09/20: Start or Sit (AFC); Buy High Candidates (Fantasy Football Podcast)


Fantasy football today from CBS sports. Email us at fantasy football CBS. I dot com. Get your lineup said it's time for stored or sit. Here. So. Cheney startled sit for the AFC home games was throw at Sunday night football, patriots at Ali'i. We've got a somewhat bold prediction about that game. Look at bowdoin, talking about it, welcome everybody, Thursday dish. It's no, it's September twentieth and I'm outta mazer with Dave Jamie and heath good morning fellas yoyo not much the Google assistant is up all season. Long. CBS sports is delivering the best fantasy football advice directly through the Google assistant, you'll be able to compare players get insights into star who to sit at Andropov and we're gonna turn Jamie David heath to find out how this works later in the show. That's the Google assistant. We talked buy low sell high yesterday, how do by high today. So this is a player who's off to a good start. Maybe the fantasy owners aren't quite buying it and they're thinking, oh, I'm going to sell high, but no, actually it's a by who are we talking about somebody give me a by candidate Michael, Thomas. So you you'd have to give up something owed area, very good to get him OPEC you'd give. Are you saying, oh Dallas by higher, I would give up OPEC. I'm gonna get my, I would two hundred. And who is going to trade you Odal Beckham straight up for Michael Thomas. Well, today, giants fan, maybe somebody owns back jersey may be somebody. I'd rather have Michael Thomas, wouldn't you rather? But what if it's doubt back home and running back, you don't do it for Michael. Thomas depends on who the running back is. I. I really no back in for Michael Tano, whatever. We're Beckham in that Breda for Michael Thomas because breed. I, I think that's I think that's more than enough for Michael. Tom, it is too much. 'cause I think Brita is a by, you know, that'll be my guy. Oh, sorry, Jamie, who's a by Breda. I try to get that Breda yesterday, but Kaiser who we work with he, I have a good trade story for you. He was giving me the most in store offers live this story. He tried to trade Josh Gordon when you don't have Gordon. Well, he, okay. So he's trying to make trade offers with me. And he said somebody and Gordon for his players like this must be my Josh Gordon league. He Melvin Gordon. He was giving me those insulting traders. You're listening Kaiser. I said, you said him. You are giving me as offers like, don't do that. That is insulting, not the story about the way we heard that we get Mike. Yeah. He's not here. No, I think what we were told was that you said I'll give you Gordon for. I don't know who you're trying to get. I was trying to get Breda maybe. Yeah. And he said, no, Gye Gye? How about Gordon straight up for Gye said, yeah, let's do it like, okay, so I go to the league. I go to the trade like, wait a second. I have Melvin Gordon. Right? So who's fault is that. Does that part was my fault, but he offered me such a ridiculous trade that I thought he must have meant Josh Gordon because there's no way I would have given up anyway map does by for Jamie, you wanna expand on that. I mean, go back several months with jerk McKinnon you know, I mean, this is what I was expecting McGinn into not clearly the NFL rushing through two weeks, but take advantage of good matchup like we saw last week, I guess he so this is an offense going to get good production out of their running backs and Breda better than Alfred Morris. We told you that when make any went down. So I think there's going to be very good production moving forward. And if you could get him even though he is leading the NFL rushing, which is this prize favorite, he's going to be awesome. This week two. Yup. Okay. He out Carrie Alfred Morris. He hasn't done that yet. Yeah. I mean, look, he's still working way back in the shoulder injury. I think he's fine. Now they're, they're both put touch, but in the passing game, which I think zombie really from this week breed definitely guy. Okay. And he says, Michael, Thomas, Dave says, how about a guy that you can buy high on and not have to spend a ton to get that that a by? I was told it was. Marshawn Lynch, that's that's by cheap. He's giving double digit fancy production to striking -absolutely. Third, I I went to the source on this one because I asked him what? What? What do you mean by? He told me what it meant. I said, is marshawn Lynch by he says, yes, that's interesting. Let's go with him. I. What is he's not gonna cost you, what? Matt Brita will cost you or what? Michael Thomas. You're gonna need like ten marshawn Lynch is I'm buying a to get Michael Thomas. I would Michael ten more Shawn Lynch's for Michael Thomas. What I'm telling you is that if you need a running back and you want one who's doing well and will continue to do well, Willie, I think so his schedule is nice moving forward. He's already had to leave games twice. He's going to be okay, marshawn lakes meeting. No, I didn't. This is. I think it's interesting because people don't really want marshawn Lynch, but he has in. I don't know how much I wanna PR is two catches in both games against the Rams against the Broncos, but in non PR maybe even have PBR in non PR he's what did I say Dave ten straight games with or more. Fantasy points. I mean, really that good, but it's a high floor and that's, you know, he's going to get a lot of carries. So thank you. Thank you, David. Absolutely. A by candidate. Certainly not by lows twenty two fantasy points, two weeks. CBS all access is your way to watch the your local CBS game on your mobile device. Go to dot com slash NFL that CBS dot com. Slash NFL and get a free trial and start watching CBS all access right now. That's how I watched the CBS games. Put him on my laptop on Sundays. It's an excellent excellent way to watch more football and we don't read a ton of emails. I guess during the week I try. I try to answer them in the inbox as well, but we get somewhere between fifty and a hundred every day. So we got a Saturday mail bag and make sure you listen to that and we do some. We're going to have Mike McClure from sportsline on to give you some tips on the Saturday mail bag. The rankings are very different for Ryan Fitzpatrick. Will he be fits magic or really. Be fits crap trick this week. That was terrible. That was scrap GIC I, you know, I like to have fun titles, two segments. What do you think? So the rankings go everywhere from eighth eighth to Dave two sixteenth heath and Jamie's in the middle. No, I remember it was having really. Jamie's the high guy. I think he's going to take advantage of the Steelers, Joe Haden expected to play. I think it's worth and a little bit of this is probably just think as opposed to project. But the Steelers have a history of when it's really, really dramatic. May respond. And I think Joe Haden being back does make a big difference. And most importantly, there is going to be a week in the very near future where the smell is broken. I be week for, here's here's what I. I was just radio this morning and getting peppered with Fitzpatrick to Rogers with Patrick are Watson. And the only thing I could say is he's going to turn into Ryan Fitzpatrick again. He's gonna turn around Fitzpatrick and that's not a reason. No. And I grew with you. I think the Steelers wounded duck all the things going around with them. They find a way to win the game, but do they find a way to win it defensively? Do they find a way to win it by slowing down tab? As often do they find a way to keep Fitzpatrick from having three hundred and two as opposed to four hundred and four? So yes, he's going to come down. Absolutely. It's. It's insane to think that he's gonna keep this up, but with how he's playing with how this game should go. I still think. He's capable of being the top ten fantasy quarterback. Now as as the answer I gave on the radio. Same thing here and I'm sure you agree heath because you project every game. It's it's a fantasy point or two between the guy at seven