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The trust me up and a lot of heavy to the age said you'll be wearing a bulletproof vest yes you are going to the world series on Sunday while paying tribute to a great man it was a real tribute it was historic in the sense that Elijah Cummings was the first MSNBC political contributor Rick Tyler Joe in Meeker off today as they attend the funeral of Congressman Elijah Cummings later this morning in Baltimore due to a criminal investigation news was first reported by The New York Times review is being conducted by Connecticut. US Attorney John Durham according to The Times this movie armor under his jacket good morning welcome to morning Joe it's Friday October twenty fifth I'm Willie geist president trump as you heard there attending the world series on Sunday if there is a game I have I wanted to start with you because you were at that beautiful memorial and the Capitol yesterday for Elijah Cummings where you saw Mitch McConnell Nancy Pelosi Mark Meadows both sides of the Reverend Al Sharpton also with US senior adviser and move on dot org an MSNBC contributor Korean Jon Pierre and Republican Communication Strategist AC news confirming that an investigation into the origins of the Russia probe closely overseen by Attorney General William Bar has now changed from an administrative review durum the power to subpoena witness testimony documents to convene a grand jury and to file criminal charges as the Times notes the opening of a criminal investigation testimony a day after we saw thirty Republicans storm the hearing if the testimony of wait a minute let's be more life Elijah where we can be civil the President George W Bush eighteen years ago during the world series a month and a half after nine eleven throwing a dart down the middle while wearing and five the nationals get ended before then with us this morning we've got former Treasury official and morning Joe Economic Endless Steve Rattner the president of the Council on Foreign Relations and author of the book disagree but come together to on a statement who really served this country never giving up his principles but learn how to relate to others and I think it was the African American elected officials to lay it state in Statuary Hall and to see Mitch McConnell and Schumer and Pelosi all initially we were there tomorrow his past and his funeral as I said we'll be later this morning down in Baltimore we'll go live there a little bit later in the show but we want to begin with and debate rather than get into such disparaging kind of spiteful behaviour and in two zero trump thought it was a day that he lied you would've wanted on world in disarray Richard Haass Republican strategists and MSNBC political analyst Susan Dell Persio the host of MSNBC's politics nation and the president of the National Action Wedding and he and I work together so the family at us there and Paul Ryan sitting with us it showed the best in the country when people can so a Giulio explain if you can what exactly John Durham has seen from the time he initiated or since the time the Justice Department initiated this administrator view about political bias is this being used as a tool from this administration to go after people who the president believes are against him who are part of the deep state Barr has lost its independence and become a vehicle for president trump's political revenge that's bringing NBC News correspondent Juliet Ainsley who's been covering this story accommodate the secret service their job was to protect me and therefore I wanted to make their job easier not harder and so I put it on Shen of this becoming a criminal inquiry or possibly because it already was a criminal inquiry criminal investigation now we're finding out but what exactly pushed it like Carter page and now we're asking those same questions is there enough information for this to go to a criminal investigation so again we're back in the same spot is likely to raise alarms that president trump again is using the justice department to go after his perceived enemies at this point it's not clear what potential crime derm that led him to believe the F. B. I. had acted improperly it's not clear when the change to a criminal investigation took place House Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff and house judy in May to make it change into a criminal investigation which has of course wide ranging implications for who he can talk to what he can gather the evidence he can seek resume here this is someone who investigated CIA torture. He's done investigations into Mafia rings but there are a lot of questions and people I've spoken to within the FBI we'll be a reluctance to be involved in those investigations because if that person wins you could be called before a grand jury on the grand jury piece on the idea that you can now subpoena indicating and a J spokesperson declined to comment federal investigators need only a reasonable indication that a crime has been committed to open an investigation a much thing is the same questions we're asking about this investigation or the very questions that the Durham investigation set out to answer about what became the Mueller investigation we're talking completely different category and allow them to compel more information dig deeper than they could say when you just put this in the camp of the Inspector General at the justice they say there can be a chilling effect and they're worried that the next time they are asked to investigate any kind of campaign especially someone who may go on to hold federal office that ACID DOJ official about that WHO said that John Durham really always had the power to compel testimony simply because US Attorney but it doesn't seem that he has been this question it's true it shows the priority that the Justice Department is putting on this investigation rather than handing all of this often John Durham it's clear that the attorney general at this point it was more voluntary but because it's a criminal investigation they can now subpoenaed testimony subpoena witnesses and panel that grand jury which will put this into a having to ask a lot of questions about our justice department and investigators and whether or not they are free from bias we'll say John Durham someone with a pretty stellar from being an administrative review to a criminal investigation we're not clear in the Times doesn't lay that out there reporting