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Equine Forum - August 3rd 2019


From the rail to your radio this is the Horse Racing Radio Network but wore of well then I go to the sixty fallen thrive loyd brought by church with more Trevor Secto but nothing started this way or well break this bricks mortar pumps with hard to the art nonetheless posing with two and a half lengths to make up in a sixteenth Dicko. It's curb on in front clydes bricks and mortar finding stride late in the game and bricks and mortars up in time for Jimmy Johns of Lexington Studios Welcome to the equine forum presented by Red Brand Fence Tacitus is closing toward opening the rail into the final sixteen. It is tax in front tacitus or the inside a second. He's come and get tax. Ask Your team's brothers tax on the outside residents at the rail head. It is tax it around Ortiz Jim Dandy and Beano also the edging away from Gift Box. He's coming into his own and Russel at age four goes on to win the Gold Cup at Santa Anita now. Here's Mike and Judy Feld good morning once again everyone welcome to the equine forum presented by Red Brand fence that surround the horse racing radio network baron pontiff. That's Mike Penn and Jude Feld trackside on another beautiful morning here in Saratoga Springs New York as we take take the show back on the road and for good reason five stakes races on the program this afternoon three of those are graded to our grade ones the great one test and the grade one Whitney which is a win and you're in for the Breeders Cup Classic Division. This is all part of the Phasing Tipton Festival of racing and Phasing Basic Tipton focused on what is going to be at least expected to be another strong yearling sale the Saratoga sale which takes place just across the street just across union avenue at the Humphrey S Finish Sales pavilion Monday and Tuesday night that begins at six thirty eastern both nights. We'll have coverage for you beginning at seven o'clock eastern and we'll take you pretty much gavel to gavel in J._T.. This is one of those times that you know you talk about this place being a vacation destination and families coming here and the atmosphere atmosphere in Saratoga being unparalleled too many other racing venues across the country but you throw that Saratoga sale into the mix and now you've got the entire horse industry here as well. It's a it's a a special weekend a special three or four days of racing. Yes certainly a busy weekend and there's a lot of work involved. It's <hes> it's not all fun and games that the sale is very the expensive and it's it's <hes> you know select sale so you've got the top echelon of owners and trainers looking further next champion in <hes> so there's definitely some work involved. There'll be a lot of things going on Monday and Tuesday that <hes> people will not be spending their time at the lake then we'll we'll be back their scout out the horses and <hes> a lot of a lot of action. It's an exciting time to to be in Saratoga Sale. We always a great the ratings racing's usually fantastic in and the sales just to a blockbuster yeah in the hall of fame inductions took place here yesterday in that same Sales Pavilion Humphry Vinnie pavilion <hes> just across the street and <hes> One <hes> individual that was inducted was Mary Lou Whitney and of course rightfully so I don't think anybody would have Benicia with that and <hes> somebody who has meant so much to the game and to this particular part of the country <hes> here in Saratoga Springs. She's a deserving the hall of fame inductee and it was a wonderful ceremony yesterday and today many people be remembering Mary Lou who passed away just a couple of weeks ago yeah well. She was <hes> a great lady in many many respects and meant a lot to the city of Saratoga <hes> really put Saratoga on the map the the racing has always been exciting here but <hes> Saratoga was just kind of a dust bowl quiet little town and now it's a destination a bucket list destination for many people and <hes> she's a big part of that and <hes> she's done so many philanthropic things for the city and and cultural things and so <hes> Saratoga are her home and everybody in town knows who she is and recognizes cognizitive what she's done somebody else who will be remembered on this Whitney. Day is trainer Rick Violet who also passed away this year and Rick is <hes> of course the man who trained to diversify to win this race a year ago. He will not be with us this year obviously and <hes> a lot of people will be thinking about rick on this day to yeah. Rick was a guy who worked tirelessly for the horsemen when he was a a trainer that that took horsemen's affairs to the next level and <hes> really worked hard for for people on the backside and very involved in and a wonderful guy I mean every time we had him on the show he was just a delight to interview and his insights it's in his knowledge of thoroughbreds racing and and <hes> you know just just the general horsemanship of Rick Violet <hes> is missed but <hes> all all the work that he did <hes> for the for the trainers and and <hes> grooms was you know unparalleled early. Today's Whitney is a race that much like the test I mean steeped in history when you look at the test and you say okay well. This is the ninety fourth renewal of that grade one race in the ninety second renewal of the Whitney and as I mentioned at the top of the show a winning you're in for the Breeders Cup Classic Division <hes> It's a race. It's been one by so many of the greats that we've seen in the sport easy Goer Dr Dr Fager. Tom Fool <hes> you know. INVA- sore came here won the race Lua Gold Alydar at the list goes on and on this is also the race that is known for that famous upset by onion who defeated secretariat in the nineteen seventy-three running who's trained by the chief. The giant killer Allen Jerkins his son Jimmy Jerkins Birkin's is looking for a victory in the race today with <hes> preservationists yeah preservationists and he'll be on the top of everybody's list if he can pull off the victory here today was very impressive. You've got <hes> huge pace and speed figures. He figures to be a big part of this race in he's he's a horse that he's six years old. He hasn't run that many times because he's had little issues back and forth over the years but he's at the top of his game right now and they've they've always been high on him and he's living up to those expectations and it's really a tribute to Jimi Jerkins about how patient he's been with the source and how much confidence he's had them that even when he has a setbacks he doesn't he doesn't worry about it. He just gives them the timing needs and and goes on with them so it it's a really cool story in and when he's a beautiful horse yeah eight horse field in the Whitney preservation so break from the far outside number eighty three to one on the morning line favorite is the Bob Baffert trained Mackenzie. The WHO is maybe the top horse in the country at least in terms of what the pollsters think you vote in the Breeders Cup Pole for the Breeders Cup classic contenders and McKinsey's. He's he's been number one on that list for a while. He has to prove it here today. Yeah well I haven't put them there but <hes> other people have and and <hes> you know I'm not the only vote yeah. Obviously you wouldn't be number one if it was not a big McKinsey fan either. Here's a horse. That's one one race out of four stars here in two thousand nineteen eighteen that was in the great to Allie Chiba Churchill downs nice win and he's been second in those other three so it's not like he's been a total bust but he just he hasn't gotten over the hump yet. What can you do it here today? I think it's possible for him to do it today. I think we interviewed Mike Smith yesterday afternoon unexpressed bet radio and and Mike because talking about the fact that they they haven't seen the best of them and I think that's true. He seems to be a horse that is improving with age but he still all seems like he's unaware of what his real job is and I think when he figures that out when he finally figures it all out he's going to be a force to be reckoned with but he's just learning the ropes and you know a lot of times people in racing get impatient because you know for shows a lot of ability and they get excited and they want him to be good. Everybody wants <hes> <hes> have the next champion or see the next champion so he he's <hes> he's one of those is like a like a rookie prospect in baseball. I gets drafted number one in the N._F._l.. Everybody wants him to live up to those expectations but sometimes they're unrealistic nick and he's still learning the ropes and Mike Mike said he's you know he's coming around. He's starting to show that he's learning what he really needs to do and I I think <hes> with that in mind you certainly capable of winning this race. We're going to hear those comments from Mike Smith coming up in the second half of the program you'll also hear from hall of Fame Jockey John Velazquez us who will be aboard Vino Rosso Johnny looking to Equal Fellow Hall of Famers Pat Day Jerry badly with five wins in the Whitney if he can get Vino Roseau <unk> Home Front later this afternoon thunder snow the two-time drone Dubai World Cup winner who is the richest thoroughbred in training with more than sixteen million dollars in earnings earnings but he's yet to win in North America. This would be a a big statement for thunder snow if he can pull off the victory here today. Here's the poll question for or you can go to at H.. R. R. N. on twitter. You can go to horse racing radio network on facebook. If you want to weigh in and let us know is this year's Breeder's Cup classic basic winner competing in today's Whitney stakes pretty simple yes or no and if you check yes then please specify who you you think that might be who is the horse that can compete in today's Whitney Guan and win the Breeders Cup classic and doesn't even have to be the winner of today's race but is the Breeders Cup Cup Classic winner running in today's Whitney. That's what we want to know. You can go to at H.. R. N. on Twitter Horse Racing Radio Network on facebook and let us know your thoughts over the course of the next a couple of hours. We're going to cover a lot of ground we will preview that phasing dipped in Saratoga with Max Hodge the vice president of client services at phasing and Jesse Jewelry One one of the new announcers at Phasing Tipton they will be with US coming up at eight fifteen eastern. Hee Lee and price bell from Mill Ridge and Tacoma will be with us at eight thirty five live. They'll tell you all about their consignment than about the success that they've had an we'll talk to them about the state of the yearling market right now. Where are we with this surly market and what does that mean as a racing fan looking ahead to the future of the sport <hes> our number two is going to feature those interviews with bursley soundbites with Johnny and when Mike Smith will be joined by Michael Dub who is the owner of Whitney Contender Mananga Hilo the Pennsylvania bread and we'll be joined by Dan little junior from centennial farms preservationists their color bearer in this afternoon's Whitney so a lot of things to come plus? Our industry started the week presented by I Stewart Morrison the return of our philly focused segment presented by paramount sales. It's all ahead right here on the equine form live from Saratoga on H.. R. Our end presented by red brand fence manufacturing the V. Mesh and non climb fence. You see on horse farms worldwide. 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The Maryland thoroughbred industry for over two hundred years the innovative leader Maryland was the first to have organized racy in North America and the first to establish a State Breeders Association Maryland created the first I thoroughbred yearling show the first date magazine the First Date Breeder Incentive Development Program the first international race to feature horses from four continents and the first million dollar one day stallion stakes event the Maryland thoroughbred industry is the innovative lear- learn the business of horses in the world's only accredited equine equine business program the University of Louisville Equine Business Program. The University of Louisville has a legacy of excellence for more than twenty five years of Equine Business Education Asian classes are taught by industry experts in state of the art facilities located in the heartland of America's Equine Industry the University of Louisville Equine Business Program when when it comes to horses we mean business for More Information Visit Business Dot Louisville Dot e._d._U.. Slash Equine Brody's cause a great one winner at two and and three by giant's causeway roadies cause and portray Laknori a tremendous ron from deepen the pack to pull the upset in the claburn breeders futurity writing his final time of one forty three point two seven keeneland great one breeders Futurity is the fastest running on dirt since two thousand while the feeding grade one winner exaggerated exaggerate or look for his first crop yearlings selling this summer brody's 'cause standing at spendthrift. Hello this is Bill Mutt. You're listening to horse racing racing radio network. You're listening to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network presented by red brand fence rushing rushing fall trying to shake away here with one furlong run daddy his second in viruses finishing well so as recall on the far outside Eh but it's rushing fallen. She's too good. She wins on Gene Justa Game Sipa. Ken Harbor is posing down that center that the track as well and that it's reflected behind them here come SIPA can harbor said bug can harbor shaves the rail deal. She won the spin away stormy