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Hey guys. Welcome back to follow your dreams and we have a lot to talk about this episode. Yes, I've been making a list all week all stuff I was so excited to talk about, and then I got into a car accident and the. Preparedness Live here you don't show up. We don't think about this. Katie WANNA walk back. Yeah well, I love having you here. So thank you for being my Not Sounding Board because you definitely bounce stuff back. So. Well, Hey, guys I want to start by saying Dandelions New York Times, bestseller grows thank you, Babe. Thank all of you guys just burp. That's tight. Did you burbs him? Is that like Burp into the MIC. That's my voice out. Just wanted to thank everybody who supported the release really means a lot to me and. I mean, let's just get right back I'm not going to tell the whole story actually 'cause I'm telling the story on my Youtube Channel but. I hit the New York Times bestsellers list and then ten minutes later got hit by a car and I feel like that's the most like representative of my life situation where it's a high and a low low. Just. Yeah. Men recorded or. Using Video, hell? Yeah. I. Shot a music video the next day on a broken toe I. don't care what you say I'm GonNa go ahead and say it's a hairline fracture because it's pretty fucking bruce tw. Yeah. So that's really my only injury from it, but it is actually an insane story but. Like I said telling that on my main youtube channel. So if you want to hear that story. Go, check it out but I also have a music video coming out October thirtieth or my single shut me up and I know I say this every time but oh, my God this music video is going to be fucking insane like hockey and I both outed ourselves on it but just seeing the playback and the shots and he's so creative and he came he comes up with so many interesting visuals. So it's like. He takes my concept and just makes it so much better come to this one. So I don't know what to expect. It's crumbs. Well. Yeah. This one was really stressful because I didn't have A costume until I was onset. So that was super. Super. Nerve wracking and I woke up very anxious went to bed very anxious because I like to be hyper hyper prepared but this one was just so last minute and we really had to. Fit, the pieces in the Hawk was in China. for a month, and then when he landed like it was just hit the ground running from there. So the fitting we couldn't get a wardrobe stylist and we didn't get a fitting until the night before. So it's really nobody's fault just timing trying to get something done really quickly and it came together like it really did and. She damned. She pulled it out man just had to go. Thrift store, pull it together but it looks insane like God. It was such a good outfit and both of them were really great the effects makeup was good. It was just an overall really. Really pleasant experience like the vibe and the energy onset was amazing and. The. Location was beautiful the loesch location owners were super cool artists who were like kind of just hanging out and they were super helpful to like the nineteen fifties Mike broke, and then the owner of the house like came and he was like here. Let me help you just really hands on and they were. Mike. No, he fixed it. We use the nineteen fifties style Mike. Got One new who've like fixed it as best they could but it was. Shitty. Did you see the Light Mike? Like Hawk, made a microphone out of agreement also, oh? Yeah. So He The scene that you didn't see because they had closed the garage to get the smoke and the lighting. Differently we had all red lights and then he had me singing into a green microphone. So it was like the green light and the red. Room. Was the microphone illuminated it? The microphone was a light bulb. So like it was on a Mike stand so that it looked like a microphone, but it was a green light bulb instead of Mike. was. Yeah. So like the green light is like in my face and I had my face duct tape shot. And I was singing with my mouth duct tape. So it's like a really cool visual. Yeah. Some. Really really really really really excited about that. So a lot of high highs this week memoir of. Her duct tape up. Very. Very silly. Hey, also. Insurance I had no idea was I've always been really afraid of insurance because everyone's just like, oh my God my insurance rates are going to go up and I've just never wanted to make a claim because I didn't want to deal with them. So in this situation, happened on the road. I don't know the guy in the BMW really made it feel like it was my fault but then like the insurance people were like, Oh, this is clearly not your fault. He hit you in a parked car like no. No matter what how you slice at his fall, but it's super interesting because. He he was a huge Dick and like I get it like you're pissed that like you were in a car accident and had like a really nice like new BMW and I don't know like the levels of BMW. But you can tell this was like one of those BMW's had that really like Pearl lesson finish like chrome doubt and. A nice car I mean it could have been successful. So F- like that Acre just not hitting a parked car. I wasn't the middle of the freeway. Let's be fair. You know what I mean. There's a line of traffic. There was a line of traffic hundred percent, right? So when we got out of the car the he was really mean to me he was mad at me too because I was in the middle of the road like my car stalled out. And he's like come on like hello like I'm waiting. You're on the side of the road to talk to you because my fucking car. So then when I went over there, I was like I'm so sorry like whatever and then he was like. Or the police officer was there because the police officer had to push my car with his car to the side and the police officer was like. So do you guys just want to exchange information or do you want to file report through US and he was like a report like super like fuck this girl being like, okay whatever. So he didn't talk to me at the time drove off without a word like there was just no pleasantries there where. I mean in any situation like if there's a car accident, no matter how small or minor if you were it's your fault therefore, whatever usually sorrowful like are you? Okay Are you good like straight call the cops. Well, he didn't call the COPS THEY I was in the middle of the side and they were like. In a game and helped me, he didn't call the cops. They were just like highway patrol saw there was an accident drove to the front to see what was going on. But when the police officers do in our report, he was like Galvao report instead of like whatever. So. I. Just called my insurance company because the police people were like you don't have to like claim it but you since there is a police report, you should call them and let them know and then they were like, oh no, this is clearly not your fault. He hit your car so like They're like, yeah, you should claim this is what you pay for your insurance rates aren't going to be affected at all because you're in a parked car. Got It. So like you should should use it. That's why we're