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Hen quarter part to Leslie. And I are having a ball. Stay tuned. We've heard from our listeners that it can be that difficult to leave a rating and review for our podcast, and I tunes. So here's a painless way to do it. Go to please review my podcast dot com. Backslash divas for an easy. Step by step tutorial to follow. That's WWW. Please review my podcast dot com. Backslash divas reviewing and rating our podcast teens helps us in so many ways and more importantly, we get your feedback on what you like about the podcast. Thanks for being a listener in subscriber and going to police review my podcast dot com. Backslash divas. Okay. Ron this is your second one. With us. Tired of us yet know you. Really close. But not yet. All right. Minutes. That's just fine continue drinking cocktails, and then we'll be done. And we have us today. One of your chefs, how many chefs you have here to coexists to co exacts. And then I know where no talk about wind today, and you have some years that Rome on the fluids. So we have to psalms actually Alison our general manager is my son that I had certified and then we just hired a new some Kennedy. I'm not sure Kennedy's last name is yet. Is she she's really knew like she just started yesterday was for some matter. So she's a level Tucson. So she's got even more extensive wind knowledge than so that's like that's almost like a black belt at the second degree. In some world. So you've got your intro som-? You've got your introductory course song, which is your second level. And then you've got your van psalm? And then you've got your master song, which only two hundred nine master psalms in the entire world. So yeah, but and you have you have I'm just sitting in this room. And I'm looking at, you know, lots of wine bottles of my favorite kind of once tell me about your wines. So we keep a six hundred sixty bottles on premise at all times, sending six hundred and sixty okay. So the sixty for me. For everybody else. That's how much we keep in these cabinets as you can see through into the Napa. And we actually have some cases that we keep back there too. So the keep a stock closer to seven twenty is what we keep at all times because we go through blow through wine around here really fast, which I love. Lastly, what's your favorite kind of wine? Are you? You're a white collar or red wine white wine white line during I'm Shami Chardonnay. On ocht. And I'm having chalk hill you had it when I arrived. I am a happy little camper. Yeah. And that's how made and I know we like to talk about oh, it looks like we have another chef joint due to chefs to two is better than in. His all my gosh. No, wait a minute. We have an and Cullen and Collins Las Animas Flynn. I licked the fact quarter in Dublin Ohio. It's all about it's all about the well to me, it's all about wine. Okay. So Colin and you both need to talk a little bit about. Now. I know what we want to do is we want to talk about some of the food items that you have on your menu. And then talk about the kind of wines that you pair with them. And I know Ron you're gonna help us walk through a few of those things and we've talked about some of the menu items, I really liked to concentrate a little bit more on a few items that I would like to sample when I come back off your dinner menu and your brunch menu. Because there's some there's some new unique things. Now, we know we've already talked about Gumbo and the Gumbo and lobster MAC and cheese. Don't you do know that I'm the one? I'm the reason you're lobster MAC and cheese on his menu. Yeah. Ron isn't that correct? Today. Right. And the new menus going to go with lobster, MAC and cheese. Oh my gosh. Reagan's coming in with the biggest glasses of wine I've ever seen a montage life. Don't you drop that are you a, oh, we await person in a restaurant ever know how I would have spilled those and drop them in crushed or glasses all over. Okay. So. We have what do you want? What do you want to start with Ron? And then let the guys and then you tell the guys do explain some of the food. What I what I like to start with McCaffrey through the show for me full body cap, which is still like that. You know, what my nickname is don't, you know, ladies Chardonnay? I even have my own wine label now. Now, you wish she didn't. Think about our cab. Actually, we have our caverns that we sell by the glass, we haven't overrun actually what we saw on a class as a couple of other ones that we have to we have been cigarette. So by the class, but we were actually fun fact the through the first month of sales, we are the number one sill sales because he should for overrun in the entire state. So we are selling more overawed by the glass in anybody else's in stable just hoping to just over. Okay. So that's this one right? Oh, I like the way the glass. Okay. Leslie, we have to like do a little listen to this. Oh, I love the sound of that. It's an alcoholic sound is. I love that. Okay. Here we go. Then, you know, see, I do know what I'm doing everyone watching. Oh, wow. You got the okay is Africa. Hair care. Oh my gosh. Nice. That's very nice. It's it's it's it's got a nice little after on the the roof for the mouth is good. And it's not too heavy. And see, that's the reason. I don't really drink cats. They're heavy. This is not heavy that was not extreme full body. Not