liberal at World of trouble tunes. These two will clear their competition than it did go partner will chat to lean coming to the vinyls tape world the trouble stormy liberal pets got down to the wire starving liberal back to back in the church springs well the montage of three grade one winners rushing falsification harbor and stormy liberal all the three horses that are featured on the cover of this year's Saratoga sale catalogue as we told you that sale begins Monday it will kick off Monday and Tuesday and and <hes> six thirty is when the sale begins will hit the airwaves at seven o'clock. We'll bring you coverage from seven to ten eastern on Sirius to Nineteen X._M.. Two Oh one and of course you can stream famous worldwide on our website at horse racing radio dot net that coverage presented by our friends at embraced the race the apparel for the horse racing lifestyle and and by the Maryland Thoroughbred Breeders Association and <hes> Ju- let me tell you that sale is loaded. We're waiting on Max Hodgin Jesse jewelry to make their way over to the set here. We are positioned trackside at Saratoga for the Whitney. We'll talk about the sale <hes> but let's just preview real quick. What's coming up this afternoon? Five o'clock eastern you and I return we have our Saturdays at Saratoga. Broadcast series will be joined by the big Anthony's to be as we bring you that exclusive radio coverage of the test in the Whitney five to six series Sirius X._M.. Two Oh one affiliates across the country and streaming worldwide on our website horse racing radio dot net yeah. It's going to be a really fun show. Those are two two races that everybody knows when whenever you see a horse that won the test or the Whitney in a sales catalogue you know you know that's. That's a good horse yeah. No there's no question in your mind. There's no bums that ever win the test of the win so <hes> you know that they're those kind of races are so great because they mean so much to people in racing into the owners and trainers that that <hes> were participating in those those raisins and it's just a a great event today horses continuing the morning training the main track is fast. We did have a little shower brief shower move through early this morning around six fifteen six twenty eastern time <hes> no problems there though the main track is fast the turf should be firm for today that weather supposed supposed to be great. They're calling for sunny. Skies and temperatures in the low eighties should be no problem there and you're one of the cool things about Saratoga. Is You get you get all the fans that come out in the morning and watch the horses trained in there not just here. They're over across the street on the Oklahoma and you see families. You see you know the parents with their kids and they're all taking pictures and the kids are getting close to the horses. That's what this game is all about the men with a little dog over there. That dog is so cute and he's really looking around like what the heck is. He looks like uh-huh. You're not trying to scare anybody. Look very intimidating right. He's just checking it all out like what's going on over here. Consign him tonight. He bring a lot of money that little dog. I think he's pretty cute because he signed him on. What's up boys? The facing Tipton contingent has arrived. Everything's great. We've just walked over for themselves grounds. It's extremely busy already over there this morning and <hes> a lot of Nice horses. He's Max Hodge. Jesse jewelry is with you as well and new announcer over at Phasing Tipton. Welcome brother. Thank you thank you this is actually this is only the second time I've been to Saratoga actually the first time I've been to the sales so it's it's quite way to break my maiden. What do you think it's unbelievable? I mean like the first thirty seconds you walk onto the sales grants here and being right across the street from the racetrack is just you get get the feeling right away just right away so it's it's a very special place happy to be here. You know it's NEAT I had a chance to stop by and visit with Pat Kosta low from paramount sales yesterday and and we sat outside of his barn did a little interview and I looked up above all the stalls and there's names you know like union rags into Tara and <hes> callback and all all these outstanding horses that he has sold here at Saratoga and when you walk around to all the different bars you see those signs up top and I think that's really neat yeah. It's something we do special here tomorrow. Stalls <hes> it's also something sometimes the locals like a little much so we have to take inventory occasionally which ones are missing out there. Please don't do that uh-huh screw down like interesting. Are you know what's funny we hang our H._R.. And banner up behind our broadcast location there and nobody's but he's never touched the banner that's not high demands. It could end up in some of these bedrooms. Some college dorms Yeah <hes> a bit of smaller Cadillac this year than we saw in two thousand eighteen <hes> kind of comparable to what we saw in two thousand seventeen actually talked about the what people can expect back when they come out to the Saratoga Sale Max right last year we had a little over two hundred and fifty this year a little over two hundred and twenty and we don't set out <hes> when we start our inspections with a number in mind we go out and <hes> for this sale you know it's a pretty tight bullseye <hes> when we go out and start the inspection so <hes> we just take the horses in the sale that that fit meet the criteria that we feel like we're are going to sell well here <hes> so that number varies from year to year and you know when you go over there you'll see exceptional physicals <hes> with olive pedigrees and <hes> just you know top class horses last last year we had a record average of over three hundred sixty thousand jared median of three hundred thousand so you know coming off of a great sale last year and hoping for the best this year so people don't understand how exactly how it works to to get into a sale like Saratoga sale but the people that own the horses that want consign them they nominate them and then you guys go through and and pick out the ones that you think have the most potential to be successful. Ask Yourself and and that's that's like a process that begins early on like around March I think is is that correct when guys correct yes or these time you look but you look at him several times. It's not just a one shot deal right. It's a selected sale so there's a nomination process <hes> so people will submit the horses to us that they want us to come look at <hes> we'll schedule a farm visit and go with a team of inspectors from Phasing Tipton to visit those farms and take a look at the horses and and see which one we feel like which which ones meet the criteria and then <hes> you know begin that process of <hes> evaluating that horse throughout the spring until it's time to Catalog Round Derby Tom Jessica. I know you spend a Lotta time doing your homework pouring over the catalog looking at the entries the pedigree's <hes> in various aspects of of the horses that will see go under the gavel Monday they in Tuesday night. What are some of the horses that have stood out to you some of the things you're looking forward to most <hes> over those two nights what's a very deep catalog from that perspective as far as the quality? I mean I think every free single offering that's in there is is of quality from pedigree perspective and a fiscal perspective as well but you have established signs in there you have the mischief it's <hes> you have horses is <hes> like warfronts and so on and so forth that are at the top of the commercialism at the top of the general size list as well but he also has a freshman science and there. There's some run happy that are in the book. We have some some exaggerated in there as well so there's really good cross section of horses and plus. We have the international appeal on me with this weekend. We had the the second leg of the Turf Tiara steaks here and then we have the second of the turf triple crown here today so there's some international appeal in town Aidan O'Brien had runners in the in the race. Yesterday we actually have as often in a Galileo in the catalog as well so international a national appeal but also we have that domestic proven dirt form as well. You've got <hes> some American Pharaohs tune. He's creating quite a buzz. <hes> I imagine those horses sources are going to get a lot of inspections. No question I mean you look at through through around all the Barnes and and you see you know horses <hes> by varying SARS but American fares bears have been standing out. I mean there you'd be standing there talking to some individuals and the SEAHORSE Walk Bible. That was an American. It's I mean you do you do get that but you could say say that for all the horses be more when they're out inspecting they. They see other in the courtyard area. I think that's what is also part of the NEAT setup of this facility is that everything is right here together. You don't have to watch you see very quality horses and they're they're literally right around the next corner. It's really kind of rare to isn't it that a horse of the caliber owner confederal comes. He's out a big splash Ri- right off the Bat. I mean there's always a lot of hype around you know those type of horses and what kind of size they could be your son but this is actually proving that that he he's the real deal oh no question and and I mean results not only domestically but internationally at a group stakes winner in France already so so to have that success that early is is pretty incredible. I mean I think it speaks to the volume of of him as an individual and he seems to be passing on the trace. Everybody talks about how great of a mind they have. How how smart the horses are how well they train on so that's that's really an interesting thing in any right? There's you hope that they live up to the hype and so far he's he's held up to his end of the bargain. There are a couple of exceptional physicals over there by American fail they courses started showing yesterday <hes> and got a chance to look at a couple and and people are going to be very pleased with those American American Pharaoh Medaglia d'oro were big stars at last year sale. There were five million dollar yearlings that were sold million dollar yearlings at Roseau last year three by Madero to you buy American Pharaoh and the to buy American Pharaoh came on night number one so maybe we'll see some more fireworks from from the triple crown winner this year as well Max this is when you talk talk about the Saratoga sale and we tend to mention this a lot during our coverage the Saratoga sale the top ranked North American yearling sale by percentage of grade one winners and graded stakes. It's winter produced from horses sold. That's statistic that that you've been able to both for a long time in conjunction with the sale yet to be very proud yeah. That's something that we we market wiki on and our marketing marketing and we're very proud of the success of these courses that people come by from the Saratoga selected sale and go on to have great success so that's something we as a sales company <unk> hang our hat on there is that question is easier to get to the top or to stay on top and when you're on top with a sale like this. I'm GonNa ask you that question. Is it easier to get their easier now two or more difficult to stay up top well. I think we live in the United States of Amnesia. Sometimes what have you done lately. It's consistent it's every year and you get the major players here every year in terms of the the human stars of the sport and the people that have the money and the interest and spending any money on quality yearlings like this and that's impressive to sure I think <hes> at a wholesale a lot of times it's very important when the principal the man or woman that's actually spending the money or are in the House and here you get those people and that's when good things happen for sellers and you get the other side of the coin too you get the locals that come out and support and I know that doesn't necessarily I really hope you guys financially but I think it it creates kind of a buzz and everybody in town here gets excited about your sale in in talks about it just like they were involved involved in the sport and I think that really helps the the whole atmosphere and everybody gets you know dressed up and comes out for night one and it's it's a it's almost like a Hollywood would kind of buzz when you do the opening night of Saratoga is a very unique atmosphere and I think it's something worth business needs more of you know. It's an event <hes> Judah even use your term often. I think you say it's a large cocktail party. That happens to have a horse. I'll never forget when we had a chance to visit with Terence Collier the first year here that we we broadcast the sale terrence one of the announcers here at the sale and Terence told us that what you want with an auction is drunken debauchery uh-huh that's the way he described it as what a great people a little loosened up and have some fun right and that's being that sale is really fun on a at the at the heart when horses start getting close to that million dollar mark and you can hear the buzz kind of throughout the entire sales grounds. You can feel it feel the energy that's neat. <hes> Jesse Jesse is as somebody who is going to be reading the pedigrees of these horses before the auctioneers takeover and the bidding begins when you have a catalog with this much quality. Is that make your job a little bit easier or more difficult in some respects. I don't know that it makes it makes it easier or or any more