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Welcome to the third episode of season. Two of warriors awkward San Francisco. Chronicle's NBA podcast. I'm your host boyer's beat writer Connor Letourneau on today's show. We're playing my recent one on one interview with trae mongering. If you paid close attention to the warriors last season, you probably know that dream was dealing with a lot personally though, he never revealed. A lot of the details about what was going on dream on mentioned several times publicly that there were certain things happening off the court that made it tougher for him to bring his typical level of energy. Now that was significant given that he is the emotional leader of the team when dream on isn't playing with fire. The whole roster tends to lacquer gency after a recent shoot around in Las Vegas. I talked with dream on about what made last season so trying and why he needed to take an extended break from the game this summer that interview. And it's coming right up on warriors op court. My first question was simple. What did you? Learn about yourself last season. What long vol myself as honestly, just stay patient. Season where? We were performing to the level that I knew. This. So frustrating. Competitive. Hillman nature. Relax a little bit. But nontheless as competitive at fire, don't go away and. And. Sosa's really trying to. Further trying to lie not let that fireball over because I understand, but yet at the same time trying to figure out how in a fuck do do we do I get it out of myself. How do I get it out of my guys? That doubt. And honestly patients. As much as you know. Luter as much as you want one like last as much as you want people to be clicking and. Januar? You wanna play you wanna feel good? As much as you want. It. How far do you go to get that? And that. And just really stand patient pushing. Understand that you just let it come mass. What a national taught me a lot. I think. Help me in my life is in general. And that's why posted that that post was like I just needed to step away like myself because like that experience going to help me in life. And that's why I think it was just so draining for me go through something like joins you. You go through your life. You. Train for and that's how I felt. Yeah. And that's why I needed to step away because it was really draining. But also felt like that season was working in my life. Like, it wasn't just basketball. Right. So it wasn't like. Playing basketball. It's not because I'm still thinking about that. Because it's working in my life is so just really taking a step back from everything decompressing and letting all that stuff work and figuring it out and just settle down. Like, then I guess hard to get the lesson in something when it's going on and just really trying to pick up that lesson and Kerry. That's that's what I got from one of the things we do know that took an emotional toll on dream on last season was everything going on at his alma mater. Michigan state in the wake of the Larry Nassar news that gained national attention ESPN released. A report that among other things said Travis Walton close friend impersonal trainer was arrested for punching a woman in the face while bar in two thousand nine Tom Izzo, Jerry Jones, college coach was questioned about how he handled the matter and dream on trying to support system for both coaches. Oh and Walton through that throughout that process. Michigan state offices, a huge part of your identity and with everything going on their last season. How much did that drain? You obviously his. Oh and Travis. Because those guys are close to me. Does that Michigan state when all that stuff supposedly happened? No. All that stuff ended in how it was handled. And then just to see like. Report or be able to say anything, and it don't matter like facts that don't matter if the story is being adding onto a little bit like true and to see like. What really hurt me? And as I've said before like, you know, those girls who went through that with the doctor I feel for them because I can only imagine what I would do. Child. Haven't found remembers. I can only imagine what I would do. And we'll be going through if someone close to me. Bill for all those all those girls in those families because it wasn't right? Like, I mean, you don't know how that's going to somebody and they life. And where that takes them in their life or word is dropped him at and they like right now like, you don't know it may it may have fuel somebody. And it may have completely destroys like, you don't know. Saw Phil for the families seen by to see people that I am super close with you know, coaches who didn't even know Nassau want who didn't know Dr Adrian pain. You know to see those people lumped in with him. That's what her coach Antonio. That's what hurting. That's what hurting than anything. Because. Let me to come out and say been working on this story for four years and then say. And then to say. I've been working on this story for four years. And now, you drop it because of that, I guess not right. Like you're dumping those guys with. With serial, rapists. Cereal. Right. This like. Rathan young girl. Like, that's like that's not right. So that was more part that was more. Our flew to me than anything. Just to see, you know, don't try to lock them in. With that guy. I was watching ESPN a few weeks ago. And I saw something particular that said some release something about. Michigan state handle something right? It was just crazy to me because so many people name had been slandered with those stores, and then come across the ticker at the bottom of small letters that something was handled the right way after an investigation. It was like I don't the those centers were so short. I can't even really tell you what it meant. And it's like is that even right? To love Tom Izzo in. We Mary NASA like that story ultra people alive. He's still pay was cut from his team. And now he's in China. Go for gin Lee assistant coach spot. Yeah. And that all three people lives and. Because you loved it in like. Good Larry Nassar like that. That's what hurt me more. And I know Travis is trained you a lot of off seasons. Again this summer. Yeah. We got working like when I got back to to the floor. The beginning August. We've got. Obviously. Good to just have that time with him. You know, doesn't