by any stretch. So and I'm looking for the legs. I have really skinny legs. I was looking for more. That's delicious is I'm going to say, it's delicious. Okay. Now, you gotta let the boys chime in here on some of the food items pairs, so I don't know what we're doing next. But let's talk about you know, you tell us why we're gonna drink and never the guys talk a little bit about some of the foods that pair of well with that. Or so even before that we'll go back, obviously, you drink in the over on cat, one of my favorite things with is it actually absolutely everything on Billy. So I'll let them talk about what the talked to me about port Bill because. The name of just sounds bad to me. I have I've seen pork belly on menus all over the place. I just feel like it's a bunch of fat. So you have to explain to me what a lot of people say that. They don't understand what pork belly is. So which one of you two. Got me or. Yes. So port Bill here. The biggest thing you gotta have a good ratio of meat to fat on a part belly to fatty then. Yeah, you're gonna you're gonna get that poor experience with it. So get the nice meet content on it right now. We do a Brian Bryan. The pork belly for twelve hours. And then we'll SUV eat it at one hundred fifty degrees for twelve to twenty four hours, depending forget the time or not because it moves pretty quick off the shelves. We finish it up with. Bernas squash Dray spice cinnamon and some nice late fall. Spices glazed with the sorghum sort glaze Krispies talking mushrooms pickled jalapenos here in house, and we use a little bit of Alabama barbecue style the white barbecue sauce with that. But that guy very very rich very controlling where ballet. Christy, my needs to be intended ordinance debate. Now, could you also pair that you think Ron with the short ribs? You can. In you would go in college. Would you be able to do that? Because the Tino, and and tell me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I am people's people always say you have to do read with this white with fish. That's really out the window as far as I'm concerned. Would you guys agree with that? And Ron I mean to me from my perspective. It's all about, you know, the experience you're trying to have right. A lot of times people think like for instance, we have a stake set that they do, you know, steak means we go with full-body cab. We'll know you wouldn't do lighter you too. I would delay Detroit. Nathan line. I wouldn't do it white one that would be my choice, but I do something like a red blend. Okay. And it gives you some of those lighter notes, but then still gives you the tenants that you need to plow all these acidity out of the wine that you're actually missing with that stick Degen question to ask you is. I remember when I was as used to be a big wine, and then they kind of went away. But I'm hearing they're kind of coming back is that true rose AOL day. That's would be sitting. This would be sitting. So it was actually in Fort Lauderdale here, we said, no, your employees. Well, so sickness of ladies now, my wife and the rest of the group in and you were picking up the tab, of course, and we were sitting there, and they were like, so you're picking up ten Rosie all day. Let's do it. And I was like okay with rebounds arose as sitting there at. At brunch. And it was okay. Well, I didn't know they know what you're doing all that while I was become the tab. But it was a good day. So Roselle days say all day. Okay. Let's okay. What what do you wanna talk? What are we going to talk about next time? We gotta let Colin do a little talking bash or so we're gonna talk about what you just had in the in the last episode, which was our goal was wrong. We have a Cooper in fief red plant, which is a bourbon barrel. Why? So you actually take Olbermann bear that you told me about this before it's a really really good plan. So the red blame goes perfectly with a lot of issues that we've got on our menu. But really really well where where's this from? So kuprin thief is a local California Brandt told me this. But it's an eighty percent plant eighty percent. Eighty percent ten is this twenty percent. Wow. That's okay. Let's see what do you think about that bouquet? I haven't tasted. It Yoshi is going straight go straight for he's gone. I'm doing my little Swizzle thing. Layout already Jason Berg among bad, smell it. Again. That's legs. Does this definitely one got up here with what you eat. It's not something I would drink just by itself. It's not my think if I'm sitting there just having a glass of wine and going through a Pino going for Malbak or brain a different maybe low, but I don't drink the rib land, and I probably wouldn't do this. I mean, it's good. But that first one I would definitely cabin like. Yeah. Yeah. You might convert me to doing well, maybe other plants. Glass onto that. Okay. Okay, boys. He's gonna talk about our next food item to talk about the Gumbo. Let's talk about the Gumbo. Yeah. So our Gumbo is I was everything's made in house here. So we take except for those little that little flashed on Tom. Yeah. So we take a real and make it very very dark red real. And then we hit that with white wine and then chicken stock, and then we fold in shredded chicken on top of that. And that we have early really really small shrimp that we've fold in at the last minute. That's a little baby wins with