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Good afternoon would you like to try free. Sample of our double fudge brownie. Sure mash very good. I'll just take one more to be sure. Yep still very good. Some things never change like never being able to take just one free sample and geico saving folks. Lots of money on their car. Insurance is that macadamia nut. I taste we take one more certain i thought so fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. I'm hillary clinton we're between seasons on my podcast. You and me both but this week where dropping a special bonus s owed because let's face. It are extraordinary times. I'm talking to speaker of the house. Nancy pelosi about the violent insurrection on january six. I'll also be talking about how we can move forward as a country. Listen to you and me. Both on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Welcome to movie crush. Production of iheartradio. Hey everybody in welcomed to mini crush monday Very cold here in my basement. And all about you. It's a little cold in my studio. The heat doesn't circulating here as well as the rest of the house. I have a little bit like a wonky. Heating distribution system. My bathroom gets like sauna level. Hot yeah and then this room just gets like none of it. So i don't understand but i'm no h back expert. So what do i know. Well no you're not on the show because of your back expertise. I know when. I'm hot. And i know when i'm cold. That should be enough. Well does that mean. Come over and fix my heat. I'll give him. i'll give my best. Have you seen brazil. Sure remember the. The amazing role played portrayed by a robert deniro. Yeah so he. He's the rogue heating and air desperate. It's good stuff. I don't know if you can see this check. But what do you got there. Wow who's that little thing. This is a stelle. This is eden sister and eat as the dentist with her mom right now and i volunteered to watch her so that she didn't have to wiggle around the the waiting hi still. She can't hear me though right. She can't hear you hold on. She can now say hi style. How old are you. How many fingers is that three. Oh boy i have a daughter who was five. I remember three was a lot of fun are you. Do you have a lot of fun. How was your christmas talking to the mike what you get for christmas paul how she got a mr potato a giant mr potato head full of smaller. Mr potato heads awesome right. Yeah sounds super cool. Yeah well we're going to do our show bay but you can hang out. Just be a little quiet all right but you can hang out in here if you want very nice to meet. You ain't nobody comes to me. Yeah you can get the kitty. Believe very sweet. Because she's a little feisty working mom everyone this show got a whole lot cuter than it was did indeed. She's the best. That's wonderful guest appearance. So i thought what we would do here. I and my friend is in this circulated a while ago. But i never saw it but someone at some point found a handwritten note that david fincher had scribbled his favorite twenty six movies in no particular order. Oh cool. I'm not aware of this at all. Yeah it's pretty cool and it. Has it found. Its way online. A while ago and i think has been reborn recently because i just saw it and looking the list and we'll just kind of list through these things. It's really kind of cool. Because they're mainly movies as opposed to as case got. Have you seen manque yet by the way check. Now it's on the list. It's it's all about getting emily in the right mood to watch it because she wants to but she's got to be in the right mood for that one. I'll tell you chuck it's less of a mood. Neater than you might think up the same thing. And i realize it's just fun. And it moves like gangbusters. Guys will both really dig it. Well and you know unite both Along with many other people obviously agree. That david fincher is one of the new masters not new. But you know one of the current mass of our gen of our generation. Yes over him and con yang right. So let's go through these movies here. He's got an it's interesting. How many of these have been covered on this very show. But he's got butch cassidy and the sundance kid One that we covered here early early up early. Very early up with Mister paulo tompkins chinatown classic film. I covered on the show. That's right yeah it should. We play knowles holes. Where we're going you'll have seen now. What's the classic line. I always get it wrong. But it's like it's chinatown. Don't worry about it. it's chinatown. Then he goes zing. Forget about it. It's only chinatown. No i think it's The forget about at jacob's Now i can't even remember yeah. I'm so sorry chuck. We'll figure it out. All right. Next up dr strangelove another movie we've covered as ing. I watched being there the other night for the first time in a long time. with the Peter sellers and it's just great. It's something about it's like somewhere between satire and like pure realness and it's kind of funny but kinda sweet and kinda sad and i highly recommend everyone. It'll make you feel good. Put it that way. Yeah i mean that's a you just described how ashby's filmmaking career sort of as a whole taxi drivers up. i'm sorry godfather to is up next and then taxi driver just back to back deniro classics. Amazing i mean. These are some of the best films of all time. I loved totally. Is this kinda straight up. Great movies the line by the way is forget it jake. It's chinatown. forget it jake. That's right next up. Knoll is being there. Oh shit right on. He must be a big peter. Sellars guy How can you not be except that. He kind of a garbage human in real