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What's good everybody and welcome to another episode of the what's Good Games podcasts your source for video news commentary analysis, and funny stuff every Friday coming up on today's show we're going to be chatting about Halo Infinite and the release date for the xbox series x that we're business that's happening with controls nexgen upgrade new features coming to to and more. I'm Andrea Rene joined by Miss Christine Steimer Hello Miss Brittany bromberger bacher low and special guest Rebecca Valentine's here. How Rebecca is the senior staff writer at Games Industry B- Dot Biz you may have seen her gallivanting around the internet or maybe on one of my favorite news shows kind of funny games daily. You've made a couple of appearances over there, but you were just recently covering gt online is that correct? That is correct. Nice. So we realized that we didn't actually do really any coverage of what happened with GDP online last week. I, don't know if it's because just like nobody was talking about it or if just not as much interesting stuff with happening, I'm just trying to figure out why nobody GDP online kind of went went in. Went exactly what I was trying to say. But did you find some interesting stuff happening I? Did you basically just hit the nail on the head? So? DC Summer Jesus normally back in late March or so and they kind of had a little bit of a DDC digitally back then when they had to postpone it. But it was it was just some talks that kind of would have been there but then weren't, and then they moved all the rest of the talks plus some others into last week and the talks are good and we're a business site we cover industry news and industry things like that. So the talks are always good for GDP is the big event that we cover every year but. Normally at GDP apples there and Google's there, and Microsoft might be there and there's a bunch of big companies. They're usually making of big tech announcements like maybe this year we would have heard some next gen stuff or something like that but I think. Because ended up just being all online and because it got moved. So late and because there's not really any point for Microsoft to do a presentation online for GDP when they can just do one anytime they want on their own channel. Most of the big names sorta fled. So there were a lot of really good industry talks if that's the thing that you're very interested in, but if you're looking for big news Enough I feel like that's what GDP is actually known for in the industry is the developer talks the individual tracks that people go to really share knowledge and insights a lot of post mortems, things like that and I really love kind of being a fly on the wall and some of those situations where you're going in and listening about a lot of parts of the industry that we as members of the media don't really get access to right like I feel GDS's one of the few shows were you kind of get to see how the soft made for lack of a better phrase? Good yes, absolutely. Yeah. It's it's really cool. It's really cool insight. It's also just really fun. It's really fun networking because all the developers of they're all the publishers of they're all talking to each other they're. Roaming, around and talking shop and you sort of get those little glimpses and those little insights, his connections in it's really really cool and exciting and in a different way than something like passer three is exciting. But yeah, just not it just didn't happen because of everything and so it was it was fine at the good but yeah. Well, I guess if you want to check out those talks, a lot of them are available on the website, and of course, you can check out Rebecca's coverage at games industry. Dot. Biz. We're, GONNA chat more with Rebecca about everything that she does and take your questions. Since lots of did right into what's called games dot com slash deirdre UGG which is how you can be part of the show. You could also be part of the show by sponsoring us at Patriotair Dot com slash. What's good games like our Patriot producers for the month. Of August is Godson. Coppola's Ferris a tate just INFO she Muhammad Muhammad Marcus Brown pump defied in California created and welcome to our Patriot Community Kaliev Reynolds Sammy Robert Demler, and boomer seventeen, ninety two, I want to remind you guys that at Patriot dot com slash what's good games you can get the show ads free in our epic membership here just a little friendly reminder. In case you were interested in Brittany. We have some new podcast viewers this week as well. We in the live starting with Haha two, zero, seven, the vegetation, ninety five. A AMAZING And busy EA Jorde Mardi man nineteen ninety one big hit. Brown. As Bogan lizzy seven thirty Zombie Geek who says I delivered pizzas for a living and he's girls help keep my day exciting than entertaining while on the road keep up the Great Work Zombie Geek I would say you're doing this all service by delivering pizza and during this time. So thank you to you. Amen to that Ichi go gopher life when two three, the drew sers fixed piano an outcast three sixteen. Thank you all so much. We say almost every week but this really does help us in the algorithms and it helps people discover our show so we can introduce them to the funny stuff. Thank you. Exactly. Everybody needs some funny seven their life particularly right now. All right everybody before we get into the news, I want to say that this week's episode of what's Games is brought to you by bespoke post fair gun and Omaha steaks. But we're GONNA talk more about those folks. Later our first story is all about that big delay where are the tissues because master chief is said Long. I mean, we would never know I don't know. Her Helmet. No one can see it. Yes true pro tips, master chief to you. You need to like have cry cry, and then you need to go to work helmets get get a helmet. Does it for him probably like soaks up this tears or something and recycles them agree purposes or yeah probably hydrates him. You know we don't know how those spartans are really deep lore about the suit that people keep putting on twitter I. Don't understand it. I tried the saline injections going up. So a case you missed it. Halo Infinite has been delayed until twenty, twenty, one or Britney. I believe you got this right up from games industry dot Biz who wrote it? BECA Valentine wrote it. Who could say? Do. You want to read it. Would you like to own story? We've never had anybody her own story on the show police do this for us. Do you want me to read these bullet-point Here's? Like to paraphrase your article. Is Clubs anyone asked you to do this before Oh. Yeah. Okay, cool yeah. Halo infinite previously intended to be a key exclusive console launch title for the xbox XS holiday has been deleted twenty twenty one. Twitter announcement. Early earlier this week, I don't even what days it I don't know developer three, four, three industries attributed the delay to multiple factors including the ongoing Kubat related impacts of. All this year. Studio head Christly wrote the announcement. The delay was necessary quote to ensure the team has adequate time to deliver a halo deemed experience that meets our vision in quote. In a post dropped at the same time on xbox wire, Microsoft acknowledged the delay while placing focus instead on the consuls backward compatibility at launch, as well as the over one hundred titles that are being optimized for the series acts. And then. Way Some old stuff on your new Clue, the full statement do you guys care to read the full statement or should we just I? Don't think that's necessary for the full statement I think we all know that Kobe. Pandemic response has affected everybody in the world and. Three four three is no stranger to that and I think that we all agree that it's a bummer. But as many people wrote on social media, they should take the time that they need and take care of their team and make sure not only is their team safe and healthy. But also that they're not going to be into a forest crunch to make a holiday launch in a year where. They launch really even matter. What is Interesting to see. Yeah. Yeah. I do think the real trouble with this though and something that we haven't really heard anybody talk about publicly is that this is actually going to be quite devastating for xbox and I know that some people don't agree with me. I was chatting about that on my stream a little bit when I was streaming today. This to me is a really big blow to them for holiday and selling hardware in this year. Now, we've already talked extensively on the show before about how launched lineups are never really as Flash Lee as we like them to be in. If you look historically at launch lineups, they're kind of like like A. Wet Blanket moment usually, there's like one big standout title that everyone's like. This is the one thing, but there's not like a robust slate of games they come out in a launch year they usually come out in the following year and then the several years after. So I do think though like head to head sales, this is going to be a pretty big blow for xbox series acts because things Sony so far has maintained that their first parties are on track and that I think even just spiderman miles paralysis going to be a big lift for PS five but. To Ratchet clincal some work. Yeah I totally forgot that that's also holiday twenty twenty and bug snacks. Oh My. God. The holidays twenty clearly it's snacks I mean We'll get the bug snacks. Console. Special Edition. Beautiful. It'll be like joy go on the switch, but they're shaped like the strawberries and they just slide. Oh, that would be so cool. I would buy that but like to echo what you guys are all saying I agree I think when it comes down to you launch the. Launch Halo, works no absolutely not because you have so much more to lose like. Halo will come eventually and when it does. That is what she said. Well, is it now it's not managing. Let's move on I. Don't want to go down that path. That would be kind of weird. Anyway, I'm trying to say is. Halo, there's so much riding on his hail fringe. We talked about that a lot on this show that if you launch a haloed, that's board that doesn't live up to the expectations it's going to do so much more damage I think than you the alternative and I think this is absolutely the right call obviously for the health of the team first and foremost but also secondly, because of what's writing on this release in terms of halo if this doesn't. Leave live up to expectations. Then what does Microsoft has a cooler flagship title? Anyway you know. So what do you got you can't have halo. You don't have master chief crying in his suit and repurposing water for hydration. A fable right is definitely at least two to three years away. I think we can safely say. Know what's happening with fears clearly that that team is probably gone to ground to work on whatever's happening with gear six or anything else that they're working on we had gears tactics earlier this year. But really I think the question that I would love to hear answered and I don't know if we're ever going to get an answer is what was going on internally at three four three that they didn't have this figured out before this big flashy announcing that they didn't. July right. So xbox made a big showing of trotting out halo infinite and three four three at their xbox games showcase that we covered and. I have to believe that three or four three new that day they were going to slip holiday why xbox didn't take the time to either delay the showcase or at that time to communicate that this game is not coming holiday I I don't know I don't know why they didn't just do then because that was just weeks ago wasn't like it was months ago. It's the head scratcher on multiple points. There's that one, and then for me, this has been in development for a very long time and it is a cove it happened. But like I, feel like this game should have been mostly complete by that point. So to me I'm just a little bit confused like there's clearly some turmoil happening at the studio but. As what it is feeling, the problem goes beyond just three four, three right because Microsoft has made this big show over the last several years of acquiring just about a gazillion studios I mean they've just got like this whole big basket of new studios and the vast majority of a few of them have come out with releases sense. But like the vast majority of them have not released anything because Microsoft acquired them another sitting here, tinkering and working on things and you see like little glimpses, right? Like we've seen held laid to we saw a ton of things from obsidian. Obsidian just finished something else but they've got like this big basket of things that they're working on and I think we all just sort of expected that Oh, they're all just sort of sitting on their stuff right now waiting for the end of the consul generation and it lost they're just gonNA come as delivery of new titles, and then like nobody's got anything, it's very weird and I think I think at any other year it would have been I, still think it's not going to be great for Microsoft I think in any other year, it would've been really devastating for them I think it's. covid nineteen is extremely bad I think that the sort of unintended accidental effect here is that on the console launch is that fewer people are going to buy consuls regardless of what software is going to be on them at the end of the year like it wouldn't matter who had a flagship title people just broadly have less money to spend on big expensive technology, and so it seems more likely that. Whenever things sort of settled back down that will be when people start looking at the next generation of consoles, and so if Microsoft can get their act together in terms of good blake exclusive software by then then the probably have an okay time maybe but like I think that if that was not going on right now Sony with even just like one game or two games automatically in a better position. Yeah. So you think about what do we have at launch with Xbox like what is there? That would entice someone right now to pick an xbox over other party place party, Y'all third party, right. So what would be that? Their marketing, cyberpunk for me. Personally I got my Yakuza lack of dragon come into that bad boy or maybe he's because that's critical Hala I think is a big is a big title and a big win for them to right. