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Play Friday March 12th. This is Cowboys VTC health and as media wage attempted Dave. Anything happened with Dak Prescott this week we can talk about. Today's episode can be talking about why the deck Prescott deal is even better than you thought probably a lot better than you thought actually getting that a moment. We're also going to talk with ESPN NFL front office Insider Michael Tannenbaum, the former GM of the Jets former Executive Vice President of football operations for the Dolphins about the deck contract about the draft but a lot of interesting parts to the NFL offseason. I'm already temkin on Twitter at r e Sports and appreciate everybody for subscribing to the podcast check it out a podcast and I would urge you please to give us a rating as well because as I say it always helps other people find the podcast and I'm asking each and every one of you every week. If she could please tell your friends. You're probably a Cowboys fan that knows other Cowboys fans. And so I'm asking you tell them about this podcast. Tell them check it out. Have you heard about the Cowboys beat with Ari time getting he does the Cowboy game? Video and he's really cool and some just kidding. You have to say that. In fact, I probably encourage you not to because it doesn't matter that. I'm not cool or handsome. Well that matters that you liked the show and that you're helping me to share the show. So thank you for that. Today's episode brought to you by been online, but online. Adrian is your online Sportsbook experts. Okay, so on previous episodes of talked about the fallacy of the salary cap. In that the salary cap is a great tool that Executives owners general managers can use to sell a fan base and why they can't do a certain deal even if they don't say it outwardly. It's sort of known from each fan that like, well, you've got to stay within the structure of the cat, but the reality of the situation is NFL teams can keep extend signed rubber players they wash The players that they cut don't pick up they just didn't want to but but the fallacy is in that you can restructure deals you can structure deals and you sign them to be able to be structured. There's so many cap gymnastics in ways around it. These these lawyers that work for organizations. And the people that that are accountants for them are way too smart to offer stand the different intricacies of salary cap. People tip go around it and make whatever deal they want fit. So this goes back to Dak Prescott who earlier this week. So an extension with the Cowboys tax back and some of you not all but some of you are upset about the deal. Others are happy the deal got done happy tax here, but not sure that he's going to go worth the money do they overpay for Dak Prescott? It's a lot of money here the numbers and you hear Patrick Mahomes forty two million a year and Dak Prescott will be just a shade under that right? He's not as much as Mahomes, but he's right there. And so you're thinking your head like, he's not a Patrick Mahomes. What? And I get that he's not he's not even the second best quarterback in the league. It's not even top five though. You could argue some could that he is top five. I'd argue. He's somewhere between five and ten, but as I've talked about go back and listen episodes past like it went from arguably top 15 to definitely top 10 to now arguably top 5 That's unbelievable growth for Dak Prescott. But here's the fallacy of the deal. And here's why if you're one that says and I would say the probably a majority Cowboys fans feel like good quarterback. Is he a great quarterback? Right? That's that's the sort of a lot of delineation, right good quarterback, but do you pay him that much money? And here's the thing. The money doesn't matter right? We'll get we'll get into this is Mike Tannenbaum in a moment, but Like if you're the Cowboys, are you really going to walk away from a deal because you're like well, we think he's thirty-five million a year 36 million a year 37 million year. I mean you're talking about like a very odd like a very small I'm not trying to say a millions of dollars a small amount in the grand scheme of the NFL spending and salary cap and free agency talking about a negligible amount of money like a few a couple of million here there. It's like is that really make the difference here? Is that like like such a better deal if it's a thirty-five million dollar deal which by the way probably could have gotten the deal to it last year definitely could have gotten the deal done a couple of years ago. And obviously the the number has continue to go up. But here is something that's even better about it. And this is something that I didn't know until Michael gehlken of the Dallas Morning News reported this after speaking with Todd France tax agent off this came out on Thursday for Michael gehlken. And that is the structure of the deal is such that it's a four-year contract on paper, but the Cowboys were insisted on including avoidable fifth and sixth year off. So it's essentially a six-year deal but those two years are avoidable by either parties here. So it's not really a six-year deal. It's bigger borders before but just follow me why they do a longer-term deal with voidable years the suggestions the smarts of the lawyers and the the the very very intelligent understanding numbers accountants here, right? Because how does a signing bonus worth signing bonuses spread out over the life of a deal so a $66 signing bonus over four years. It's going to be more than a $66 signing bonus stretched out over five years or six years. Now. Here's the rub. You can always give us any bonus over five years. So why add the sixth-year good question because that voidable 60r then becomes the extra year