The Amazing Race Canada 2019 | Season 7 The Vote To Return


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All dresses, including new salutes in stripes, dots and linen are on sale. From just fifteen dollars for women twelve dollars for girls and teas from just five dollars for Delton kids. I can't wait to spring for those than by online and pick up in store for free springing into action. Now curry into old navy and old navy dot com for forty percent off all dresses, teas and jeans boundary. Twenty seven two four four excludes install clearance active men's package licensed. News. Hey, everybody. Welcome to reality. TV? We're happy ups amazing race Canada edition. My name is Jessica lease with me as always I co host, Jen Heaton. Hello, dan. Hello. And we have a very very special treat for you tonight. In light of the news that the upcoming season of amazing race Canada will be allowing you to vote in a previous contestant we have one such previous contestant here to talk us through the upcoming vote and relive some of these experiences of please welcome one half of the dynamic duo of and Dave from season one of amazing race Canada. Mr. Dave Schramm. Hello, dave. Hi, thank you so much for having me. Mean we're so excited to talk to you. It's really such a fun time. We've never gotten to podcast about season one before because we weren't recording a podcast then. But the recollection was that you you jet basically stole the entire season out from under everybody and on our shortlist of people to come back. It's always you're always at number one on the list for me, the you. I mean. Yeah. Like, I don't know. I think honestly, the reason I think we kinda resonated with a lot of people was just the fact that we were genuinely having fun. And I think people tune in every week, you know, they wanna see candidate they wanna see entertainment. But I think like at the end of the day, they they wanna see people having fun and really kind of enjoying it because especially the race. Like it such a full especially stressful environment. And it's such a, you know, you do like I it is very hard store. When you can you know when you can do win still kinda make jokes and have fun in. You know, take it, you know, not not life or death. I think I think that's why you know, people kind of, you know, excited about us. And it was crazy. It was crazy. So how long have you known that you're going to be part of this vote? So not long may just kinda sprung it on us and. In. So, you know, they they were which you wanna be part of this foe. You know instantly said yes. And you know, I often got off like do you? You know, is there going to be in all star? Like if you if there's an all stars, you guys would you do in? We're always like, yeah. Of course, like if there's an all-star if they asked us than for sure we'd love to do it again. So this vote thing is a big curveball in just kind of came out of nowhere. So yeah, we're just kinda I dunno where rolling with roll with the punches. And I'm I'm stressed. It's stressful. I'm like, you know, because it's it's not like, you're you're just on or you're not. It's like it's this vote killing hanging over my head. So we'll off the see have have you had any they talked to you in the past about whether you were interested because I know a lot of reality shows are constantly asking people. Hey, would you like to come back some point in the future? Have you guys talked with that much about that said season one? No, no. And now we've always come in. Kept in touch with the producers in and stuff in. There were other opportunities. We'd kind of worked on some stuff for, but they're never had been big never kind of like given us on optional or or really asked as much about the race other than you know, they they enjoyed having us. We obviously love working with them on. So no, it was like it was totally out of the blue totally unexpected really tight turnaround to have basically two weeks to get your name back out. There is that what was your strategy? Ben for that. Yeah. Like, I mean, honestly, I'm I like I had to reactivate my Twitter account. I had to you know, since I used I used to call it the Facebook. Now, it's just Facebook. I season one's a long time ago. Right. So all joking aside. I mean, it's it's seven. Years. Right. So I I kinda like all people are gonna remember us, you know, 'cause the other teams I think are from season three season four stole. You know, that was kind of our fear was like, we're not really top of mind anymore. And and so, yeah, our strategy is just trying to like you to say coming get our name out there again. And I don't know what you're pretty fortunate. We have a lot of people tweeting on sending Facebook messages. Lot of these people are, you know, they're kind of reliving some of the moments in court, frankly, reminding me of some of the moments that are like, oh, remember this. You know, remember this thing? Remember this time, you guys did this or like, you know, we had a lot of fun watching you, do etc. And so it's actually kind of been funded, you know, kind of go down memory lane in remember a lot of fun times that we did have on the show because we. Did have an absolute blast. You know, we didn't win. Although I sometimes token what we did what I'm hoping seat seven philosophy lucky seats in seven in. Hopefully, first thing we gotta do is win this vote. And then and then you know, center sights on winning the season. So if you came back is there anything that you'd be doing differently who tough question? I mean, I think we did a lot right in season one as far as, you know, supporting each other trying not to get too upset with each