crawfish as well. While you're making that ruin the first part we throw in trinity, which is bell peppers onions celery in sweat that down inside that inside that ruins had that body melt all the flavors together. And then we could have our in house. Seasoning blend goes inside of that. What that is. Are you today? I don't think ever Iran weather rhyme with go. You're added. Nondisclosure clause. Right. Think about four gallons daily. So that's not a team galley. We had we burn through a lot of the plate was well the bowl. No. I was gonna say I don't know why he was huge that bulbs. What do you charge for that? Because I mean, that's the big sixteen dollars that listen, I don't even know we could even share a full of that. It's that good portion, but the duly sausage gets into into it. I know we have Carolina gold rice that goes on top. And then a steamed crawfish crab boil more or less. Yeah. And kinda warm those back up in there, and those kind of just Simmons, and how many people really come in set that baby out surprise a lot really less in and I like to touch table. So they're always kind of asking us. How do you eat these? That's kind of a it's kind of a test. Like, are you going to do it or not? It is. It is funny. Okay. I'm Wimpy girl. Okay. I will not eat a whole lobster. It's kind of like Ron I've talked about. I'm not gonna eat corn on the cob and nothing to eat ribs out. I always make sure that when my husband cooks lobster tails because that's what I do which he is an excellent chef, by the way with his lobster tails, if you ever want to try has we call them, Florida hotdogs, and the thing is like that. I don't even want wanna fight with the lobster tail. Always make everybody put it on top of the tail so I'm really don't like fighting with things. But you know, what I would like maybe just do that crawfish once? Does it have any yucky stuff in it? Who actually you know, what I mean that great thing that's in like lobsters, just close your eyes. Rise. You'll love care. Right. Okay. Now, I want to know because I am not an oyster girl. Leslie, do you like always draw? Okay. I know I am definitely not wasted person. But I want to know what these researchers are all about. And I know I'm not sure we have a wine that goes with that. But I want to know about your Worcester. So you talk about those oysters or other than the fact, I know that if you eat them, it's good for sex, correct? Absolutely. Everything's good. They act like it's got. That's why you have four children under the age of the big oyster guy that can't tell listers in wine lives at my house. So it works out and picking up your children from school picking up from school. Okay. How tell us about the Gers voice should be. It's actually a play on a very old school dish out of New Orleans here. Now, it's we make it with a blue point oysters right now, but the wishes will be on rotation depending on what is what is fresh and in season we use east coasters. So a little larger bigger meat content. Right now, we're using a cream base sauce with mushrooms, white, shrimp wine sauce, cooked down soul top it with that. And this pop them in the oven. So nice and bubbly. So big loser. Very creamy texture of flavor. Everything off the top of it. And it'd be a happy camper. Right. What's a co choisir that points bay face? I'm sorry. I just can't get past that gray color. You'll see what it's all. It's all. Did you like did you like a shot like a beer or shot of bourbon? In there. It's really good. It's one of my favorite favorite apps. Let's second outside of what we got in the king crabs admission last. Yeah. And this actually should be good for you. Because you're very big annot. Cow. Like, you said, right. I'm not a large no person. I know. As large an o-x-f-a-m Bram. Yeah. So we are chalk hill goes perfectly. If you're your reason person are come girl does really been. Does really well. So I think this is the Chucky got a refill. So you're. Sorry. That was she. Grow. This is good. So I do that. Okay. Was about recently. You know, it's kind of like when you have a peanut grease. Yes. If you get a true Italian peanut Gratiot, it is not sweet no now true. German recently Kofu girls, look, not sweet famous. I'm originally from like the movie or Japan or something. What is it? That's good. That's good right now. It's not super sweet. It's not wait is using guy. Right. Well, you why don't look like insulin guy? Not not and I'm not actually that's pretty light. And not as sweet it's not that super sweet Riesling and Cisco, Leslie if you've have reasons aren't they usually to me sometimes like thick sorry. But that's the term I use like more of a syrupy because it is sugar much. Yeah. Sledge ankle. From actually got one. I could see this with my husband's red, snapper. What will go perfect? I could see that come into my football game. I'm telling you invited our football parts long should bring food actually you bring the shifts to there you go. I can't actually what do you want them to talk about next surprise us talk about whatever you want. You're talking about local without wine pairing with the king crab. So we get a lesson. King crab. We break them all out of the shells. It come down to about a four and a half five aunts portion, which then go into our we have a Mason jar which gets filled up with Pflueger butter, which is clarified really good clarified