here. It's what you're paying for, and then we'll chase him down and get his insurance to pay for it so like he kinda fucked himself. Because now, his insurance rates are going to go up right because they're going to. Well, I mean just kind of goes back to what I said about not heading parked cars. Yeah so I the. Super. fucking. Very Scary Situation Gillis into my. Youtube video if you want to hear the whole story yeah, I get the whole, not wanting to call the insurance company either I honestly wouldn't have me I, was parked at a gas pump. And I was. Just filling it up and somebody backed into my car. and. I just looked at home and he got out and he was like man I'm so sorry I just got this car like. Like, what what do I gotTa pay you. I was just like honestly man like I don't care. Yeah. Like I looked at the damage and it was small. I don't care. Yeah and I went to start it in the oil. Shot out of the front. Of Your Car Yeah. Undermined now have to do with us. Oh, did you actually do it? Yeah, Damn. You didn't tell me that far. Oh. You just told me that you're like Ya guy hit my car and I like didn't care because I was probably the important part of the story that you were just like it doesn't matter. Until yeah. It became an issue. Damn that happened I. Remember David got his Tesla hit by some girl and then like he had her, he got her information everything but then she just sort of dodging him and then he was just like. I mean as she can't afford it whatever you know what I mean because yeah obviously. Cars are so scary. That's why I don't like to drive Nice Cars I. don't care if I am a Gillian okay. If I'm a billionaire or maybe I'll buy a nice car but like It's just it's more stressful to me like when I got my car fuck up my bumper, get a scratch. If somebody hits me if I had something like whatever I'm just like who cares but if you have like. A nice ass car and something happens. Now it's a situation. Hate that I just like cars I can feel safe. That's the number one and really only thing I actually care about is. Am I say if if I get hit, am I most likely going to be okay given it being a whatever you know what I mean. I would hope most people who Drive cars at aren't. Like those like tiny really low to the ground like sports cars those are not fucking. Things. That's what I'm saying like all I care about is am I going to be okay and can I park it because realistically I feel like the safest car is bigger car right? Because like the. Bigger cars are definitely safer, but I also can't park it like Irene drives a truck. How does she park that and your parking options are so much more limited because you have to get something my car small. Sedan. fucking sedan. The most I would get a hatchback so that I could maybe have like a more usable trunk of Ever Open your trunk. Babe had stopped my before actually I didn't the first three years. I had my car full of stuff from my last move. So I never use my trunk and then I did a video I was cleaning out my trump for the first time in three years. And I was pulling shit out of there and I was like what the Hell is this a lot of your videos were like first time cleaning something in three years. That you like three years prior to that did you have like a big cleaning spray where you clean everything? No but three years was I got that car and moved into a new apartment. At the same time got it. So it was just everything was like three years cleaned my carpet realistically like when you live in an apartment, nobody cleans her fucking carpets leaving exactly. It's not yours. So Dude, whenever people live in apartments and they full fledge fucking like redecorated that blows my mind good for you because I think it's cool that you care about your space and you want to create an environment for yourself. You would not catch me fucking dead painting an apartment wall are you kidding me and then you gotta paint it when you leave or if you put wallpaper up in an apartment what and then you've got to tear it down. That's not sure I want to do. That's what I'm saying for a temporary place but I always knew like when I moved into a house I'm GonNa do shit. But I I kinda wish I would have went even wilder with the house. When I was decorating I, wish done gross and flowers. This is the podcast room and this is coming down. We have to take this down I hate this grass so much I only put it up because Irene's ex-boyfriend wanted me to. And I was like, okay, that's a good idea idea and he's like we have to do turf Oh. That's what that Roy video that we watched last night when he's laying in like it looked exactly like this and that's A new familiar. That was he in turf yet he was laying turf with flowers on it like that. Good video I really really like him and I feel like I always forget about him until you remind me that he put something else out and I don't know why when people ask me like Oh, who are you listening to you right now? I definitely really love him and what he's doing. Yeah guess I mean it's like two minutes early but let's do ads and get out of the way because I want to start a new subject. But Don't WanNA. Get. To. Mixing matchy Oh and also. if you're listening to this and you preordained align and didn't get your preorder incentives, email the email in the bio or in the description of this video please. Okay. Cool. The first thing we're going to talk about is stitch fix which is a total bob. So I'm somebody I absolutely hate shopping it is not for me I do not have the patience. I get tired and hungry and dehydrated at a mall. Just like it and I don't trying on clothes that much it just like it feels especially in. COVID times. Like going into a mall and in a dressing room or malls open idea me neither have into among. So long anyway stitch fix those all about four. You take a little quiz online how them your measurements, your sizes, your style, the types of cuts, you like the type of colors you want the type of events you're going to or if you want day to day, are you going out at night or you going to work and basically just customize your? 