help him. Listen to him talking like. All that stuff going. Oh, obviously hours and Caesar. He was there to hear his Saudi story like everything that situation. Always good to be earful someone. He's here live. I haven't seen it. Here. Yeah. I can text number. But. Yeah. And you have Asli you alluded early last season that there's a lot going on personally. I'm not you don't have to share the details. But how what did you learn about navigating a season with win? A lot of personal things are going. You know, being professional walls of dealing with your personal. What I've learned is. You know, you try you. Try your hardest to seven. I think what people realize that at the end of the day you are. So as much as you want to keep your personal life separate from the way you perform, and you know, how you do your job every day and how you handle this. It's like. You know, I think that's what they think you step out vascular court, and like you're superhuman and then like you're thirsty. Like, it's like you're thrusted into this cartoon where like. Looney tunes, and they come flying the bubble in like, oh here and then like your back. Like, oh, it's not it's not like, it's real life. Like when you walk out that Tommy you walking out of that tunnel with whatever was on your mind. Will you walked in? You won't go into that floor. If you got some no your mind, it's still your mind. You ain't busted into this bubble. Like, oh like your magically rather play basketball like? I think that's what people realize, but you know. Just really try to focus on the task. Hand like when things aren't going as planned, or as you may want them to go using basketball outlet. To whatever it is. And like, you know, using basketball as therapy. Because at the end of the day is something I love. Child and I've always loved it using that therapy like it's no different than somebody who shop retail therapy right now through Sunday. I just need to go shot retail. It's no different for like trying to use that as therapy. Just to get away. Just to lose yourself in the game. Enjoy what you their times are in the season when you were just kind of go to the gym late at night and just get up shots. That's all. Yeah. I remember times I missed. I would go in at three o'clock in the morning shoot. Five. Because when I step in the element. Like, I just forget about everything else opened a lock him on that thing. As you get older, you know, problems come world problem things, come more realistic. College student more. You're the men at. The family other income source of the family. You're the father. Yeah. Boyfriend girlfriend. You know, like all of those things. It's a little different. Yeah. Because your worries is now more of what worry. Exactly. And there's so many more so many people dependent of you. And what you do. Garnered that reckless effects. So people could be young and dumb. And who cares? It is not. Nowadays. But even like when I was in college seventies. You were able to be young and dumb and Bickham Seca figure it out. Also much anymore. But that's just traded and your who your game subsists on energy. You know, that's how you've gotten this far is bringing that that heart. So I feel like do you feel like even more notice when you're going when you're having a tough time? Now getting that just because I've saluted because I. Energy for this chain. And like when firing going. A lot of times lack of and so easy to touch. Turner is right here to this guy watched him, and then his energy is out of there. Oh, well, that's what is energy. You know, it's like one of those things. There's very few things problems that you could just touch on. That is. From this going on with shoulder could become a hit by may touch the show that ain't even probably does not really problems in this world that you can actually get your finger. I think that's one of those that you can release put your finger on and it makes it tough. But at the end of the day, it's. Life. Like, it's my career is what I love to do is my responsibility, and I enjoy because everyone persons specifically that helped through last season and everything you were kinda. Yeah. Just being there. Fermi attorney just being having somebody to talk to on my son like. One and a half. Yeah. Well, he'll be two in December like him. Because no matter what no matter what I would be going to like, no matter how bad something could be basketball could be going how he don't care. Don't let it like when I see him. He's. Yeah. He's gonna jump on. He's going to run around laughing. They're trying to play. And I'm not going to fry those moments. Yes. Yes. In the best most happy happiness, I can possibly give himself KYW's there. You know? It's like. Does that stuff whatever it is really matching? Because clearly it don't matter to him. If it does not matter to. Doesn't matter. That's who mattered the most. Don't matter to him. Stance. I totally understand that like, you realize a little kids that human beings, natural disposition is to be joyful. The absolute, you know, as you get older all other stuff weighs you down to be happy into not like he is you want the kids are going to tell you the truth. Whether you want it or not getting the truth just shows you like. That's really like supposed to be. Then like you said as you get older so many other things come into play. And it's his that Lael you're in a good place. Now. You're going to push you've been in. Long. I feel a million. Thank you kind of figured out. How finger out you know, what I mean? Like, you feel comfortable with where out in terms of navigating how to? Worldwide celebrity in the sense. Yes. Comfortable YM in my life. How to handle different things? Life life has his show and try every season every day. Not even some somebody could throw the same thing that you know. Yes, he's may not be able to deal with the same way. You if that's just like, we all do going away embrace that. Doc. This shows part of the San Francisco Chronicle podcast network in our theme music is courtesy of the free music archive. The shows produced by me for more warriors coverage you can follow me on Twitter at Khan underscore, Krahn checkout, all of our coverage SF chronicle dot com. Also fall wears off court on itunes, and you'd be have some time. Give us some feedback.

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