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Novak Wins His Eighth! 2020 Australian Open Mens Finals Review


And to be kidding me stop everybody and welcome back to another episode of the PODCAST. I'm your host Michael and This is my two thousand Twenty Australian. Open men's final recap and review so in the past Since basically since we started doing this podcast the way we've done things is that We do a preview episode. We then do a mid tournament. Recap right so basically you know recapping and talking about the first weeks events and then we get to the end of the tournament and we do essentially the same thing we recap a week to and kind of covering the big matches and And then get to talk about the finals right. Because obviously that's the biggest thing however What I decided to do obviously and I mentioned this before is I want to try and do more in the future. Going to attempt to do a daily recordings for the podcasts especially at Grand Slams the possibility I may do it masters one thousand events Not GonNa make a promise there but I am definitely GonNa to try and do that for the Grand Slams And so I'm Kinda have been dipping my toe into this a little more in the second week of the Australian Open just because of had the opportunity and in doing so. It means that this being the final episode covering the Australian Open. I really don't have much to cover beyond the men's final There is Some doubles news that I will get to But on the whole it's really about the men's final I've already covered the women's final You know pretty much the point now where I'm just you know. Essentially talking about everything leading up to the winner of the Australian Open men's final like the winner of the the trophy holding it up in that is just covering the match and talking about the winner and talking about the person that lost the runner up. What the winner did well with the runner up did well and what they didn't do well etcetera etcetera. And that's why I'm going to do here and it's GonNa be You know some broad thoughts. I'm not going to do the set one set to use at three et cetera because I just don't really feel like there's much of a need here. I'm I'm recapping him covering the men's final and is it so No you know Format utilizing the you know sets like a tennis matches Using the sets to break up my podcast. Because there's no reason so let's get into. Let's talk about the men's final. This of course is fi. Novak Djokovic and Dominic team final Both players ended up coming through the draw and making their way And it was a final that was amazing but before we get to it. Let's talk about the path to the final. How did dominant team? In Novak Djokovic get to the final so we're GONNA start out with Dominic team so dominant team started out this tournament With a pretty solid opponent in Adrian Marino on this guy. He's a. He's a tough cookie. I've seen him take down some good veteran players. You know top Not Top seeds. But you know he's definitely taken down some big names in the past He's ranked forty fourth in the world and You know he's done. He's done some damage from time to time. So Dominic toasters out with him and kind manages to get through that in straight-sets then it goes into the second round and he goes five sets against Alex Bolt and this guy. He's a journeyman on He twenty seven years old but he ended up taking dominic five sets. He was up two sets to one at one point. So you know. Dominic through three sets was looking like he may not make it to the third round. He ended up In writing the ship in winning the final two sets pretty easily off Nair. He defeated Taylor. Fritz in the third round in four sets then went into the fourth round and took out guy on fees in straits and then in the quarters which was the big match Rothenberg versus Dominic Team in. This went four sets In which included three tiebreakers all one by Dominic team and This was a phenomenal match. It was a little over. Four hours was four hours and ten minutes on court very aggressive Very physical match from both players So he ended up dispatching the doll exercising some demons and then took out. Alexander's of era of the resurgent. Alexander's era of In Four sets as well that included two tie breaks in the final two sets and dominant team booked his ticket to the final. Now let's go to Novak Djokovic. So Novak started out with John Leonard Struve and took out truth in four sets ended up being a tougher match. Start out the tournament then. Novak probably thought Face a little more opposition than you think he thought he was going to get into but It was a good tough test. Start out and from there. He went into the second round and defeated. Tetsuya Ito Taking him out in straight-sets before he went on to the third round and defeated Yoshihiko Nishioka and then to got Diego Schwartzman in the fourth round. He was the fourteenth seed meals roundish. The thirty the thirty two seed In the quarterfinals and then Rura Roger Federer the number three seed in the semis. Now if you look at the draw. Novak Straw was solid if it was a fresh Or even just a healthy Roger Federer. I think you could look at this. Draw in say that Novak Really Kinda fought his way to the final and face some new stiff opposition But I don't think he really. Based tougher draw draw. You know. It's not something he should ever apologize for by the way. But this is not a draw that you know you go through get to the final and think I really came through something and I'm ready you know I've dealt with stiff competition tough opposition and you know I'm now ready for this final whereas Dominic team came through just gotland of a top players know apart from Torino and A Bolt Fritz was the twenty ninth seed. Gay Oman Fees is the tenth seed Rafael. Nadal was the number one overall seed and