either but Willie what's very ironic about this entire lower standard than the probable cause required to obtain a search warrant however there must be an objective factual basis for initiating the investigation Amir Hunch cities this as a top priority and not only has had they been cleared by people like the Italian prime minister saying there was really nothing here to see we saw the White House last week George Job and one with great responsibility where he is traveling around the world as you point out to personally investigate a case tells you declare that that was not the case that the Italian government had no role in this but again extraordinary that the attorney general of the United States of America's flying to Italy to look in is insufficient that is according to DOJ guidelines the administrative review of the Russia probe began in May you'll remember after attorney general Bar said he had conversations take up dirt on his political opponent Joe Biden so this investigation could not be seen in a vacuum it is something that this administration is using to ended this investigation into the two thousand sixteen campaign interference were quote treasonous he said that earlier this year William Bars working here on behalf of president trump there department who is also doing a review into the questions this is pretty extraordinary that the Justice Department has moved this as a top priority now of course attorney general bar himself not just John that is also a Russian story there was Russian interference in the campaign it was systematic The campaign the trump campaign unwittingly the president's phone call in Ukraine that this was all to get to the bottom of launched the investigation get to the bottom of the two thousand sixteen election the two thousand sixteen election results for whatever reason because it speaks his legitimacy and he he wants to just blow up and someone on the trump campaign was tricked into giving information you had the prime minister of Italy Julia coming out at a press conference on Wednesday to publicly and and because of that that somehow justified the president getting involved in having that conversation with the president of Ukraine that ultimately led to him asking Muller's investigation to put the Justice Department or his and I would say the president's particular spin on an investigation he gave it to the White House before anybody else had talking about a predicate John Durham went out to see if the FBI had enough information if the Justice Department had enough information to seek fiso warrants on people era has been traveling the world looking into this places like the UK Australia and notably Italy because they think there's some link there to a conspiracy between the Italian government muller the White House has disputed parts of that obviously but is the Justice Department saying that what this investigation revealed is in fact false I it was laid out in the Nunez memo this is the idea that people within the FBI used that steele dossier as a reason to there's no other way to put it so well there's only one reason attorney general bar who's supposed to be managing the Justice Department which is fairly low defy all sorts of priorities and then of course what is at the heart of now and impeachment Acqua Rick Tyler this is another case where the the Justice Department in this case it Fiso warrants that would be a surveillance weren't on Carter page that then went and opened this investigation they're also conspiracy theories that they're looking into the is but also Republicans in the House and the Senate this week have answered president trump's call to go chase down theories that he has remember he said that the F. B. I. Agents who has been largely disproven about George Popadopoulos and whether or not when he met with professor named Joseph Masud whether or not that was actually orchestrated by the coordinated with the Russians you have a Paul Manafort who was the campaign chairman who is now in jail for his connections with questions but during this entire course there has been no evidence that these warrants were in any way fabricated in fact I should just point out in order to get the investigation is that right because I don't see a lot of disputing of the outcomes and the findings of the investigation you had the Intelligence Agency of course you had robber Ooh all the facts that we we know that happened in the two thousand sixteen election results which was there was Russian interference not you're creating interference the president's obsession and that's what's going on here and remember Bill Barr was the one who came out after the Muller investigation to systematically undermining so he went out in advance early days there were many people who came through the Justice Department who sign their names to this it's not like this was all in the hands of one person or one up political affiliation President and his campaign did not collude or a conspiracy with the Russians. They're not disputing that at all what they're going to as a Republican talking point that we've heard over the past two years Jerry chaired Jerry Nadler responded with a joint statement reading in part these reports if true raise profound new concerns that the Department of Justice Under Attorney General William chance to look at it and it's set there for days of spinning by the White House and the Justice Department to put a particular of framing thing of what the Miller report was and so that is now happening again so Julia let me just clarify one thing this is an investigation into the origins of the vector general who has been looking into this for over a year we're still waiting on those results and then you add on top of this now criminal investigation into these very same willy as we've been reporting there are people within the CIA and FBI some low level people whose names have not risen to the top of this investigation who have been lawyering up in anticipation can that rather remarkable press conference from Chief-of-staff Mick Mulvaney used the Justice Department investigation us what John is doing as some kind of justification here's what Senator Graham had to say about the new measure yesterday give president trump these rights that every other president she ate the impeachment inquiry as well as provide president trump with quote due process to include the ability to confront his accusers call witnesses on his behalf and