other. You know, having fun while we you know, kind of whistle while you work mentality. And I truly think it helped us I think it helped us stay positive health is not get on each other's case. So that was I would say I would put that in the good call. Column in the bad column or the what I would, you know want to improve on. I think is just maybe decision making, you know, kind of taking you know, you've you get you get to make these decisions have to make decisions in a split second. So I think if we just kinda take take a couple more brass instinct through you know, what what do we wanna do ear? How do we want to attack this because sometimes we would just kinda like get into it? And you know, perfect example was the first thing we did on the amazing race. We ran packed our bags up in just said it said something like go in face, your fears. Get your next clue so we run in and it's like a big maze thing. So we run in the first box. You see there's a clue inside. So we just greet inside grab it flew. And we leave will what we didn't know or realize was that, you know, there was like. Ten other boxes the further. You got in each of them had some head like butterflies like we had some had scorpions. So if you chose something that was quote unquote scary than you know, you got better flight. So just little things like that just kinda like taking your time. And then you know, again, like there's a couple things gone into you know, we chose a and get into it twenty minutes later, you're like what the hell sinking. While like, why did we ever choose? This shouldn't have any. No. Then you got a switch. So. Yeah, that's what I would change just slow down a bit. Is there anything you've learned from keeping up with the show? Have you been watching the subsequent seasons in thinking? Man. If I was in there, I would do that. Or I would make this choice. What have you seen in the intervening seasons that you'd really like to be doing? So the new in the Canada one at least much sure about the American one. But in Canadian wonder doing. It's called face all where you like actually going against the other team. That's something. I'm actually excited for because I'm a I'm a huge. I love competition. I love games. I love. I I don't I just I'm very Pettit almost two to a fault. So I think being able to just go up like head to head against another team would be would be super Superfund. I have watched all the seasons of the Canadian version actually not up to date on the American version. But yeah, the Canadian when I walked in. I always have like I've my neighbor teams in all son of a tweet or something. So I get excited about it in. But they have you know, w turn now that's new they have a couple. Yeah. I was just reading over the rules in. And I was like manna I got I got I brush up on this. I learned this. I don't even know the difference between a a detour in a roadblock anymore. I need to remember I need to give back into the race mode. So on a civil or doubt, you know, you guys may assume it would be like, you would stand out as the returning players with all these new players, you know, like your season, you had, you know, body break, the big celebrities who kind of everyone kind of looked at is the big threat, and you guys kind of Rabaul a kind of hide a little more than the background. How are you going to handle if you're on it being like, I assume the teams will remember you? But being the team that people remember from that season. And that kind of is the expert returning player. Yeah. I it's weird. I actually hadn't really thought about on tail. Last night in you know, why last night because I was walking survive in Joe that his name job yet. Joe? He's back on survivor, and he was kind of saying the same thing. He's like, you know, you walk in, and you know, you instantly kinda feel like you have a target on your back end. Like, it's not like, you're welcome. Then I hadn't really thought about it. No for sure this is going to be. I think it's ten I think was ten teams plus on returning. I'm not sure yet. But whatever let's call it ten ten teams. Like, I'm sure they're not going to be thrilled to see us. Or if we don't win this vote, whoever, you know. And I don't know how that's going to play out as far as you turns w terms excetera, you know, it. It is weird. Like am. I mean, I've we have done it before was a long time open it Lee. I like the first couple legs. I think it may give us a bit of an advantage. Just to like, you know, we've kind of like we do know what to expect slightly. But I think after the first couple exit. It really isn't gonna matter. We also never left candidate rights season. One was into quote, the producer here in a love letter to Canada. And that was kind of a thing like they didn't want to lead candidate. They wanted to show Canadians. What they're missing just like the US Canada's a massive country rights so much to see and a lot of probably Americans and Canadians. Don't get out of their stay right? They don't go and travel. They, you know, the hop on a plane and go to Mexico before they hop on a plane and go to some other state. And so so we've never had that aspect of it. We've never had the international aspect. We've never had the, you know, the language barriers in the, you know, the taxi dr-. Drivers who you can't speak to. So that'll all be brand new to us as well on. So I think it will be kinda even but yeah, I don't expect many teams to be excited to see us. That's for sure. That's certainly the next thing. I was going to ask was how prepared deal feel to leave the country. If if it comes to that. So I have been very fortunate in my life to do a lot of traveling. I