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It does it keeps it from slipping and it keeps it from writing that is slipping yes and it just gives you a nice little bit of cushion and they really do hug your feet I really really like these socks. With the actual talking points are. For. Joy they're right there engineered to help you achieve your best every day whether you're working out or on the go, and there's specific compression. It gives you targeted supporting keep socks from slipping or bunching at the heel or worse leading into your shoe exactly what we were talking about. That's literally everything that I said Hey they. Hug your feet. They feel good. They keep socks from slipping they come in colors. really thick super comfortable super bendable. Feel really. All socks bendable but some of them are. You know what I mean. Sometimes, it's like a loose fabric and these are kind of like a compression type thing. It's like wearing sweatpants versus wearing leggings. Shut up anyways, features have quickly become the number one running stock in America for listeners one follow your dreams. You can receive ten dollars off your first pair of features by going to features, dot com, and using my code Gabby. That's ten dollars off your first pair. When you go to features dot com, F. E. T. U. R. E., S. dot com, and enter Promo Code Gabby again that's features F. E. E. T. U., R., E. S. dot com, and use my code Gabby to get ten dollars off your first pair. A features is this the first ad we did for features. I've been wondering when they come up because I've been wearing those socks for damn near two months now you're like. Okay. Cool. Okay. So want to talk about some of the other stuff I want to talk about. Cool I'm going to save the Brittany staffer last because I have a lot to say. About, it can be more. Cute and clever I'm GONNA say about for last because I really want to go off on it and we have another outbreak in fifteen minutes and I just don't I don't want the drama of stopping once I get heated. So first we're going to talk about I thought this was interesting I've been seeing I believe it's prop twenty two. That is and I'm not saying what side on because I haven't researched enough of it but it's so interesting how easily manipulated Information can be so I think it's prop- twenty two and for a while I was only seeing one side of the ad where it was saying like prop twenty to protect rideshare drivers like Uber Left. Because they they WANNA stay independent contractors and they that way they can work whatever hours they want. They don't have to do certain things is basically saying like I'm my own worker make money by driving whatever. So I was seeing that commercial and I'm like, oh Why would anybody vote against us? They should be this and they should have these rights whatever, and then finally after seeing those commercials for weeks, I saw another commercial saying to vote the other way on prop twenty two saying that it's important to pass this law because it protects the rider's because the way it's set up now there's basically No legal ramifications against Uber and lift if there's like a sexual assault or an attacker. Is. So. It's just interesting how how easily like your mind can change which again I haven't like formed an opinion on it feels like there's probably. Pros and cons to each and. Who knows but it's just wild like when you want to convince somebody of your point, it's like absolutely, it needs to be this way because of this and then something else comes along. That's like, yeah. But what about this also? According to factor check into. Research Yeah nobody fact checks right And to get all that information before you make a decision. To make a plan for them I mean that's the true for celebrities to like you when you hear a rumor about somebody and you're like Oh my God, that's crazy and then you hear the real story. So let's make that the top of conversation before we get to the next ad. I just ranted for fifteen minutes about something that I'm extremely passionate about. And I believe everything that I said and I feel that it is right. I think that you feel that it is right I feel like Sam believes it is right because I? Think that most people would here and go. Yeah. That sounds about right. But because it is so against popular opinion to say that I can't and I hate that because I feel like I've always been able to be. Opinionated and like would stand up for what I believe in and say what I want and what I feel is right because I thought. It would help contribute to a narrative but now it literally feels like it's impossible because nobody wants to hear an opposing opinion to something or. I just hate that like what are we? Now nobody's allowed to go against the norm and I'm like in the public eye so like if I have an opinion that might be slightly controversial. Than And by controversial I mean, not what twitter is saying exactly then I can't say it because now my career is over because it gets twisted into something completely different which like my opinion isn't even controversial. It's really not. It's just like stating an actual fact of something that happened and was grossly misrepresented and when you look at what actually happened, it's wrong issue as the the subject is controversial and not so much the situation. Yeah. Well, the subject is controversial but like the specific situation that I'm referring as a complete false accusation and is terrible. And like it is. Pro like easily probably just like false and fucked up. Talk about it. Yeah. I hate that keeps ringing the doorbell my doorbell. It Yeah. More Lemons. That's a lyman. While Peyton is. Going and doing that. Let's talk about these Limon's really quick. My neighbor just gave them to me. In this clay pot I think it's clay because she is pershing and they just cut down a tree or cut branches from a tree. And therefore, that is very citric and they had all these little Limon's, and then she brought them and that is probably the most adult thing that's happened to me a very long time is my neighbor bringing me a bowl of fruit from her yard. That's fucking awesome. I love that I. Wonder if she's the one who's ringing my doorbell right now maybe she's going me. This is really I literally was like. Else's bowl she was like, no, I'm purging. So, I don't think that she wants it back. I'll probably put a planet or something but. Having neighbors. Nice. I I have maybe two neighbors that I say hello to. But never seen inside their place I don't think it will go beyond. Hey, how's it going? Yeah. She asked me She was like, did anybody scold you yet whatever I went out to get my insurance stuff and I was like, what do you mean? She goes never get out of your car on a highway and like I know I know all the cars around. That's scary. Yeah. So I sold out and then the cars around me in this one truck, we're going like push it because I was like close and they were like motioning for me and then they're really pointing to the shoulder and like I generally am not very good in stressful situations and also know very little. And don't trust my gut very much especially when it comes to like driving. So like if a bunch of people are telling me like the thing to do is to push your car there because it's not that hard to push car if you like. I mean. Hilas. It was a little up. Wow, I feel like that's a isn't that like a metaphor people say, oh, it's like pushing a car up a hill. Anything up the hill is not fun. Yeah. Yeah. So that's why I was outside of my car in the first place. which clearly is not the the correct course of action. Freeway what time of day? Was it rush hour? Yeah Yeah. Was not the move. I was just like pretty close to the corner or the you already on the shoulder close to the show. I had like a lane across but like I was kind of stuck between two lanes. So I was like blocking two lanes of traffic and I don't I don't know dude it was like very split decision like. Panic don't know what to do who was a baby. Would they want. My water leak. What'd you say? With. The builders of the buyers people. People who bought the house. Are Complaining about the water, the