Daisy Goodwin Sketches Out Dramatic Tensions In 'Victoria,' Season Three


Uh-huh. I J sleigh Cobb. And you're listening to masterpiece studio, it's eighteen forty eight. Revolution has gripped France with an icy fist while the streets of London are filled with turmoil and mysterious failed visitor arrives silently on the English shore. It's how can the French do that? Get rid of that king and out to Newton have done it before revolutions all cross up. Vienna. Balan-? Paul his worried about the third season of Victoria finds Europe in a state of chaos, but things aren't much better at Buckingham Palace in the Royal household Queen Victoria's expecting yet another new baby while her marital tensions with Prince Albert continue to mount a one point his rights situations. Thuan seven we must leave. I have told you Elvis I will not run away as she did in the previous two seasons. Victoria's creator and head writer daisy Goodwin turned to history to tell the Queen story while amplifying the Royal drama family squabbles for present day viewers. She out but have a very rookie road through the series. Because. Folsom. They have fundamentally different ideas of what monarchy should be Goodwin joins us to kick off the third season, Victoria with a conversation about British charts, French revolution. And the biting wit of Lord Palmerston. And this week we are joined by Victoria, creator, head writer and executive producer daisy Goodwin. Welcome. Hi. The opening of season. Three finds Louis Philippe disguising himself and fleeing amid the eighteen forty eight revolution. His terror is justaposed with Victoria in an enormous diamond parole crown walking in a slow procession was this juxtaposition revolution versus pomp and circumstance intentional. Well. Yeah. Yeah. I write the acting sequence to to Reddy highlight the contrast between the phillipe's situation and Victoria's all Rover the ephemeral nature of monarchy because I think what I'm also trying to do is to say that hops Victoria's very sort of solid world isn't quite as solid as she thinks. It is it's like the repulsive of what happens in France. And what happens in all over Europe nineteen forty eight is getting all the way to Britain. She and I'll have a sort of conversation budget, and she says, well, it's never gonna happen here thing channel. Sure that be enough. Ideas consume Asian food is a very big year because it's the year that call marks publishes, the communist manifesto, which actually Albert read pretty much the month that came out. And so there's a lot of unease in Buckingham Palace, mostly on Albus heart, Victoria, fills that she's impregnable. But as we see throughout the first episode that that belief is is shaken you mentioned Albert's line, which I think is my favorite in this episode ideas can swim Victoria is this pitch perfect line something the prince actually said her a bit of poetry from your pen. I'm afraid it's been a poetry. I think it's poetry each. Everybody kept trying to take it unless let's no this is a really good line. Please leave it in. So I'm glad you liked. I think it's an amazing line. The charges have been a thorn in Victoria side since the show's first season. How does this petition represented change in strategy for the struggling movement? And what is it that the chargers actually want? So the chill is being bubbling I've in throughout the eighteen forties. As you say. I think the point about this is that they become instead of local art breaks become a national movement and they've been emboldened by what's happened on the continent. Because some of them went over to France, and they see that in France people like them have succeeded in overthrowing the government and deposing the king and getting a Republic, and generally changing the way the country works, and they're thinking, well, why can't we do this hair? And so they can is this enormous rally on the eleventh of April, and we're going to be groups of choices coming down from all over the country, and they were going to March from Kennington common, which is in south London over the bridge to present that petition with all signatures to the Huzzah Commons, and you know, what they wanted with a six points of the. Route which was universal suffrage most of all annual elections. They wanted MP's to be paid any. And so I mean everything now that we take for granted. But then, you know, the franchise is really limited. It was very powerful potent movement. And I think that was real hope on this side that they would prevail. I'm real fair on the side of the government that they would prevail. And that they would be a revolution in London as had been embarrassed the duchess of clue and willa meaner or gone replaced by Victoria's week. Ladies was there an exchange in the script between Victorian Albert about will Amina, and Victoria's godson that didn't make it to the screen. Yes. I'm always have been was for reasons of space we had to cut back, but basically we'll Amina and the infant Padgett stuck at home in the country and the duchess preclu- in a has been retired because she's a Tory. So they. There's a whole new set of ladies the