love to travel. I'm always, you know, kinda planning six months out in advance. So, you know, I've been to conscious where I don't speak the language where you have to you know, try and act out, you know, what you want. And so I think it's just again another layer to the game of amazing race. And you know, I I don't know. It's I've never I've never been timid to to travel in two two. You know, meet other people other languages other cultures. So I mean firstly I'm excited. I'm excited. I think the opportunity excited to like, you know, open the envelope in. Hey, you're going to lag. And chances are I have not been there in I I'm stoked. Honestly. I'm I'm I'm really excited. I think if there's I would rather go to a place. I haven't been to than a place I have been to for sure. On a related note to that. Have you are you planning assuming you win the vote? I don't think you have much time. But are you doing any other preparing besides watching the show, and yes, so what? So. You know, seven years ago. I was I, you know, I started running law, and I really try to get in shape for the show in since then, you know, I believe it or not I haven't had an amazing race to train for. So I have been just just enjoying my life. You know, I've been eating I been making good food. I've been just shutting the gym every every chance I get. So I definitely need to get back into shape. And since I don't have much of a turnaround. It's going to consist of a crash diet and running. I'm just gonna run. That's that's my goal. I'd only represent anything on the race is going to be easy. No, you don't need to be a body builder. Like like Blackie in order to be on the race. Right. So I I'm not afraid that you know, I I don't have the strength to do anything. I'm worried about the insurance. That's what I'm worried about. I'm worried about running around all day and just you know being exhausted. So I'm gonna just start running like last time when I was getting ready for season one. I just ran you know, three to five miles a day every single day. And unfortunately, you know, I won't have much turn around time here. But I just gotta get as mushroom running in his I can. So I don't want people to you know, if we do get on a Kozak. I you know, it's Jadan who is that. You know, I want them to actually know that it's me not, you know, combing, names and stuff. I don't wanna be body. Shamed. Well, I think I think the casts of most of the seasons of amazing race Canada have been overwhelmingly supportive of each other. I wouldn't worry too much about that. But safe to assume that that you partner does not have the same problems. He's been keeping up with his fitness. Yes. So he he actually was a firefighter in season. Sorry, no. He was a police officer in seizing on and a couple years ago. He actually moved to Tronto, and he actually got a job as a firefighter so between, you know, saving lives. They have a lot of they will oughta downtime and. Sorry. I don't wanna rag on on firefighters. Yeah. He definitely stays in shape better than I do. The also got married a couple, you know, five six months ago. So he had to you know, I gotta be in shape for that. Because you don't want to know too too chubby. See I have a different approach like if I if I'm going to get married I actually want to put on like fifty pounds. So then when I lose it, all, you know. And then you look back in twenty years instead of looking back at me like oh my God. Look how STAN I was. I'm gonna look back and be like, oh, yeah. I look so much better than I did one a year that's kind of my mentality. But no, he's definitely in shape. So, but you know, what he's not very good at cardio. He's not gonna cargo. So I, you know, if he's if he listens to this get on the treadmill by we need, we need that stamina. Well, I will give you a tip, which I'm sure you probably know practice dancing. I know the two of you are dancers, but the show just. Every week you'll have a dance task. So this is what you should do more than aside you notice that too. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I on season when I do the season. I did a dance. And luckily, I I did very well at it. But I have. Yeah. I was going to supplement. My my my running with dance classes for sure because it seems to be it'll you're totally right. It seems to be a weekly thing. So I gotta I gotta remember how to you know, count, a a I think I think you just count to aid in than start over and just learn those stacks. I have to assume you're cheerleading past is going to help you there again, again, they only count to aid as well. So yeah, when I first started cheerleading, I counted nine or ten times in the I got in trouble. Let me tell you. They were not impressed. But yeah, I it's funny to some of my old cheer friends have been messaging me in wishing me lock in sauce. So it's it's kind of fun to you know, honestly, like the people have been. Amazing and we've had people from all over Canada reaching out. But especially in my hometown of London, you know, like, the the response has it's kind of humbling at times, honestly, you know, because again, like, I don't know ninety five percent of the people who, you know, send me a tweet. I don't know. I've never met, you know, they're not my friends my family, Selena when you get love and support from from friends and family, it's to be expected. You know, when you get love and support from from random people you've never met. I think it means a lot for and. You know, you kind of have this like obligation right in insane thing when we're on season one like we did like every week. I was like, you know, people are cheering for us in a soft. When