life. That's what i hear. And i read something very interesting. I had forgotten about this at the you know the movie. I'm not going to do a spoiler but the movie ends in a way that could be divisive to some. Let's just say janet in many ways you really really can. And i and i'm not going to spoil it because it's moves a lot of people have not seen an i highly recommend it As do we all as does mr fischer apparently and then ends with credits. Rolling over a deleted outtakes seen peter sellars cracking up trying to say this line and sellers. You fassel town that asshole. What's his name rafael. ovalles whatever. Yeah exactly and sellers hated that. They did that. He thought it cheapened. the ending. Thought it cheapened the hole punch and the mystique of the character. I agree he thinks. I think so too. I didn't write forgotten about that. And it just read that and saw it. I was like ooh. What a weird choice. Yeah i mean you know. I'll take always funny. Seeing someone break character and crackup as always funny. Bloopers are always fun. But i think in this case. Yeah i totally agree like you built all this mystique up about this other world the character and who are they even and then to end on a blooper reel of that character does kind of knock it down. It happens instantly to after the big punch of this final moment that i'm edging around. It happens boom instantly before you have a chance to like think jarring. It's really jarring. How made a odd choice. There is a very strange thing to do agreed next movie. I have not seen. And i really want to all that jazz. I haven't seen it think The bob fosse classic had really wanna see that. That's a big hole for me totally next up. We have alien pretty sure that's on. Hbo max chuck. I'm pretty sure all that jazz is on their little turner. Classic movies collect okay. All right i'll have to check that out alien. Yeah and you know. He ended up directing alien entry into that franchise not a very good one kind of missteps. I think i believe it was like just after seven or maybe just before but it was definitely considered like an odd choice and not a particularly great movie But i think it's almost like one that you don't even consider part of his era. Well you can't do that and all you can't say just throw out the bad one. I guess you're right. But i know what you mean. Not like a venture movie. He kind of was absorbed. Absorbed into this franchise and a director for hire situation. Says to an autour kind of thing. We just literally everything else that he's ever done. I'm surprised we had no one's pick that movie at. I'm dying to alien on the show aliens so good. You feel aliens that's great. They're all great. Yeah well they're not all great but they're all fun. Well it's funny to like speaking of odd directing choices. One of i think alien. Resurrection was directed by the team that did delicatessen and city of lost children on exactly. They directed alien resurrection. I believe i think you're right next up we have the classic alfred hitchcock film rear window. Love it next up. We have the woody allen classic one of the first mike memories zilog great. I am all holes. When it comes to alan gross. Have you not seen any of his movies literally. I've seen midnight in paris. Yeah that's the only one. I've actually seen all the way through interesting. Yeah he's problematic to champion these days. for many years. Not just these next up. We have cabaret. I think that's another bob fosse movie. If i'm not mistaken right. I do believe that's right. Yes cabaret movie. I said was that he did all the choreography to write. Wouldn't have been very hands on with that stuff. I think that he was a like a dancer. Musical choreographer dance choreographer guy. Yeah i think he was the full multi hyphen it. Yeah on On leucopenia -cribe as an american dancer musical theatre choreographer actor theatre director and filmmaker nice resume nice. Cv is they would say he did. The lenny bruce. Movie starring dustin hoffman. Oh yeah wish. Which i believe has zero dance. No dance dance all next up. We have a movie. That josh clark Used to call his favorite movie. Paper moon But he's great. Of course jaws is on their next venture would not do that Lawrence of arabia another movie i've covered so many of these on the show day lawrence of arabia that I have not seen that one. I know after you did it. I was like you you. You hadn't seen an either or no not at the time. Yes that's right. And so that's what made me Really want to take the plunge because it's one of those ones you hear about. Yeah and he just hear how epoch in gorgeous it is and not just the. I've always missed it. So i'm going to put that on my list. I have a list by the way that. I'm actually keeping up on my this lady that i've been seeing who hasn't seen a whole lot of movies admitted but loves movies so making this list of stuff for us to watch together. Some of them are movies. That are my old favorites. That i wanna turn her onto in summer like things that i think we'd be fun to watch together so i'm to lawrence of arabia on the list. Yeah i mean that's one of those movies where you're doing really need to see lawrence of arabia and the answer is yes it. Is that great next up. We have the movie we have not covered in here. But i love very much. All the president's men Next up whole for me. Yeah all right you can some venture holes. I do. I do next up. Eight and a half Fellini's eight and a half. I mean that this that one dances closest to cinema as anything on the list. I think cher cher a great movie though. I've seen all the except for the fossey ones citizen kane. How