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Bobby on Sharna Not Returning to Dancing with the Stars + The Cereal Fantasy Draft + Bobby Reads Cringe Worthy Message He Sent To A Girl


And we're back at the ron burgundy podcasts season two baby pressure team what we'd do. I brush my teeth. Whenever what else does on holidays and sometimes i forget. I'm not perfect smile of your breath bother you being the smell of rare steak aged whiskey. Excuse no carolina that doesn't bother me. Listen to the ron burgundy podcast on apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever after you find your podcasts bobby bones post show pre show. I just got the alert that a netflix has announced their september titles coming up he gets care about this super bads on that flicks <hes> three hundred which i loved that a good movie i liked it a lot lord of the rings return of the king the walking dead season nine between two ferns the movie is you know the movie that golfing akkas i don't either. That's that's coming out. Eat pray love. Oh and more speaking of eat pray love. I'm gonna eat pray love trip breath coming up pretty soon. I got myself do some soul-searching. Is that what the movie's about the book the movie he's like finding yourself. Strong woman is looking to find a real feminine going like india well. You can take a guess. I'll give you one guess here because the i guess how you feel let's do this music. I'll be going alone on a trip for baker for a few days. My own version of eat pray. Love eddie has been eliminated from the competition. You know he knows it. Do you told him he knows it. I do why therefore i will keep my mouth shut. Why because i made you decide to do it that way. Interesting don't get jelly he didn't i didn't tell them. How did you find out somebody else. One of my friends was like are you doing this and i was like and eddie. Was there and i had to say yes or now doing this okay time. It's something that you're doing one one guest eat. Pray love bobby two thousand nineteen mighty until yesterday the house look at eighty guests. Are you doing what it's going to cambodia. Don't have anywhere cambodia. I didn't tell eddie was around when someone guessed it. He scared of going to mexico cambodia. I probably go to cambodia before mexico yeah yeah. It's fine lunchbox. Yeah you're going to croatia. That's i mean. I don't even know where that is. Give us a hint. I mean now. We're just throwing countries out there italy now guest that good. You thoughtfully made a comment. You're going to italy already guessed it. Why would i can't we haven't guessed it. I guess it with you. One on one not italy wasn't on air even play this game off air which is already found out. We were number to denote you. Wanna guess ireland guess who knows what do you mean. I didn't hit the button it could be. That's why are your now deflecting boom or do. I deflect sometimes two three off the next time i wanted to flex and his are you going to visit your ancestors. I did that twenty-three me and it was the the palest results ever. Are you irish i am. I don't know i know it was like england england and england maybe ireland. Maybe it'll it was not italy iliad too. I was all the pill things and then didn't like a little part of africa. It was a little bit there so i won't be leaving on. I thought i asked you at though whatever you see the larry king store the update from yesterday this is well. It's kind of sad. Oh no larry king's wife doesn't want to go to war with him because doctors told her as long to live for so just write it out why go through the stress of divorce larry king's wife life sean is not going to declare war on her now estranged husband who just filed for divorce because she's been told by the doctors he's dying. Why isn't he told only she told yeah yeah doctors can't and tell her that unless he gave consent hippo laws and if you're married even if i'm pretty sure you have to give consent so maybe he did at some point but yeah even if you're remarried people like my they'll doctors will call my or my wife will call me. Hey will you call your doctor. Tell him to to tell them to tell me the information because they won't give it a wife yeah interesting. You're saying even our best friend. That's our doctor. He's he won't tell me things about my own family members. I feel like i it's my kids. My mom yeah my dad my husband. He's done especially when my mom was going through her stuff. I am not your kids. They tell your kids. I think kids sorry you have to know that i know she does not need to know no but it was like they have to take that seriously even if their family friend like he and i appreciated that in him but i'd be like dude. Just tell me. I need to know this something from my mom real quick. He's like amy can't click on them and dude it in work. <hes> speaking of medicine a team has a three ball all hair. A three pound hairball removed from stomach l. Why is there air 'cause. It's like a thing turns out hair's not good for your stomach. She ended up having a giant hairball. Cats get removed move from her stomach. <hes> fourteen year old complaining about stomach pain and vomiting. She went to the doctors. They were amazed at the three pound hairball wedge in her stomach. She was diagnosed with rapunzel syndrome. No it's real this puzzle syndrome. It is real. It's only been reported. Sixty times doctors were able treated with surgery. She's now in stable condition. What is it you wanna hear each your hair. Really amy would use to eat tonight here. We'll out my hair. I'm getting so much better. I still do it from time to time but i'm way better resisting. I'll just pull at it a little bit but i won't pull it all the way out. 'cause i was getting a ball that tug o that's yeah because i was getting a bald spot right here and so my hair person was like you're cut that out and so yeah i've learned to kind of just whoa whoa you almost just pulled your hair right now. I resisted. I pulled it if i hear right ear. It's there's something about it right here. It's only right here. I lifeless hill baby. How field isn't that. They know that eddie and i were at my yesterday and amy kept trying to facetime me. Why like uh-huh nine times in a row across. I was like all right. I'll just call it a second time but the fifth time i was like what is happening. Why why didn't you use the emerging were working. We're doing a podcast urgency. Yeah we weren't apply guests and i thought you would text me if it was a real emergency. What if i was stuck doc somewhere and all i had was facetime. You could try someone else. How would you only have a shot after that many times. You didn't answer but couldn't we were on the air her. Why don't you need to be fair. I didn't know that bobby was called. That many times got a hold of the facetime stevens the money and he had a music question. He was practicing his drums any had a question about his music sheet and he decided he wanted to call bobby and what was the question. Do you remember i don't know i don't know music but he was really desperate to talk to you and like his face. I walked back in the room and he looked so sad and i'm like what's wrong with you. I put it on my instagram. It's probably still up radio. Amy and i'm like what do you look so sad. God because you weren't answering and i didn't know he tried to call a lot a lot. I remember when i took piano <hes> adult and had to learn how to read music hard man yeah as language and as an adult. You got to do que to sit around yeah. It was like upside down. It'll music notes landed on this scale. You read music now if you gave me a week. I'd probably hop back into it but i was so beginner i did. I took lessons for like a year. Learn a lot of the basics just so i could know enough yeah but an emmy your son drum set now no practices drums at the counter and then he when he goes to lessons. He plays her thumbs but he he's at the counter. Christmas uncle bobby's gift him a drum set a real loud. One awesome wrong was up. I told you there's those ones. The electrons are too expensive but bobby was on narrowed narrowed works his dreams right. He needs a real drum kit whatever i think we should maybe i don't know where we put it though the living room no not deliver your bedroom but if he's into it and it could be good for him than i want it. I want it for him. Oh yeah the garage mahal other house at your dad's not moving into now because he's going into the old folks residents <hes> that's what you into an apartment -partment with other elderly. People okay folks dorm. That'd be awesome awesome right now. The food will be great. We we'd rocking out yeah. I guess what they gave me a discount because my dad is a feeding tube i said. I don't even know if this is work but i said hey. I'm sure the rent is like you know a alive because you've served three meals a day and that's included in the price. I said what if i were to tell you. My dad doesn't eat shell she goes. I'm gonna rise it. Does she writes it down slides it to him all right feeding tube what yeah they said well i. We've never had that before. They're like let us look into it and they looked into it and they got back to us and boom get a discount. Dave ramsey is at the best price. You can give me that is the thing that is a king. Is that shoot with old folks homes apartments for elderly whatever we know we got a bunch which <hes> people going. Hey you made a song about me. Malls about paul's we are going to release our papa song soon. Just kinda even it out you know when you go to yoga you have to do if you do one side of the body <unk> the other side of the body equally and so we if we hit me malls we got hit. Pathological papa's will exhaust are older folks songs boyd avenue older folks on coming up real soon and we write these because we love them. Mo folks miss him of course <hes>. Let's see what was i going to do here. Are you into what to hap- what's happening right now in your life. Would you wanna talk. I remember hit us with that new pete. This is a new thing about putting on the show. I hit raimondo. It was to have samy well. Whoa hold on. I ready my what's the hats. I had it but i use it for something. Oh i use it my pile. Let's see i'll go first kimmy again. What's the hat yeah. Well was the half to me right now. Is i got a new phone already. I win on because drop them off my phone when the poor and say my dog what's happening is i got on. I went to the insurance thing and apple and i had insurance on my phone and the night before i was like boom this a turn your iphone off. I turn it off and they millman like twelve hours. It's my house wow that's awesome and so i haven't in my house. I'm going to take my cloud here. Upload them other phone and i got a new phone nice. That's what's the half's is that phone. Insurance is money. That's what my h- apps lunchbox you're up. Oh man august twenty eighth can't get here fast enough guys wore the world's season two premiers on m._t._v. That's the challenge. If you don't know what i'm talking about we didn't all the trailer is i thought it was the world all the world's. It was like an old band the most controversial radio show of all time because people thought it was real. It was real aliens. Were coming down. It was on the road eighty four book yeah antennae four no s._i._m. That's him go ahead. Finish your deal so i mean i can't yeah wait set your d._v._r. Get your popcorn ready. It's going to be amazing full of drama backstabs slow. I mean it's gonna be awesome more the world august twenty eighth. I'm so confused what you guys are talking about tom. Cruise is also an award. That's tom cruise worlds. Oh that was later win the remake yet not the old one good god make sure here. What's that georgia okay for. Not orson welles georgiana four yeah same close <hes> yeah or started questioning myself because i knew it wasn't what i was like. Maybe i'm wrong. Uh george orwell or joel orson or well. I mean you can see how that's easily mixed up definitely can <hes> what's the half's amy. Let's go wow l. Whoa i knew bit annual amy. What's the ads okay so. Maybe maybe you've seen that facebook launched their whole clear history feature and that's all because what's in that movie we watched the documentary no so what about the giant trades baseball cards cambridge in alaska. What's it called factory that great hack eh that like taught you all about this so mark zuckerberg is part of that whole drama was like hey. We're going to have to clear history thing but actually doesn't clear it for good. Eh still lives on the facebook server so it's still out there but it'll just be disconnected from individual users accounts tabby in your life right. Now i was told it was supposed was to be news and if one person at a personal story you could