difficult. I mean luckily we have the product here. That really sells itself to so we're just I I look at it at any time that horses in the ring if I owned this individual how would I want to sell the horse but would I highlight to the crowd. What would I want them to know? Oh and so we we do I mean we we <hes> we have established a personal relationship with all the consigners and the owners and we WanNa do our very best among their horse in the best light possible and <hes> hopefully it is fun. Hopefully they're having fun along with the with the spectators in the crowd and <hes> it can be tough industry. It's full of ups and downs as we know so we WANNA make it fun and have a great time while we're doing woulda because there's really nothing more boring than reading a catalog page right. I mean honestly I mean it. It's like Oh okay well. I mean you you have a knack of making it exciting in getting people interested in that's that's what they pay you for us to to generate that interest. I appreciate that and I mean it. This is fascinating to me. pedigrees have always been just very very interesting to me very fortunate that that I was able to <hes> to have this career and be here to have have the best pedigrees and the best horses that we have to offer in North America's very special and it's a it's a great opportunity. I'm really really looking forward to it. Yeah it'd be a couple of nights Max before we let you guys go to recap what people can expect <hes> some of the particulars of the sail when they show up Monday and Tuesday night so <hes> is listed as started starting at six thirty but were famous miss for kicking off a little bit too no worry if you're not the bar will be a little late. You didn't stop buying Mary's. It's usually goes for me. I'll just stick with the uh-huh yeah well six thirty kickoff both nights. Our coverage begins seven o'clock never looked better than that they're going to put that up at my funeral i got guys listen we appreciate the visit here this morning we're we're gonna talk more saratoga with healy bell and price bell a mill ridge nkhoma they're going to join us in the next segment so really appreciate you stopping by all the best and we'll look forward board getting over there and and <hes> putting your best foot forward and providing that coverage monday and tuesday night next ravenous much thanks guys appreciate it in a maxon jesse like all the guests who appear on our program will indeed receive a gift courtesy of embrace the race the apparel for the horse racing lifestyle where would you love at embrace the race dot com time now for your lexus legends of the turf brought to you every saturday at this time by the lexus door of lexington on the corner of new circle and liberty we're back to visit with helium price bell right after this on on an early june day in one thousand nine forty five a set of circumstances was culminated in climax by a win in the kentucky derby in nineteen forty three just before the opening opening of the very first yearling sailor held at qinglin a contractor from alabama was lobbying about the lobby of lexington kentucky's hotel lafayette he met a fellow contractor tractor from tennessee who asked what he was doing there the tall alabama mr fred c hooper said quote i thought i'd buy a couple of yearlings and find out what this resource businesses all all about his friend j warfield rogers of memphis tennessee had been racing and breeding for some time and of course offered his assistance who pressed rogers rogers new of a good trainer mr rogers said indeed he did and hooper then asked if he could be introduced to him rogers and hooper met at the sale the next day and as i wouldn't in park scroll by rogers indicated that he was one of the trainers he would certainly recommend the tour introduced and spent the rest of the day together with no agreement reached between them looking at yearlings going into the auction arena but neither bidding nor buying they knew absolutely nothing of each other but took the pains to carefully check each other out to mutual <music> satisfaction i might add and the next afternoon august eleventh nineteen forty three they sat together at the sale pavilion and patiently waited until the thirty fourth fuelling was led into the sales arena hooper jumped into the action and quietly and determinedly bid to ten thousand two hundred dollars for which he got to colton which he was is interested he was now the owner of a high price thoroughbred that youngster was put in the hands of former writing great ivan parked train and on june nine thousand nine hundred forty five i two years later the casual introduction came to its climax it was derby day louisville seventy thousand fans on hand eat the hallowed twin spires to watch the seventy first run for the roses on a very muddy racetrack hooper source was installed to in the crowded old-fashioned paddock churchill and hooper and park stood in front of the greeting well-wishers as their horse approached the son of sir galahad third had a sprint legs bandaged and the padding cupboard extraordinarily thick padding of cotton which stretch from pastern to just above the knee as he passed bystanders there was a strong odor of medication jeep owned by colonel c._v. whitney was installed three and colonel colonel whitney natalie entire his army uniform bow to mr hooper way away of exchanging the social amenities of the moment ivor balding manager of the whitney farm exchange pleasantries within this who resides well tommy had visited every stall and spoke to every owner and trainer at stall seven piha chatted with warren right who ahead potluck in the field right congratulated piot oncoming goes one on the kentucky oaks ben jones writes trainer came up and said quote if we can beat the hooper coal we can win it i don't think we can as work the other day was marvelous and he didn't even draw deep breadth end of quote the order from the paddock judge came to saddle up bandages bandages were removed from hooper source revealing blister scars on the ankles and the strong smell of medication was none mistake -able the ankles look good but they had obviously been sweated sweated trainer ivan parks hands were trembling while saddling norse mr hooper sanding calmly with arms crossed and watching his stalwart riders up came the call and the rest of my friends is history on that muddy racetrack with seventy thousand howling fans on hand on june ninth nineteen forty-five hetty eddie arcaro pero guided that horse to an uncontested wire-to-wire six length win and rather easy fashion that horse very i purchased by fritzie hooper trained by ivan even park had fulfilled a dream that thoroughbred my friends but hoop junior and his in his owners and trainer starry provide indeed a great moment and thoroughbred racing visionary design this arro- performance and imaginary technology that's lexus when every detail every moment at every emotion is crafted by lexus it leads to amazing experience artistry that inspires design that compels and engineering that excites what's this is mike and i can tell you personally as alexis owner the enjoyment you'll experience from driving any of the lexus model lines is unparalleled visit visit the lexus door of lexington today and see what i've been talking about for nearly fifteen years the people truly make the difference lexus has also been a longtime supporter of the worst industry with a keeneland shop located at the lexus door of lexington and through their sponsorship of keeneland lexus raven run stakes each fall and remember when you go to the lexus texas store ask for the godfather tonio talk horses at experience amazing in your brand new lexus bloom racing started by former jockey and thirty five year racing industry veteran jeffrey bloom bloom racing offers racing partnerships bloodstock services pin hooking looking and private race management pulling away from come dancing participant the others midnight b.'s leaves no doubt today she won the phipps experienced the fun excitement in exclusive access of racehorse ownership with bloom rayson forming racing partnerships now get in on the action actionaid bloom racing dot com our anchor down as the lead is they turned for home anchored out in front by the three anchor down has belt off five likely with just a sixteen to the venit anchor down wins the westchester passion anger gordana still they're coming to the sixteen poll tamar coz can't get by them and anchor don wires the field in the council the performance gains way stallion anchor down a son of three time champion sire tap it and a top miler who won the great to kelso with a final time of one thirty two and four fifth posting a one eight beyer speed figure a half to grade one winner sweet lulu anchor down strongly resembles who sire and will be represented by his first crop of yearlings this year really fast acre down standing at gains way our passion performance you know what i'm talking about gains gaines way far this is jockey rajiv march and i love the horse racing radio network the best show on planet <music> you're listening to the equine forum on the horse racing radio network presented by rebrand fence five sixteenths iran raw oscar performance hits home joined by mr havoc camp on the outside right behind the delta print storm antarctic oscar performance mr have a cab to visit visit zero ex-soviet antarctic running delta prince behind on jaffa mentioned front on second down in third stormy antarctic committed performance shrugs off gate to wire us chapa formats dialects and a half is to have a camp stormy antarctica dilma prince i came to visit hero welcome back to equine four of the horse racing radio network all presented by our friends at red brand fence here in the month of august oster performance that was robert geller with the call of the grade one woodbine mile one of his signature performances images and there were so many in his career he won eight of fifteen starts earned more than two point three million dollars he is now standing at mill ridge in lexington kentucky and we are joined now by healy and price bell who are with mill ridge and tacoma they're going to be busy selling horses maybe the next oscar performance over at the saratoga sale monday tuesday day-night gentlemen happy to have board again he good morning good morning we we love to be with you and jud and yeah and love to hear that <hes> oscar performances race and it's become formidable because mr fava cam one so well recently so and also delta prints one the maker's mark yeah two winters out of that race that's pretty good right what looks even better now when it happened but it looks even better now yeah absolutely yeah we were talking yesterday the response to oscar performance in his first year at stud just remarkable you have to be very pleased we we we really are <hes> he naturally get a little bit of a late start considering you retire for the breeders cup and such like that and in the end we had one hundred eighteen eighteen mayors and one hundred six info for ninety percent conception which is just really remarkable for a first year <hes> stein he syndicated did and the syndicate really supporting well and <hes> we feel really very fortunate to have him at mill ridge what's your favorite oscar performance moment uh-huh favourite oscar purports moment was probably here at saratoga when he broke his maiden <hes> yeah here hosting a friend's bachelor party and we're in the paddock bar lar and he's going around and around in the tree right in front of us and we were we're alive in a show pool to like six we're like starting to starting to you're really getting building going around and around and it's like he's looking good he's he was pretty fresh at that time he'd had had a start and kind of gotten buried and so is that pretty decent odds odds i was like guys i think we should should back him and <hes> you know the high fives with friends after after a big win especially when he i mean he opens up and wins by twelve as you know any number and it was it was in rows and star have something and i think mine would be the the woodbine mile because he he he he run in arlington million and he and he hadn't finished and things like that and brian was you know he just wasn't sure and brian was brave and he'd worked well and said let's point for this race and in a truly was a special experience <hes> my wife nancy and price now we watched all together in a king on directors room we're actually my grandfather's sketches in there and such like that and so it was very very does very very special moment trimmed rebound without an especial horse and you've had a lot of fun marketing him up with that oscar performance desert we have a way to michael and honeywood and it's just some cross branding i'm in the name just allows you to do so very much <hes> so we just try to find the highest level of of success and we're doing the same thing with with sean clancy and the saratoga special sean joe clancy in and the top ten performances <hes> and we're going to actually have something that we're gonna announce soon about <hes> about a little enticement for the top ten performances the breeder of the top performer is going to get an oscar performance twenty twenty season ooh we're really very very excited about and again just cross branding with <hes> with sean and company and and utilizing him and his name and what it all stands for yeah you couldn't associate yourself a better than i we agree very much great people yeah he he's you yeah he's a special horse <hes> for our family to yes he is we <hes> we enjoy every time the germans went race no no question he was just such a such a cool horse to to watch and to follow well bob has done such a fantastic job i mean baugh bob identified divine actress whose mother her she is