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I mean me and joe dolan the master of all he oversees at fantasy points dot com. Just make sure when you sign up for this year and a lot of you're doing it. I'm getting a lot of emails from bansi. Points dot com being forwarded me use the code twenty-one feast so they know we sent you. Hello joe ross. what's going on. it's it's july here The we are in the death throes of summer. I mean at least for summer began just like three weeks ago but like I have been ross. I haven't been completely unable to catch my breath here Just the last few weeks. I mean we've been doing a franchise focus series up at the website and We're just previewing every player. There is the preview every team. There is to preview it. It's been a lot of work. Been doing a ton of podcast. Obviously here and then and then elsewhere it is. I mean the off season is over no more off-season for dolan don't want is busy I it's draft season now. Ross were were still in that like couple week period before people start to remember that fantasy football exists at least the casuals the the the water cooler type of people. We are still a couple of weeks away from that. But i would start to think that our listenership is going to go up here in the next couple of weeks that would be a roth. I guess that's fact like ghana's guarantee we are two weeks away from. I think twenty eight of the thirty two teams having their first practice. Exactly two weeks from today so get excited now. Don't get excited for that. Get excited for today's guest. I mean we brought in the big guns for two weeks before. Nfl training camps. Open jason moore who you all can and should follow on social at jason f. f. l. one of the top ten most accurate fantasy analysts three years running and of course co host of the award. Winning fantasy footballers podcast. You can check those guys out. They i was doing an amazing job even his background. I mean we got joe with a ceiling fan and a flyers banner in the bag even used the ceiling fan. Ross because it makes it look like my hat spin on this podcast. I am sweaty guy. They're like i would do it anyway. It you're you're in south. Carolina makes it look like you're spending dude balls south carolina. Oh it's terrible. And i'm in what they call them down here the bonus room and it's above the garage so of course. That's the hottest part of the house. So yeah but the sacrifices i make for this podcast. Now i gotta i gotta get jays interior designer down here to help me out here. Maybe if we have a little success playing fantasy this year. I'll be able to re overhaul this and get myself a nice fancy background but this i come as i am. Ross i'm coming the per cobain's dude. That's what i do. That's what i do on this podcast. Got it jason. Thanks for coming on the show man. Yeah happy to be here. This is actually the best time of To join a podcast. Because right now you've got people that are going to win the leagues at an a couple weeks. You get the casualties coming in Who are there just a little late. They're always a little late to the party. And the people listening right now. Those are the ones that are like. Oh i get the extra info that they don't get they go on to win the lease to really good point. I'm curious before we can say what we've been doing. The last couple of weeks is having analysts like yourself. Come on and tell us some of the guys. They're higher on and lower on then the consensus or where they're going and some baseball draft's which i love because doesn't really make sense to just talk about what everybody agrees on right. Like what what what's interesting and what drives value for me and our listeners. Is the people you disagree with where they're being drafted right now so I love it. It's perfect timing. I have one question before we dive into the players though. How thank for you jason. Or how much does it make a difference to you that we will have. Preseason games will have reporters at training camp. Does that get you excited. Defeat that gives you an edge or did you think maybe you had edge last year when there wasn't preseason games and we didn't really get very good reporting from training camps. You know as much as we wanna fluff up the information that we're watching foreign in preseason games. I don't believe it really changed things one way or the other inside You know it because we had better information earlier. We didn't need the preseason. We got an edge or because we're getting pre what matters to me is just that it's normal. It's a you know every the expectation for everyone in the world now is we have football this year whereas last year without the preseason I think a lot of the the casual leagues the The work leagues those types of things. That just didn't happen last year because there was so much going on and then i mean they're not even playing per season we don't know is is the ball to get kicked off on time and now it's like this is just this is just another. Nfl