water's. That's it's weird. What people care about. Right a little. We'll have to go out there and sweep the. Sweep off the street and I was like buddy. Sorry. What tell me how the the conversation actually went because my favorite thing about Peyton is whenever he's like. So I said and I'm like, what did you say? How did you actually say actually say why can remember this time because it just happened I Hey Josh I'm not ignoring you He's super nicest introduced himself and. Just got this house down the street Did you know that the the drainpipe is leaking out onto the street I was like. Yeah. we've actually contacted the city called the gardener he thinks that it's a a broken pipe from the sprinklers. So he actually dug from the street all the way up to the House said he fixed the pipe. And it still leaks because okay like. I want to make sure that you knew. From working on it, we see it presently working on it man was he nicer was Asi He was nice. But annoyed obviously what a weird thing see that's I. Don't know if that's because i. grew up in like kind of not a great area and we didn't care about that shit but like. I can't imagine walking out the morning and being upset about the water on the street in any situation. Right. Who cares there's water on the street like I just wanted to make sure you knew yeah I see it i. see it yet. So bizarre. I wonder if it annoys Michael in Vicky. Takes them both and be like the way that we're trying to get it Maybe. The lemons were like A, we're going to set it up. And then we're we're coming in with with the hit. Am I gonNa get, and then the next one is. Note. The bottom is No tensile finding is while you were gone I was talking to him about it was nice to have neighbors. Sometimes they'll like like she's like always like, oh, how are your cats like I'll make sure to look out for them like just shit like that but then There's also so many annoying neighbors I talked about who didn't want to park near their house or like. This is like a dumb situation but I just always want to say like my response to that is always like, oh, go move in a gated community like you have neighbors other human beings who live around you and that just of the situation I mean it was it was fun. I just told them. We're we're like my water bill is probably like really high heike because that's a lot of water spilling out everyday for a year but. I don't know what else to do. We've called city. We've called the Gartner we've called the pool people like I. Don't know where the water is coming from. It's it's got to be broken pipes with the guy said he fixed and and just didn't fix it right and the hot tub. So broken listen, we're starting to get like some real grown problems in this bitch. Real. Folk when our hardest issue was that the the crawlspace under the house gate kept getting kicked out by raccoons. To fix that man. The Days No. The only reason we fixed it was because our neighbor was like. Can you not do that because I don't want my cat under there because his cat used to enter our backyard through breaking through our little what does it? What does that mean gold? Crosby's there's like a good. Thing that goes under your house. The cat would break that open and then go live under my house whenever you wanted, and then you would break through the other one to get into the backyard. So then he was like, yeah, he sleeps better and I can you can you think? That's fair. But now he just like find other ways into the house like he'll dig under my fence or every. Once in a while we'll see him plop tree, which is really scary. Kinda that was so scary. I don't know if we've told that story before but when we first started dating maybe. Seventh date or something we were in my hot TUB and. Cat. Yeah there's like a huge animal fell from the tree and like landed and ran, and I didn't know what it was I thought it was like a giant squirrel or something. That was well. Yeah. Now I gotTA worry about my cats chasing squirrels up trees getting lost and stuck in a tree. I'm sad that I can't talk about real things on the podcast because people are not opened any type of conversation. Not You guys you guys are cool like the people listening right now they're cool. It's like those people four people who hate watch every move I make fun of they like hate me but like listen to everything I do and like watch everything I do and like literally buy my book. It's curtsy get like dude, haters really are your biggest fans like. Real. So yeah like you guys listening for the most part you're all cool. It's the people who listen just to try to start drama. You know what's so funny. Is How many people know like I just said that with nobody in mind But how many people right now are going to be gabby shades. PODCAST it's like I'm not talking to you. The number of people. Like oh my God like she's talking to me. Is, about me. Babe don't get me started. Actually wrote shut me up three years ago. the number of people who when I put out my ep bad Karma there were so many people who literally were like. tweeting Shit that I wrote that song about them and they actually meant it like people who I've. Never. Spoken to or like very barely spoken to were like, and then she wrote this line about me like multiple people. said that I wrote my songs about them. It's crazy good. Yeah And now we're into ads again Hey modern fertility. So modern fertility is a an at home test simple finger prick and you find out the stuff that you would find out if you went to a doctor in terms of your hormones, level hormone levels and different things to do with your fertility obviously, it doesn't replace going to a doctor and If you have some stuff come up especially like you need to get to a doctor. 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So in the month is up recycled the box kitty kickapoo club automatically deliver a new one no changing use litter no cleaning the box, customize the order based on how many cats you haven't what literally you prefer. And Kitty Pu club has a numerous guarantee and you can easily customize cancel anytime right now. Can you club is offering twenty percents off your order when you set up auto ship by GOING TO KITTY PU CLUB DOT COM and enter Promo Code Gabby KITTY CLUB DOT COM and enter Promo Code Gabby to get twenty percents off with an auto ship. Let's Kitty PU CLUB DOT COM and don't forget to enter Promo Code Gabby at checkout. Now I WANNA talk about I wanNA talk about. I'm really excited about it. We did. Cutler. No Sir. We're talking about Britney, spears? Oh. Now. I've been really looking a lot because I feel like Sam do you remember how crazy the Paparazzi and Britney spears were when we were growing up? I do yeah. I remember her and Kevin Federal Line you remember how fucking abusive they were to her toxic. Babe you're on. Fire today. Sam just hit it. Okay. So Okay this is a topic that I'm very, very, very, very passionate about for obvious reasons like if you know me if you know my story like you'll understand why this means a lot to me. Britney Spears has been so so. Wronged and has been through so much that I don't know