and the guy at twenty. You know, it's, it's, that's a good quarterback play is right now. So if you if you like player over Fitzpatrick quarterback x. ORF it's Patrick. You absolutely start that guy or Fitzpatrick, but I think it's just it's hard to overlook. Can't sit here and say, Omaha is playing great. He's gonna keep it up. Great match up and not say anything about Patrick. Yes. So if you're the low guy of sixteenth still and hope, and another point to this as saying somebody number sixteen at quarterback is not saying they're going to be bad, right? I would still start him over Philip rivers. I would still I would start him over Russell Wilson. I would too. I would not. And this you're talking about something crazy. I'm the high guy on Carson Wentz. I would not start him over Carson Wentz. Wow. Yeah, I'm not doing that. Carson Wentz his first game against live competition since he got hurt. I can't do that. Fitzpatrick is in the middle of perfect storm right now as soon as one of the things that has been a great factor for him goes away, whether it's a receiver getting hurt a lineman, getting hurt the running game coming to life in Tampa Bay don't laugh. It might happen until one of those things happen. He's going to continue to be in this position to put up ridiculous numbers. He throw into the best receiving corey's ever thrown to in his life. So would you start authors or Fitspatrick I I'm still gonna take Rogers head of Fitz Patrick, but they're both top eight fancy quarterbacks. I'm expecting them to get in the neighborhood of twenty five to thirty. Okay. All right. So Fitzpatrick now seventh for Jamie, eighth for Dave and sixteenth for heath. But kind of like what we said last week about causes. It doesn't mean he doesn't like him deep deep position. And will you be playing Ryan Fitzpatrick on Faneuil this week makes you join our concert? No, no. What's his pricing? Well, it's a single game. All right, right. Actually did look at the full full week three slate. So I wanted to know the pricing for Antonio Brown and juju Smith Schuster wondering if there was a discount on an Tony Brown, there is not. He is the second most expensive this week, and I still think you might be worth playing because I think he's going to go off all Antonio Brown's gonna go off of, yes, yeah, yes. He's going to be good. Yes, it might be worth it number one this week is Michael. Thomas juju Smith Schuster is the thirteenth most expensive wide receiver on fan. But if you wanna compete against us, take our money, it's a five dollar entry go to fan will dot com. Slash f f t fan dot com. Slash f f t. You also get a twenty dollar bonus when you make your first deposit. But you have to go through fan duel dot com. Slash f, f t to do that. So make your I posit they'll get a twenty dollar bonus. They're big contest, mall contest, lot of money, little money play against your friends. Play against total strangers, whatever you wanna do, a ton of things you can do. You play the the. Monday night Thursday night slate like you can do everything on fan. So it's so much fun fan dot com. Slash f f t also kickers flexes now. So that's cool. Fan dot com. Slash f f t, and if you wanna do the single-game slate, they have it's an MVP slot. So you get a point and a half bonus for one player. So like last week, I thought that Joe mixon would be that guy. I'm sorry. I thought the kickers will be that guy. So I played, I played Justin Tucker and one, and I played AJ green, but I was adamant the MVP spot. Yeah, and you can't play kickers, but you don't have to. So there's something for everyone, injuries, news notes. All right, Aaron Rodgers is concerned. His knee will get worse yesterday teeth that we sell high on the Packers passing game, and you said, no, right. I read that article. That was a situation where the headline in the article didn't exactly match up. I I agree. Like Rogers said, the word concern. But I don't think a porter said the word concerned and started at worse like, well, I mean, yeah, you just hope. It goes the other way. It gets better Ryo. But that being said, I mean, like Jamie's got him before Dave as six this week he has second, I feel if the knee were not a concern at all, he might be second this week for everyone. You know, because he's Aaron Rodgers, it's got to be some concern here. Yes, that's why people are asking Fitzpatrick Rogers in no matter what scenario Fitzpatrick playing. Great. You would never consider him over Rogers, but on one leg with somebody else playing fantastic, integrate, matchup. These are things you consider now, I think, well, I'll tell you based rankings. You're playing Rogers because the last thing you want to do is the Fitzpatrick game where it goes. The other way and Rogers does Roger does, but I don't think it's a bad situation so high on him. What are you gonna get the same thing that you'd sell high with Mahomes any quarterback that you could trade for a starting running back or starting receiver? Oh, sure. And you still have that ability to find a replaceable quarterback Fitzpatrick still on waivers, and a lot of leagues you could trade for whoever that guy is starting over, like if you can get starting running back or starting receiver and then make a smaller trade to get, let's say, Stafford, Ryan guys that are still going to be top twelve. You absolutely do that. It's really more taking advantage of idiots morons in your leave that'll overpay for quarterback. Probably the same people that drafted a quarterback earlier than you would or you know, they're just not happy with Stafford Ryan or. Luck right. Anybody not sold on Wentz or whatever the case may be Marcus mariota still feeling tingling in his arm, and we're not going to start him anyway at Jacksonville. All right. So I wanted his news notes quickly. Just tell me if you expect them to play as of right now, Leonard for net was limited in practice. Yes, we're expecting them to play. Yes, absolutely. That's great. The Shawn McCoy. Yes. Yeah. Start him Davin cook. Yes, yes, yes. J. Darren sproles. No. No, okay. We'll see on Gye. Corey Clement would be very amazing, amazing. Marla MAC. Would you would you start even if he was healthy even if it wasn't on the injury report? I wou but no tight ends. Jack Doyle. Yes. All right, wide receivers, Josh, Gordon. Starring look that way. Yes, but probably not a big role and Tonio Brown was disciplined by Tom, but he's fine. Julio Jones? Yes. Any concerns about give me another year? We're Julio Jones's playing hurt? No. If he's taking Wednesdays off, then that's not a big deal. Let's see if he is going to be limited on Thursday or full on Thursday, and certainly by Friday for now, I'm not concerned and he's been awesome when he's been hurt. So there FitzGerald is expected to play t, y Hilton, the expect him to play. Yes, Sean, Jeffrey. No devante Parker is expected to play this week. What about Markey's Goodwin? Well, he's expected to be healthy. No, I read today that they expect to play him start. I don't know where he's in. He's in the same boat as Marlin. MAC. Yeah, yeah, but I don't know how it may be would affect other receivers. Brighton really evenly distributing the football right now. I don't know that we need another receiver in their mucking it up. What about markets Goodwin? He's getting better, but no. Okay. Offense. And that's interesting because Jimmy Garoppolo we're gonna preview that game today, but he's lower than I thought, but it really must be has to have something to do with Goodwin, right? He not been good so for well, he hasn't throwing the ball that much is going to have to this week. Yeah, he was pretty good on a per throw basis last week through twenty six passes. Double that this week, hopefully. All right. Ofensive line. What's the big new doubt indefinitely. Denver could be without Jared Vel dear Tennessee could be without left tackle Taylor, the Juan. Well, he's limited in practice. He might come back this week. Pittsburgh might be without David crash again and pet f line center for Minnesota. He practiced