0.5 PPR Mock Draft + Dynasty Analysis with Shane Manila


Adviser guys welcome into fancy in sports podcast. This is your host of AAC are today. I'm privileged to be joined by the CO host of Dynasty Trades H._Q.. podcasts the the Kohner writer and editor for Dicey Football Factory End Amal Sanders homer as well as a fancy prose writer. Let's give it up for Shane Manila. How how you doing sir? I'm doing awesome. I don't think ever anyone's ever said they had the privilege to speak to me before. That's pretty awesome. They're at so let's ED's jump straight into it and listening to <hes> your podcast where you had an all-star draft team and you took mouse anders over Josh shake ups at the One oh three in a super flex draft why like I have mal sanders so far behind Josh Shaka's it isn't even close so could you just explain elaine why it's a mouse that are ahead for you. I didn't even well one. You know it's it's a podcast so I wanted to mix it up yep. I wanted to be like a wildcard like Charlie from <hes> always sunny in Philadelphia just to throw a grenade in that room and see what happens but also even Israel drafts <hes> typically go to draft Jacobs over Sanders <hes> but I will I from sanders in there before him. I'm in too many leaks. I don't even want get into it but I I was in a lot of rookie draft so I did sprinkle in some Mile Sanders over Jacob's <hes> and if you're looking for reasons to think sanders is better you can look at their college production in <hes>. I'm a big fan of the player profiler dot com page in on there. You can see that Josh Jacobs only had a fifteen th percentile dominator rating compared to Sanders thirty fourth percentile <hes> neither is really that good <hes> difference being is that Sanders really didn't get an opportunity until lil this past season <hes> because he was sitting behind Kwame Barkley who as a Penn state coach. You had no reason to ever bring that guy off the field he was that good whereas is Josh Jacobs really his only competition was a slightly above mediocre. I don't WANNA put com slightly above mediocre. A A good Damian Harris will say good player and Damon Harris and he really didn't do anything to really distinguish himself <hes> when you look at Sanders and Jacobs career totals <hes> they're pretty similar. Jacobs is much better receiver. It's it's night and day <hes> would he did on the field <hes> as a receiver but sanders is to me I think a better in between the tackles running back and he has no history three of injuries and he's on the eagles so I mean he's going to be on a what I think is going to be a better offense for a long time with the EELS. Although the raiders should have at least a good offense for the next two seasons at least F- assure unlike a lot of things I saw as well so I was looking at sanders no shame saying behind saquon Barkley. I mean these freaking Saquon Barkley. There's a reason why like almost any running back who's even in the N._F._l.. So right now it's at behind him but when you're given like Josh Jacobs I see both of them has having like not a severe workload in college <hes> because of Saquon on him because Jacobs is part three like a three man backfield so I see that as a positive for them because <hes> like both of them are fresh legs legs <unk> entering the N._F._l.. But certainly I see Jacobs as a bit of risk because he hasn't seen that he could hold up my main concern with Sanders I <hes> was where he landed. I know a lot of people like the dicey community is pretty split on him <hes> because he went to the eagles the eagles goes historically have been pretty good to great offense insists that they employ a Ryan back by committee and they're lost ads thrown out there like Underdog Pearson's rain how almost no one gets like any like line. Shares it carries. It's always like even last year. You had a Wendo Small Corey Corey Clement J._J.. Josh Adams and now you're adding in mouth sanders into the mix and you have Jordan Howard granted that Ajayi is probably gone so so I I I still think that that may not be as great of like a backfield situation as <hes> some may say so. What do you think is GonNa GonNA happen with the B._B._C. that they've typically employed and do you think that's going to change this you do this is the first time they've drifted a running back? Within the the first two rounds in a decade I think exactly ten years ago that they drafted a la- Sean mcauley out of Pitt and typically are historically they they don't invest draft capital running backs <hes> so the fact that they did <hes> speaks volumes to me <hes> everyone that they have in that backfield outside outside of Mile Sanders is expendable. <hes> there's no guarantee that any of those guys even make it to <hes> the regular season as being part of the roster now. I think Jordan Howard certainly will <hes> when those small would probably because he you know he's versatile enough that he can fill in different couple of different spots. What's I know they like Corey Clement? I I don't know about Josh Adams because he's just not a receiver and now you probably have on. Probably you have have a guy in Howard. That's a better power back than atoms and that's basically Adams calling card <hes>. I think it's going to clear out a lot. I think it would it reminds me of is what they tried to do. They had J. Gye couple years ago when they first got him for Miami and they had legare blunt here already where blunt got allow the the power runs and then a JI- was also sprinkled in also was used in the passing game a little bit <hes> I think sanders is a better receiver than a guy and he's clearly has better knees because while they're not degenerative <hes> so I think it's going to clear out now even if if it doesn't this season after this season everyone every other running back on the roster except for Donald Pump Free and Boston Scott <hes> their contracts contracts expire <hes> and if they let Jordan Howard go they're going to pick up a fifth round commissary of that's not the right word but a compensation pick form in the fifth round when they traded a sixth form so that's going to be a net gain but you know it worse comes to worse say Howard stays in he gets fifteen carries while sanders could get himself ten to fifteen and still get five to six receptions a game and still produce for you which I I'd be shocked. If Jacobs gets anymore more carries the net <hes> I think they showed as soon as Crowell went down they went out and immediately found the corpse of Doug Martin and brought him back so they can run him into underground a little bit next year to <hes> but like you said I mean both both guys I think are going to be in very good situations. I think J goes <unk>. Sanders are both very good pros does and the fact that they weren't beat. The death in colleges is definitely a pro for both of them and I do like I said I do like Jacobs and if I'm actually ranking hang on I'm GonNa Check Drift Jacobs nine times out of ten the only time I'm drafting sanders like I said it's a little bit of homer zone and I do like the hedge my bets a little but because he had the work history that you'd like to see <hes> on the draft capital. You're expanding in running back that early you WanNa see more of a history. There and it's just not there with Jacobs now when you watch him on tape I mean the guy looks amazing. <hes> so it's easy easy to convince yourself that he's GonNa be Great. No for sure like I I agree with the part that I think that their backfield is gonna clear just still had a few concerns about pat because I thought that they were going to do something like a thunder and lightning with Jordan Howard being like the just give it to him and let him get so many carries a game where defense out and then you have like not just a third-round back but like <hes> like he plays some first