we knew because we knew that we have been eliminated in season one while they're showing these in you know, as the season went on. We've kinda we were getting stronger and stronger we wanna couple legs in a row Keillor. Just you know, they're coming out on the street. Like, oh, you know, I know you one, and obviously, you know, you just smile, and he can't say anything, and then, but in the back of your mind, you know, you're like oh God, I'm a fraud. I'm a fraud. I lost I lost. And then when we did lose we had people coming up to us telling us that, you know, oh, they're they're they're child cried themselves to sleep that naive. You're just like oh, don't tell me that like already yields so guilty in badly. But you know, again, it does kinda show on the level of you know, kind of support we were getting in again humbling is just like the perfect word for it to dig too much into sad memories. But I'm curious if you thought at all about that like last leg, and what happened and. Know what not what you differently? But I'm just curious if you think about that kind of how that went for you guys. Yeah. So I mean, I so I would totally be low buying by setting never thought about it. I also, you know, you do have kind of quite a lot of time to. Come to terms with is the right word. But yeah, like, I had a lot of guilt because it was you know, it was my. Yeah. I don't know. Why was a detour roadblock road one? Now who knows okay roadblock? It was a minor road block. And so obviously, I felt guilty. And I think me crying on national television was proof of that. But yeah, after the fact though, you do kind of I don't want you look back, and you're like, I don't know. You're like, well, I do a lot of right? Didn't I you know, you kinda like, but it does eat at you like, of course, there's still times or you. You're like, oh, man. What who knows who knows? What could if I had just got that extra five bucks five minutes earlier, like what would have happened in the finale, blah, blah, blah, by the end of the day. I don't know. What would I do differently? I don't I don't know. I wouldn't I wouldn't move. That's for sure I kind of went away from the center because someone told me that it's a little more popular down there. So it kind of, you know, ventured off and I wouldn't do that. I don't know devil sticks jets not not a big hit that will sticks. But it was only head. I don't know. I can't juggle. I Ken devil sticks. And that's you know, I don't know. I think the other contestants to kind of I think bay kind of Barada to you know, like Selena's hula hooping away. You know, I I'm getting ready to give some money to her. She's doing such a great job, you know, Kim's drug Ling, which does like an actual scale as opposed dental sticken. And then Jolie like he has no lakes, and he's like talking about, you know, being a war hero essentially, and I was like hard to compete with that. Yes, it was hard to compete with that as as our placement would dictate by. Yeah. Yeah. So I guess a long short answer is on you know, I I did my best. I was trying my hardest. And it's sock at the time. But looking back on it. You know, it is what it is. And we still have to do so much amazing pun intended, amazing stuff after the show. You know, we we got to do stuff with World Vision in Brazil, we got to do some TV stuff. We did a big notice Baid gala dinner enshrined auto for the Special Olympics. You know, I mean, we had so many opportunities after the show which like again we hadn't been expecting. And that was that was cool. I was on. I mean, I wouldn't say it was better than winning two hundred and fifty thousand dollars each by pretty good nonetheless, you just have to approach everything with the right attitude. Right. And I think we did that. So that was that was that was that was like winning. I guess that's what I tell people. I'll sure is there anything on your wishlist that you didn't get to do the first time out that you'd like to visit or see or attempt owns great question. So the wishlist saw one thing soil, compass start actually with one thing that I think other people had a wishlist for that. I I don't agree with. But a lot of people will say, oh, we're like, you know, aren't you pissed that you didn't get to leave Canada? And I I honestly and truthfully responded that in no like, I I'm actually the lad that I was on the first season. I am actually lied that. We didn't leave Canada. And that's not just you know, me saying that because I was not seizing. But when you heard the producers really explaining in the opening scene of season one. The host John Montgomery Kadian legend says in again, I'm only ever seen the show once so I forget the exact will. But it was something along the lines of. Percent of Canadians will never eat their profits. So they may go abroad they may travel to another country go to states, they'll go to Florida for the week, but they won't actually go see another province, and that made me so sad because growing up I was fortunate enough for my parents to take us on these massive road trips across country, and you know, I had seen so many of our our provinces so back to your I I guess I'm kind of going in the opposite direction. Every question is. I am glad that we did do that. But without being said, I did some now I am Superstock or the potential of leaving the country and getting out there, and you know, annulling for the long flights. But I am looking forward to the language. It is a sense the, smells, you know. Look just everything about. In dropped into foreign countries. Because I personally I love to travel, and I love I think traveling gives back so much to person on. I think