if the Cowboys want to restructure his deal after this year get it. So they include two voidable extra voidable years there. One so that the annual cost of the signing bonuses going to be less but too so that further down the road if they want or need to restructure the deal and borrow from the future they can do so because they're already have those extra couple of years built in this is the given the take of cellular cap of negotiations. And this is the fallacy of the Bowery cap. Everybody's want a Cowboys fan up too much to pay. Are you paying it know the salary cap is a salary cap. It's teams are going to spend up to the salary cap. Right? So like there's no like well the if they didn't pay him this they're going to get that no, no, no. No they can get whoever they want and they're going to be spending up to 6 each every year and they can restructure deals. Like that's it's it's a fallacy they built into extra years into this deal that are avoidable simply be so they can do the gymnastics that they Need to restructure a deal and they can at any point time restructure deal without needing the player to agree to it because it's just giving him more money sooner. So why wouldn't they want that? And by the way, they can do this with other players in free agency. So it really isn't even better deal than we expected it to be and I think it was a great deal because it's a done deal. And those are the best kinds especially when you're talking about the potential of you know, not having a religion franchise quarterback. That's somewhere between by most accounts 5 and 10 and the league if you're ranking them. Now I know there's you know some concern over him coming back from injury and there's always concern and and as you'll hear people say well, I mean the Cowboys know better than anybody else is current status from the injury. You know, DAC had that that ankle surgery had to have a second surgery to clean some things up that's immigrated signed but there's always a risk of injury. You know, what? It's a physical physically demanding sport guys are gonna suffer injuries. It's crazy that he got this far in his career without suffering an injury. I would if if we're if we're ready for power ranking injuries, I'd probably put like broken bones higher than I would soft tissue injuries which can linger and and people respond differently to and you never Tire Lee sure where it's broken bones to be more cut-and-dried and that's obviously we're talking about with Dak here. But yeah, there's a risk in him returning from injury. And by the way, there's a risk in paying quarterbacks that are going to age And so long as you got a guy that's talking age. You're good paying him. But if you get a you pay a guy that's going to age. Then you know the older you get the harder it to come back from injury and all that jazz. And as I've continued to say whether it be here, or I might YouTube page youtube.com r e sports sports go subscribe there, please. You can win a Superbowl Dak Prescott. I was asked was on a radio show in Kansas City and I was asked point-blank. Will the Cowboys win a Superbowl with Dak Prescott? And I said, yes Ma'am. Why not? They're they're not going to follow up if he doesn't write but because I have the faith in DEC to be able to do that. At the quarterback position because any, you know the arguments about against Dak we've been through them, you know, he's he's not he's inaccurate. Okay, he's got the literally has the fifth-best can't log into NFL history. But okay and then the the second one is yeah, but I mean it's all dumped offs. It's all underneath like I mean just for sure it's not like there's there's factual evidence to support that it's not but second of all, you're talking about a quarter back over 5 Seasons like the idea that he's Alex Smith and I'm a complete Captain check down all the time over 5 Seasons, like sure maybe in a game maybe a couple of games. I'll buy that but over the course of five seasons know she can put up the numbers the deck is put up a meter. Fanelli's Nineteen Hundred yards his first four plus games this season. You don't do that with checkdowns. Okay, it's absurd. Guy is a remarkable leader. He's an incredible person genuine, right and these are things that matter. You know, I I love the quote in the book of basketball my Bill Simmons he gets from Isaiah Thomas and it is Isaiah tells him the secret to basketball and this is not just basketball by the way security basketball. Nothing has nothing to do with basketball. It's about everything else. So the plane rides but the hotel rooms it's about the camaraderie. It's the dinners. It's the friendships. It's that So like the stuff that a lot of people think don't matter doesn't matter you stuff that matters a lot a lot more than you'd think and I've covered in been around championship teams. I can tell you that matters a lot way more so than you'd ever think like I'm not even kidding more so than the on the field stuff. so That leads me to. The can the Cowboys win a Superbowl the DAC. Yes. But and that Stephen Jones so, you know, you still hear people complain about Jerry and cowboys won't do anything until Jerry hires a real football guy and I mean it's been years now. It's Stephen Jones. It's running the show, right? They they have transitioned. Steven isn't even in the meetings as they're negotiating contracts. Okay. I'm like, you know, the markets came out with the Demarcus Lawrence the connector to go she actions but it's like yeah, Jerry Jerry KO Market said Hi, and then all the adults went into her room a conference room and long ago. She had the contract. Okay, like Jerry's in there. He wasn't Todd France referenced working with Stephen Jones. Not going to say Jerry doesn't have a say Jerry on the team as long as