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The ballad of Billy balls is presented by ADT real protection. Hello. Yes. Hey, this is I o Rebecca rights kid. Wow. I can't believe you called just one second. Basically they could have been here from like septem- for the past few months. I've been looking into the murder of Billy ball the love of my mom's life. I've nailed down some of his history. And I've heard my mom's version of what happened to him. But I want some more perspectives. So I'm getting in touch with other people who were close to that guy. This phone call. I can't believe it. How are you? I'm really good. I'm really good. How are you? I'm really bad in. This is an old friend of my mom's we're calling her an tasha. We haven't spoken since. I was a little kid. I hope you're calling about Rebecca. No, no. Shoot. Okay. She's fine. She's fire. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No, I'm calling because I'm making a podcast trying to figure out what the fuck happened to Billy balls. Oh, really? Okay. I have a theory on it. Because I was around at that time. I don't know if I really want to say, I mean, basically. Wait. This is no all my God. She didn't hang up. Fuck me. It's like a moment in the movie where like. The person who did it was. Hey, sorry. I don't know what happened. See I I don't know. I really feel comfortable telling the story like, I don't think I. My version of the story. I don't know maybe different than we're back as but I would rather do it in person. He wasn't innocent. He was not innocent. Today on the show a few theories about how a darker side of Billy may have led to his death. From crime town, Iowa till it, right? And this is the ballad of Billy ball. Room heights men shot five times. Any impression of who had shot him? An undercover cop. Do the shot him came to the hospital and said to him if it was up to me, you wouldn't be in here. Chapter four get in the wind. The ballot of Billy balls presented by ADT real protection. We'll be back after this. 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So my producer Austin, and I went up to her apartment on the upper east side. So. My first question is like kind of when you met Billy describe Billy for me as a person. Well, it was an original for sure. Wore a hat, usually black cat, and he wore white socks with black shoes. And he was getting had a lot of energy. He had a great voice. And I thought he wrote amazing lyrics. I I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. He had a sense of humor to them. And I also know if he really loved it. We're back that I could tell Natasha remembers Billy's tenderness toward my mom. When she would be doing her exercises back like, we're her abdomen was stretched out. And she was she was weightlifting. He would go after her stomach like. You know, I got that out. He would always like he was like a prankster he was a dark haired Dennis the menace in a way. And I thought Billy was extremely talented in the early eighties. Natasha was experimenting with a music career. And I was working with belly. I used to pay him to work with him. I would go to the basement, and he would play the piano, and I would do some singing and try to work with the basement of the storefront. Yeah. But Natasha didn't have a ton of musical experience. I don't even know we're what's called one is like when you're supposed to start a song. And when he tried to create songs with me, he couldn't understand why didn't know where one was. Walk me through that whole situation. And then Natasha started to tell us her theory about why Billy was killed. It's a crazy saga that she says began with a wealthy international diplomat. I was asked to get dough for a very wealthy politician. Politicians and prince's and all those people did drugs like can anybody else? Did this person was very heavy partier? And would have this really big extravagant orgies and nothing like dropping a hundred thousand dollars in one night. This person was a cocaine freak and they wanted to try something different. So I recommended heroin. And that's how I got Billy to score for me. So I was more Christian. So billion tasha met up to go by the drugs. But the only problem was she showed up in a for coat coat Billy's sayings rolling is going can't believe you. I guess I looked suspicious that they thought I was just cover cop. Billy took her. Anyway, they went to alphabet city where they got in line an actual line of people to buy heroin, then drugs and hand she headed to the airport. So I went on a plane, and I I went to a foreign country to meet that diplomat who was planning an international or orgy. And attaches says when you get invited to an international or g you go. It was sort of like Colella. People having sex. Men and women gays straight. You know, using various toys to have sex with then dildos chains and just everything convention. I mean, there would be amazing spreads caviar all kinds of exotic food. And there would be you know, people snorting