with, is there a big impact offense of line story here? The biggest one is probably the one in Cincinnati with price, not there because his replacement isn't very good. And that would hurt you Bernard? He's out on his carries. Yeah. Okay. But we still like geo a lot right muster number two, fantasy running back number one. No, Jin. There are some pretty big defensive injuries this week. Miami safety Reshad Jones as a shoulder injury. Green Bay cornerback Kevin king on likely to play Daria sleigh. This might be the biggest one. He has a concussion. He might not play against the patriots and the patriots themselves are going to be limping without Patrick. Chung and Trey flowers. Safety ended offensive end flowers. Definitely out. No. No, but they're both still in the protocol. Baltimore will likely be without CJ Moseley. Sean Lee did not practice. He's expected to play, but I thought he'd practiced by now that could be Big, Joe Haden likely to play Bobby Wagner expected back there. Actually, a lot of really big ones ally, apple actually saw on Sunday night's game how much worse they are without him. He's probably not gonna play Nola Vernon either the Vernon most likely to Debbie on clam. No, no bar win pass. They have one sack through two games, lowest in the league in their two best feasibly. The two best pass rushes could miss the game against Houston. Carolina could be without two starters in the secondary, Eric berry still seems unlikely to play and chiefs defensive lineman, Chris Jones, MS practice. So a lot here actually, maybe we can talk about it as we preview the games. I don't know, Kevin kings pretty interesting because the Packers secondary was really bad without him out your. Yes, they were bad without him last week. Okay. So I had some emails in here not going to get to them right now would try to get to them later on in the show, but I wanna make sure that we. Get to the games. So before we the games, I need to have a little debate with you. It's gotta be a Google assistant inspired debate. I hope you've been using Google assistant. We can't answer all of your fantasy questions, unfortunately, via Email and tweet, but the Google assistant can when you need some extra help. Like I did last week, I needed a quarterback. So I asked the Google assistant. I said, hey, Google talked to CBS sports on the Google assistant app, and I got my answering my lineup decision, so make sure you download the Google assistant on the app store or the play store. Today's debate is an interesting one. David Johnson, verse Jiabao, Giovanni, Bernard aren't dudes. Who do you got David Johnson GIO. Johnson GO GO oh my goodness debate. Dave. Tell me why TV Johnson over geo. You know, Johnson has been bad. The first two weeks of the season. I liked it. He's at home again and he's taking on a bears defense that played on Monday night. They're going to be on the road and the coaches of talked up Johnson saying, we've gotta get them more involved in the slot. Of course, they have to do it. I think you're gonna see his workload rise and I think he'll be affected in this game. And you know what is upside is he's got one hundred yard one touch on side hundred fifty, our total with the score, and I think he can get you there. I don't think GIO can get you anywhere close to that, not without getting a tunnel work, and I think Johnson's going to get it fellas. Giovanni Bernard week fifteen two thousand seventeen one hundred sixty eight total yards and a touchdown. How many carries twenty three I'm gonna catches seven. So thirty touches in the game. Thirty touch today play that was against lions. Okay. And how is as the worst probably giving up about five yards per caso if the lions this week, then maybe I'd agree with you. The Panthers have not been good defense yet, and they are still not beat up. They're getting Thomas Davis back, right. No, he's got two more game those games with Billy price. Like we mentioned isn't gonna play for six great thing about geo game script, independent. It does not matter if they're winning or they're losing. He's getting touches. He's had twenty touches eight times in his career. He's been double digits points every single time in non PR who probably score twenty NPR this week. Logically it should be David Johnson because he is the better player, but you have to sort of throw logic out of the window here when you look at the cardinals and how they've been operating because they're just a mess. And so the coordinator is a mess. The play calling is a mess. The quarterback is a mess. The offense of line is a mess. And yes, the bears may be tired playing on the road after Monday night game, totally agree with you, but that is a great defense. What we've seen so far through two games especially against the run. So I can't buy into David Johnson as a automatic. He's atop three top five guy. It just has not been. There's there's two games worth of evidence to suggest. They're right now. They're not using him the right way. They maybe should they hopefully you know, Giovanni Bernard's gonna give you because he's replacing John Nixon. So I will take that in that situation over what David Johnson will hopefully do. All right. Let's say now we've got to ask the Google assistant here, so I'm going to get to Google assistant app out, say, hey, Google talked to CBS sports. Hi, this is CBS sports and we are using our fantasy football computer projections and expert rankings to answer your start, sit or add drop questions. Ask a question like, should I add Austin actor or should I drop Philip rivers? You can also. Oh, ask us to choose between two players. Should I start Giovanni, Bernard or David Johnson? David Johnson is projected for more fantasy points than Giovanni. Bernardo Johnson is also projected for more fantasy points in PR leagues. What else would you like to know that you feelin? Dave, Google assistant gives you the win the Google sent in. Give me the win, what we'll we'll find out the win on Sunday. David Johnson has more fantasy points than Giovani Bernard AO. All right. So the Google assistant spoken David Johnson, it is, it says, start your your studs, everybody and I, I love Google assistant, very fun. Very helpful. Give it a shot and make sure you download the Google assistant app or use Google assistant on Android all season long by asking, hey, Google talked to CBS sports. We will talk a fantasy question every week. You can submit your question via fantasy football at CBS dot com. Or if you want your question answered next week, live on HQ tweet at CBS fan. Assi on Twitter. Oh, you know, I said that we were going to preview the games, but it's time I everybody's favorite segment, fantasy regulators and I really wanted to have one regulator segment because we haven't heard from you in a while on a regulator show Dave. Thank you. Not gonna do it. What do you want me to do? All right. Forget it regularly. Mouna. All right. This is Chuck from Chicago. I bid on John Brown on Tuesday night and upon waking up this morning I saw it went through for sixty one dollars. I intend to place owed these six dollars John Brown and had a typo in the one did not delete after the waivers past. I would have still ended up with John Brown for six dollars, but never would have spent sixty one on him. Should I be able to get my money back? It only spent six books on John Brown or have to give back John Brown or have to stick with the typo at new sixty one dollars in fab heath. And I are grinning with like that wicked evil, grin released heath looks wiccan Nevil I probably look just as normal. You made the mistake. You pay for the mistake though way. One dollars it is. Oh, no, you have to check your bid amounts when you do all your general here at journal Adam, I have. I have a real life comparison. Gave me an iron, a fantasy baseball league. This has happened maybe maybe twice, but definitely once where somebody bid like an extra hundred dollars on someone and the Commissioner went back and gave him his money back and gave him his player, and everybody was completely