have a basic MR resolution slamming house Democrats impeachment inquiry the five page measure co-sponsor by majority leader Mitch McConnell Accuses Democrats of violating due process so just that it was not well predicated it's exactly the former Willie they haven't disputed the findings at all in fact especially because the ultimate finding was at the a warrant you have to have a judge sign off and we've been able to see from those fiso warrants that those in the early days before this ever became the Mueller probe standing of the accusations against him it also requests that Republicans be able to quote participate fully in all proceedings and have equal authority to issue subpoenas Publican senators seven have yet to sign on including senators Susan Collins Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney so Susan this is of a piece of what Republicans have been doing this do that the priority it is it doesn't seem to be William bars priority though maybe this is the president's priority he has he is obsessed with look into quote get tough and fight for him yesterday he took to twitter to praise House Republicans for being tough smart and understanding after a group that was ambassador Taylor so I'm not sure they're very effective plus this is the wrong kind of messaging they look like they're trying to disrupt and not let the process they're trying to delay things it's not working we ended up when they delayed the testimony of of someone they created five hours where all we talked about it is even continued during the trump Justice Department or Julius Ainsley explaining complicated story very well thanks so much Julie meanwhile president trump has spent the week urging week you had on Wednesday you had the House Republicans with their Domino's pizza stormy in the secure room and yesterday this resolution where Lindsey Graham who understands better sure committee which is really important to keep in mind as he's out there trying to make friends with the president again because Senator Graham was outspoken on the presence why are we going through all of these different measures if there's nothing to hide if there's no reason to be afraid of the facts coming out so clearly they're trying to hide something Babacan Congressman storm the secure room at the Capitol where an impeachment inquiry deposition was taking place and hours after that tweet from the President Senator Lindsey Graham introduced nations when it came to Syria and now he's trying to figure out a way to kind of mend that fencing look good in the president's is yet once again because the deadline to run a primary hi is George Popadopoulos has claimed but this isn't the only investigation they've had into these questions House Republic Republicans have looked into this as well as in Russian Ukrainian politicians it just goes it just goes on and on but there's no reason bill bar would ever be involved in any particular case unless it was consider Senator Graham has not yet asked I think that's probably his deadline but what the Republicans are trying to do especially in the house are just disrupt and Amine when you're a kid and you do something wrong you distract your parents because you know if they find out what you did wrong you're going to be punished and that's the behavior we're seeing here had the Republicans get equal time to ask their questions the president will have his chance his day in court so to speak to present his point of view and this is a totally normal and appropriate I were interviewing key witnesses behind closed doors or into a summary released by grams office the resolution calls in the house to hold a floor vote that would formally speak and you have a president who basically doesn't believe in any rules trying to completely undermine it because they don't like the substance of it they talk about the process all the time because they know the the processes and procedures and comportment of how you act this president and I did find the the storming of the of the skiff quite remarkable state and then you have the Justice Department now looking into the two thousand sixteen investigation itself these three pieces coming together to sort of change the conversation that's exactly us going with the Pizza Party and yesterday Lindsey Graham's resolution followed meetings with the President United States where they went ineffectively took their orders and said we're going to do this and he said I mean it's almost comical if it wasn't really tearing the fabric of this country plus a third of the people there then house members were allowed to be inside the he or Bill Taylor's testimony they don't WanNa talk about that for obvious reasons because this damning to the president usually when people distract because they can't deal with the truth at this is part of the process that these interviews and private and then you have the hearing in the Senate running interference for the president and he's Lindsey Graham is also the head of the would be more these protests these guys who spent their life arguing against guys like me protesting now you have a pizza protests in the middle of testimony the money from Bill Taylor has been when you put together these serve three prongs the House Pizza Party and then you had of course yesterday Lindsey Graham with his resolution condemning the entire inquiry that are part of this impeachment inquiry that also includes Mike Pence's brother he's part of this hearing as well it includes the Republican leader sitting there together and morning Joe Joe Scarborough mic and I was sad with the family we invited Congressman Cummings officiated over there and I didn't say to him what I felt like sandwiches hey man I got to throw the pitch you know you wear the bulletproof vest generally thought it was very important get him guys said as much on twitter I mean they're just out in the open explicitly acting on his behalf the outlook it's quite extraordinary we have a president who doesn't seem to have any respect for the normal ah back in the ninety Clinton how would you have reacted I think he would we're doing this you'd be beaten out of the resolution is backed by forty six in the house so it's all their outcry is a total and complete joke and this is the GOP hypocrisy that we're seeing right now and Richard let's get to some form argument at all you have to do is look at the polling the polling the country is moving more and more closer in historical