since I can down but primarily a third-round pass catching back in sanders for the first year and after that <hes> I think it's going to clear up a bit more because I think that sanders enders is very towns that I actually had him as my number two <hes> pre-draft running back because I just saw in him that I think his pass catching is pre is pretty good. Maybe not on the plane to Jacobs because his like extremely good but I saw him as a pretty adequate pass catcher and like a a good runner and I wasn't at all concerned him sitting behind Saquon Barkley because again he saquon Barkley and like any rhyme back would do so so I was also look at your other on like a different pick in that round. I saw you gang A._J.. Brown <hes> I haven't Desmond Number six dynasty wide receiver receiver so like how do you have them ranked in like why so because as shown by your all-star mock draft. It seemed like you had him a bit higher A._J.. Brown a lot. I know his situation isn't exactly what we were hoping for. Everyone was hoping that he would ended up in Indianapolis Pulis. At least I was <hes> Philadelphia because that's another situation that would have cleared out later down the road but whatever he didn't he ended up in Tennessee where they had the second fewest pass attempts last year <hes>. There's no way to spin that as being a great lane there's not I don't care how you look at it <hes> but I still I think he's the wide receiver to the class and going into the draft if he would have had a better landing spot or I should say coming out of the draft. If he would have had a better lane expire I would've slit him up above Nikiel Harry but Harry just happened to be you know the the One oh one going into the draft and then had the first round draft capital attached Hatch Dome and ended up in probably one of the better landing spots up. He can't move brown ahead of him now but I can't. I can't move brown any further live in too because the talent is so good and the situation in Tennessee can change <hes> Mariota's on his fifth year option so if he's bad this year there's I'd Tayo thousand percent chance that they get rid of them next year. <hes> but Mariota can also improve because he was injured all of last year and it wasn't just a nerve damage in the hand it was also also I think he broke a rib it. He had something like five or six surgeries. At one point. I remember reading the article in bleacher report that came out after the season and the guy was just they beat the smithereens so it's understandable that he wasn't able to play well now. Will Mike Variables offense. Be uh-huh be able to sustain A._J.. Brown and Corey Davis and Adam Humphreys is also problematic because Corey Davidson Adam humphreys a couple apple guys that you see over one hundred targets already on an offense that only had four hundred and fifty some odd targets to go round last S. Jerry I it'd be near impossible for three receivers to take up eighty percent of the targets. I I don't know of any team that does that. <hes> <hes> you know you still have junior Smith. He still have <hes> Deanne <hes> Dan Lewis and <hes> the Laney Walker if he comes back healthy plus Taiwan teller still there but situations change in the town dozen so this time next year for all we know Adam how humphries gets cut they eat whatever salary they have to <hes> Mariota all the sudden he's healthy again and they decide. They're gonNA air the ball out five hundred times a season and then everything looks Rosie <hes> and even if it's not next season again the town's not going to change still going to be there in two years and I don't really expect a rookie wide receivers to to break out in their first year so whatever I get out of them in the first year that's a bonus and now I have the same outlook on ricky wide receiver reside thing that so like every year you always have people who draft them with wonder later draft picks expecting like a just based off a a talented are going to boom right away but in reality it's more like a second or third year mostly third year breakout a four wide receivers because they need develop that connection the with their quarterback and just move up the depth chart regardless of how high their drafted so to A._J.. BRAND MY PERSPECTIVE IS I. I think that Marcus Mariota is that adequate normal like N._F._l.. quarterback and I don't think they're going to move off of him because he's just good enough off to not be moved off of the isn't good enough these fancy to sustain like good fancy production and you had Corey Davis who is so I believe in his talent. I think that Chris Davis is one of the more talented wide receivers in the N._F._l.. And just seeing him not able to do out in that offense at Ari Ari coupled with like the insanely low pass tents that Marcus Mariota does and obviously I think I'll go up a bit because Mario does not going to be injured does he was last year being to smithereens but I still think that they're going to be a very run heavy team. I heard this on different podcasts that they should just rename from Tennessee Derek Henry's because the end of the year is on like incredible pace. He scored like forty. Something fancy points <hes> in a game and that's in a like non P._B._R.. Foremen obviously he isn't like pass catchers probably win of like changed much but I still think that they're just so oh run heavy with adequate back. I don't think they're going to move off of just because it's so hard to get that franchise guy so I just don't see the like I I see the talent by on see the growth in my like Moto Matos who has been like talent <hes> takes a second see to opportunity and I think that's why I have wide receivers like Paris Campbell and wall in Kiel Hurry I I just really like in more but decay metcalf. I have all them higher than a Jay Ban as I said my number six dicey wide receiver so let's get into some news and you you were hitting. You really do have him low. I do him <hes>. Let me just go through my wide receivers. I have a head I have Bob Metcalfe Harry Hardman. I have down Markey's Brown even though he's on our Jackson offense is still think Peres Darius Campbell and then he's my number six and I actually think missing one so yeah. I haven't very low like again. I agree with talent but out and see the opportunity there and you know that's definitely a bad thing for wide receiver because you I mean fantasy. Production is born of targets but I also don't think there's Henry's as good as he showed at the end of last season because he did flash like that a year but the year before the year prior in the playoffs in a few games before that I believe leave and you know look I feel like I've been teased by him before <hes>. I'm not going to buy into them now and that's hard to say because at one time I was very big on Derrick Henry right but I'm just I'm just not buying into it <hes> if you prove me wrong than it's really going to damage a lot of my fantasy teams because I have a lot of A._J.. Brown and I have a an insane amount of Corey Davis across my rosters and now for sure like the thing is for me like I don't thank Derrick. Henry is as good as he showed last season like at the end because then he was he was something else I need. You could make an argument for him in the last whatever whatever four weeks that he is on top back to the N._F._l.. Definitely don't think he's there but <hes> the other thing is that they were winning. They needed to get those winds wants to get in the playoffs and like the fact that they won with that very run heavy <hes> offensive style like it tells me that they want to keep it going next next season so that's why I really had them there so just due to some time constraints. We're GONNA go to news real quick and we have Doug Baldwin retirement. <hes> he's a undrafted player from Stanford Ed had lay