The Great Gildersleeve 51-01-10 (390) Gildy Is Worn out from Late Dating


Transcribed the graph, food's got presents, Willard Waterman as the Great Gildersleeve. The Great. Gildersleeve is brought to you each week at this time by the kraft foods governing. Craft a name that for years as find, cheese is the maker of the new craft deluxe slices of wonderful pasteurized process cheese. These slices are perfect. No dried edges no broken pieces because they're wrapped right in a SPIC and span craft plan you'll find craft is delicious processed cheese in slices in need half pound packages in your grocer's Derek Ace eight. They slices in every package tomorrow. Take home, some of these convenient packages and get acquainted with craft deluxe slices, the most delicious process Geez you've ever tasted. Well way back on new. Year's Eve. The Great Gildersleeve persuaded Rumson Bullard, his wealthy neighbor to take date off his hands. They've been on the go ever since and bullet Israeli living. Don't know how long Gildersleeve can last. Who? Good Night Milton Goodnight. Both, you boy didn't have. The door I like to be around pretty girls as long as possible. Gallon strack Morton sure sure. Just think night I've had the privilege of seen two beautiful ladies, do they? My Date Miss Changed. Now you. Can A man. You. Character use the same line last night. Has Been a wonderful evening. Good night throckmorton tonight. One time I'm even glad to say good night to Catholic wait a minute. Let's not sacred ninetieth. Let's all go to Joe's beanery, but chilly the real. Bullet is after midnight. Shang evening. What do you say Catherine I? Couldn't passively I need my duty sleeve. I mean they've sleep. Is the source of Beauty Catherine? You obviously sleep more than most women? Own. Brother. Why you and I swing by on the way home. Bullard, let's not overdo. This beanery is very lively this time of night it cases to playboys and truck drivers you. This playboy is gonNA truck on hope. Guilty of ain't. Nobody. He was out late last night again. That May. I came down. He was taking a cold shower, trying to wake up for key member board, leading him a merry chase. Be pushed when he turned the on Colby, didn't. I name them down the stairs now I'll go daddy vacant at eight. Crew in his day easily energy. Good Morning. Signing me. WHO. You're wearing Levi. Bronco. Here. Where is going to work at ago? Yeah, you're late. Bronco is so cute this morning punky. He said he wanted to get as much work done as possible before I baby comes next month. and. He says he'll get up and give. The baby is two o'clock formula. WHY SLEEP! Feed, the baby, a two o'clock. Really just coming. Your Coffee Yankees. Thank you my dear. New. Glare and the coffee this morning. You can't keep up with Mr Board I. Know to get up and go the water department while he can sleep till noon. Yeah, he retired near Tyre. I can stay on my feet as long as blurred can. Walk! Slow enough. I'm not slowing up. Your not F- Asleep I'm wide awake. Yeah, and why are you putting on your Napkins? On my plate where my toast usually. added. unskilled. Thank, you? Laughing at. Your. When he got this the bullet going out, you know. That man got you burn the candidate? Isn't that bad? Buddy Ben. Gives me. Commission of people out of the mission causing burn the candle at both an y'all. Keep. Commission be. Making you please? Keep. Warning. Birdie sure used to give up an idea. Bash the NAPKIN. Toast. Um. He's money. Give me a cup of coffee PD. Finish fine at home. There's a lot of noise around the house this morning. Your Christmas bills right. It. Wasn't that you know? The new baby. Module isn't expecting the baby until February. Good months we had Washington Lincoln in February. About because I would you lie baby? Myself Pretty Hutments to get its dive in. I had prickly heat, so they tell me. You're still holding my coffee. You, Against Him to wake up this morning I take it. You've been going out clan likely Mr. Clean, your, Jen's Cologne bill is running higher this month. Is I put it blurred. Go out with me new. Year's Eve. We've been pretty busy. How's Your Lady? Fan Miss Milford standing the late our. Girls they like to go and Nancy way unwise when. TV She liked to go. Sometimes I think I should have learned. More often I mean, but we didn't have much money for Daddy. Did the right thing. You taking a lot of places, you might have some rich feller like bulletin married. Then you'd have been. Added IBP! Look at my desk. Let's face it water, commissioner, you neglecting you work. Papers are piled high. There's no place to lay my head. Yea to catch a few winks. Yeah I might opened the top drawer. Lay My head and. Nobody can see me behind this stack of papers. Shia. Wilson