Introducing Motive for Murder


The thing about Pam is sponsored by best scenes. Tell me if this sounds familiar. You reach for your phone. You look at the screen. Then you realize you can't remember why you picked your phone up in the first place. We're all trying to get away from that kind of mindless growing so lately when I find myself picking on my phone. I play a few levels of the puzzle. Game Best Means I love playing this game especially right now when I need something to give my brain a workout. Whether I'm taking a break from work or I just don't feel like watching the same episode of TV that I've seen a million times. Best beans has thousands of levels already with new levels. Events Characters added every month. It's hours of fun right at your fingertips and you can even play off line with over one hundred million downloads. And tons of five-star reviews. Best fiends is a must play download best scenes free on the apple APP store or Google play. That's friends without our best fiends. Here dateline we're used to spending months or even years pursuing a story. We've learned a lot along the way so we thought we share and let you in on a few things a friend of mine who's a homicide detective says. All murders can be chalked up to either love money or pride and this mystery would be no exception. Was It love? I think we were head over heels for one another over the years. He had accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars in his account. Peden MS angled duty. No Sir there was a pattern. Were pride a man. Sprite being walked all over by a tiny woman that was his ego that she stepped all over. This is a tale so twisted. It would take not just one murder but to for the killer's motive to come to light. Both we will never know anybody that's been murdered. It's one thing of two people were murdered at one point and then it's another that like one person is murdered and then two months later somebody else's murder when to be like stuck right in the middle of them. I'm Josh me quits. I've been reporting on Dateline for more than twenty five years. And this this motive for murder. A new podcast from dateline jewelry bloggers may was a radiant woman. She had countless France. She was funny crazy full of energy. Everything packaged tiny body. Jewelry was studying molecular genetics at MD Anderson in Houston she dreamt of one day becoming a CSI expert and helping police solve violent crimes instead. She became the center of one. Shot two times at close range. Should this up today. That's all I know I heard shot and I've just had the courage to go out. There may have been shot. I think she's in the car I couldn't have earlier. I was just scared. Houston. I'm Wendy. Police fire ambulance just a murderer Two hundred yards from her. Who in the world would want Galleria dead before police would find out another brutal crime would come to Light Scott screaming? I can't understand you. This was an investigation that would leave the city of Houston on edge as police looked for a killer who was lurking in the shadows. They accounted for seven strikes on his body. It would leave everyone wondering how do you catch a killer? Whose motive is unimaginable. The first step to finding out. Who did it would be figuring out the why and that would take. Investigators down a path full of twists and turns. I'm Josh mates me for a motive for murder. An all new podcast from dateline and from the creators of the thing about panel subscribe now and get the first two episodes on May seventh. Hey It's Chris. As this week on my podcast wise is happening. I'll be talking with my friend. Heather mcghee about the book. She's writing about how American racism ends up hurting us. All societies that has a public health system that is highly functioning well coordinated and well resourced are obviously going to do better in a public health crisis and we have resisted that in the richest country on the planet in large part for the past one hundred years because of racism. That's this week on. Why is this happening? Search for wise is happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribed.

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