Faith During Corona Crisis


Welcome to another episode of. Let's talk game with Tiffany Lewis. I'm your host. Thank you all for tuning in. I know it has been a an interesting turn of events. The talk of the town the city in nation even globally especially is not the political race anymore. Talk about diversion. How quickly we diverted our attention from some of the buffoonery of politics to the latest viral sensation or chart topping songs right like these are the things that we were talking about week over week lease when I would check in to see what was going on in the headlines. Those things are still happening but they have all taken a back seat in a degree of importance as Kobe. Nineteen or the corona virus most aptly known continues to spread. I'm opposed to really discussing Or reporting the news outlets and the content that they share because they create fear in the hearts and minds of viewers and listeners So as an alternative though. I know there's so much power you have in what you say and as a pot caster this outlet is especially important in time like this because it just creates a different point of view and others allow that point of view and perspective to be shaped more aptly in the communities where they sit so for sake of what is known about the corona is something to take serious very very serious life in depth series companies colleges arenas restaurants theme. Parks schools. Everything is being for. They're being forced to rethink business practices to keep people safe and the virus contained talk about game changing. Life Changer. For those who follow. Let's talk game or if you're listening for the first time pandemonium is not my thing. I tried to let my faith lead most of my content in the in the same way week over week. That's just me. I try to lead in faith share things that are hoped field in uplifting. However I'm no fool right. We must all be wise in our health and wellness. And that's something I also aptly speak about because as important Mike it's Mind Body Spirit. That's life giving how you infuse things into your mind into your body how you workout which you ingest even what you take in mentally. It's all tied together so I want to start off by sharing facts about what I do know to be true about the corona virus. And I'm sure you all have done your due diligence by this point but really quickly if you haven't you know there. There's always some who may be enlightened you know and I don't want to glance over that so I know this is probably the biggest misperception. Your ethnicity does not make you more or less susceptible to the virus. The first reported case came out of Asia but being of Asian descent does not increase or decrease your chances of getting or spreading the virus. And I would say this is for any ethnicity. So let's just really blowed out blow that out the water people who have been in close contact with the person known to have Kobe. Nineteen or people who live in or have recently been in the area with ongoing spread are in edit increased risk of exposure very similar to the flu and how it spread however also understood to be a bit more incorrect aggressive in how it attacks the respiratory system. Someone who has completed quarantine or who has been released from. Isolation does not pose a risk of infection to other people. This is all from the website so this is not tiffany's facts. This information comes directly from the centre of disease control from their website is public information. You can help stop Kobe. Nineteen by knowing the signs and symptoms and getting treatment from a medical doctor immediately fever cough shortness of breath seek medical advice from your doctor if you develop decent symptoms or even the Er if you don't have a primary care physician and I know even our office last week's on one set they. They were feeling sick and just given the urgency of the symptoms and getting a second opinion from a medical professional. Early is very important. So don't wait. Do not wait. Even with all the knowledge in the Info sharing people are still waiting believing it could be a common cold. So don't take this for granted this information. There are simple things you can do to help. Keep yourself and others healthy. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least twenty seconds. This is base level especially after blowing your nose. Coughing or sneezing going to the bathroom and before eating or preparing food and I would even say while shopping again. All of his information is documented. Facts on the CDC website. I am not a medical or health. Professionals are relied on those who are information but as we talk game especially during such a sensitive time where uncertainty week after week peeks his head when people are losing jobs left right in more meals are being missed and made by schoolchildren forces. Stay home from school or when our friends from? Europe. This one is personal shared. That loved ones. Don't have food and deciding that as a reality for people who are usually rich with farmland all around right or at a closer glance as I look out our window at church across the street. Who usually has its gates open? Have now locked them to both congregants and the community. The church the Church soldier boy moment right. Social distancing is not supposed to impact the church schools corporations. We get that I get that but not the church. So where do we turn? The church. Closes is doors. I would impose got himself with anger. Faith I believe. This is a time of centering really going inward and fully. Activating the faith. You had reserve the faith that saying faith that allows you to get over that broken heart that you were sure would overtake you. That faith that allowed you to believe in something greater than what you could see and launch that business that you did ten years ago the faith that pulled you out of the Deepest Valley of depression and gave you a sense of joy and peace greater than what you have before you even became depressed the faith that whispered you're greater than your addiction. The faith that allows you to believe again after losing everything the first time take all these multiply them times one hundred because when you're truly resting in God there's no fraction God is not divisible he only adds to what we already have. He's a multiplier. This is what I offer as encouragement and I say this with such emphatic truth. Because I've lived at myself I am living it. Don't sit and wonder go on faith believing that God is greater than every hidden agenda for those who are talking about propaganda and all of this other stuff every hidden agenda every attack every pandemic or economic dip. God is greater than that. So live in faith not fear the name exist. But let's not really make this declaration a Hashtag only but make it real. There's no better time than now to trust God more and if you don't even know how to trust God if you don't even have that relationship with God you can whisper that in your own home as we social distance. A lot of the things that God requires of us starts in our heart and we don't have to be in any place other than with him so just focus inward tap into your faith even if you utter. How how? What do you want me to do on this day? I'm sure he'll answer. This has been another episode of. Let's talk game with Tiffany Lewis staying courage. D- thank you for listening. 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