breakout fantastic career so maybe you could toss a bid. Anna and I talked about him. I guess on last night's taping of my show just the guy had one hundred and fifteen he averaged one hundred fifteen targets <hes> from twenty fifteen sixteen in Seventeen <hes> he was beat. You know again he was just beat beyond recognition last year's never healthy and he still got a twenty two percent target share obviously as low volume offense and he actually hit twenty two percent the year before that <hes> just a great player <hes> not hall of fame level you know he didn't have that long of a run run but that's definitely gonNA impact <hes> decay metcalf in Tyler Lockett and a couple other guys. I got a little <hes> the slot receiver that they had in Doug Baldwin <hes> Gary Jennings is ease of really athletic guy <hes> definitely slot receiver though there's is now. I don't believe there's a chance that play on the outside <hes> and if you look at his junior season he actually had ninety seven receptions and almost eleven hundred yards. which is you know it's really good and then last year in his senior season <hes> his receptions and yardage drop to fifty four nine seventeen but then he had thirteen touchdowns touchdowns <hes> so this you know he's a late round draft? Pick off top of my head. I believe he was drafted. In the sixth or later. Maybe somewhere around that also definitely a long shot but he's a guy that look a role is custom made waiting for him <hes> always got to do. Is You know take take that opportunity and run with it so he's a guy that I'm I'm snatching up in every dynasty league and he's a guy that I'll I'll probably spend some redraft picks onto in the later rounds just as you know the guys that I know that I'm just GonNa take a shot on the uptake is just going to say like I think that grudge as he has a gauge as he has he has a chance to be like like sudden-death slot receiver roll outs done see him as anything board at a slot just body frame and how he played a law in college. So how about your running-backs like I see that you have a law right back longshots. Oh yeah so I actually and this is one of the things ever fantasy prose was dynasty sleepers bursch and I love me some runningback man <hes> so there's Justice Hill who is basically how would you describe describe him. How would you describe him? I see justice who has like he's a pretty good pass catcher in like <hes> like I feel like a lot of people are sleeping on him just because they just got mark Ingram but I think that <hes> Justice Hill like he can be a very good running back in even even with a like who they have right now. I still think that it could be a solid asset in that offense and you know I come to a nut comp. I want them to let me let me get that out of the fixed assets right there I didn't come to but <hes> in my fantasy prose article I did speak about alleys basically the discount. We're cheaper version of Alvin Kamara for Mark Ingram in Baltimore now <hes> he's a good receiver <hes> he had a lot more receptions in his not as final season but the year prior for college <hes> he carried a tremendous workload in college but that's different. It was a spread offense. There's no way he's going to carry the ball twenty times in the N._F._l.. Because he's you know he's five Atan two hundred pounds so he's not a big Guy <hes> and if he does carry the ball twenty times a game in the N._F._l.. It's not gonna be a long career thinking about about six weeks <hes> but he is good enough that you can get him some some touches in space where he can make people miss. He's very elusive. <hes> he is very strong. Got Very strong lower body <hes> and I think he's a guy you know Baltimore for years now <hes> at least three years whereas they wanted Kenneth Dixon to be something <hes> and he's either been suspended or injured or basically just hasn't been able Oh to perform and I think Justice Hill is going to take over that role that they want it Kenneth Dixon the have where the guy can have five six receptions a game it may be eight to ten carries and with Lamar Miller there. There's you know there's innovative running plays you can you can run where you can get hill in space. Even in a running game mm-hmm <hes> you can employ some Joan blocking things like that so justice. L. is one of my guys <hes> unfortunately though I gotta be honest with the dynasty there people are starting to catch up. I'm seeing them go a little earlier in earlier in start updrafts which is a little disconcerting for me and like <hes> just siquijor thing I thought that him running four four at the combine like although he is of shorter frame it's nice to see that he does have some explosiveness awesomeness and he is very elusive open field but with one ninety eight pounds he definitely can't hold up that <hes> that like workers type role that we'd it all like him to be. I think that that can't Dixon Compass Ashi very like accurate because they drafted can dixon to be that type of like <hes> <hes> pass catching back who'd they also give a few carries to like a just listeners if you guys want check out our running back and tight end podcast. Yes we did that last time with tire Williams who's like a writer for the turf sports so yet you could catch at all in the feed but yeah I just see the Justice Hill has like <hes> Wando sleepers but now not so much because people seem to be catching up which is a bit upsetting but that's I guess we got another guy. Though at least we got Darwin Thompson and he still sleeper ish enough that he doesn't even have a picture on player profile. He's just a dark shadow <hes>. He's also about two hundred pounds. He's only five eight so his. B._M._I.'s level bigger or his B._M._i.. Is a little higher which is good for running it actually kind of want them a little chunkier so that they don't get destroyed on the field <hes> he just basically destroyed it in his one season at Utah State. He's an excellent receiver lever. He's a guy that I actually think can carry a full load in the N._F._l.. <hes> he someone that studied Alvin Kamara in as far as working out Alvin Kamara is a gym freak he works on his core and his lower body and things like that you know makes it harder tackle. Oh you and that's what Darwin thompsons been doing and he's a guy in this situation that he's in again. It's the opportunity he's got Carlos Hyde right in front of him who is is really not very good and he has Damien Williams who showed that he was very good for four games last year five games but you know we can get in that later his fifth year in the League and he set his career high rushing yards and it really wasn't that impressive <hes> so I don't know if that was lightning in the bottle or he's he's all justice undiscovered gem that everyone forgot about income beat out J._J.. Or you know can Kenyan drake when he was with Miami and now and like maybe Darn Thomson Christian McCaffrey in his AAC but like training like Alvin Kamera's a me. He's GonNa be some. He's already very strong in like <hes> I yeah I agree. He can be like that feature back <hes> and that's that's consistent with what Kansas City like likes. They'd like to have a feature back with a bit of like another Ryan back trickled in so like when you had <hes> back in like two thousand sixteen seventeen those years you had spencer ware and then you had Kareem Hunt as the backup than it flipped and then you had Kareem Hunt and a day <unk> sorry you had Spencer Ware Damien Williams than than Dan Williams contact the lead role so if Darwin Win Thompson has a chance to even get close to that role. He's definitely someone worth rostering in Erie single like league <hes> in Dynasty because a that Candy Ryan back like starting position is just so valuable for dynasty server fancy. It's pretty pretty much guaranteed like rb one every