he's living and so he's gotta say but this organization from a Personnel standpoint is being run by Stephen Jones. Now, you might say they need to hire football people. They have wage. I have they've got a lot of football people in there that are aiding and helping Steven as he's making decisions. It's it functions way more so like a normal organization then you would think but here's the question Jerry is Stephen Jones good his job. That we can question because I think there was a point in time where everybody clamored for something different than Jerry and what we saw in the early 2000s was Jerry just Free Will and spend not being good and no commitment to the draft and we saw in the last ten years with the opposite and that's Steven. Steven is worth on my situation. She was the opposite of Jerry in that regard. Bill to the draft don't spend in free agency don't take risks and free agency. So Steven get his job. He trusts even do we trust Stephen Jones to put the right pieces around Dak Prescott the Cowboys be successful because as much as we want to talk about you'll conduct lift up ization. And can he make up for areas where they're not great like I mean, Aaron Rodgers has won Superbowl. Okay, Aaron Rodgers has been the best or the second best quarterback in the NFL for a long time. He has one title. 1 and how many Super Bowls has he played in? Right, I mean Russell Wilson one title. I mean Russell Wilson can lift up a franchise did not a lot of great pieces around him, but she got one title another Super Bowl appearance to Super Bowl appearances one titled back to back here. So that's it. Okay, there are a bunch of teams that are doing this. The great quarterback lives of everybody around him. Maybe it's Tom Brady. Maybe it's Patrick Mahomes. But like if you're not going to pay a quarterback because they're not Tom Brady Patrick Mahomes. Good luck finding a quarterback. So do we trust Stephen to put the right pieces around deck so that the answer to that question convect Prescott won a Superbowl with the Cowboys is yes. what we need to see is a change to Stephen Jones has seemingly in flexibility. And Stephen Jones change his stripes. Stephen was and has been the antithesis to Jerry freewheeling spending taking risks and it was a disaster especially in the early 2000s for the first decade of the 2000s month, but would Stevens done has still not resulted in the Cowboys winning a Superbowl. It's been a long enough period of time now where we saw one side of the extreme. We've now seen the other side of the extreme and neither have resulted in titles. Neither have even resulted in an NFC championship appearance. So the jury is still out on Stephen Jones Steven did things in order to get this organization back on the right track. They have drafted so much better and begin a pretty consistent and good drafting team with mistakes made on defense. And they have obviously made a mistake in terms of like who do they keep who they let walk? The most part they they've done really well in that and that department letting the right guys walk drafting. Well drafting the right guys. They put together a really good offense through the draft for the most part. The jury still on Steven because Steven needs to prove that he can you can move more towards the middle of that spectrum because the Cowboys are not going to win a Superbowl building the way that they've built them. You can't just build your entire roster through the draft can't especially given the window to the Cowboys have right now which they have. You cannot risk this window right now by entirely building your defense, especially in the secondary through the draft. So let's bring this full circle here. We know the salary cap is a fallacy. We know the Cowboys can sign whoever they want within reason and restructured Deals and on and on we know that. Just go put your money where your mouth is Steven. And make the answer the question. Can the Cowboys winning symbol with Dak Prescott? Yes. Michael Tannenbaum coming up in a moment here. But first I need to tell you about my friends bed online. But online. 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Well, how's it going doing very well. Thanks. I want to get your thoughts on deck and and all of that jazz, but let's start with the draft because you you work on the NFL draft for ESPN, which is one of the most amazing Productions and especially given the circumstances running last year off. So what was what was like to get part of that especially from from the viewership side. It was like I was shedding tears when it started because it was the first time from March to June April that we had seen anything resembling live sports. So it was it was really just an amazing production the way that it all came together, but then I think from the viewership side it was it was it was like just an oasis in the middle of the desert of of no Sports. Yeah, that's a great way to put it and it was interesting. So two years ago. We were in Nashville, and it was kind of, you know business as usual kind of feels like a lifetime ago, doesn't it off? And then last year were doing the ESPN. This is the national radio broadcast and I'm doing great from here. You know, it's just crazy to think that like we're doing the NFL draft for ESP em were all at our homes. Like that would have been you know, just unimaginable not that long ago. So yeah, we'll see what happens this year and hopefully slowly, you know, things are getting back to normal and not only that but like the the plans initially for what they had in Vegas for like, you know, the fountain he was like to go from that to what they ended up with credible would have been the show of all shows, you know, just give Jerry Jones the microphone make him the MC and away we go