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This is American Eric History as aftershock where I share with you a story that didn't make it into the main episode. I'm your host Chelsea Ever Smith and today we're talking about Ted Bundy I recently watched Netflix extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile which as many of us know is about America's past and apparently current sweetheart allegedly handsome serial killer Ted Bundy as played lead by former teen haughty turned quasi Alastair Zach Ephron Ephron is considered one of the sexiest man alive and it's true that he looks a lot like Bundy especially in profile although suspiciously missing the trademark Yuna brow his boyish smile helps you forget that this is a man who's committed unspeakable violence and that's because ephrons a good actor and he does a good job joking his way into a lovable bundy one seen through the adoring is of Elizabeth Kendall handle his former girlfriend and author of the book the film is based on he's charismatic in-command causing women and men all around him to bend to his Manic charm. His crimes are highlighted in the movie sure but with the current of denial running through that's not the Ted. I know it's a romantic film but not necessarily in a way that's morally transgressive but cutesy nonetheless and then there it is right there on screen the sculpted asks of Ted Bundy who may as well be named People Magazine's sexiest murderer alive. Can we be honest here Ted Bundy isn't that good looking. He's not an otherworldly God of a beauty so transcendent as to mute the screaming volume of his crimes honestly to me. He's always kind of resembled a Jim Henson Iteration of George W Bush we know that he was charming which is part of why he was able to abduct rape torture and murder undetermined termine number of young women potentially ranging upwards of thirty but in terms of appearance. He's actually kind of ordinary of course his life. In the horrific murders he committed where anything but ordinary and maybe that's why people are so surprised is in embarrassed to admit that they think he's attractive but the fact that Bundy had these likable features at all was surprising confusing paradox that reinforced the reality that serial killers can seem just like everybody else. This nineteen seventies rockstar bio bio pic of a man we can all agree should be deeply reviled isn't a new or shocking concept in America but just the newest installment of the glamorization of our trauma by humanizing this killer and having him played by someone like Zach Ephron the whole thing becomes a little more palatable but what does it mean that these bogeymen for which we carry pepper spray check our back seats in deadbolt our doors have also become our sex symbols in household names extremely wicked shockingly evil in file focuses on the story of Elizabeth Kendall but also on Carol. And Boone a woman who fell in love with Bundy while he was in prison awaiting trial for abduction and murder Bundy actually proposed to and married Caroline Boone while in the middle of her testimony we've all heard the stories of Jailhouse Romance. There's even a psychiatric term for it her Bristol Delia Fetishism of a partner known to have committed misdeed or crime as horrified as we are by these women. The truth is that our entire culture seems obsessed with these psychopaths myself included women who marry Mary serial killers. They're just like us. It's true that we here in America are especially prolific in our serial killer numbers. Since the beginning of the twentieth century. The United States has been homed over twenty six hundred of them in that that same timeframe the country with the second largest serial murderer output was the U._k.. With a grand total of one hundred forty two so it might be accurate to say that serial killers are as American as apple pie but that doesn't fully explain our unending fascination like much of what we talk about on American hysteria the media both news in the entertainment. We've already talked about have played a huge role in constructing our idea of serial killers from the very beginning the advent of the American serial killer began with H H homes the Chicago Chicago Torture Castle proprietor convicted of nine brutal murders in eighteen ninety six since then journalists have used terms like genius and monster sensationalize in separate these ghoulish figures in our public consciousness removing in someone's humanity in this case can make them into unknowable super villains but it can also help remove their flaws to make them cartoons of themselves characters that we can project any qualities we want onto in the immortal words of David Byrne Psycho Killer Keskar say I was born with a double in me. H H home said while confessing I could not help the fact that I was a murderer. No more than a poet can help the inspiration to sing. He was paid seventy five hundred dollars which is two hundred twenty six thousand dollars today by none other than Yellow Journalism Mogul William Randolph hearst and it was printed in his very popular newspapers like Bundy prior to his conviction. Shen homes was an ambitious and well liked every man a real charmer and this can partially explain why during the media circus they were able to steer the clown cars of their own narratives. Bundy's were some of the first televised revised murder trials and the feeding frenzy of publicity surrounding them gave Ted the unprecedented platform to become the celebrity that he now is he walked around unshackled and unsupervised and was granted his request to run his own defense offense young women gathered outside the courthouse swooning over his arrogant charm and they unfortunately we're not the only ones presiding judge Edward Court after months of flirtatious chastising used these saccharin words to administer Bundy's third death sentence for years of murder torture and terror he had afflicted upon the country so thank you. Tragedy for this to see such total waste humanity that I've experienced in this courtyard bright young man you may a lawyer loved ahead you practice in front of one another way or more more after this one of our favorite sponsors is back. 