doesn't pop in today. You'LL L. L live dangerously. IOS leave. Your. Just. babbling about. Is, you Have you been sleeping. No. grise red. State I guess I was looking for a bottle of Lincoln and Dr. Oh. I didn't expect to see you. Until the night. I come with a tale of rotten luck illsley. We can't go out tonight. Date has pulled up lame. You back. From dancing much last night. let's do. I know you're disappointed. Goes leave I hate to let you down, but we better call up our doubleday. I think nothing that. Everybody can stand the gap away weekend. Catherine and cancel everything. The only thing to do. You wouldn't want me your date. A. Three's a crowd. Gathering must be asleep. Really Leonard, too bad band attained this evening. Bankability I'm just glad we're staying home I'm not too keen about going out again tonight myself. Oh. Paulo Gavin delicious. Heck Nice. Up Tonight gathering you Mr Bullard is here and that'd be Vicki can't go out so I, don't we just call the whole thing off? Get, they'll be disappointed. We'll all get a good night's rest and go out again. And soon wait a minute. The give me that. There's no use disappointing Catherine. What are you up today Hello Catherine Rumson. Catherine I have caulking good idea. They can't go out this evening and Gildersleeve want a good night's rest over. Is So. Why don't you and I carry on? On all right now. Ear Bullet I'm going. Give me that phone but Gildersleeve remember what you said. Three years a crowd. That's why I'm going. With Catherine I want to be in the crowd. Gillis, Lee, we'll be back in just a moment. 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And when you UNWRAP that neat package, you'll find eight generous slices, each one large enough to cover a slice of bread so handy for quick easy cheese, sandwiches and snacks. You could keep several kinds of crafty slices in your refrigerator because those neat packages take up so little room tomorrow. Look for them in your grocer's Derek case, those perfect slices of extra good processed cheese craft deluxe license. Well. Let's get back to the Great Gildersleeve. It has been sad that early to bed early. To rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Our wooded commissioner hasn't been getting to bed early, so he doesn't feel healthy. He isn't exactly wealthy and he's going out again tonight, so you'd hardly call him why? Bullard. That'll by George nobody's GonNa. Catch Water Commissioner Asleep on the job. I'm going to sleep in home. Yes. Yes. From, the way you look this. Thought should be home early. I haven't engagement this evening. Buddy, so I'm going into Dan catch little shutter. You unless? The girls out again today. L. Miss Chase isn't going. Ask a smart woman. I wasn't interested in going out either but Mr Bullard wants to go. In Katherine has the day off. She wants to go out tonight. Yeah, naturally, I don't want them to spend a dull evening together. A Lot Yeah. There's another smart woman. You ready I'm closing the door I. Don't want to be disturbed. It'll be alright. I'll be answered the bell tonight if I get some sleep. You better loosen my tie. He E-. What I read it all day. Peace. Leroy. Can Be disturbed. Era. Very considered. Football. Inside Leroy. Please let me sleep. Roy just leave me alone. GANGBUSTERS U. L., he's an active you. We had some of his energy. Yet. Still are up a little right now. Yes my dream. You. Go in, idea. Tell me how tired you were and I thought you'd like. Some more milk lakes more. Wanted there on the bookshelf I did. Get Cold. Drink. US Very. Here's the Glass Asleep tied on. He will call you for dinner. Thank you, very. Thoughtful girl. Just what I needed, move our milk and then good. Sleep like a baby. You I don't know. Never make it through the night. Is. Over. Judge Booker. Income Tax Forms Gal thought I'd stop by and drop. Goodbye Betty told me that you weren't to be disturbed, but Give. You love droopy. I. Don't think you're feeling well I'm alright. Failure for it judge, please. You need another blanket Avi. I, just want to be left alone. I am not going to leave you like that's all brand. You're sick. It always helps to have someone in the room I just sit here by your bed. Live all right if you insist. But sit quiet. Yeah I. Read this book. have any trouble going to sleep and I tried herding sheep. You know can I count sheep and. Goat. Just ignore it. Again JC MAP. Well there the music. Said! You'd be quiet. Class! I. Didn't I sleep at the office? I'll never be able to keep up with bullard tonight. Thanks for helping me Drizzly Roy. And I never would have made it without you okay. Good luck tonight. You'll need. Yes sure will. Bags under your eyes. Your Eye Leroy. Don't kick me when I'm