how many like I lived through it and I needed to be reminded how bad it was. I? Knew it was bad forgot how fucking about it was but then there's a lot of kids who current day like they think Britney Spears is like a medium and you know they make fun of her instagram posts and like she's just kind of mean and what when you think Britney Spears what do you think of Oh she shaved her head. You know what I mean. That's like a main thing like Oh yeah she. kind of went crazy. Shaved her head dropped her baby is a bad mom divorced Kevin Fatter line like all this crazy shit. Britney Spears was so abused by the media and I say abused very very literally like. To the point where she's like tripping and almost dropping her baby because they won't get out of her fucking way like there's this very popular image of Britney where she's holding her coffee and her babies like Ben back like this and her arm, and it was on every fucking tabloid about how Brittany saved her coffee over her baby and how Brittany almost dropped her baby, and when you actually see the video clip, which is much less viral because this was all before Internet was a very. Big thing she was surrounded by a horde of Paparazzi shoes trying to walk. They wouldn't get out of her face. She tripped over herself and caught herself the baby for a half second kind of flew backwards like this, which is completely normal thing to happen and it was fine. Nobody was hurt the baby was fine. It was a simple little like whatever and it got blown up into this age blardone than life out of proportion situation where Britney almost dropped baby like that was just one but. There were no Paparazzi laws essentially when she was famous and the what are you smirking add? Squeeze my first she could not do. Anything Oh, by the way Babe I actually did not know this until today because I was watching more of their videos I was inspired talk about this because of this channel called deep dive and they do these like really deep dives into these situations that everybody sees it surface level guess who the fuck is behind that channel. Social Baron. Cohen no shelby from not another drama channel and I don't know much of shelby's work outside of she did a video covering my story and how was completely twisted in internet media and like showed a side of the story that was hidden which like. People took advantage of me exploited a situation and started running with these lies and rumors and it's like. It was just crazy because I remember thinking like I remember thinking this sounds. The way it's written like her and it was her isn't that crazy? She started another channel and she covered Brittany. So please check out her and she does with this boy named Jake, their joint channel she does all all these deep dives are very entertaining. So a lot of stuff I'm referencing refreshed from that so. Brittany. was cast into the limelight very young. She did star search engines on Mickey Mouse Club and then she was at seventeen a huge pop star and the media was so much more. It was like a huge frenzy because there was no internet. So Paparazzi was the only way to see a celebrity outside of being a celebrity. So Paparazzi, was huge tabloids were huge because everybody wanted to know like. What is Britney eat? What does she drink? Where does she go? Where does she party like now it's like Kylie Jenner's posting like I'm at how you know what I mean like nobody cares. So she would step out side of her house no matter where she went shopping, get her hair done get food whatever. There's fifty two hundreds of people literally surrounding her like she can't walk she can't take. Like. There's this really disturbing clip of her driving up to a drive through and Paparazzi. Surround her car and she literally can't order at the drive thru because they're blocking the drive through and she's literally saying I'm sorry can she told the paper? Can you please tell them like I want a number three with whatever because she wanted her order She stopped and saw street art and tried to take pictures of the street art. They completely surround her and she please take a picture like please just let me take a picture. They wouldn't let her. It was bad for years and years she was so friendly. She would like smiling them and she would say thank you and be very kind, and then it gets to a point where are. When the media started turning on her, it was mostly when her justin broke up and then justin kind of went on. A media tour shit talking her and their relationship and their break-up and use Brittany look in his music video about her and. then. The media starts turning on her because now she's a cheater and a whore, and she said she was a virgin and Justin Timberlake said she's not now they're speculations about her sex life and her purity, and he's allowed to have sex with her, but she's not allowed to have sex with him in which as awful thing then it was just like. Taking stuff out of context and like her with the baby, for example, and. Like her entire life has been controlled is not understanding all of the that she was dealing with doesn't suck. You mean. Like all those things you mentioned with pop just interrupting her life after years and just like. They have like a say in everything she does. And like a then like she had a tumultuous relationship. Where they broke up and the guy ended up just wanting to give the these really personal details about their sex life and what she likes in bed, and then her entire sex life is exploited and it was just like her entire life being controlled by her family and like she has a very abusive alcoholic father and like a very abusive mom there screaming all the time and like. They're taking advantage of her and putting her in these situations and it was just her whole entire life from literally childhood till now has been literally controlled by other people to the point where her father has complete and total control over her finances. Her life choices, her purchases anything that Britney Spears does her father has control over and he's an abusive guy who puts her in terrible situations. But even before all that like now, people are really talking about the conservative ship and you know trying to get her her life back. You know the whole free Britney things like really coming back again but nobody really talks about how bad it was for her with the media and what the media did to her like the way pres- Hilton like would write these horrible scathing things and you know she had this performance. At the VM as the Gimme more performance and it's this is after she go ahead I was gonna say it was probably just a lot of people feeling guilty because they played into in one at all of that stuff so bad and now they're like Oh. That was horrible. He did actually say Pres- Hilton was like looking back at it. Now it's a wonder she's alive what she went through like she had two kids and. She's not her peak shave had two kids and she did a performance where she still has fucking apps like she's still looks great. But then after her performance, which was not a great performance, it's all about how you