such a gorgeous mayor she's had two million dollar winners <hes> in oscar performance and oscar oscar nominated and bob has just been allowed them dipped flat the highest level and they're deserving of that yeah they really are they're top notch people everything could <hes> that they get they deserve well for example sample they they had an offer twice the amount that we ended up syndicating for from japan and they believed in in the horse they believed in america and they believed in us and so so that's an example of the kind of people they are talking with helium price bell mill ridge nkhoma they'll be offering three yearlings at the saratoga sale i guess to yearlings now we're down to to happen hit we did have candy right lemon drop kid pioneer the nile near the two that are left <hes> the candy right in the pioneer the now okay all right so we'll go with two yearlings at the sale we'll talk about them in just a second but this dynamic father son going down this road together being part of these moments together ashby so special he'd like i'll start with you it's like well it is <hes> mike <hes> is just it's truly gift we do not take for granted <hes> we both price and i've been been inspired by generations before us in our grandfather and greg grandfather and my mother and <hes> and then to have a chance to to work with with your own child and such and say the horse country initiative has been something that we've you know we dedicated ourselves to try to do whatever we can to make the industry the best it can be as did our our forefathers and four mother and so <hes> yet to be able to do with your children and it's just not price it's our other children's well well there are well involved with it also six generations and when you're talking about land cutting up through six generations as quite something we we really embrace inter proud of price how about for you it's <hes> it's i mean it's the best it's really the best it's great it's just <hes> yeah wouldn't wouldn't have any other way just wait you know waking up every day and just really working as a team you know and just kind of covering trying to cover all the bases and i think working on a project like horse country was vital because there was no playbook to to do there was no we used to do it this way it's like how do we building this together and developing a respect and a and a you know the greatest respect for each other's abilities in in building something new in the whole rest of the team that we built it out with <hes> ended still in process but just that the ability to work on a project that we're so passionate ocean about together gave us such confidence in working with each other that makes sense we mentioned horse country a couple of explain what that is for people if people are listening they don't you know they're not familiar with it sure so you know for a long time we breeders <hes> in kentucky and i'm sure across the country and world have always felt like the public face of the sport is really the racetrack right and so at the race track was where that's where fans could become fans and we didn't look at ourselves as being part of that fan development puzzle <hes> and it really <hes> as times change as <hes> as mckinsey reports come out saying that we're losing fans and it's you know those of us who have experienced with a farm and sharing with people have a great strike rate of creating fans because you're telling the story about the animal and you really putting the horse i and and that connection with people in the horses so that they can meet the animals animals and at the race track it's not necessarily conducive place right like i often joke of an olympic athlete friend and when he's getting ready to he when he was going into a rowing competition it was the only time in a year that they ever fought on the on the on the crew team because they'd been tapering and getting so fit and then they wouldn't train for a week and now they of all the energy because they're going to max out and the trials and so is the only time they ever fought and these guys were in a boat for you know not too long and that's and that's how we asked people to fall in love at the in the paddock right i mean we're training the horses to get so fit on that moment and they're very unrelatable at least for i can't relate to it how about that yeah right right but yet you go to the farm and you see mayors nuzzling their foles you feed mayors carrots you see like foles taking getting nippy and you're like wow i can relate to this and now now it starts to be a bit different and then you also set the stage that no the races this culmination you know and it's the brilliance and the athleticism and all these these things we all love about the race yet on the farm we can help be that kind of that on ramp that makes sense and tell the rest of the story of the horse or they're not just this moment in time that people we'll see and experience that and it's a really it's been really amazing <hes> and i tell you in giving tours we get so much more out of it than actually the guest i would argue because and we can take it for granted like anything you do what you love and you keep your head down and you work every day and you can you know sometimes you have to take a step back and neck while we are so lucky to to do disc two a saratoga morning to have you know a morning on the farm and it takes sharing with others to feel like wow you know you're right i do have something that's so special it's it's so important for for people fans and people that are interested in horses to realize that what you guys do is the is the beginning and if you don't what do a good job then makes a second person's job harder the third person's heart you so when the horses in the paddock there's all these things that happen to them before at that point and you guys are the beginning of that right so you know you fool the mayor's you teach the babies how to have a halter on you teach them how to walk you teach them all all of these things before they can do anything really right so it's it's so important and and people just i think a lot of times come to the races and they see the horse in the paddock and they just think like they were were zapped and that that process is what what makes it so special in what gives horse people such an affection for the animal absolutely and we often are often say on tours horses are prey animals and we're predators and you know there's this interesting juxtaposition of predator and prey because we respect them of their size and strength than a us because we're higher on the food yet there's then i think that's the in that relationship of is kind of the i don't know the crux of of what makes the relationship so special the dynamic and sharing that with people and and seeing that teaching horses to trust humans and to be end to do that whole relationship and getting that that that across is very <hes> is wonderful to share and so horse country is this nonprofit were coordinates on these farm experiences for farms across kentucky they're thirty six members twenty-four give tours and you see the whole life cycle you see the nursery where we raise <hes> you see stud farms what makes a stallion you can go see justify the american pharisee nearly every winter since other than i'll have another <hes> that still living and <hes> see the veterinary clinic so you can see horses in surgery and see that level of care and and most importantly see the after care you can go and visit secretary at center watch retraining new vocations <hes> there's the equine adoption center where you can make a treat <hes> and then go feed it to retired <hes> mayors which is great fun great for you know young kids and it's very i mean it's it's a it's a it's a great opportunity to go to visit horse country dot com to book a tour to learn more about what we're talking about here this morning and also suggests that central kentucky so very special in in the land and we preserved over time and in the number of people that come to the horse park and you've got the bourbon trail and such like that and about by about with horse country we're welcoming community community we're letting the community know that we want to be a part of this it is really y'all's as well as in central kentucky these farms are years and it's important eh connection yeah it certainly is <hes> we're just about out of time we have to get to a break in about a minute or so so we got one minute to touch on the two horses you'll be selling across the street monday night tuesday night is it monday or tuesday will we sell both to were sold tuesday i in the ring of lucky us on tuesday so uh yeah <hes> somebody else before so we have a candy reid philly that's beautiful philly <hes> and khaindrava doing so very well and and then we have a pioneer now colt at again you bring up athletes to the sale <hes> they're they're heavily scrutinized you bring up horses that you i believe in so <hes> we have two horses <hes> that we truly believe in and we've had a really tremendous strike rate with mill ridge horses and so we welcome we welcome offering them next week yeah the slogan at mill ridge raising and selling resources they've done that for a very long time since two thousand five they have sold sixty one yearlings at the saratoga sale with seventy-nine percent winters five percent grade one or grade two winners and thirteen percent graded place runners twenty one percent stakes place the numbers are are they speak for themselves stopped by c. helium price and telling me hurt him right here on the show and and <hes> take a look at those two horses you can't go wrong gentlemen thank you so much for everything you're doing for the sport with horse country everything you're doing through village tacoma and thanks for all your support what we do here on the network really believe in you and we really do thank you all for sharing so much i'll see you guys he's roused track the next day or to look forward to nice trash canada cozy up next have a little lunch talk about the steelers twist in my arms get to another break we will remind you though before we do that that he lee and price like all of our guests appear on the show will receive a gift courtesy of embraced the race the apparel for the horse racing lifestyle you can wear what you love and embrace your passion at embraced the race dot com we're back with the industry star of the week presented by stuart morris right right after this break on the forum on the horse racing radio network your home for the breeders cup is commentator we got h._r. in presented by the new york state thoroughbred breeding and development fund attention kentucky bread's make plans to race at the upcoming kentucky downs meet starting august thirty first where kentucky breads compete for huge persons kentucky breads will run for one hundred thirty thousand dollars in medan events with allowance races offering up to one hundred forty five thousand dollars dollars the highest in the nation plus breeders cup winning you're in in the turf sprint on september seven with additional purse money available for k._t._f. eligible horses kentucky downs announced the place to raise a kentucky bred this summer visit kentucky-bred dot org or details this is tom durkin for n._y. breads dot com inviting you to get with the new york program because it offers a better chance to make money because you have the option of running in more than eight hundred races a year where your horse faces only other state breads and there's more than forty million dollars in purse money for those restricted races so come to saratoga in early august and by your new york bred yearling at one of the fastest tiffen sales a. and next year we hope to see you win at the spa it's time now to shine the spotlight on the darlie taking the rains performer of the week here's track smith cut loose in the center of the cloth with a clear shot and track smith is under a very confident handwrite right right up to war treaty and right by him at the sixteen full war treaty fighting heart what it's over track smith is best track smith violin track smith the three year old son of darley's stallion street cents earned his first black type win in the first now stakes at monmouth on saturday getting eighty six beyer speed bigger and that impressive victory makes track smith your darlie taking the rain performer of the week darley's stallion street sense the first poorest win both the breeders cup juvenile and kentucky derby only tap it hard spun and intimate you can beat street sets as ten black type three year olds so far this year her learn more about street sense and all the darlie stallions by visiting darlie america dot com hey this is the big a anthony's to build join me and you felt every wednesday through friday from three three sixty m eastern express fifth radio on h._r. n. we'll have live racing from summer tracks like belmont saratoga del mar santa anita churchill downs and more more and interviews with the top forced men and women from around the country continue on sirius x._m. to a one or stream it live worldwide added horse racing radio dot net that's xpress radio on eight all right hey score mentor you listen to the horse racing radio network you're listening to the equine forum on the horse racing radio network presented by red brand fans the kremlin thankless but he's still have behind expert the gunman tater surges commentator sunny hold on with the with a three lately on the far side student council pronto but thomaz letting out there's less than a furlong to go it's commentator was followed by console here's commentator and boy he did it with some front running style today welcome back after the equality forum presented by red fence on the horse racing radio network mike penna jude