bring a personal story and boom you went person. Also i had to go new. Oh whatever you want. That's always what's happening in your life talked about his life long as over testing new bit here hey so in a couple of weeks. We are going to go to kansas the raising of the it's. We're playing affair wait. He's going personal not even just amy this again amy by the way we can modify amy yeah i know but bobby busted out of the personal stories over here like oh god. I go find a new st- okay. We'll come back to you for your personal. The law can't play so i started looking at foods at the at the county fair or the state fair and i found some really good food that i'm looking forward to. They have a moon burger that they have. It's like meat and cheese but instead of buns. It's like a moon pie. Wow that sounds amazing though i'm like looking forward to that and then now and when we when we tour like my kids are always like what are you bringing back so obviously gonna bring that back food and by the way we go do the safer and hutchinson then we go on on a bus overnight to saint louis foods. Gotta stay good for days frigerator in the bus and we don't be mad. We're figuring this out. I'm going to add i just had a good personal one our no. It's not even good. I just was ready. I don't like not being prepared. Go ahead. I was told it was something you're looking forward your world whether it's a new story ambient in your world it. It's well my the only one that got the memo that said hey we're try- nikkei but even then we've already decided we're moving from those so i know but i remind was lying story it. It was released by m._t._v. store as life was a combo mic. Simon is yeah fair. Whatever's happening in your world world okay. That's the only rule now we've modified it so don't have to stress about news. Whatever's happening in your world. Hey and that's how we go to the next one. Hey uh well. I got busted cheating to stevenson and it's really putting a damper on my nights because i read to him every night and i normally skip sentences or paragraphs because i can't because he couldn't really read that well and then we help us get through chapters in the book a lot faster and be like okay okay buddy type of go to bed and now that he knows words he can tell them skipping things and he's like mom. You miss that god skipped out you have have to go back and i'm like with other parents do this right another only one attempt feeling this segment and then we had a little issue here where it's going. It's still something you're kind of looking forward to. You got a new phone. It's in the world where you're looking forward to. I'm not perhaps what's happening like in the sixties and certainties wants to happen right. I'm not looking for reading and you're like yeah. That's all right. Hold on war. What's number two. What's the haves. I finished binge-watching mindhunter season two and i'm really sad because there's not a season three confirmed. Now i have to wait potentially like two years but all of the cast did sign on for three more seasons so there's more she more yes. Is it really good. I'm three episodes in yeah and it ends up something. We beat spoiler. It just ends us something with b._t. Cave that leaves you totally hanging. I love that song bump bump bump bump. Remember song dumping up bump bump bump bump bump know what you're talking about. Bump bump bump bump. He's still got. What's the house going making away. He'll pick your nose or raising cameras. Going elbow. Divas knows okay so what's the hatch we transitioned. It was a ray hits the clip and then something in your world also in this segment. Can you help me with something for what's the hap is making the big league league. Which is the show okay. I do like it. We go fast and something and you're willing to be a new store like lunchboxes was m._t._v.'s story is what he likes audio from that all you have to what's up. We can't say what yeah but i'm having to fill out this question thing. So what's the house for me is. I'm not very good at answering when my hobbies these are go ahead. What are my hobbies your hobbies are. I love to go hiking. What do you ask a whole list then. Put it hik- hiking being in yoga but that's it. I need more hobbies. I used to pay any time with my kids. That's a hobby yeah volunteering. There's life so you can still enjoy doing it. Volunteering at my kids orphanage you enjoy that health health and fitness hanging out with my friend bobby hobby because he's so cute rollerblade on hanging out i will. I'll let you actually do with my single friend. Bobby bobby boom single mingle instagram links below with all of you girls reading this now we talking. What's that for him. She can't say yet she was gonna. I'm gonna say this what she was going to do and he was going to talk about this thing. She's getting an award okay. I don't know what it is being being celebrated. You've gotten this award before yes. She's being celebrated and she wanted to talk about like hold on they may day. You make kick you out. I didn't know it wasn't like announced. The thing is like the people's influential people now. I didn't know it was a thing hit two boys and girls this. Oh yeah bombed bomb killers the beaches o- aw sea. I held this job for so long. It's not doesn't my hobbies. I guess i wondered if in the docu series day he ever got the writing and recording the song but it must be after like season three or four. What amy is that enough hobbies yeah no. I wish i was someone that was like gardening garden once once like six years ago for the garden once i really miss asia gardened i like i also i like to my one. One of my hobbies is starting hobbies. That's true too and quitting them. <hes> doctors find a twin growing inside a seventeen year old girl her twin. The twin twin is growing inside of the girl yep. <hes> they've found a girl she had severe stomach pain. She was also growing a lump in her stomach. Doctors realize was her malformed twin y seventeen that loan she she's not alive twin no. She's not a lot s. seventeen year old living inside that seven year old that's that's that's sad yeah crazy first time a girl that had been found with her twin how a a company has created the ultimate bet. It's a netflix and chill with a seventy inch built in screen. Oh my god screen comes up on the back of the bed. I was watching the news. I think you're gonna here in town on the national local news news and she was like hey he gets his. I guess she didn't realize what netflix and chill means really would you mean come over and hook up but she was like and you can adopted dog and he's great for like netflix and chill. Oh that's illegal read it on the national threatened. Do that and let's see good here. We've been we've been gone a bit. Thanks for listening to show meeting. They're going to be our boss. I'm coming. Hey raymond is right out there still so i'll come out there. I'm i'm done anyway. I gotta stop them are is like batman our boss i like that you might have the bluetooth earpiece like a conference call see he's gone like batman. Yeah you'd be walking down the halls and he'll be like. I think it's really important what's important to his ear. Not talking to you conference. I'm leaving work and he stayed on the street corner on the phone. I'm like dude. You have an off. I you put you you know how the answer can you hear me yeah. I think he can area you know what he enters too and they put the blue he can't hear you. They put the bluetooth sign in the sky so the batman in oh oh that's for me. I gotta go. I'll be right back right bad guys all right <hes>. We're gone amy's podcast. I wouldn't get to the clips today but you should have been tastic when we had up today new one four things four things on it or things with amy brown but there's a pretty cool thing on their blow are my the author bianca this woman she put out a book called how to make your life not suck and the the bobo was good. They'll hydrocarbons get well. We did a whole q._a. With him. People submitted questions the last few weeks so i took their questions like you. The listener took that and then bobo address them. It's all about health and nutrients and supplements and stuff is real name adam adam bobo everyone everyone bobo if i could be a clown hong kong <hes> all right. I'm going to go have everybody here is thursday. Show hope you good. We're good see see later but by hey. I'm andy if you don't know me. It's probably because i'm not famous but i did start a men's grooming company called harry's. The idea for harry's came out of a frustrating experience. I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced over designed and out of touch at harry's. Our approach is simple. Here's our secret we remake sharp durable blades and sell them on prices for as low as two dollars each. We care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like by a world class german blade factory obsessing assing over every detail means. We're confident offering one hundred percent quality. Guarantee millions of guys have already made the switch to harry's so thank you if you're one of them and if you're not we hope you give us a try with this special offer. Get a harry starter set with a five blade razor waited handle shave gel and travel cover offered just three bucks plus free shipping shipping just go to harrys dot com and enter four four four four at checkout. That's harrys dot com code four four four four enjoy. Your buddy miss the bombing cow transmitting erica aw a welcome to thursday show more studio morning a jessica in florida. You're on the bobby bones show jessica thanks for waking up and being part of the show a jessica ohio pretty good when you want to say <hes> i was actually calling in because i'm moved here about six months ago with my children and we were looking for a country station and come across the body done show one morning and every since then it's it's been a morning thing we can't start are without the bobby bones show. Yes i have a problem have a nine year world and a seven year old that are both autistic and they absolutely adore bobby bones and lunchbox and aims they asked every day even at in the evenings and on weekends listen to bobby bobby bobby lot on it now well. I'm always on iheartradio. That's right so it's amy. <hes> thank you very much. Thanks for the call. You guys wanted to early morning round of riddle me this. Oh oh yeah right here we go amy. Are you ready what goes up when the rain incomes down what goes up when the rain comes down riddle me this or got it evaporation incorrect. I'm sorry that is an umbrella. An umbrella goes up when the rain comes down how much have four legs soft in the middle hard all around. What am i have four legs soft in the middle hard all around. What am i often the middle and hard all around uh chair. It's a bad i'm sorry that's eddie. Yeah come on you. You can be the only one to get one. Come on your victory. I can be cracked. I can be made. I can be told i can be played. What am i. I can be cracked. I can be cracked. I can be made. I can be told i can be played. What am i if you get this. You win the early morning version of riddle me this. My first thing was an egg but they can't be played. I can be cracked. I can be made. I can be told can be played joke joke. That's correct. There's a winner wow. That's like one of those things. We're just came into my head. I live in what is good even crack jokes. You can tell a joke elliot how you are the the winter. Would you like to yell at me just to get us home all he does a ah good one but thanks man how you feel about that. Amy i mean pretty good except except for. I can't believe i didn't get umbrella that was we now let now when he says it like it makes you like oh. I know i welcome to the show. <hes> cody alan will be in today so that'd be fun. That'd be next hour cody allen from c._m._t. Good friend of mine and he's as good dude. We'll talk about how the country stars he gets to hang out with. We'll do jason dean rear view town now in the bobby bones show the bobby bowl show to our producer raymundo raimondo. Would you out of there in florida off the coast jacksonville. They're still searching for those two missing firefighters to run a fishing trip. They've been missing almost a week now. In california police stopped a potential shooting at a hotel cops arrested the hotel cook who'd stockpiled outguns and was planning an attack. Luckily they stopped him before he did finally near new orleans a five year old boy unknowingly broad drugs kindergarten. Luckily none of the kids took the drugs. The parents have been arrested back to your bones are. That's the news coming up. Amy thinks she was kind of the right but i think maybe she should have been put in jail for the next thing you talk about. Oh