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Good Morning America this is the cats roundtable truncates potatoes here Sunday morning. The virus progress well with us, this morning is a good friend Dr. Hellos from Southampton. New York and he keeps us a buoyed and let us know what's really going on Good Morning Dr me. Hello. How are you this morning? Good Morning John Good Morning Cats roundtable audio. Give us an update what's going on with the various Vaccines that may be available soon or and various treatments that have been updated. Well in the last six months then tremendous progress that we've been seeing around the world and it's not just in the US. Worldwide people are working on different types of antivirals and find different things and things are getting better. We've learned a lot about. Ventilators and the good and bad and we've learned that high flow nasal oxygen is a better way of doing it. They've learned about the gas nitric oxide, which is something that's inhaled and actually helps to clean the long something that president trump was trying to mention. It actually exists where they're using nitric oxide in the oxygen, and now they're testing and out with high flow to help kill. Some of the virus, which is another exciting thing when people aren't high flocks and they can move around and they get less clots, they've learned about pruning, which is putting people face down in the survival rates are better. So we're learning about that. We've got a medicine called odd again, which is a flu drug use in Japan, the Russian Ministry of Health India already approved it in Turkey they're. Using both arrogant and hydroxy chloroquine immediately when people get diagnosed and their death rate has plummeted. So Roxie Oregon actually does work it works if you take it the first three or four days just like with the flu and Tamiflu of you don't take it. The first three days doesn't work. The same thing is what the studies and one of the people at Yale Dr. Issue. Really. Looked at the study said, you know if you're giving people already two weeks and it doesn't work. But if you take it the first three or four days, it does work lying about the vaccines. The Russians already the started using vaccine. Last time I mentioned it was in sync with the when it put sputnik, which is a small basketball to tennis and they said, we've got our first satellite and interestingly they're calling the vaccine put make five. It's SORTA RUB it in the face of the world that they approved the first but that's because we have so many. Trial or in this country, nobody would there to announce that we have something ready because they worry about the litigation and lawsuits and malpractice and the pharmaceutical companies. That's why we pay so much per and per medicine because of the high seas of the trial lawyers and the research and development that we have to do in this country, the Pfizer vaccine. Looking and. That's why the government here or pre-ordered hundred million doses, and in the UK They preordered ninety million doses of vaccine, and then the forty five people that initially tested on they developed real strong antibody response to the cove nineteen, and now they're test on thirty thousand people. So it is on an accelerated past because of a government has something a little operation, warp speed and. Not, only do we have the vaccine, but they even got corning glass company to make all the little vials which are already needles syringes that we're gonNA come out of this stronger 'cause our economy's just waiting like rubber band snap back, and we have all these wonderful things including ready made antibodies from regeneration that they've been hinting about. Those might be ready actually in the next few. Weeks hopefully by thanksgiving where you can go and have ready made antibodies infused to give you some protection until we get the vaccines and the antivirals. So all these things are very hopeful that we will be You know getting this pandemic under control because throughout history, they usually last sixteen to eighteen months. So we're probably going to be out of this by next April and May one way or another. Because these viruses usually burn out and attenuate over time so they don't kill the host, the hotel human, but we'll have all these different things in our Armenteros them and we're going to be a lot stronger country and within a really learn about supply chain and things will be really made in the US again that sounds wonderful news is this the first time? You I? Mean you've been a doctor for fifty sixty Is this the first time thirty three. Thirty three. Younger than I thought. it's just the first time you saw. A problem like this tackle the way it is have at warp speed. No. Absolutely I, mean in old from the AIDS epidemic. Dr. Ouchi, been in charge for thirty five years. We still don't have an AIDS vaccine. So you know I think the fact that there are all these vaccines. Go and that the Russians already are administrated I think is absolutely amazing the way things are happening, and also now we're getting caught up with the P P. we're making it here the mass, the gallon. Then, we're really. Getting prepared as a country for future. This is you know you can't blame anyone obviously, you can't blame somebody for for something that happens once every hundred years and fortunately you know they shut down the borders quickly and Otherwise we would have had over half a million people that. So I think that the government you know hindsight's twenty twenty you had you know people people have to realize that nobody could have done any any better any faster I think they bought a lot of resources. This is not about politics. This is about saving lives and I think all all stops will pull down you see. Twenty CEO's of all the major healthcare companies altogether there and told you need to do this and it. It's happening and we're seeing a tremendous progress and thank God. The death rate is is dropping in the United States and We still have to be careful. We still have to amass and social distance and and do innovative things and put you VC air scrubber than our central air and wash hands and and be respectful and try not to get other people fake and But we will come out of this a stronger than ever I think and the government has done amazing job just some outside and people can criticise but the reality is it's really been a warp speed progress. Dr Peter Me Hello Thank you for calling into Sunday morning and thank you for the update and it will catch up with you again next week. Thank you and God bless America in this too shall pass. Thank you. This is the cash roundtable. 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