Alexander's Avera was the number seven overall seed for this tournament. That's a fantastic draw. That meant the team had to get through a lot of really good players if he was going to get to the final and you know broke. His jaw broke that way. Whereas I think Novak Khuda face stiff competition and ultimately he didn't again shouldn't apologize for that but just looking at the path of the final here for both players. It's clear the team had the much tougher draw and Especially the final two matches Nidal ends Avera of That was difficult. So let's look at the final here. Let's talk about this in the broad strokes. What did I think this final and then going to go into some of the stats in talk about why some of the stats backup my thoughts and opinions here on the final. So first off Novak Djokovic won this match and it is a fantastic victory for Novak right. That's the eighth overall Australian Open the. He's one I mean that is insane by no stretch. Do I think that Novak was was playing his best here? That's also at least partially due to the opponent that he played right. But you know this is a is a tournament did is. GonNa give if anything. Novak even more confidence because he shows he can win this title when he's not playing his best. Maybe when he's feeling his best in in in you know he's facing competition that's really taking him as deep as possible in in some of these rallies and really forcing him to come up with some special stuff and still finding a way to do it finding a way to lift that trophy at the end of the tournament at the end of the Australian. Open his house by the way I mean this is his house if if the dolls house is Roland Garros in Rogers House is Wimbledon. Than Novak's House is clearly the Australian Open. It's clearly Rodley Verena and to win in the manner in which he did give him what he was going up against him giving given how difficult this match was for him at times The fact that he lifted the trophy end really says a lot. So apart from Novak winning I think that this is going to be a match that is going to be difficult for dominant team to reconcile with for a long time. This is a match that he's going to lay in bed. And I guarantee you you know within minutes of of this match ending. He was replaying points in his head. He probably sat waiting for the trophy presentation and thought about specific points. That had he won them. This match would be entirely different in the outcome. He laid in his bed playing points on the ceiling all night long. I guarantee you. He probably got less sleep than you might think for. Somebody that played you know four hours of tennis for very physical hours of tennis. I bet most of the night. He just kind of laid there and just stared at the ceiling in thought. If I'd have just done this if this would have happened if I made that shot. And he's GonNa find a way to turn this loss into something positive and don't get me wrong. I you know one hand you can say well. He played really well. Yeah he took you know Novak Djokovic on his you know very favorite service on very favorite Grand Slam and you know completely pushed him to the absolute limit. And Yeah you can certainly take this positives but but honestly it's not enough. That is just that dominic played. Well he's GonNa have to find a way to make this into something that pushes him to the next level because if he doesn't it's GonNa tear them down now. I don't think that's going to happen. I think Dominic teams made of much much stronger stuff. Everybody Intestine tennis knows it. From Roger Federer Novak Djokovic Rafa Nadal on down that dominant team is made of some. You know something very special but that being said when you were up two sets to one against one of the best players of all time whether it be Novak or a doll or Roger you cannot let them off the hook you cannot let them off the hook you cannot let them find a way to you. Know deal with whatever wave of titanic. You Know Amazing. Tennis is coming from you and then managed to withstand like assault. You know deal with it and then still win ultimately If you two sets to against Novak Djokovic in a Grand Slam you lose. That's going to be something that's going to be hard to deal with. You cannot let these legends find a way to win in situations like this and Dominic team had his chances. He did in the fourth in the fifth set. He had his chances Some of them were chances to finish. Take the lead in the Senate and possibly the match others chances to get back on. Serve until you get even get level in a set and he failed to do that in the final two sets so let's jump into some of the stats here and let's talk about what these stats mean So if you look at the stats overall for the match Dominic had thirteen aces. Two nine for Novak The both had five double faults and their first serve percentage was almost exactly the same sixty four percent for dominic team sixty five percent for Novak Djokovic. I serve one. Novak had seventy-six Dominic had nine win on second serve. Novak had fifty one fifty one percent and dominic one forty five now. That's six doesn't seem like a lot but that I think in a lot of ways can be the difference between victory and defeat here Break points one. They were both five of twelve. Forty two percent net points. Novak was Twenty four twenty nine for eighty. Three percent in Dominic was twenty three or thirty one for seventy four percent winners. Domina cat fifty five to Novak's forty six and dot or they both had fifty seven Airs WHICH MEANS THAT. Dominic was a minus two winners to errors in. Novak was minus eleven. So right there you can tell close. This is in. The match was only separated by ten points between the players. One hundred fifty seven for Novak hundred forty seven four dominic team. So let's jump into the sets in. Let's let's talk about