wow i think they should have put you in the big house to teach you a lesson okay. We'll talk about that coming up next bobby bobby bowl show what happened to you yesterday uh-huh so it was in the gas station parking lot and i was reversing out of spot in the parking lot and i hear like a honk and then and i look over and it's a police officer and i rolled my window thinking <hes> something wrong with my car or what and he said you might want to buckle up if you're going somewhere it has like i'm buckling up. I'm gonna call up. I promise i'm going to buckle up but i just put my car and i. I hadn't buckled up yet because i was still in. My parking spot sort of was the car moving. Yes it was in reverse. Not no i know but i was like oh no i was. I'm gonna buckle. Don't worry worry and he said you should club before that car. Even hits reverser drive sounds like yes sir good thing. He didn't ticket you right. I mean i guess i see could have been how lame if i would be telling a lie you ever look is a long tortuous lame. I said yes sir. I showed respect but then i and then i was kinda. Bummed stevenson wasn't with me because he would've loved that encounter and he would. It'd be like you're right. I always tell mom bomb. Karategi buckled. I was and we can't be on our phones driving here anymore. Can't even hold it in your hand and i was sitting in a lot yesterday. There was this guy next to me was texting away and i grabbed my phone. We're gonna take a picture of and then. I thought well i'm also breaking the law by taking a picture of him in the law so i didn't get it right. I was going to get <hes> and be like citizens. Arrest on instagram didn't do it and the list of states that were the most rude can't believe arkansas was number. Two on the list. Think new york was number. One that makes the city of new york city the state the whole state like up like upstate new york's awesome. They're super nice arkansas number. Two the friendliest date is minnesota minnesota in the tennessee's number two friendly and texas number four. Oh good so like arkansas. I don't even know what's wrong weird. I guess i gotta get back up when i'm about to run on this damn country music here. We go the bobby bones show on this day in the country today in nineteen ninety-seven that's what we'll talk about. Where were you in one thousand nine hundred eighty junior high school twenty two years ago. You were a junior in high school like going to say like that now on on this day in one thousand nine hundred seven kenny chesney lands first number one ever with she's got it off on the song was written by craig wiseman and drew womack. It was released as the first single from kennedy's nineteen ninety seven album. I will stand which was his fourth album by the way three albums know number. One's chesney had already really six singles for this song came out. None of them went number one. He came close. When you put out one i closed my eyes which went to number two but not number one and here is around aw kennydale has thirty number one songs sold over thirty million albums worldwide but it didn't come that easy to kenny you get put out six songs and none of them hit until i guess that's six one hit number two in the didn't get a number one song till after that and that's jesuit number one for the first time on this day in nineteen ninety-seven bounce national hollywood morgan number two thirty seven ski old dominion. We're on the t._v. Show song lan last night and chose one of the songs to record for themselves. It's called young here. It is congratulations suchet of dan shea and his wife hannah they announced. They're expecting another baby and it's a boy drake. White was hospitalized after a near collapse onstage during a show recently. He just revealed that he has debilitating brain condition called a._b._m. Is known since january of this year but hopes sharing now will help others a morgan number two. That's your skinny. It's time for the good news bad. There's this seventh grader named diesel. Oh he made fifteen thousand dollars selling livestock at the local fair cases. I wanna do something good with that fifteen thousand dollars and he donated all the hospital little how old they could seventh grade. That's crazy and his name's diesel diesel. That's also he's so piper a contributing factor and how cool this kid is yes. We go. What's see win it showing yeah. I'm doing livestock fifteen thousand dollars all to saint jude. That is what it's all about right there. That was telling me something good was show <music> coming up cody allen who may know from c._m._t. Or from the cody allen radio show is a friend of mine. He is what countries call about so <hes> he's going to be in studio. We'll even do a little draft with cody allen. We love drafts right and i'm gonna take part in this one on banned from the other later today but i'm hopping this because there's no point it'll get awarded cody allen coming the next gets him. Bobby bones found dead. This story comes those from houston texas as a man got pulled over driving a stolen car but he fled from police. They couldn't find him anywhere. They searched the vehicle found his driver's license sitting on the driver's seat. Wow i was not expecting that. They knew who he was right. Then and there finally footprints handsome woods no he left his driver's license seat yeah. They chased him but funny couldn't go back to the car. There's the driver's license they'll be able to find him really easy there. You have it. I'm lunchbox logs on your bonehead story today. In the montgomery county maryland courthouse there are thousands of pages of documents detailing the horrific murders of three innocent people to things from the early days of the investigation are clear no one knew for sure who committed the murders but some had a theory sorry about who engineered them soon as i heard the details. I knew my dad was involved right away. We know it was lawrence horn. I knew who else instantly assumes orange. Everybody knew that lawrence horn was responsible. Nobody even better but at the time of the murders lawrence horn was clear across the country watching tv in his los angeles home and he could prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. I'm jasmine morris from iheartradio and hit home media this this is hitman. Listen and subscribe at apple podcasts on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts bobby bones on the bobby bones show now cody allen. What's the first country song that you remember hearing as a kid. Let's see here. I grew up every morning my mom made breakfast and so i remember her playing country music every single morning and she would play and i remember dolly parton being one of those artists and i would say maybe islands in the stream dali and kenny when you hear this reminds me of childhood it does it also must be like the smell of like x. cooking and bacon sizzling in the kitchen. I know it sounds cheesy but it's true for me me because it's funny you mention the cooking those memories that come back with music john anderson swing into my grandmother and she adopt me for a while and raise me. I remember remember here john anderson swinging. That never really thought about it so much until now but i think that's the first country song that i had heard yeah. You know this one eddie. Oh yeah man is a swing. I remember i remember this one well to <hes>. What was her name a little charlotte charlotte charlotte eating chocolate pie talk this country concert ever <hes> yeah. I think it was the judds <hes> <hes>. I remember going to remember linda ronstadt yeah yeah. She was really a pop artist. Pop rock artists. I remember going to her concert. That was like i like arena show and my dad took me. He was a huge music fan. So <hes> i remember growing up in the house with lots of music playing all the time but i wouldn't say the judge at the state fair in south carolina. That was probably first country show. Do you have to deal. You're with because both of us. We have friends that are also artists and we know things about them and we can't really address it. Even though we would like to talk about like secret you ever have a secret and you're like. I can't say this about you and then eventually it comes out and you're like oh like what's the biggest secret you've had kind of had to about an artist. Yeah like what's the biggest city of had to keep like maybe well. I think we all know big. Secret was for the longest time. What about an artist <hes> yeah. I don't know that i've had <hes> one of those. I think that when i came out to keith urban was probably one of those moments that i'll never forget because you came out to keith urban. I did on camera. No oh okay it was after. I did an interview with him and you know again. He's a nice kind of world's super sweet. He always concerned about you and <hes> he he asks how you deal. You and i think i said something along the lines of like i've been struggling with a few things been working out if you think my life and <hes> and he said what do you mean that moment i had not planned to see a word to see him about being gay but he immediately. I decided i said i'm gay. I'm trying to figure out what to do with that and how to deal with how to evolve my life so i can you you know who i am. And what was that like for you to come out as gay in the country music landscape for me. I thought it was awesome and i was like dude. What like yeah. I'm here for you but like what was that like i guess pre coming out publicly and then post from from what i do no difference because because i didn't change any of the things that i you know any of the ways i interview any of the way they do. My shows nothing changed. Their people wouldn't know the difference but i <hes> i do think i changed since i became a lot more comfortable with myself. Stop second guessing things that i said <hes> when you go through life and you're thinking people think something about you and you know something something about yourself that they don't wanna let that vulnerability outs. You wanna like <hes> you want to not be ashamed of it anymore. I think i carry that around for a long time so getting to the point where i felt comfortable. Just letting that go you know rocks in my backpack. I for people like you get those rocks backpack. Life is easier you can you can carry on a lot lot the easiest so from that standpoint i think i- i got better were you worried that there would be some pushback yeah for sure. Oh my gosh i thought it would be sixty forty negative to positive and it was <hes> it was ten ninety. You know it was like yeah. I only got a little bit push-back and most people said really wonderful nice things so <hes> most people just want people to live their lives and be truly right like just think about how we i think we generally just want people to live their lives to be happy. You're not hurting kids or animals like rocket. Do your deal right yeah. I think that's absolutely true and i think people bond with you and you guys know this from doing. <hes> <hes> your show is that when they feel like you're a human you have emotions. There's a connection that happens and i think that one on one it becomes a lot easier when you let all the walls <hes> cody allen is here from c._m._t. Hang up one more segment sure all right. We're gonna come back with cody alan. I got a on ask you who in your phone. That's cool okay and then i wanna ask you about close. I will come back with cody. Allen bobby bobby on the bobby bone show now cody cody alan from c._m._t._s. here. You <hes> have to wear a lot of different clothes on t._v. Questions they give you a budget by your plan. No there's yeah they. They give me close so close then give me a budget. I someone buys clothes and says hey do you like this. Do you like that and then i just just pick out what i like and where that guy was. Probably i mean if you wanna get exact it's probably like it used to be thirty to thirty one right now. Gold judge me guys. Don't judge me judging. What are you bobby thirty eight twenty eight. Stop stop it <hes> yes so like a thirty one thirty. Maybe will you wear an outfit again. It's on tv no but i will in real life okay. Well you wear an outfit again. It was on instagram. Oh yes absolutely i just wouldn't i wouldn't i went to post it. There might be some distance between the post right. That's yeah that's fair. That's fair. How big's your closet. It's pretty big yeah yeah. There's a lot of stuff in there and it's divided into two closets. Why two tv close a normal close partners. Go tunnel close to so. You're both sharon closet gay dudes. We have like gotta have doesn't make sense to me. I do that your best country music impression. Do you have one of those. <hes> let's see here. You're probably probably