do you not put that on there. Totally great movie days of heaven boy. He's really after my heart and other movie. I've covered on their animal house. Oh that's fun. Look at venture with his animal house. Pick people love animal house. I think he's the right age where that would have been like a important movie for him growing up and it might be some nostalgia there. Yeah because you contend does not age well as a comedy for modern audiences did not find it so i know that people who love it grew up with it. Noah that's me yeah road warrior. oh Venture seems like a lot of hang out with all the original right. That's that's number one number two mad original okay. Got it got road warrior. Biz is great while they were both great. I was about to say ventures probably a lot of fun to hang out with and watch a movie but a actually who was at the told the story about watching a movie with david. Fincher it was one of his actors. Maybe shit i can't remember but one of actors said that. He told a story about watching a movie adventures. Pretty terrible because all he does is sit there and kind of nit pick it out loud right and not in a grumpy way but just like why would they put the camera there. What is that like coming in from that. That back room. What is that. that's funny the minutia next up. We have another mel gibson movie Movie that i think is sort of underrated. The year a year of living dangerously. Not even aware great movie. Tell me more about it well. It's mel gibson sort of a younger mel gibson. It's a story. It's sort of a love affair period piece okay Australian movie peter. We're of course that's why it's great. Great great peter. We're oh gorgeous poster. It's one of those like classic hand painted old. Hollywood tie post but it would have been what in the seventies early eighties. I think Eighty two year of living dangerously very good movie then we have american graffiti classic americana the terminator data fund that. He would put that on the list. Because i will say. There's something about the terminator we've talked about this where it's almost more like a slasher movie than it is like a sci-fi movie and i love the like eight hundred is kind of you know. The neon drenched nostalgia that and the soundtrack. And just like the whole unstoppable. Kind of michael myers ness. That is the janitor now for sure in ages pretty well you know like the effects look little corny at times but it fits the era in it. It's great it's still a really fun watching. I think agreed monty python and the holy grail. Wow ventures amazing it amazing he's covering all the bases and then the last two are the exorcist and the graduate Wow i mean this could. This could be my list in many ways quite a good list the graduates so fun because it's like Graduate to me is very like pro. Wes anderson like it's like it's kind of like it's very rushmore. Esque kind of it's a little more straightforward and dry than that but it has that same kind of wink. Wink kind of like wryness to it. That i really like It sets the tone for a lot of those types of movies to come. Yeah i i. Don't think wes anderson would deny being influenced by the graduate in some ways for sure. Want people to think about the healthcare workers. You know we can say. I'll take the risk all get on a plane and go see my family for thanksgiving because that's important to me. I'll take the risk if i get sick. It'll be fine. The problem with that is that you don't have a choice if you're going to get sick or not and maybe you won't get sick but you don't have a choice as to who you'll in fact and we don't have a choice if they'll die or their live. That's fianna tulip a grieving daughter. Who lost her mother to covid. Nineteen fianna wants to make sure her mother a latina. Frontline worker from texas is more than just a number scrolling on the news feed. We've got to think about the people who are working and risking their lives to save our lives and we have to remember that. We don't have a choice into how this virus acts. We can't choose whether infects us or infect someone else and we can't shoes if we stay alive or we die. I'm justin beck. Founder and ceo of contact world listened to contact world podcast on the iheartradio app. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Introducing the new varieties in business unlimited plans. Now you can pick a plan for his lowest thirty dollars. A month per line with auto-pay get five g nationwide plus massive data capacity plus spam blocking features and with rise in business limited. You can mix and match the right plans for your business so you get more of what you need and none of what you don't from verizon. The network businesses rely on five nationwide available in eighteen hundred plus cities on most visi five devices. Monthly proline pricing with five plus lines on biz unlimited start device payment smartphone purchase auto pay and pay for free billing required terms apply. Yeah all right. Well let's move on I asked the crushers this yesterday. No got four hundred replies. Oh goodness I can't believe it had not asked this yet. If you could have a successful career in movies what would your job be but your job. No shoot man. I swear we've done this one before. Maybe not exactly I would yeah. I would love to be like a music director or like Soundtrack curate tour supervisor. Xactly yeah. I could see doing a really good job doing that. And all the tougher break into though. I'm sure because everybody wants it. I mix tapes. Yeah well it's fun too because you know it's called spotting when you actually sit down and watch the movie and plant the q. along with