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Greetings From Tuscaloosa


Algae that murky green stuff may not seem very useful but it could be the future of energy. That's why Exxon Mobil synthetic genomics developing biofuels from mm-hmm algae so that the trucks ships and planes that drive our economy could one day run on algae biofuels with half the greenhouse gas emissions of today's fuels keeping transportation tation humming well cutting emissions learn more at energy factor dot com. Oh please that the college football universe resigned and T- town Aka Tuscaloosa. Rolling in the Tigers are walking a hostile environment and things on the line including the potentially playoff berth. Breaking Don Friday live go Jay Cutler football presented by MAS does into the cloud in Alabama. There's no need to go to classes. There's really no need to go to work because all the work that's going to be put it we'll be in Bryant Denny stadium between Lsu and the tide of Alabama again both teams undefeated at the rival. Then we all had the game thirst for his back now. This number talk about Lebron James. What's what's going on what's happening here? It's a huge matchup between Alabama and we'll get there but I gotta start with the news in college. Football Ohio state announced that defensive and chase young will be held out at tomorrow's game against Maryland while the school investigates possible Twa Violations Dating Back to twenty eighteen. Young did tweet today that he took a loan from a family friend before his freshman year in two thousand seventeen and repaid in full last summer. It's unclear at this time if you miss any additional gains now remember. David's been talking about this. This guy says day one. He's been flat out dominant thirteen and a half sacks this season at the most in the FBI had just has one sack away from the Ohio state season record and todd mcshay and Mel L.. Kuyper Tatham right. Now as one of the top draft picks for twenty twenty. So we know that he's going to be a guy that has a future in the pros but let's talk about what happens to his team. The impact that this team can feel without that dominant edge. rusher chase young It's a crazy big impact because to me the difference between one through four five. Honestly you could club together. One had chased young. Didn't and this takes away the best player in college. Football the most disruptive player in college football so I I think it's it's it it's a tremendous blow and I'm not saying Tarik Smith and company can't rebound they got a lot of guys. There's only one of those super freakazoids on the planet in college support number to chase young. He's a top three. NFL draft pick. He's a one man recruit defensively. David talked about him the whole season season. He's a guy who you have to gain plan for and you don't see that every day so he's GonNa Affect their deepest when he's not there. His absence will be filled out. I spoke to several coaches. That had the coach against Ohio states deepest. And they're like Desmond. There was nothing we could do to defend that young man. He's great against a run. He's obviously excellent. Pass Russia the only thing I want to know is how much money are we talking here. We're talking like ten thousand dollars. That's different we're talking talking one hundred thousand dollars. How do you take that loan? They didn't pay back those sixteen cows to these kids. The the money is going to be the difference maker and his needs to miss and for chase young I I mean we know how dominant he is but we saw this happened. Ohio state last year with Nick boasts and it was an injury. Obviously but you lose the guy who was the most Dahlan it dude on the defensive line for the second year are you know. They're kind of in another one of those situations where they've got to fill a void. You read about that and You know the thing about Ohio state. That helps them as they haven't excellent defensive line coach Larry Johnson. I mean he's just one of the best in all of college football so he's going to have someone behind chase that's going to be productive. You cannot replace his productivity because he's a free he's a guy who just doesn't come around off but still when they play the collective unit day should be okay for the Games coming up. They're going to be without him anyway. Away with him obviously will be the Penn state game in a Michigan game. David the first thing I looked at you heisman can still. Can you still make it to New York and you just know. Oh you already had everything going against you. Because you're a defensive player in it's hard is a defensive player to get it now. You missed one game. It's a wrap because that's enough for people to say NOPE NOPE you're out of the race. So if he had aspirations and I was I was hoping by the way. I'M NOT GONNA lie. Because he's the best player and I was hoping everybody would come around. I don't know when those odds were but you can put Adam at zero now. Like zero zero zero. Yeah matters in. Yeah we gotTA start to make up ground the past couple of weeks because you had the job to Taylor who was the guy who was the top three guy. He had to too bad games back to back. And then you had the quarterback Oklahoma Jalen hers. He had a bad game against Kansas. The station to me chase young star really clam in the rankings