The Dinosaur Toe


Take note story is cold the dough EMA soul raid boy. Don't Klis if you visit Horace Mawlana poll train station. You can catch a train into directions north to the scorelines or west to the pastures. But if you're very lucky and your friends with the engines and their drivers you can go to other places to warn small loin branches down to the harbor at another one goes to the airport. What it just so happened. The on this day as a mirror dylan stood waiting for a train. Opt to the SKYLINES THAT SHAMPOO. The engine choked into the plot. Form with a right of goods. Wagons Mirror had an dare fancied venture she said to Dylan. But we're all ready. Go away non adventure. He said to the skull elands remember. Yes but it takes a long time to get there and all. You've got a better dare winked a mirror and then turn shampoo as he settled in the platform with a big hase of white steam morning. A mirror puffed shampoo morning dylan. I mirror spoilt. I you off anywhere exciting shampoo. She Oh own leader harbor say shampoo. I got these wagons to want load onto a boat to Holland Moinuddin. If we tackle long set a May ever delon looked at her while we shave thinking they didn't want to go to the hopper. You're better ask molly driver said Shampoo. All you don't see why not set the driver so a mayor and Dylan hopped onto shampoos footplate and soon. They were headed out of the station towards fiscal Huns. But before too long the track branched off to the right and the whole you train slow down as the rails beneath them when now a bit older and a bit more wobbly looking out of the dirty front windows they could see that they were getting close dylan hot forgot how much he loved the harbor. It smells funny but good funny and there was always the score of seagulls overhead that soon cranes Ternan huge hunk of shit horns frank shampoo said Dylan and Amarah excitedly as history a halt and they claimed download onto solid ground was even more oxygen than normal hopping down the harbor that you were building a new pair for big ships dock hot and that men putting a big bucket down into the dirty water scooping out all the mold and Yok from the bottom so it got deeper and deeper and the big ships could sail a properly bake yellow crane dunked. The bucket pulled up a modern yoke twisted around and dropped it into a big smelly. Salafi poile twisted around and I don't to an Agai- and baubles huge huge bubbles erupted from the medal of the harbor while hot was strange. That crane driver pulled the bucket backup and then lowered it over there. So he of the pair again bloop bloop bloop bloop blow blow blow job there with a big bubbles again. How was the bucket going down into the water and mauled hair but big bubbles? Were coming up in the middle of the harbor over there. They needed some day tech tips that he needed to people who good enough at swimming and brave enough to go down into the darkness and have a look for themselves. Mirror was all ready putting off a diving costume. Come on Delon. She said you to Dylan put on his black diving cost Jim together. They climbed over the Soit of the pay here down into the water. They put the glass masks over their faces on put their heads under. Wow if it was murky at surface it was even dirtier as you got deeper. But soon they were at the bottom where the cranes bucket had been digging Dylan turned all his Rohit Roy Torch and they're the bottom. Sticking out of the mud was a grading scale mayor Doug around the scale with her hands on sore that it was part of something far bigger. It was the shape of a big thumb. But here Roy at the end was that big claw and it was rough. The bottom was to- a bake green to- mirror and Dylan swamp back to the surface and took off their mosques on snorkels. Then there's a big toe down there. They shouted bought vein though Walter in the harbor. Bay Gun Tie Swirl on phase and all the boats who was sold in an off load in their cargo Bay gun to rock and single stop squawking and then with a huge explosion of water. Join US sore as big as an office block rose up out of the harbor and your nd sold loudly that everyone covered their ears and the big yellow crane shook was Canadian. A set the creature. All I was just having a noise few million year NAP on so more. Start a toll mirror on Dylan who were both very bold and brave stepped forward all him. Sorry to have woken. You said a mirror but I have to admit it was awesome. But we didn't know it was your toll in fact we didn't know you were down there at all. We've we've not been here as long as you. A sore looked puzzled. Put everyone around. The harbour looked either terrify. Talk just go but a mirror knew the right thing to do when you meet someone. New Volley name is a mirror. She said face is my friend Dylan. She held out her hand properly. That sore sat down in the Water. Audience leaned legs both feet sticking up out of the water and scratched his head with one of the close on the end of his law firms and then he reached out to know he's to me ear or EAM. Leonard Horrid Cain showed a harbourmaster and all of a sudden sirens begun to Worl- walks older. He's asked Leonard the join a sore oil wait now ago. Need an alarm. A stock hurricane alert sank. Dylan it means storms coming and all the ships have to return to the safety of the harbor. It's too late. Show a harbor master. That's storms coming into quick leap and other and Tro are out there on their boat. Pa tro cried a mirror. But they'll be whipped up by this storm of yours sat word and they have a little grain boat said Dylan at all never A Hurricane Leonard lifted himself up on with the big ace green legs. You've ever seen wade out of the hopper towards the sea or Al. A didn't even have to swim. He was so big that say only k. him up hayes middle. Hey Sore the block clouds moving and he felt though wind against his face then he sore honor and Pietro's little boat. Aleksei were terrified to see a monster coming awards them and even more terrified when he picked up their entire boat a one hand but they were relieved when two minutes later they were put gently down in the middle of the com- harbor than heard had been snooze in for so many millions of years that he didn't detest sleep for a few million more and so from that day forth he lived in the harbor and became friends. Friends ship captains from all over the world everyone in every port new about Leonard the dinosaur who saved shapes and they couldn't wait until they had a delivery to make a Horse Mar poll so they could visit him on name. Need a new pair. Dugout or Al. They didn't need a crane and a bucket at Leonard would do it with one scoop of his hand and when a big note of cargo who needed to be picked up promise ship and put down onto the dog. Well Leonard picked it all up on a rope with one little chlor and when ever he want it. I know he's Friendly Conversation Mirror as Dylan. What Oscar Shampoo the engine to take them down to the harbour where there was a brand new station built volley next to Leonard's round new comfy bed no Remember you can find more nissen Douglas on Youtube instagram and spotify go.

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