the director but they lean on the music supervisor to to do their thing and exercise expertise. Totally all right. We're gonna start with razaaq amid great name Working with budgeting. I want to know what goes into making a movie sounds boring but i would. Love cost breakdown. Yeah that would be I mean a lot of people had their hands in that pie but Generally that's the line producer on and shifting unless you really wanted to work in like payroll or something and that's but the producers who kind of helps the budget stay on track and make sure everyone has what they need but that's after the budget has been determined right so the the budget gets green lit basically with the picture. They say we're going to see this picture. Green this picture and give it you know a thirty million dollar budget and that's it not anymore but the line producer is is who comes up with that budget along with the director in the studio and everything but they literally have to do in emily this when she was a producer. Cause sometimes jobs didn't have line producers but it's called the budget breakdown in their software. That helps you basically fill out this huge spreadsheet like when they budget movie. They just don't think this feels like a twenty million dollar picture like they have it lined out like we need this many people. We need this many actors. We need an animal wrangler. We need to start people in this day. And you know it's very meticulous is how they come up with that number and then they have to negotiate that number obviously in loose stuff. Can t really need that. Stunt person yup. Can you really need that explosion. Yeah exactly let me see here. I'd been louise berkshire great name. I'm sorry but butcher that a practical special effects designer animatronic and budgeting creatures. I'm sorry building creatures. Always been my dream. Wow that's amazing. I love seeing all these different jobs handed like no instead director yet. Hannah duffy says fully artist. Trish slaughterhouse gilbreath when world france has set deck set decorator. Love to shop for things then decorate all types of settings. That is a fun job. done that are. They are the same person though the people that actually do the buying or is that a separate job. Well i mean it depends on the job if it's a small tb commercial. You might be buying stuff and and decorating the room but on big movies you have shoppers. Who go out and do that. I've met a few setback people here in atlanta who kind of have their own like collection of shit. You know what i mean. They have like their own little shop. And they'll say. Ooh this'll work really well for this. And they'll bring in their little trinkets and stuff like that and also there's a few houses around here that actually homeless they're like these movie Prop type houses. And they have like yard sales occasion where you'll go by all this weird miscellaneous furniture and like trinkets and cups and cutlery plates. And it's all stuff that's been used for setback in different productions. Yeah going out of business sale. There's a lot of fun. I've actually been to one of those scott deal. Whenever old friend says loved to be behind the scenes still photographer. Yes ed photographer. That is also scott. I'm not sure if you knew this. But the person that usually One of those stills becomes the movie poster interesting Usually when you see the movie poster and it's from the movie it's not like they said. Hey let's just steal that frame. It is actually a photograph that the set photographer took sense. Quick quick backtrack chuck. Because i am now very fascinated by the year of living dangerously which we spoke about earlier from nine hundred eighty two Everyone will probably remember the actor. Linda hunt who famously was the like visual. I think she does the voice to Visual infor- inspiration for that weird little character in the impossible in the incredible movie. Yeah that's great luna. She is in living dangerously and was nominated for our. She won rather an academy award and she became the first person to win an oscar for betraying a character of the opposite sex. Yeah she plays a male character in that it's fascinating. I really believe that out on my list now because of that that pushed it over the top. No i love. Linda hunt but fascinating. I've been looking at up. And seeing some stills. It looks like a really fun movie like a very interesting movie. So i'm looking forward to austin handler one of our oldest ryan. Says he's an interior designer now. So feasibly transition to set designer but rather be director cinematographer Or director of photography. Which is the same thing in cinematographer. Yeah austin set your sights. Hi my friend as well. You know what i would want to do know director. Oh yeah you should. You could chuck. You're getting your boston people around editor. Because i love that the edit process but yeah it was with a director. You also sit in the edit bail out of the time and help make those decisions so it's like a collaborative pressure kind of process. A lot of the time. Tracy fox i want to be the person that creates props prop master sure. There's a technical term. But i don't know Yeah i mean the mavericks or something like that you know that sometimes there can be a prop shop where you're actually building things if it does not exist but the prop master also works with the props like i think the rule is anything. The actor touch is is a prop as opposed to a decoration. Got it like you know if you pick up a what pocket watch and look at it. It's a prop a gun is a prop. And oftentimes they'll have to have like many many