fashion to to Nixon Clinton have had and take a vote to allow the house to be all record authorizing this this is a rogue action by single committee Oh forward meaning what do you have to hide and right now it looks like the Republicans are trying to hide a lot of these all have something in common none of them are talking about the facts or the evidence look the the evidence is overwhelming in this case and so what Republicans are doing is they're making a process argument which is a failed houses and by the way the Republicans never give Democrats the right to issue subpoenas where they're in the majority so this is all this is all being played out exactly I think by hoiles rules Abscissa what's going on there especially since Bill Taylor's testimony is extraordinarily damaging to them Korean this has all been a week of tells about how damning that test of our our life that we've come to this just underscore a couple of things I said there will be public hearings in the house right it's just simply depositions the beginning of a process as the rev hearings more those nearly fifty Republicans that are sitting all that that are part of the impeachment inquiry that signals three committees to where Democrats are right which impeachment inquiry and we see it more than fifty percent in most of the polling here's a thing as well when you look at the House and the impeachment to storm with pizza and you hand hearing I mean if that does not make the American people say wait a minute what are we hiding you would would would take over and ask the questions you can't have it both ways so steve these both of these incidents the House that has never done impeachment inquiries before and I think it's dangerous to the presidency tried to interfere with the help of policy in your wheelhouse secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in his home state of Kansas again yesterday sat down for an interview with mcclatchy Wichita Eagle and the Kansas City star which he mostly deflected questions on Ukraine and Syria Bill Taylor told Congress this week that he sent you a cable on August really dry hot windy conditions yesterday we had two big fires the tick fire is the one that's just outside of Santa Clarita just north of Los Angeles this one died down a little bit not you're right we're going to talk more about Syria and just a minute still ahead on Morning Joe Congressman Tim Ryan who ended his bid yesterday for the president of the United States the Ohio Democrat joins US anyway less than a hundred one percent loyal you're you're then and rex tillerson territory or genetic territory or some territory where essentially a you're beginning to be on the banana peel so what you're seeing from Mike Pompeo is the calculated decision that he is going to be there one hundred percent or one hundred percent secretary out for these local interviews where getting crushed by local reporters happening Nashville last week as well but what do you make of the questions he was asking his one of his principal tasks which is to defend his own people and he's taken tremendous heat forward and rightfully so he hasn't you know this is the opposite of Tammy Wynette he's not standing Ashington right now I'm not sure if there's any safe spots for the secretary of state let me ask you a question is a guy who's been in these rooms do you think he believes what he's saying when he says our reputation is fine it's better than and now it is flared back up overnight winter now gusting once again to forty to fifty miles per hour it just jumped highway fourteen the highway's closed now in both directions and there are lihue graduated first in his class at West Point he was the head of the CIA he's now secretary of state he's not he's a he's a professional my own also now beginning to take on a lot of water as as secretary of state and so he's got a problem when he goes around the country you got attack when he goes around the world so other than straight ahead but first here's bill with check on the forecast bill good morning to Willie and once again California's to focus of just these epoch fires that continued to burn in the US in light of the presence treatment of the Kurds is that undercut US credibility the whole product of your questions saying the word of the united inches he knows better but if you're going to work with this president there can't be you one bit of daylight between you and the president and if you're in US and the problem is again you it's not just the credibility of the country that gets weekend your own credibility I think that's where he is right now the job requires total oil willingness to answer them in an impossible situation which he's put himself in he wants to give unconditional support for the president if he does that he clearly fails turns to the President Look I came here today to talk about workforce development came to talk about the great things that are going on here in Kansas what good really is the word of the US apple area this was one of our NBC photographers that was trying to get to the heart of the fire it was moving so fast at jumped highway one forty eight that they actually had to stop in turn around no mandatory evacuations that are in effect with that fire the other big blaze yesterday was that Kincaid fire this one was further north up in wine country and just north of San Francisco north of the as men or women so there's that and to argue that you know you sh- reliability and credibility are stronger now than they want to two and a half years ago that's a talking never been he he's a smart guy understands the world do you think he believes what he's saying no Mike I think I think he knows better this is go that way all morning long and then we're GonNa do it again on Sunday and then we're going to northern California six million people under a high wind watch and they think they got a hundreds of point but that doesn't pass the laugh test obviously obviously not so that's what he that's where he is but he's taken on mixed metaphors good morning Joe we'll be right back hi it's Katy Tur WanNa keep up with MSNBC while you're on the go subscribe to the Msnbc daily newsletter get the best of what you've missed during this unprecedented era of news text Msnbc two six six eight six six to subscribe eight I'll give you a good example is much more respected today than it was just two and a half years ago Richard might be time for the State Department to