and then they're waiting on the boats Bethany, Alex, and they kind of just have this really hysterical laughing fit over like, oh my God. Like, what was she talking about? And it feels just so sincere like they're just so hysterically laughing. Well, and that that moment gave us one of the most in my opinion. Underrated quotes of all time. Which is Bethany say did you go to Columbia the country 'cause there's no f ING way that broad? College to me like this is Bethany at her best Bethany when she was pregnant she there was something like she was a little looser with everything. And I know she had been going through a lot at this time like her father had just passed and she had of course, a tumultuous relationship with them. And then she was pregnant with her first kid, and and she was engaged to Jason. So there was like a lot going on in her personal life. But I feel like on the show she was at her most loose and funniest and her one liners in the confessionals, they just feel so organic and wonderful. And I just I love Bethany at this time. Definitely this is actual zero exta give also at this time. It was all the Bethany vs Jill thing. Which now I mean, speaking of housewife tropes feel like every season of housewives. Now, it's like one are you team L VP or team to read or, but this was the first time, I think it within the housewife. World where it was a full season of like teen Jill or team Bethany. And ultimately, I think most people came out team Bethany for this season. But I feel like that was the start of season three. I mean in some ways, I'm so glad chill didn't go on this trip because it gave us the iconic moment we see later of her surprising girls and being thrown out. But at the same time, oh my God. She must have kicked herself watching these episodes like you missed out on so much quality camera time, it's so true. She had like dinner with Lou. And that's like that's all her storyline was for these three episodes. I always think about, you know, Jen Gilbert was like kind of part of the season like she was a friend. But then ultimately most of her stuff was seemingly cut, and I always think like what if Jen was on the trip instead of Sonia 'cause Sonia wasn't. She was new to the show at the time too. So I mean, the sliding doors sliding doors world. Of those could have been very different. I thought you were going to say the sliding doors that Kelly tries to walk through when storms at lunch and can't really figure it out. 'cause that was also an amazing moment another moment. Eric on my God. I know. I'm talking about the first episode. We haven't even gotten into the good Donald. I know we haven't even gotten to the good stuff. Let's get into the good stuff. Okay. So this episode, you know, they had already had that wild out to this episode starts the next day after turtle time. So, you know, they're all maybe like slightly a little bit hung over maybe. And they're just rehashing this wonderful night on the yacht. And there's this obsession with Kelly saying that Bethany is not a chef clock. She's a. And which is a -fensive to say even to people who are classified as cooks like I wouldn't take her call. Irene I do feel like I somewhat understand what she was saying. And that like a chef you would consider perhaps someone who is like professionally pursuing that as a career. And like if you're just cooking, you know? But like Bethany kind of was doing catering really wrong to Heim. So it's sort of like, all right? You know, worked for Dennis Leary. We offer right? Bethany sort of spends the whole episode trying to prove that she was chef to like she's making the salsas later episode. Like, I mean, there's so many she's really trying to debunk this myth. She was determined Kelly at the end of it is just like letting as good salad dressing. She could be a call Newman. If she wanted. Wondering I wanted to talk about with this episode two was the photo shoe on the b Cohen vs. Humvees. And Ramona like crushed it like they looked so good. And then it's just so uncomfortable to watch Alex try to pose. And also went Alex's onscreen. They totally change up the music cues. Music. All of a sudden turns in like this like weird funhouse like Addams family kind of. Score. I also caught something that I hadn't caught like I've seen these episodes probably a thousand times like Joe, and I caught something I never heard before Kelly before she goes onto the beach take photos, she's in her confessional. And she's like, I don't even know how to work a camera. Why did you decide to the hobby? It's like, you know, something she's exploring. To the talker photographer. I don't even know how to work a camera. And then I think in her mind, she she got a bunch of bags of blow pops. And she threw him out on a towel on the beach. And she she was like doing craft service for her photo shoot. It was just so. So bizarre. I mean, there's a lot of candy. References on scary Allen between the blow pops gummy