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. But couldn't somebody to get that on a playstation five And you can get all the parties right again I do wonder if they will announce something closer to release date for game pass where there are lot of these upcoming third party titles that will launch on game pass which and not not just one like it can't just be one game at Kent like just cyberpunk or whatever. It has to be like several to make it valuable to people but I think if. You're coming the Holiday Inn like all five big holiday titles on Xbox Game Pass and you could buy a consulate of subscription and you have confidence that more things are going to going to be coming along the way and maybe you like the tack behind Xbox maybe into x cloud or whatever is going on maybe that's enticing enough. Yeah. So there's always the US that we have. We'll maybe we'll get this. Yeah, I. Mean you give it an attractive price point you bundle it with some game pass and you. Tout the fact that it's the most powerful consul. Might Work on some folks, but it's going to be interesting to see how the marketing changes for this game going forward because now you can't lean on Mr Mr Chief I. Wouldn't I wouldn't marketed as the most powerful console only because I don't think that's a selling point for most people disappointed I think to Rebecca's point earlier it's like it's more about value and if they're going to add in third parties, that's when you as a family like or who are going to make a console decision. You'd be like Wow holy crap. I can. Yes. The consoles are going to be expensive. But if I can just get this subscription service and whatever it feels a little bit less daunting than buying tour three, sixty dollars games all at once. That's where they could potentially. Yeah, my point was more. It's just an attractive little marketing bullet that you could stick on there that someone might be like, wow, what a good purchase I make those powerful. Me Educated I'm making such a choice yes. Yes. It's true I mean they have been they have been pushing that. Very. Heavily, the powerful council I mean they say it constantly and it's like sure it's technically true but like the sliver of difference is probably not worth splitting hairs over at this point. But speaking of the most powerful console, the xbox series x has been confirmed question-mark for November. Release Window and launch lineup plans of Ben revealed. So it's interesting that been revealed or leaked. I. So it started with a leak, right so it started with these controller videos that we saw that we talked about what could live on Monday where people were buying xbox series x controllers on a variety of online marketplaces. Like why do I have is how can I get this? This is kind of crazy that these are in the wild, and then some tipsters have been showing marketing materials that say do not open until November six twenty twenty. So after that came out I'm still looking for the exact source of this and I didn't see this source in this article this. This new of the source of the confirmation Oh, the confirmation was from the exact same blog post from the halo infinite announcement, the xbox waterbeds. So I'm not a confirmation from Xbox xbox it's actually confirm it. It's a combination of November. It's a confirmation of November six November. Yes. Got It. Okay so I mean surprising no one. Microsoft has confirmed that November will be the launch. For their brand new. Awful. Okay I'm glad that I'm glad that you made that clarification because when I saw. Like making this headline I was like wait a minute. Is it November six at they're confirming or just? November. But I think we all pegged November to be. Sued. Microsoft accidentally leaked it like months ago. There was a weird thing on the official website for the xbox series X. It was one of the international flights for it and it was like an English but it's one of the international sites and it was a piece of art like not just not just someone tight play Typo in a press release or something like it was a piece designed official art on an official xbox series x website that said Thanksgiving twenty, I remember that. Like Poland down and they're like, no, no, it's not real. It's fake it was an accident. You you paid somebody to make that art. I don't know if that's true like they might have bumped it back earlier but at some point they were thinking thanksgiving. Twenty twenty it's very funny. So yeah, paying for. Funding head. Nice thing we have a question for Patriot community ladies from huseband challenger just a really cute name. Hello Ladies. Do you think not having a flagship title at launch will make Microsoft willing to take an even bigger hit on console to undercut Sony by taking. By undercutting Sony more than they would have. Potentially you mean, they historically have done that in the past I think if you look at the three sixteen of he has three era that was very obvious that the big price difference between those systems. So they could absolutely because they have a cheaper box, it incentivizes people to pay for the ultimate subscription to gain that fifteen dollars a month that includes PC and the upcoming project x cloud. Service right and just as a refresher, the breakdown of what players can expect from series x before the end of the year four software more than fifty new games planned across generations optimize for series act including assassins, Mahala dirt five gears, tactics, Yakuza like a dragon watchdogs legion with smart delivery you only have to buy these games wants to play the best versions for your little accruals generation. Marketing Dirk and also, of course, includes xbox game pass in their marketing materials which have games like the medium scorn tetris effect connected and more plus more than forty popular games newly optimized to take advantage of the series x such as destiny to orient the will of the wisps Forza horizon four gears five, Manan nfl twenty, one and more. So obviously as a die-hard destiny player I will be playing destiny on my new console but sadly, it will not be on the series until cross play is implemented hopefully sometime in twenty twenty one. Just want to pour it out for xbox had a hell of a couple of weeks there. Halo showing in great that one toy retailer leak, their free multi-player, the apple ex cloud shenanigans. Now, the controllers like the apple thing is them though. S. Just. Not How hard it doesn't help. Now we got these new controllers and now Hale has been delayed. So Microsoft I drink to you. Good luck. Bruton forgotten speed. Feel like. Asleep xbox but. Let's. Let's leave Xbox Bios. Let's we don't have another story. No No, here's here's the thing I think we wanNA answer husband or challengers questions not having a flagship title launch will make Microsoft more willing to take an even bigger head I said I think that they would look doing that but maybe you disagree. Anybody, I am super interested to see 'cause now we have not one price battle about to happen but too because Sony has announced that they have an all digital console and Microsoft is leaked this X. Box series S. X. which we are presuming is going to be the all digital versions. Well, both of those again, we don't know prices but presumably going to be cheaper. So I think that the battle is going to be very interesting not just the highest price point but also lowest one and I think that it is possible that Microsoft is may be either willing to take a deeper cut on the expensive console as opposed to the works the physical discipline. To sort of like make up for that or give people a cheaper option or I think it is possible. They're willing to take a not take a deeper cut but basically like do some really fancy bundling gymnastics with game pass and. Whatever else to make it seem like an attractive proposition, but I mean most consoles are sold either a lost on loss or like right at break even so there's only so much everybody can discount their stuff. Yeah, and I think Microsoft an xbox just wants the ecosystem they want you to get you on those pretty pretty game subscription services. So yeah. I mean when it's a price. Business, we just need you in the living room. We just need to get in there. Let us leave you trail all your money trail of consoles, and then we'll like bombard you with a ballpit of game pass subscription. I do want them to not call it series S I want them to get away from us an ex because it's too difficult to other enunciate every time, and if it's going to be a digital edition, just call it series. D. That's it. No No. No. No, no no I love you. Sex Fox is better expert. Box, there's suss box. xbox sat addition. Edition there's added national canceled. There's a reason there's no longer making those but experts series d. i. mean we all know where the joke is with that. Look playstation as the only the only company that has proven itself consistently capable of naming calls. One, two, three, four five is not that part Nintendo. But everything before it intends she'll we the we you wake. What is all this three D. nobody can consoles except three s three deaths it's new three, D. S. new I can't keep up xl I can't keep up. Props Sony makes sense one, two, three, four, five, everything should. Like just be xbox one x digital vision, yeah xbox series digital. Naming conventions. Brain well, the way that Aaron. Greenberg. Talked about it when the xbox one ex came out and then they had the xbox one and then they had the digital is that he made a point it wasn't just him actually it was other members of it wasn't him honestly I'm getting incorrect. It was one of the gentlemen on the Harbour Marketing Team specifically who is talking about how naming conventions and other types of consumer electronics is has been in versions or additions for a longtime few look at like galaxy phones or the iphone or the note or whatever. Right there's Get to certain point I feel like it was just one through whatever for a while and then they were like, well, this is maybe a little ridiculous. Now, we'll start doing it. Right. But the real problem was when they transitioned from Xbox xbox three sixty, that's when they screwed themselves and now they're like, how do we walk this back I know xbox one it's the first one way it's actually not the first one now it's. A now's a series. Somebody somebody over there in the brand teams. God. Why? Just. Really. Start over. xbox only xbox. It's fucking. Just, GonNa have like this Meghan list of names possible feature xbox consoles, and they get progressively dumber and Dumber, and it's it's like naming windows. Microsoft. Windows very well either like ninety, five ninety. Whatever all. Lee. Vista. Seemed to go the resident evil row do the fun playoff of Roman channels? No. Call of duty black OPS for is. Oh. My Gosh I remember that such a pain in the blood. Any who thank you so much for your question no challenger. If you want to submit questions to the show, you can join Patriot dot com slash what's good games, and now let's hear a word from our first sponsor of the nights. bespoke post as we all settle into our new normal version of summer bespoke post is here with customized box of awesome collections guaranteed to upgrade your life I've talked to you guys a lot about how I love my new Home Office setup. 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Control Limits Free next-gen upgrades to its new forty dollars. Ultimate edition. This comes from the verge revenues control is getting a new thirty, nine, ninety, nine ultimate edition that bundles every update and bit of downloadable content has been released since the game originally launched in twenty nineteen, it will come out on August twenty seventh on scene for pc then on September tenth on the epic Game Store and both the PS for an xbox one digitally notably by this new consul version will serve as a ticket that grants free digital upgrade to the PS five or the xbox series x version via smart delivery when it becomes. Available that's great and all but unfortunately, that means people who bought the game when originally released won't get the same next-gen treatment according to publisher five Oh five games. The quote free upgrade path to expect series X N playstation. Five version of control is only available for control ultimate edition according to Fiji see Microsoft doesn't want publishers to charge for an upgrade suggesting that developers working on cross titles like controls. Ultimate edition should next Gen version available at no extra cost. That's what five or five games is technically doing by offering a new version of the twenty nineteen game but it's a move that grips early. But this is absolutely the wrong move. Why on Earth would anybody think that this is a good call especially when the platform holders like Oh don't do this. I'm trying to figure out is this and I I I play control I, love control I, played it on. So i. have just I played it and I love it and I did not pay attention to what happened on console and other places after that is the ultimate edition is it like? Better in some like qualitative way like is this like is there a technical explanation for this? I couldn't find anything all I found is that it's just the base game and the deal see bundled together for forty dollars and that's all. Already bought the first deal see. Yeah. So if you bought the season pass and again you're eighty five dollars in no. It definitely doesn't make sense and honestly if it had to do with. Technological upgrade. They can push an update to everybody who owns the license for the game and say, Hey, if you want to be able to upgrade your version and take your save with you because that's really why people want to upgrade. Then that's all they would need to do I. Don't I do not understand the logic of punishing people who supported you at launch by saying Oh. Cool. Thanks but we actually don't want to give you the same. Upgrade treatment that we're going to give people who buy the game now. This is the biggest head-scratching. Mobile phone carriers where you're like, Oh, you've