single year so that's just something India region. That's what he does he just he you know going back to when he had Brian Westbrook Westbrook <hes> that was great player but another guy that was just kind of short stature but really thick like you know just rocked up with a you know just a thick lower body so it was really difficult to bring them down but yeah and he loves he loves his running backs. That can do everything <unk> thing because you know one you save roster space when you don't have to specialize when like no this is my passing get back in this is my this is my power guy. You know you can use. He's roster space for other things and like you said Dade Spencer Ware Insure Kendrick West. There is always that other guy there because you know you have to injuries happen but yet Dr Arnn thompsons another guy and he's another one like I'm seeing people take him in the fifteenth round the startups now and I don't know if it's just because it also happens to be rookie season so he's kind of fresh in people's minds but I wish they'd stop doing that yeah. It's better for us if they don't capitalize on like what we see definite who'd you have is your <hes> <hes> <unk> as your last rookie longshot any he's not as much of a long though it's Daryl Henderson with with everything with Todd Gurley I it's very I mean if thought maybe something was wrong with tug early right you know he doesn't get run in the Super Bowl. And what world does it make sense that you don't use Todd Gurley in the Super Bowl in not in the universe that I live in <hes> so I fully expected the Joe mcvay to come out pretty much immediately after the game and say Todd it's GonNa go under undergo surgery tomorrow for torn something and nothing nothing. It's is just it's arthritis apparently his knees or just that bad. It's just arthritis that bad so I think I saw it on the show she you'd already noted it but you know they didn't let Malcolm Brown leaf <hes> then they traded up to draft this kid which is in the third round which is pretty significant draft capital <hes> you typically don't draft a backup running back in the third round unless you're completely stopped at every position and you know no team is no no one. Does it not not many teams that I know of draft backup or at least you don't think it would drift back. Running backs in the third round to draft capital. They expended on him is frightening if you're todd Gurley owner <hes> so he's a guy especially in redraft. If you're drafting Todd Gurley you better have planes to handcuff him with Darrow Henderson 'cause the guy look you could be elite elite winner in that offense. It's symbols at and look at Darrell Anderson like the <unk> Noni those their Ram Graham but they moved up to get him unlike another interesting. Note is if you take a look at <hes> C._J.. Anderson's interviews like with it's Fox sports <hes> around the time like after the Super Bowl you can see that there actually was a discrepancy in what he was saying he said on I I believe either the heard or undisputed that wall Gurley was hurting during the regular season when he got there like during the playoffs he said in and he made this certain he was completely healthy and that just <unk> like struck me as something like incredible because Tagro. They just paid him to be like the top paid running back in the N._F._l.. Than right after that and he's obviously so talented so that's just making me think that maybe there is like <hes> like like a a lack of confidence in girly girl is held that was corroborated by them so I think d'oro Henderson end matching Malcolm Browne's offer sheet like if you look back to the lions the lions tried to sign Malcolm Brown under restricted free agency and the ran's decide to match that and and keep them in their system so and they also have John Kelly who like we know that he didn't get the opportunity last year but he still does have some talent so it seems to me that the stockpiling running backs and they're not completely confident in girly in you know if they would have if they would have taken a running back in the fifth round. I'd say all right you know that's just a guy like John. Kelly was driven. I think in the fifth or sixth round last year breaking many <hes> dynasty <hes> players hearts because is there a lot of guys like John Kelly that you know that you do that. I'm like okay. That's fine you. You need bodies. You can't just have two running backs going into the season three running best that's insane pain but yet to trade up and get a guy in the third round. That's actually very talented while obviously many wet in the third round but that's man. If I'M A girly earner I'm not feeling good about it and we'll be talking more about <hes> girly a bit later on in the show so now let's go onto the main event what you've guys all been waiting for. It's it's a mock draft. We're GONNA do a half P._R.. Redraft mock draft and what's going to be as two running backs too wide receivers to flex seven bench one defense among Q._B.. Huby and no kickers because leads beyond is like no one can predict by WHO's good as a kicker Kaya Me Fairbairn scoring twenty points one week five points the next twenty points a week after so he was out scoring like one week even as Patrick Mahomes which is absolutely insane so that positions completely. It's just garbage so I think we're just escape over that so shame. What pick did you get in your draft as we were? We're discussing pre show I hit randomize about four times and it came up ten th like three of those times so I'm GonNa stick with the tenth spot. I and I got the Ford taught so. Let's get into it. Start the draft and I'm just looking at who I have on the board there went kind of towards the status quo it went exactly I like very close to how have it Ezekiel Elliott Saquon Barkley Christian McCaffrey so I think the there's like two guys who I would consider it the spot one of them's Melvin Gordon and just look at his stats like when you guys are at home just look at his stats. He's incredibly undervalued in the fancy community and like it very reliable pretty much toys r. e. one just with some injury concerns but given the Alvin Kamera's here. I think I just have to go Alvin Kamara so yeah. That's that's who I'm drafting at the Ford Spot. So how about you what happened in your draft first of all I'm very jealous. I don't have Melvin Gordon Gordon or Alvin Kamara Valvo and me <hes> they're going. <hes> Davante. Adams has gone tag. girlies Gone Levy on bells going. I got a few guys I'm looking at because it's Taff C._p._R.. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa fade the wide receiver a little bit. I got a few guys I can look at here at David Johnson or James Connor or Joe Mixon who I really WanNa Take Joe Mixon or I could risk it and see if he's going to come back to me on the turn and go D._J.. Joe Nixon which is what I think I'm GONNA do <music>. I'M GONNA hope to Joe Mix falls to me on the turn <hes> and if he doesn't I'm GONNA blame you that bad hit that they'll make it all badly damaged and then turned aren't it did not fall to me on the carried and now now all types of befuddled and I'm GonNa go running back again. Though I have oh man look at these tears teas and remember guys when you when you draft you WanNa tear draft so again. I'm GonNa Fade Wide Receiver. I got nick here. I'm going to drift NICK CHUBB IF I can't get Joe Mixing Nick shoves the next Guy Available on the board for me to on drafting at so so I have the twenty-first pig and like I've done a ton of these mock drafts. I'm very I'm actually pretty disappointed. Where like blended this time? Since OFTENTIMES UH-HUH I get a value but right now. I'm not seeing anyone who is a value at my spot so the people who I'm considering so easy are has dowling cook is is still on the board and but