November 4, 2019


Good Monday morning I'm Anna Palmer and welcome to your political playbook audio briefing stay tuned after the show for a message from the American Investment Council and I'm Jay Sherman in President Donald Trump just made this month much more interesting speaking on the South Lawn the president left the door open to a government shutdown in seventeen days I he said no no no when asked if he would shut the government down because he was being impeached then he said it depends on what the negotiation I wouldn't commit to anything it depends on what the negotiation Russian is remember the government shutdown date is November twenty first congresses last day in session before the Thanksgiving Break Congress would revolt at the idea of a shutdown and Democrats Democrats are never going to relent that impeachment because of a shutdown some in the capital think they'll be able to override the president's veto of a spending bill needless to say the president is toying with the shutdown this this month might not be on autopilot. Here's what's happening on impeachment today the House is out but four witnesses are scheduled for depositions today all of them own Robert Blair and Brian McCormack John Eisenberg and Michael Ellis of the NFC are expected to skip their meeting with the impeachment investigators the La Times is reporting putting the President Donald Trump is lashing out in California as wildfires rage in the state tweeting that Governor Gavin Newsom and representative Adam Schiff had had failed to properly manage the state's forests the president is fixated on outing the name of the whistle blower and Daniel reports that the president does not think impeachment should get emme coverage although he's consuming a lot of coverage about impeachment and we've got some News Am Wall Street Journal's Mike Benders writing a book it's titled Selling Trump the inside inside story of the two thousand twenty reelection campaign that will give an unprecedented look at the business of presidential campaigns and the marketing of Donald Trump's political brand going behind behind the scenes on key decisions for the trump team during the two thousand sixteen and Twenty twenty elections that Ladimir and Keith urban of Javelin Representative Benner Sean Desmond Will Edit the book for Twelve Books The New York Times is a piece in the next potential frontier of the culture words as conservatives push to make Trans Kids in school sports the next battleground around on the two thousand twenty front the Texas Abused Reporting Democrats don't have twenty twenty candidate who would beat trump in Texas today that's according to a new Texas Tribune poll and The New York Times report the Wall Street is sounding the alarm as Elizabeth Warren's candidacy has gained steam and here's what's on tap for trump's Monday the president meet with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at eleven forty five IBM in the Oval Office he will host a twenty two thousand nine world series champions The Washington nationals at one thirty on the South Lawn trump will leave the White House at four ten and route to Lexington Kentucky he will speak a campaign rally at rupp arena seven. PM afterward he will return to Washington subscribed to playbook at politico dot com slash playbook playbook private equity is driving force for economic growth and opportunity for American workers and now a new report released by e y highlights private equities positive impact in growing local economies and building stronger communities across the nation private equity directly employs nearly nine million workers in all fifty states from jobs in manufacturing and agriculture to tack in transportation learn more about how private equity is investing in America. By visiting this is private equity DOT COM.

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