season. so. I think the excitement and the joy is raised. The edge is really any different. Well said let's dive into some of your guys that you're higher on and lower on. This is interesting. Because usually i let the guests and then joe jumps in and i might not have an opinion. Maybe i do. I have an opinion on the first guy. So let me hear why. You're higher on amari cooper than others. Yeah amari cooper is my wide receiver eight this year. I i think he is screaming value right now because he's dropping outside of those first couple of rounds where you can load up on running backs and then grab a you know in the fourth round a guy that i think is going to be wide receiver. One first of all you've got offense obviously The dallas cowboys i think. Are that great fantasy team where you know they're gonna throw the ball a lot you don't believe they're gonna have great Defensive put up a lot of points with daqing toe. You know you saw. Unfortunately for two short period of time. Last year i was on pace for seven thousand dollars or something Asinine because of the setup of the cowboys And what's happened. Obviously ceedee lamb. Cd lamb has come to town my favorite prospect last year. He looked great. And so now. Everyone wants the new hotness and usually and fantasy. That's where i find an advantage. Is that the new. Hotness is not mutually exclusive of the vet also being awesome but people tend to want to be more on cd lamb than amari cooper. So i i love cooper's value this year so you only point i'll make here. Is he had ankle surgery after the season. And it's it's like still bothering him. He's not going to be ready for the start of camp. Might go on and i. i just doesn't sound good to me and j. He might end up being fine and this might be overblown but they usually try to downplay it when it's especially star players injury i've got my i've got my look. I don't provide much value on the show jay. Okay that's my former player radar. Antennas up like you know a guy having ankle surgery in january not being ready for training camp in august having irritated something pop up a little bit a little bit wondering what's going on there. Joe well i mean. That's the thing that needs to be monitored. Here is just the ankle. Because as jay mentioned the new hotness ceedee lamb he is routinely getting drafted ahead of amari. Cooper like dot is not something like oh. I can't believe i was in this draft. Cb lamb went ahead of amari cooper. That's a fact. Now like ceedee lamb. I'm looking at Some nfc best ball ten data wide receiver twelve over the last three weeks to wide receiver. Sixteen for amari. Cooper cooper status has to be watched in training camp and the preseason. These are two good things when you have somebody with questions with injuries. Like mark cooper because. This is a super symbiotic relationship. He and dak prescott feed off of one another in his career dak prescott averages three hundred and seven point five passing yards per game in games with amari cooper he averages two hundred and fourteen point nine passing yards per game in in games without amari cooper and amari cooper averages sixteen point six fantasy points per game with dak prescott and twelve point nine fantasy points per game with any other quarterback so both of these guys should be happy the other ones back but a little bit surprising right. Now that i feel a little bit better about prescott status than i do about cooper status heading into heading into training camp that it's something again rossi said we're two weeks away. The cowboys are actually one of the first teams to report. Because they're playing in the hall of fame game so we're going to keep a very close eye on amari cooper but overall if he's out there and practicing just at some point i don't need them out there the first week i don't even need them out there the second week but he gets ramped up in august and it's like well he could have played in the preseason we chose not to. I'm gonna be okay. Drafting amari cooper. Because this guy over the first five games of the season last year with that prescott in the lineup heat significantly out targeted any cowboy receiver. He had fifty two targets from prescott a thirty seven cd lambs number. Now that doesn't mean ceedee. Lamb hasn't progressing gotten better. But i agree with jason. This is a guy where you can get some value here. It is important to check on the status of that health. But on the flip side that helps might pushes. Adp down and if he turns out being fine by midway through august it's going to be a value. Pack all right so jay. Let's get to the bengals because you've got a couple bangles on your list. You've got joe mixing your higher on but jomar chase your lower on so let's talk bengals and you can talk both those guys at the same time. Yeah yeah so. I i like the bengals offense to a degree. I think that there is value to be had there for fantasy. You look at joe. Mixon what he did before. Going down injury last year Once