for me personally I have him like outside of my top twenty five pigs. I don't like Dobbin Cook. So what's your her like. What do you think about diving 'cause I own see like him staying healthy for a whole season that that's the only concern because if you can stay on the field the new offensive coordinator there is GonNa feed him the Rock <hes> but you know like we were just talking about girly would add minnesota do they went ahead and drafted running back in the third round <hes> with Alexander Madison so that was a little again like why don't do that to me because you're you're making me nervous <hes> but what other running back here on the board for you though I got Marlin mack who I actually has I actually have as like I'm just checking my rankings AVAS my number eleven eleven running back? I have overcrowding cook so although easy are has him as a pig twenty eight. I'm strongly considering Marlin macura because I In India counts I don't WanNa do that outlaw L. or a sexy he only had six occasions where he <hes> exceeded fifteen carries or fifteen or more and and <hes> I think he was a he was definitely rb. One on each of those occasions <hes> he was a top three running back on a couple of them and the running back yet top three free a couple of those times so I'm with you. Man Max showed a lot last year. He looked night and day from his rookie season. He looks like he looked like a complete back. GonNa because there is absolutely no running backs. I like here. There's Leonard Fournette staring me at my face and thirty two and I wasn't draft him with someone else's team so we're GONNA go Stefan dig here because I wanNa wide receiver one and that's what he's going to be this year and that's I say on digs is number one on in that offense because in the second half of the year he was the number one in that offense. I think that's more representative with offense coordinator switch and then if I wanted to Leonard Fournette still on the Board at at some point you have to look at value and go oh but you know he was in half of his games. He played last year. He was an rb one but then of course in the other half you wasn't going to fall back on someone I love. I'M GONNA take brandin cooks <hes> over Leonard Fournette. That's really the only guy that I would even think about here and I don't like Leonard Fournette even a little bit so I'm taking Brandin. Cooks folks wow I actually would take in for net. Their deaths was my opinion because I wasn't. I'm not a big fan but I just see that like at that spot for net falling like I feel like it just too good to pass up because people tend to forget how incredibly his very talented ditches he he doesn't really show like a his dedication on the field or off the field and like the every on on that team doesn't like him because of that but I still think that at that spot was at the fourth round yeah yeah again you know I mean honestly he's a guy that could have top a top five rb potential but yet passed on. I'm GonNa live with my decision so m._I._S.. Spot pick forty five is see the running backs and I don't really like anyone here. I have Kerryon Johnson Mark Ingram but even the running back situation. Ari have two running backs of this going perfect in. I have a great wide receiver crop at the spot of Kenny G. of robber woods of Cooper Cup of enjoyed settlement at pick forty five which I think is absolutely insane so I I really like Robert Woods. I think that everyone last year was saying that Oh. It's going to be cooper. It's going to be brand. Cooks usually brand cooks but I think that Robert Woods is just the epitome of consistency and in that offense especially like back. You don't know about Cooper Cups held after A._C._l.. I'M GONNA go Robert Woods here and <hes> see who falls to me in six six tell you what man I I love Robert Woods. I mean you're very similar wavelength tonight except for the Leonard Fournette thing and even then I can see how you you get there <hes> so I actually have the fifty second picks on just do that one in real quick. I'm just looking and I still carry on Johnson and I still have Cooper Cup on the board so I'm wondering whether stack my wide receivers <hes> I have right now two by <hes> by nine so I think I may dislike drop the by the drop the Ninth Week and just dominate Correo the week like considering the fact that I have him in the fifth round. I think that that's just too good of a value to pass up. So I'm going Cooper Cup here. Easy are would be a fourteen spots headed this so I really like my team right now. Cooper Cup he. He's if you're going to I I have no problem taking the wide receivers off the same team especially when that team Jack off in the rams have shown that they can actually support three top twenty four wide receivers. I amazing at one point last season. I believe they all three of them. Were in the top fifteen. At some point. That's just incredible and now I realize that rams offense is absolutely stacked so what you have is your next <hes> couple of picks. I'm real five pick fifty eight overall and this is where you get to the point where you don't WanNa look to hardy your roster construct while not construction but you know don't don't start looking at it like Oh should I just I'm just GonNa go best player available here. I think I'm not taking Aaron Rodgers here way too early for me <hes> but Patrick Mahomes is already off the board if he wasn't I probably actually would have drafted him here and not cared about it <hes> but we're going to go ahead I'm GonNa be I'm going to play a little safe and I'm going to go with Kerryon Johnson. I could take Tyler Lockett. I could take Jarvis Landry could take D._J.. More D._J.. Moore's another another guy that I'm going to risk is going to be there on the when I come back around so I'm GONNA go ahead with Kerryon Johnson thing in the thing I take you can't have too many <hes> running back ones right yeah definitely. I'll take all the MICA get that's Okay D._J.. Ajay more off the board or you're really mad when it comes around in my take in pick sixty three and and you know what though I how can you not do this tyler boyd who just had his first one thousand yard season in his third year <hes> he's on the board. Guess what now he's on on my roster so I'm pick sixty nine. I God snide done Tyler Boyd. He went six point eight so he you just want the for me but you mentioned that D._J.. More you're hoping you're get him at the turn and she's at myopic right now he he's the are forty eight pick sixty nine. It's great. I'm just look at all. The positions here Hunter Henry is on the board. I think in maybe maybe a bit too early. Although U._C._R.. Has a pick sixty one look at the running backs. I see Lamar Miller who I really like at the spot on on just because I think he's going to be the workhorse there. I don't think John Four men is going to be a thing where few years removed from him being really great but I also have Baker Mayfield and Russel Wilson at the spot so there's a lot of players that really love on this team <hes>. I don't know what to do you <hes> I think that D._J.. More is probably who I'm GONNA go with because although in the first couple of weeks he may not be like that super gray <hes> player with cam new in like his shoulder still healing his the unquestioned wide receiver one on that team and although Cam Newton isn't the most accurate. I just think that the value here is just incredible so I'm going to take D._J.. More with this pick now I have pick Sunday six. Look at the board. I still have Baker Mayfield the ad pick sandy six. Which is your Mary? Tendering your draft is definitely playing a late Q. Bay. I'll say that my mind is not so much top seven quarterback sorority off the board and like I also have hunter Henry. I Have Lamar Miller who I love so I have a lot of people