but this maxim all the way down. Eleven of the last thirteen heisman. Winners have been quarterbacks. I was just excited about the idea of having a defensive guy just in New York like in the running and idea that he would be there in that conversation so search for the best player in college football all right. Let's talk about this game though. Because that's what everyone therefore they don't want to hear about Ohio right especially when it comes to the College Football playoff game matters. According to the allstate playoff predictor. Both these teams would all all but wrapped up a spot in the playoffs with the wind. Moving to an eight four percent. Chance to earn a berth and also a law spells trouble at bowl team. Chances Fall to under fifty percent with the lawsuit. The biggest story line here obviously is whether or not cure quarterback. A ton of. We'll be able to go remember. He had ankle surgery after injuring October twentieth. Again Tennessee earlier earlier I caught up with associate. Ad For Sports Medicine Jeff Allen to discuss his rehab and recovery. Let's walk through some of the devices that you use throughout the Rehab into a and obviously we'll start at the alter gene so the altar G is an anti gravity treadmill. It's a great tool for us when we're progressing and athlete back because it allows us to really essentially essentially do non-impact training in terms of running and getting them back to a functional gay to graduated from this last week. Yeah so we were able to get him through the altar g protocol and get him to a one hundred percent really relatively quickly getting back out on dry land. Let's see some other ways that you were a able to do that because I know you have plenty more of the game ready devices a really great tool for us because it allows us to cold compression on the joint which essentially helps us with pain. Management also helps with swelling control. Not only the cold but also just the compression so too and we were clearly focused on the ankle so he would would use this daily and we've and what we'll do with our athletes is. We'll send them home with one of these units and he can sleep in this unit during the night and it will go off and on during the tonight and provide that cold compression that we think is beneficial to control the swelling and we can put him in zero gravity chair and essentially elevate his legs pretty much as high as we can get them. And this is just sequential compression. That's going to provide compression. I at the foot the lower leg and ankle area then up up to the knee area than to the guy with the theory being. We're trying to move some of this blood. Some of the swelling in that area out of there get it up the leg and get reabsorbed reabsorbed by the body. And get some of that. Swelling out. You know another thank you to Jeff Allen for walking US through the head athletic trainer head Alabama one of the most important people that exist in Tuscaloosa. I learned so much number one. We talked about the tight rope procedure and it is meant to strengthen the angle that that what is the objective there to allow you more time because the ligaments usually when they get it takes them a long time strengthen backups incident but one of the things they've done is it's been forty eight our incremental Rehab. He has a plan for every single moment of the day if he is not in Rehab he actually on the game ready he is. It's supposed to be as close to ready as he could possibly be the and unlike the last time he was injured. It's not his plant foot so he doesn't put as much pressure on that right foot when he's throwing the ball so things are a little bit different but if you're Lsu and you know you're dealing with the two. I could play that probably one hundred percent. How do you game plan I mean who are you game planning for? What is the plan on defense? Well you have to game plan for two or who you want you WANNA to make a move around in the pocket. That's what you WANNA do. You WanNA pressure this young man Dave Rand the defense coordinator for Lsu is going to bring pressure. He's going to bring bliss. You have to test the ankle. You don't want to sit there and let him sit in the pocket and pick you apart. You know that he's incredible incredibly accurate. They're going to bring blitzes. They're going to bring pressure. They're gonNA make sure there was in the pocket mood around in just standing back there and start throwing darts at their deepens. Cover guys like stigma junior back there to I play the ball. I mean he plays it exactly like a wide receiver. That's not a normal normal freshman. He's unbelievable what they also have the secondary in the back end where they can play more man. But Oh you gotta here's the thing and I know this you could take this. However you wanted America I was a deep? It's if somebody had an ankle injury may find it okay. I hit em low the next year. I think you're I let him feel. And here's the thing with two and the game plan. I don't think you're going to see them scramble around. I don't think you're going to see him extending a lot of place. So if I know too is in the pocket and he he doesn't have as much magic that makes life a lot easier for me as a defense coordinator. Steve Kerr Sarkissian Lardy said don't scramble. We live to play another down. You know what I mean like. Let's roll throw it out but stay safe if to able to go and it's close to one hundred percent against LS we're here in Tuscaloosa where the fans are getting excited for Lsu and Alabama to talk about the going through the position group. The Guy who's GonNa tell me on a whiteboard whether or not Alabama or Lsu. DOC has an edge in this match up and coming up a huge game at noon. The caused ball playoff implications will be on the line on. ABC Pins Safe. They'll be taken on Minnesota Minnesota and at night he heard me crystal be Clinton. 