butter. We warm that up to I don't know about one hundred and twenty five degrees or so just before you know, it starts cooking any of that loves her fresh bay leaf. And then you get some Christina's on the side with a fork so table side, the service Steph will open the jar up to present that to you. And then you have that warm butter and Christina to kind of dip through the the whole the whole jar that good. How come we didn't get that today? I guess we have to come back for birds three four five claiming that sounds have. No, what do you eat night today? What would you what would you charge for that today? Thirty three or four okay of my Lord delicious. What are you gonna talk about brunch? Hit brain trust behind the throne. So I Don you all the credit downs. I tried everything. But this is my invite me very much play off a traditional biscuits and gravy. Go back us into sausage in crawfish seven. So we make our, you know, normal standard gravy base with paprika all the spices inside of there. But the start of it we take into sausage and rendered down. So there's none of that fat, and they're kind of close out over and then cooled down. And then we pulse it to play as you're making sausage gravy. It's just got that same texture sausage when it's cooked down and ground down. And then right at the end, we fought in crawfish on top of that. And he goes over three biscuits. And then we have a fried sheet of effort that goes that and then s flood pepper that gets free. That's what about thousand calories. Yeah. Go go by. Like oh by God. About a love. Not. Oh. Delicious. So is that the Crawford's that I've now sucked out, and then I'll just put it back in. Now, tell me about because the one thing I always think about the base of making a sausage gravy for that. And you know, everybody is you put flower, and you put this for that. And I always liked to. Okay. Because it's you know, I know it's a trick of the trade. But this one you can give out. I wanna know how you make that creamy nice sausage gravy. I mean about the sausage, but tell me about the actual base of the gravy that I'd much. So we go through forty eight to sixty pounds of butter a week in this restaurant. That's a lot of butter. Oh boy. I don't who your your distributor is. But they must love you. Do a lot of butter. Not puck. Hey, it's better. Good good, southern style food. I mean, you're gonna have a lot of pork fat. Lot of bacon fat lot of cream over towards the spring begin. Where a start a appeasing those vegetarians in the night road that Mike career options yet, we're looking into ways to get around the southern food and still be able to put those flavors in front of a guest with dietary restrictions move up the coast little bit a little bit more fresh seafood. Oh, great little softer broth style it because you know, Leslie, and I are we, you know, we work out, and we're we're pretty healthy conscious other than today. Thank you. Thank you know, you do need to make sure you have those kind of alternatives my daughter's ugly pretty much gluten free not because she has to be, but she chooses to be. So I think some good things that you can do like for vegans as well as vegetarians. I mean, it's just a just a smart thing to do. Because then you're not excluding anybody and everybody could come and they all probably drink. So who cares? It's going to the bourbon bar. Okay. Tell me about your the eggs Benedict because I love eggs, berries all day. Definitely. That's probably he's all day. That's one of my favorite practice food's always. Yes, it's my favorite one that they do Sarsour yet, very very simple to the point. We do a southern style. Biscuit. With our collard greens. So Colorado's not overly vinegary little sweet little spicy that the packs of lot of flavor that let alone goes on those guys from start to finish top all your love, Rosemary ham. And then he's the poached eggs, and we do a seed holidays so traditional holiday sauce over the double boiler whisking whisking all day. This one comes as very very light. As as opposed to a really heavy buttery sauces when comes out same ingredients. Just very very light on the appellate. Okay. I know we have one more wine tasting to two more. I'm more. I'm more. But this one I want to know, so okay, which one do you want you want us to taste this? And then I have to know we have to finish up with chicken and waffles. I mean, but let's what is this. We're heads. So that's began. But it is unlikely. Nice about that's about how many do you have on your menu. Of course, you so I think almost fifteen and I I don't know any restaurant in town has that many Alison her she she's was a California for a decade. And the biggest thing about being true white recur, especially in California. Hi, I'm a treeline drinker. We go is is people sleep on the building bubbly can be paired with somebody. We're actually having our grand opening which a hoping everybody gets to attend. Sponsored by what headed and amount of time. Oh, really God. That's like Anheuser Busch. The cool thing about that sponsorship is we're gonna put on some education about how different bubbly can be paired with so many different foods people just think of champagnes or or percent goes is things that you drink in southern Batory occasions, drink alone. Don't they pair really well with some food 'specially fried chicken a lot of people don't know