cocaine. And also on the menu that heroin. She brought ironically the person who I got the drugs for he almost Oded on heroin that night that you got from that I got from building got very very sick. And then I came back to the United States. So she says she took the drugs back to Billy. I knew he needed money, and I basically gave him the Herlin back and as payment for whatever he was working on with me, which I think in metre Specht was a huge mistake. A mistake. Natasha things might have cost Billy his life. Something went wrong with whoever he was exchanging the dope with actually saw him afterwards. And I remember coming down stairs. And he was just very frantic. And he was mad at me for some reason. And he had a gun. And he was waving the gun around down the basement, and he was really strong out. It was very nervous and very neurotic. He was very paranoid because he was frayed something had gone wrong. And he said, there's a dead rat under the Pano or there's going to be a dead rat under the piano. I got the impression that that. He had possibly killed somebody and he was like dead within a week. Natasha thought that somebody might have ratted Billy out. So he killed them which had something to do with why he died. Did you hear anything about who killed them? Or what happened? Yeah. I was told the back come home and the place was flagged off with please type. She wasn't allowed in. And I had heard that undercover had been in the house. But the undercover cop was there to investigate the murder, and basically said, you know, I'm here like we're is the body or you know, or something like that the story was that he went to go get a gun and the guy undercover cop pulled a gun out and shot. I really don't know the answer to. But I I know that he was not completely innocent. Something had to have happened. So was Billy shot by the cops because he had killed someone. 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Discover new stocks track your favorite companies and get custom notifications for price movements. So you never miss the right moment to invest Robin Hood is giving listeners of crime town presents a free stock like apple Ford for sprint to help you build your. Portfolio. Sign up at crime, town dot Robin, Hood dot com. Doc me for a second. Okay. We're good. Missed the chrome. Hey, cheetahs IOL. How are you? Good. How you doing? I'm good. I'm here with this cheetah chrome. He was the guitarist for the dead, boys. An important early punk band him and Billy were close. Best friends, I love they had their own band together. And cheetahs says Billy did things his way pointed acquire Graham channel. And he decided he wanted to use it as soon as. And so we all ended up. Getting fucking grand piano onto a Dali. Walking down to suit receives from his place. You know my God. It was hilarious. 'cause I it was literally four guys like pushing channel on a dollar down third avenue. And I mean indifference did it did it, of course. And it's not a great. Guitar. Again as a pass. It was great. It was very experienced the half and blew was really, Alex. But we didn't do that many shows Billy. I don't know if maybe afraid of net or just was, you know, ask stays fide or plan live. Plus, it was going to subsidize like van was no pills side, you know. This isn't the first time we've heard that Billy might have been dealing drugs. But I'm hoping cheetah can shed some more light on it. What can you tell us a little more about that? Good Safai pretty much, you know to it all and we're and things like that. You know are stuff if you wanted it. I wouldn't call real drug dealer. I mean, the only customers had for like friends the guys who played with, you know. And he says that the drug Billy liked to take the most with speed in particular, a prescription drug called disarm the Bach which like. Cure speed really good tour speed Bill. Like what one of those? If you have twenty four hours shot, you know? You know into pretty much everything like that, you know, back then we all were wasn't like unusual at all wasn't like us. Any criminal element writing news, the normal? The all that. Around that time, I was on a study guide of heroin cocaine. You know, you billing according studio blow until you were done and do heroin noun. You know? Can you tell me about the day that you found out? Billy was shot. Down the mom. And obviously she was extremely upset because it was just believable. We're all in. I mean, it wasn't like oh honest coming. All right. As we weren't all of a sudden out of nowhere. You know, one of our best friends all of a sudden murdered dead. You know? Do you have any theories on why that might have happened Euler did have a couple of guns and supposedly his soul gone to somebody? And the gun had been used at the top. So what I found out where he got the gun. But with a guy got the gun from. There was like kind of a revenge thing going out with they went in there. And but the attention of what hap- happening. So cheetah suspect that Billy sold a