fine with it. You don't wanna make someone you don't wanna make someone hate their fantasy season like this is being a jerk commission. Nice commission. Let him have John Brown for six dollars Suming. No one else bid seven. Well, how do you know that though? Because his bid was sixty s use the honor system. I'm just congratulations on keeping your streak alive is five straight. You've been wrong. David. When I saw you, I didn't agree with it when it happened in the baseball league. So, yeah, you can't. Had it, how do you know that he, this is actually the way that he meant to do it like he could've thought that he really needs to get John Brown. I moreover, eight now sets a precedent where I can bid no in mass amount on a play. Oh, doesn't. And then the next day. I didn't mean to go hundred dating budget on somebody. Can you give it to me for six at play? The music. What has we officially regulated and regulated? It's been regulated. It's over regulated. Three of us on this podcast are jerks and I haven't nice guy. Denver is at Baltimore. Let's get going with the game. So conflicting stats of the game, Denver on the east coast last year, lost twenty six sixteen buffalo lost fifty one twenty three Philadelphia lost thirty five, nine at Miami lost twenty seven to eleven at Washington. They gave up loan out by double digits in all four games maybe didn't get blown out of buffalo upload out in the other three. They were terrible, three of the four quarterbacks they faced and those east coast games had good game scored twenty one or more fantasy points. So it was it was really tough trip for Denver. They weren't that good last year to begin with the other stat. So you wouldn't expect much from the Broncos. The other stat though, is that now I mentioned this last week and I didn't buy into it. I just mentioned it Thursday night game that when Baltimore didn't have Jimmy Smith, they faced in my opinion, five good quarterbacks. Eliminated the two times they faced Andy, Dalton without AJ, green, and all five of those times the quarterback scored twenty two or more fantasy points. Six point passing touchdown leagues. Well, after last week without Jimmy Smith, it is six for six over the last three seasons where a good quarterback has had twenty two or more fantasy points. That's very good game and five of those six scored twenty five or more fantasy points. That's a great game. So I got the, I got the east coast thing, which would say, avoid Denver. I got Jimmy Smith thing, which would say Denver's pass catchers, and passing game should be great. Gimme a read on the Denver offense in this game Baltimore. I think they take advantage of the ravens missing CJ Moseley and they work the middle of the field. I think Philip Lindsay is the better running back here than than Royce Freeman actually think here's a crazy call. This might be like the GP tight end of the week is Jake, but where he can also take advantage been playing the most of any tight end in Denver. I wonder if they try and manufacturer matchup with him against those linebackers in the red zone, and he comes through for a touchdown in the game, love Emmanuel. Sanders led the match up in the slot form against Tehran young nervous about Damaris. Thomas. Don't think that he'll have a big game because those outside corners have been playing better for Baltimore and not really ready to start case keenum. It was a lot. Let's take it might asked me a very broad question. I did it to the best of my -bility. That was wonderful case keenum sit, right? Yes. Okay. No upside set him. I disagree about that. Go on. I just they're terrible without Jimmy Smith. There CJ bows lead. There's would've said the same. I don't wanna start him. I disagree that there's no upside. I have a hard time this this game, I think is the hardest one to project this week because both of these defenses and theory are very good and I felt defenses in practice so far. I'm not sure. I believe that we've seen the ravens in two games. One of them doesn't really count because it was the bills. The other one they got sliced and diced by Andy, Dalton on Thursday, AJ grain by they couldn't tackle either Boyd Boyd of a game. Joe mixon was just fine. Yeah. The raiders just let Derek complete like ninety five percent of his passes and are giving up nine yard for him or something. The Bronx Broncos allowed? Yeah, car last week. Yeah, it's early a problem for them. So I started with this game was I think it's got you have better options in case keenum. So I won't say that. I think in f. s. standpoint, I wouldn't mind taking. I assuming he's pretty cheap. But I probably earning him, you know what in GP you could? Okay. So forget him acquis, Andrew, Lindsay better than Freeman in this game? Yes, I do. How do we rank how many of you four running backs, please rank them. Lindsey Freeman, Giovanni, Bernard, Isaiah Crowell. Bernard Lindsay crow Alfran agreed. I can't remember five higher than Freeman or not, but those are the bottom two guys. Okay. So Bernardo NGOs at the about which you start Philip Lindsey or the mar- Miller Miller Miller Miller. Okay, Lindsay, is it what? Top twenty running back. I'm twenty first. He's right there. Yeah, I have nineteenth. Okay. Yeah, you guys have been twenty twenty one in nineteen. How about that? So he's twentieth or so. All right, then Emmanuel. Sanders Marius Thomas. Who do you like Senator. I like Sanders. I, I'm not quite ready to make definitive statement that he's gonna better every week, but and PR might be Thomas upside favor. Sanders matchup favors Sanders who he'll go up against on the field definitely favor. Sanders. Thomas touched on dependent, but he well, I mean, he is getting more targets zander's. That's great. If he gets twice as many targets than he has more upside than Sanders, what was his receiving average last week wasn't. It was really bad. It was like it made Nelson Agar's week one. He had. He had five catches for eighteen yards on. That's what I thought it was. Oh, it was awful, but over their career, I think Thomas has had a better receiving, yes, over the course of their career. Perhaps that's the case, but in the here and now I just think Sanders is far more electric. Are you confident starting? Either one. Sanders. They're low in number two, high number, three's all right. Moving onto the ravens. We're not starting Joe flacco Alex Collins or Philip. Lindsay. Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. Wow. All right. Let's call voice Freeman Collins. Collins, but I don't really love it. Now, Denver Denver's run defense has been pretty good. They're allowing three point eight yards per carry running back. So it's not a great matchup for Collins, maybe buy low next week, which Baltimore wide receiver do you like better? Brown Brown. And do you like him better than either to marry Thomas remain Sanders? No. I might take the chance on him over Thomas into non PR. So I guess that means we're sitting are ravens this week. Yell out. People can't sit coms. But yeah, I'd flex Collins and I think you can flex buck Ellen PR. Oh yes. Should I'm sorry for not mentioning book? Alan, which start book Allen over any of the running backs in Thursday night's game. In I, I only I'm talking about him and PR. Okay. So over Duke Johnson point for, I think he's right there with the jets. Yeah, they're all I think Powell's a little bit safer NPR, but he's probably the recoil I think role has a revenge factor colleague. I love those revenge games I do. Oh, yeah. And you know, you gotta love Tommy John, and you may know Tommy John is the creators of the most comfortable underwear on the planet for men and women, but little did you know they've been working on revolutionizing comfort for men's dress shirts. So after six years and two hundred different wear tested prototypes that it really put a lot into this. Tommy John has perfected the state tucked drescher. It's truly unlike anything you guys have ever experienced. Remember what the underwear they have the no wedgie guarantee with shirts. They're going to stay tucked in. 