duplicates of it or versions of it especially if it if it becomes a plot point in the movie and like you know kinda travels with the character throughout the movie. They might have to distress it. A little bit or have different versions. That look a little different over time. No i worked on very few movies. But i worked on a low budget. Movie called the good humor man and it was period piece seventies movie about these high school kids sort of dazed and confused. Kind of thing In which i worked with a very young jason segel actually don't think we're told that story. He was in the movie before he was anybody. And i remember him telling me stories about mark with jack black on this thing and a lot of things in the fire. Now you know. Everyone has a stories buddy. Sure and What do you now. Jason segel roller on that movie because they needed lots of joints. The prop department didn't know how to do that right. And i did so as a role all the joints. And i even requested that my Onscreen credit epa slash joint roller. That's amazing and i'm looking this up chuck and it has The dude that played hugo and lost was in it We're heading for hey and Kelsey grammer what was he like. I've heard he's a odd character. He was actually very nice and buddied up with his the two women that he worked with in his production company where there are a lot and they ended up being like good friends of mine for a little while he was very nice he had bad feet. That was his deal. He had had problems with his feet. Had there were special shoes and kind of spending a lot of time on his feet was troublesome for him data remake there's thousand nine hundred fifties movie carson not a remake at all but yeah hey was in it and he was actually in it because the director was a guy who directed all the tv commercials. I worked on for like two years and he Poor hey from lost Was in almost every one of those. Tv commercials so. I worked with him all the time. Very nice guy and when he got lost it was it was awesome because he was such a good dude he feels like it Caroline gaston one year old. This friend says i very much wanted to work in casting. It may be another university anniversary. I hadn't met that boyfriend at that time and that kept me for moving away. That's precisely what i'm doing right. Yeah castings a lot of fun. Let's see his great. Oh that's that's a fun game to play like on the show we've done that a million times who would who would be asking pick for this bio pic or whatever you know. I love this fun. The charles david gooch screenwriter or character. Actor feel like writing is what i'm best at but i'd love to be that guy. I love that. I don't think you you don't get to say. I am now a character actor. I think i think history has to decide which you are. You know what i mean. Yeah but i mean sure kinda. I know what he's saying though. I don't think i mainly teasing but you think of a person who's an amazing character actor you think that because of their resume and because it's really long and varied and it just happens that way i think yeah but you also that that can be something you should shoot for. If you're an actor of a certain look and you know you're not leading man material like that is an avenue. You could try to be a character actor. Totally jer in us. What what the good lord gave you know the shake with the good lord gave you on the screen in various different ways. Let me see here. Meg bhaskar on says. I imagine someone on the production side. Calendars schedules logistics. Creating call sheets. Yeah so you would. You would want to be a It was a movie. Meg would probably be a unit production manager. Would be my guess a you. Pm chuck have we talked about the threat on the crusher page about how much joy it gives people when you butcher the pronunciation of their name. Yes we talked about it but it. It's funny it's wonderful. Yeah i do my best but it's kind of become a bit. So no patience with it scrape. No one gets mad inside the three point. Not only do they not get mad. They really crave that they're like please. John mispronounce the hell out of my name. Sorry all the smiths and jones is out there. I'll try mispronounced those mcguire miguel magana great name man. But only as a driver scared of heights. So miguel what you would actually want to be probably called a precision driver And those people can do stunts but they can also be the person that just you know. Drives sort of fast to pull into the parking space in a really quick way like sometimes. They can't even have the actor. Do something like that you know are like whiparound like dua donut. But maybe not necessarily a high speed car chase. Yeah dont yeah go there and do a donut. Donut precision driver those those Those people are always fun Zack hawkins loved to build movie sets. I'm a carpenter would really enjoy the fruits of my labor being immortalized in a movie. Yeah it's accurate via well you be a carpenter or maybe when a cop if i were. That's how it goes. But you know what i'm getting at sure. One of our old friends. Kristen bits guys. Says i mean if i could be successful totally be an actor. Done tons of live tv in have had a radio show for several years. But i haven't acted since high school. But i enjoy it and while i'm not great out. Commit to your premise of being successful it's great christie caroline says are caroline says pyrotechnics or having to take the photos of the characters for dressing houses or whatever it's called okay dressing the houses or whatever it's called i love it. Yeah well that's actually that's kind of right on it. Yvonne de niro pao says soundtrack maker doer