luke bryan. Yeah i mean everybody's probably got luke bryan. This point don't own american. I i'm bobby is going to be on american idol going hollywood pretty good. What do you think katie does pretty good anyone. Who's yours luke. Look eric eric church too like hey cody okay don. I wanna hear your luke though now oh my luke is perfect. Peroxy bobby is the perfect guy for american idol because he's one americans a mentor perfect jayco into oh dude. It's gotta be right time in the morning and be like did so. I heard you guys on the radio. Dude like what's the deal dude like bashing. That's really good. That's also jake jake says. Does it also quoting <hes>. Who's the person you have on your phone <hes> keith probably i still can't believe i have his is number. It's weird you know i this whole thing is weird surreal to me most of the time because i don't feel like i'm just a normal guy. I literally drove. We have a clunker car and our family like i gave it to my my daughter. I she drove it and then my son drove it for a couple of years because i don't think teenagers should have like a you know a great car to begin with. You want them to have a clunker so i drove that today because my car in the shop. It's been the shop for about a month now so i the point is i don't take myself too seriously. Sleep and i don't think that i run a lot of pride. I just i know so. What was your question okay so having keith in my phone missile. Is i mean what is this life. I really feel that way less than you know. I'm big fan. I'm so grateful that you came in thank you. Thanks for having me for a while. You have great teeth thank you you have a great presence about you. You're very pleasant to be around your good dude. I think we've <hes> been working round and with each other about almost seven years now so you're the only one fistfight me to my face yet. Congratulations everything here and making all of this happened. We've watched it all and <hes> it's. It's an honor to be here so thank you. I don't know what this this guy is here. What is the m._c. hammer. I've seen this on your on the story yeah. I don't know what's up with. This listener gave me that and it was in a box. I didn't know as a collectors item worth a decent amount of money right and so i just ripped it out of the box like yours my toy. I'm going to play with hammered. Hammered time didn't know that that was the deal there but <hes> glad you thank you for coming um and of course that any any feeling right now. What song are you feeling right now. <hes> tough question to put you on the spot with i mean. Can you get any better than combs. Beer never broke my heart smash. <hes> and i love that song then we'll play it right now do because you're a way better radio than i am do. I don't know what that means but usually talk a better. I don't have a good speech pattern. I can't say words. I stumbled on. Everything stopped so if you were to set up the case set up. Let's look comes never broke my heart but do it like you're doing our show. Oh really okay so a number of my heart big huge number. One hit for luke combs right here on the bobby bones show. Hey yeah my heart alright. I hate to interrupt but real quick. I think you'll want to check in with a a couple of friends of mine alexa good morning good morning and allow me to welcome writer actor and comedian chelsea handler alexa. I'm just checking in with your morning meditation. Try this one. I am a channel for loving peaceful energy. Okay i am channel for loving peaceful energy interesting. What does that mean. No idea sounds nice though it put it on a coffee mug that's right checking in with chelsea. Handler and alexa is easier easier than it's ever been before. If you want to start your morning right it's as easy as talking. Just try saying alexa good morning. Alexa good morning and alexa and chelsea handler will take care of the rest. Oh one more thing before we go. If you want more chelsea handler who doesn't make sure to check out our podcast life the death of me on iheartradio <music> sammy's pile of stories so oh planters is now selling container of just the cheese powder. That's on top of their cheese. Balls planters cheese balls yeah. They're like the big old container owner of cheese balls like baltimore right. It's like the pringles top of the lid. It's like the last the town on those things so they discontinued cheese balls back in. I keep hitting the balls but really it's physi- on the cheese eh back in two thousand and six they discontinued those but brought him back last year and then discontinued them again so now they want to put out a container of the cheese he's powder but it's like as part of employees to talk about how they're going to bring back cheese balls for good. You can't buy the powder though but you can win it. You just go to ask mr peanut. That's who makes it tell them what food you wanna. Sprinkle the cheese dust on and you could win it. What is that one food. You look back and you're like hamuli. Eat that all the time because cheese balls calls for me all the time <unk> down any cheese balls in just watch wrestling yeah cheese balls and pork rinds i still i still still love him and every great once in a while because i love the gas station shop yeah i'll get pork rinds good stuff man. What's the one food you look back and go probably a little too much that komo marshmallows out of the bag because they were fat free thought i'm fat free so i mean in like junior high and high school well. I thought that that was okay and i just out of the bag of just eat marshmallows hooker that is just might as well straight fat and calories of all that sugar like mountain dew for me to istrict three liter a day at least a three day. I'll be like roof cares. The awesome stuff tastes awesome. I love the burned. The i told you the night i woke up and opened up a small aw kansas sprite my house because for my birthday which was in april one of my friends brought me all the ingredients to make my own shirley temples so she brought me there that ah the grenadine grenadine and the seven up and the cherries and i never had this don't drink much soda but i woke up craving hard and had like half of it and i was like oh that's the spot i got me hit and then you were good good eddie anything for you. I think all through high school it was pizza hawaiian punch and twix still the same every had yesterday. They were the chocolate and peanut butter bars. I i you know but they were at the school checkout and they were just in a clear plastic little bag and i don't even know whether they were kind of like star crunch but they were so good in those little debbie anything she made like in. My mom would just buy that socks day and she didn't even have to ask permission. What was my mom thinking. The education wasn't there it. How processed food was affecting us. That's right that was really the case. So why don't you blame it on your mom. It's okay and am type faster asser on your computer or your phone my computer because i can use both hands and i've been all my computer longer. I would imagine if you're fourteen. You're probably better on your phone yeah people under thirty five or at least twenty times more likely to say that they're better on their phone and then people in our wheelhouse and then especially people fifty five and up. It's all computer morgan number due to your twenty-five faster on your phone or computer computer you do work on your computer everyday both hands on the computer but again if you grew up in your sixteen and you really didn't spend it on a laptop and you're only on your phone yeah. I could see how you could fly. I can do both thumbs. <hes> that that there's gonna be some dumb carpal apple tunnel situations happening and text neck for these kids like four generations from now if the world's salim exists our environment or by just crapping on it <hes> if you're gonna walk on trump's in their neck because it's going to get passed down generation yeah. What else have you saw this on reddit. Bobby your favorite place to go just waiting to say that because you don't want to read it all the time. <hes> you know starting to go over there a little bit. You say how awesome it is awesome for anybody. There's it basically something for everyone on red and this is for me up possessive mother-in-law aw bought a new wedding band for her son because she didn't like the one that you know his fiancee and him had made for him and she says the ring is more his style so there's this whole the threat of people like freaking out that like he needs to get his mom out of his life. She's too much involved in like what what would you do. If you're the fiance. I think the mom needs a new role role for sure that being said she goes she came in. She was like here. I had you. This may does your wedding because this is more your style. Let me say this and not to stick up for the mother-in-law mother-in-law but more so that fiancee knows what she's getting yourself into that mother-in-law doesn't go crazy one day. She knows if she's marrying that do she's not do without her whole life so i don't think she's totally shocked by how she's acting as i'm sure people that act crazy are usually acting crazy before that one time not cool. I wouldn't like it would have to have a conversation crazy but she probably isn't surprised by it and also mother-in-law know your lane. You're not to buy your husband is your son is engaged marine their life yeah perfect. If you're listening know your lane no you're well. There's just an important thing to keep in mind of for all of us to think of our lanes and know them because 'cause sometimes we can act may. Maybe not just like this what she's doing. This can be out of our lane so sub tweet toward me. No you're not you're in your lane pretty much all my blinker on well. I like when you dabble in my lane. You helped me until you want to slap me. Thing is that it okay <hes> profile. If i ever wanted to slap you know exactly. When can you tell me. I don't know they've ever given off the vibe. They're on a slap. You thought about it. I don't mean physically uh-huh strangle me. Physically there you go. That's fine thank you. That was amy's pile of stores. Tell me something good. This teenage girl does something to raise money for charity that i've never heard of anyone doing before i mean i've done something similar but on a much much much much smaller scale but wanna tell you this. You're going to be like that's humanly possible and a teenage girl did it. We'll talk about that all those crazy details up next. Tell honey something good next on the bobby bones show. It's time for the good news. Angel more has been swimming for ten years and she recently challenged herself to finished her longest ever distance water swim so the sixteen year oh from california <hes> just completed the feat swimming twenty eight point five miles allow around manhattan new york and it was all for a good cause. She swam almost thirty miles. That's crazy using her nine. Hour swim also included the twenty bridges challenge where she passes under twenty bridges around manhattan. She raised fifty thousand dollars for the nonprofit offit children international which benefits kids and poverty. She said the most challenging part isn't the distance. It's the heat. Can you would think in water. That wouldn't be the case <music> but she's i swam a mile mile. That's crazy and i was like. I don't see how people will do this crazy heart. She's swim longer than marathon. Earth on that's that's insane so congratulations to her good for her and good on her angel more. That's what tell me something. Good is all about that was was telling me something good latest from nashville hollywood morgan number two thirty seconds giddy old dominion were on the t._v. Show song land last night toes one of the songs to record themselves. It's called young paradis sir. I was watching old dominion story last night and it puts us up. I didn't get to see it last night but it's pretty cool song. I saw an pretty good. They put up some good songs on that. Show yeah what else you got over there. Congratulations touche dan shea and his wife hannah they announced. They're expecting another baby and it's a boy. Uh that's two boys rather maybe a boy yes yeah two boys <hes> they're all agreeing what else and then drake white was hospitalized after near collapse onstage during a show and he just revealed that he has a debilitating brain condition called av 'em and he's known since january january but he hopes sherry now is gonna help them others and he brought this up in the studio. Yesterday i like drake white dude. I don't know what avium is. Though did you research that at all. It's just said that his arteries in his brains is brain. Were all tangled up and that's