know she's a fat slob and. Oh who she's the ringleader that circus. Yeah. But that was Kale saying that to which breaks my heart because I love McKell. But like he's saying how like she like go? Who Do you think she was texting after he was like not a Dietitian not a psychiatrist saying how she's like fat compared to all the other girls and people call incur whale, and then the the media portraying her as like this very obese person in a wheelchair because she lost her foot due to diabetes like. What is insane and this wasn't that long ago that is just okay to openly mock and body shame somebody slut shame somebody because it was Britney. If it was anybody else I don't know if they would have gotten away with it for some reason with Britney. Spears. She was not human and the media does it over and over and over again successful women like when was the last time you saw that happen to a guy? You know what I mean like just in Brittany broke up. Justin, was praised Britney's a slut Brittany's a hor- Britney's like a cheating lying piece of shit which like nobody asked Brittany like what happened or why they broke up why is it okay that Justin Timberlake is. Sharing details about their sex life when she says I'm a virgin whether she lost her virginity to or not. If she's telling the public, she's a virgin who are you to say she's not like it's all just so fucked up but the thing that like really. Got To me that made me angry is I didn't have cable whenever the shaving her head thing went down. So I never thought I only ever Salt Lake, the tabloids and the stories and I always the way they presented it to me that I saw. was. Britney. Spears lost it, and shaved off her head in like a manic episode like her with the Buzzer and her hinders shaving her head. It looks it looks crazy. What happened was a woman who was tired of being Controlled and told a look a certain way and told like your this pop star, you have to have these extensions. You have to be blonde. You have to be whatever she wanted to take control of what she looked like and she told that she went to a salon. First of all, she was in a Harrison Salon manically shave her head. She went to get her hair done. She said. I want to shave my head just like lots of other women do she's not the first fucking woman to one a shaved head. You know what? I mean like it's just a fucking haircut she'd I'd like to shave my head tired of people touching me. I'm tired of getting my hair done. I'm tired of these extensions, these braids or too tight shave my head and the hair stylist said. I'm not going to be the person that shaved Britney Spears Spears his head I don't want that weight on me. Here's the clipper you do it. When you're done I'll clean it up for you. So she shaved her own head than the hairstylist cleaned up for her and she was like this is how I look now and then she went to a tattoo parlor. She got tattoos like she was clearly making a statement of rebellion and she said that and that's what's the most frustrating part is like. It was never a secret of like. What she was doing, it was always I'm taking control of my life I wanNA look I wanNA look I wanNA, shave my fucking head because that's the style I wanna wear right now, which is a perfectly presentable style if you want I'm getting tattoos and the way it was Shown is Britney Spears lost her head shaved her head off in a manic episode and that's not the story but it's just the way the media can take literally anything they want and completely twisted it and manipulate it, and then she wrote an open letter to us you know the world's and then also. To the media and she just explained everything that happened where she was like. I've been under control in like really abusive situations and you know I I kind of hit a breaking point because of. You know the friends I was around. She found out that her friends were you know secretly charging her stuff like she was paying for a lot of stuff. She didn't know she was paying for her parents put her in all these bad situations and she tried to be really open and honest about that and say like I'm a human being and I've I want to live a normal life and it feels like the media just will not let me live a normal life they make up lies about me every day they take everything I do out of context I'm always the bad guy I'm always an insane person. And then they edit her letter down the media outlets to take out all that stuff and again, just make her look like a crazy person. And it's been literally. How long now it ninety, what eight, ninety, nine that she got super famous for twenty years and she still has not had like justice for the way that she's been treated. Do you remember the umbrella situation? She I don't know what happened with the car, but like I think. They. Somehow box Taran or like they were high-speed. Chasing her in a situation where she couldn't I don't really know the situation of how we got here but she got out of the car and. Started hitting the car with an umbrella and damaged one of the Paparazzi car because they wouldn't leave her alone and like you hear her assistant say like, please leave just her alone and then she like lost in like starts fucking up the car then umbrellas Ucla's all unflattering images of shaved head Brittany like going crazy and beating up cars and it's like if you have a car. Who Won't let you leave a parking lot or won't let you drive. And they recognize the Paparazzi too like when you're being seen by the same people every day like they're usually saying nice to see you again Brittany and they're like, Hey, good to see you again like it's the same group of people you know this person she's asked these people ninety billion times please leave me alone. She had the super tearful interview before all happened where they like I think it was Oprah's at like do you want them to just to leave you alone and she's crying and she said, yeah. I'd really really really like it if the Paparazzi would like. Let me live and they didn't so like another situation where the media just pushes somebody to their breaking point does that the media is a situation where a woman is pushing her breaking point where? Yeah. Now she's acting now she's acting crazy. Now she's turning to drugs and alcohol. Because she can't deal with the fact. That she can't get a haircut she can't go to a restaurant she can't be a mom she can't take care of her kids. She's going through a messy divorce but nobody wants to hear the truth of it. She's being used a manipulated by everybody around her she's having her money stolen from her she had Oliver, Freidan picking from her she had the custody of her children taken from her based on `Paparazzi fucking photos, and like now she's Abusing substances because the media wouldn't just leave the fuck alone and I feel like the general consensus of Brittany Spears still to this day to most people is like washed up crazy shaved her head attack car with an umbrella isn't a good mom. Like why? Because you guys fucking abused the shit out of her nobody wants to take responsibility for that. Nobody wants to see her as a human being because now