there's so much to learn from other cultures. I mean, I don't know how much trauma you as. But the fact that you obviously love, you know, reality TV show in the amazing race. You know, there's more out there right in. It's not. It's not worse. Not better. It's it's just a different right in this world. There's so much out there to see in do so. Yeah. I don't know. I'm still honestly, I I don't know if I answered your question, I think I kind of just went off on a tangent. But that's the best kind of Panja though. Like, I could talk about travel all night. Is you go saying I mean, I think can ins God again it out there. I think Americans ought to get out there. I mean. We both probably think we live in if not one of the greatest countries in the world. I think that's not really out for debate were all so fortunate to live where we live on the net goes for a large part of on that goes for a lot of countries in the world. But it doesn't mean that there's not, you know, so much to like still taking in learn, and you know, I went to university in Australia and in all the time I would stain. Why like I can't believe that we don't have this in Canada. And then there's other times on my own my. Yeah. Actually, what are you guys doing like, this is just so, you know, like, we did this twenty years ago come on like, you know, and again like, I think like Australia is a great country. Right. But it's just you know, you get to experience things, and it doesn't matter if you're in in in a stray Leo or in a developing country. There's always there's always stuff to see in learn and do next thing. That's that's just my mentality. And it's how I've, you know, again been fortunate to travel so Alava to where's your favorite place that you've ever been? Okay. So. How top bowl, and obviously, you know, depends depends what you wanna see. But personally, I love Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. You know, the mix of the beach the ocean the samba the passion that they have. I was there for carnival. So like the music on, you know, in there's there's an interesting country bay have just the richest of the rich, and they have the poorest of poor. And they have this massive divide and Rio's. Specifically, the perfect example is they say it's the only city where where the poor get an ocean front view because they have these what they call for Valez, which are these sexually like shantytowns that are made out of ten and they're all on these mountains in their built on on the built on you know, faultlines or places that are prone to flooding prone to. Soared I'm looking for like mudslide, it's etc. Grounds, you know, not secure. But right next to it at ground has been deemed, you're so you literally have these million dollar mansions like on this side of the mound. And then, you know, a hundred feet to the land. You have this like massive Abella? And again, you know, you go somewhere and not the place where you can go. And you can you know, you can learn they're pretty quickly about you know, what how the people that have money in how people live, but don't have money. But again like I I love Rio. Australia has, you know, a place in my heart because I wanted to school their New Zealand was unbelievable because it reminded me a lot of of home reminded me a lot of Canada and the place my girlfriend, and I just went a couple of years ago. Was iceland. Ten days in Iceland in just a hands down probably the best trip. I've ever been on. It's just spectacular. Or if you get the chance to go to Iceland, do it like we did the whole country. And it was just unbelievable stuff. You see they're like within an hour. Dry. It's just like, okay. I'm at a hot spring now met a waterfall now that a glacier now at a black sand beach. Now, I met allow of feel like it's just one thing after another so spectacular. Yeah. So yeah. That would be my highlight might might bucket list places. I wanna go topless probably Japan Argentina, I would say those two places I'd love to go. And then I've never been an unlike Canada bear savings. I've never been to off. So I I hate to lump Africa together because I think it's. Spin the North America has never yet. It's yeah. I think it is. Well, all those places make me really excited to travel right now pretty much, but I did want Abacha Canada. Because Justin, I always talk about this like watching the maze. Canada makes us just wanna like constantly booked trips to Canada. I personally have been to Canada three times since I started watching amazing race Canada. And I'm going to fourth next month. Love. So I think the first season especially but all the seasons are a really good at that. But I wanted to ask you on that note. So yeah, you were part of the first season on his show that is now aired six years that is super popular one of the most popular in the country Canada. How does it feel? It'd be part of that like original season that like what does it feel now looking back that that season? And you know, it was kind of guys we're the show is still figuring itself out at the start a million percent. Yeah. We, and I think I think that's why there's such a special place in my heart for the amazing race and season one and staying in Canada for the reasons I you know, already said. It was just awesome to be a part of kind of the history slash the introduction of you know, our very own amazing race. I mean, I think about point there have been a little fifteen seasons of the American one or something like that. So I think Canadians were kind of primed and ready for it by no one was ready for the reception that it got and like the producers like battle CTV the sponsors. Nobody knew or predicted