kind of basically what it is brain brain and heart and spinal cord this and long are you just go down all the imported all right. We'll rooting for them. Morgan amateurs do number two s. Ask your buddy and math miss the bombing transmitting america bobby pretty good our because coming up in a minute we will get to our fantasy draft. The draft will be cereals and eddie has the first overall pick. I do now since i finish last. I don't get to play in this one but i was thinking about this last night because i'm into would i might go. Are you going to give them away now. It's i'm not even playing. I mean they don't give us ideas often do this anyway. Maybe go fruit loops. I but that's not what i'm going. I'm just saying pretty strong sure. Do you want to tip us off over. Pick <hes>. What are you going to go with. It's named after another kind of breakfast. Item think about that cinnamon cinnamon cinnamon toast crunch lyneham enroll. That's a good solid picked up those what you go back. I scared i'll tell you what i'm going with can't steal it from you. You actually get to go right onto that. Okay okay. We'll come back in a second and do that. Let's go over to amy now and get the investigative corny where we have to figure out the answer to the joke. Want a one joke streak. Not oh good we got last week though how to eat elephant one bite at a time one bite at a time that wasn't a joke. No i know one joke at a time to get a ten jokes tariq streak to my goal all right here. We go <music> morning courtney. What does a vegetable where to the beat. What's what does the vegetable where to the beach carrot top a crop in cup. Talk crow has got to be <hes> coach <hes> bikini of big <hes>. Is there something heaney. It's gotta be something like a bikini automating suit. Something like it's got the swimsuit what what vegetables swimsuit eggplant. Let's go down the vegetables corn horn celery carrot parrot carrot top broccoli. I care very underrated by the way the comedian great prompts <hes> the keene ooh. I don't anything about vegetables grow in the ground or in trees my point. I think crop tops because it's it's a crop. I mean that's just the only thing what does a vegetable wear to the beach the sand it says what is a vegetable so it's not going to be specific specific vegetables bones but it could be it really could be it could be a bronco bracco brocchini brocchini bikini the stem root stem. Oh now now now that the worst so close at one point crop tini. Tom mckean vic vic vic vic brussel sprouts <music> zucchini time well we wouldn't advisors polka okay does akini are his thing. It hit us with that raimondo rough morning. Courtney disgusted with myself amy what is it. What does the vegetable where to the beat whether the vegetable wear to the beach zucchini was it it probably bobby works bobby what's easy like brock and and i was stuck on crop talk to. I mean well next week next week right. We're not losers bracing herself to the biggest comeback history yeah that's right. <hes> jimmy allen best shot out brother. What's up just disappointed me too yeah john cameras now. I wanted to eat in the us so upset bobby bentley in arkansas bentley. Thanks for calling the show what's happening. Hey bobby. I was just wondering what you think. Alcohol tastes like you'd never even had a sit amanda. Just say it. I mean i really have never had a drink alcohol. I'd love to still feel like it's for me because i'll drink a lot. If you knew the show <hes> i i've never had a drink not because i don't want to or think that it'd be fun. I guess but you know i my mom was an addict and alcoholic and she passed winter forties. My biological father there was an alcoholic and he bailed and so i was like this is not for me that being said i bet it tastes like a unicorn or like skittles and strawberries and candy does that we can get something sweet aran islands. I can smell you can smell what stopped tastes like i smell beer. Ear sounds like it was like oh yeah gross never want to at all take that it doesn't taste like whiskey i agree the people love it but like i would do like a virgin divergence. <hes> version drinks <hes>. I i would do like a virgin pinochle. I don't know the difference or zima. All can imagine me rolling down with some zuma's return when i do some of those <hes> carbonated. What are you drink. I do white claw and then also the truly it's hard seltzer and would love it. I probably did that to bury type flavor so much flavor so i don't really know i i have no idea i'm not going to drink at least not now. Birth is coming up in april four. I'm i'm i'm so ready for your at comes. Here comes a little bit away. Maybe i go hard on that birthday. I really feel like you would tasted unique a lotta and it would instantly hit your bloodstream and you'd feel like tinguely. We don't do <hes> yeah. That's the deal bentley's that a good answer. I really don't know i can just smell things i can smell food to figure assume and what it tastes like but i think that you would like to take the taste of probably right <hes> yeah. Thanks for the call. If you're out there and you're not drinking or you stop drinking. Hold onto that like ain't no need for it i should i have so much fun with it. Thank you edited edited looking at me like i'm lying. That's good good for you. We're gonna come back and we're gonna get into our <hes> fantasy draft drafting cereals cereals raimondo ramona. You'll be on my spot today <hes> so because i'm not going to play i finished last in the last one so i'm gonna sit back as a commentator. I'm gonna do play by play and color commentary nice and <hes>. We'll see what you really think about our picks. Yeah definitely definitely do that. We'll draft cereals and then <hes> i did <hes> comedy lasts ascended award show. I'll just read you a whole act. Spoil it before. I did it last night. I'll tell you how it went and one joke that did not do well some that did pretty well some that killed field so it was all improve material but i'm okay being vulnerable insurance that you guys <hes> so we'll do that and are coming on sharona. I dance partner not going on dancing with the stars the season everybody's hit me up and i'm like a lot of talk to you. I can go talking about people on my show. It is tell them so. We'll come back and do that next. Show the right time for the fantasy draft for today and we'll be drafting our favorite cereals so three rounds. There are five teams drafting. The team with the best team of cereals will win after our listeners voted bobby. I'll be bones dot com. L let me encourage you again. You can't go off just the first pick because if that were the case the first person drafting would win every time so you gotta go with the full body of work because at first person in drafting has dropped the last and the second round so it's a week or second round so look at the full body of work pick the team that you think is the best and they get a point. We'll start. Ah the first pick of the draft today in the best serials is going to our video producer eddie eddie come on baby. You know what it is the best cereal in the lynn cinnamon toast crunch very strong. I love. I love the milk after it too. Oh that's the best part not the best part eddie oh but it is a really good cinnamon toast crunch morgan number two. You have the second pick of the draft. I'm going to go with breath. Lucky charm man. I mean not like it was going to be there at the end right right now because all grown scratch. I love lucky charms because again. It's a metaphor four from alive right but the reason why you don't enjoy them as much as because you eat them the way you do you go the needs for and then marshmallows at the again if you do get the marshmallows if you were to mix them all together you'd be like oh. This is perfect. Good pick number two solid pick. My gosh again ali. I really wanted that to be my first. One raymundo cereal draft your first round go ahead. You can't believe it's still here. Fruity pebbles elmont edinburgh one me too. That's first rounder he. I don't know that's first rounder but oh man you guys crazy. Amy oh my goodness. Oh my oh goodness okay. Oh golden grahams generics does golden grams awesome for the third round for that one well. I mean they took. We okay what bobby it's. It's you look at the whole. I know i know a bunch of fruit loops before going round so i don't even have fruit loops on my list. Oh no down goes most sorry. I wasn't into fruit loop. I know i know but i was in some golden grahams. I would crush them right now actually would you lunchbox. Is your first pick of the man. My first round pick was going to be fruity pebbles but they're gone and that's okay. I don't panic. I don't go oh golden grams. I go with something. That's not good. They're great. Oh points. That's funny now. Now now no so good. I was never like mom by means like box. Your your first pick of the second round. First pick of the second round man is a tough one. This is really hard. I'm going can crooks know where it was. I i didn't even think about captain crunch crunch berries on that. I'm doing crunch. He's not being defined by one of your tricks interest in all right amy back over to your second round pick in cereals. What's what's cereals left honey graham. Oh in <hes> granola low fat skim you. You are honey graham. Oh good oh good okay. Have you ever had them. She's gonna win anyway. No i'm not but these are good like i don't even know what you're talking about. Okay again is you're saying i thought they were just i. I didn't realize they were called. Honey grandma's those called ceos utah. That's why i all the os knows you. You love those okay. We're all confused by whatever honey graham oh's is but that's what the the full name does a good pick. I like goes. Oh so now i'm back in it with <music> out. You get all those all those member one time for your birthday. I just filled a suitcase suitcase full of oats. I love it was just a weird way to say. I'd like to take a step back and go. I think this is a good pick. You went weird with some full title contemplated middle name but i went to you all right all right so it. The official name is honey graham. Oh's i'll just we'll just call it what they are. They're ernst wants solid second. Pick raymundo back over to you cereal draft yeah you little kids. Don't know anything about these little mini pieces of french toast french toast crunch that cinnamon toast crunch eric version now. It's like when we look at franken berry yeah yeah and all these side kinds. It's basically brother of cinnamon toast. Crunch does exist okay so you can have that. Oh interesting. I mean amy raymundo. Just well well well. Golden grahams are solid and standby. I know he just said we're. You're in number two. I mean i think you're okay. I'm gonna go with tricks. Those are good silly. Rabbit tricks are for kids. Go ahead. Go ahead good. What do you think about the solid answer. She's winning. What did you say about somebody. Who was the best. I said are sport right now. <hes> eddie i mean you guys mentioned and you're not going back to it so i'm just gonna take a fruit loop solid set this one of the best serial <hes> mascots ever yeah yeah love fruit. Let's take three picks up one time. That's why i didn't take on my list golden grahams for the uh-huh golden gram. Don't kill golden guilt me you make fun of it two girls and one for me last tuesday golden golden okay yeah yeah <hes> in video games next week. She lives with golden teeth a video game golden goldeneye or favourite mass golden bear jack nicklaus. This is my favorite eddie. <hes> third pick go ahead third pick again here he goes ooh. I got a lot to choose from here to go <music>. Oh lots lots are going cookie chris because solid pick out of nowhere because again bones after you eat it melt chocolatey letty cookie crisp. Nobody gets cooking. Chris in the cop and the burglar tasted each other good solid pick. I'm winning the mortgage number two. I like eating candy so i like it. In cereal reese paths your teeth are gonna rot out from august uh-huh what she's doing here is. She's like sub tweet drafting her dentist guy that she is. She's rounding. All these really sugary cereals israel's to be like. I don't need you know the sugary. Cereals are the best one full sugarcubes in milk. Take that dentist as it receives rhesus. This doesn't get. They're already doing to <hes> pretty boring by telling you if you go get a bull right now. It's frigging good good life. Life is good. A rosy right right can't last in amy's just walking yourself off the plane. It's great that is so solid yeah. You did that from me. Y'all wrestle so then lived until you've met life. You're up okay well. Last liam. Go cocoa for cocoa. Puffs is a solid one little ones good yeah. It's