this because the first set. Novak came out hot right. He was playing very well. Very sharp. Very aggressive. Team came out little shaky He was kind of working his way into the match He did eventually after getting broken. He did eventually level it it for all in the first set then immediately after leveling it he got broken and then Novak served out the set and won it so five aces to two in favor of dominant team If you look at just the winners here though twelve winners for Dominic team sixteen unforced errors for Dominic team. Nine winners for Novak. In fourteen for fourteen unforced errors for Novak. So you're talking about minus five for Novak and minus four for Dominic team but team also had five aces so that helps So the the margins here pretty slim overall either player could have won. This set had dominant teamed up in. Broken it for all. We don't know what would have happened. But the fact is Novak did exactly what he needed to do. Apply the pressure precisely when he needed to and it resulted in a break late and he was able to get the first set right. So let's go into set to so in set to Both Novak in Dominic had one ace. And if you look at their winners this is where things begin to change. So Novak had seven winners thirteen hundred forest areas that's a minus six winners to errors If you look at dominant team he had thirteen winners to eleven. On for ASTAIRE'S SURE A plus too. That's a big difference okay. And it doesn't sound like a lot but the fact is that it just shows that dominic was He was more crisp in his groundstrokes. He didn't make as many errors of course which helps. You're not hurting yourself. Losing Games because of errors that you've made on your racquet In this is the kind of set the dominic needed. He had to have a set like this right after losing that I set right. After he'd broken back had levelled everything at four all and then just turn on and got broken right away and then all of a sudden. Novak's got the first set Instead of crumbling dominant came out. Play better tennis crisper. Tennis SMARTER TENNIS AND IT resulted in him. Winning the second set six four when the first set six four. Dominic wins the second. Set six four. And so you're looking at and thinking. Okay this is better. This is exactly what you want Better Tennis You could argue that. Novak's level went down. But I was in part because dominic was just playing better. He was playing better tennis. He wasn't hurting himself as much through. Unfor STAIRS. He was forcing the action. he was constructing The points much much better Really Forcing Novak into tough rallies in tough situations and it showed and that's why he won the second set Jonas at three US at three. They both had two aces and they both had faults. She go to the winners again. Novak had twelve winners to thirteen for stairs minus one if you look at Novak. He had eleven winners. Seven unforced errors so Dominic had a plus four and again. This really just tells you a lot right here right. Okay Thirty two points one by Dominic team for the set twenty four for Novak but the big thing is that again. Dominic team didn't make a ton of unforced errors to make as many Um foresters Novak did Novak in sets two and three looked worn out He looked tired. He looked No energy low energy He he Dehydrated maybe I mean he just. He looked like he was pretty close to not being able to keep playing basically so this is just a set where it was a continuation of set to where dominant team was playing better. Novak was playing. Worse was partly physical. Assuming yes obviously having seen what you could see on. Tv's watching the match. Yes Novak was looking physically haggard Dominic he didn't let that Alter his Attention Make him a breaks concentration. Saddam happens when a player is injured. Or there's an issue going on physically it can take you out of the match He didn't let that happen in the end result is he one of third-set Six two and it seemed at that point given the fact that Novak looked like he was in bad shape that this match was getting pretty close to being over cell. It's we want to set for set for Novak starts to play better. Maybe the electrolytes. He was drinking in the water and everything else seemed to start to do. Its Job He was playing much much. Better in in the fourth set and Dominic He didn't play badly. He really didn't but he got broken it. I think it was three all in the fourth set. He got broken in from there. It basically that was it is pretty much over And so if you look at the stats here. They both had two aces Dominic had a double-fault Novak. Do not have any and then winners. Novak had thirteen to five and four stairs as a plus eight if you look at dominant team. He had ten. Winners to seven unforced. Errors has a plus three good for both players. But the fact is A plus plus three EP plus East better obviously and you know Novak when thirty points in this set down team one. Twenty-one the fact is not a lot separated them If you if you look. However at Novak Djokovic fact is he just simply played cleaner better set then even dominic team did and he played good. Set here this. Is You know you anytime you're in. A positive is when it comes to winners to heirs. That's good that's what you want Novak simply was better here and allowed him he. He got the brakes to the needed He he had two opportunities to break. He got that breakthrough needed. And that's it. Dominic had a break opportunity himself. He didn't get that break. And the pretty much is the story of this set. So Novak wins the set six three and it takes Cintas at five now. This is where I think that that dominant team and I do think this happened a bit in sub four but definitely happen in set five Dominic. I think is the one of the sort of to wear down physically. I think he was starting to feel it. I do believe