guy. That adds music person to montages scenes. Dude love it official jeff. Noelle's another composer wants to be a composer or a foley artist and he says hell i. I wouldn't mind just selling one of my songs. Gypsy musician. I tell you i gotta get you the contact for the student. I'm totally spacing on his name right. Now it's guy who does a he one of the original guys. That adult swim hired to do music for a lot of their weirdo cartoons. And he was sort of in the early days of cartoon network. Being a little more edgy and modern and then it kind of created a swell He has this amazing studio in atlanta where he does fully work. And i got to go and hang out with him and like see his little fully set up and it was a lot of fun. i'm gonna try to connect you with him was i think he'd be a great guest. Totally been great One of our old pals. Vanessa cashman says costume design. I could watch entire movies and series based solely on costumes. Yeah a britney Gelin says i would love to create title sequences. They set the tone for the movie and create some great foreshadowing boy. Everyone wants to do all these fun jobs and all i really love seeing how few people are like superstar actor or bigshot director. Yeah exactly Let me say nathan. Ostro says location scout while we have a location scout in our audience. Robert paulson maybe should have pulses. Robert balsam mike. Sam says movie critic bending the rules too much love to write. But i think it'd get too attached to ideas and be labeled a problematic writer. I don't think that's stretching that's film adjacent world needs. Oh absolutely Yeah i i think i've mentioned There's a film criticism. Podcasts out of chicago that i really did called Film spotting and they do a good job of like not being to to pretentious like they're they're accessible and they you know. Get a little pretentious here and there. But they're very listenable. And i highly recommend if you're looking for some film criticism that doesn't make you want to stab your out the this'll be a good one for you excellent One of her old friends genevan valances. Oh i'd play the chubby corky girl in small. Indie films gin. It's great a be the right. That'd be the chubby quirky boy. Who was your best pal. Yeah and potential. Was there the whole time. Love interest yet in the third act and then i got my glasses and i let down my hair. You know i was. Yeah erica hogan says. I'm an accountant. And i'd love to be an accountant for a movie. Mas curious about the cost of movies. And what all goes into the creation of a movie paying bills and making sure it's within budget is the best way to do that. I love that erica. You could do that. You have the skills kevin. Kelly also wants to put together movie soundtracks joy. Lehman wants to be an editor of creative and insanely detailed. Sounds fun. It is fun. Amy claude filters has set continuity. I'm the one who notices the tiny ms placements or the classic. It's broken with two different patterns from seven different takes. Yes you would be script supervisor. Amy is that script script. It'd be a great job for you. I think it broke script down and one of our previous segments. I think so tell liam mitchell one of our old palaces set design Russia jones says a numbers person so sad as it sounds at one on the account side. I love all these people that wanna be movie account. It's pretty someone's got to do it. And if there if a if you got passion for numbers why not yeah Louis urata says if not a character than foley artist a lot of people that want to be fully artisanal because wants to make a living in the dirt and make the flippity flop punch the ham punch the ham semi kate who wants to be a prop master or shop for the props. Alex stock wants to do animatronic special effects and creature design trend. Pj said eski in la one of my best friends wants to be a fluffer very funny pj possessing buzinga. Sarah egg whenever old went to film school because she wanted to make documentaries like planet earth but quickly learn how hard it is to be documentarian dhamma science teacher but would love the chance to travel record animals and amazing places all over the world. It's never too late sarah. Get the camera or just by a couple more iphones in your threat. I'm sure we've talked about this and it's pretty obvious to most people that watch these. I think it's fascinating and i absolutely applaud. These people like to get like a ten second animal action shot. Sometimes they're like posted up in the swamps for like a week. Sure now and and then the editing on those by the way like absolutely phenomenal where they end at least things together especially like in the planet earth series or things like microcosms like what is it weaned migration where they make these stories that you know. I mean it's not like they're lying there is truth behind them or the represent truth but they ended these things together to make these like narratives and it so meticulous and beautiful and i think it's absolutely just like such a specialized wonderful skill. Terrence malick was famous for doing things like well. He's famous for shooting millions of feet of film for a movie But one reason why is he would send his second unit out and say something like hey there's a there's a rare bird that makes the sound and go take a camera and go spend three days out there until you can find this bird making the sound and shoot it and take like three hundred cans of film with you. That's incredible and he would get it. charles martin acres when a royal palaces writer-director if i had the talent for it yeah mean being in autour is certainly a great job. A