bears. Jelly means. I wanna talk about there's a scene in this episode where Bethany delivers merchandise bags. Yes. When you said like a lot of tropes started and this trip that was the one that came to mind. Yes. The Bethany Centric product because enter this tote bag became a recurring thing, I mean Gretchen from OC gave everyone Gretchen Christine product tote. So the beginning of the veteran Kristine beauty. Lest we I thought it was thrilling to watch Kelly get this bag, and she seemed to be so offended and angry by this by this bag, and she just she lays on the bed. She cries it. She's giving me drama. She's giving me, but the weird thing with with Kelly. It didn't feel acting. E to me it felt like she was very disturbed by this bag. I agree. We were on a real emotional journey with her getting this tote bag in it did feel one hundred percent. It's funny too. Because she's like it's so impersonal, and I was like Tim branded with your. It can't be that impersonal like, yes, it's full of like Bethany own products and okays shore. But like, she does have a niche sunscreen in there. Right. I know it wasn't. I who doesn't like to get free stuff. Like I like to get free stuff. You know? I wrote down. She calls Jill up when she gets this. And she's telling Jill about how mad she's a Bethany. And how she's having these nightmares about Bethany? And I wrote down I just like you guys to humor me for a Rotan this monologue. Yes. I think it's Shakespeare worthy. It is. So good. So Kelly is on the phone with Jill. And she says about Bethany. She said she tries to literally call your eyes up because she's like, you know, what you're not all that. I'm like, then what am I I'm sorry? I don't have double d fake tits and my face. I'm not all that there's knives on her tongue. I can't imagine Jason kissing her because there's like knives on her tongue. And that is just a portion. The visual of the knives on the tongue like hat in hissing that is poetic and like dark. So dark. It's so confusing. I just want to correct the record in that Bethany had lifts put in her breasts. So they're not double d fake implants. She just got what she naturally has lifted. And. I know. I don't know if you recall that other wonderful scene from this season. We're Ramona goes up to Kelly at a luncheon and remind says she comments on Kelly's boobs, and she says Bethany is to say one went this way in went the other way. So there's like a history of Bethany and Kelly having these were of world's war of words with their boobs. Even remember watching that episode like probably years later going back and rewatching the season. And I think I googled Kelly's playboy shoot to be like were they wear. Well, now, we know what we have homework now. I would be horrified for someone to see my Google history with these women. The things that I look up all watching these episodes, right? That would be your quivalent of the Sony hack. What way do Kelly's boobs? Go right. Right. So then, you know, this whole time like Kelly we we saw earlier in the episode. She's talking about the chef the cook. Also earlier in the episode. She randomly said satchels of cold. So we do hear a lot of like random kind of things out of Kelly's mouth that don't seemingly make sense, right? The lemons to lemonade saying it's just backwards. And I wonder like first of all editing this episode what it must have been like to sort of navigate those waters because it is a lot of randomness that doesn't quite fit together. And I think that's why so many people had questions after this episode of what exactly was going on because it was a bit confusing. Well, I think that is the question now and forever what was going on with Kelly during this trip? Right. But I would like if they did, you know, how Bravo has done those like those episodes. They did it with Beverly Hills where it's the dinner party from hell and kind of did a little bit of a documentary style about the Assad. Yes, I beg and I plead I need that so much I need about this. But we'll see what we can do. I know you guys have to make that happen. Right. Can we also talked about how it cut to Jill working on her ice skating? That was like honestly hard to watch for me. It was almost as hard to watch as Luan on her day with Corey God. The way I've been to a posse. Oh my God. How did you? Get the fem fatale. So hill. Airtel? Let's the tall. I can't remember what I got. But it's in Chinatown. Yeah. You know, don't you guys find that luanne was entirely different human season three. Yes. Yes. I love her now, and I left her then, but she's a different human being from then to now would be hard not to be. I mean, all of these women have they're just in such a different place, and they have now so many years of fandom holding them up. We have to talk about the climactic scene of this episode of that the second scary island where they're all at dinner. Bethany is cooking dinner. Because of course, she's still trying to prove