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Twitter posted. I've I've seen a Lotta talk about Ted. Bundy's alleged hotness and I would like to gently remind everyone there are literally thousands of hot men on the service almost all of whom are not convicted serial murderers. The archetype of the American serial killer is one where reality in Hollywood intersect with almost equal public interest it was only five months after the Oscar winning silence of the lambs was released in Nineteen ninety-one that a real life serial killer with cannibalistic tendencies was caught Jeffrey Dahmer years later the the two of blurred together and some people confuse the actions of real life Dahmer with those of the Fictional Hannibal Lecter another former teen haughty play Jeffrey Dahmer Ross Lynch who wants start on the Disney Channel Original Series Austin and Allie one author author who studies women who loves serial killers discover that of her sample interviews nearly all the women had had early abusive relationships with men with this mind the author posits that marrying a prisoner means that these women can exercise a kind of control they were unable to when they were being abused they decide when these men get to see them. They decide to respond to desperate letters or not and they decide to put money into their commissary. The relationship also gets to remain in a fantasy one where. Letters and poems and drawings and expressions of love or doled out by the extreme boredom of prison one that with all its apparent danger is actually safer than one. Maybe in the real world because this time the man is already behind bars more after this you might have heard me talk about the great podcast case closed on the last episode but I thought I talk about it again. Since this episode is literally about crime this new true crime podcast looks at a new murder each season from crime all the way to conviction every crime covered on case closed his actually already been solved so you aren't left wondering who really did it and you actually get to find out what happened to them. This season follows the story of Rusty Schneiderman. A carrying Atlanta father who was killed in twenty ten rusty was dropping his son off at preschool early one morning and as he was walking back to his car a minivan pulled up next to him before rusty could react the driver shot him four times in the chest but rusty had no known enemies so who would want him dead you'll hear all about rusty his loving marriage and the two million dollar life insurance policy in his name and you'll hear who pulled the trigger. It's an intriguing suspenseful. Well listen that you will not be able to turn off and you won't have to you can binge the entire season of case closed now. Wherever you get your podcasts that's case closed subscribe now despite our parent veracious nece for them serial murders are still incredibly rare and have actually been on the decline for the last thirty years or so but we still desperately WanNa know what possibly we lead someone to committing such horrible acts? What was their childhood like where their signs could it have been predicted or even prevented? Sometimes it feels to me like we WANNA retroactively save these men from themselves wondering if somewhere deep inside them as a pure and frightened child fairy tales tell us very young that women can love bad men into goodness in fact it seems to be a responsibility the way beauty touched the enormous face the beast saw him a sparkle of humanity and gave him the ability to bloom but that's just a Disney movie and Zach Ephron Ross Lynch or just Disney boys grown into Disney men and in this way maybe our culture sure teaches us this heuristic feely ah I know I was programmed in a sense to try to save those beyond saving to save intern all those that would suffer terribly for my not doing so and in the end likely to save save myself from Skylark. This was American hysteria aftershock next week on the show. We're covering the idea of the monstrous and monsters of American culture. The aftershock is ridden produced in hosted did buy me Chelsea Weber Smith assistant produced by Derrick Smith research assisted by Riley Smith produced an edited by clear Comma Studios and recorded at dens more studios in Seattle and finally a huge. Thank you to Miranda Zickler for for all of her crucial help on this episode. Make sure you check out her amazing band co Inca. That's K. U.. I. N. K. A. On spotify. It's the only band I listened now. I hope you have a great week and try your best not to fall in love with a serial killer.

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