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I am going to make a nans a rule, and I'm not saying that this is it. I will decide tomorrow I'm allowed to use the same team twice in a row. Now, three times in a row. Okay. Okay. So there's, I don't think that's a real. You should have to stick with it all. It won't be a hard rule to follow with the chiefs. You're not going to use the next week who they are. They had a bye bye week. Eleven. They play next week at Denver bonanza, but don't worry the week after that. They've got Jacksonville at home. New england. San Francisco at Kansas City in their last eight games dating back to a whole. Okay. I know what the status now I wrote it wrong. Let's look at the San Francisco run defense last week. The Detroit running backs became the first group of running backs team running backs to average more than three point seven yards per carry going back to last year in the last eight games for the Niners head a very good run defense. So I know we love Mahomes when the passing game. We love Kareem hunt this week. You have to start them on the hope that he picks up some of the numbers that can city puts up just like he did last week. The touchdown pass from Mahomes and eventually is going to break out his runner. There is a part of me that wonders win team will come along and just say, okay, our our front four, all they're going to be assigned all game long as either stop the run or attack Mahomes based on if it's a run or a pass, and everybody else on defense is going to defend against the pass, like a defense is gonna come along that can do it. And I wonder if the forty Niners think they've got the guys to do that. I'm curious to see how they deployed their defense this week. Here are a list of running backs. I would start over Kareem hunt NPR. Lamar Miller, James white, Tevin Coleman. Giovanni, Bernard Corey, Clement j.j is out Chris Thompson. That's easier. It's easier to say those names PR because hunched is not nearly as much involved in the passing game. Yeah, we'll ask to be as involved. What what's interesting is the chiefs are the Niners rather they've been very bad against running backs in the passing game. They've allowed three running backs have forty seven to fifty five receiving yards to running back. Sorry, Dalvand cook and THEO. Riddick theoretic. I understand. But Davin that was apprising. Alan cook. Like if you look at his career so far, he's been pretty much monster and the passing game, right. No, no, he is a hundred yards has over one hundred yards receiving this year. I call him a monster this year may well not based on last year he had, but one of his games at seventy yards Leicester's over fifty yards leaving half of his what does he have so far? This year? One hundred seventy four. Okay. Five but hunt wasn't monster last year. Do you think it's realistic that he gets back into that role this week? Do you like this week and you're starting him? Yes. I would say if you picked up Jimani Bernard or Tevin Coleman. I agree with you on Thompson PR. There is room to bench him. Now most people don't have the, you know what to do it, but you know, I think if you're being realistic and looking at it, he just hasn't been the the guy that he was ago and this goes back to our preseason conversations. You know, just there's a change in how the offense is operating in. He's not benefiting from. Who's a better flex Kareem aunt or Sammy Watkins, hunt hunt, easily, how much he's not. He's not fall off the map guy. I mean, you know, it's not like what's happening to him. It's not as bad as David Johnson, for example. Well, how much do you like Sammy Watkins this week? I have a feeling that he can find the end. He's like the one guy on the chiefs that hasn't scored. So he's kind of like the argument stupid, but it's kind of like he's due in Andy Reid, typically rewards those players that you think everyone? Yeah, he had the quite as hundred yard game. You'll ever one hundred thirty one toll yard. So I mean, they gave him plenty of opportunities to find the endzone walk. Number three receivers, Alex Collins, Watkins, walk ins and PR Watkins and PR for sure. I do walk in some both. I'll do call into non. Walk ins or I San Francisco, I receiver you're starting tyreek hill. You're starting Travis. Kelsey, you're starting patch. Patch Williams is the number one quarterback for Dave, Jamie and heath do not start anyone over Patrick Mahomes there's, yeah, I totally. Now, let's go to San Francisco walk ins or eight or a nine or wide receiver. Walking's. Yep. What if good one place? So like me hundred percent, I will probably ranked good when I think I would if you they'll be right in the same range. So like they have a terrible defense who's gonna start who you're gonna start on San Francisco against his bed, chiefs defense, you can't trust any of them. But I mean Garcia and Pettus certainly play of good when his out and then George kill and Brita. I think Kittles pretty close to a must. Oh, great. And breeders to. What about Garoppolo versus Carson? Wentz I'm going to go up Garoppolo for sure. He's in my top twelve this week. Just look at the numbers that quarterbacks have been getting against the chiefs. Yeah, they throwing a hundred eleven pass attempts to games. They are forced to throw. It's a great point. Garoppolo like if Garoppolo thirty passes and averages averages what rivers, rothlisburger average per attempts. He would score twenty one fantasy points on thirty passes if he throws forty and we've got a big game here. So that's that's it gets up there. Garoppolo has thrown twenty six. Thirty three and twenty six past two games. All right. So we don't hate Garoppolo by any means. We all love him. He's tenth right around ten for for the three guys. Think that pretty much does it. We can compare George kiddle to like George kiddle or Evan Ingraham. I'll take Ingram take kit a lorry colts tight end kill. Okay. Let's move onto Oakland at myemma stat of the game. Three wide receivers with eight or more targets against Miami so far this year and Corey Davis had six catches for sixty two yards. Quincy Anonima had seven for ninety. Two Terrell Pryor had four for eighty four that he only four targets in that game. Well, anyway, Miami's been good, but not amazing against wide receivers. What do you think about Amari Cooper this week? I, I tend to disagree with you. I think they've been pretty good against receivers. They haven't given up a touchdown to receiver there. There's an oppor three Cornerbacks have yet to allow touchdown according to sports info solution. Right? Somebody's scored last great departure. Scored. I don't think they scored eight targets, right? So as three guys with eight targets, two of them had eighty four more yards. Yeah, no receivers had more than ten fantasy points against. I mean, you know me I've been saying out good. The secondary is for the start of the season Xavi Howard and the safeties now Rashaad Jones. If he's out that could be bad. But the guys by opposite him lipid in lip, it's gone. It's Bobby McCain, and it's it's mink of he's been crate apparently wants to trademark. Yes, they did. You said he'll let Ryan Fitz Patrick borrow it. Yeah, yeah. I don't know if the let Larry FitzGerald borrow it. He's not magic anymore. No, yeah. It's a great secondary and they're it's a prize and they only have three sacks and they got them all last week. So they haven't exactly been getting a ton of. They've been getting pressure on the quarterback, but. It, it's it's the inside guys that have success against them. And so they move coop around last week as they didn't one, they featured him. They threw the ball at them like it's not rocket science. Jon Gruden actually got something right for a change, but that's what you have to hope for. When you start Amar, you're probably starting Amari Cooper if you have start through Sears or if you have a flex well that you're the low guy, he thought Amari Cooper. I thought the Cooper rankings were very interesting. I'll try to look at the updated once