all year but I'm GONNA go Baker Mayfield Cement that up and then the only two starting positions on have left <unk> tight end and defense so I'm going Baker Mayfield here so now it's back to you. I can't be mad at you. Mean Baker Mayfield's actually my number one dynasty quarterback and I got made fun of a little bit over for that but that's okay <hes> so let's see I got my fleck spots all filled up my running backs. Wide receivers tight ends starters or at least Easter all filled up. If if if you're the type of person that wants to build your starting roster before you know you worry about your bench he could do that here. <hes> Um and looking at my my my my choices here you know what actually I got Dante Pettis the <unk> Kevin Coleman Cam Newton Sterling Shepard Portland Sutton boy. This is a this part of the draft. I was hoping well fuller might fall to me here but he didn't so I am going to not draft to is about to draft and it instead. I'm going to play a little bit safe which I don't know I'm doing that tonight but I'm GonNa Drive Sterling Shepherd <hes> again. He's the number one option while that's right Evan Ingraham. He's number two well. He might be the number three option on that offense more. I think about it but I took sterling shepherd I am that was a seven threat. That was a pick eighty couldn't have been pick eighty but yes it was the seventh round yes it was eighty threes and now Alam up a pick eighty seven in round eight okay so for me storing shepherd like I honestly believe that he's GonNa be ahead of Evan Been Ingram like I really like stirring shepherd in even though golden tate kind of sabotage that because they like both kind of go into slow at times I thank <unk> but <hes> shepherd cousin slide like rotates in and I think that he will be the number two to Saquon. I just based off at target chair so yeah we do you have on the Board Randy E._C._r.. Wants Me Really Take Cam Newton but that that's not gonNA happen. <hes> for some reason they all think also think Jarrett cokes a good choice. Look at that point. I clearly made the decision that <hes> you know certain positions the ones these positions are just going to get drafted later and I'm just going to build every other you know position out and I'm even going to go more off the board on that and I'm going to pick a guy that I personally think is at least a wide receiver three next year <hes> Curtis Samuel <hes> he's not D._J.. More <hes> but he is a like a poor man's facsimile of D._J.. More and I also like how they used him in the offense fence when they actually started targeting him and get an phasing out Devin funchess last year so Curtis Samuel he's my wildcard <hes> law earlier than people probably would expect in this is the one where people you know if you're at the bar drafting. You're probably GONNA ask you. Are you drunk. I liked Carter saying I think that occur Samuel like <unk> beyond him to he does have some rushing like a bill dentist game. He gets a lot of <hes> under on like Undercut Ed sweeps on him and he could also go deep in with Cam Newton obviously shoulders concern by thank you will come back at the <hes> at my spot you're going to be the even more Matt is because I have tight end tears that after a certain point they just completely drop off in is still have a a player who dared cook was drafted before me but I have a better tight end on the board and especially considering easier hint. It's not Antonio Gates when you play the chargers. It's Hunter Henry. He's still on the board at round eight so I'm definitely drafting in here getting those choices made and now pick one hundred ninth-round and I'm looking and I actually don't love everything here. I need another running back really bad the two running backs on my roster but I also just I don't like who's on the board for me and I think that I could wait at that position. I Have Rashad Penny. She who strongly considering I also Kiki Cutie and Christian Kirk <hes> when he was actually actually on the field I I love Cutie. I'm I'm battering between key tea and Rashad Penny just because of the position need I have for penny and you have world for coming back injury concerns ongoing to go their shod penny just because <hes> I want that upside side out of a penny I think he'll be mixed in <hes> and late in the year I think you'll take over for Carson and they're gonNA do kind of like a fifty fifty fifty split <hes> especially after Mike Davis went to the bears like they have no one else is going to compete and they spend too high capital if it goes here first or second rounder <hes> for them to like not user shod penny. I also Kevin Coleman but I don't like the forty niners backfield based on how crowded so I'm GonNa go Rashad odd penny here. I'm up in round ten round nine. I know numbers <hes> pick one. I know six jared cook still staring at me in the face <hes> he is a heavy favourite of who they want me to select here <hes> still we're GONNA pay us on him. I don't want to draft a quarterback already but I gotta be honest with you. I'm looking at these offensive options and not one of them makes me feel good inside <hes> so you know if I'm going to draft a quarterback I don't if I want to do this. Here is pretty gutsy. The <hes> I'm going to grab my man Lamar Jackson because no not no not out nope wait I am I. I didn't pull the trigger I didn't pull the trigger as about to get so mad. I don't this high at all no it you know what though it's funny when you start looking at the board and you looking at your choices and you're like uh though I really but you know I'll take a guy. That was a top eight tight end last year. <hes> is getting no respect. <hes> is being flat out ignored in Austin Hooper not not Jared Cook Austin who tied the I see Awesome Uber Uber as I go. I haven't time my top time by mile. Vance McDonald on the board by insurance is yeah. They haven't down fifteen vance's. A guy loved to <hes> based on this how this draft is gone. I think you might be sitting out there while they he's actually apparently v._C._R.. Well V._C._R.. On I don't even remember but this ranking tear has him below Chris Herndon and Jack Doyle for reasons that aren't entirely clear easy Z.. I have him as like a Fr- like him as like my number ten tight end so I think he's a lot better Richard and he's gained drafted. I Love Dance McDonald. The only thing that guy's gotTa do is stay on the field to stay healthy. That's all we want our. It's round still around ten now around ten pick one eleven overall. I gotTA honestly I'm not liking loving any of these is options not even a little bit of I'm looking at even if there's handcuffs but I don't like handcuff and particularly I hate everyone. That's on the board at that point of the draft where I hey everyone. That's on the board so our I want to draft this guy <music> hi. I'm really struggling here. I'M NOT GONNA lie to Ya. I'm GonNa Take Jared Goff. Yep Yep Jared Goff off. I'm going to pull the trigger on a quarterback a little earlier than I would like but the reason I did that is the top thirteen quarterbacks except for Jameis Winston are are now now off the board and say golf last way longer than he should have based on. How this particular drift is going and now I I think the Jared Goff like in a standard draft where no one's like where everyone's not just going core back quarterback like your draft is like I think this mrs around the area like pick around Lebanon twelve where I had him? Amok does going normal drafts so I'm just taking a look at Mice Fahd's and again again I have water. I have some players here. That easy are loves like I have U._C._R.. Consensus Ninety six a cruise is up from Carolina. You drafted a like two rounds ago or something. It's still on the board. Are you kidding me courtesy. I Have Curtis Samuel on the board and Dan I. I