bell trackside at historic saratoga those race calls courtesy of the great great tom durkin commentator winning the whitney in two thousand and five and again in two thousand eight to the new york red senator distorted humor trained by nick zito owned by tracy farmer went onto win fourteen of twenty four lifetime starts more than two dollars in earnings he also scored in the mass cap tap remember that race at suffolk yeah he scored impressively there as well commentator one of the great new york breads of all time and this week we debuted horse weeks on on h. r. r. n. and who better to debut with than the two-time whitney winner commentator all of you have been enjoying different commentator interviews in a look back at many of his big performances throughout the week and we're going to continue to do this later in the year we'll have silver charm week we'll have a game on dude week there will it'll be several macho macho man week going into the breeders cup beholder week all of those scheduled for later this season yeah it's been a lot of fun to fans have really enjoyed it and it's been nice go down memory lane our thanks to the new york state thoroughbred breeding and development fund for their sponsorship of commentator week all week long here on h. r. n. <hes> when you think back on on commentator for minute we're going to hear from john velazquez in just a second who wrote commentator to win his second whitney was gary stevens who won the first whitney with them in two thousand and five when you think back on him and how special he was what moment stands out to you well i just remember him coming down the stretch in tracy farmers black and white colorado you can just you say commentator and that's exactly what flashes in my mind it's not necessarily a particular race but it's like every race he he was a coolmore yeah he is now residing at old friends up here in new york as a matter of fact i ran into michael blowing from old friends yesterday and <hes> he was telling me that when he won the mass cap suffolk downs has jockey statues outside in their painted in the colors of the mass cap winners so he wanted to see if suffolk would send him that two thousand eight statue of of one commentator one and they did he arrived at the farm here in new york about fifteen minutes from saratoga yesterday yesterday and commentators there in statue was there with them to pretty cool great that's fantastic yeah pretty neat <hes> commentator is our industry star of the week for this saturday morning warning this industry star segment presented every week by our friend stuart morris don't forget the steuer offers a boutique full-service plus operation he'd like to thank his owners clients and team team his success is because of you will multiple steak sources over the past three years including henley's joy our brain trust and malagasy stewart morris is your source for success at the highest levels you can visit the stewart morris consignment across the street at the saratoga sale and it all the major sales across the country john velasquez was aboard commentator for that second whitney win in two thousand eight and earlier he took the time to visit with our anthony's to bill look back on that performance we're we're here with the winningest rider in the history of saratoga john alaska's who's going for his record tying fifth whitney this saturday before we talked to him about vino roseau his mouth this year let's talk to him about one of his more accomplished runners of all time commentator johnny you wrote commentator for the last two years years of his career you ever have any other horse that you want on by at least double digit links three times in your career i don't know what i Also the time in he showed up every time <hes>. Why did he say side in horse? He was mentally ill that yeah yeah. He was a special commentator this wrapping up commentator week here on H.. R. Against Stay tuned for more horse weeks coming up later in the year trying to put together week for travers. What do you think that week might be knowing the baron the way you do <hes> we'll holy bull? Would you think moly bull holy one to nine to be Holy L. E. Bowing to traverse the greatest travers performance of all time though was arrogate now what the greatest racehorse of all time was only bull well that's-that's arguable very much very much. We're not gonNA do that now. We have to get to a quick ten second station I._D.. We'll come back back with our number. Two going to be a busy second half of the program we will visit with owner Michael dubbed talk about his Whitney Contender Mananga Hilo and we'll talk about preservationists with owner Don John Little junior stay with us. We're back with more right after we pause ten seconds for station identification. This is the horse racing radio network from the rail to your radio. This is the Horse Racing Radio Network told me Don says there and that tax badly horses faster fencer syrup side. They're coming to the wet stuff states. There's an eighth a month ago. Bolo keeps on going River Boyne. I mean on the inside catapult four out five zero but Bolo had something left for the final sixteen and it's going to be Bolo Coast to coast in the shoemaker vermeil former Jimmy Johns of Lexington studios welcome to the equine forum presented by Red Brand Fence Machakos trying her maximum security. Stay Machakos Star but maximum fix has one G DOT COM Pasco go invitation tried to Ron One bad point one bad boy never looked better and has the queens played well and truly now. Here's Mike Penna and Jud feld welcome back hour number two of the equine wind forum presented by Red Brand Fence. Mike pennant Jude Feld with you on the Horse Racing Radio Network positioned just a stone's throw from the historic main track in Saratoga Toga Springs New York getting set for the grade one Whitney and the grade one test. Our coverage comes up this afternoon five o'clock eastern right here on serious to nineteen X._M.. To ooh one and you can stream worldwide as always on our website at horse racing radio dot net if you missed any portion of the first half of the show our interviews with Max Hodge and Jessie Ulibarri or he liebau and price bell from Mill Ridge simply head over to our website and check out the podcast of this show it will be posted on our site shortly after we finish up at ten o'clock eastern time this morning <hes> our poll question of the day you can weigh in at H.. R. N. on twitter or horse racing radio network on facebook is this year's Breeder's Cup classic winner competing in today's Whitney stakes and if you click yes please specify which horse you think that might be will currently like most of our listeners are thinking the classic winner is not in this year's field sixty seven percent of the votes coming in saying no the classic winner is not competing in this afternoon's is Whitney. That's not what owner Michael Dub is hoping for. He is hoping that Mananga he'll the Pennsylvania bread can win. The Whitney today punched his ticket to the Breeders Breeders Cup with this winning Urine Race and Managua Hilo. Ultra talented comes in off of that big win in the grade. Three Philip is land stakes at Monmouth back on June Twenty Second Ah Michael Nice not to stop by and spend time with us here this morning first of all Michael Welcome to the program Happy Whitney Day. Thank you so much yeah congratulations having a huge win in the Islam last time out to what a performance <hes> yeah <hes> I mean this is a hard hitting mid-atlantic course who has been adjacent bar now for a couple of races and really <hes> <hes> improving every step of the way so the horse happens to be a bread we were cross ended in one hundred thousand dollar race at PARX TODAY BUT <HES> we're New York people purple. She's going the right way. Witney only comes around once a year and <hes>. We're hoping we can get a slice yeah. I was going to ask you about the decision to to come here because you did have other other options and <hes> you know when you look at the the numbers and you see the way that mananger he'll stacks up against some of the other heavy hitters in here his numbers aren't that far below them as matter of fact at some are right there with them <hes> I would agree with that but we all know in this game. It's not numbers classes important. This is a <hes> a step up in class so we have to be realistic about it and we're here at Saratoga <hes> we actually had planned to raise two weeks ago on Haskell in the mom with Cup since we had a win over the track back <hes> with the heat wave and the way that day played out <hes> we decided to err on the side of caution not race and <hes> switch gears and point for this race. You're a really really good handicapper. Obviously I mean you. You're involved in the game at every level <hes> so you know what you're looking at. When you look at the P._C._p.'s you're not just some guy that sits in the turf club every day and you know eats lunch so you have to have assessed this field and and have some idea of what kind of race racer horses GonNa run and where he's going to be in that type of thing well <hes> the good news here an good news for Saratoga on these mile and an eighth races is <hes> I think it's ten ten generally and obviously every day is different to WanNa be forwardly placed or on the lead in these races and you know looking through the P._p.'s <hes> there's three or four horses that fit that bill forwardly placed or or on the lead so I think <hes> that's where Monica he'll you will be and <hes> you know it's too turns <hes> He loves to turns <hes> the form on some of the other horses is is you could make an argument that it's questionable <hes> so we're here and <HES> WE WANNA take our shot and <hes> you know I'm not making any bowl <hes> predictions <hes> just that I think the horse will run to the best of its capability? I'll give you another reason to have some some hope here this afternoon Michael. Is You know this Racetrack Saratoga known as the Graveyard of champions the graveyard of favourite so you know Monagas Hilo not going to be a favourite in here. This is the race that we saw onion upset secretary nineteen seventy-three who knows you're in the race right you have to you have to take your shot. Well we do and <hes> clearly this is a an improving horse wash now if we want to go by numbers and just numbers <hes> and not factor in things like we have to like class and competition of the numbers numbers are right there <hes> but again it's there's a lot more than numbers on. I know horses don't count and they can't read the to- they come onto the tracks. So what do they know what you paid so Managua Hilo is not going to care about any of that. We'll see if he can step up and run a big race. Maybe pull off a bit of an upset later this afternoon the Whitney Mike. Let's talk about you for a minute. Where did that the love of horse racing start for you <hes>? I'm in my early sixties. He's now the first time I came to Saratoga was in a van and I slept in a park and slept in shopping centers. <hes> had a friend who invented a handicapping device about fifty years ago called the Kelco calculator and they were the people who took me here and all I could do was <hes> afford Tibet. Show I really it had a better safe as I could <hes> and <hes> I you know I was I was drawn in and got you know heavily into the game. After we built Lt Daycare Center at Belmont Park I started to be around owners and trainers and thought it would be fun to own a horse or two and <hes> unfortunately or fortunately fortunately changed my life so go calculator to horse-owner Deluxe. That's fantastic. It was the first horse that you ever owned <hes>. It was a horse named Tasty Chardonnay. The trainer was Pat Reynolds. It was two thousand and two one opening day here here at Saratoga Jerry Bailey came from out of the clouds to win by seventeen lengths and for a long time that picture had been hanging in Sierra. That's great. It's easy easy to get hooked when that happens. Isn't it yeah so <hes> you know I obviously owning horses can cost you money in the long run but I wouldn't trade the money for the people in the experiences. I've had no way no how it's <hes> a great game and you know it's sad that we take a lot of criticism because nobody really really understands the heart soul spirit the goodness and the kindness of most people in this game in <hes> <hes>. It's it's just a shame we can't communicate indicate that to the public better and you do such a good job with with <hes> the philanthropy part of it and you're looking for ways to give back all the time and and I think we probably should <hes> advertise that a little bit more than that people in racing are very giving and think about one another and help one another out not just in in big ways but in little ways sometimes that nobody knows about except the person that's helping out the other person you know wh- some of the stuff I do is obvious you build a building a daycare center building there the kids come and go and it's amazing to watch but it's as you said <hes> <hes> chew the kindness of day in and day out on the track what doesn't get noticed what isn't standing in the way of a structure <hes> that sometimes can memorialize is the kindness but <hes> people on the backside and people who don't necessarily have a lot to give <hes> are still giving and <hes> the backside backside community or special people the work. <hes> you know it's amazing you know I I'll go on and read social media criticism of the people on the backside oxide. This guy's no good this guy's doing this discussing. These guys are getting up at four o'clock in the morning three hundred sixty five days a year. The workers are getting up at four o'clock in the morning three hundred sixty five days a year. Their work