they've updated little bit. So now he thousand thirty first David, Jamie have him twenty fifth and PR twenty-third for Jamie twenty-second for Dave twenty ninth for Cooper. So I guess it's the same. You're not buying what you saw last week. I think it's possible. I've got him for eight targets. Like I just think this is a terrible spot for the raiders second consecutive road game traveling across the country against a defense that's better than I thought it was. I think with what we saw from them in this game last week is going to be kind of the norm yet the ball quick short targets. He's not gonna have a lot of big plays down the field, but he's gonna Quincy in his way to some good numbers. Are we sitting Derek Carr? Yeah, they've they've gone. I think seven or eight games in a row with not allowing multiple touchdowns accord mex- the dolphins. Yes. I thought you were saying cars gone, seven or eight games without multi. That sounds about right, too. I mean, he's five hundred ninety one passing yards in two games. Those two games were the Rams and the Broncos. So leaning eighty percent of his Bassus to. Yeah, I mean, it kind of it's just like maybe Amari Cooper is going to be like a slot. Receiver catches a lot of balls in his really good PR. You know, the patriots play that been, but don't break defense. Everybody's doing that. The raiders are playing the move, but don't score starter, Jared, cook. I'm starting to. I think he's good enough to be a starter. That's a. He he finds a way to get open. It's just up to car to find him. There were a couple of plays last week were in CMO open, and he's making one read. That's part of the problem. One re not every time. As quickly as he is. He's not skinning in the field cook, look, he's he's a, he's. He's not going to be four for forty-nine most weeks, but that's probably closer to what a stat line is. What we saw in week. One cooker kid I would I would kill kill is more kid'll easy cook or an Joko cook. Cook PR the joke of your. I have new joke overcook. Marshawn Lynch. Good star, great, star, bad start. I think he'll continue to do what he's been doing. I think he can find the endzone again scored twice on the dolphins last year dolphins of given up thirteen fantasy points running back each with I two games that's the Tennessee duo, and that's the jets duo. So not exactly a who's who of running backs here, but those are both teams that have the duo's and the one that's word. The fantasy points is the pass catching back. Yes, good point. I don't know if the pad today lays enough for the raiders to while you want. He didn't week one, but. Carrie score could be the same here too. I don't think this is a dolphin spoil out. All agree. No, I Lynch is is a is not only. He's number two running back, but he's a score. You're gonna be in trouble. He's Affleck's for me, marshawn Lynch Royce Freeman when Lynch Martin venture, Alfred Morris Lynch Lynch is easy. One. I'll take Alphand on p. r. o. venture venture it out actually think often PR because he's been more involved in the passing game that I was. He caught two passes that's more than Lynch. Those. Let's. Passes these game. I Linda Breda. Breda read it easily. Yes. Lynch Drake, Drake easily. Yeah, but you're the Logan drinking death thought he thought it was surprisingly low for you. Got him in the top twenty four running backs, nineteenth and David, Jamie him top thirteen. It's probably not a huge difference. You know, it's just it looks kind of different, but all right, start Drake, any wide receivers for the dolphins. Stills is the best one, but number through, you know that he's fourth on the dolphins and targets. Yeah, we talked about the gesture. I actually gave Adam some props for his does Ryan tannehill just not like Kenny stills. Seems like that's what I said. What or is it just Ryan? Tannehill is just spreading the ball around doing what a lot of teams are doing. I think it really is if you need to flex Kenny stills, I don't think you should throw up about it. All right. Last question on this game stills or venture. I think stills NPR's still the better way to go. I certainly there's upside the favors them and if you look at the receipt for whatever, it's worth the receivers that have done the best against the raiders who secondary's actually playing better than you'd think considering they don't have much of a pass rush. It's been speedy receivers and stills as the speediest of the dolphins receive. I definitely whether start stills in PR on the low guy on Lynch by starting a non je came grant, one laps around getting still, you know? That's a good point. That's fair. And he has more targets. Maybe Kim grant is a sneaky sleeper this week by DISD is number eleven. For Jamie. Number two, I rankings are updated. They're like around ten. There are not a bad play. If you need a stream DST dolphins giants are at the Texans in this game stat of the game last year, Houston. I really think this is a team that's very good against pass. Catching running backs, James white in week one. He had thirty eight yards and a touchdown, but he had nine targets. So not mazing production last year, they. Allowed the fourth fewest receiving yards to posing running backs and only three receiving touchdowns two running backs non after week, five. And last week Dan Lewis had one catch for one yard on one target. That was dumb. So do you like saquon Barkley this week or do you love saquon Barkley this week. I love saquon Barkley but I hadn't heard that particular set. I don't really care. I don't either they're going to continue to find ways to get him the football kudos to them kudos atom, forgiving him as many catches as they did last week which they never they never wanna do again take take note Arizona. No, but they never wanna give me at what fourteen catches. He wanted fourteen again the season, but I bet he'll have a lot with seven eight nine and that's seven hundred eighty nine catch. Why? Or nine, six, seven, Dave. Because eight ache you is Barkley kind of like in the Kareem hunt mode where if you have GO if you have Tevin Coleman, you sit Barclay or no chance you sit Barclay. I'm not sitting no way. I would those two better situations. They definitely are owed l. Beckham you guys have like around twelfth, and he does have him six PR. So everybody's going to start Beckham so far. The Texans have been pretty damn good against wide receivers. Nobody sitting back him though, but maybe not at the f. escape, Evan engram starter sit. I don't wanna start him, but it tightens awful. You know, why don't you wanna start him after what you saw last week, the nice garbage time touchdown little extra work. Never heard anybody. They're going to be trailing. One game with one point and one game with twelve wins, so it'll be somewhere between those feel like his upside keeps them in the top twelve. Yeah. We already said you can start kit over him. Dave does have Ingram over Kittle. The other guys do not and new joke Joko our Ingram Ingram in. Okay, going to the Texans. So like the giants defense actually been sowed. The I do worry about with all the injuries though, is this a huge game for the Texans or just like a solid game or what? I think they explode when Randy savage and HOGAN met. Wrestlemainia powers exploded. Okay. Game. I said it already one sack through two games and two of their best pass rushers are hurt. So the Shawn Watson or Patrick, I'll go Watson, I think Watson can have a thirty three point to stick Watson interrupted. Jamie. Yes, Watson, I think you're going to say Jamie. What's your take like? Lamar Miller must Hopkins easy. I really like will fuller this week. Yup. He hit nine targets last week that was great into Shawn Watson only through thirty. Two passes. Career-high receptions for four to eight catches hundred thirteen yards John Watson through more than thirty two vessels. Greer that many. Feels pretty close to the ceiling for me this week, but I don't think he has to based on what we've seen from him. I mean, look at for what it's worth every time Watson and