been a customer we don't care. New here's a whole bunch of fun incentives for you pretty much, and it's hard to you and you have publishers like city project read saying that cyberpunk will be getting a free. Upgrade. Eventually ps five, an xbox series x and you have you know AC Valhalla and watchdogs also and not to mention you cousy like a dragon who are getting these upgrade paths. Now, it's a little confusing as to which teams are actually just GonNa. Make It. Here's the thing right. So if you're game comes to the next generation, you have to assume that it's going to have some sort of technical boost straight. Like I'm assuming I mean. Yeah. Like aw optimized for the new hardware but not necessarily but like even optimized for games that are coming out this year is like the biggest air quotes optimizes probably GONNA. Run almost exactly the same. They might have to do some architecture tweaking on the back end with the code. Because I don't, I don't have the knowledge to tell you how different the code is that they submit for xbox one versus xbox series x clearly it's going to be different in some way but is beyond my pay grade to know those. It'll feels very weird because this just came out a year ago. It feels weird that we're getting like this ultimate edition does not feel like dramatically like all the other stuff. Aside, it doesn't feel like dramatic. Why are they releasing an ultimate edition like when you? I? Mean I guess there's a cheaper way to get the game the deal sees, but like this is the. Ultimate edition is the kind of thing that I would expect them to announce sometime next year when the councils were have already been out for a little while when you know maybe maybe they have done maybe they haven't done a next gen upgrade maybe they have who knows. But like announce it next year when the concert out of the sort of hey, this is coming out of the next generation of consoles, and if you buy this, if you happen to have a ps four or something, you can also play it on that like it's the exact same announcement, but it feels more palatable in that sense. It's been like another year like it does it feel like you're training nickel and dime people to get on the next generation of consoles for right now it just feels why why why why. There's a work around for this. That's relatively easy in my mind is you give people the option in game to get to a splash screen where they can buy an ultimate upgrade. If for some reason, five 5:05 five refuses to do it for free, which again, you should do it for free. But if they are like well, we need to charge for the skew then charge something small like five dollars say if you bought the game in the deal see and you WanNa bring that game and replay it on your new console, it'll cost you five bucks to get in instead of forty dollars to get in. Right. You shouldn't have to rebuy everything that's ridiculous and they haven't done this either. The response from the community. Of course is expected. A lot of people are like the game is really great. It's worth the money I don't think people are disputing. Matt I. Think they're disputing the idea that you bought at once and you should have to you have to buy it again when a president has now been set by several large publishers by saying, we're not going to do that. We're going to make it easy for people to transition. Just we're going to be more consumer friendly and than they're just like today. Also such like if they had this and an additional something else for people who already like existing owners that'd be a much different announcement it'd be hey, if you've never played it, here's the also in addition and you'll also get a free upgrade and then ps if you already own it, it's whatever. But yeah, just feel like you buy this where you don't. Yeah. Look considering that the second deal see isn't even out yet. So people who did by the season pass they're like Yo. We're moved from a studio that like I think with control. Of being like people know about remedy but it feels kind of scrappy right? Like it was this game that like it punched way its weight and way above its budget and everyone was like droll control is so good at one a bunch of awards and it had like all this loyalty from people and I was like, yeah, I you know if you WanNa, play it on the. Screen. Well this is definitely. Imagine now I don't know for sure. So let me bloodied temper what I was about to say I have to believe that this is five or five decision that if you talk to the team at remedy that they don't want this for their fans for their community, they want people who bought the game to be able to play the game on next Gen consoles just the same way bias Asahara. On ps four I get to play it on PS five and not have to pay anything extra. You're probably like so like publishers are generally the ones who are making the egregious decisions when money is involved, it was interesting. One of the comments on this verge article somebody talking about. E as the shittiest and you've ea is doing stuff like. Oh. Yeah. They walked back there Matt and deal member. They said you can only upgrade between what was it January and March and the Whole year now. Back, he did. Yeah. Internet has spoken internationally. Five. Let's make prediction. Do you think five? Oh, five will walk this back as well. Yeah I feel like they have. Do they have to make some kind of concession for people who already bought the game? Particularly as you mentioned, Brit with that extra piece of DLC, that's part of the season pass that's already been bought by consumers that they haven't received yet like not allowing people to bring that with them to a new concept they want to upgrade is to me just not acceptable. Agreed I will be awaiting as as Rebecca. warned us there is a, there is a cat, a wildcat has appeared. Can what is your name? Her name is Robo. Her sister is Luca they're named after. Cronin. Oh So, cute. I would love in cats. We Love we love cats we love pets of all kinds here. What's could games you'll get, but obviously I'm partial to cats for obvious reasons. Okay moving on to the next story, the last part two has pushed update in it's adding in grounded difficulty, perma death mode, and more. So the playstation blog has a write up on this and I'm not going to go through. Everything in his post it is quite long. Have you always wanted to get all of the details of course you can head to the playstation blog on your own but some of the highlights if you will matthew galant, the lead systems designer at ninety dogs said, we've been preparing a new update for the last two which introduces new features and Gameplay modes, trophies, and more including the much requested return. Of, grounded difficulty best of all, it arrives now you're listening to this podcast is available at launched on August thirteenth for veteran. Last of US fans, Greta difficulty represents the ultimate test of skill. This difficulty raises the stakes but not only making enemies deadlier and ammo upgrade and crafting materials incredibly scarce but also removing in valuable tools for survival such as disabling listen mode deactivating elements of the Hud and more. And if you. If you want even more of a challenge, there's a brand new perma death mode with this custom mobile enabled. There are no second chances you must complete the entire game without dying or start over from the beginning. Cool. No. Thank you. I. I have not, I've not played either games. So I am talking out of my buddy here. It's not for me at all but from everything that I have read and everything that I've seen of those games, the fact that this is absolutely something for a group of people like there are people who love the though people who do this I cannot the game seems like just absolutely like heartbreaking and emotionally just just destructive enough I cannot imagine having already beaten it going back through and doing it again with death lake I can't fathom some people will do it and you what have. A great time everybody absolutely is funny. Oh sorry go ahead. No go ahead breath say because there is a little blurb in here for speed runners because apparently people like you run this game is this for a game for friends of the speed running community were also adding the ability to see playtime up to the second in the saves menu, making it easier to track and verify runs which I guess is it like something I think everyone appreciated when we were playing the last of US part? Too But yes. But for US fans here at what's good games of baby s baby mode there's something for us to every money because they're also debuted new unlikable game modifiers one shot touch of death that enables one hit kills or infinite ammo infinite crafting or infinite listen mode range. To add a new twist game play. All the modifiers can be accessed via the extras menu at unlocked completing the main game. So you do have to do like a new game plus run to unlock those. Things. So that is a little bit of a twist which I wish. They wouldn't have made that a caveat it's like if you want to give people the challenge and force them into permit death mode, they have to complete the game. Sure. That's cool. But to me invented crafting an AMMO, those seem like accessibility features that you could easily just add in at the beginning but not a dog. I'm not going to criticize you because you did a great job of with accessibility features in T- lieutenant. In our spoiler cast resident evil to something like that. Remember where I think was five dollars you could beideal too. Yeah. Yeah. You hit by infant health infinite AMMO the rocket launcher. I. Think that's a good staple going forward in these survival horror games because a lot of people just want experience the story and they don't want to be worrying about dying. My hot takes charge for it or do you think this is free? This is crazy but you have to play but you have to finish the game from start to finish rape but in resident evil, it was just something you could buy from the get-go I would rather use money than my time but honestly. Same. Everything easy mode like everything should absolutely not everything. Yes. Welcome to our baby s plan. Where fans we're fans of mode here too. But another thing I did want to mention that I think is a really neat and we I don't. I cannot recall a single game ever having added. This is the. Things that they added to change the look of the game in at t lou too. So this paragraph reads have you ever wondered what the last of US partout would look like as a cell shaded adventure or if it was made in retro eight bit era how about if it was black and white new are thriller or Sepia toned classic with this week update where adding nearly thirty new graphics rendering modes as well as several new audio modifiers to change the look and feel of the game and you added in a couple. Photo examples here and I have to tell you I don't know why somebody at Naughty dog decided it would be a good idea to take their fun nominal animation and artwork that their team worked tire tirelessly for years on and ask somebody to reduce it to eight bit. Backed like why on Earth would you do that I? If I was on the art team clearly somebody on the team that was a really cool idea. But with my work, the models that I rendered for years got reduced to this because someone's like I. Love Eight bit. You. Top One it looks like a telltale game. It does I think that's the cell shaded that'll. Be Fair that the problem with Tell Tale was not the art style, the animation. A still. Still. Telltale Games look great. Yes, but like the UNCANNY valley when it's in motion is a whole nother bitch. Obviously, we'll need to see this in in the wild to know exactly just how how this goes I have no doubt that by the time, the podcast series and you're listening to this that there will be many many examples out on the Internet that you can go take a look at or make one yourself if you're feeling like you want to make your own machine among. So yeah, that that happened. We have a few in case you missed its including some game delays. The first one is vampire. The masquerade bloodlines to it was laid to twenty twenty one due to the quality bar ambitions were sets. The development, the difficult decision that they need more time this the are we hear all the time good on you insert that Miyamoto quote that everyone is using this week for the xbox. Halo delay. The other game that's been delayed is dirt five, which was delayed a whole last week from October Ninth Twenty Twenty Two actual sixteenth twenty, twenty I, the question I have a question for the panel know what what is the point of delay in a game for a week like what can be accomplished in that week and that's a legitimate question. I. Don't know this kind of boggles my mind. A week is a weird one because Mike if it was a or something where they just like Oh. We fucked that up like oh I forgot to order the printing like I. Don't know. I also don't know what? On Earth. Would be done in a week unless they're just trying to get out of somebody. Else's when nobody I don't think there's anything marriage I have no idea in October. No I. almost everything's been pushed November. The best guess I have. A person who does not know the first thing about making Games is either they found like a bug that like breaks the game but they know they can fix that time period or like server things like they already like a month out, they have to pass certain certification. Bills so that it would it would be more of like a publishing delay. The actual game itself needs to be done and printed if you like distribution stuff. I mean but like a week though of. A month and that seems that's usually about what it is publishing thing where like a printing thing? We is just a weird one. It's. Seventy this reeks of like some weird executive having. My Kid's birthday is on October thirteenth can have. had a weird premonition or like got force and teller don't launch that week. Oh No, I guess we'll do the week after. I don't even them pushing it into like a new quarter or something like that would be the only other thing I could think of is if they wanted to go with a certain quarters financials instead of a quarter, but that doesn't count here either. So another one other one I thought. Maybe they