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The Evening Briefing: Friday February 7


Good evening I'm Chris. Price with the briefing from the Telegraph bringing you up to speed in two minutes. It's Friday February seventh thunder. British newlywed is among those. She's diagnosed with Corona virus on a cruise ship. said the number of cases around the world of Corona virus is more than thirty one thousand and five hundred now among them is a British man on his honeymoon Allen steelers one of forty one passengers diagnosed overnight on the quarantined diamond. Princess says cruise ship in Japan. He's been taken to a nearby hospital. But his what's shown no symptoms and remains on the vessel. It comes amid a huge outpouring of grief and anger in China is after doctor. Who is one of the first to raise the alarm about the deadly? Infection died from the virus but he was accused of spreading rumors by Chinese police. You can follow live updates on the viruses spread around the world. You may remember. Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Annual Macron. Were all smiles when they met in Paris and Brussels last year but the French president is turning up the heat on the brexit trade talks. He's he's told the European Commission it must tie Britain to EU rules forever in exchange for an agreement. James Crisp outlines. Why he's made the move? And if you're a fan of this morning you'll have watched a hugely emotional moment host. Philip Scofield. The TV presenters revealed. He's gay he's he's been married for nearly twenty seven years and says his announcement comes after heartbreaking conversations with his family. You can watch a clip of him talking about his decision to come out so stay put. If you're listening on WHATSAPP send you those links. Now if you're listening on spotify wherever you get your podcast you find them in the show notes as well as links to allegations the son of Liam Gallagher and grandson of Ringo Starr were caught up in a fight in TESCO and Laura Bates looks at the rumors miss about Nestle. Would that won't die with Kirk. Douglas that sits. You're up to date more from Danny on Monday morning.

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