fuller have been on the field together. There's been a lot of production from guys, so from Hopkins to it, it's it's worth buying into this offense for sure for this week, I think is going to make life tough on one of those two receivers, you know, he's still very good corner, but they can avoid him and move those guys around. So you're starting both receivers? Yeah, Watson's great. Start this week and Miller is just he'll be fine. You're starting MB as he always is just not exciting. Also, the giants aren't early candidate for team that is the worst against mobile quarterbacks deck. Prescott just ran for the team is the worst. No. I mean, they actually have decent pieces on for forty five yards for Prescott forty yards or something like that for Boorda rush for Bortles, rushing and Prescott and Watson gives you forty yards every game. So if I recall the used to be good at that, I don't know. I, he'll have four change schemes and now it's, yeah. Now it's bad to have the numbers on the Sean. Did you look it up for career high impact, thirty four career? Okay. I don't know if we'll get to thirty four out he has to this week. No, I I think it's kind of a low volume passing game. Lamar Miller or Alex Collins Miller, the mar- Miller, our saquon Barkley. Juan, Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay. I'll I'll try to speed it up. What are the tough calls in this game? You can't start paying Barbara. Well, I mean, you could you, you're just going to regret it. I mean, not not involved in the passing game in a game that has the ability to just be a shoot up. So seventy points probably. No, I mean is paint bargain scoops up, fantasy points this year this year, man. That's hard to say. This is one of the reasons why Fitzpatrick has been great by the way because Ronald Jones suffer early Peyton Barbara sucks now and they don't have anything close to resembling a run game, which quarterback day like better been Ben, then don't that me because I tell you, here's your stat of the game. Ben Roethlisberger did not score more than twenty one fantasy points in any road game last year, six point per passing touchdown. And he faced four teams that were among the nine worst in fantasy points allowed to oppose quarterbacks. So he had four. Great. Matchups did not score more than twenty one points in any of those games. He's this. He's on the road. Yeah, I hate using that narrative is a reason to not trust rothlisburger me too because the matchup is still very good. His receivers are should explode, Antonio Brown. If he has another bad game, who knows what he'll tweet. I just I can't help it feel like this all sets up roths burger to have one of those rare mega games on the road for him. I Dow, it's weird. I always envision him having that game and it just so so rarely happens. But somebody asked me though, is the weather supposed to be bad Monday night? I'm check out. No, no, may take a peek. Take one of you take James Connors, top-five non PR top seven PR think the other tough calls are the Sean Jackson, John Jackson, Chris Godwin. First of all, who do you like better? Secondly, how much do you like them? Jackson better, but not by much and I like them both as at the very worst as top thirty receivers this week. The weather's supposed to stop raining on Sunday night. So I'll take Godwin and PR, but they're both just flexes for me. I love to Sean. I'll take him as a number two receiver ride this hot hand, which which I know I know what you're saying. He's had nine targets and two games. He's caught them all. I two hundred seventy five yards. This is the thing if he slows down Patrico slow down a little bit, but it's hard to get away from what this has been. So as long as you're not saying like, this isn't this narrow for me, like I, I'm looking at Giovanni Bernard's workload, seven Coleman's workload. And for me, that's I buy into that over what I've seen from David Johnson Kareem hunt. So I could start those guys over those two other running backs in this case workload matters. And so while Johns having these big performances, I'm not getting cute with him over Beckham who's been struggling or Keenan Allen was tough match-up like, I'm not going to do that, but I think you have to look at disarm Jackson as if you're comparing him to Thomas. At this point while the targets certainly favorite Thomas the match situation favorites Jackson, that for me is easy to buy into their. We could. We could spend two minutes going through Sean Jackson or questions. Yeah. So let's do a few as why don't you go ahead? You're going to go guy every time. Why don't you once you name Adam? We'll get you in a second. And he can Adam three. Three wide receiver said Jackson would start over for you. You're taking Jackson over these Godmen the PR Marshall. Okay. That's Michael Crabtree. Okay. Any Jaguar besides Keelan coal. This was a bad idea. Adam who you have that Breda or Tampa Bay wide receiver not named by Kevin's, Matt Rita all day. I think I'd go read it. Of course. How about willfuller. I'll take fuller before. Yeah. Alex Collins, Jackson Collins, Jackson Peter Jackson in any more upside Jackson for both from me OJ Howard starter sit. Sit. But I mean for the love of God, Todd Mahnken in Tampa, Bay guy, seventy targets game. Let's see what this looks like. Well, the Val kill the Sean Jackson vine. I'd rather have Howard Jackson. All right. Well, hey, look, John Howard's sixty four percent owned just in case they realize we need to start featuring him. You might want to stash Jordan Howard OJ Howard rather sixty four percent. We could stash Jordan because ashort and our sure Tennessee's at Jacksonville. We got two games left stat of the game. Number one, Jacksonville native Bob Hayes is the only man to win an Olympic gold medal and a Super Bowl ring as Cording to visit Jacksonville dot com. Thank you again, visit Jacksonville dot com. For the fun facts that game number to meet. You just call Briscoe Tennessee. I could Tennessee allows things. How's things opposite Tennessee. The third highest passing yards per attempt in the NFL. They haven't seen a lot of attempts have not been very good against them. So any interest in Blake Bortles? Yes. As long as it a play, I think even for net does play, you know, he scored twenty or more fantasy points in six of his last day games going back to last year, and I buy into if they're going to be if they wanna be the team that they're capable of being, they have to be more aggressive throwing the ball, and I think that they're going to do that because for not going to be a hundred percent if he plays. And so this is an opportunity for them to let him continue to play a little bit more open a little bit more free. And I think they're receiving core is a whole is better than he's ever had before. And what do we think about the receiving core for the Jacksonville? Jaguars I love the match for Keelan Cole who has started to break away from the slot and play on the outside more starting. Titans outside cornerback satori Jackson, Malcolm Butler so far this season twenty one catches on thirty three targets allowed for three hundred and forty seven yards and four touchdowns while I sports info solutions and killing coal should be able to cash in on that. It's just a matter of it's what Jamie said. And I think I think I tend to agree with it, which is do they do they want to try and get Leonard for net going or do they want to try and keep Blake Bortles hot, but they could do with doing they couldn't at the end of last season. You know, as they went into the playoffs, it was Bortles and then the run game was still supporting it. So I think they could still get you can still get great numbers out of Fornet. But with the way Bortles looks right now, he's not a must start guy by any stretch like this thinking more for like daily on board shirt, but I would start Bortles over Carson Wentz I, there's a little side with him. I started over Russell Wilson. I start him over every I am, but I, I wonder how much run for. That is really going to get in this game because