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President Trump Takes a Kavanaugh Victory Lap


They take one last ride around the world, the EMMY award winning Anthony, bourdain parts, unknown the final episodes chairs, Sundays at nine on CNN. Hey, everyone. I'm David chalian the CNN political director, and this is the daily DC. Thanks so much for listening today on the podcast, the cavenaugh victory lap that is what President Trump started taking an his Kansas campaign trail, visit this weekend, and we'll do so again, this evening at seven pm eastern in the East Room of the White House. He will have a ceremonial swearing in. We know that Justice cavenaugh has already been sworn in as the hundred and fourteenth supreme court Justice, but he will have another ceremonial swearing-in tonight at the White House, which is designed to be exactly that a victory lap for the president, accomplishing one of his major victories as difficult as it may have been to achieve the president got his pick his second pick onto the United States Supreme court and caused his party to rejoice in the success and perhaps get a bit more energized and enthusiastic about the upcoming midterm elections, taking place four weeks from. Tomorrow. Obviously, the final vote on cavenaugh you know, was fifty forty eight. It was a historic nomination process. We've not seen something this close this contentious in the modern era, and we see that the president is going to utilize it. He's going to use this as a enthusiasm booster with the base of his party. You heard him campaigning strongly with this as one of his major talking points add that to the historic unemployment numbers that came out on Friday, add that to his trade deal, the new US and Mexico and Canada trade agreement, and you've got a president who believes he's racking up, delivered promises, accomplishments, and the ability to go out there and sell the country that his team should be rewarded with continued control of both houses of congress. You also hear the president, of course, saying that he is on the ballot and that he is trying to. Get Republican based voters who may otherwise drop off in the midterm year, saying, get out there. It is as if my name is on the ballot, you have Steve Bannon his former chief strategist out there saying this election's about whether or not Donald Trump gets impeached. So get out there a so while Trump is completely injecting himself into the campaign and he's about to really ramp up his campaign trail appearances. He's got three or four more rallies this week. So while he's injecting himself, there are some Republicans out there running in tough congressional districts who are not so eager to have his help. So again, the Trump factor this year, there is no doubt that is what the midterms are about, but there is a big season to me eight for candidates about the cost benefit analysis, and some of those deep red states where the Senate is being fought out, Donald Trump may be able to help flip ascendancy to Republicans were democrat is in there right now from a deep red state, but that may not be what he's able to do in the house since that. Escape is not the deep bass, but what he is able to do is focus the national spotlight on his wins, his accomplishments, nothing quite as clear as that as in cavenaugh. So I will just say I would anticipate as we look at the next round of polling that the president's approval rating may uptick a bit, but it is unclear if indeed it is going to get anywhere near where history suggests it would need to be for him to be a positive effect everywhere that usually is that fifty percent Mark. So if he's hovering down in the low forties, Donald Trump overall is still going to be a drag on his party. He may be able to save the United States Senate from flipping into Democrats because of the terrain. But overall, he will be drag on his party. It is hard to imagine his approval rating getting north of fifty percent over the next four weeks, but we'll wait and see because he has had this string of successes of late brick. Cavanaugh is expected. To take his seat on the United States Supreme court tomorrow. Tuesday, he'll be sitting in the seat all the way to the right when you're looking at the bench as the most junior Justice, he'll be sitting next to Elena Kagan. He has hired four female law clerks first time in court history that a Justice is coming in and for the term has four law clerks who are women. No, mistaking the optics there after what he has been through. And we are told that he has been reading the briefs for all the cases that they are expected to start hearing in the term. You'll recall the supreme court term began last Monday, the first Monday in October. So because of the delay of the FBI investigation in the cavenaugh vote, the eight justices handled business for the first week of the term, and now they will be a complete complement of nine justices on the supreme court as of tomorrow morning when Brett Kavanagh takes his seat, I am sure we will hear how he conducts himself in the courtroom on his first day as an associate Justice of the supreme court that does it for this. Edition of the daily DC. Thank you so much for listening. Hope you'll tune in again right here tomorrow. So many people around the world depend on CNN's quality reporting. Now they have an incredible online store with clothes gear and gadget. Right now you can get fifteen percent off your purchase. Just visit store dot n. dot com. And when you're checking out into the code CNN podcast, just one word and get a fifteen percent discount. It's that simple that store dot c. n. n. dot com.

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