stop putting the Middle East and we have allowed it to be disbanded just like happened in Czechoslovakia exactly the same thing history will repeat itself Asia Prime Ministership of England within a year of Saturday that agreement Germany invaded Poland and World War Two was under Tennessee and Ohio Valley as we go through Saturday and then Sunday that soaking rain moves to the northeast so keep that in mind for all of your plans you know including the world dozens maybe even a million people possibly preemptive power outages because of that event they say it could be the strongest winds over the season that Sunday the other huge story this big rain you can see why they're so we continue with the story today we have extreme fire risk in southern California these winds are GonNa Forty to sixty miles per hour starting now and then peace in our time he's holding up the papers right there and he was then reelected a include yes more troops and battle tanks a senior defense official tells NBC News that President Donald Trump was briefed by top officials on the importance of that's GonNa move through areas of the eastern half of the country all weekend long we have flash flood wash from Louisiana through Mississippi and as I mentioned that rainy weather is going to move from today to the goal in nineteen thirty eight British prime minister after getting promises from Hitler comes back and he says there is the Kurds we have abandoned them they're being slaughtered by the Turks and we have given a measure China's GonNa come against North Korea's GonNa come a guest this is Pat Robertson comparing president trump did Neville Chamberlain on the seven hundred the president of the United States comes on the air and he said I have a peace treaty the Kurds had the best army to defend for freedom in the to keep those fields from falling into the hands of Isis the Pentagon says the US will reinforce the area with quote Additional Military Assets Defense official tells NBC News For this move was to get the troops out of Syria American troops in to end endless wars now we're sending troops in to protect the oil fields helped me sort this out you can't during the oilfields so they cannot be seized and used to fund isis terrorist activities. Richard this in my brain a little bit I thought the entire rationale away as I look what's happening in with the Kurds in the Middle East it is a replay almost word for word club yesterday multiple defense officials tell NBC News US forces have been ordered to prepare to provide security for oilfields in the eastern part of Syria. I don't always work out well but you anticipate while if we do this then what and this is an example of what happens when you again you you may tell you have telephone calls and you make its Improv we're safe the Turks are out what we've done is set in motion a chain of events with all sorts of knock on consequences and that's one of the beliefs of them and again the bigger cities and so the the the concept is is legitimate but as Richard said there's no process and also as we sit here at the moment those fields producing twenty five thousand barrels a day of Oil Ah Steve Correctly says minute capability to produce this is such a twisted now policy that again is has no one no one should see reporter Syria and I promise you I'm sitting here right now Russia is going to come against this turkeys come against us about well this is what happens when you make foreign policy on the fly without a process one of the reasons you have an interagency process you have National Security Council beating is that you're never surprised at least your concerns if you kept isis in prison which by the way the Kurds were doing there was no no problem with the oilfields for keep a small number of American troops there the Kurds and when you improv you constantly get surprised and that's that's what you have here it is true is true that there was a time when the oil was helping to finance I suspect series there it looks like we should be okay the rain to be ending in DC by the time the game starts there if we do get a game Sunday Chicago you're GonNa have a soaking rain on Saturday be prepared Italy different it's the first administration in post World War Two American history that has put American economic and commercial interests in a narrow sense ahead of strategic uh I didn't support it but again commercial access to oil was never the goal again it was it was a war you may people thought it was misguided I think for good reasons they thought so but again addressing the president directly so Rick Tyler the problem though I guess is that the decision has already been made so Lindsey Graham can go into the White House and unroll the maps and explain to the president commercial exploitation but because it was a major strategic asset we didn't want Saddam to have his hands on so much of the world's oil and even the Iraq War Two thousand three hours taking issue with his foreign policy and making the inconsistencies of apparent that causes real problems for trump's I think politics spells trouble for the White House and I think when you have donald trump and those around him watching a Pat Robertson Lindsey Graham day after consequences are us standing in the region and the world so the idea that we're going to reintroduce of small number of soldiers to guard some small oilfield foreign policy is consistent but it's an it's consistently incoherent I want to ask Richard Haass because I take in many ways is worse than never the only thing that American foreign policy this narrow capitalist enterprise in my expansion almost never is but what's one of the many many ways this administration is fundament I would say it's money I wanted it's mine it's funny I was involved in in government during the Gulf War were getting we wanted to protect the oil goals saying the complete alarmist kinds of stance about what Donald Trump is done in many things but for him to be that adamant I mean he's not being you know just gentle about it he is coming straight at the president two or three times of it is is something very troubling for them 'cause Pat Robertson is a very well regarded figuring that particular world I don't agree with Pat Pulitzer Prizes to people they got it wrong okay all these people for doing it from the New York Times which is a fake interest and ahead of humanitarian interest this is

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