down. Are you ready to go honky? Cold shower must've done you good, you look. You look horrible. I know. As, much as possible tonight here, let me help you on with your code. Now let me put your hat on your head, thanks. And I'll open the door for you. Good night. Good night. Nicer the family to rally around me at a time like this. Millard Houses And we're taking his car. Say would be wonderful, took a nap and didn't wake up and time for tonight. He's awake. Chuck Martin and Katherine good evening. Mouth you get your cold Catherine beyond our way. We're going to paint the town tonight different color. I can see Green. Down there. We have to wait until mother comes back in the drugstore. Somebody has to be here to answer the phone you good. Down say I have a suggestion. That's all go square dancing at the Red Var squared. Vigorous exercise and they have a new orchestra. That sounds like fun it is it is give me your hand I'll show. Elements of the old left hand right now. Right and left grand. Swing high winger rain that Gal! Great big feet. Nothing personal gas. Country Club Hillbilly. Come on. Let's go down Bullard. Don't be pushing. We have to wait for Catherine's mother. So sit down. Gildersleeve is if you're tired. Not. Only do. Weighty Music all, let's do something we can participate it. In your vigor amazes me. I learned a new charade today. Watching the tell me what. He's an idiot. Could never owned cars. You can hear I'll give you another clue. To keep awake. Maybe if I sang a good love, Song. From. Frampton I'm afraid I'm not thinking too fast tonight. I have an idea. Oh! You mentioned music. You play the Oh yes, that's a capital and I'll say oh no! Back Martin has a beautiful voice ramps. And what do you want to Sing Trot Morton? Something loud. How about a sleep in the deep? By. Just one. Thing then we can get back to refer rave. Is A. Leader. In the Oh towery. Only. Three. Take. A. Jury. Think it's helping me? So. You were you? Maybe the. he. Was Wonderful Martin thank you. Yeah think staying up late is deepened by Roy. Fallacy. Sean I hope you're not offended me. Just goes to show Bullard can't take it the way I can. Whereas my chair. I suppose Robson. Didn't want to admit he was tired. Bipolar sleep. I can go on and. On. Talk. Oh! Now they're both sleep. took. Q. Trying to outdo each other. Guy Like Frost Martin Snore. Gildersleeve will be right back. About, it like to treat your folks to their favorite kinds of pasteurized process cheese in slices, so they can make delicious cheese, snacks and sandwiches quickly and easily. Of course you do so keep your refrigerator stocked with several of the five delicious varieties of crap deluxe slices. There's craft American. That's so Melo good graft. American, with scarlet, the meadows added not sweet craft, Swiss graph brick with deep rich flavor and sharp old English brand. Try them all for quick easy to make cheese snacks and sandwiches. There's nothing like these perfect slices of extra delicious process. Geez, craft deluxe slices. Our. A? Asia Asia. You, you guys think. Wants to offer second. He did. Look bullard sound asleep. He just can't take it. I'm getting. Let sneak out. We'll go to the dance with. Traffic. Martin I've already been to the Dan. You! Dr Olsen stop by, and he took me I just got home. It's a quarter after twelve. Twelve. You make good. Does me. Waking Up Close by. I feel better. I'm like I. Didn't that goes prayer. Dan Willard, you've been asleep. All evening is after well. Oh, no, no, Catherine! How could I doesn't think she a minute? Here's you. Come on whom all man you. Willing wanted. By all. It gives me my Robert Average. All the. Iran. Off Gail Garden Cathy, Lewis, raw and Dikla Graham. This is John Huston. Thing good night for the kraft foods company makers of the famous line of crafts quality product. Sure to listen to the next Wednesday and every Wednesday while the further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve. What it tastes, something good well. Next time you make a cold meat sandwich. Don't forget to add a little craft prepared mustard. The when you out a little mustard, you add a lot of Tang every bite tastes better. Now, you've got to kind of crap. Salad mustard delicately spiced for those who prefer a milder flavor and pass mustard. What snappy horseradish! Both Then with every meat dish, hot or cold, added a little mustard, and you had a lot of tanks craft repaired mustard. Be sure to hear the Falcons each Sunday over this station. Check Your newspaper. What time of broadcast listen next Sunday as the Falcons solves the case of the Happy Hoodlum. transcribe, listen X. Forgot your marks, and you bet your life on NBC.

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