twenty years later. Like where now because we're all woke, it's it's not okay that everybody was calling Britney Spears fat loser. Crack addict bad mom putting her kids in danger. You know what I mean like it's just so fucked up. I just feel really passionately about Britney Spears. Incoherent. I feel like I was like spitting a lot of different thoughts and random events because I i. it's been so full in my head for like weeks now. Information that you know that we didn't know I'm sure you know like Salmon I both agree that and we just hope she comes back stronger than yesterday. Yeah. But you know what's another thing too is member that Gimme more performance that we are watching and I was like damn 'cause. That was poised. Be Her big comeback after she had like shaved her head, she had new management and. All the red carpet interviews where like. Buzzing I all anybody wanted to talk about Britney Spears's performance and her big comeback and it was. Very, lacklustre people were saying that she was like being screwed it around and she didn't know where choreography and shouldn't lyrics and whatever and I watched it over and over, and I just don't think that's the case because when you look at what she's doing. She hits every fucking mark like she knows the choreography she knows the lyrics. She just didn't give a fuck and I feel like that was her big fuck you to her management and everybody else because yes, she looks a little out of it and like she definitely was struggling with addiction issues as far as I know. Just, from the stuff that's been implied. So that is possible that she just didn't practice and didn't whatever. But to me, it looks like she knows all of her choreography and she's marking. It looks like a rehearsal where she's like. GimMe Gimme more Gimme. knows. It she's didn't fucking do it. And I kinda love that 'cause again, her taking control of this is my life and you guys don't tell me like. You don't get to tell me there. She's and want to do it. Yeah I wonder if she wants to now though because she still does and you also sad sorry I could talk about this forever I won't talk about because we've been doing this podcast for a long time now. As about right but She's had pretty good performances after that moment. And nobody talks about it. And that's why I fucking hate. The world's is like she had really bad moments and she had like a really lackluster performance and then she had a lot of. Would say are pretty good performances obviously, not her best peak because she's not seventeen, but they're pretty fucking good. Better than I could do that's for Damn. Sure people to praise the good performances don't get as much love as people that are winding cynical about the bad ones. Everybody's so mean and negatively just sells so much better because people are fucking haters and like. Brady's no matter what. The daybreak dies we lose a legend Britney Spears of the fucking legend nobody ever for the rest of history will ever be the princess of pop and she is before that and we were young. So we don't even have that much of a grasp pop music wasn't big like Michael Jackson was obviously a pop artist and he was the King of Pop and he called Brittany the princess pop, which means you know it's Real Who who is Britney Spears? Now, who can compare to Britney Spears named one other person with that level of athleticism that level of like choreography and talent that girl can do like fucking fifteen pure weds and backflips like she's a performer she. So iconic she revolutionized and solidified what pop music is and what the sound of Pop. You can't fucking touch her no matter what you can't take that. It just sucks at all of this other stuff. I don't want to say overshadows it because I feel like it takes away from WHO Britney Spears is to that like. The drama and the tabloids take away from her I just hope that. You know one hundred years now from now when we're all dead, you know unless medical advances led us live forever when people talk about Britney Spears it's not. It's in a way that says what happened to her was wrong and not like. What a crazy bitch is as a shame, she had so much talent and she squandered it because that is just simply not the fucking case and then do you remember what she got married overnight and she had a fifty to our wedding. That was another thing. It's just the media's portrayal feel like she's so misunderstood is she and Aquarius. Heuberger. Yeah. When is Britney Spears his birthday? December not an Aquarius. She so misunderstood because she had this like. Random. Vegas wedding with her childhood best friend and that was also just a big fuck you to her management because that was her saying like I can do what I want because they want her to have this image of. I could fuck Britney Spears. Britney Spears since she's like fucking I'll get married in Vegas and then it got an older whatever. But like in her interviews was talking about how she wanted to be. There should they're like, well, do you want to wait until you're thirty to get married and have kids because somebody must have told her? You know thirty when nobody cares about you anymore because you're washed up and your old and you're sexier sexy desirable. So like until them. You can't have a life essentially and she was like, no, like the number. One thing that I want is to be a mom that sounds like the greatest thing in the world. So I don't WanNa wait until I'm thirty I WANNA have kids now and they're like, no, you can't do that. So she married fucking backup dancer and had two kids. I Love Britney. Spears would meet her so badly. Do you think she never meet me I'll pay for a ticket. She's ever doing meet and greets again. Around the podcast Oh, my God, can you imagine my first guest? Is Britney fucking spear? Think about like. Chris Crocker. Deserves the world's. From Britney Spears, I feel like because in that time when it was so popular to hate her and just like make fun of her and she was like the laughingstock of the Industry Chris Crocker sought for what it was younger he is we just watched it. Leave Britney alone. Oh Yeah, like he knew he sought exactly what it was. He said she's a human fucking being just like you. She's going through a divorce. She's going through a custody battle with her kids leave Britney alone like let that woman fucking bree the. Ya. anyways. Sorry everybody for ranch. Britney, but also not really I think that everybody should be talking about it a lot more. And watch deep dives videos. There's are way better. Okay. I'm going to wrap up this podcast. I didn't do audio only shy asked people really quick. We have to do audio on the right. I feel like Dustin won't, BE UPSET IF WE. Don't we'll do. Hey guys I don't know if you knew that's what I look like. So embarrassing. I didn't know. Hey guys doing the podcast forgot to ask questions for audio only. So asking now didn't realize also oily okay. Getting into audio only. Thank you guys for listening to my ranting and raving Hey Hash tag free Britney. Check out my book. It'll be linked down below. Check out my music shut me up is out along the music video