know they need they need to delay it but they WANNA, get the game for the next Gen consoles come out. But even then that doesn't make any sense. I don't know that any of those interesting like good luck with your extra week. Yeah. To something with I. I don't know what it is. Whatever it is, and maybe they were like we just WanNa. Take a week off. So is there maybe there's some kind of holiday like. In Code. Code Masters. Aren't they. In the UK. Kinda UK holiday that weaken somebody just missed it could master survive a no reason for the small delay. This is from Gamespot, but did remind players that they can still play at three days early with the purchase of the amplified edition. As early as October thirteenth. High confusing. There's no. There's a there's no UK holiday those weeks there's no bank holiday. So this is some superstitious trip. That's what I'm looking. I guess. Thanksgiving in Canada. Yeah I just like Nah. Mark. Aggregates got bad juju marketed marketing my calendar and we will touch back on the like what happened on this day what premonition? Mood or some shit. What if it's? Let's what planets are going to be. In. Rotation Orrin power whatever the term is check the check the horoscope. Checked, we'll check that out go full cosmetology on this I'm into it. That's the only other explanation I. I can't think of anything I. Bet you. If we try to ask them, they'll just be like we're excited to bring the game one week later. Still Never. Actually. Your question on October? Third I think she said I don't see purchasing edition and you can play it on the thirteenth. Yeah. Okay. Well, we'll find we'll revisit this in a few months. The Thirteenth Spooky. Now No. That note, we are going to wrap our new segment for this week. When we come back, we're GONNA talk about what we've been playing stick with us. We'll be right back. Andrea here a couple of quick announcements about what's happening at what's good games are Patriot streams of the month of August are happening at Saturday August twenty second time. TVD Be on the lookout at Patriot dot com slash games for all the details and if want to join us in our exclusive stream, you can check out our membership tier option over there. Don't forget on Monday that five PM at. Our streaming apologies to everybody who showed up expecting to watch halo combat involved and instead had to watch me suffer through severe technical problems. But the bonus was I got to play fog is again I I do crowns which we're going to talk about in the next segment and that's all I have for announcements. Now, we'll see guys in a minute. Everybody. Welcome back in segments of the what's good Games podcast is where we talk about what we've been playing, and of course, any preview events that we have been to, we've got some new stuff for you this week but we're going to get into that in just a second because I have a message from our sponsor, Thera- one you may have heard there's a lot of buzz around CBD products right now, there are good for all kinds of things from tight muscles to tough workout signs of aging to simply making it through. Each day everyone understands what it feels like to be tense and sore. So everyone can benefit from thera ones CBD products now thorough almost started by Dr Jason Words Limb and their body exists to provide you with the best scientifically validated natural solutions to help soothe your body and relax your mind. Now, it started with the Revolutionary Thera Gun Perkasa therapy device what you might have heard of when Dr Jason saw the benefits of using in his treatments. 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Why there's some sexual tension here and I'm really sad You know okay I digress. So story of seasons of Middletown. So this is a farming farming simulator and it starts off with you get your. Dud Grandfather's rundown farm, and you have to bring it back up to speed basically every other harvest moon game that there was back in the day. So for those of you don't really yet so I don't know. Natsume owns the IP called Moon but exceed marvelous. They make the story of Seasons Games Essentially Harvest Moon. It's the same group of developers. It's a long confusing drama that I'm not going to bore you with I'm trying to say is if you played harvesting back in the day those developers no longer make harvest moon they make titles called story of seasons, which is why this one is called story of seasons friends of mineral town is a remake of the Gameboy advance game called harvest moon friends mineral town. But? Becca, you've played harvest moon before it, right? Yeah. I played a wonderful life that was the game cube ps two game I think. Yeah. Alpha played like one of the early ones to the game one is the one that I grew up with. Okay. So this is just a simple because it is. A remake of a Gameboy advance game it does have those. It's more simple than what you might be used to if you're used to playing like a star Devali type of game and that's okay. Some people really enjoy that. So essentially, you get this rundown farm and your whole goal is to build it up. You know you WANNA raise animals you have cows and sheep. You have chickens and rabbits, and you get llamas as well, and there's a whole variety of crops that you get every season because the game takes place over the course of four. Seasons. Each season is thirty days. Three to four seasons you get a year so on and so forth and you bring up speeds, you got the animals, you got the crops, and then he had the villagers that you have to woo or make them like you so to speak by giving them. Items every day talking to them every day. They'll eventually come around eventually like you and it's just it's a really relaxing cute game. That is a farming game. You're looking for something chill to relax with greats. A Say is that it's not the best farming game out there because there are some things that are a little too simplistic for me, but some people tend to really enjoy. So for example, there is very limited dialogue with townsfolk of this game. So while you do have that range of affection between each member of mineral town, they don't really have a lot of interesting things to say even when you beef up their affection towards you, they'll say the same thing over and over again, he'd better get used to it. There's limited customization in the sense that you don't get to choose where your chicken coop is where your barn is where you want to do your fields and you do have a big field but it's you can't really do anything with US ever use of the customization of starting valley like just. To that not being here, there is a lack of overall content. I would say the rival marriages have been taken out and if you know what I'm talking about great if you don't don't worry about it and there are festivals which are really nice but they're not very interactive and if you can't participate in a festival, the festival will just fade to black and it's like, okay, you're done go home and. It feels like a little bit of a step back from trio towns, which is the last story of CBS's game which was on the three S. it feels like trio towns had a lot more a lot more content and a lot more reason to keep plane. I'm about forty hours in. So about halfway through my second year and I'm kind of at a point where most everyone in town likes me right got the upgraded house where I can marry someone if I want but like I'm kind of playing field right now to see who I really want ultimately bang but. I find myself like well, what do I do now? What do I strive for? What's the point? So for that reason, I'm kind of tempered off plane it, but I was scouring the read it because I was curious how people perceive this game fans of the game and some people really liked the idea that it's so simple in that takes a lot of the grunt work out of out of it for you. For example, you WanNa have your cows and chickens all you have to ring a bell by the Barn and they come out by themselves. It's automatic in that sense. It gives you. An easy meter, it gives you a list of townsfolk and how much like how much they don't like you gives everyone's birthdays. So some people really like the simplicity of it some folks wish it was a little more in depth like me. But what else as I did spend forty hours with it and I have enjoyed my time with it has been the most perfect relax seen. Game that I think we all kind of need right now. So yeah, I was just picking it up. It's a good time. It's I think it's what we call it like I said all kind of it right now sit down Harvard turnips talk to some people. Some of the quality of life improves it's that are in this game able included same sex marriages, which was not in the original game, which is thank God because Karen my wife she likes to drink a lot and I'm excited to marry here. Surprise surprise. There are little accessing. Your items is really easy. So you don't have to constantly open up a menu swap items, opened menu items. It's all there in the patter in the right analog stick. So yeah. I would say it's a it's a remake of a game, but I'm excited to see what they do going forward with their next true installation in this series. Is kind of wild. How like? Starting. Valley, came out and basically gave everybody they want it. Every everybody was a fan of like harvest ministry seasons back in the day. Everything they possibly want out of a game like that. It's still getting updated like working on like one point five right now. But like it's been a couple of years and neither not today or marvelous has sort of risen to that yet is very easy to me. I mean, Nazi me like bless their hearts they harvest moon. So many times I have no faith I have no faith. Like. What they're doing going forward unfortunately of but yeah, exceeded marvelous. They're doing great stuff with this Ip and I hope you know like I was just saying that going forward they will live up to that starting valley because like you said, how does one person creates such a great game with much more depth and then you have these teams of people and they can't hold up but. I hear cats. It's I mean I think the answer to that. If you are a singular person, you have full creative control over what you WANNA do versus. The company with lots of other people people I don't know how they run either like some of the folks might have good ideas that are getting shut down or they're just not meshing well or whatever league. Hey. The more people you add to an equation sometimes worse things get. It's true, right? Yeah. But like I said, it's perfect for right now and it's very relaxing in Cathartic and there's no negativity in this game at all like you don't feed your animals. They don't get sick. They don't die. They just don't produce their milk or their eggs. It's just the nice thing. Someone gets mad at you. It's okay. Just realize you're safe and they won't get your. Oh, I thought you were going to say just give them an egg. His probably you can do that. But the also a nice thing about this is you can say the game whenever you want, which is something before it was more like, okay you got us. You can only save right before you go to bed. There's that moment of like anxiety when you brought to give someone turnip. I hope you like turn up and you give them the turn up in like fuck you I hate this get wrecked. And you feel bad but you can just load your save if that happens. To worry about. Like. I always hate it when there'd be like, why are you giving me this? It'd be like first of all, this is a gift. I've worked very hard for whatever this thing is that I'm giving. And you're just going to throw that back in my face death care for people who? Go Star nobody walks you carry. This is a weird deep cut, but I played a wonderful life on the Gamecube and it had the original friends and mineral talented had like this ability. You could connect the gameboy advance to there's like a cable or something connected to the Gamecube, and if you had story of Friends of Middletown and. Wonderful Life, you could connect them and you can turn them on the same time and in a wonderful life, there's like there's basically this main street that runs through town and it goes all the way through town, and then it goes up a mountain and you can't go up the mountain late doesn't do anything but if you have it connected, then you can go up the mountain and. I never owned the game. So I think you could go to mineral town like the game connected but then also characters from mineral town would come down the road and walk through your town and a wonderful life. If you had connected I never did it. But that's apparently what that was four and that's cool. Yeah and there's a merchant is banned in in your game is van the merchant. Yes, I think so yeah, he was the merchant and a wonderful life too, and he would walk back and forth between the towns up the mountain I think van was in there and that's the other thing too is vn yeah he is in there but he has a very limited role. Call us. That's always a fun to talk about harvest moon with someone who's played the harvest Moon Games before I'm sorry we've let you Dan Britney. You've played some harvest moon. How to not not. One of the ones I think I accidentally hit my horse at the Hammer. and. Those trying to hit the I was trying to hit the tree of the horses standing by the tree. And then it let me hit my horse and I was like, what first of all? Why would you let me hip horse? Hit the tree. They took that out of this one as well. So you can't accidentally hurt your animals and you can they should've mentioned this briefly customize your character is nothing like crazy but you can have a male or female character same-sex marriages, which is awesome and the ad they kinda stream Laden and took out a lot of those annoyances like you said you can't accidentally smacker horse the hammer because I have done that with animals, many times, and I always feel so bad but it's okay they don't know any better horse was just like why why Did it. Didn't mean to do it. I'm sorry but it's Time with an. PC, and switch, and I've been playing on switch and it's a perfect little switch game. Are you going to continue to get the wife of your dreams or you think you're going to move on? I think I think I need to Mary Lee some I need to get in at least once