they got together you know weeks. Three four five six he. He ended up being really great. Now you've got giovanni bernard gone and while giovanni bernard was not like this great player that Was just stealing everything. Away from joe mixon. He was he was on the field. He was you know he was getting targets. And now i feel like he joe. Mixon has no choice but to be true belco in there. Just aren't that many of them out there. Because of the injuries of the past joe mixing his dicey. I mean joe mixon is a common bust candidate. Because we've seen it before Because he's been injured before. And so i think that you know when i look at the. Adp he's going Versus the guaranteed workload. He's going to have to have There's there's no way that if he plays a full season he doesn't out produce his value. And this is a guy that we've seen do it. It's not like we haven't seen him be a top ten fantasy running back already The office of line should be improved. Joe burrow for the whole season and to start the season joe burrow is probably going to be you know when it comes to his legs and mobility and you know maybe he gets off to a slow start. You're going to rely on the running game more. So i like the value of nixon. My on our show i am. You know the other two guys are just madly in love. March as as the world is I find myself always having to fight against that And really it's not that i believe to march as bad by any means He's great talent obviously is reason he was picked number five overall. He's played You know all already with this quarterback and everything looks great. The problem i have is. I have been in drafts. Where he's going in the fifth round where people are taking him as a as a locked and loaded guarantee and he could very well in his rookie season for a slow start. You know borough coming back from injury. He could very well be the third in targets. I actually have him personally. Projected to be the third in targets on this team. Now there's there's plenty for him. Aj green had one hundred four targets. Last year did nothing with the might expect he. He can do more. But when i look at the wide receivers the rookie wide receivers. And i can get devante smith late for free And you say okay. What's the percentage chance. The devante smith or jamarcus scores more fantasy points this year. Even if you believe it's tamar chase like i it's it's a very close call Just based on you know the the market share that devante smith is going to have with you. Know other wide receivers. They're of note And the round disparity is is one of these guys. I'm getting for free in one of these guys. I have to give up a really good veteran known commodity at wide receiver. In in those in those rounds joe yet will joke. I and former muscle joe. Mixon what i'm gonna do. Here's i'm gonna pull out. I'm going to pull a noel gallagher. I'm gonna stand on the shoulders of giants for for this one. And i'm going to use our guy. Scott barrett at fantasy points has a fantastic stack hold ex. Fb expected fantasy points. So joe mixing in his six starts first and foremost if you're buying joe mixing you're buying a discount here because the fantasy community hates joe. Mixon does not like him at all. Oh burn me in the past. He's been injured. You know he's been terrible. The last couple of years and i understand that you know but maybe i was on the flipside but anecdotally twenty. Nineteen thousand nine joe. Mixon was a league winner down the stretch if you managed to weather the storm early in the campaign and then in twenty twenty. Check this out in oryx in six starts. He had twenty opportunities twenty opportunities nineteen opportunities thirty one opportunities thirty two opportunities and twenty one opportunities at a note that's attempts plus target so that is massive uses last year. He was the rb eleven fantasy points per game but by expected fantasy points. You had nineteen point two over that span. It was second behind his christian. Mccaffrey in dalvin cook last year. So there is a massive role and that was even with giovanni bernard intoe so. I am buying joe mixing in the second round It's an easy. Pick for me. If i need a running back as a matter of fact i'm a little word. I have too much of joe mixing at this point. I'm starting to diversify in some of my best ball drafts. Taken najji harris take up. Take a step on digs or calvin ridley to to get into the wide receivers. Darren waller to get into the tight end position. Because i have so much joe mixon cost because i think the opportunity is going to be there. I do want to push back a little bit. Under as only because i do think he's really good borrowing once again from scott. Scott barrett's expected fantasy points metric. Ag green is leaving behind one hundred and four targets. He averaged seven point. Zero fantasy points per game on those hundred and four targets but his expected fantasy points. Twelve point one that was by far the biggest negative differential differential differential