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It's no wonder ship station is rated number one by online sellers and right now you can try ship station free for sixty days. That's right free. Just go to ship station DOT COM and enter Promo Code Fan. We guarantee ship station will make getting orders to your customers a lot easier here. SHIPS STATIONED DOT COM. Promo Code. Fan Ship Station makes ship happen. You're watching college. Football presented go back to college. Football live the king and Tuscaloosa. That Guy Nick Sabin. He's won five national championships here and one at Lsu so that is six total and he is a part of our detail on ESPN. Plus take a look at a new. The episode where coach Saban will analyze Alabama's. RPO On offense and defense on this episode of detail we're going to look at the RPO concepts on both sides of the ball to seize it three snap and that's what these spread out formations. Do they make the defense declare itself so they would have a hard time Disguise in a split site to coverage here which they can't do and again we're running a slants outside the defenders slots I've outside leverage so best opportunity for completion. Be sure to catch the new season three of detail with me Nick. Sabin exclusively on ESPN plus lost. Trust me you want to check out that. ESPN plus detail of coach. Save and he goes really really deep and we don't have a ton of time to go deep deepen details but we can decide who has the edge with different position groups so dead and David here. They've been given their own special. Look at Baby David Hammer. Pass uh-huh yeah so you could give it to Alabama and let's start with the quarterback position and this matchup. Who has the edge as I have to go with? Lsu I think he he leaves he has a high ranking and passes outside side two numbers which NFL throws passes against pressure against the blitz and I think right now. We'll have to go. Joe Berle. Did he have ankle surgery anytime recently. Not that I'm aware Komo healthy to obviously being banged up covered in the ball game I ball by the way. We'll kind of therapeutic medicine. Would you thought what we've been on for this to be preseason and us to do this now. A radio on some how Joe Brady radio healthy too was healthy. Would you give the edge to Alabama LSU SAY LSU. I think Joe Boroughs having a better season and right now then to all right wide receivers. I think these are the best wide. Receiving core is in the nation. But one we going with that you know. LSU This group group-dynamic just outstanding group but Alabama has four bona fide superstars. Why keep an eye on Jalen Waddell? That guy is a game changer. And that's exactly why I went with your three for three. LSU LSU and Alabama extremely comfortable Waddell makes a big difference being a game. Buster is the number four wide receiver. So so it's three versus four. That's essentially why he's again turns with okay. We love our taste no social you guys. High offensive backs go with Lsu or Alabama both of the I mean the toilet the DVD. Then you right. Lsu was deeply you. But I'm still concerned about their safety. Dale pick pick out hurt in the last game. We're not sure sure about his daddy's side data go with Alabama. At at this point I will disagree. I will go. LSU stingray junior as a true freshman freshman thirty show me. He's got the goods to the best corner in the country phone by the way. The lockdown quarter Delta can go in the slot covers tackling issues but coverage coverage on ankle. Hey what about number five. I love him away for Lsu we saw yes we saw that sucker against Texas Alexa got beat you watch him and he goes Silmi is an absolute blur. They got speed on the outside more than all right well. delpe coach does say that he's going to be able to go. We just don't know whether or not he'll be one hundred percent and the match up against Obama all right. Let's talk about the front seven Alabama. Lsu who gets the edge. This is a tough one. I mean if I had a quarter I would would flip it with Alabama. I gotta go Kart Seven. I think AH lettuces. They're hungry they're strong. I'm going with Alabama by Alabama and to me it's because Terrell Lewis has the biggest upside in this game period read Anthony Jennings. Looks a little more healthy Davis they got three dudes. I think that are better of Lsu has so. I think this is one of the key or what a bigger discrepancies overseas on the board. Okay this is really bothering me. That you guys are agreeing this. I want to be honest. I was expecting both has to be. I don't know what happened. Okay special teams who had addresses our last one man. Oh Man I talked about Jalen Waddell. I think he's going to be the difference maker. Special teams going to have a huge huge role in tomorrow's game. Some going