the the response and the viewers. It would get I think like I think they're getting four and a half million viewers a week or something close that don't quote me on that. But I, you know, I think they had really targeted for for what? You know, one and a half to maybe two in their wildest dreams. So they were basically polling in twice the numbers of bad expected. And I stink you know in a country. The refi million. That's big. That's huge. So so, yeah, I do look back on it in kind of with with some pride and. Yeah. There was so much that went into it. You know, the people who you know, we made the video, but you know, the casting people, you know, they they saw and they some potential NAS. And they, you know, they they're the ones that picked us and put us on the show so on and I just think they did an amazing job with it. You know, you didn't wash it insane. Like, this is, you know, some cheap knock off, you know, it was it was just so well done, and it was it was it was as good as the original in my opinion. And and it did do a love lovely job of showcasing candidate. Like you. You know, you kinda said on, you know, this is not a country that you know, you can drive, you know, six hours, and you're you're on the other side of it. It is sold. Diapers. So diapers and again, I mean, just like states, right? Like, you guys have so much to see doom down there. In the same with us. I think the biggest problem that people have is money. You know, it's like I can go to Cuba or Mexico or a week. You know, all I can drink all I can eat, you know, if the hundred bucks open it, you know, a flight out to be BC to go skiing week you're letting that like three grand right like just just flights alone within candidate very expensive. So I think like I think that's the biggest kind of legacy pit season one left with people was was get out and see your much like just just do at like there's so much here. You don't need to leave in order. See great things. And again, like, I I encourage people to travel no matter where so. Yeah. The like, you know, do do take some time to see Canada, you know, give it a little love as well. Because there's so much. There's so much here. So be part of the season. One was amazing and. And know everything that went into it was was just very they were just a class act and bell. See TV insight on it was it was an honor obsolete honor and they treated us also. So well, so yeah, just thrilled to be partisan one season partisan one in potentially part of season seven as well. So if people want as vote to get you back in how do they do that? So the best way to vote is to go to crtv dot CA. I'm pretty sure see TV dot CA slash the amazing race early mazing ratings Candida. Oh, wow. I'm doing a job at this. Dot C A amazing race. And then there's three teams you can go for. And if you wanna go for us drought, we do then you click on vote button and submit your vote and the beauty of it. So I was actually just in Mexico. I just got home last night. I saw hadn't even. Voted for myself yet. I would be the world's worst politician because I absolutely hey, this like, you know, so promotion stuff by you gotta do it. But anyways, eating vote as many times as he wants. So if you're you know, brushing your teeth Eunice wanna hit vote opo if you're watching A if you're catching up on season one of the amazing race Canada. And you just one of voting on stop, you, you do you. I will never ask you not to vote as many times as you want. I'll get my friends in cherry hill, New Jersey to write some scripts for you. Thank you. I've been dying for someone to I'm not allowed to do that. But if a cherry hill, New Jersey, third bog capital of the world, go for it. They definitely are that to anything else. He wanted to tell our listeners if your listeners are in Canada than I would encourage you to vote for us and to go see Canada. And if your listeners or in the states beg your closest neighbors allies, come on up in see us. We got a lot to offer and fries in cheese and gravy is just one of many things we have to offer you got smoked meat and bagels to. That's what I hear. They have in Montreal. That's where I'm going next month. Oh, yeah. They got lots of stuff. Montreal leon. We got. We got everything we got everything you'd ever want up here. Except tigers. There's no Tigers. But other than Tigers, we pretty much got you covered. Well, he had to go somewhere else to see Tigers. Anyway, molly. All right. Well, Dave, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us about all things amazing race Canada. And we want to wish you the best of luck in getting voted back in. I wouldn't take it personally if Canada doesn't vote you, and I'm sure they're going to. But we hear it. Rob has podcast have had terrible luck with Canada voting. People back in. Our very own Kirsten mcginnis didn't get onto big brother Canada six, but we like to think that Canada has learned from that experience, and they will make the right choice this time. You're right. And you know what? Again, it's up to it's up to Canada, or the Botts whatever happens happens if we don't get on. Then I I sincerely hope whatever team does, you know? I hope that I wish them. Well. But you know, what if we do get on? I hope we get another podcast with you know, we'd love to have you back anytime. Go log, it's I'm I'm really excited to see. What happens? All right. Well, thank you guys so much. I really appreciate it. All right. Thanks so much Dave and best of luck. Let's say you just bought a house bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents. You'll probably mold along and skiff. 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