gun that someone than used to shoot a cop. And that's why the cops targeted Billy. There's you know, they claimed that he went for. I don't know. It was not there. Don't know what happened, but Philly did take a lot of stews. Could you pretty, you know, lacked out there sometimes tonight? Hallucinating thinking the government's after you know, shit like that. But I don't see them going for a gun cops. You know? It was revenge thing tops. So we've heard from Natasha Billy may have killed someone and we've heard from cheetah chrome, the Billy may have sold a gun that was used to kill someone else. Ulama? I'm. So we went back to my mom to ask what was happening with guns in their home. I slept at one point with the little Colt Pearl handled twenty two on the my pillow, which she gave to me because a needed. It you needed it. You know for protection? Where was the twenty two on the day that the long gone long gone? Those no guns in the apartment. My mom says that Billy did have guns for protection. But that he'd gotten rid of them just before he was shot because he felt like something bad was coming. He sold everything who's preparing for us to move because it was the vibe. Hit a feeling. I mean, his sensitive person, you know, he knows the word tweet and all that. Baby, I'm gonna get into wind. Could this be because of the rat flipping on him or because of the gun? He sold to cop killer coming back to haunt him. Something big had to be going down. He wanted to get in the wind, quote, unquote and move. Things are really changing. And in our media world was sitting fan for him in some kind of way where he would never tell me anything that would be like if you don't know won't hurt you kinda thing. Yeah. What I don't understand is. Why am not not in any kind of suspicious way? But what I'm really trying to understand and get to the bottom of is. What was the motivation for the guy to shoot it? Why did they want to kill him? That's what I don't have any idea. And that. I don't know. I don't know. You know, you're asking me to add words, I'm not adding words 'cause there's no worse to be added. I am the only arbiter of the words. So you gotta respect that. after we leave. I started to ask myself a bigger question. I have to say there's a little part of me now that I'm discovering that maybe Billy. Wasn't such a good guy that a little part of me is like why are you doing this to your mom? But at the same time, she's in so much pain and has been for thirty five years. Do you think that? If Billy was not a great guy giving her the truth will help her. I don't know. I love my mom a lot. But I know that people construct. Fragile. Mental houses for themselves to live in that can be built with toothpicks that keep them alive and make life survivable and make. Pain and loss manageable. And I wonder if I am stronger in the sense that I can handle the truth about people in about things, and I don't wanna burn her toothpick house down. By being bullheaded and wanting the truth. But the truth is I do want the truth. For making shit based on no evidence. We can make up any shit we want and it's all consistent with the no evidence that we have. There are answers that are attainable. There are files out there that we give the police and witness narrative of what they claim happened. That's in two weeks in the next chapter of the ballad of Billy balls. Crime town is Stuart Pontiac and marks Marlene the ballot of Billy balls is hosted by me, I o Tillett right and made in partnership with cadence thirteen you can find me on the internet, Iowa loves you on everything. And if you want to know more about my story, you can pick up my memoir darling days. We also want to hear from you. We've avoi- smell set up for you to call us. Here's Dom from California. The one that saves of this podcast, making me all kinds of stuff civically, my friend. Gregory have a kind of a death wish like Billy did the really wild soul in the mazing Foale who taking. And I think Billy Gregory somewhere. Specialty. I hope billion Gregory or tearing up the afterlife. If there is one. There's somebody Billy reminds you of or you have a theory on what could have happened. Call us and leave us a voicemail five seven oh three nine two nine six six zero. You can also get into our discussion forum on our website, the ballot of Billy balls dot com. The show is produced by me, Kevin shepherd and Ryan's Wichert. Our senior producer is the imitable Austin Mitchell. Editing by Zach Stewart Pontiac in Mark's Merlin fact, checking by Jennifer Blackman this episode was mixed and sound designed by Kenny cusak music by Kenny. Ceac title track is dark allies by light asylum. Our research by Brennan Reese special, thanks, Daniel, Araya, Rachel, right? Emily wiediman. Those are girlfriends and wives. Greencard pictures Allesandro Santo Bill Clegg, Ben Davis, Oren Rosenbaum and the team cadence thirteen and of course, my mom without whom none of this would be possible.

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