where so ever. Ever thought of here. This is this says this Leonti to chicken and waffles. Well, then boys away. All right. So chino awful. We went as big a vanilla Belgium style. Waffle burns thick thrilled thick. Yep. Point, you can't see this. Because it's a podcast did about two out that thick. That's that's that's pretty pretty pretty thick waffle, but Sylvia chicken in. It's almost that they about a three day process. So you have fresh chicken in. Let's say Monday is that like a chicken breasts that you use white Michigan rest in a chicken thigh in and a chicken leg in and the only one that is with a bone is the actual drum. We've Frampton the process and people do like to eat with their hands with people also like to eat with a fork. So we kind of limited the bone onto those options. So then there's a little bit easier for you to and I don't like to eat with chickens a little different. I don't get my hands messy for a piece of chicken, you know, lived up. It's got sauce like Wayne thing now. Okay. The keep cold. We really good. We get it in. And it goes on a Brian similar to the same Bryant. We used for a pork belly. It goes on Brian for another twelve hours overnight. And then the next day, we take out of Brian, and we buttermilk soak it again overnight, and then it gets dredged in our season flower, which then goes into our friars in the back, which we place in no, baskets or anything like that. And just let it come up to a float. And what's the fiery flip it over give it another minute or two, and it is done from there? And then I just want to know about this bourbon maple saucy more about that. Yes. So right now, we're using apparently in is the one is about the alcohol food. Right. We all are. I'm with you guys. I'll come in the kitchen around actually got us both in the surprise package. We're both getting cases h Taylor for Christmas this year. Yes. Well, I think I. Christmas presents. Apparently year assisted has chosen the soul. The big thing would call an is experiencing a previous endeavors in our career is using the local local guys in the so right now the maple syrup reason millions maple products, Kevin he's really helped us get this going right now finding a great maple syrup, and we're definitely cruising through a lot of it. So why don't you think it's important to to utilize people from Ohio? I mean, like sugar creek. And then you know, you can go out and yet. Yeah. So many different products. Go on that we use butcher in the grocer out of grain view. They have about six farms a deal with their pigs and then six farms a deal with their cows. So our ground beef is from the grocery that they get from local sources farm here in Ohio. And then our pork chops are also from a local source farm here at Ohio, so they gave full in one house, and they butchered done themselves and their shopping grandview and we purchased from them for good family friend. Tony's owns grocer. Here's one of them could as to your owner for making that kind of choice in for you guys understanding how important is to give back to your own community, and that people that support, and it's probably a lot more fresh goodness. Oh, yeah. Oh my goodness. This home my good beef. If you can for cheeseburger, I mean, you can taste the difference. So again using crown beef ground Chuck round circle. And what are you using your house blunt? It's an eighty twenty eighty twenty mix of fat to meet, but they're used they're using the remainder of parts from the calendar have. So it's your own actual specific recipe that they use from whatever they have kind of leftover from the parts of they have. But it is consistently the same fat content throughout the whole the whole package. So would you say that? And I guess run all just time knowing the guys to is. What proportion of your menu is made up of all fresh product or in house prepared product versus you know, we we, you know, we were this shrimp from somewhere on it's that was to be honest with you before they even got here with that was the biggest difference gays. We wanted to make sure it worked just a and CISCO's week partner force. I'm sorry. Cisco's a reporter for us. But we didn't we wanted to make sure that we were not a bunch of prepackaged stuff. So most of the stuff you see on the many these guys make you know what I mean? What would you say the percentages of what you don't make ninety plus ninety? Plus, we had currently not baking bread and house. Right. Yeah. So that's that that ten percent is when you sleep the only then we'll get to do a lot of that one. One more thing we do we better be given that alcohol for Christmas. We have cheesecake girl that's here in Dublin. Oh, that's no. She works with us all the time. So yeah. Yeah. That would be probably the only thing that we don't really make ourselves here. We do that out of sheer support. She's a she's awesome. She spent we've we've done podcast with her with a couple of weather people that she works. Well, and you know, that nice just to support your own community support my community Dublin and bring food over to my next party. I've got well. I love it. You guys are great. I think we've sampled everything. So this has been awesome. We're so excited that you're here in Dublin in bridge park. And thank you for all. Yeah. No problem. Thank you. Thank you you shit.

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