in the entire nfl. Ross you and i have talked multiple times on this podcast about how gone awful. Aj green was last year. The numbers bear it out and even if jomar cheese just gets average production and gets that hundred and four targets he would have averaged twelve point one fantasy points per game which ranked him roughly wide receiver forty last year. I think he's better than that. Obviously the bengals due to they took number five overall his. Adp is wide receiver twenty-five the reason i think he's not super appealing at that price is because i think the bengals are gonna miss the ball around and it's not necessarily the devante smith relationship that i'm looking at but i go down like twenty four to basically two full rounds in eighty and tyler boyd. Sitting there and tyler boyd team is the seventh and eighth round pick and this is somebody who with joe burrow last year burrows. Eleven starts tyler. Boyd averaged sixteen point two fantasy points per game that would have been the wide receiver fourteen over the full season. He's being drafted the watterson for thirty six right now. So i mean there is a massive value here. I i'll take all the bengals receivers. I'm cool with them but the guy. I'm going to end up the most with tyler boyd. Because he is so freaking cheap right now and this guy who has produced at an elite level. Joe burrow accord. Let let me ask you real quick. joe Who do you think's scores more fantasy points. This year tee higgins demarcates chase. And i'm gonna tell you. I'm looking at my projections right now. Why twenty four and wide receiver twenty six. So there is a serious edge. There have very difficult. Time separating those two. But i'm going to go with chase just because i love the prospect profile but again you know you're looking at t higgins. If hayes was in in town t higgins would be a third pick. I mean what with eighty green vacating those targets. So there's value there as well. I mean i like this team in general for fantasy. But when i'd like team this much i generally gravitate towards the cheapest option which is going to be tyler boyd j. I don't know what kind of thoughts you have on e higgins vis-a-vis tomorrow as i'm interested in europe we've got on our show between us Me and the other two guys. They're on the chase. Item on the higgins side. I think the ball's gonna be spread around pretty evenly. It's gonna i think they're all going to have a little bit of value. I agree with you. You take cheapest option. I think the reason why march is so exciting and is the first one off. The board is because of the unknown that like oh what if. He is an odell beckham rookie year sensation. And just comes out and you know i don't. I don't think you see a pathway. For for for tyler. Boyd or even higgins to be some top ten wide receiver Whereas people see that with chase. But i mean is the guy who didn't play football last year And is coming in these still a rookie. so i figure this season two three years down the road. I think this'll be march offense. I just don't think happens. Rookie season. y- i. I kind of lean towards you. Jason missing a whole year. We'll see that that's a lot of time to have missed. And we'll see what that offense line and with. Joe put this way. If i was on linked in jobs right now and i was hiring. I don't know if i'm loving. Jomar chases resume as much with sitting out a whole year. And i'm tyler boyd guy. I've always been tyler boyd guy. It does feel like people never really give him the credit he deserves. Maybe we should all hire people. Like tyler boyd unlinked in jobs because they will help you hire the right person for your role. Did you know every week. Nearly forty million job-seekers visit lincoln. Post your first job for free. Lincoln dot com slash feast that's linked in dot com slash. Feast to post your first job for free terms and conditions apply. Thank goodness by the way for lincoln because my front page story. We just hired somebody We would not have been able to do it without lincoln. It is hard to hire people right. Now let's get to. Let's get to a guy. I think our guest week didn't like him either he. He lives like a mile from where. I'm sitting right now. Why do you not like chase. Edmonds and you're at arizona cardinals guy right j yes sir. I am here in the valley chase. Edmonds is someone that. I think he's talented. He's electric. he's not who they want to be their primary running back like they just don't they don't want him to handle the load They don't want him to be their goal. Line guy and cliff kingsbury coach. I know he was supposed to be an is touted as such. But you know he's really. I don't think that he is as good as he's supposed to be You look. I believe a chase edmonds in his career has one carry inside the five They brought in james conner and he's going to be the guy with the new upgraded. You know rodney hudson at center rushing the ball inside the five up through the middle. And so barring an injury to james conner which granted