was someone. So I think what I'll do is marry someone and then I'll get knocked up and then. I'll probably call good and then I'll give my baby duo which and then started all over again get divorced. Why? Features starting with that was really funny Mary a which you can give your children to the witch if you're like I, don't want your. Kids that you can get rid of them do the which is like, then eat them or do they indoctrinate them what happens Fan theories that they turn them into crows. Oh making that up someone's GonNa. Listen to this and be like no that that's not true. I. Thank you for that Report Brittany I'm glad that you had a nice lovely relaxing time with it and How do you want to give away those codes you going to give them away on your twitter account on the? What's good a candy? Do you think about it yet or? TVD Okay. All right. Well, if you aren't following us at what's good underscore games on twitter, maybe want to go smash that follow button and also at Blonde nerd on twitter if you want to hear more about why foos and harvesting vegetables in video games. In video games because in real life Shalit's chicken wings. Chicken Wings Ninety eight percent chicken wings snow, take that back she's seventy percent whiskey and thirty percent. Yes that's accurate. I corrected Myself Okay Thanks Britney okay. Moving on Rebecca. You have been playing a game called among trees. Yeah. I actually just picked it up this morning it is it's on the game store. It's an access it's a survival game I do not normally like survival games because I am an anxious person and survival gear make me anxious because I'm always hungry or always dying or I've always bleeding or hot or too cold. There's just like something wrong literally at all times and so I'm just in this panic but the whole time and among trees only have only played it for an hour and a half so far but it is you you just wake up in this wilderness. There's not there's not really a story. There's like some environmental storytelling. There's not really like an explanation as to why you're there. and. There's just sort of some stuff littered around. There's some planks, some sticks new build a little cabin out of them. And then you just kind of left to sort of Rome and it gives you a difficulty opposite the beginning. So you can choose you could choose sort of the level of the hazard that the Wilderness has you can either all hazards off you can have like a normal level of hazards or you can make it like very dangerous. I just did normal. I think there's bears I haven't seen a bear yet, but I think there are bears that will kill you. So I'm. I'm very nervous about bears. There was a point when I was wondering around where I heard buzzing and it sounded like bees and I looked over is like a beehive in beehives mean bears I don't want to be near that leave and started walking away and then a little icon like popped up at the top of my screen and like some kind of like nervous music started playing and I looked around and I didn't see a bear but I got out of there and an icon win away in the music calm down like what was watching me bear was it like Look. Evil God like I don't know which in the would. Right. From starting valley alarming. But then there's also there's a difficulty option for just the game itself like easy. You can basically turn off all bears. All bad things. You can make it just about walking around in the woods and picking mulberries like if that's what you want, you can just do that. But then there's also like you can up the difficulty where you get like Hungary very quickly you get tired very quickly you have to forage for things and it's hard but I just did normal for everything I didn't play the baby mode this time and yeah, it's just it's very like open so far it's it's just this forest you can. You can find mushrooms You can find mulberries you can like pick up would and sticks and bits, and you can upgrade your cabin. I haven't quite gotten I've gotten really close to an upgrade I'm not quite there, yet you can upgrade it to like added kitchen where you can cook things There's like a crafting room you can make there's one of the room I can't what it is. But yet you go out in the woods new find things. It's very it's very pretty. It's very like it's very stylized. It's not like Super Realistic Graphics or anything epic sleep on twitter and it's just very. Like all kinds of fire watch. Yeah. It has a fire watch vibe but we excitement and I were taking a look at some of the game play that's available through this trailer and it has more of a subdued color Palette prior watching a very vibrant orange red yellow color Palette for a lot of obvious reasons. But this one feels a little bit more like Pastel e. Blues Yeah. It looks pretty the color. Palette looks great and it seems like people are enjoying that it's super chill Yup. It's very sheldon music very relaxing. It's just it's just like a walking in the woods game I don't know but there is. is in early access right now and I'm interested to see this is a game right now I feel I could play for a couple of hours more like there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of depth to it yet, but it's so early I think that there there's potential there because as as a why. It's very wilderness the, but there's like places where a tree is just like chop down. But if there's people out here like why would attribute like chop down or there's there's a spot kind of your cabin where there's like this weird metal structure that's like tipped over and then kind of an area of just dirt and a bunch of crates and a bunch of. Bits on the ground like bolts and wire and man very clearly like manmade things and there's all over the ground but there's not really an explanation for why they're there and there are no people around and it doesn't seem to be immediately dangerous like you get the supplies and you can use to upgrade your stuff but it looks like I can build an axe to open up the crates and some other lock picks and things. But it acts on a bear. I haven't met a Barry I will try if I. Know I won't trial. Rava. We're looking at the footage. The House that you can end building is like a mini mansion in the woods. You can build some. Things you would not be able to build it was visit. But if you can build your mini would. Like Lincoln Log Mansion. Why would you not be able to take on a bear like you could clearly build? Some sort of weapon that could take it on in my opinion. You can build an entire house you should be able to build something else. Presumably. It's just I. Don't know. It's very interesting to see like where it ends up going. I it's running a little bit rough like an okay gaming pc and it was it was a little bit rough. My my computer was spit not some hot air there for a little bit. It's it's got plenty of time and I think I think the ability to sort of just turn on all zen buttons. The the ability to turn off bears is really great good. I liked that I could turn the bears off. Scared of bears to bear to death and red. Damn. She did I mean Simar is is a bad ass bona fide. So the team behind this is F- Jr D. Interactive Fjord. Says we're a micro game studio settled in the deep forest away from society. Our goal is to create rich world with breathtaking art and immersive gameplay currently working on our first game titled Among Trees They the the Nordic countries where they. I'm it doesn't say like they're very we live in the woods don't worry about. Learner, very little game. Yeah, I guess. So I'm trying to see here if there's anything else. Oh Sweden Sephora. To make sense, there's a lot of trees. It's also it doesn't have except for like the beginning where you select the difficulty and then a couple like the names of the items it's very low on text. It's very visual like I think I think you could probably play this without having to read anything really like no known talk to there's no voice acting there's no quest it's sort of this romp not even a rob it's just sort of a stroll a gentle stroll in the woods I wanna I wanna I love cooking because I've got a million of these ruby beats and I can't eat them because they're beats I have to cook them, eat them out. Well well, not know that you could not eat be wrong. It's like eating potato raw tech. You can technically do it, but you aren't probably going to have a good time of it. Yeah. I don't eat a lot of beets. So now I enjoy. Delicious. Doing Acid last week I think you introduced me and I actually enjoyed them. I would childhood I am like. linked. trae injuries honey just try one for me. Oh my will and I did and I liked it. And then I was like see beats they're so good for you. Good Yeah. Pretty good. They are. They're so versatile and it's okay if you don't like them but I I am going to champion beat because they are great I do want to mention that if you guys are like, Hey, this game sounds familiar. Where did I hear about this before they showed it off during the PC gaming show earlier this year, which is like I was trying to place where I'd seen this game actually been live on the game store in early access for a couple of months now. So if you guys want to check it out, you can head over there and I. Guess. How much is it to get into early access? Do you remember I don't because I got it from epic? Yeah where we yeah. Well, thanks epic for sending the code over We will take a look I would guess it's probably somewhere between ten and twenty dollars would be. I guess that machine can tell us they could you know what I could do I could go to the epic game store Shit Dot Com and check it out which actually gives me a very good opportunity to let you know if you are a fan of the EPA game store and you want to support what's good Games we do have a creator code that you can use when you make purchases and they do specials from time to time where they actually give us a bump in how much of the percentage we get for referrals. So if you're planning to make a purchase on the EPA game store, you should use their creator code. What's games? And that would help support where we do here at the show. But for now I am looking up among tree. On the store and it is indeed nineteen, ninety nine. Cool and you also have been playing paper Mario Britney talked about the Origami King on the episode last week. Have you been enjoying your time with it? I finished it did you finish it? No I got so turned off by the combat that I know of it. Yes. Get Oh maybe like five hours or so I loved everything about it. I love the writing the charm. The humor is so cute. I hated hated the combat so I stopped do. Okay. So did you get world to? I don't even remember. All right. So one thing that I learned after beating the game apparently lake the you know the little mushroom house until town where you can like go. The tryout fighting apparently, there's a whole bunch of accessibility options like in that house or behind that house that basically trivialize combat if you hate it. Not, beat the Game Ted to why would you hide that? Matt. A weird thing why? Yeah you would think that they would. Give you a game prompt of, hey. If you want to customize your combat experience, go see towed over here or whatever like you walk in. Teach you hit stuff with a hammer on a do that for three hours now I don't need this left and I never came back. zagged yeah. Well, maybe I'll go back knowing that that's the case you can also give money to the toads and they'll do all the little Switzer Rooney's for right? Yeah I think, I, think one of the options. In the. because. I never did this I. beat the game but I think one of the options is basically to turn on a button basically gives it just does the root for you every single time automatically. Thank me. There's another one that will automatically extend the timer for you every time it gets low, you still pay the coins. Without. You haven't hit the button. That's something that should be available from the get go Nintendo have enough self awareness to know that this weird combat mechanic of yours is not for everyone and it's so off the beaten path that you know maybe you know don't don't put that on your game or if you're going to. Give us the option to get rid of it. Make it go far away. We don't like what you've done on. I loved it. I won't spoil it for Brit but I love it a lot the writing the writing that you liked so far. It only gets better that game. Hits kind of stride in world to it starts pulling out these big ridiculous set-pieces where like I'm sitting on my couch and like watching this sequence happen and I want to applaud at the end of it because they just did like some big show stopping ridiculous thing and like. And like it gets weirdly surprisingly emotional and I again, I, don't WanNa mess up in case you decide to go back to it but there's like a point in world at the beginning of world three where something happens and it comes out of nowhere and like breaks your heart into. Did, not see that coming and I. don't even know and ending is really emotional and it's pretty and I feel like the combat gets better as it goes on, I feel like they give you more reasons to engage with it. So I guess you hate it maybe that won't be so good. But I one of the criticisms I saw kind of going in is that This whole coin battle system or whatever it doesn't give. You enough reasons to engage with the combat like you Mazel to skip every battle and I thought that was true for like the first third of the game or so. But once I got deeper into it. I started eating coins for things and it actually mattered and so I started realizing, Oh, I need to actually engage with these systems and I love. I love the original paper, Mario, Games I. Love the idea of them I haven't I've played a little bit of thousand year door but not very much at all, and then I've also played the Mario Luigi Games I love the Mario Luigi Games like the very traditional RPG's stuff and Alpha dream shutdown I think last year or something. So we're not getting those anymore enlisted into gives it to someone else. It goods clear. We're not getting traditional paper Mario's anymore. So bummed out on behalf of the people who missed that like I think that the Mario Luigi Paper Mario Games the traditional RPG's were really good and it's sad that we're not really going