never ever ends <hes> so we just you know just keep going but hopefully only one day we can communicate to the public with special industry. This is visiting with owner Michael Dub here on the horse racing radio network. The equine forum presented by Red Brand Fence Michael. One thing we hear in the game quite often is that we need new owners in the game. We need to find a way to attract new owners to the sport. You are obviously attracted. You just told the story if if you talk to a potential new owner what do you want them to know about sport well I think I think the best thing for new owners to do is to <hes> <hes> do their homework. Start Small <hes> a lot of people dip their toe in the water with partnerships and sometimes after the partnership they go out on their own. Sometimes they find the right partnership and there there's happy as can be <hes>. You know understand that this is a game that whatever can go wrong will go wrong wrong. It's just nature of it. These are moving breathing creatures so you you've gotta come to it with patients. You gotta come to it with a positive spirit. <hes> we get bad news every single day and I'm GonNa give you an example. I have world to trouble today. In the Roy. <hes> woke up this morning and the AH stepped on Iraq. I have to scratch three to five <hes> looking forward to the race all summer but you know you just lift your head up and you say thank God. It's nothing I'm serious and you you go on so you have to really come at it with. It's not just about winning a race. It's about the people you're GONNA meet. It's about the experiences 'cause you're GONNA have. It's the places you're going to. It's going to take you you will have a picture to hang on the wall that you can look at for some some <hes> inspiration every now and then but <hes> you know just keep your head up whatever the game throws at you take it and start small. I mean we all know <hes>. I can't say nobody but most people don't start big they start small and <hes> you know really respect the money aspect of the game. If if something don't think sounds too good to be true it probably is <hes> and just try and find his fair deal as you can jets. It's important. I think thank you know people often say oh well you know for that guy. That's monopoly money. It doesn't mean anything and that's not true because it's it's a very expensive game and you you have to pay attention. You always pay attention to the business aspect of it because it it costs a lot of money to have horses. You know chewed you really make a great point <hes> for for some people <hes> you're competing in a game where for some people the it is almost like monopoly for the majority of people isn't like monopoly money so you know sometimes you have to look for opportunity. I'm I'm running a horse today. <hes> Colton Mississippi the horse started claimed it for forty thousand thousand horse started out as a four hundred thousand dollars so you know you know that there was inherently something somebody felt to spend a lot of money on that horse choice <hes> and and what you know what has caused that horse to be in a forty claimer. Is it a physical condition in other words a knee and ankle whole attendant or is it. A mental condition is the way the horses trained and so I'd rather in often be the second guy <hes> to find out well. You know there's a saying if a guy goes builds a pizzeria puts a whole lot of money into it. You want to be the second owner of the pizza so take their places so you know you have to you have to respect you know when you see money <hes> being thrown around and you feel it's it's just too much. You sometimes have to learn how to fold your shoulders and take a wait and see attitude and see what happens so <hes> <hes> it I mean I you know I play the game I by yearlings by two year olds. In training I claim horses we do private purchases. <hes> European imports imports of Chad Brown. I think one bit of advice I would give people as a little bit of diversity. <hes> that keeps you going you know the guy who just by healings Rowling's waits a lot and if he had a great crop he did if he didn't doesn't have much action so that's really. It seems to go like that too like if you're I'm just Bein yearlings like you may have a bunch of Nice ones one year the next year they might be all terrible so you just don't know so if you have a little bit here and there it's it's a a lot more fun. He knows for sure yeah diversification. You know that way. You know we're we're in all parts of it so when one thing is cooking you know hopefully <hes> another thing if it isn't you know we're not we're not just sitting on the sidelines have some action when you think back Michael on these twenty year nearly twenty years of being involved with owning racehorses is now <hes> what's the most memorable or maybe the proudest moment for you as an owner. Oh <hes> you know they've been so so many of them but <hes> truthfully the proudest moment is every June graduation day at the Belmont a daycare center because that really I mean I've been involved in Breeders Cup Races Kentucky Oaks all of that but knowing that I had something to do with making a difference in the life of those children at the daycare center they go in as six week old infants and they graduate and cap and gown full of Piss and vinegar and ready to take on the world <hes> we teach them English we teach computer skills <hes> we teach them how to garden play chess and they're ready to take on the world and they have a great great foundation. So that's the highlight of my year every year. It's I look forward to June graduation at the Belmont Daycare Center but aside from that I guess winning the Kentucky Oaks with Mona White Girl last this year winning Breeders Cup races with <hes> Wavell Avenue. <hes> you know there have been so many this spin away here was Tom durken's last call yeah <hes> so I shed that moment with Tom. Durkin <hes> and winning that race in two thousand and two with tasty Chardonnay was a fifty claimer arguably one of the greatest moments. That's that's what is important for people to understand the greatest moment for somebody isn't necessarily a grade one race. It's it's what's around you. The people you share what the circumstances and winning that race in two thousand and two opening day is still <hes> you know one of the greatest the greatest days of my life. We've got to get to a commercial break here and just about a minute or so but give us an update on Montemar girl what's going on there. Oh <hes> I was with Brad Cox yesterday today. She is training lights out <hes>. We're all anxious to get her back. <hes> the goal would be to make the Breeders Cup distaff <hes> but I think after the season she gave us now she had about a college. We gave her plenty of time. <hes> we're looking four to sing the old boy girl and and what path we take with her since she's kind of coming later in the year will be interesting. <hes> maybe even the big race. It's at Gulfstream against the boys do wouldn't that be something everybody wants to see her back except for Jeff Bloom the Jess Jeff blooms a good guy just turn for now Michael This and we really really appreciate the visit <hes> a lot of fun. Keep up the wonderful work that you're doing down there Belmont Park and all the best moving forward here with not only Mananga Hilo but all the horses <hes> keep it rolling my friend and we'll look forward to catching up the road. Thanks for having me appreciate Michael here on H.. R. N. like all of our guests appear on the program will send them a gift courtesy of embraced the race that is the apparel for the horse racing lifestyle. You can wear what you love and embrace the race dot com still the come down little junior from centennial farm. We'll hear from him coming up right around nine forty five eastern time but when we come back we're gonNA hear from Hall of famers. Mike Smith and John Velazquez talking about their contenders in this year's Whitney. This is equine forum on H.. R. R. N. presented by Red Brand fence manufacturing the V. Mesh and non climb fence you see on horse farms worldwide blow. I'm Michael Blowing founder of old friends Serb retirement farm one of our highest priorities these living legends and safety. That's why the fence we trust most at old friends is the V. 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That's lexus when every detail every moment and every emotion is crafted by Lexus it leads to amazing experience artistry than Inspires Design that compels an engineering that excites this is Mike Penna and I can tell you personally as Alexis owner the enjoyment you'll experience from driving. Any of the Lexus model lines is unparalleled visit the Lexus store of Lexington today and see what I've been talking about for nearly fifteen years. The people truly make the difference Lexus has also been a longtime supporter of the Horse Industry with a keeneland shop located at the Lexus store of Lexington and through their sponsorship of Kenyans Lexus Raven run stakes each fall remember when you go to the Lexus Store Ask for the Godfather Tony Data Talk Horses and experience amazing in your brand new lexus mastery retired undefeated winning his fourth star by a combined twenty lengths a six-figure September seal purchase. He won impressively in his two year old debut at Santa Anita from there he captured the greed three Bob Hope steaks and completed his juvenile campaign with a dominant performance in the grade one most NATO security at three top reading son of candy ride system in the San Filippo now his much anticipated first crop has arrived master stemming Cleveland Fox okay. This is scarlet NASCAR list H. R. N.. You're listening to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network presented hey by red brand fence asking a lot rebel an FIA starting the upper dry but she's got work to do and here comes the Ora Lee Aura Laura channing hill on the outside of Sarah Giddy up Rinse Dixon for the rail. It's these two lady Apple's third the others what to do with these doing Sarah Against Brazil was folded up the relatively aura that they come down the line seven Guinea pig liberal secondly apple's anyone the Philippine of fit the final time was one fifty point one seven second Larry Coldness with the call of this year's Kentucky Oaks Churchill downs that was on May third searing getty empress scoring front running victory defeating the favourite Bella Fina and everybody else that afternoon later today they'll get a rematch in the grade one test stakes seven furlongs on the main track. Both billy's turning back in distance will face some others who looked to be pretty tough that is a contentious renewal of the test later today and that leads us into the return of our philly billy focus segment presented by paramount sales. This is the philly focus take charge brandon ice. Hey Scott call back held at presented by paramount sales new force in thoroughbred sales and we'll give you our selection for the stakes here momentarily but <hes> before we do I had a chance to stop by the paramount barn across the street at the Saratoga Excel yesterday and visit with Pat Costello and talked to him about the horses he selling in about the success that they have had with phillies over the years. Here's pat that were sitting here outside your barn at the phase Tipton Saratoga Sal and when you look at the names above the stalls you C- names like Rubiano and foolish pleasure and deter right and even callback was sensational Philly Union rags and other horse that came through your consignment <hes> you've had so much success over the years. I know that this segment is focused on phillies so let's just start with the success that paramount had over the years just been spectacular. Yes <hes> Saratoga has been great to wasn't our graduates Outta here are been and as you said the Tara Union rags and we'll have some very nice individuals here this year as well more than ready Warfront Nyquist candy right so got all the good sire names and into mischief of course he's just phenomenal sire and so we're very excited about to the group this year to what is it about this sale that just seems to click for paramount. We tried to earmark America especially horses to come here and obviously have to be very athletic and have to be have to the real deal to come here and we do that. I think we get rewarded. You know when you put your eyes on a youngster. How long does it take you to know if they have what what it takes to be a really special horse well? I think they have to be a little earlier maturing than a lot of the horses when you earlier on in the year and you can see that in feel that they're going to be ready for sale. I think that's that's a big part of it and I also think you know you see him. Once you kind of make up your mind whether or not we always hear that term that a horse checks all the boxes what are all those boxes for pack hostile lowered or some of the things you always look for. Obviously they have to be correct and and have to be fast looking you know athletic and I'd like go down. Go ahead on a combination of all of it. You know let's talk about the ladies callback. Take charge brandy a couple of big names that have come through your consignments over the years. Would you remember about them. When they were young? They all had that look about them that you know quality and looked like the minds were great that sticks Morgan anything with them last year. You told me that presence was a big thing not necessarily the athleticism I mean that's that's big too but the presence when they walk out you can just kind of tell right away. What what's that look like? How do you describe that to people like you take this fully? We're looking at here now. She's she's only been out for first time here and she's calm