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Katie Leinenkugel joins the show!


The game. Work. These drinking. Eric Church. Drink in my hand. That's what this weekend is, even if it's not alcohol whatever? Have a drink socialize? Be with your friends, neighbors and family and just enjoy. Look who we've got on the phone right now, brand ambassador. For the greatest beer company in the world. Leinenkugels Koogle's. We've got Katie line and Koogle herself random bastard. Good Morning Katie. How are you doing? How are you I'm good. How are you doing I'm? Good to good to meet you for the first time you know. A met your father. Years ago, and he was a very wise man He came to Washington DC where I was hosting a nationally syndicated radio show, and Leinenkugels as a brand was well known in the Upper Midwest and Wisconsin, and he said I need somebody who can spread the word about us nationally, and so he came to. He came to me in us, and we started doing a segment with him, and we would have him and Jacob on. They're like the too old muppets up in the balcony. At times you know just sort of going back and forth. They were hilarious. I feel like I feel like. I'm the fifth line and Koogle brother. That doesn't exist. You might just be the fourth then. There's a one right. Thank you, I thought the four five. Whatever you. Whatever, but all right, so let's talk about Dick. Yeah exactly but Jake Jake's the wildcard. Right. Yeah probably. I would agree with that for sure. Art So here's the problem. Here's the problem I have with Leinenkugels. You'RE GONNA laugh. You're GONNA say well. That's not a problem. Got Her on the show for the first Idaho. Katie. No I'm just you know. Keep it real. Keep it at one hundred here I'm just going to be honest. The problem with Leinenkugels is this the minute you put the finishing touches on? Summer Shandy. That was it for every other flavor that you came out with? Because Summer Shandy so good. For me. It's SORTA like it's over, but I want to open my mind and expand my horizons and make sure that I'm sampling all your latest and greatest stuff. So what's the lineup for? This summer looked like and right now. What are you guys featuring? I'm so glad you asked. We actually just came out with our new gear called Leinenkugels Spritz in and I know Eric is tried it a few times, but not one of my hand right now. that. A lot of drake on you've made too many mistakes already this more. It's not open. Yeah, you can't. You can't assure okay. Not Be like you and then they won't drink the air with us, but I mean Dan. Find that odd. Sino know. What's a spirits and? Britain is a German word for splash, so at the air with a splash of Seltzer and it's super light. It's ninety calories two point two cards it's. One of those really good for you beers. We call them good for better for you. You know better than I guess other options, but it comes in three flavors, grapefruit Pineapple Strawberry Raspberry Lemon I personally love the grapefruit That's my favorite, but yeah, it's It's GONNA definitely be my new summer beer for sure, if perfect on the boat. I had a few yesterday. Get stuff. So Katie, you're the queen of mixologist when it comes to Leinenkugels, what's your favorite goto mixture of the Chinese? So we call that brew allergy since it's just beer. And I would say if I had to make shabby with something. I I was just go to the GO-TO Shandy with Barry Vice and we call it a pink lemonade. Yeah. Pig lemonade which is so good? Oh and mixing those two together Oh. Oh, yeah, that's a good one you go through. I'll turn six packs in. Win Did. I drink all the spear I. don't even remember doing this. I know my favorite holiday. Though is buried, vice with Orange Shandy, We call that one fruit punch in that one is that. I mean you don't know when you go through the six pack. It's really good. I've not tried that one ought to try that this weekend. Off My, The way home today. Pick them up. There you go. There you go so any other recommendations from the line as brand manager for the weekend this glorious. Memorial Day weekend. I mean for this Amazing Memorial Day weekend. You can't go wrong with summer Shandy It's still such a great beer for summertime, and it really helps us kick off the summer like memorial. Day does We do have another beer coming out very short Lee. It's side, drink Wisconsin. We've partnered with them to brew beer calling it Wisconsin Logger probably not going to find it for this Memorial Day weekend unfortunately, but you're sure to find it in July You might find it in a few places starting in June, but it's a good one. Awesome very good Katie. Good to talk to you with. Thank you for swinging in today and have a great weekend and we'll talk to. y'All Katie Leinenkugel your brand manager for linee's so kill delicious, can I? Not Go ahead. Drink the spreads.

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