with Alabama because of Jalen field position is going to be. The average is twenty yards per return. Turn to first downs every town. And that's good stingray. Junior can do that as well. But here's the thing in Alabama fans by the way y'all can feel me. Yeah this place kicking for you guys. Kick kickers in Alabama are synonymous for being very good. Yeah your issue. Eleven to thirteen field goals in life. Okay yeah you got a point so definitely got a point. You WanNa Drop Kick David. You can't lay it all right. We'll take some of those okay so if I look at this picture now but it looks like David leaning toward little. LSU got like four spaces were there. I'm just saying you're going to have to come game day to find out who they actually pick. But if we're breaking down on the ED right who you guys are as like all right. Let's take look at our navy. Federal Credit Union. All American team recognizing the best and brightest ROTC seniors from across the nation on December twelfth. We'll be announcing the winner at the ROTC senior of the Year award here are the twelve nominees from around the country and still ahead on college football. There's another battle of and being some heroin Minneapolis Minnesota but didn't think I was GONNA say and Penn State a huge game in the big ten. What will take for the gophers to remain undefeated offers? Yeah Gulf I got TA triple header coming your way much on the ESPN APP ACC network. Florida State Boston Austin College. Wake forest and Virginia Tech Notre Dame and Duke will be your nightcap at seven thirty you've met him or you can stream it live on the ESPN APP. The College Football playoff the top twenty five rankings show Tuesday at seven on. ESPN hiring used to be hard multiple job sites stacks of resumes a confusing review process. But today hiring can be easy and you only have to go to one place to get it done. 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The respect of hardworking people like you from building rugged dear. That's tougher than any. I are worst day of work to reengineering the classics to throughout work. The Future Trust your hearts to keep doing their job long after you begin doing yours since eighteen hundred nine carts got your back twenty four seven visit car car dot com forward slash. CFP College football live is presented by Mazda veal feel alive and impart by pizza. Official Pizza of college football order now at pizzahut DOT com. No one out-pizzas heart come on college football. Oh Yeah what a good ball biggest key games every week. Go coming up on College Game Day tomorrow. Nick Saban will join it. Live on give it update onto a share house. Team has prepared this week for. LSU plus threes is more than a model for Henry. Rugs Tom Rinaldi has the story of how Alabama's wide receiver pays tribute to a friend lost and as we celebrate the One Hundred Fiftieth Season of college. Football gene will house. He looks back at the most significant games in the history of the sports. All that more tomorrow at nine. Am Eastern right here at the quad on ESPN APP. Far blimpworthy players brought to you. By Goodyear we head to the big ten whereas the chillier that is here in Tuscaloosa Penn State Sean Clifford. Second in the big ten. With twenty touchdown passes Nittany Lion. Full face off against tanner. ENTER MORGAN WITH THE MINNESOTA GOLDEN GOPHERS and a battle of unbeaten than the big ten and Morgan is third. In the big ten with eighteen. Touchdown passes the. Let's walk through this matchup again. undefeated in the big ten. It's a huge matchup for Penn state. WHO's rolling in at four in the playoffs? The first initial playoff rankings. How can Minnesota pull off the the upset? I really sound like that is really Minnesota. I was so Bateman company when you look at the Golden Gophers you when you look at them go third and fourth two receivers third and fourth in the big ten in receiving per per game. You're talking about playmakers. When I watch Penn State does yeah the only weakness? I see defensively secondary. Can they man up and put on the outside. Now after this is also contingent upon saying you can block hosters up fronts right But Bateman abatement can make big plays. And they're going to have to give him time Morgan in the passing game. This is the way they can beat Penn state. I tell you what I think. They're going to have to run the ball. They'RE GONNA have to establish the run this team in the third conference running the ball two hundred and four yards per contest. They have a guy named Rodney Smith. Average of five point seven yards per carry. They're going going to have to establish the run dominate. The land scrimmage to open up the passing game when the soda also eats up the clock. Because you don't want to give the ball to penn state's offense. Let's impress if you guys most about Penn State. We don't have much time but I'd love to hear what your thoughts of the Nittany lion the first ten eleven week defense the front seven's the best of the James Franklin era. I mean it's not just one two three four five six seven eight guys debt they can rotate in and out big time playmakers. Jj handlers the most dynamic man in college football the ball in his hands this guy you you put in a slot you Glenn my why he takes sweeps to the house. I

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