to get anything like that again. But I also think the idea of approaching and RPG and saying, hey, turn based combat kind of grinding other people are doing it. We don't need to do that. How else can we? What else can we do with the idea of combat in a video game and instead of making it like a fight of some kind turning it into a puzzle in a very specific kind of puzzle, and then iterating on that puzzle continuously what I don't even know like forty hours long game. Oh. Thirty thirty I, might be exaggerating it felt really good. It felt like a good link to be. So yeah, I I liked the combat. The writing is great. It's absolutely hilarious. It's like emotional in places I didn't expect it to be I think it's deeply underrated and I think into kind of undersold it honestly, they just threw it out there and they're like, Super Mario. Is this the game they announced randomly via twitter post. Yes. That's right. Yeah. They did at such a disservice especially because like Nintendo was so I don't think they should. I mean I don't think people should like spoil the end of their game and their trailers obviously but they showed so little of it and they really I don't know it just there's a lot there and I I wish I wish it had gotten sort of better shot I'm happy to hear though about that towed house enrolled too because that actually makes me excited to go back because I told us at the beginning of the game. The battle in to- town it's like the battle trading centre whatever I just I don't know there's like articles about it. So I could talk article about it like three weeks after the game came out where was this three week? This nobody found it nobody had any idea. That's so good to know because I loved playing. It was so charming. I also had the same complaint that you mentioned where don't WanNa fight I'm like I don't want I don't care about frigging coins. And I didn't like the breakable items that I missed the X. P. gain but it's been good to hear you talk about it in that sense because now I know there, there might be hope for me after all because it was so funny I laughed so much just in the short time that did play it it gets it gets even funnier. There's so many dumb puns in that game. That's it's no. I think it's going to be one of those games that maybe people pick up and play later in the year when they maybe have a lull in their schedule of stuff that they're playing because then they'll paper Mario Games in general are kind of timeless that they don't. Really. Aged badly. So you could probably go back and play it whenever maybe look for on a sale around the holidays or something people missed it and want to check it out but. I loved thousand your door and was excited for this. But then I was watching John play it and the three aspects of it and so much more of how they have adapted. The Formula I was i. was I was with Brit that was I don't know if this is turning my crank the way I was hoping to but it's good to hear that you really enjoyed it. So I will put it back on my to do list on my switch when I can somehow managed to put animal crossing down. Ella, which we're going to talk about in the next segment. No Dory everybody. I'm not going to talk about my antics an animal crossing, but I do WanNa give thank you and shot it to everybody who came by my birthday stream and brought gifts during my animal crossing yard sale. It was very fun. I didn't get rid of nearly as many things as I wanted to maybe you guys have such extensive libraries of items. You just didn't need any of it. So I just sold it all to timmy and Tommy so. But thank you again to everybody who did come by. So for games that I have been playing the solstice of heroes started in destiny to this week and I'm not gonNA say too much about it because it's really not that different than what they've done in previous solstice years they've optimized a couple of quality of life things. I'm excited to chase the new glory armor I screamed at this week, and if you guys want to watch me stream that, of course, turn our twitch channel notifications on twitter dot TV slash what's good Games but I did get my first crowns and fog is ultimate knock. Which I was very excited about and Rebecca you've been playing fog is too. Yes. Very briefly kind of wedged in between the paper Mario in the beginning of among trees I've only played like an hour I am not. I'm I am nowhere near the crown. The great equalizer though I feel like that game, it doesn't matter if you're good earning I mean there's a couple of strategies that you can employ, of course. But so much of it is just raw chance and I kind of like that because it makes it feel that it's competitive but also not you don't feel as bad when you lose because you're like, well, it wasn't my fault that my teams did get all eggs in the basket and my team lost right yeah it's great. It's a game. There are several mini games lows I hate I hate the egg one I, hate the tail pulling hit the slime the tail knows zone but. But I love eating them I love eating them like. Frustrated like now. I gotTA. Do it again I gotTa win built. Good. Yeah slime climb was my nemesis but I finally. I conquered slime climb but that's one of the many games that is incredibly difficult to control if you're in the back of the pack at the beginning of the race. So as for people who are like what the heck are you even talking about if you've missed the phenomenon that is the battle royale is fog is ultimate knockout. There are sixty little bean characters that look like minions, but they have too little is and you can customize them a variety of ways, and you essentially are competing in a gauntlet of mini games to be the fall guy that makes it to the crown and they're called fog guys because your fall down. Is One of the primary mechanics in the game that you just fall over, and essentially the goal is does not fall down but you do you're going fall you're gonNA fall a lot. There's. Achievement that I got for falling I think a hundred times a single. which was wild to even me I was like I swear that many times but apparently I did or maybe it's ten times now Tennessee was reasonable. It seemed like more than ten times though, but I'll have to double check with the achievements. Are you know look up the trophy list but it's Super Fun and it's a great game to pick up. It's an all ages game. It's super colorful the team at media. Tron Media Tanaka's doing. A great job with kind of kicking new customizable things I love their social media team trying to get all of these fast food brands to compete against each other with WHO's going to get I like corporate customized skin in the game and some people come in are like don't want corporate skins and then a friend of mine named Kate was like I would pay good money to run as a hot cheeto and I was like. Yes this is. Like I feel like there's so many things you could be I feel like I. Think we did this. This is the one. Game Khalif Adam taste for yes. I. Think it was him. Yeah. Sorry. But he's like this is where the corporate sponsorship should be like it would be ridiculous and stupid and fun, and like this actually works really well. And I totally agree because I saw the mockups of like Colonel Sanders and I thought it was brilliant. I just I also like yeah. Go ahead put put ever get your corporate money just the let's go. Yeah. Support of small team right like this team. Is A team I think that people are rooting for because they made such a wholesome game we talked about it with Elise Williams on the Monday show when we should showed some of these corporate mockups that fans are doing and I. Even some of these corporations marketing teams doing please, can we have a piece of the Pie? And it's it's just great. It's great to see. You know they sold two million copies on steam. I have to imagine they're in the millions of downloads on playstation plus as well. Hopefully, they'll announce those numbers in in the future but congrats with that team if you haven't gotten a chance to check it out now fall guises, tons of fun. Yeah, and on that note, we're GonNa take our last break of the show. When we come back, we're going to bring it your questions to Rebecca. Valentine. What are you going to ask her about hit video games and writing about video games? Stick with US everybody we'll be right back. What get everybody welcome back. It's the final segment of the what's good Games podcasts and today we're talking with our special guest from Games Industry Dot Biz Rebecca Ballantyne and taking your questions. But before we get to that, I want to let you this segment is brought to you by Omaha steaks boy Oh boy do I love a nice juicy steak Steiner should we make steaks for dinner just makes them Omaha, steaks for dinner and when I think about stakes in grilling I, think summer summer right now everybody likes hot dogs chicken on the grill on kinds of things and Omaha steaks has it all plus the best part is that Omaha steaks is offering a steakhouse grilling package with an exclusive. Offer, just for what's good Games listeners. So you guys know Omaha steaks. If you want to take advantage of this fantastic deal, you've got to go to Omaha steaks, dot com, enter the code. W. G G. into the search bar super easy and this week Omaha steaks is going to add four burgers and four gourmet. Jumbo Franks to your order. 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Grill out package you're going to get those four Jumbo Franks in four Omaha Steak Burgers free to complete your steakhouse experience visit Omaha steaks dot com, and type WG into the search bar to get your shop grill packs today now you guys i. I just can't talk enough about how much I love Omaha steaks. These deals are so good. You guys if you like steaks at all and you like other grilled meats like a can't encourage you enough to take advantage of this offer seriously delicious now I want to go eat but I can't not right now. So. Now we're going to take questions for Immu for our special guest Rebecca. I don't mean to be like but I, but I realized after the show on Monday when Britney and I were talking with elites. The new facebook gaming feud with apple yes. Steiner also made her debut on what? Ever. Forgot. Realize. It's not forgotten Steimer always never. We. Forgot. To mention. We'll call him. So you, guys may remember on last week's episode. We had a reader mail question from will, and he made a comment saying that I think I'm going to leave my apple phone behind because of this ex- cloud base where Microsoft can't put project cloud on Xbox game pass on my Iowa's device. In so we asked will, would you mind expanding upon why this service would make you leave the Iowa's ecosystem behind and so will wrote us an email and I would like to read it very quickly. We'll ride good morning ladies. This will come from Patriot that's been the question of remark about leaving apple due to their strict anchor. anti-competitive practices specifically regarding in stadia not being allowed on their marketplace apple has done this for years. So this wasn't a shock, but when is enough enough I have been in the apple ecosystem for most of my life and you put some parentheses thirty eight, I've been a Gamer longer I. fully expect something to be worked out if nothing more for the US market which apple has forty seven percent but either way if this isn't resolved, this is now a purchase decision when it is time for me to. Get a new phone or tablet in parentheses again to surface book is a lot more attractive. Now, everyone has a straw in this one would be mine. Thank you for taking my question and all the. And all the continued content you are making their debut G- well, thank you well, and we discovered that will you are not allowed several people came out to show their support for this decision in leaving the IOS ecosystem in the face of what is happening with Apple. But I don't want to go down that rabbit hole because we've been there plenty of times over the last week instead I would like to go to some of your questions. For Rebecca and the first one is from Desmond Johnson, my teenage kids want to know who your favorite animal crossing villagers are I. Think it's more of a generic question for all of us but I know Rebecca you've been on a hunt for villagers and I want to know to doesn't it's okay if you're teenagers and you want to know there's no shame. If, you've already answered this question and we missed it. No worries listen I. Don't think we've had. We've answered this. I. Don't think. So either think. So Rebecca, who are your favorite villagers? Man. It's funny with animal crossing right because everyone has a soft spot for the villagers that were like their first, their first animal crossing game like. You're. GonNa say you're I in that game I was like, no, not true. Boy ended up with no. No. I started on wild world on the Diaz and I very specifically remember an extremely angry penguin name. Hopper. Who I love and he's just like furious all the time it is here. Like crazy. He's just he's so cute and in this really sweet little goat named Nan and those really to my I remember who my third one was but those to avoid a special place in my heart and I haven't seen them yet in New Horizons Oh, no NAM was on my island for a while. But then she said that she wanted to leave and go adventure and I said, I'm not gonNA hold you back. From. You Oh my gosh. No I never really hard. I didn't. Really. Really, not to be aggressive about trying to find specific villagers because I also think that some of the of animal crossing is meeting new ones and I really enjoy that like I've met a bunch of new villagers this time that I love so much a net lake a Mafi, who's the super goth sheep and she's So cute and adorable and She's great. And I've got like all these other ones island but I did get. So I always look miles tickets and gala nook miles points and nothing to do with them now because I put like four hundred hours in this game and I don't need anything anymore. But I I had a villager leave recently. And sucker lead actually I know a lot of people like soccer but he's he wasn't all that exciting for me even those cute it's I had to fill that spot and I went out looking for villagers on these miles islands and I like a list of like twenty or so villagers I'd be like, okay. If I