prize it. It lasts long tricks cocoa puffs and the draft lunchbox final pick. Oh i got like three that i wanna take one is going to make me feel like an old man because it is either one very brandy. <hes> one is really good. It's i don't know if it's a spin off a fruit loops of hoops yeah no. That's what i used to get from the bottom line for the box. They were in the bag the bag and there's one that snap crackles and pops ops. You're answering lunchbox. I'm gonna go with apple jacks. That's a pretty solid one jacks. Are we have our teams here. We have eddie with cinnamon toast crunch fruit loops and cookie chris paul is that's a super bowl team right there. That's super bowl. We we have morgan number two with lucky charms tricks and reese's puffs l. Then i felt real good okay pretty good raymundo with fruity pebbles french toast crunch stepbrothers which are good by the way they're absolutely absolutely and life. Life demaim makes me like once a week to cancel out all the other ones <hes> amy has golden grams os and cocoa puffs not a bad team really not a bad team. Experts diverse actually and then lunchboxes frosted flakes captain crunch and apple jacks also saw the team. I would've taken honeycomb forgotten honeycomb solly when we used to fight over the back of the box. What about i would've taken like they had count chocula. I had that one solid alad and then there were his brothers like blueberry booby. Both of them franken berry anything else i i had crackle no brand. I had to felt like there was an old person. Thing honey bunches of oats good one. You've got the honey down and honey nut cheerios the loves hunting older than honeys curiouser classic. I think you guys drafting today. Thanks bones a lot of good teams on the board. Uh morgan number twos loading up right now and you can go to bobby bones dot com and the next twenty minutes or so and vote on the team that you think when the championship yes feel good amy feel good. I feel good ed revealing your hard time because you just mispronounce teams and well. No i mean i guess i gave the full name of os so now i know simplified. Just keep it what people know it just goes but now but now on the more you know golden. He's like i'm going with proctor and gambles owes what the name of you know. Sorry okay okay good good. I'm good now. I'm craving cereal. Yeah have oatmeal in my bag so what kind oh just regular old meal cinnamon nothing exciting. I can't eat that seventy more. There's no sugars. We have a aw. I always thought i would never be a serial person ever but yeah we dabble now but it is not anything on this list just like it haven't tried cinnamon toast crunch. Nope frosted mini. Wheats those are good forgot about that one. I also thought if somewhere pretty pebble someone would go cocoa pebbles pebbles chocolate oakland milk after your breakfast cereal cocoa puffs gives you that that's right all right. We'll come back back and we're back at the ron. Burgundy podcast season do baby carolina. Here is a pathological liar. Okay so what what does her brain look like. I normally would disagree with this but i made a pact with run earlier so y'all. Let's go with that. Brush your teeth. Whenever what else does it's on holidays and sometimes i forget. I'm not perfect smell of your breath. Bother you mean the smell of rare steak and aged whiskey no carolina data. That doesn't bother me. You're leading a little bit for the back of your shirt that means it was a good waxing. They got the entire hair follicle. If you say i i know so. How long has it been bleeding. It's been bleeding all night long axes to throw my sheets out. This is ron burger until next time. Don't use public restrooms. Listen to the ron burgundy podcasts on apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever you find your podcasts bobby and let's go over and talk to debbie in virginia who was on a phone debbie. What's happening not much going to work call. We won't say <hes> first time caller. I'm just asking about your again. How does his exam for his ass off and he had a cherian as i. That's what they call it. There's apparently two eyelids with these dogs and so the bottom eyelid gets swollen very common in bulldogs didn't know this never had bulldog and it's kind of grown over the bottom part of the eye and they called a cherry 'cause like a big red not and so i'm freaking out. Obviously i'm like well. World's over our friends have bulldogs like hates common. Sometimes vets say let the other one go ahead and do because kind of genetic thing and if you get one one the other one usually grows to and they added cliff them off or there's something to it right and that's like him neutered and then we can wait and do it all at once so i took him to. The vet yesterday gave me some creams <hes> so i put them all on me yesterday. Now the dog also walked into that one <hes> i yeah put put some cream and like some stuff in his eye and if it doesn't go down then the that'll take care of it when he gets neutered but as long as it's not in his eyeball inspecting his vision. It's not really hurting them that much. If any so that happened he is still going to training next week. He's going to be away for or six days and so because i'm going to be gone for some of that week and so he's going to go s._m._e. Putting them in a doggy daycare senator training and so the train was like we're all good. We'll take care of it. Not a big deal so not the best news but not near as in the world. I thought it would be so. I appreciate that call debbie. Thank you that's good. We have a malamute husky and he's about one hundred and forty pounds of i know what you're going through with. The puppy stage because ours ate everything in sight so my dog won't stop chewing on not just shoes but like i think he's a he likes human. I think he likes to eat human yeah yeah like his favorite things to chew on and now as jaws are getting strong because he's starting to grow a little bit of the bulldog and he just shoot. He doesn't snap by like he's biting angrily. He just puts his mouth on your instructors. I hurt and so i tell them. I'm like hey didn't feel good. No understand it on your arm okay. I'm going to cover my whole body and hot sauce all right dog. It's it's going good at times frustrating but pretty good my hired someone to walk my dog in the middle middle of the night when he was super puppy because needed to get out every four hours or so because his bladder was so small <hes> now she comes at like eleven and he does you know six seven hours fine. It's almost time to stop it that dog walker and i'm there in the daytime so some people will get a dog word. Come by whether at work this mostly for me <hes> <hes> but everything's going pretty good on my instagram you see the room used to put him in his own little room. Put them in there. <hes> went home last night after the word show and open ended up and he's just chilling so he's grown up pretty good yeah in the morning we hang out and put him on the bed in the morning and just lays around. He's good so yeah. It's all it's all going all right appreciate that. <hes> let me go to heather in south carolina. Who's on the phone heather south carolina. Thank you for calling the bobby. Show what's going on the morning studio. It's morning. I just wanted to complement y'all. I really like your show. I just recently started listening to it <hes> and i just i'm really appreciative of your positive attitude in the morning. Bobby puts me in a good mood nine. I'm just thankful oh well. Thanks for listening huge call into <hes> you know we try to keep try to keep one hundred hundred which is on deposit. That's right. That's right. Sometimes that don't happen. Sometimes i wake up grumpy. What did you say to me this morning. Oh amy was positively this morning walking into the studio. It was early early it. She was like i really i'm rooting for you on this morning corny. I was like thanks friend then. We didn't name me but she was like. I really want you to get yeah did so. We didn't get it by the way we mr the suit. Tell them tell them the punchline next time i don't want it and she offered it offering it but i probably could throw a buck or so that way we can challenge the couple of texts here bobby david english or french bulldog english bulldog another one. We started cussing again. I have not i don't i think upset curse word and three years at this point i might though never know and i turned into gold goatee start cursing. You really have in. I've been watching for it yarmouth castle now. It doesn't pop in my head crazy. I don't communicate within myself and curse words. That's right. I mean that's strong. That's like i mean it's not like you didn't cuss for awhile in your life. Yeah i wanna go metalized. Thanks for all the tax you can text us text bobby. That's it's the phone. Number is two six two two nine job y so send your message to bobby and we'd love to have it up here on the show. We got a whole screen of texas just coming in appreciate that it's time for the good news so this guy bernie has been working at the stop and shop in new jersey for ten an years guess how old ninety eight years old let me guess. Oh sorry guest okay that's good though ninety nine years zolt while he was celebrating his ninety eighth birthday and his fellow employees at the stop and shop they like went all out he never takes breaks back to. She's kind of like hey bernie. You should take a break so anyway. They get him to take a break and then in walks a u._s._o. Show troupe because does he was in world war. He was in the air force and they performed like song and dance that were popular back in the day from when he was serving in the air force and they had had cake and all the things new rules when my day that's awesome total like just awesome surprise party for for and i i'm calling bernie about anita clarifies named vinny chattanooga choo. That's funny. They bernie the bagger right well. It's it's benny benny the bag he has. He's been the bag boy. That's a good story for them for hooking it up to win that one all right. That's what it's all about. That was telling me something good your buddy miss the bobby go transit america b- scientists antiseptic blood test that can predict whether you die in the next ten years or so with pretty much in eighty percent accuracy so i asked the question. Would you take it. I know i mean because you could die in a car accident and you're not gonna know that i wouldn't want to know that i wouldn't someone could tell me yeah but it's not going to be to tell you that that's a freak accident. I know it's a free guide things in your body that you're you're probably not going to be able to withstand. I know would you take doc test. They give you some more data. Scientists looked at more than forty four thousand people ranging from eighteen years old to one hundred and nine years. I got some really all folks to they. Identified fourteen biomarkers linked to immunity glucose control inflammation and they predict the risk of death up around ten years eighty three percent accuracy and so it's obviously a european we doing in america we we're not sharing it. What do you think okay fine you know. I guess i'll do it and hopes that maybe i can something will come out. I can help reverse it like if inflammations in issue. I'll just love the on all the anti inflammatory foods eileen the same way because if you can tell me what's wrong. I go work to fix it. It's going to therapy right. I can go in and you can tell me where where i'm i can't identify myself. Maybe what's blocking me from growing getting better. I think i would take it. Take no chance no chance because you know what's wrong well and then all day. I'm going to be sitting there going. Well doesn't matter what i do today. I'm dying in three years anyway like oh that'd be awful. So do you ever not go to the doctor. You don't wanna know what it is tough it out. But what if it's really really bad. I mean if i'm i can't believe what if it's really bad and you're just not going into. It's too early stages and you could have taken care of it. Well then that's on me. Yes yes <hes> around the room. Would you take i go. Yes yes <hes> lunchbox not eddie absolutely i would take it but i would do the tim mcgraw approach and live like you were dying. That's what i'm going to go skydiving in rocky mouth. I'm in l. full name you get on the number to know you wanna take it. I think it would change the way that i live so what's wrong with that. I just don't i think whatever supposed to happen is going to happen so i'm just gonna let it be that way. I mean do you ever go for a checkup or physical. Just going to get a blood test. Be what's but if you believe it's just going to happen is going to happen but you can. We do that well. I like