would have been stuck in the country to kill the baby the black shrouded woman who arrives on the English coast is revealed to be victorious long lost half sister Feodor. How does this fictionalized version of her serene highness and her relationship to Victoria differ from the real life ego? Well, I mean, it's interesting I think very little is known about Feodor because she was kept rather out of sight. And when I still reading about I discovered that she has story was way more interesting than I had imagined because she lived in Kensington Palace with the Dutch count and the very young victorious as she was nine years old, Victoria. And when she was about sixteen Feodor, cool. I of Josephus who was king at the time. He was a widow by that point. And he saw this pretty young thing Lucia back Kensington Palace, and he thought maybe I could marry her postpone out. And then the throne wouldn't go to Victoria. And he was towing the slide to install it suit making up to fidora. But as soon as Victoria's mother and Conroy wind of this. They decided that that could never happen, and they petro to Germany to marry some German princeling because they wanted wister have Victoria as Queen regmunt completely under the control rather than to have fidora as Queen consort potentially messing up their most plan to take the country. So that is true. And it seemed to me that that was a very good starting point for a drama. Which is 'have got a sister who came within spitting distance of being Queen any to have all her hopes dashed in favor of this kind of. Youngest sister, and who never really takes much interest in her and who allies moulder away in some grim of southern German duchy with very little money. And so I think that there's the. Potential for some fantastic drama there. So I thought well, I'm going to put fit or in the Mexican see what happens, and there's no doubt that the two sisters had a very dodgy relationship. So I I mean, obviously what transpires in series three is a bit of a confection on my part. But I think it it is an extrapolation of the real kind of foot lines between sisters now for a beat in this episode almost seems as though Feo is an impostor that you'll know just you. Your sister is here. Fidora? Two. Oh, really? Who have not stopped? This cousin and. So happy to meet to at last Emma says they'd all but forgotten Victoria, even had a half sister. The dog growls at her what questions should the viewers be asking about feel at this point? Well, I suppose he wouldn't it kind of know is what her motivation is she's I mean victory realizes, it's her sister. But I think confusion guilt comes as she's oversleep conveniently forgotten Labonte eyesight. Mind she's been too busy with Albus and kingdom and have family, and whatever, and I think she Elst fidora to her wedding. Or if she did she didn't send the money to come. So fitter has literally been penalises for years. And so you know, when she comes she's wearing this kind of shabby gun, and she's the kind of poor relation. And that's why everybody's very surprised to see it. They can't believe clean house sister. Who looks like that? I mean, even birdie points out the holes in her skirt. Yes, exactly, which she's coming from a sort of different place, you can be Royal and impoverished, and I think that's Victoria's forgotten. She kinda mitt to feeling guilty. So she pretends it hasn't happened the Tony and alleviate nominated Kate Fleetwood who plays feeder is one of many new faces this season. What is Fleetwood bring to the role of the mysterious Feo? Well, she's just such a fantastic face. I write the role ready with her in mind. So I was very pleased when she accepted, the Pont, I think she brings a feeling coming to the park, which I love and she's got great timing. And you know that when she's on the screen. She's a character you can read in lots of different ways. And I think people need to she's extremely affable to Albert. And in the sea will sort of spike he moments with Victoria, and I've had such fun rushing. Her and Cates, really sort of brutal. I kind of. Villainous qualities. I would say. She's not appear villain. I think she's a tragic character. But I've really enjoyed putting her on the page. I could not dream of a better cast Lord Palmerston than Laurence FOX who walks away with some of the best lines of the season who forget Alliston, which was talking about our family and friends. I'm sure that in the future. The foreign secretary will send copies of his correspondence air. I seem very sure of the people think Lord Palmerston make businessman. The British public is a beautiful women. And I wish to glory in her smiled. How much fun was it writing Palmerston's dialogue this year? It's been heaven heaven. I mean, of course, won't move to go one womanizing foreign secretary. He doesn't give them about anything on love that. And he sort of undermines the kind of stuff in his poem postie of the court. And he's the absolute polar opposite to Albert which I think is great because you both sort of shift commisson that you will say by the end of the series began to realize that Albert to has his Vert she so those kind of really interesting interplay between the two of them and thoughts being a numerous fund today. Pens Ghaffar's to warn the servants downstairs to stay out of sight. Because no woman is safe. When Palmerston is around was he as much thorough in real life as he is here. Oh, absolutely. Is little pumps? Was a famous as we would say his Shaikha, but he was also extremely devoted to his wife. So, you know. Make that what she will before this next question. A brief word from our sponsors. Saint Petersburg's Hermitage Moscow's Red Square. 