that she's a chef and the girls all get together. And they all seemingly are in great spirits, but then the dramatic build the tension with Kelly just like really comes to a head. Yeah. This is the dinner. Yup. I feel like there are moments where you can see Sonia is like looking at producers almost like is everything. Okay. You know, like she seems to be very aware that things are perhaps going off the rails. It's it's just again like what was happening because you would get glimpses of afflicting that makes sense, you know, Kelly thinks Bethany trying to destroy her life. Okay. Because things were going on in the tablet that makes sense to me. But then saying, Alex. Hewer wearing kabuki makeup in channel that devil. Doesn't make sense to me. Right, right. Like, she uses whatever her issue with Bethany is to then just start attacked attacking in projecting on everyone else at the table. Would it doesn't make sense? But would I find interesting about this dinner is like you can't really I they're having some glasses of wine. But no one really seemed drunk to me at all. I completely agree. Actually, I think Kelly has mentioned she had mentioned a few times when she's on the show. She's not really a drinker. Right. So it's so confusing than to see this kind of behavior out of seemingly sober people. And even Sonia is maybe a little tipsy. But she's the voice of reason in this whole episode. And I just I don't know Sony was new to the show. So maybe she was trying to navigate these waters. But but Kelly is just throwing out things left to right. She said what about when you tack my friend, Gwen af-? Who? I mean, I will say I also referred to go in and Paltrow Gwyneth. And she doesn't appreciate when people attack her mega events right away. Then Kelly also like one about rain shoal, and it's like who's. I know I think she was referring to Rachel from from. Bravo. I had looked this. This is something Google before. The stylist. Why rachel? That's amazing. If that's true. That's what I that's what I read on Google. So it must be true. Well, go ahead. But there was also a great exchange between Sonya and Bethany that I wrote down that I just wanna sort of slide past or it. I feel like it's underrated. But Sonya says I worked in restaurants in Bethany says we're you a Hooker. And then Sonia says, the real hookers are the people who wanna come there and see the other famous people. Hucker just. We're all also Kelly uses that lying later to be like, and she called you a Hooker Sonia. Any want beat a set here across from her too? I think he was kidding, right? And this is after Kelly called Bethany Hobart the night before. So it's like, okay Kelly. She's getting more and more upset and then eventually she decides she's going to skip away. She just skips away. She seems like she's got a smile on her face. She runs off. And then she returns with a bag of jelly beans. Worse. And I think we all watching this for the first time that this is going to end here like Kelly skipped away. That's it. But she came back with the jelly beans. And just Bill it built like I would think if you were writing this episode of fewer dramatic screenwriter. You're right you'd build to the point where Kelly stormed off. But then what's so great about it? And makes it such great TV as Kelly came back, and it escalated further than anyone would have thought was imaginable. Al Sharpton now Sharpton else. Arpan? And then I mean Bethany says we all think you need to get help because they're they're starting to realise something's wrong. With Bethany says there's something wrong with you. And Kelly says, yeah, I don't like you. And Bethany says that's not an illness to the number terrific Bethany line. Yeah. There's definitely this is the moment where you can tell everyone kind of switches in his like, wait a minute. We need to like rethink our approach to this situation because something is obviously not going well for her. He others just a shift in the dynamics. And in what everyone is thinking. And that's I think part of the lore of this like what happened next because we see the next episode is the sort of coming back from this. But we didn't see Kelly go off the island. I know I end how did that work did production escort her off? You know, like how I think they bring it up in the region. Reunion this season that like we get a little more context that like production did get involved whether it was their decision or whether it was Kelly being like I have to go. I think of producer goes with her. But I mean, I think it was like there was really no choice for anyone else at that point production or Kelly like it was time ago. He had that I feel like it. They had filmed this season today in two thousand nineteen we would at least have cell phone footage of what was happening that night. That's true. A high the only blackberries back then the last moment, we got was Bethany L and go to sleep. And then it just it kind of trails off. And it's amazing. But I feel like the cameras didn't just shut off. Like, what was the conversation of like we're gonna stop filming now. Eric, I have some news. Boy, I'm scared. I finally found the perfect fitting bra it's about time. 