and she's has a great mind. She not freaking out about all new environment thing the chores. She's a class you know. What do you think you've had so much luck with the ladies over the years? I mean the horses now. I don't know well. Well you see Nyquist. We saw Nyquist as well. One of the Derby deter cold. It's been a mixture I think but the phillies solve some great ones yeah. Is there a philosophy that you've always subscribed to at paramount that you said okay. This is how we do business. We're not we're different than some but we're the same as some. This is how we do. What's that paramount philosophy? I think we'd like to have our owners enjoyed her experience with us and and be frank with them under valuations situations of horses and so that when the time comes to put reserves etc on horses nobody's surprise nobody's going to be shocked and they go away away would've good feeding. You know you're GONNA be busy. You'll go from here. You'll go down to keeneland and you'd be busy at the Qian's ten percent of course you'll have the New York Brad consignment here next week as well so oh you'll be very busy up here for a while before you get to keeneland and then in November it kind of switches you go from the yearlings to the older horses and the mayors and falls and the horses of racing age for people that are thinking about where they might want to or who they might want to send their top mayors to consign them. What what do you want them to know about about what you do with the older horses well I think painted specially phillies after track we we specializing visit Tipton do a great job recruiting them phillies and and I think we are my cell phone my staff Leslie campion Gabriel Dighton and have the knowledge and love for racing? I think that's a big edition and that that helps set sail under sales to keep up the great work pat. Thanks all right. Pat Cost Lower Philly focused segment presented by paramount sales. We will do that before many big philly races throughout the remainder of the year so make sure you stay tuned for more been stopped by the pack hostile Oh paramount sales consignment him and tell him you heard that philly focus segment right here on the horse racing radio network <hes> Jude who wins that test stakes later this afternoon contentious race yeah it it really is. It's a tough race in <hes> to me. It looks like Chad Brown has the right Philly in Royal Charlotte. She's undefeated <hes> she went her last race by four the victory ride at at Belmont Park that just keeps improving the race kind of sets up for two. There's there's some speed to set it up. Seven furlongs should be a great distance for her. She just one going six and a half by four. I think I think she's the Philly to beat the. I'm with you. I I agree perfect four for four all four starts coming at four different tracks. This will be her fifth different track in those five lifetime starts and nothing seems to stop her and you're right about the pace scenario. I think there's a lot of speed in there and with her drawn to the outside. I think that benefits her. She can sit off of it. Make that one run at the end. I I think she remains undefeated later today yeah. I think she's got a big chance. The favourite Bella Phen- is a nice philly but she doesn't travel well. Hurry says out of town that a good she's a kind of a California girl yet. Sarah Getty efforts could be interesting cutting back as she does have Two entries and recent results to sales results from his offspring important sire statistics and more there is only one place you need to go and that's blood horse stallion register the thoroughbred urban industry source with more than three million page views a year go to stallion register dot COM to learn more. I Will Hall of famers. Mike Smith and John Velazquez took the time to visit with the big A.. Anthony Stabile earlier this week and we went ahead and pull the couple of soundbites for you. Mike Smith Breath of course going to be a board <hes> Mackenzie the favourite in today's Whitney and Johnny Aboard Vino Roseau and here's what Mike had had to say about McKinsey maturing and looking ahead to the Whitney here today Asia special horse he really is <hes> an entity. It's time to shine <hes> I don't think I don't think we've seen how good this horse really is and can't be. I still really believe we haven't seen the best of them but you know he he he he got. I heard early on you know he was. He was probably Derby. Favourite before a justified can't came along and he got hurt early on and of course I was just less to justify did come them along but now that he's retired I mean <hes> Mackenzie is his stepped into his shoes and and and and again I don't. I don't believe that we see the best the horse yet <hes> I think there's more to him and he's a big Kinda awkward horse growing into himself in a man. It's all coming together now especially especially in his forty year old year later this four year he started really do things right of course in the morning he training just incredible. He started really do things that are that are incredible in the afternoon and <hes> gave him that opportunity. It's a tough tough raising. It's a good race man but <hes> there's supposed to be when you're running for two dollars at Saratoga and I'm excited about ah they should be excited about it. He has a seventy five favorite McKenzie. He also went on to talk about his likely position in the race. If everything goes according to plan I've learned with him. You know as well as as well as him growing up I've. I've learned him as well and he. He likes to being a comfortable happy place Jason. Sometimes that's up close. If he gets away running on his own they could it could be up close could even be on the lead but he's also as you've seen you know he settled back of course you know the prices. There's a lot quicker when he has settled back but when he when he does he comes with the powerful run so that's great thing about him. He's not he's not a need to lead type or or or have has to have pace to run into to to run his race. As long as he's comfortable he's GonNa fire and that's just they go fast or they go slow or or if he wants to lay up very close or if he chooses to sit back a link or two but I always always help him out of there. He's a big horse so I'm GONNA help them on out of there and we'll see where that puts Gretchen Dude. What do you make of those comments? You just heard from Mike Smith well. I think <hes> you know he's he's learning about the horse and the horses learning his job. I think he's a horse still not one hundred percent sure of what he is supposed to do in a race in and you can see that in his running style he he has fits than starts and he he's not super confident of of his job but I think the ages and gets more experience. That's starting to click for him. Men and <hes> I think moving forward. He's going to be a major force but he still has a little green. Are you sold that Mackenzie should have one that met mile for was not I trouble timeout. I was almost absolutely sure that Mottola was going to win no matter what so I'm probably the wrong guy to yes. I've heard I've heard it both ways. There are people who are adamant about the fact that yeah he was the best horse in that race. There's other people that say you know what that's a phony argument. He was never going to win the race regardless well oh he. He doesn't have that killer instinct yet and I think that's what he's gotta learn. He's gotta learn that he has to pass every horse and <hes> you know he just isn't there yet that but patience is a virtue as we will see with preservationists Vida exactly we're gonNA visit with downloading junior from centennial farms. The owners of preservation reservation is coming up here in just a few minutes Vino Rosso is a horse that a lot of people for M- much of the past several months have thought this is a horse that can be the Horse I the major player in this older horse division and he's another one that just hasn't quite taken that next step will he did last time out when he won the grade one Gold Cup at Santa Anita and much like McKinsey. He's a horse that's starting to mature a little bit and John Velazquez will be aboard again today and the Hall of Famer talked about that maturity and whether or or not he sees Vino Roseau is a legitimate Breeders Cup contender. I definitely think he's definitely more mature this year though you know and I think he's he's more serious than my focus. I think it needs to do <hes> actually show you know the first time it came back in New York in one and then we run in the car. I think he will slow too short for him out to California show up a big race. I think if he can show up again here in Saudi I think we'd be in really good shape. If he runs the same race that they ran in California. He's definitely a contender for the Prius this go by and I hope that <hes> you know those the run he and lingerie goes because he would just not under percent away. He's he he. He come back this year so hopefully we can show it but I mean the talent has always been there. You know we always thought that he was very talented horse <hes> he couldn't put it together seems like this year. He's more seriously putting together their races. I know Oh consistent so hopefully this year yet. He needs to be more consistent Jude. We've seen this before from Vino Roseau last year he wins the wood. Memorial comes back the next finishing ninth in the Kentucky Derby. Okay you forgive him for that. One 'cause back a wins the stymie at aqueduct <hes> in March then the next next time out he flops at five to two in the grade one Carter he finishes fourth which I guess flops might be a little tough there but you know he's beaten two and a quarter lengths. He doesn't deliver comes back and wins the Gold Cup. What's he do here today? Well he could win. I mean you know he's he's learning. It's an important race for him. Though right he needs to show that he belongs at this. He's a really good get horsey belongs at this level. He's he's one of the best horses in training. There's no question about it. I mean you know a lot of people think he's GonNa win and he may <hes> but he's another another one that that is always been a little unsure of himself and I think this year I think Johnny's right. He's been better this year. He's been more focused. He's he's learned learn. Every time you give a horse break. They come back better. People need to realize that you know when you have a two year old and they run a couple races and they don't know what they're doing if you give them I'm like thirty days forty five days you bring back there gangbusters to run. They WANNA run. They they feel it you know and they usually win and it's really important horses Disney time to develop in this developing the ground here in Saratoga little damp from a brief rain shower. We had just a few minutes ago wasn't much just kind of a light rain. <hes> there is some cloud cover overhead but the forecast today is pretty good. They're calling for temperatures in the low eighties and plenty of sunshine as we make our way closer to post time for the racist they kick off one o'clock eastern of course the Whitney five forty six eastern time. We'll have that exclusive radio coverage for you from five to six you'll hear both the Whitney and the test is all all part of our road to the Breeders Cup series presented by Breeders Cup and our Saturdays at Saratoga series presented by visit Barbados Dot Org you you can listen to Sirius X._M.. To a one extremists worldwide at horse racing radio DOT net and <hes> my beautiful wife Michelle who is producing the show on site with us here this this morning showing us a press release just sent out by naira here moments ago. The richest thoroughbred in training thunder snow has been scratched from the Whitney this afternoon afternoon so thunder snow will not go to the post in the Whitney he was three to one on the morning line that will be one less horse for the other staff hand with in including Luding preservationists to his own bicentennial farms. When we come back? We're going to visit with owner down little junior from centennial. That's next equine forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network your home for the Breeders Cup which New York bread is a two time winner of the historic Whitney commentator commentator anymore questions commentator we got H._R.. In presented by the New York state thoroughbred breeding reading under Development Fund Casselton Lions is proud to introduce precocious multiple greatest dates winner Proton Akot for the two thousand nineteen breeding season a son of giant's causeway eighty indie Mayor Proton Akot role to a twelve and three quarter length victory in his debut a two year old before taking the great three Smarty Jones in grade three the discovery handicap at three followed by ultra game win in the grade to Ellie Sheba at Churchill downs in his four year old season Proton Icho joins a castle to Lyon stallion roster that that includes multiple eclipse champion Gio Ponti and Blue Bloods Printer Justin Phillip Gio Ponti is the Sire Eclipse Champion rape on Canadian classic winners deadly digs and stakes winners this technicality and America's Hale while Justin Phillip is represented by exciting stakes winning filly safe to say and stakes place Brunner's just a holic flushing esteem and upset brewing protonics Gio Ponti and Justin Phillip Dancing at capitalize <music> experience the thrill of pulse pounding thoroughbred racing the Maryland Jockey Club at Laurel Park step outside to a front row seat for world class racing or enjoy Oy the view from towering windows in a gorgeous space what better way to spend an afternoon then with friends craft beer local cuisine and a winning ticket play it safe on a favorite take a chance on a long shot odds. 