just love that point the Jaeger I'm going Curtis. Samuel and I also see Ronald. Oh he went to pick right after me so I was GonNa go wrong Jones mid-next ax pick on but obviously now that won't happen so again now I don't like anyone. I don't like anyone on the board one twenty four eleven around. I'm seeing night nineteen Heinz I'm seeing E._E._O.. smid Dionisi foreman seeing <hes> <hes> on the wide receiver side. I guess of so some talent but there's Robert Foster John Brown. I just don't like <hes> I just don't like buffalo flow. Only a guy's a great pass catcher so back to you what you have around eleven pick one thirty thick. We're also go check out. See what running backs or still kicking <hes> not pretty <hes> I you know I think I'm GonNa get in take aac like him a lot. I'm GonNa Take Austin Eh cler. I know what he's GonNa do when he gets the opportunity <music> <hes> and I know that he's GonNa get me somewhere between ten and fifteen points a week even in a backup role <hes> and for some reason how stu still do the same thing in a starter role so that's Fine Austin there in the eleventh round surprise they found that far. He's a guy you know what letdown I've noticed. This dynasty drifts to for some reason he's fallen lower than I thought. I guess it's the new shiny thing syndrome you know all the the new rookies are a lot sexier in their their upside is a lot bigger because we haven't seen what they can't do yet. For for once. I actually have it all over you 'cause I could drift if Nike minds here to if I wanted to around twelve thirty five overall but you know what I'll take a risk in awe grab Ronald Jones the second here <hes> mm-hmm. I wanted to get him but I had today Curtis Samuel there look the guys look. He's only got to beat out painting. I'm Barbara if you can't do that then fine cut him from my roster like damn pain. barberry shouldn't be that hard but <hes> no Ronald Jones hasn't really shown much he hasn't even shown flashes at all gets injured and all of that so I just don't like him as a player ear but he does have undeniable opportunity all right so back to me and I just want to get your thoughts like <hes> on a guy who just went ahead and B a twelve point four Michael Harmon and people have been comparing him to like the very poor man's tyreek. So how do you say like <hes>. How do you as-as value in redraft dynasty? I can't even I'm not even touching him in dynasty. I feel like that's a I feel alike. That's just I feel like the chiefs reached forum. I feel like dynasty owners are gonNA reach for him and if I'm wrong <hes> that's fine and I'm willing to miss on him because he's not tyreek hill. He's just not tyreek. Hill is an outlier. <HES> hardman didn't produce basically anywhere I mean he he didn't produce in College College <hes> and I just I don't think he's going to be very good in the pros could be wrong won't be the won't be the last time and like I have him as my <hes> third or fourth dicey wide receiver so I believe like rookie wide receivers I believe in him <hes> in the fact that I don't think you'll be tyreek. These not right away. I think he's GonNa be like a career Tyler Lockett which with Patrick Mahomes that still like very very good. I'd so I <hes> wait. How many did you finish your twelve? Th Round Pick Dick around thirteen. Were on the clock just waiting okay so I'm GonNa look at my board right now. Pick one forty one overall around twelve. I'm considering doing something that I literally never do and that's draft two quarterbacks because of who staring in the face ace like I have jared Goff at round twelve pick one forty one and I'll Mosley like I have <hes> but like <hes> like eleventh round draft pick and that's conservative like core backdraft class but I'm just like what do you think should I go when I got breaker already got Baker. I mean Baker is going to be your starting quarterback. This would just be a guy for buys and for fund fund in whatever your draft for reasons unknown still has some town on in just just to make you feel better or not feel better but for your listeners I should have just waited on quarterback because now Jameis Winston Philip rivers or still sitting out there and Lamar Jackson. I had Jameis Winston a law higher injured Goff like Blake <unk>. I believe since his coaching staff <unk> Bruce Arians has vertical passing offense. They got a wide receiver talent in Chris Godwin Edwin and Mike Mike Evans Have O._J.. Howard hopefully he could say how they fingers crossed and <hes> and like I think they have a law town for James do while ants like he has to do well? It's a year that it's make or break for him in his contract situation and if he's going to still be a starter after this so look at in my board right now. I still have John Brown on the board. I just really don't like Buffalo. I'm gonNA reach for someone by WII CR and I'm going to go for upside here. Although do Johnson's on the board <hes> should I go him Jamal Williams. I'm debating debating because I liked Jomaa Williams since Matt leflore has hinted at a like a like a timeshare role frame Jones so oh. I think I'm just GONNA go with it's also half P._B._R.. Jamal Williams won't get any passing down work. Are I think I'm GonNa are we do Johnson here than let's see at the turn I still have I still have <hes> what's his in Jamal Williams available to me. I also have John Brown's toe. They're out a why John Brown's following this far. I'm very tempted to pull the trigger by I think I'm just is GonNa go for Joma Williams just to steal that up a now overdue were around thirteen and this is where I'm I'm just GonNa completely go off the board and Go-to player search and look up my boy Darwin Thompson and I am going to draft him in the thirteenth round at one fifty fifty four overall and his carrot A._D._p.. Is Well. It's more than two times of where trifling AMAC piece three fifty five <hes>. Here's my thinking it's redraft right. If the guy clear he's not going to actually get any run. <hes> and I actually need the roster spot. I'm fine now. Make a move but you know even if you WANNA take if you're gonNA take a shot on someone towards the end of the draft why why take it on a shot on a guy. That's just going to give you eight to ten points a week. Get let go all out on a guy that you know reasonably. You can imagine a path to greater success then. He is around fourteen fifty nine over all <hes>. I'm not big on handcuffing. Tell you what I actually like this running back anyway <unk> obviously not by himself <hes> do I wanNA handcuff really wanNA handcuff Jay's chase Edmunds David Johnson I do. I'm GonNa get an ensure that that that early draft capital I just spent on David Johnson with chase edmunds that that makes sense like handcuffing <unk> at this like this lay in the draft is like a strategy that I hope like all the listeners now. It's very smart idea just because I don't know if your waiver system like if it's a bids if it's like whatever ascend our thing like <hes> where all of it like like doesn't on one day processes says is you don't know if you'll be able to pick up the handcuff if your man goes down so definitely a good idea to handcuff here so was that <hes> year ear fourteenth round pick. I'm sitting on the fifteenth now. I guess I should let you catch up. I dominated pick one sixty five fourteen th round and I'm looking and I don't love the landscape here for running back for for wide receiver. I I still have marquees Catalina on like available but I also just don't like murky. Goodwin alm oppose selling from yearbook. I'M GONNA GO Darwin Thomson Yeah. I'M GONNA go Darvin Thompson Year and <hes> just hope on the upside lied if not it's it's a fourteenth round pick. It doesn't add her. I could cut him easily so yeah. I'm GonNa go Dr Ben Thompson here in the kitchen of your listeners. I think