and aspect I think for me a lot of fans. I don't know under have an understanding of how much work goes into this not just from the media, but it for like GMS and coaches, you know, like and and not just this but everything so they're dead. From their families a lot. And and obviously I'm not telling you something you don't know but to then get some insights into these individuals working from home during the draft, you know, just just take us through sort of what your experiences would be like given that circumstance. Yeah. Look you you guys you make the best of the situation, you know, really on all sides of the equation if you're with a team. Well, you're preparing for the draft. Yeah, like I run virtual Zoom meetings like we have one at 7:00 today. We're doing the quarterbacks and we'll have three or four different coaches on a couple of Scouts formed it should say and you know, if you're in the media you guys do the best you can buy, you know calling people texting them and if you're with a team a lot of these things out or virtual and maybe it's not exactly the same thing but with technology, it's pretty good. What are your general thoughts just in terms of as as you were a GM or an Executive Vice President of football operations in preparing for the draft. What was your method? How much did it change over time? Yeah, the more I get the more I realize it was always about how players treated people that couldn't help him how you treat the waiter the waitress that was more important than anything and the pre-draft process which comprehensive but bringing players into our facility and really getting to know them which helpful and really, you know, just talking to people around them like going back to we had a private workout Whit Mayfield and we wanted to know more about Baker the person you go to that University of Oklahoma facility and you know, the administrative assistance the strength coach the equipment person that took they swore by and they thought he was a great person and a great leader and that's really it's so important because you know coach Belichick had a great action, which is the true things going to have a pro football is more time and more FAQ. How are you going to embrace those two things? Yeah, I've always said you can learn a lot about a person that how they treat people they perceive to be beneath them. So I I agree with that wholeheartedly in terms of cost for construction, you know, there's always Free agency for fans is so much fun. Because you know, it's these players that they know and they want their teams to sign them and they're excited when they do what we've seen the pitfalls of it and and you know, the the part of the NFL with the salary cap is you have to be able to get guys to exceed the amount that they're costing against the cap which is the draft is so I mean, how do you balance the you know, missing in the draft of certain areas fortify most positions through free agency with the risks and pitfalls of free agency given that the structure of the cap. Yeah. You really have to be precise. You're going to pay your own if at all possible cuz you know more about their intangibles their injury history, but they are as a teammate and when you go into free agency and I've had big hits and misses you trying to fill needs and when you get into creative see, there's so many things you can't control you don't know what other people are going to be paying and that's just one of those things where if it's truly like buyer beware log. Or any indicators that you've seen where it's like okay, if this box is checked, this is not going to be a successful free agency for this guy. Yeah. Yeah, I think you know the morale of like what they bring like if they do not only on the field but like great teammates and selfless and and you overpay those players the rest of the lockers to locate like hey Mike. What are you doing here? Like what message are you studying at? I think that's really really important. Let's talk about Dak Prescott. Just general your general thoughts on the contract. When you when you saw it, you know, look it was a big win for him by any metrics put that said I gotta give you know Galesburg p.m. For five years and he looked at it. It was Thirty 1 million on a one-year deal and then you know the next floor 160 that's roughly, you know one 91/5 and that comes in a blender, you know, basically like 32, which is a little bit under DeShaun Watson. So if you look at on a five-year deal you could say hey baby over paid a little bit, but they got their franchise quarterback for the foreseeable. True. Yeah, I mean, it's funny cuz Cowboys fans, I think our our They don't have a total gauge like I grew up in Chicago. Okay, the greatest quarterback in the history of the Bears is Sid Luckman. Okay, that's that's perspective there as opposed to the Cowboys who have money in their history Aikman and Staubach and Romo and debts. So they they're they have an embarrassment of riches the position so they don't have the they don't have the right context to sort of understand how good deck is I mean wage so that excuse any reality for them. And so so many people ask me they're like, why did the Cowboys overpay for DEC or I don't think they should have paid him. They should have taken their he's not that good. How do you evaluate that? Because it's like God if it's not Patrick Mahomes, there's a feeling like well, why would you sign him? Yeah, because I think one of the things you bring up a great point because one of the things that fans sometimes forget is what's the cost of not having him so I'll give you a great example, but let's go to Seattle for a cell phone. So two guys that do a great job Pete Carroll John Schneider. They're playing with Tarvaris Jackson and Max LED. And in the