bunch of people want to be fluffy's all men imagine that Kelly butler awesome monroe. Powell says i would enjoy acting or onset teacher for child actors interest. That's really sweet. I mean this is one of those roles. You don't really think about but it's so important. Yeah they were always Onset teachers always very nice but also a little bulldog about making sure. Those kids got their education. It was great like sometimes it'd be like now. They haven't got their our in. Like you gotta wait i. I saw the most lovely little movie trivia facts nugget. The day i follow follow budget. We facebook is one of them is devoted. Danny devito is called. Danny devito egg posting. Because he's in his character and always saying fidel philadelphia. He likes eggs and it was post. That says Reminds people that. Danny devito directed the movie. Matilda from nineteen ninety-six And then there's a little you know text exchange or like common exchange that screenshot and it says hold up. Dana directed the most influential film. My childhood and then someone responded says not only directed it but start in it. Took care of mara. Wilson played mathilde while her mother was in hospital with cancer and even managed to get an advanced copy of the movie for her to watch before she succumbed to her illness. The man is a treasure. Wow that's great. I left incredible. I just exudes like goodness you know and love it. Who is david bowie. Well that depends on who you ask. Or which record you play some his ziggy stardust to others. Then why do more major. Tom are but who is david. Bowie really to answer that question. We'll have to go off the record. My name is jordan run talk. And i'm the host of offering a new music bowed or if he podcast from iheartradio off off-the-record goes beyond the songs and into the hearts and minds of rocks rate us legends every season profiles one classic artists taking listeners. On a wild ride through their extraordinary career. The verse season examines the light or rather lives of david bowie. Each episode of the eleventh part audio event tells the story of one of his iconic personas together. These faces foreman intimate portrait of one of the twentieth. Century's most influential figures. So who was david bowie tune into off the record to find out. Listen follow on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows january twenty first gets the biggest night of the year for podcast fan or twenty twenty one iheartradio. Podcast awards are really be best and brightest and smartest most compelling minds in the country. Celebrate the podcasts. We've leaned on for laughs headlines stories to get our drilling pumping and voices to comfort us. John thank you to my listeners. Because without them this wooden Don't miss our twenty twenty one. Iheartradio podcast awards watch on iheartradio's youtube and facebook and listen on our iheartradio app january twenty first at nine pm. We're gonna move on to our final segment today. One that ruby came up with. I was doing these last night. I was coming up with these and ruby walked up and said what are you doing. Said what's a good question. Rubia can ask for movie crutch and she said knock knock joke so oh great. I said describe a movie using a knock knock joke very creative and all so here. We go benjamin. Johnston got many many up. Likes loves for this knock knock. Is their mother. Mother who a boy's best friend is his mother. norman. You should know who i am very fun. Knock knock this is from grant woody knock knock. Who's there cindy. Lou cindy lou. Oh that's correct. Are you familiar with my work very attic. You didn't know if anyone would be able to come up with anything. And there's like one hundred of these a knock knock. I'm sorry jake nielsen knock knock. Who's there hi. I'm looking for alice hi. i'm looking for alice. Who oh we just moved in this our old place and so alice doesn't etc etc doesn't live here anymore right. These are kind of fun. Kristen bits the guy said she joins this from another site. But i wanted to joke. Ruby would get a knock knock. Who's there tinkerbell tinker bell. Who think your doorbell was out of order. Oh possessing this is from luke. Richardson all right. Knock knock. who's there memento memento. Do i know you exactly. I don't know i don't think so. I don't know. I'm amazed at how fun and creative. These are very fun and very creative price. The movie chris community is just the the best i know. It's so much fun becca lou. Whenever oldest france has a great one. Here i think it actually might have gotten the most up. Likes a knock knock. Who's there dana. Dana who there is no dana only zule. That's my favorite by far my favorite. So far powell. Rebecca robe says oh my heart knock knock. Who's there orange orange. You orangey glad. We're not watching frozen again. I like frozen. And i'm fine with watching it again. But how many times have you seen it. Oh plenty now. I mean not not anymore when it came out it was actually like a really important movie for me and my in eden because she like really was the first movie she really was like. Oh my god. I'm into movies. I saw this movie and the songs and now she's a surly teenager and it's i can't get love anything but it's gonna come back around shock. It's gonna come back around anything. She let it go. She led a car to now. She's so nisha in her Her phantoms now. And it's things that i don't really fully understand. I never thought it would happen shocking. That's where that's where we are where we are. Erica rene. sartre says knock knock. Who's there hairy. Harry who a nice to meet you. I'm sally that's very cute. That's