that I think this is going to be the running back one <hes> he might not make the roster for all I know but you know it's worth a shot for sure so I'm just GonNa look real quick and see who else is on my board had fifteen and and I do have one guy who I'm very surprised who fell this far but I also have great wide receiver talent in my why end my I have five wide receivers rivers right now and I have <hes> I have seven Ryan backside. I probably should go wide receiver Marcus Goodwin <hes> <unk> zero <unk> Goodwin by also Kalem Balaj who I think has a realistic chance of being the starter or these are being like a timeshare with Kenyan drake because for some reason that dolphins like they just don't like Kenyan drake and even though Kenyan drake vary like he's very good on I. I don't see in doing that well but I I really need a wide receiver here. So I'm going to go orrick a good hour could go Mohamed Sanu you here. I think I'M GONNA go Murky Goodwin at the spot and yet now all I have is D. S. T. so back to nope. I'm also looking at the wide receivers. I'm looking at guys with upside. <hes> there is my boy A._J.. Brown but yet not not redraft redraft <hes>. I don't WanNa take Paris Campbell do I do. I WanNa take Paris Campbell. I'm looking at Paris Campbell or Albert Wilson. I think I'm going to take a shot on Albert Wilson Wilson Excuse me who was having a very good season last year before he was injured. So I took Albert Wilson I n now wow sixteenth round for you and now defense and I'm just GonNa take whoever they tell me to take <hes> an eighty percent of the crowd wants me to take Baltimore Ravens and so that's what we're GonNa do I yet the ravens went a lot before me actually if you look back or if I look back back in my draft log the Chicago bidders in this just crazy won't ever happen in real thing but it's just bought they went nine ten the house Cillian Sane in my draft so yeah. I'm also on defenses. I'm looking E._T._R.. Eighty two percent wants me a draft Denver <unk> buffalo but it doesn't really matter so here's a tip for you guys here <hes> I actually don't have it on me but I four defenses. If you're drafting like in the back half of <hes> the last round and you don't have that great defense options available just Chuck Week One and check <hes> the schedules for week one and since at that point it's going to be stream mable anyway. <hes> suggests get a good good weak on defense or good week on to defense and then cut them after because it really doesn't matter <hes> but considering. I don't have it with me. I I think I'm going to go. Buffalo Bill is I'm GonNa go outside of what <unk> e._C._R.. Wants me to do so. How'd you do on your draft grades? I got a B minus now. I think I probably could have gotten a solid B. if I didn't draft a player without an actual photo in Darwin Thomson Johnson but I'll take it I'll take it drifted in a look at it already. <hes> should've just waited on quarterback in that's every time you draft a quarterback. Early is what you realize. I should've just waited on one and so. Can you read out your team your quick so cute quarterback. We've got Jarrett golf running back David Johnson Nick Chubb Wide Receivers Stefan Digs Brandin cooks tight end Austin Hooper at the flex we have Kerryon Johnson and Tyler Boyd Defense <hes> like I said we've got the Ravens. Alma Bench Got Sterling Shepard Courtesy Samuel Austin actor Ronald Jones tunes the second Darwin Thomson Chase Edmunds and Albert Wilson I so for me <hes> well fancy pros loves. I love my team apparently because although I did take darnold Thompson who has what like easy are three twenty five. I got a plus ninety seven hundred so I'm pre- I'm really happy with my team. I'll just read out real quick. I've Baker Mayfield as my quarterback Alvin Kamara Marlin MAC as is my starting to running backs. Mike Evans Robert Woods as my like. Why did you say your one wide receiver to tighten <unk> hunter? Henry Flexes Says Cooper Cop and D._J.. More Buffalo Bills Defense and then I have Rashad Penny Curtis Samuel Naim Hines Duke Johnson Jamal Williams Darwin Thomson and Marquess Goodwin. I personally I love my team because my second pick. I thought that I wouldn't like the way as going since I usually get value there but in the end ended up like opening up absurd holes for me. <hes> <hes> like gang Baker Mayfield where I gain D._J.. More where I did so I love team right now like your team better. I should've should've held held off on the definitely should have held off on the quarterback and that's a strategy that I I wanted to this like there's there's there's realistically probably Twenty quarterbacks who you could say I wouldn't be mad at you for saying they're gonNA finish as a Q._B.. Me One and that just shows the depth at that position is absolutely insane so unless you're gang absurd value like me what Baker Mayfield or like Patrick mahomes homes available to you in like fifth round like Aaron Rodgers six like obviously pull a trigger there but if not you could find great pieces like I think for you you had James Jameis Winston at in the twelfth still available after he drafted Jared Goff unlike the tenth or something so I think that like way on a quarterback is definitely feasible. We'll strategy so yeah so any thoughts that you had on this draft like just seeing how everything went down. I'm not happy that I kept getting sniped. It's like the computer was listening to me so next time I'M GONNA keep my my my mouth shut. <hes> not tell us when it's going to do the other thing. Is You know what I didn't want to. I thought I wanted to play the you know be risky and say oh well. Maybe I could get maybe yeah I can get and get Joe Mixon on the next go around while if you really want a guy in I mean A._D._p.. Be Damned I mean don't don't start drafting guys seven rounds before for you need to but if you're within you know six seven pitcher even around eleven picks and you know you know there's an desert change that you won't get him on the way back <hes> <hes> draft draft Joe Mixon there that changes the whole composition might team and now if you if you like your guy in like we're not saying tango crazy like a giant Daniel Jones like I mean if you want to get you guy like that probably hold off but if you WanNa get your guy on your fairly closed like definitely go for it and a go get your guy and you're GonNa be happier with your team if you do more often than not so I think we're going to wrap it up for his podcast guys. Thank you all for listening and Shane. What are some projects that you're working on? And where can we find you. You can find me on the dynasty trades H._Q.. podcast every week <hes> mom all over the twitter <hes> D._F.. Underscore Shane <hes> dynasty football factory DOT COM <hes> biggest thing I'm working on at the moment is were actually working on our redraft guide <hes> because we also do redraft often debbie in college football and all that be actually working on my read every draft guide that that's going to come out <hes> right now looking at mid July July <hes> you know and then obviously we'd have to update it as the the off season progresses because we know they'll be injuries injuries and whatnot but it just check out the podcast sometime we <hes> we try to make sure that we have funding. Keep it informative but we definitely make sure that it's fun <hes> because well there's lots of things that aren't fun. So why would you wanNA listen to something. That's not now I completely agree like does do whatever's Evers Fund <unk> fancy ball except for y'all who like excessively gamble on it and stuff like that fantasy football just meant to be fun and like I just hope you guys just like half on the gas playing fancied. That's kind of would it is Kinda like what fancy

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