that. The DOLL INS verve match. Kind of wore him out a bit He's probably tired at this point. Having lost a four set it must have been really like gutting to have lost the four set but he came out serving. I in the fifth set in that. And this is what makes the being broken all the worst. Because if he'd have held serve early in the fifth set he may be able to build some momentum. Because when you're serving I if you hold serve it puts pressure on your opponent because they're always kind of you losing right. They always have to win their their service. Ma- so they have to always have to win their service game in order to just keep the match level and instead team comes out and gets broken runaway He but he's looking tired. And this is the thing. Dominic was pressing in the fifth set. Especially if he was pressing been the fourth at times But those were more like in specific moments whereas in the fifth set it felt like he was going for more low percentage winners than he should have been I think he was getting tired. I think the long rallies were starting to take its toll on him at that point whereas with no vacuum is taking its tool on him earlier in the match In in Dominic in his attempt to kind of end points quicker was trying to go for more and unfortunately he was going for more at the worst times and like it. Just one begin one break of serve here but ultimately it's all that Novak needed. He got broken quickly and early in the fifth set. And that was that. If you look at the stats. Dominic had three Aces Nova to neither had any double-faults Novak had five winners to twelve thousand four stairs and Donna team had nine winners to sixteen hundred four stairs right. That means that the both players were minus seven right. There were separated by a grand total of seven points in the set. But here's the thing breakpoints one again. Novak was one of two whereas dominic was zero of to A. He had two chances in that set to break back and he didn't win either of those points he gets back on level again. We don't know what's going to happen at that point we'd have to just watch and see how it played out. The fact is he had two opportunities to get back. You know in this set and in the match in level things out and then see what happens. But he wasn't able to do that and ultimately time ran out for Dominic team He couldn't break back. He couldn't find a way to get the break point they needed and the end result was Novak did what he had to do and he won the fifth set six four at the end of the match. I think the dominant team starting to feel it physically. I think you know his four hour and ten minute match against an adult and then I think it was a three hour Something forty eight minutes or fifty minutes against Zaveri that's a lot of tennis and a lot of physical tennis to play against two players that really thrive on you know playing from the baseline it long a gut busting rallies And I think that that did have near take its toll on. It's not an excuse. It's just something that I could. I could tell I could see how tired he was. Donald team is in incredible shape by the way is a tennis player But you could see his legs getting a bit heavy. You could see him. You know not usually utilizing the crisp footwork or ask Crisp of footwork as he did earlier in the match when he was just pushing Novak around and just looked fantastic out there he he let Novak hang around in the fourth set and it was to his detriment ultimately so Novak wins. He wins his eighth Australian Open title and ultimately I think that again. This is a great achievement by Novak Obviously Eighth Australian Open title. It's insane but it's the seven th seventeen. Th Overall Grand Slam needle has nineteen Raja's twenty so there's that and then now with Dominic again you could say well. It's another step in the right direction. He's proven that he can do this. He's proven that he can do this against you. Know maybe the best hardcore player of all time If not the best. It's you know he in Federal Kerr clearly tied it with each other. I think in terms of the hardcore prowess but the fact is yes dominant team can do. We just watched him. Nearly Defeat Novak Djokovic but he didn't defeat Novak Djokovic and it's not like he had matchpoints right he still had work to do even feed a broken in that fourth set There's no guarantee that You know he just would have found a way to serve the match out But but he did let an opportunity slip by. And you don't know when you're going to get your next opportunity. You might think. Well he's. He's pretty young he's twenty six Yeah but there's a lot of players to come through this game. Who are supposed to do. Great things never do Gregor Dmitrov for as wonderful as his game is. I'm not sure he ever wins. A Grand Slam title folks I like to think he can. He has the talent I just don't know that he has would is required Because it's not. Just what the talents about the desire? The heart the passion the decisions shot making all that it all comes together into a package and there's still a few things. I think Donald T needs to learn to do better. I think he he does need to learn to He still tries to go for big amazing. Low percentage shots little too often for my liking But again you know. He came close and he really should have done it. He should have found a way to win this match. He did not but all credit to Novak for not giving up and for ultimately coming through. Okay before we get to the end of the podcast. Here I do want to note who the men's doubles and mixed doubles and women's doubles winners. were NAVA. Admit straight up here. I didn't Watch these matches on the cassette. And like I can you know provide some insight and analysis hayward I do want to note them anyway so for the men's doubles The doubles team of Rajiv Ram and Joe. South's