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Fifteen percent off their first order, go to third love dot com slash daily dish now to find your perfect fitting bra and get fifteen percent off your first purchase. That's third. Love dot com slash daily dish for fifteen percent off today. Open next week though with the iconic Jill arriving. Surprise. It's like you think that it can't get any better than Jill shows up in still getting better. I mean, honestly, the timing could not have been better Shasta as the ladies or like, it's all good that she comes. It's perfection. And I think like with every housewife trip. Now, we owe it to scary island because that was the first one that delivered. And we almost got like a new scary island when we were in Jamaica on real house is of Orange County. Yeah. I mean, we've gotten so many other wonderful trips. I just think scary island like tops them. All it was also an interesting time because I feel like the ladies weren't obligated to go to this one. I could be wrong. But that's what luanne and Jill say later on that the reunion this season is that Kelly shouldn't have gone, but I feel like now maybe the girls have to go on the vacation. Little more advocated, probably right, or at least, maybe not even obligate. But maybe they know that it's a big deal to on these. It's going to be a lot of screen time in that kind of thing. Tell. Day. One thing I wanted to point out to when Jill shows up is as you mentioned earlier, Danny the awkwardness that is Alex and sort of how she reacts to Jill arriving and she's trembling while getting pedicure and you're just like come on. I know like, I totally understand. Everyone's reactions except Alex come on take a deep breath. The spin a drum. And the remote running over like embracing like holding just like, oh my God come on come on. I like. Hi heard around the world. It's like such a painful high and for Bobby who's like paid for this whole trip to happen. Like, nobody's mad at Bobby. Bethany sorta like I'm sorry like you did this. But like we don't want her here bobby's like I'm sorry it happened. You know, like he's just kind of like going along with it. I will say, you know, just to sort of commemorate, Bobby and his great personality. There was a moment that I thought was released tweet when Bethany is saying to him, you know, I've always wanted to reach out directly little I don't wanna put you in the middle. And he goes will I wouldn't be in the middle. Meaning like, I'm gonna have gills side. One hundred percent was so sweet body. Jill had at amazing relationship is watching the early seasons. They just truly loved each other and had each other's backs. And it was a beautiful relationship. I love them. I would actually like Jill back fulltime every time I reworked old seasons. I miss Jill. I mean season one to Jill is truly one of the best. Houseboys we had in season three this whole Bethany, Jill scenario happened in sort of tainted Jila. Yeah. I mean season four she was just a different person altogether. Right. But I would like to see think gills in a different place. I'm excited this current upcoming season. I'm excited to see Jill pop in and out a little bit same. But what I mean what a trip you guys. I could revisit this trip once a week and still find thrilling, I think I definitely watch it at least every couple of years, and then I always will go straight from scary island to the reunion because I just wanna hear them talk about it. Right. Kelly always says she had a breakthrough not a breakdown at three union. So I don't know. I think there's still so many questions though, that we need to answer about this whole three episode arc from I dunno producer somebody needs to release that extra footage while I think there's someone we could maybe get a little information out of we had to bring someone in who survived the experience. So Danny we are here with Sonja Morgan. I'm still. Excited sonia. How are you doing today? I'm good. We're a little warmed up over here. Some pre condo. Oh my God. I can't wait to dive in. So what do you remember most about the scary island experience? Well, you know, that was my inception into the housewives world. And I thought if this is how they are Lau Kelly Bensimon had me nervous. Sure. She got us all nervous. Now. She said at the reunion that you guys were at the cast was contractually obligated to go. But then Llewelan Jill said that they didn't have to go. So so were you did you have to go on this trip will know? And if you remember I was very upset that Derain didn't have me in the Burke sheer, so no, we're not contractually. A push to go. Sure. Now, I want to ask about those every member jail came then crash that was a pleasant