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And he's is awful bumptious, man. At one point. He says I I wish you'd Kumi prime minister. Kind of my anguish play for little respect how much of the British public appreciation of Palmerston or or as he's called by the public was down to his reputation of being a man of the people the the sort of bloke who likes to have a flutter in relishes a prizefight. He was somebody who was very good meeting his public. He wasn't to sort of Olympia Nour's to Krant. He would go to Prizefights. He would do things that were in the public realm. But also he was fantastic populist. He was a man who would feel about Britain being the greatest nation on earth. And he would being credibly said a bellicose they never actually wanted to have was he would pretend that he did. There was no die where he stood and people really responded to that. And he was just a very colorful character. He was very good at getting media outlets on his side. So he was a he was going to modern politicians that sense the. The very politician in the he knew how to play the media, and he knew to get the public on his side birdie refuses to even try on victorious crown saying, crowns, for girls was birdie this opposed to the the idea that he might rule Sunday in in real life. Both he really had no willing to that. He was going to be king because he grew up in this world where his mother was Queen and Vicky was clearly better everything than him as he just assumed that Vicky would be Queen. It didn't occur to him that he was in the came to be king and this really happened in London, Victoria realizes. I'm not kind of tell him. The actually, you know, this is going to be us one day because it didn't occur to them that he didn't know I thought that was a glorious moment that in you know, as he says in Britain, we have queens because that's all Hino's scare it and Franken Kelly are now engaged and. The very ambitious Franken Kelly is already making plans for their new life together. What lies ahead for these two in his their story connected to the struggle of the working class here. Yes. I suppose I wanted to show that they. Out poorly mobile, but frontally which de villes wants move and being a servant even policy of. And and I suppose that scare it fills very divided about leaving the policy because low she loves Tony. She wants his new life. She also feels has status and everything comes from the Queen. And also, she goes are grateful to the Queen because the Queen has basically given her this new life and has forgiven her sins at such such and such. So it's a it's an interesting story that conflict and leaving the policy behind his game to be a huge moment for scare it. And is this a crisis of identity for her? I think so she's a self made character. And I suppose you have to remember that once she gets married she becomes husband's property and allege she loves him. And you know, there's no reason not to it. She's giving up her independence. And also, she's turning her back home. This woman who she's become incredibly close to over the last ten years, and they have an unspoken thing going on between them which she will miss and she dreads telling the Queen won't softened. I've always loved lady Emma Portman, but never so much as when she steps into save so-fi when Monmouth is so awful to her about the broach sufi, the Queen Osma feud look over the place cots. She says you are so good at these things. Jesse? You know, there is no correct place few to whether broach from the did, you know, that my father was once shopkeeper really mine was a posse. But I try not hold it against do you adore as much as I do we love. She's so glorious them say beautifully played by on a Wilson Jones. She's just a gift she such good actress everything she does. She doesn't get much screen time. But she makes every moment count. So she's one of those coaches, I love watching full. Sophie, the daughter of a grocer. Her husband reminds her seems trapped in a pretty unfortunate position her marriage to the Duke of Monmouth seems not only loveless, but just plain awful is the couple based on real life figures. Yes. I mean, it says compasses it. But I suppose it's pretty accurate in the the were lot of marriages at about that time when our? Kratz beginning to feel the wind of change that they couldn't rely on the voice two states to keep them in style to which they become accustomed income-tax being introduced there was this new mercantile close that had lots of money, but no status. So there was a kind of trade off between money and states. So you'll