see this one that will be held us all take them and I found on like my eight seventh or eighth try I found one of my most desired villagers for the last three. Games. Meringue the like dessert rhino she is this little pink rhinoceros she wears a little eligible cafe apron, her houses like decorated like a bakery she is a door but we Her and I'm in love. Rhino. Horn is. Very shortcake. Not to love. My. Every, she's mine. Now she lives in my island and she is just like absolute perfection I love her cell much. Never, going to leave another, let her well I also haven't logged in the animal crossing in a very long time, but I feel like even if I went and found somebody cooler, none of my nobody wants to leave my shit islands, but I want them to so badly. There's a certain amount of days that you have to wait between. villagers leaving, but you have to be to be logging in X. amount of days. It's not like real world days. It's in Game Day when you're active on your island and you'd have to look because they walk around like with thinking expression, you have to talk to them, and then they'll like maybe tell you they're really. This awful like. I don't know he's like a winter gorilla of kind named Hans who, Oh, I've seen Hans on other people's islands before pretentious I hate him every single time have any encounter with him he never wanted to leave. He's just like I'm so glad that I moved here to become best friends with you. Yeah he's like an abominable snowman. Looking. Invite man. Yeah I. Absolutely. Understand dislike of characters. That's how I felt when Boris moved to my island. He's a kind of a grumpy pig that has go super deep voice and as always we're over. And I'm like, Boris why are you always just in a bad mood? So I just kind of avoided him for a while but then he wrote me a message that was like, Hey Kiddo I'm sorry that I'm kind of a group sometimes we know that I'm always rooting for you and I hope we can be friends and I'm looking. Or Gio. Come trying to talk me and I run away from A. Had that release scary. Space. He's moving away because you just talk to them. But I want them to feel. Feel, isolated and alone what is wrong heath? From, me. Your. Name. cuter villagers sorry like the people that I really liked are all people that Goldfarb got on his island so Andrew Goldfarb Sucker Punch This. Really cute off guy named Fang and he would sit around and read and I'll secure. Just be my friend while I mean, there's a lot of villages that you can get from the AMOEBA cards now, which is, which is good. You can also go hunting for them. You can get some villagers on websites and There's a lot of different ways to get them, but Brittany. Say Something Oh? No the only one I had that I didn't like that creepy five minutes at Freddie's bear it looks like anyway. Yeah. Bears Name and remember her name but was so creepy about it is I was I would only play at night because that's what I did before bed and she'd always be walking on top of it like the top of the screen where looks around August uses creepy creepiest silhouette of this possess looking bear like lurking around my island and I said, Nope, like I literally saw playing when exit gave me flashbacks five at Friday's I can't do this and I can't play it whenever I saw her run the opposite direction Kinda like. But she still exists I. I have logged in months so I don't know hopefully she's gone. They don't leave without you. Without you said, yeah, they can't. They can't just leave the island without you're trapped. There Oh God. makes. Me Clinch thinking about she still lurking know. Yeah. My very first villager since this was my very first animal crossing was agnes the pig and she's super sweet. So she's a big sister type in the game. It also took me about two hundred hours of plane to discover that they're types. Villagers didn't understand that. But it makes sense. But she's great and I, really love her it. My other og coach just asked to leave yesterday and I said coach normally I wouldn't I wouldn't I didn't want you to go but he did admit that his house was getting just too messy and he's like it's easier if I just go it's easier just pick up everything move as. My House I was like Kosher. House is a hot mess. At the very beginning of the game I didn't know that there were like specific types of gifts that you should give your villagers just giving them just like random things, and so he's got like a hose reel. PLAYABLE SOFA and like like a praying mantis all. Our go to a junk lady be too. I didn't know any better. The Salad my house belongs in Hoarders. Changes in my. House. Just be like I. Don't really feel like cleanings just going to move the APP so I don't have to. I mean he he represents some of us. I feel you coach I get it. But I did get Raymond. He was like my fourth or fifth villager and this was way before I discovered like all the like the deep online communities of animal crossing in realizing that apparently, he was worth lots and lots of bells and people like Oh my God you have brave and I was like, yeah, he's. He's a cool cat why? He's impossible to get and I was like I. Don't know he just showed up one day. Just showed up. Do-. Yeah. But he's fun. The. Yeah. There's a lot of really cool characters. I'm excited to meet more. I really love looking at the way that they and customize their houses and all of the different ways they put furniture together I do wish they would allow you to catalog all the furniture of the villagers that move in i. kind of feel a little agree that they move in their Lebanon, your island rent-free they can't even be bothered to donate to the bridges and the inclines that I'm building all the time and they won't even let me get log their furniture. What the hell any who don't get me started I shouldn't talk more about animal crossing. This'll be the rest of the segment. We have lots of more questions for you rebecca like this one firm Groovy Muse do you have any advice on how to start freelancing in Games journalism? I have a degree in journalism but I don't have much experience covering video games take you I enjoy all the work you do. Thanks let's Nice. It's man it's hard on games. Journalism is a super. It's a super small field There are not a lot of fulltime jobs and you you have to be good but you walk there are a lot of people who were very good and you also have to be very lucky has to be like the right time and it's so hard for freelancing. There are ways to get started. The thing that I suggest is you want some kind of portfolio. So you said you have a degree in journalism if you're already working in something that's kind of gaming, Jason's like entertainment or tech. So close to that, already like doing journalism, it have published work out there. Then that might be enough to sort of like start going to websites that are looking for pitches and start pitching them at their emails to send them ideas for stories that you want to do There's lots of advice out there about how to pitch but if you have that portfolio than, that's one way to do it if you don't have a portfolio. That's close to games or just don't have any writing out there the bus it doesn't. I. Actually have a start like a medium blog or wordpress blog of your own and just start writing about games do the kind of writing that you WANNA do out there there are there are websites that are out there. That will prey on new games writers that will try to get you to do a lot of work for them for free and there are small sites that can't pay very much and that's fine like they're trying to buy unpatriotic sounds like they're doing their best. But there's also a lot of bigger sites out there that will ask for volunteer writers or for. Very low rates and you get your portfolio out there but you don't get paid and they can afford to pay or afford to pay you and so at that point is honestly better just to have your own little blogger, you're writing about the things that you want to write about. and. Then when you go to pitch to websites that are out there looking for pitches than you already have portfolio to show them and you can show the pay what my writing looks like. In terms of figuring out where to pitch again like it's kind of hard I would recommend following the websites that you like to read that you want to eventually pitch articles to follow them on twitter, follow them on social media, and then followed her editors on social media as well. The people who you would presumably pitch to. The best way to sort of find out that websites or accepting articles is to watch them on social media and wait for them to ask usually like a lot of places like pauline, PC, Gamer and. Places that will put out tweets every. So often especially when there's a big game that's just come out like they've done on fortnight, but they'll be like, hey, we're looking for people to write about X. The email you send it to here's a leak to our pitching guidelines, and then once you kind of know where to send pitches because you've seen something like that then you can do it again in the future and you already have that connection know how to do it. So that's that's kind of like the very broad like general advice I have it. It is hard is really competitive I think the last thing I would say is confined read read a lot of games writing read lots and lots of games reading read lots of different types of it. Criticism. Journalism read. Feature is read reluctance games writing and also read lots of things that are not games writing. That's how you get better at what you do and the more different kinds of things that you read. The better you will get at the kinds of things that you want to write. Off Fantastic advice. Certainly something. I would have said almost word for Rebecca. That was fantastic. I'm I would just like piggy back to say that if you have a specialty like if you have a beat that you should lean into it like if you love each sports for example or if you're really big specifically into farming sins or if you like this one developer, you know if you're gonNA start, your blog, make sure to include some of those pieces as well because more and more. Now we're seen segmentation happen instead of just general coverage because as Rebecca said, there are very few jobs that are available for full time writers and so freelancers generally get picked up for more of those fringe jobs that are specialty like A. Well I can't say what game we were playing this week but I was playing a game this week. Then I'm going to be able to talk about next week and it's a game that has. Some writers that are devoted to this particular franchise and. Getting to talk to some of those writers was really helpful for me as somebody who likes this game but doesn't follow this game religiously and those jobs are available particularly more in the freelance field. So I would look at games like that I think live service games in particular are some of those better games look for as well. So if there's like a live service that you like following, maybe look at becoming, you know a beat writer for that as well. That's. Great Question Groovy. Muse. Next question is from Lauren. Now, this question is for Indie Queen Rebecca it seems the Games media often piles onto big prestige triple A. releases like ghost of Sushi or the last of US partout. But indie game coverage is often really spotty or the Games trailers releases get mentioned but the games themselves never really played or discussed. What do you think would help the media give more indie games a chance, and do you think the situation is at least better now than it was five or so years ago? Man I'm going to be a downer. So hard honestly this like the. Answer for what would help get at least on the journalists inside what we get more into gives coverage is websites need more money like that's literally it like. It's easy to drag on websites for Oh, that thing click bait but like literally we need clicks to survive. Website. Games right. I don't exist unless people click on their articles and get ad revenue. It just doesn't happen and the fact is that like while yes, if you discover and indeed and happened to write about, it will get clicks and people will find it interesting. It will never ever get as many clicks as an article as a guide to how to find x thing in the last of us part to well like that is just the reality of it and The. Whole big topic you just about all day. But like the state of media in general in the State of Games journalism specifically is such that there is just like no money in it and by the late getting cut all over the place cove does not helping. And so when you have like not a whole lot of writers and not a whole lot of time and not a whole lot of money to pay those writers, then you end up basically only honing on the coverage that you have the time and energy to do, and that's GonNa be the coverage is going to keep your side alive. Now, there's a lot of sites that are trying to do as much coverage as possible like Andrew actually mentioned. In the last thing you could there are some indie games that are sort of coming up like. Starting Valley's a big one fog I suspect is going to be one that are going to sort of attracts people to write on this beats for longer periods of time, and that's really good. But there's a lot of games out there that just never get discovered in that way and I don't think it's better than it was five or so years ago because there's just less money in journalism and it's harder but I do think that the rise of streamers and video video people and just content creation in general is getting better and is helping indies. I I WANNA I wanNA advocate for written journalism because I want us to do more of that, and we should and that's super important. But I think that getting an Indie game discovered is easier if you can like connect with streamers now than it is because there's more value I'm not a super personally but my understanding is that there's more value streamers in finding games not necessarily other people are talking about because they can find sort of a corner to like fit into. And so there's there's like an opportunity there I guess again, a whole big brother thing but. I'm glad you brought that avenue I think the thing when it comes to streamers and why indies are becoming a bigger