surprise. That was the high heard around the world. Yeah. So those pictures that Kelly took view on the beach. Did you ever see those photos? Yeah. Yeah. My leopard swimsuit when I wore look Perla. The day's two thousand of pop. Yes. I mean, you both. You all looked amazing in that. I mean you and Ramona you were taking your own photos. You looked phenomenal. As you do now. Thank you. Well, we also had Alex McCord in that shoot. Do you remember? Oh, yeah. Yes. Of course. And that was sort of a spoof. You know, like, oh my God. Get a hold yourself girl. Do we all need to get held of ourselves? But that was particularly funny with Alex looked a little loss. On the beach. When's the last time you heard from Alec every once in a while? We'll get you know, we'll comment on each others posts. But I think she's happily ensconced in Australia being a mom, and she got her degree in therapy or psychology. I don't wanna be misquoting her alkaloids, and she's you know, married to her husband connect, remember name. So I. Yes, now, there was a lot of talk on scary island about Bethany. Whether or not she was a cook. Or a chef. And I just wondered how is Bethany cooking. What's her food? Like, she's an amazing. Chef you know, I don't think anyone ever thought. She was a cook. She went to Hyde Park to the renowned college there. I forget what it's called right now. So it's good. Yup. You don't come out in that school and call yourself cook. Right, right. I'm rubbing shop. That's right. I don't even call myself a cook. Does Bethany still cook for you guys? All the time. I mean, I love when she cooks for us. Because it's a real bonding moment when you know, I lived in Italy for six years, so we learned to share food, and and it's a very loving thing to do. Speaking of scary island. We see a go to sleep recreated coming this season. So can you talk a little bit about that? That is so funny. I think Bethany put the heck maybe goes good as slave, and I'm like this before and it was like bewitched. You like snap the fingers in Sonia dropped writes this like, but I felt like the pony on with the forelegs that go out from under or you know, from my riding days. I I was totally unscathed by probably shouldn't give that away. You'll have to watch. Yeah. So what you see it in the trailer down. Right. You address put it on smog motion. So you can watch. Did you notice any similar behaviour out of Kelly after scary island like the following season? Or was it was it a one time kind of thing. Well, there is a lot of going back to it heart. She had a hard time letting go which is always a bad sign when you're in reality TV because we need to move on. We're friends for most and we care about each other. So if you're going to be an ensemble cast, how does that work for the viewer? I remember she was very upset about the goodie bags, and she just really couldn't get beyond. The one argument at I love that about this season and last season on real housewives where we are all really good friends, and we want the best for each other will vent on each other. Will use our words, but we don't wanna physically harm each other or hurt anybody's business. And when when in need where they're free charter. Right. Right. And we've all grown together. You know, we made point out flaws or something we feel someone shouldn't be doing. But we do it because we wanna grow. That's what I've noticed over the last. I'd say three seasons net so sisterhood. It really is a sisterhood. I feel I feel I've become a lot better by listening to what the girls have to say about myself. You know, what Bethany had talked about me not taking care of myself. You know, I pulled back on the drinking. I, you know, focus more on my business instead of just following the herd, and, you know, put my head down and didn't talk about businesses that I thought I might do until they materialize, you know, now, I do have my fashion collection my signature now, I do have my ready to wear my shoes. And she gave me good advice. I think it's clear that there's been such a noticeable. Shift with you in in such beautiful way in you're so wonderful to watch. So I I commend you love watching you in any state. It's wonderful. Thanks, danny. And I have to say, we appreciate your support. I know you're an avid follower end. Do you know push us on social media re tweet, and you know, with that is hilarious and your hallway aria, John love think you it's my all time favorite show, truly like I think it's right up there in America. And we were talking about scary island and I- rewatching it it's truly some of the best TV I've ever seen like I think there's drama. There's laughs. There's anything you want in a great television show. So just for entertainment. It's phenomenal. Yeah. People do go back to that episode over in over even like on Twitter and Instagram like it lives on in me m- form in gifts like the Ramona getting the peanut Griego handed to her, you know, and she's just