is Known to happen from time to time I don't think chase edmonds is going to be what a lot of people are drafted him to be. Which is some sensational running back. Who ends up with the seventy five percent of the market there. I think he is flat out the backup back. He'll be on the field a lot. He'll catch some balls which is valuable for fantasy but again this is a running back. That's going like in the fifth round. And when i look at Someone that i i. Just don't believe he's going to get the utilization that fantasy managers are hoping he gets the wide receivers in rounds. You know in round five and round six. they're just astronomically better than a crap shoot hopeful upside running back In chase edmonds. I'd rather take james conner late in the draft and get you know eighty five percent of what you got from kenyan drake last year but kenyan drake was back in the first round. Pick not an eighth ninth tenth round pick. So here's the thing with connor. I think zero are being are going to be all over. James conner this year because nobody wants james conner. James conner is a ninth tenth round. Pick you know. He's he's had a lot of problems with injuries in his career. But again this is like when we're talking the marci argument kenyan drake leaving behind two hundred sixty four touches. Not as a lot and chase edmonds has never had hundred carries in a season. Now do i think chase edmonds is going to top that number this year. I do Just because i think they chose edmonds over drake They brought in connor on the cheap. I think edmonds is going to get a bigger role than he's ever had The one thing about edmonds. Though that i can't get now normally i would be on the board with with saying we always talk ourselves into these ascending runners. There's a big role common and we ended up over drafting them. I have started to see chase. Edmonds slip into the sixth round with regularity. And i don't really have a problem with that adp. Now that's where i'm bid. Drafting guys wide receivers like tight ends. I think he can dabble in the mark. Andrews doubt scattered there. We're talking you can get a jalen hurts. Justin herbert russell wilson in that range. Quarterbacks are kind of fruitful there and then of course wide receivers are super superbeet so chase edmonds landed in what. Jj zacharias has kinda dubbed the rb dead zone. A where he in like. Mike davis and myles gaskin or coming off the board. I don't know if that prices that ridiculous though like last year chase edmonds was a top thirty six weekly running back eleven times eight of those times. He was a top twenty four running back his car. Eighty or be twenty eight so in half of his games he was he was a top twenty four running back and he's currently out coming off the board. Rb twenty eight now. The problem was and this this would be. The big argument is of those eight games in which he finished as the top twenty. Four p p are running back only two of them came as the top twelve running back so this is a guy who had much more of a floor then. He did a ceiling. The question now becomes the chase edmonds asenjo place where he has a massive ceiling. I don't necessarily think so. I don't think jason. Thanks so either. But i'm not really sure. He's being priced at his dealing. I think is price is very fair right now. it's not somebody. I've gone out of my way to target. But he is going to catch the ball. Connor does have injury problems. I don't have a problem with somebody saying they prefer connor. But this isn't like the big gap between running backs Whether shouldn't be as big as we've seen in years past so i'm a little less a little less likely to say chase. Edmonds is a bad pick than i am to say Say i think he's just fair. Pick given the caveats check him out on social media at jason f. f. l. obviously he's got the great the fancy footballers dot com. Pansy footballers. Podcast so good to have you on jason's been a couple years. Thank you so much we really appreciate. It happened to be here and talk to advocate when there is jason more from the fancy footballers love that and love the fact joe that we get to announce three more best ball contestants the last three next week. Here's the last three for this week. Made you guys wait till the end. Giancarlo liberty no. He's a new patron brian. Bell did the war. Be parker home dry on kit. Robert ober did the war parker home. Try on kit so three down three more ago. Who wants in. Who wants to go against me and joe. We will find out this week and tell you the final three contestants on next week's episode other than that. I'm stuff we're done. Thanks for listening to the fantasy. Feast podcast make sure to also subscribe to the ross tucker football podcast even money business of sports and the college draft all available at apple podcasts. Ross tucker dot com or wherever podcasts can be found a lot of times on the show. I mentioned draftkings. Here's what you need to know. 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