Berry defeated the team of was it Max pursell from Australia and see Luke Saville. They defeated them. Six four six two to win the doubles Australian Open title for the men's the men's doubles and Ram In Salisbury. Were the eleven overall seed Receive Ram has been playing doubles for a long time. So this is a a really good thing moment for him He's in his mid thirties. Now so Obviously a big deal six four six two probably quicker than anybody would have liked. But you have to remember for selling Seville were they. Were Wild cards you know. So they went from being wildcards and they found their way all the way to the final so it was a great run by them So that's something that a do think needs to be Put into like the context of what happened here. I mean Ram in Salisbury. The really good doubles team and for Sal The good tables team two but they're wild cards in the pretty. You know I think the pretty young right. I mean look at For Sal. He's twenty one years old so you know. He's got a long time but she wants to primarily doubles and Seville was twenty six so this is a young doubles team. You know depending on what they do in the future. Here they could. They could have a bright future We don't know yet. They're but they're wild cards so Let's move on to the women's doubles And this is Some T. Two while one particular team that I know of but The doubles team of Sui or sue. Way I can never pronounce her name. But Sue we highest And Boris Tie Cova took on today above and Carolina Mladenovic and The strike over anti shy Team was number one overall the women's doubles team and they faced the number two doubles team. And look fact. Is Bob Ocean within of each one? Six two six one They just they just completely dominated this women's doubles file it wasn't it wasn't even close To be honest with you and The the the total point sixty five points one firm which And Bob Welch and thirty nine points for strike. Ova and And in that tells you a lot I mean apart from the Scorpion. Look at the scoring. Just look at the points one. You would know that the one team just completely dominated So that's a really great Win Four were Bob. Ocean that event. Denisovich They have done this before and one. They've won multiple grand slams a now This is I think is Really good start to their season. I'd like to see Mladenovic more singles tour. But if she just decides that she wants to do doubles only move forward. I do think that you know it's the kind of decision that would allow her to really focus on it and you know. Give herself A Hall of fame career. I think If she would continue to play doubles because she's really good. I mean she's an excellent excellent doubles player. Obviously so let's move on to the mixed doubles and This was a battle between Bethany matic sands and Jamie Murray Jimmy Murray. Who always seems to be in the finals when it comes to the men's doubles and or era mixed doubles and they were taking on The duo of Bora Krejci Cova and the part is there. Her partner was see Nikola medic and this was a win by Krajina Cova mctighe they. They was a three center It was a five seven six four ten one Win Four Tragic over in and so I mean that's you know from Ernie and sands that's got to be very difficult because ten one in you know the deciding tiebreak is that's just I thought the way you want to go out it. It's pretty bad actually to lose like that ten one but still it's great result for both player both teams in terms of getting to the final But obviously I think in this instance given the fact matic sands and Jamie Murray were the number one overall seed whereas Credit Cova in Mexico were the tenth row seat That's still very tough competition. But you'd think that Murray and Matic Sands Given the success that they've had would have found a way to kind of win this match but still it's a great victory for Credit Cova and active. And Yeah that's it so That's the thing for Mike covering of anything outside of the men's singles and again like again. I'm not gonNA pretend that I've watched these matches. I didn't I just didn't get really much of a chance to watch doubles at the Australian Open. Do Doubles Charter. Watch as much as I can when I can but I didn't really get a chance to watch much For the the double side All right our buddy. That's it for this episode of the PODCAST If like the contact me let me know. You think about Mine Alice's of the final Will your thoughts on the final art whether he thought that stomach team played well towards the end. Jimmy criticisms criticisms of criticisms. I can't speak Eddie criticisms of him In terms of his play What did you think of Novak's Win All that stuff. I mean anything that you wanNA bring to the discussion anything that you want to point out to me. Do you disagree with what I'm saying? Do you agree with it? Anywhere in the middle. Whatever happens to be. Let me know you can send your feedback to tennis addict. Podcast DOT COM or. You can contact me on twitter at ten at tennis addict. Pod Let me know what you think you know message me Give me your thoughts. Your opinions email me if you'd like if you want to do it that way and I certainly get back to you and I can also these tweets end or emails on the next episode and discussing there as well. So let's everyone. Thanks for listening next time on. Thanks for listening to the tennis addict. Podcasts by FREAKING GEEKS media be sure to visit freaking GEEKS DOT COM as well as how Patriot page at Patriotair Dot com forward slash of freaking weeks for more great content also please consider rating and reviewing us on. I tunes into really house if you would like to write into the podcast and share your thoughts and ask questions you can do. So by sending your email to tennis Addicott Hassle at G MAIL DOT COM.

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