October thirtieth I think you're hearing this before that and leave us a five star review. Okay by. somebody asks I'm making numerous I am making numerous for me. Crazy. Keep an eye out. babe somebody wants to know when I'm making an only fans how do you feel about me having only fans? It's only for fans. Be Honest way you feel about me having on only ends. That really. Why can do you WanNa hear? Your loud to say it would make you uncomfortable. It doesn't make you on the spot. Yeah. That doesn't make you like sexist to not want your girlfriend to do only fans. It's not like you told me I can't but you just said like. I I mean I tell them what you said when I asked you ones I actually never really had intentions of it but I was I was kind of curious about it. Just. Because I know that like you don't really have to pose nudes or anything like that and I already kind of post pictures where like I'm implied nude her. Cover my boobs on instagram. So I was like, how would you feel if I had an only fans and Payton said, Hey, can that be the intro you know how you guys look? For. The intro of the audio only can you do that like how would pay in feel if I hadn't only fans that's totally it. He said. You're allowed to do whatever you want was his answer and I said Okay but I'm asking you as my boyfriend how would you feel and he said I mean I'd rather you did it and. That's fair. But he said I'd rather you didn't. But do whatever you want. Do. You want to cut that out baby. Everyone. Penis so easy. It is nice being around him. I really don't watch that Paris. Hilton documentary I forgot Paris Hilton had a sex tape. That's kind of fucking also. Remember that and a lot of people member they were saying that Kim Kardashian. The reason she had sex Abe and everyone was like Oh. You want us to believe that wasn't real or that it wasn't stage was Paris Hilton got like a really famous off of her sex tape and then her best friend Kim Kardashian. Sex. Worked Yeah. I'm actually so happy that I forgot about it because I feel like all Paris ever really wanted because I remember when she going through it. She was like really upset obviously, even though people like, oh, she leaked she didn't get a dollar from that like her ex boyfriend was revenge porn. If that happened today, it nobody would attack Paris I'm so sorry that happened to you but because it was then again, like just. Whatever? So she was like really upset and she was crying in an interview and she was like I'm just I just don't want. I feel like people are laughing at me. I feel like I can't go outside Philly everybody's judging me like people were calling her a slut like I just don't want to be remembered by that and I literally forgot about it. So good job she really did that. I like purse. Houghton a lot. I haven't watched her thing yet but. I really want to when did I start smoking weed probably like three years ago whenever I think it was probably around the monster me. can you write more music I'm obsessed with call me crazy, hell. Yes. Coming right up. What would you go as for Halloween? Well, rea- What do you think we would have done for Halloween this year if Halloween was happening. Would we do a cup? Would you ever do a couple of caution with me? You know what? I don't I. I don't even remember that psalmody costume after two thousand twelve. What was that costume? Those wanted to the dexter costume. Yeah I say costume post them. Cochrane. Would you a couple of caution with me? Maybe well, in case we have some friends over something to watch movies. I was wondering if maybe that we can be our cats. Make It'd be dressed you gotTA. Say Fred. Well we gotta do is where cream and Graham. Joke. can we? Can we be radio for Christmas, I mean Halloween. Please, we really do remain default answer. You can everyone that will you do what I want. We just have to get you some carriers. I am so excited to be our cats I love on our cats. Okay. COVID COFFEE TESTED Negative you got already. That it. Hurt that hurt. I hope I never have to Kobe. Did you like Payton when you first met him like was it I want to be with him forever right. Yeah. I wouldn't say that I don't think but I'm the one who asked on for a second date. Well you. You ask for a second day and it wasn't working and then one night I was like, do you want to get food? So I- I initiated our second date. Did. You. Ask Me on a second date before I said that I think so. I think I was just like busy 'cause that was when I was. I was just really busy at the time maybe you don't. Know we were a slow burn. Like a month and a half. Of hanging out casually before. Yeah Are you willing to taste a real TACO? What does that mean? What does that mean I live in California? I live on the border of Mexico like what are you talking about? I've had real with the actual histories. Yes. Will you do a drawing video with Peyton probably not but what an interesting idea? how's it feel to be near comes with seller again pretty damn good. Can we see the to-? Damn this is audio only I'll post it on my story. What What support? Can. We see how? Would you try banana meat instead of banana juice what the fuck is that picture of the banana with the meat net it. Is that viral or is that just my fans fucking Weirdos? I mean they keep asking me about this picture of banana me like this banana like the cuts that's cut open, but it's all meat inside. Cooked me now, Lebron Banana MEATLOAF. That's not what I saw. Okay. As Irene GonNa Comfort episodes. Soon, we should have her on soon do cheese. So fucking busy every time I facetime her she's like driving somewhere or doing something, but trying to figure out how to park that truck. True no, she just busy a lot. She's. I totally get it because I remember when I was editing my own videos I was never available to do anything because like planning and shooting the video takes a day or two minimum depending on what prep work you have. Editing a video takes. So fucking long, and then like she has a boyfriend who is obviously priority over me like relationships are priorities, refunds friends for the most part, not an unhealthy way but like. If you haven't seen your boyfriend in a week and you haven't seen your best friend for a week, you're going to hang out with your boyfriend obviously So, yeah I mean I've. Probably once. Once a week or every other week is this the enemy something like that? That's not the one I've seen. WHO's my favorite talker listen I only follow. Let me tell you the like eight people follow twenty people now way I don't do I remember this person Oh. Yeah. Well, twenty people now. The naval rose the DOT neighbor rose. She is so fucking good I just found this girl named soupy time I really like her. who else do I have on here Adam rose is so funny. Mr. `Grande official is so talented just go look at like the twenty people I follow and those are the people that I think are. Funny I haven't followed my friends back on there yet you done babe what somebody's at the door oh okay. Hey Gino and molly are here to watch the fight. So I'M GONNA go guys by.

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