like, oh, there's so many momentary islands. I hashtag. Heads that Sonia. Do you have a favorite of all the trips you've been on throughout the hands down Mexico? The one Bethany organized it was just aid Z beautiful, and we got closer to each other. We had meals at home meals out. We enjoyed the culture the shopping and the heart to hearts. No, we talked a little bit about Alex do keep in touch with any of the other former wives like a Carol or Heather or jewels. Or any of the other ones? You know? I'm a bad one. The girls are always teasing me about that. It was actually an issue. I think last season. You know, even even people just not great at keeping up with emails. I'm just terrible. So we'll you know, I went through so much when I after my divorce and my lawsuit over my movie deal. So right now, I'm so happy to be my smaller apartment and really flexing, my creative juices and focused on my fashion now, so I do have more time for the girls that I, you know, I'm friends with now. So I'm enjoying that. I have more time for the and for Ramona, and I do little cabaret with Luay n and dust been great 'cause you know, him the original cabraha last girls, drew some we've been enjoying that. And I'm traveling trips. Were would I do would you ever do your own tour? Similar Halloween is doing her cabaret show. Would you ever go on tour with your cameras? Well, I did the off Broadway. Sex tips for. A woman by straight, man. And that was very laborious. So I don't know I it's a lot. I did improv asylum recently. I like this improv comedy that. I really enjoy. So maybe I would do is stint of comedy like that. But the tours are a lot at have to figure out a way to put it together with my fashion collection. And how's the fashion collection going great? We're finally starting to see, you know, we're we're getting somewhere it's really solidified. Is there any chance in the future further toaster oven? Because I for one thing it'd be like a great collector's item. I think I think it should be like a a limited edition like one hundred, you know, produce a hundred of them and price them high. I would buy I would buy one. Well, I don't like to price Atto stir oven high. I liked to have them in that sweet spot of fifty nine sixty nine dollars. They should last five years in your good toaster ovens for me are one of several things. I would have in kitchen. I liked to have a a bullet. You know, those things that may already make shakes, and I like I like a few different things in my catch it. But I wasn't the way to start my brand. I went to FIT. So I'm really a fashion marketing person, I have an international. Action lifestyle brand. So that's why I had to do my signature collection. And now I have the ready to wear the shoes. So I'm introducing something new this season. I have a unisex perfume. Men and women, and it's aged it's a poff. Mm-hmm. An I'm very excited to offer something for men to do wear a Britney Spears unisex progress right now. So I think I know what my next one will be. This and it lasts forever. You wake up the next morning with your jewelry in your hair up to here end the perfume still on. And so, yeah, I would like to do some kitchenware eventually tabletop and kitchenware, but it has to be in that order. I really pride myself on really building a brand. Well, you guys this was thrilling to revisit this. And I would urge everyone to rewatch these three episodes of season three episode eleven twelve and thirteen and it's truly some of the greatest TV of all time. And then just skip fourteen and go right to the reunion. Right people always ask me, they say where should I jump into housewives? Like if I've never watched before. And I always say like if you have the time start with if you just have a little bit of time start with season, two of Ronnie. And then if you don't have any time like just jump in a season three, I find it the best season of all time. We wanna say thank you to our guest, Anne Pellegrino and Sonja Morgan and be sure to check out Danny's podcast, everything icon IQ, and you can catch Sonja Morgan on the real housewives of New York City. Wednesdays at nine eight central and make sure your subscribe to the daily dish because we'll be back with a regularly scheduled episode this Thursday, see then and don't forget go to sleep. Guys. Let's keep the conversation going. We wanna talk to you all week long. Not just Thursdays. You can find us on Twitter or Instagram at Bravo TV. Don't forget to use the hashtag. Bravo daily dish or reach out to us. Personally. I'm everywhere at mexica. An I'm Eric j MAC E R, I K, and if you're on Facebook, join the daily dish Facebook group, you can post about what you're watching your favorite shows who's your favorite housewife ask a question. Start some drama. There's a lot of good stuff in there. So check it out. You could also learn more about the podcast at Bravo. TV dot com. T t way, L Y.

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