thing is because you have these dreamers who are extreme full-time, right? We're talking six days a week usually sometimes fi but usually anywhere from six to eight hours at a clip or more. That's a lot of content to fill, and if you're not playing games that take hours and hours and hours like Doda to for example. You're going to need games. You'RE GONNA run out of stuff to play. You can't just keep going back into your backlog. Your audience keeps coming back wants to see new stuff. Now, they do need to chase the trends for what's big on twitter. What's big on Youtube, game facebook game, whatever platform they're on, but sometimes I want to try something new and that's indies can really fill that gap say hey. It's a random Tuesday afternoon I wanNA play something before my raid crew gets on later. Why don't I just pop into this game for an hour or two and I think discover ability in that sense is really great but I couldn't agree with you more that while I want to say it's better than it was five years ago absolutely worse and part of that is not only that game is becoming. Increasingly funded which I'm glad you called attention to but also there are way more indie coming out than there ever have been before because the publishing tools of so much more accessible and it's impossible literally impossible to keep up when what games goes to a show like packs. For example, you know we get added to oppress list, and then we just get flooded with emails for games that are coming out. That we've never heard of from tease. We don't know and it's impossible to respond to everybody into play everything and that's just the reality of the situation. It's tough because you want to be able to find those gems. But as she said, you got to to a certain extent, chase the clicks a little bit, and hopefully find some balance when I started I N. we reviewed every single game that came out. In a month. Your God. We reviewed. Everything. Obviously, this is very long time ago. But. So yeah. That was just to the point of. It has changed a lot and obviously they do not do that anymore because. To your point and to record point, there's less funding for it, and so you need to maximize the amount of work you're doing for the clicks and then. The thing. Oh there's just too many of them now like. You would need such a big staff in order to make that happen would just be impossible. The most common email that i. get like just just like in terms of category of press release is Hey, we're launching. We're launching our kickstarter or kickstarter today. Can you cover it and I am so sorry, there are so many of you. As you might not get. I know the reason why you're reaching out to me is because you want me to cover it. So you can get more attention kick so that it will get funded but literally everyone else is doing the same thing at the exact same time as you and lake I do not have time to let no one has time to like sift through every single one of these and figure out. which ones of these it's so hard. It's I. Feel you I feel so bad I feel so bad because we get those a lot to new WANNA CD's hopes and dreams come to reality do. Right but remember that time where everyone was covering kickstarter because what was it caught? What game was it? That was? Fine double fined yes. No, it's not costume quest it was. The one with a wash would and I'm blinking. Broken broken age. Hold on I'm looking it up to the Google machine. Other she. But yeah, there was a time when I think covering and I mean certain kickstarter starters I'd never exhibited still but. Yeah now I know. Was the second one maybe now, there was two of the same game. small team. Program was broken into two thousand thirteen. Yes it also makes me miss like taxes and stuff because that was where I would go and I would go to like the Indy Bega booth, which is now on Haggis and like the indy mini mini booth even these little games that lake I probably never would have probably got an email about it somewhere. But like I might not ever really paid attention to it before and I can just walk around and he's a little glimpses of game and ended up picking up. Like. Twenty as they never would have heard of otherwise just from walking around and playing little bits of things some of the best clock games that I played with my husband Jason have. Been Indie. Games like that you do see like right now we're playing here's of Hammer Watch which is fucking phenomenal and Plan Hammer Watch, and plain. Oh, there's a few blinking on all the teams I remember memory like today but there's some really really good ones out there and how The bus. Wound me anyway. I digress going with that. You're talking about heroes of hammer watching playing co op, Indie Games, and how some of the best games you play cope with your husband or indies perfect sewer put a period on. Yeah Well I do want to tie this into the final question, which is from moon is high ladies Hi Rebecca Super Looking forward to hearing from Rebecca on the show my question every time I get into games like t lou or goes sushila everyone everyone's calling out. So today I, find them surprisingly conservative and I always find myself bouncing back to the creativity of indie games. What are some of the recent indie games you wish the triple eight industry took some lessons from in terms of pushing the medium forward. Going going back to like thinking about games I played like India megabits. Maybe it's hard right because if you're GONNA if people are going to invest like you know millions of dollars in making this big triple a game, they don't want to take risks like your investors don't want you to take risks. They know that like this is very typical action RPG or shooter formula like works, and they're not going to take risks, and so that's why we're going GONNA see the same thing over at our with maybe like one late tiny little risk lake stuck in over here probably intended it or something. So like there's so much more room in indies I think the thing that I think back to when I look at it easily I look at the verbs like what is the thing that I am doing in the game and it is so much more interesting when that verb is not run jump and shoot or stab, which is not like what does that like to like slam on violence and gives us this like I play mostly peaceful games but like I play I play games relate you'd shoot people or whatever to. But I love Games where the verb is something interesting. So there's a game I played at the. Mini Booth PATSIES before everything shut down this called Evergreen Blues and it is this little game where there's this cease to character sitting on stage and it's just then singing and I have no idea. There's there's like probably the there's like this whole thing about how they did the music but you basically just choose the lyrics that they sing as they go with like the keys on the keyboard and you like basically bring them into a duet together and that's the game it's just. These two characters singing and you can make their songs sad or hopeful or whatever. But that's the game and it's there's I think there's like five or six songs in the whole game. It's not very much. It's not very long, but it's it's free too but it's like incredible. It's just like why who thought of this like why this is not something I ever would've thought would be a game just making these two little to each other and sing about love and loss. It's so lovely and like I don't know I. Wish I wish we were doing more weird verbs I. wished like East Shade with my gave your last year in the urban that gave his paint. You just paint landscapes. That's what you do and it's like great and it feels so good and I i. don't know I. Want I want more games with weirder verbs with things? To do that are not like like four or five conventional things that we do in every single other video game I think I think that's where I look at indie games and try to figure out. Okay. Like what what here is, here's the thing that I really WanNa pay attention to what can I do in this world that I can't do unlike any other video game world. That's really cool. Reminds me of a game I played at the control delete booth at GTC, which is always one of my favorite booth at GDP, which is literally impossible to do virtually because it focuses on unconventional types of controllers, but there is a game called but sniffing plugs. That Had literally had like a like a fuzzy stuffed pug but like. By this. Custom fight. It wasn't quite a fight stick but it had buttons but there was a point where you had to like put your face like into the stuffed animal but. The show. Weird. But it was like so stupid and fun. That was like, how can you not walk away laughing from playing this game called? Books. So my God, you know so I appreciate. I appreciate the wacky weird. It's it's tough though. The risk taking is the tough part, right? You need balance you need to be able to get your game funded right? Like you need money to make a game, and if it's too risky than people who can give you money are going to be like it's not GonNa, make any money. So you kind of need there's inherently like some level of either trust already built like maybe you've shipped like a couple of really good games already it's the people out. We know you. You've already done good work give you money or you have to be basically entirely funded to do just really wild out there shit. Yeah. Thank helpfully, more publishers will take more risks. That's why I do really appreciate what epic has done and I know a lot of people harped on me back when it game store became a thing, everyone was very mad at epic but you know what they're doing is supporting publishers supporting developer supporting indies, and if you're looking for some, you know weird experiences advocate store Rebecca I wanna ask you real quick about this little project. I saw your twitter account held the cozy would kitchenette. You describe it as an upcoming comfy podcasts that combines video game inspired recipe. Cook alongs in conversations with the people who make in love games coming this fall. Yeah, that is credible. So. Yeah. I mean if you know if you know anything I do on twitter, you know that I somehow somehow ended up in this weird hobby of cooking through video game inspired cookbooks. I've already cooked the entire world of warcraft cookbook. I. Did the elder scrolls last year. Actually doing the mothers cookbook right now I haven't sitting right here. Yes. My PDF print out of it. I only have five recipes left and they're really hard. They're like the last one is making hand pulled cotton candy. It's ridiculous anyway. So I've done these legends cookbook for Legend's all over there waiting for me when I'm done. But I just stumbled into this world of video game food and I love it so much and I like I'm not good at coming up with recipes on my. Own like I'm not creative chef but I I like food I like video games and I like talking to people about those two things. So it's aiming for October I. Don't know exactly if it's going to pan out because I have a lot of prep to do but the plan is cozy with kitchenette probably GONNA release episode every two weeks, and it's just going to be audio video. Showing you how to make it but the idea is like kind of. Almost Bob Ross style like walk through a recipe of some kind that has some association with Video Games. So it might be something out of a cookbook in might just I'm GonNa, teach you how to make bread and we're GONNA talk about bread-making in this one video game where somebody making bread or something like that, and that's what's GonNa be it's GonNa. Be Like really chill I'm GonNa make it with you. We're going to take the whole time to make it. So I'm GonNa talk you through the ingredients and the recipe. But as I'm cooking, you know there's Times where like I'm going to be stirring you're going. To be waiting for something to heat up and you don't just want to sit there in silence. So during those breaks, I'm going to talk with either developers on the Games that are associated with the food that we're talking about or people who are in the game community who are really excited and passionate about that game or people who are very skilled knowledgeable about making that food who can talk about? Okay. Here's this like food that has a correlation in the real world. What does that say about the game that we're talking about So I've I've got some ideas I've got some people that I want to pitch. For guests early on but the idea is just like forty five minutes to an hour every two weeks you get a recipe, you get an association with a video game and get a chat with somebody who cares about that food that game al-Qaeda's sounds amazing. When you are ready to do the destiny cookbook, you give me a call. Let me. I've got it. I'm planning to do some of the cocktails in in that code. If you WANNA, make some those recipes. Let me know. Toria Rosenthal she's really good. Yeah. That is a phenomenal rabbi goes. Mother recipes. Man Yeah I'm they're they're good. They're so good. It's been really. I've learned a lot from this taught me how to make good burgers. I never knew I didn't know making good Burgers is this easy? Apparently it is. Yeah. Let's awesome. It's all behind you form those patties. GotTa do them the right way some cheese in their Cheese Well. Rebecca, thank you so much for joining us on this episode of what good gains it was a pleasure chatting with you and thank you to everybody who sent in questions. If People WanNA follow you. If they WANNA, follow what you're writing, where are the best places for people to do that? So, you can find me on twitter at Duck Valentine you can find. If you WANNA hang around in October and listen to some food podcasts. You can follow that at cozy would kitchen I think that's right. Actually I haven't had the plug that before out. On. All right someone. Cozy. Would kitchen yeah. That's what it is, and then you could find my work right about the business of video games, games industry his. All right. We will have all those links for you. Of course, in the show notes as per usual and thank you so much again for joining us and we will be back next week on Monday with what's good. Games. Live we'll see a later everybody by. added.

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