third round they draft Russell Wilson and would you like to have back flannel Capron will be like a Russian wall shirt and cap challenges. So if you want to go play with Paxton Lynch or Brock Osweiler both those quarterbacks are available at any price. If you're Galax, I know it's a little it's just but sometimes like, you know, there's so many people that have made me better at ESPN The Dan orlovsky is the running Clark's but Dominique Fox Sports, like most guys have been great and and have offered me a lot and straight to get their perspective on things. But one of the things that you know, I think I bring to the table is like, hey guys, like okay, you want to pay. Thirty-two or thirty-three million? That's great. No problem. That's wrong. Probably Fair on paper. But if he graduates, it's a free agency who's playing quarterback for Dallas and oh by the way that players not coming for free which either draft Capital it's salary dollars. It may be both. So before we just sit here and say in discriminately, I'm not going to Penny over 34 million. No problem cuz I've been there, you know, I've been going to a stadium where Brooks Bollinger was our quarterback and we'll play Tom Brady and let me just tell you something. The module is located very good sitting up in the box when you're out there with Brooks Bollinger. Yeah and cowboys. That should know that because before Romo took a long stretch of those kinds of quarterbacks after Aikman, how do you evaluate Dak Prescott? What's your thought on him in terms of the quarterback hierarchy? Yeah, I really like them. You know, I've been a big big proponent of him. He's young. He's athletic he can make all the throws. He has a playoff when and when I say, he's High character like when you talk to people that building, yeah, he is a real leader like not a leader like social media posts, like look at me with my workout leader, like authentic supportive nurturing person and leader in the most Earnest and sincere way and that's from direct people inside that building and to me one of the things that's really important in life is you forget sometimes like it's human beings and when the left guard or the right tackle have a bad day and he can pick them up like that's valuable. Yeah, I mean my experience with that is the same genuine, you know, I mean not this is not to bag on Romo. But you know Romo would do an interview in the locker room. And then you turn around it's over walk away you get that. I mean that's what most guys would do I get that but Jack is like interviews over and like that's when the real interview begins because then he shoot the breeze with reporters. And you know, he's not in a hurry to get I mean that to me says a lot of it validates a lot of the things you hear about him from teammates inside a locker room where the media doesn't have access to and that's there's a lot of value. I don't know that people understand the value in that way in you you've talked we talked at nauseam. We talked about free agency the draft and character and you know individual personality is such an important component that I think a lot of times fans don't put enough value in in two months. Hundred percent and it's a force multiplier and look let's just put this into context here. So again, let's just say if we discussion let's say gaps at 4:35 million dollars instead of forty. Everyone be like, oh that's good deal. That's a really good deal by gal. So let's just for argument's sake say that they were paid by 5 million Taps 180 this year. When a teacher next year, let's say Thursday. Close to two hundred and away we go we're talking about the salary cap in the aggregate being about a billion dollars that they're going to spend on players over the life of this contract if they overspend by with five million a year on five years. We've overspent by 25 million dollars on a billion dollar outlay. If you're going to overspend on something shouldn't be on a high-character productive quarterback. One last thing for you and that's on decks. Ankle. How much concern would you have he had the surgery but then he had to have the second surgery to clean it up. Are you concerned about that at all your own early? I would suggest with that said nobody knows more about it than they do. So if you know, they're going to look under the hood like they're there everyday if I was a team and I say are on a hey, you know, Mister. Oh, we're going to write a check here or hundred sixty million. I would have, you know pause for concern, but obviously if he's there every day that's got to be a moot point. Yeah. Well said Mike Tannenbaum the former GM of the Jets executive wage into football operations for the Dolphins. And now the ESPN NFL front office and Satur Mike. Thanks for your time be well. Thank you. Yeah, great to be reunited and good to see you and keep up the good work. All right. Thanks to Mike Tannenbaum who can follow along her at real Tenenbaum. He does a fantastic job real good guy real great dude genuine and really good insights into the National Football League dead. I'm already tempted on Twitter at our a sports. If you have not yet already, please hit subscribe and and tell a friend. You know, I've been I've been keep talking about this but help us grow The Show by telling your friends about this page Tom. Check it out. Check out the Cowboys beat podcast great insights. Whatever. I mean, how are you going to say? I'm not going to put words in your mouth. But tell them why you listen. What are you listen to the show? I appreciate each and every one of you for listening to the show each and every week. I love you all tweet me at r e Sports email me a mt45 at gmail.com. I love you all for now. The Cowboys beat his out. He's off

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