those things are like normal like i can just go to doctor's appointment. Be okay or or not but i don't want to take a test in like make nick my through the room. It's just a blood test telling you what's coming up. Okay raimondo. What about you or three two two right now. I'm taking it all right forty two. We have a clear winner here in the election that we're going to go get checked in the world of work on extending our lives by being healthier okay. I mean kind of live that way anyway maybe with everybody's like i'm tara bottom get cancer. You have a lot of family too so it's like you. Just i do things naturally because of that but i may not everybody's body's different friend. We're talking about this blood test that you can take and we'll tell you if you die in the next ten years based on what your blood says about your health and i'm totally for because guys i think you could actually work against and beat it. You know me give me something. Tell me i can't do something. Even live like i'm gonna fight to the last minute so we get a lot of texts about this. Here's one. This is my husband's brother. Unexpectedly died two years ago from so called psoriasis at thirty seven. We came to find out there. My husband doing blood tests that they they have a weird mutation that makes them success. <hes> susceptible to cirrhosis and liver shoes had his brother gone to the dock taking test like this he could still be alive absolutely absolutely do the test or prolong your life. Also you could find out things about you that maybe you don't die. If you fix meaning if you take the test and it goes well. You're going to die in the next ten in years. If you don't fix this which could be totally fixable. That's why being it. That's why i'm jumping in the dunkin tate. Learn some stuff so we got a lot of calls about that again. All the health stuff that we're doing is to find out if we're gonna live or die. I will take the test so they wouldn't take the test but i think it's fascinating now. If you just told me you could tell me take my life. I don't want to know that's crazy. I don't wanna know right then. I'm gonna get and how data but if i can actually prolong it. You're you're gonna give me the option to be educated to prolong. I'm in all in especially like hearing that story of being what thirty seven thirty eight years old like gosh so much like that yeah. Let me say this. They announced the dancing with the stars cash yesterday and it came out that sharona my partner from last season is not returning to dance one stores <hes>. She's not the only one they also on. They didn't bring back artem on the guy side so it wasn't just a short thing. I can tell you that i reached out to her before they announce and i was like hey what's up. Who's your partner. I don't know yet l. and this is like two or three days before the announce and i was like oh of course she had just been on a trip came back and i was like oh let me know makes us who you get and so a few days before. She didn't know she was going to be on the show. I don't think i'm speaking at attorney or a home nine. <hes> so then she found out text me she was like oh. I didn't know like this crazy. I had no idea what and because she's he's been on. She's been on for eleven seasons twelve inch yeah so she wrote as i'm sure you've heard i will not be returning to at dancing a._b._c. The season <hes> unbelievably sad to be back the thirty four year old professional dancer sit on instagram. A lot of these sites now have coupled me with story going well. This is why controversy winner. I saw that which is not because why would artem not come back either. How do i would love it had everything to do with me. Don't think that was great it now because of her but we just broke the system so much they're having that's not the case. <hes> so sean is awesome and again. I talked talked to right before. I talked to a right after she was like you're not gonna believe it. I can't believe it so she's not. I don't really know why not sure. I have great relationships ships that everybody all that crew dancing with the stars obviously with sharia so i don't know what the deal is with her so i did see on instagram that she wrote that and i remember it'd be different if she was a part of the decision was like you know i. I'm just not going to do it this year but she was just as shocked. I talked to lauren elaine the last night for a long time because she's doing it. We put a dancing picture on my story story of us dancing. She has practicing yet. She's still in that phase of this is going to be self. It is but i was like hey you're gonna have some real issues of inadequacy with this. You're going to go and you're just not gonna be able to get going to go on the worst and it's going to bubble into your life and go. I'm just not good at anything and it's really gonna so like when that happens. Call me whatever time it is because i struggled from that. Why would just two or three days of doing eight nine hours a day like i couldn't get it and i was like i'm just sad uh-huh. I'm not smart enough to get what i see. People doing all around me. I was like that happens. Call me because wherever you are i was there plus i had never i never danced. She call all we were doing. The post show pre show yesterday. She called me right after she got on good morning america. This is a call from lauren elena yesterday. Have you started practicing dancing. No no practice yet in have you announced your partner. I haven't even met it is they. Were up there though today were they didn't tell us you are partners. You follow someone one of the pros on your instagram already. That's not your partner because i sang for him last year. I thought that too but you know all the conspiracy websites are saying that alan is your partner happy. I love you. I talked to her last night. She said i'm gonna have a good one but i don't know who it is. He still doesn't know so. I'm excited for the season plan on going from here. I saw that there was some drama because they put sean spicer on there. <hes> people upset about that. You know i probably would've stayed away from putting anyone political on there to a reasonable. Come on the show talking about politics certain places people go from politics places people. Don't this definitely isn't but he won't last long anyway physically. I don't think he can he can handle it <hes> so yeah. That's the deal pretty good cast pretty excited about that. I think shauna was. I didn't know she didn't know and then. I saw her post yesterday after she's already told me that she was kind kind of upset about not being able to go back. She may go back and another time. I don't know but yes there you go. Everybody's asking me about it so there. I said i didn't know she didn't know cool. And what are you going to do next. We can talk about some stuff. I can read you all my jokes from last night the yeah because i wanted to show and did jokes okay i can read you a mailbag segment about taking a wedding band off or i can't a friend is trying to set me up with somebody and she was like hey you should direct messages girl. I talk about that in. Just tell you that story. Okay you want the order. I want what you want next. You can pick don't hook up. I know that's a natural. He hasn't if he had already gone out with her or d._m. Dirt then yes but it's it's that you friend wants you to do it. Oh i d- andrew oh okay all right very clear on that i know could i hope you didn't pick it all right. We'll do that next show segment the damning to girl well well. This is what happened. One of my friends reached out said hey somebody should go out with that was like you know. The setup rarely works for me but i respect his friend and that's okay what's up. She goes well well. She so-and-so outta outta okay cool. She says moore instagram page. Go check it out and i was like all right what i do. How do you want us up. She goes well. Just send her a d. m. Yeah i'll tell her coming so this is like noon yesterday so i didn't want to send it to twelve or one and also the setups have rarely rarely if ever works for me. It's always last night after i did a._c._m. Honors staff they ward show. I just sent her message and so the bid. There's a pressure because hey there's one coming. It wasn't me direct messaging her out of nowhere but i still feel like i gotta say. I can't just be like hey how's it going. I was told to come to you. You say hi okay so like it's gotta be good. Tell us what you said. I don't know this is a safe spot anymore. I used to feel that we need trust tree. You say that and then you give your heart. I'll read it to you but don't make fun of me okay. You can make fun of me a little bit how you meant it well how you read it how you want her to embarrassed okay. I'm just going to be vulnerable for a second k. I sent this and you know with me. No one looks at my pictures and goes hubba hubba so i gotta have a little bit of humor when i send my notes or my direct messages or whatever i'm gonna humorous hard through text yeah but i'm pretty good at it all right like i know where i'm pretty strong and that's kind of where it is sometimes if not taken alright it can be detrimental to me trying to get anything going. Okay are already to you. Although people people can i get some <hes> reading vulnerable direct message music raimondo. Thank you very much all right. Let me scroll okay so i go over to a page and you hit send message. This is so stupid on you. If i just want to read it maybe i thought it was funny but i've already ready walked it. Just stop talking about it and read it. I said hey girl my friend so and so said you were cool and she feels a moderately. Oh man i even missed the joke. I got it right. I got it right is what it is but it's so hard and i ran back last night. 'cause i never go back and check and i was like i not. I didn't get a response by the way if you want to know that this spoiler this last night to morning a senate at eight o'clock last night i i said hey girl. I'd say girl her name. Hey name my friend. Blank said you were cool and she fills. I'm moderately low room temperature cool concern. She suggests joe joe. I realize it too and i was like whatever live and learn and no response but here's it's funny. Though it's cute i said my friend so and so said you were cool. Got it and she feels. I'm moderately below room. Temperature says she says sorry job. I'm supposed to get it like cool as moderately below who'll get your cool too but not all the way just moderately blood temperature. Whatever can't win them. All <hes> raimondo way think about that. He just can't go the joke. Just say i'm a single do no no. I always joke doodoo. You seem hot. Your friend and i liked what i saw. No i know no a different approach is better than both of those morgan number two. What you think about that. I liked it. I would laugh if somebody's sitting at. Did it take me a minute. It was a little bit over for for a joke. Maybe on that first line but i still i think it's good. I mean you're only really other. Other option is just be like hey like my friend wanted us wanted us to me and here i am kind of thing like simple under the since we haven't got a response you might want to apply like the joke is unexplained. The toll never insult some offer not getting joke or jokes bad. They don't get it. They don't like okay. That's my fault. I live with it. That's right. Give me a music tirade against funny. I just wasn't very comfortable with it so i stumbled on. It sounds like hey grab a._m. My friend girl's name said you were cool and she feels. I'm moderately below room temperature so she says it's not about how you're saying it like so so so i'm her reading it. I got a message from bobby. Oh hey girl so and so said that i should text you. She said you're cool. I'm i'm moderately her to to room temperature room to oh cool. Oh oh yeah she's not reading it like with your delivery of. I'm moderately beloved do but boy one reading as a professional writer he's saying what do you think about that that message. I don't it gets bad. Nobody says it's bad. It's just not good no way we'll we'll. How would you change it. Oh revisionist move. We're going back. Diane's is twenty twenty. I would just go here. I am naked. You wanna take a look at this said. We should meet <hes> yes so that happened taken. I've gotten i've not got a response and we'll see what happens. We'll see read it. You don't know when you send it to someone on the first one. Oh i thought aged follow me okay so you don't know if they've seen it until that connection is there go ahead right. Bring me one through ten <hes> <music> <hes> but that seven solid. I'll take that it's not bad but it's not a ten out of the gate. I mean that's a four because that is a tough