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You're listening adding to the Equine Forum on the Horse. Racing Radio Network presented by rip brand fence got the giants <music> this deep it takes the Tom Durkin bringing them home in the nineteen ninety four renewal of the Whitney twenty five years ago. It was colonial affair era holding off the great devil his due. You've heard a travers winner in there with thunder rumble and colonial affair better than all of them that day of course he toted the colonial or the centennial farms <hes> colors to victory and <hes> they're back in action later. Today with preservation is looking for another Whitney victory. Jimmy Jerkins the trainer of preservationists and the owner don little junior with us now here on H.. R. N. Donald Trip Down Memory Lane for you there. My friend Mike and of course devil is do is restrained by Alan is right there on the tail and yeah here we do. We have Jimmy trainer now and looking forward to hopefully a enjoyable twenty fifth <hes> anniversary. Would you remember about that day. In Ninety four well. It was sort of put on my shoulders that day because my father mother weren't able to attend the race they we're actually over in Switzerland with a business commitment that my father had so I was representing him and centennial for the day and <hes> sort of a nice way to really really be put him in front of it and <hes> you know represent the partners in successful leg. Hopefully we can do it today. I almost didn't put you on the air. You show up to my show wearing patriots hats are you serious. Come hooked him my hat rack to say well I know who are you going to be talking with and I'm surprised you don't have it's back at the house. I went with the company thing today with the H._R.. End Cap but <hes> it's black and gold representing that stuff from the NASCAR NASCAR drivers called the hot dance listen preservation of so impressive huge effort last time out in the suburban suburban. You were talking to me before we came on the air. You said if he can run back to that race ravenously in great shape we're hoping for another repeat performance yeah and I think I think the fact that he put to back actor back racism consistently that were visually impressive. <hes> you know his allowance race before the suburban <hes> we thought maybe might be a little bit short but <hes> you know like Juba saying with you know McKinsey and even Vino Rosso these horses get better with maturity and he's the perfect example of it almost the extreme example and <hes> you know there was nothing really wrong with them. <hes> he had had some little hiccups and it's like any major athlete in any professional athlete and especially the Olympic athletes who compete every four years at the highest level. You know you just see these these little things and you know they're growing as you are training and you know muscles get sore and little things come along and we knew deep down inside and and you know when Dr Carr and Paul Parsons picked him out at the yearling sales with his pedigree that he was worth taking the time for and <hes> you know it's it's paid off breath. We're seeing it. You know true force especially in the last two races when you do things the right way it usually pays off and I mean the this horse when you look at this this form you go well. He's six years old these eight times and you know dating back to twenty sixteen and had to wait over a year to run back or ACLU year and I mean just the patients is outstanding. It's something you don't see every day and his last race Lewis like an out of body experience. I mean that was a tremendous performance. The speed figure wise pace figure wise visually. I mean it was tremendously policing so josh visually I I said I mean to see it in person. <hes> you know I was here with you know watching not here actually Belmont one. I saw for us when the Mile Thailand. I thought that was the most impressive race I've ever seen in person and you know I told Jimmy the day after at the barn. I said you know visually to see that race. In person was one the best races I've seen and I think even an allowance races to and <hes> House since he's been he's been fine. <hes> you know you always have that risk and you know people look you look at these good horses. Now you know the time between races is getting longer and longer and but you know this is a lot like a lot of good horses. He's a big strong can take the training <hes> you know Jimmy Trains hard for big races and and it's proven proven successful over the years did it with an exit data with servants coast you know even the wicked strong didn't win a race in grade one races a four year old he was was consistently there and <hes> you know this horse you know you look at the past performance and you look at Mckinsey and say Oh my God look at this race record and look at the speed figures and we hit a one eight which is exceptional but you can say you're lightly raced that sex is is I think an advantage I think that's one thing we have in our column right now yet. According to the Bris past performances which do not use religiously that last race earned a one sixteen spayed figure you're on the scale. McKinsey's never hit one sixteen for his entire career now think about that well. I mean if if we run back to what we did in the suburban yeah I mean you know if if he ever could improve I don't know but you know he's going to be. It'll be competitive you think he ends up on the lead here today. I don't take it specifically. Jimmy was asked that question at the barn you know when N._B._C. was over there with Randy Moss Jerry Bailey and asked would you be comfortable three or four wide into the first turn turn was very well could happen you know he's got tactical speed out of the gate to but he he's a neat horse and you can see it when he's trying to he you you can do. He'll do it. You ask you know you can get him up. In their early. You can take them back at me and he saw it in a suburban he got there. He went to the lead them Catholic boy to go up because he was eager to get in the Ledin junior just took his time with them and let him go by and you know I don't. I don't think it's I think it'll be fine. I don't think he's GonNa have to be on the League going into the first and you don't want to use a horse up going into I if you can be two or three why it'll be fine he's lucky to he's got the outside post so he should be a place himself. I mean junior can put him where he wants to. You know he doesn't have to rush and and if nobody wants to lead he can just burst out get over and no problem and he won't fight that you know I mean he's the type of Voice of he can. He can do it. Junior can do what he wants with pretty much. Are you already at Eton Thinking Breeders Cup classic with this. Do you have to get by today. I and see what happens here. Now you gotta get by what happens. You know you start planning way ahead with resources. That's always the kiss of that limb and now it just you know you look at history and how things happen for a reason and you know just grateful to be here. The partners have been exceptional optional in terms of understanding the thought process can what we were doing this horse and you know it. It's part of it's part of the Game Ame you getting New People into the sport. It's education and if you can educate them early and it doesn't come as surprise you know the end result whether you're you're in the grade one races or at least competing. Here's our over it on a consistent basis. You know they understand it and that's the way it's rewarding. It's really nice to have partners that that know that you're going to do what's right by the horse and and they understand that because there's a lot of people that would be really nervous or not particularly he please at their horses running. You know on once every six eight months like it or not and you know you know the the revenue who stream as as you know. We're going the wrong way most of the time but if you do if the horse does have the talent show you know anything can happen you well. He look I mean unfortunately my thunder snows out of the race and you know that was a cough and a fever by the way is the reason he came out and so you know you got to enjoy yeah well. It's on the up and up and you know again. Thanks to the partners involves. <hes> it's a great group. They understand it. <hes> there there now horse people because they get it and this is this sources taught them that talking with owner don little junior centennial annual farms preservationists going to the post later today in the Whitney again our coverage five to six eastern time don despite your poor choice in caps this morning. You're you're polo shirts pretty cool. You've got the centennial farms Polo on in the Tan and red colors. It's got the silks on their where did the Tannin red come from. Actually actually it was it was intent the name came from a farm or a barn actually in Hamilton Massachusetts that when we were playing Polo and dad you know what is he's always had his passionate voices he was renting on before we built one on the family property and it just happened to have an old sign centennial farms of eighteen ninety two and the colors just came from he was looking for something conservative not overly flashy and <hes> the the actual specifics of the color combination. I you know I think I I think it was just a random thing but yet <hes> it does help so to have a neat neat tone tone to it. <hes> it stands out <hes> thanks to Julie Cronin colonial affairs in the hall of fame and they're very distinctive among my favorite set a silks ever and it's a classy look relational classy look yeah well. You know you come into a partnership being avid shirt. I'm not wearing the cap I gotta do that you yeah I'll give you one more omen that is working in preservationists favor today as I was doing some research for our broadcast later this afternoon I went back and watched that that that raised by Colonial Affair Chris Lincoln opened the E._s._p._N.. Television broadcast that day and he referenced it was the fact that you're isn't the fact that it was Saratoga longest season in history at that point in nineteen ninety four thirty four day meet this is not the longest Saratoga me in terms of days. It's forty today's meet they've raised forty days before but it is the longest in terms of the number of weeks that they're going to run. They spaced out so it's another new thing for Saratoga. Maybe twenty five years later. We happen all over again. Well hopefully you know there's a lot of things that you try to look for it and we'll Karma here and there and you know I think <hes> all all the saddle blankets are going to be pink today to represent Marylou Whitney but if you were to take that out of scenario post position aid is pink and as what they ask so maybe that's a little something something to look forward to and <hes> after say that I'm in my eighth year of sobriety so <hes> good for you. Hopefully that'll means something as well yeah good for you. Wow special day a lot of things pointing towards preservationists and now he just has to step up and do it later today before I let you go but a minute or so left sure. Did you get a chance to spend much time around Mary Lou enough enough to see what what a great lady she was and what she meant to this community actually the day that we won the Whitney with colonial affair and she had a lot of interest in Paulo Cassivi Whitney was a great Polo player himself and I played the professional polo for fifteen years and I was fortunate I would accept the trophy and the two of US ran off to the polo fields here because we had to play in the Whitney Cup that day and I think we won that game down in interestingly enough you may have read that. She was a big proponent and supporter for of dog sled racing and the idea Rodwell vote. The Dog sled team that she took to her wedding was my great uncles so my dad's uncle Norman von who competed Edita rotten they were quite good friends and <hes> she went on the expedition supported expedition to the South Pole in nineteen ninety five and there is a mountain named after my great uncle and she was part of the you know the the reenactment of his <hes> expedition down there with Admiral Byrd. Wow that's a great story yeah fantastic story don little junior centennial farms good luck this afternoon my friend thank you guys. Thanks for coming by and like Oliver guests can receive a gift courtesy of embraced the race the apparel for the horse racing lifestyle will get that over to don and <hes> we'll step away for a quick break. We'll come back and wrap it up for you. This is the forum on H.. R. N. presented by Red Brand fence. Let's manufacturing the V. Mash and non climb fence. 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Tau Marco's can't get by bio mom and anchor down wires the field in the council performance gains way stallion anchor down a son of three time champion champion sire tap it and a top filer who won the great to Kelso with a final time of one thirty two and four fifth posting a one eight Beyer speed figure a half to grade one winner sweet lou anchor down strongly resembles who sire and will be represented by his burst crop of yearlings this year really fast anchor down wow now standing at gains way our passion performance. You know what I'm talking about gains way far I hi this is Larry Cole Medicine. You're listening to the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the Equine Forum on the Horse. Racing Radio Network works presented by rid Brandt's. Welcome back. Mike pennant Jude fell getting ready to wrap up this Whitney edition of the equine forum live from Saratoga but a

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