have someone like safey who's you know, suppose what we would call middle class, but extremely wealthy who is married off and becomes duchess. And that's a fantastic transaction for the do because he got so late of money and food safety's family because they can talk about that due to the duchess, but it's pretty hard lines on on so fi. Because she in the of nothing in common Joseph is a footman newly arrived at the palace after service at Chatsworth house who is already running foul of Penn JR. What can you reveal about his character? And where the story might be going. Well. I chose this is a as an upwardly mobile footmen. And of course, the point about a footman. It was had to be tool in Hudson. And they was sort of candy. They the icon the stately homes, and they always said, very handsome young men, and I was trying to imply that Joseph it left Chatsworth because you've been together too friendly with duchess and have been paid off with a very handsome reference. And now, he's at the pilots. And so I suppose he's using his. His chills to better himself in life. So that sunny high he stole side. Factor fiction. When Louis Philippe said if I were not a Frenchman. I should wish to be an Englishman did Palmerston Cooley reply. If I were not an Englishman should wish to be an Englishman is actually fucked. Yes, it was such a great extent to work. I thought it was five Bolus. Considering the incident involving Louis Philippe and the Spanish Queen last season. Why does Victoria opt to take in Louis? Philippe does family loyalty. Trump diplomatic betrayal. Yes. Also, I think you know, he's a king. Actually, he's king down on his luck. He's lost his throne. And even though he really tried them in the law series. You know, the fact that he's a king means that they have to take him in. You know, she owes loyalty to another crime head a month. What she takes him in. Factor. Fiction did a mob March on the palace and throw a brick through one of the windows. Yes, they did. They did through brick IMO did shoot London and throw a brick wrapped in French flag through the Buckingham Palace windows, and because I angry about let me Philippe staying at the pundits. Because they felt that Victoria shouldn't be harboring a tyrant. And did Victoria's water break has a result of this. Or is that a dramatic device that there's a bit dramatic license use the it works affectively? Looking at third season as a whole what are the underlying themes? You're exploring in the broadest of strokes. Well, I guess it's about what it means to be a Queen at the beginning of the series. The one thing that she's come to rely on is the love of her people. And then as the show begins she's sort of confident in that. But as a society progresses, she begins to divulge begins to realize that actually she's going to have to work for that love. And that she talks about it being the base note that I could her life and now there's always disturbance going on and she suddenly realizes well if she's not Queen. What is she says when you're my wife and these children, but that's mould enough of it terrier, and that's a real moment for her. It's a real moment of sort of self doubt. And she an album have a very rocky road through this series. Because I. Fulsomely have quite fundamentally different ideas of what monarchy should be, you know, she wants to be popular. She wants to be loved. She wants to go and her carriage and be kid, and she'll do whatever it takes to win the of whereas Alpert fails that the duty monkeys to lead from the front and sometimes to risk being unpopular to do the right thing. So is his finished. You should give the people what they need not what they want. And this becomes a real tension between them in. He finds Victoria's pathological need for tension. He finds out very irritating. And she calls the stand why he is so blind to the dangers of being unpopular. So there is this real. Kind of push and pull between the two of them plus attentions of childbearing and pregnancy, and there's always the feeling that every time Victoria, has a child her mind becomes progressively more unhinged. And of course, aways tensions are being stoked by the presence of Dora who is doing everything in her power to drive, Victoria and Albert apart. We can't wait to see. What happens? Thank you. So very much. My pleasure. Goodwin. Overturn all season for Victoria fact, and fiction segments. At the end of every episode of the podcast. Watch your feeds for her. Historical insight behind the series and next week on the podcast. Don't miss actor Ferdinand Kingsley. The man behind the swamp. Royal chef Charles Franken Kelly. I mean, I think he was he was a bit of a naughty. Boy before the difference is not only that he. Fancies scare it and wants to be around beauty. It's that he's he really thinks. He's found an equal that Sunday January twentieth. In your podcast feeds. Masterpiece studio is hosted by me j sleigh Cobb produced by Nick Anderson. At least by e two is our editor. Suzanne Simpson is our executive producer, the executive producer of masterpiece is Rebecca Eaton. 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