do they really need them? What do we do at the running backs? Let's talk about that for net plays. You start them. There's no other guy in Jacksonville you're playing over for. Maybe he will be these seconds running back in the last ten game four fifteen games. I think to get smaller than seventy three yards rushing against. Yeah, so it's been fifteen games dating back to last season. Only one running back more than seventy three rushing guards against the titans. And that was Todd Gurley. However, there weren't even not as good this year. They lost Carl clue. Professor Williams, their loss linebacker every Williamson and so far they are giving up well over four yards per carry the dolphins, ran the ball against them while they just score. Yeah, and Drake, Drake at fourteen for forty. Eight gore had nine for sixty one the Miller at fourteen for sixty eight. So he almost got to that seventy three yard, Marco, just need a little bit more workload the is there any tighten that you want to start with you on Lewis? Are you thrown off a little bit by last week. They were thrown off thrown off. I mean, you know they kudos to that coaching staff and how they manage that game to get the win without without Mario. But it looks like Mario is not gonna play again. I don't wanna trust these guys. Hopefully the lawn plays. It sounds like he's trending in the right direction. I don't know about complimented. He played last week. No, I don't think I think I think he he did it because we were so excited about the Texas defense with. I just think that this offense is not trustworthy. I think Lewis is a good flex option. If you still want to stick with Henry with eighteen carries last week was the first time Henry had more than fourteen carries a game and did not get double digits offense. So the streak is broken. But. It's it's kinda game flow. You know, Henry so dependent on if they're playing with league, it's what we saw last week. So you can't trust them. And I just think that Lewis is is upside capped. All right. Last question. Would you start Blaine gabbert or Kevin buyer at quarterback. Well, all right. We got a boat route, educate forever. We got Josh l. prediction here for New England at Detroit's. I think. We talked about sort of off the air before the show. Let's throw it out there. What are we thinking? It's going to happen in this game. It hasn't happened yet. The rookies I think they both be unleashed kerryon Johnson and Sony, Michelle either two of the worst run defense in the league. Definitely. The one of them will be blowing out the other, but Johnson got five cats as week. So hopefully that was that because Riddick got hurt and they just needed somebody to fill that role. I just think they need to try to around early and us carry on as a result. You can't start carry on with any confidence, but hopefully what we saw last week is the turning of the page a little bit might be a good time to make a trade offer for Sony, Michelle kerryon. John right now, I think kerryon Johnson is is a much more likely candidate because birkhead Burkitt's still there. I mean burqas a good player, but blunt isn't. Like that's my James white is still there too. Yeah, but so is the original I mean, but but white at least gets four. Five carries a game. Riddick doesn't really get any. Sorry. Would you rather have rest of season kerryon Johnson or Sony? Michelle, I was about to say, I would take Michelle. Better team and. More. He's got more play making ability than Johnson, I think less town than mouths to feed in Detroit. They're more talented mouths to feed in that New England heath break the tie. I'll take Sony. Okay. That sounds very confident at all. Somebody suggested sell high or heath Cy as it. Right. So are you starting any running back in this game? Well, James white NPR right. Yeah, like James wide over Dion Lewis. Would you start James white over Leonard for net in PR. No, I don't think I'm there yet which I'll ever be there start James white over Kareem hunt at PR. No, yes for okay. Okay. And Fateh guess what about what about birkhead? Michelle Johnson. We just like, let's see if we can see what happens this week and try to avoid them. I think so how much playing time is Rex gonna get if it's not a competitive game? Well, that's the argument for Sony. Yes, me. Well, it depends on what you mean by competitive. They head because he could still be a guy that they're leaning on in that ride. You know, last week they started using Michelle down by eighteen points. No, they, the second series of the game was also in. It lasted three plays and they were done. But I think they're trying to use Sony a little more to try and get him used to the NFL like this is your time to write thing. Doesn't game twenty-five snaps game where he does have an opportunity. I, I mean, the birkhead is just not inspiring anything right now. Okay. Yeah, he's not. However this is the best match will have all year. So like I know I have a league where I just hate my running backs. I can actually try to give an example that would help league where I hate my co owner. Those brise. Yeah, I'll see if I could start to be helpful. Oh, did you get went? No, we didn't place. Biddy went for a zero dollar bid at didn't place a bid for heath. I was. I was trying to be a nice friendly Kohner. I didn't want to do something that you didn't want. I'm so could you have dropped to get him would have had to be Chris Godwin probably I don't know if you made the right call. Yeah, so yeah, but we don't have to start Chris. Yeah, I have Shawn McCoy. Awesome. Awesome. Eker erects birkhead and PR. That's what it's gonna come down to for me. Equa. Dave. I think I have birkhead higher, but I don't know if I can even justify I, which wide receivers they're very. Gave. This is one that I've really been struggling with and somebody needs to give me a reason to move Chris HOGAN way up in my rankings because I am missing something and like thirty spots lower than everybody else in the industry, no dairy sleigh, potentially and that offense. Thanks. So I just look at his touchdown potential. I hope the targets stay there to me. It's contingent on dot. Gordon Gordon plays. He's ranked too high. If Gordon dozen play, then I think he's gonna go spot. Could he get open be on the field where where is HOGAN by just outside mytalk twenty four. Like in the top third. And I think consensus ranking on fantasy prose is like twenty third, and I just like you're chasing points. He's got his gut five targets in each of the first two games, and that's without Josh Gordon. Do you end? That's one game where the patriots were kind of behind on the scoreboard. That's what they were against Jacksonville, I, we're gonna finish up here, targets below. Do you think that there are three lions wide receiver. That you're ranking ahead of Chris, HOGAN? Oh, one hundred percent to for me. Who's over Jones. Now I'll take Jones over HOGAN. Trying to get him going game. They're gonna play from behind? Well, I mean, they've been behind two games steadily and they've been trying. Here's eventually. He's now thirteen games with Kenny golden field and only once over four catch he thirty seconds left, wrap it up. Philip door set has were targets more receptions and I believe more receiving yards. The first two weeks, Chris HOGAN does. Here's your stat of the game. There have been five wide receivers score, seven or more fantasy points against the patriots last week. Three of them scored neither more fantasy points non PR, four of those wide receivers had eight to eleven targets. So yeah, they've just been terrible wide receivers. You can start all of the lion skies, and that is it. Patriots. The is okay outside the top twelve just okay. All right. That's it. We're out of here theoretic more over under five and a half catches way I got. Say the answer. Gotta go back, Dave JR. He Riddick five and a half catches. I will take the under on that. By everybody. We'll talk to you. With a recap of Thursday night games.

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