awesome i. Did i tell you we talked about this. I have not seen that in one sitting. I've only seen bits of it. I need to watch it. It's that originally. Had a not happy ending. Oh interesting yeah th th that was written so that they like didn't end up together or whatever. Sammy kale knock knock. Who's there rooney's get. Rooney's get who various bueller bound bound. Oh here we go. Binging johnston knock knock who's there. A census taker census taker. Who a census taker. You say. I'm just about joy fava beans in a nice chianti. Would you like to come in ground. S amazing knock knock. This is from carly pedal vanni say. Oh yeah yeah. She loves it. When you add a little italian states her name she said knock knock. Who's there do wanna build a snowman. Do you want to build a snowman. Who olaf silly. go away on. That sounds like a joke. Ruby would write. Actually i think so. Yeah this is from liz and knock knock. Who's there. Where wolf where wolf who there wolf. They're castle young frankenstein. I tried to hanes mall. We ask is is is that you try to give it your. Here's another memento in from wilbert knock knock. Who's there me me. Who i don't know that's the point. It is all right. Let's do a few more of these. I can only take about a few more check. i'm i'm from. I'm about to go into a sugar shock. Some sweetness here knock knock. This is from john. Hewitt knock knock. Who's there i am. I am who. I am agenda. I like my father before me. That's cute if you also also would have accepted. I am legend. Okay accepted that. Sure knock knock. Who's there day day through day. Oh thought i was. Maybe or that was going beetlejuice. Do you think this is sweetness. No or do you think you're about to lose your mind from knock jokes. It's why i don't know it's a combination of the two. It is like there is something inherently corny and sweet the as a formula that has to go in and knock knock joke that makes them be pretty wholesome and kind of sweet. I guess there could be filthy. Knock knock jokes. But i don't have any time or place for those in my life. Yeah agreed bill. Horton says this knock knock. Who is there. What what who. What what who say what one more motherfucking time. I dare ya okay winner. Ding ding ding dang. That's that's clever user. The form that subverting the form. That is i love that i love that all right. These are great everyone. We're gonna leave these up there. There are over one hundred of these. I'm very very pleased. I'm gonna read some of these to ruby tonight when she gets from school filter out the bad ones and the ones you want to understand you gotta lead with the mother one man. It's time for her to learn that motherfucking word. I think he's probably heard it. Probably right then. I tell you that. My daughter has an aversion to swears that she She's clearly knows them aware of them. But if anytime i swear she goes. That's a bad word dad. But she's kind of making fun of me controlling me a little bit. But i also can tell. She genuinely doesn't like swears. Yeah you know we kinda normalized we slip up incur some. But she doesn't really notice and she hasn't really repeated much. I think she said sh it a couple of times mccullough years ago. Yeah but Yeah it's good. It's interesting it's interesting. We don't get to banana shape about words. I don't i don't either. That's my point. And i'm trying to tell her in. Why are you so hung up on us. just words. she goes visit a bad word. I'm like oh come on. that's right. She's same in school all right well. That wraps it up for this week. So we're gonna we're gonna gift this episode to our friends out there in movie crush land Thanks while the crushers for all those fund knock knock jokes. And i'm gonna lead those up like you said so people can check it out and four hundred people who responded about what movie job they'd like to do. I really do love seeing the variety and people want to do all kinds of things. We could feel the production of with our gang. Here i would love that. Our bases covered all our bases are covered. It'd be it'd be a family affair a family affair all right. Thanks buddy and we'll see you next week. I crash is produced and written by charles. Bryant in brown edited and engineered by seth nicholas johnson and scored by more brown here and our whom studio at st market atlanta georgia for iheartradio for more podcasts. For my heart. Rabia visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows to some. He's ziggy stardust. To others the thin white duke. Or major tom. But who is david bowie really to answer that. We'll have to go off the record off. The record is a new music advocacy podcast every season profiles one legendary artist to start. We'll explore the faces of david. Bohm each episode tells the story of one of his conduct personas together. They form an intimate portrait of a complex. Cultural giant. wasn't follow off the record on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Hey guys it's bobby bones. I host the bobby jones show. And i'm pretty much always sleepy because i wake up at three o'clock in the morning a couple of hours later on my friends together we get into a room and we do a radio show. Wish are alive. We tell stories. We try to find as much good in the world if he possibly can and we look through the news of the day that you'll care about also your favor. Country artists are always stopping by hang out and share their lives and music too. So wake up with a bunch of my friends. I ninety eight point. Seven w. mcu in washington dc or wherever the rotates you on the iheartradio app.

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