joke to get eddie. I say six. That's pretty funny but i mean you didn't end it with what she can respond to that. <hes> no i wrote how are you oh okay. Good the end and still not tell me that part. I'd say i read the whole thing. Oh shorts confused. I think we were all confused with that. But are we miss the how're you what if she comes about what if she totally gets you and she loves it and you say. How are you and her reply us right now. I'm feeling waterlo. We'll wait like she gives. You like another temperature. Joke a blanket ranking it. I give you an eight eight solid and she's single so this is the voice of the people the single voice of the people. I'll take it all right. Lou combs beautiful crazy like played this in instagram. Yeah here's a song. I'll doc you like it. Hit me back hi. I'm daniel shuffler. Join me on my new travel podcast cold everywhere. I've spent the majority majority of my life. Circling the globe i fed straight dunks in cairo for a day been tattooed in the back of a jewelry stone istanbul and i've joined a chef to seek out new sources of protein and the amazon. I wanna tell you how i travel and how you could come with me and i'll show you everywhere every every week. Over two seasons i will take you to different places across the globe chance a magical experiences and stories and include interviews from travel connoisseurs like the c._e._o. View of starbucks kevin johnson design a kelly whistler and the director of the smithsonian american art museum plus soon to be revealed. I haunt media stunts. Don's listening subscribe to everywhere and apple podcasts the iheartradio app or wherever you get your costs views last night hosted a._c._m. Honors host. I just went up for the first fifteen minutes hosting jokes. Give it a bunch of awards. I know she knew that <hes> so so i went up and then okay do some comedy. I was like all right. I'll do some comedy kind of kicked off the show. Did you wanna here's my jokes. Yes i'll just read them because it was in the <hes> on wednesday night is a winning that award show for the industry part of country music so i waited many awards to the players on records records like tar players is this rumours steel players also did venues and i did all the awards for promoters is just a real insight right and miranda was there by the way rental <unk> never left one of my jokes. She was sitting right in front of me. You watched her while she was dark but she was right there she. I don't think she ever smiled. Anyone of my jokes. Midland were funny. They were sitting out front like hekla me. A little bit enjoyed that that was fun. Ghoul they were sending up front. Maddie and tae was up. There and i felt like overawe pretty good. I can myself a solid be pretty good. I had a white all white suit on see that yeah all right here. We go and went with the joke that we picture on the show. Yesterday started this off and i'll tell you a couple of these. At least one of them didn't work that well. I'll tell you how they all went pretty. Good remembering all right here. We go everybody then music. Hey everybody's pretty cool being here at the thirteenth annual a._c._m. Honors thirteen years is a long time. That's older than mason ramsey and also believe it was thirteen years ago that chris stapleton last use a razor got got and i felt there were some listeners there and they'll have to extra hard because they heard it on the show and they were like we know that i love. I appreciate the support laughing situation. Somebody laps you get somebody else laughing. I've grown a lot since moved to nashville. I'm not always seen eye to eye with every artist. There's one artist in particular that's right. I'm looking at you tricia earwood. You never gave me credit freeze and my chicken recipe on your cooking show that one do that well yeah. They're kind of like the delivery liberty was little off if that was the one that really just they're just point the crowd and you'll doesn't matter no there were so many the big assume that everybody was there. That was the one that didn't do so hot. Miranda lambert's here lanes here kaley hammock is here as well as many many other awesome ladies and country music and speaking of the ladies and country music. I did create a national show to highlight them called the women of our country. I often get criticized over it. Some ask why don't start charta show called the men of iheart country that already exists is called the radio. I got a good one. <hes> billy joe shaver is here no he didn't it was bill. Jefferson honored. Yeah billie joe shavers being honored tonight. He's the real deal man. They don't make them like anymore. Did you know that he lost two fingers and a sawmill accident. Instill became a country star. Now i take that as an example of inspiration and perseverance like this morning for example. I got a hangnail so painful but you know what i didn't quit. I managed to push through and got ready in the limo. Pick me up and i got here. They don't make fighters gus anymore. Do they billy jo. I gotta go pop as a good one and uh he lost two fingers and if he was there i was gonna it'd be like just a joke billy. Joel billie joe and i was gonna have these two fingers down like his but he wasn't in the crowd and then i was gonna go don't shoot me in the face there and said that <hes> here's another one like billie joe. I'm a bit of a rebel myself. I got fined one million dollars by the f._c._c. which is still less than the amount of money spent on spray tans a year. I gotta go and then i was talking about some of the awards and i go through them like we're doing these awards for like some of the players even in this digital world it's great to know we're still honoring real musicians who have taken the time to hone their craft on the instruments that made country music unique fiddle banjo still guitar which we're hearing less and less it come to think govett much like those instruments. I haven't been touched or played with him very long time either inelegant. That's the best one yeah it's pretty good. Give myself a solid only one joke good of all the new stuff untested it was. It was good. People were like who knew you told jokes. I'm like i but i i tore all the time. Tell jokes for a living second living but it was good good to see everybody last night so that that was i. I did some more in between some of the awards at all white suit on and i kind of piggyback off the the spray jobs. It's all white on the outside. If you take it off chito they got a good true but midland was heckled me. The whole there were those do is a funny funny. Those three words like you saw bobby bobby bomb reading a message for people <hes> well. I i read my direct message to a girlfriend was like asian message. This girl and i was like okay. I direct message read the message on the air. Yeah and a lot of people are weighing in. Here's one hey bobby listening to your conversation conversation and how your d._m.'s over the past couple of years have been the main to the stands out for me is the era of desperation nervousness or lack of self confidence. Just be confident not your best look. That's who i am. Though that's the i am i am at this point in my life. I know exactly who i am and i sent a joke okay. You don't get the joke you can go back on the podcasts. We missed it joe then that's on me. I'm not gonna change you i am. I'm just never going to be the guy like baby. Let's go out with hollywood. That's never going to be me ever so i don't want to be something. I'm not represent something. I'm not an anxious little nervous will fidgety yeah all the time <hes> <hes> so but the lack of confidence is here in the studio and you in front of your friends not on the d._m.'s. The d._m._z. sounds pretty confident. You're telling the joke yeah long long. Did it take you to come up with that one second. I was just like this'll be good sent when i text or tweet i don't even look i'm reckless type host post so i'm getting a lot of messages about that but that's all right. That's all right. Let's go over to morgan number two with what do twenty five year olds care about mortgage yeah well. The a._m._a.'s are days away and missy elliott is being awarded the video vanguard award good and she's the first female rapper to receive. It was pretty cool. Remember we talked about what the reverse is here. We've been misled and now you know what that is right and you didn't know i didn't i and and what that is is just her reversing using flip it and reverse just just flipping literally reversing it pretty awesome so it back in the day. I was like blown. That's almost such a jam so the amaze coming up. What day do you know. It's monday august twenty six and it's only on m._t._v. all right there. You have it. Thank you morgan number two. That is what twenty five year olds <hes> here we go. Is it worth it. Let me work it up on my thing down flip in reverse it t- river dinner till piff nouad. Sometimes they wrote out which is i just put my thing down. Flip it in reverse it you own the mattila of into milk right united passenger was forced forced to sit and vomit covered seat. Did you see this is the first clip of this new story right here. I was told oh yeah. We can get a cleaning crew but you're going the reason why this flights delayed. There's gotta be some limitations. I mean you have to provide a sanitary environment and i'm and there there should be an apology. Is there another clip raimondo or just. Is that one just how one okay yeah he they walk over there like this is your seat and there was like yeah. It's not cool. I see people tweeted airline sometimes and i laugh it. Because what is it ever going to accomplish. They don't give you free tickets. They know nothing and i see people like get angry. Jimmy allen getting angry at united yesterday. I think it was united oh but when you're at the airport and something is happening. It feels good to just like go to twitter for a second and don't be that person why often say the negative culture not it did not to be negative. I don't know if he was bashing. I'm saying oh why wouldn't do that but if you're genuinely dissatisfied is customer. I think it's okay to put out there and a direct message time line. I'm really good at those. The bobby bones show appreciate are hanging out with us. Hope you have a good day. Go over and follow the show at bobby bones show instagram amy what's going on today my friends it's coming in town so i'm super excited mariam picking her up from the airport so i'll like workout takeover much stuff. Try to get my work for tomorrow done so that we can pick her up and we can hang out with kissinger yeah yeah tomorrow. Be good vince gill's coming in tomorrow so that'd be fun dance parties so it's more show be good. Hey don't worry about porsche. Y'all stay home and we're like. Don't get sending out good fine. We can ah the breakfast. What do you have. I am interviewing the very last candidate for the executive producer job today. Wow wow you've already interviewed. Yes so one more today and i have a call. There's a cable ish network. It's cable network wants to do a show. Uh someone to call and see what that's about that look on my calendar not to my dog is a play date at i'd after that another dog i i like a double date now. Okay no arms tech and <hes> work out at his house recording some vocals for a new raging idiot song <music> about a fanny pack. You're gonna love this naming not a pair of original bruno mars yeah but if you were really bad the music i love your originals like you tuesday. I we have a tuesday. Oh no one knows that one day. I say cashews day. Hey joe dues eat some cash just talking about do you <music> but it's thursday today. Hey chica amy's podcast four things with amy brown because adam bobo <music> who referred to as bobo when he talks about hydration. He's actually coming over to the house tonight because i got a long trip. Take hydrate me he. They just pull water. My mouth pretty cool waters feather important good now all right <hes> so pretty visited today but i got a good day good. <hes> thank you to you for listening. Thank you to everybody here from being in the studio. We'll see you guys on friday big show tomorrow. Go vote bobby going to knock on the cereal your on the team that you think when the draft all right see tomorrow they were back at the ron burgundy podcasts season two baby pressure team what i do. I brush my teeth. Whenever what else does on holidays and sometimes i forget. I'm not perfect smell of your breath. Bother you being the smell l. of rare steak and aged whiskey no carolina that doesn't bother me. Listen to the ron burgundy podcast on apple podcasts or on the iheartradio apps or wherever you find your podcasts.

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