DAVE RANT: Are You Better Than You Used to Be? (Hour 2)


Live from the headquarters of Ramsey solutions broadcasting from a dollar car rental studios. It's the Dave Ramsey show work. That is dumb. Cash is king and the paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW as the status symbol of choice. I'm Dave Ramsey your host. Thank you for joining us. Open phones at triple eight eight to five five to five. That's triple eight eight five five. Two five tyler starts off this hour in Pennsylvania. I tyler how are you dave? It's an honor. I'm doing great. How about you better than I deserve? What's up as good. Yes I just had a quick question for you my wife and I both been through. Fpu and we're on the same page about paying off debt. She worked real hard to pay off her smaller debts. And the only thing that remains is a big old student loan for sixty four thousand and our question is what of our existing assets. Should we use to put cords that I was on baby steps. Three prior to my prior to marriage and my wife also had her emergency fund. So we now have a collective emergency fund of ninety. Five hundred Do you think we should put that towards the debt and just drop it under with thousands. Yup that's what we teach. We're GONNA use everything that is non retirement money to throw at big old fat Sallie Mae and kick around the house. Give her her victim notice. What's your household income I'm pulling in forty and my wife thirteen so a total of fifty three okay and you said how was the student? Loan debt sixty four. Yeah Okay and so if we throw eight thousand at that that gets US down into the fifties and we should do that in a little over two years plus or minus any other money you got. You got some other money. Yeah that was a couple of the other ones. I was wondering too big one is I had a mutual fund. My grandparents started for me when I was a kid And from what they started with plus a little bit I've added to it sitting at just over twenty three thousand great throw at it. That's going to be a painful one but you suggest you married her. I suspect she's worth at brother. Oh yeah she came. She came with a or the debt. And that's okay. That's no big deal. We're just getting out of debt. Because here's the thing I think about your GRANDPA and I think is he alive. Yes okay I think he'd be proud that you were getting out of debt so that you could build wealth. I think he would. Yeah I agree and so you'RE NOT DISHONORING. The gift by doing in that sense it's not painful But it is. It is something to give you pause and you're wise to think you know. Gosh do this. Here's the thing. If you do this you have to play through. Meaning you gotta finish knocking it out and then you gotta turn around and build the wealth up okay. Because you don't have this thing hanging over your head otherwise you're trying to drive along dragging a trailer with wheels you know. And that's what you're doing when you got sixty thousand dollars student loan debt Megan fifty five grand and you're trying to become wealthy. You're you're not. You're just dragging style. You're dragging a boat anchor behind you right and so we got to get got. Cut The thing loose. So that we're free to drive with no friction and doe to bill wealth with friction and that. That's what this is. The borrower is slave to the lender that means so many things. There's so much depth to that one scripture that it's unbelievable the whole implications of slavery. So had it do. That's what I would do in any other non retirement assets. You have a chunk them on that and let's get rid of it as fast as we can. I think you're out of debt and a year so it sounds like to me but you're on beans and rice rice and beans that year. Chris is with us in Colorado Springs. Hi Chris how are you hi? I'm good thank you? I am calling because Recent widow and my husband's gone and gone for when you're sorry and I have twin three year old Excuse me still gets me when I talked about but My husband left Slash Insurance of four hundred thirty two thousand dollars and I'm trying to figure out. I own my car that I don't own the home and a friend of mine who follows you. Said he thought it would be a good idea for me to try to pay the house off. How much do you want your home? So I hope Oh Two hundred. Thirteen thousand on it That would be the only to Nineteen Roy. Turner in nineteen thousand to invest. And I'm thinking is that enough for me to live on my life cold are you. I'm sixty seven. Okay all right and are you. Do you have any other income sources just my social security. And what does that amount to It's twenty to sixty four. A month might see that comes to. That's fine yeah. Twenty Five Twenty Six thousand. Yeah all right okay and What are you living on now? What's it cost? You live a month now not counting house plant about anywhere from thirty six to two thirty nine including the house prime and hundred including okay. Yeah so if you didn't have the house payment then you can get close to live on your social security if you had to right now. Okay all right well. I'm sorry. How long have you guys? How long were you guys married? Twenty five years. Wow good that rips your heart out. I can't imagine I'm so sorry now. Here's the thing I don't know if you had a paid for home. What's the home worth I other praised him. I was told it was going to be pretty trailing ten but appraisal is three hundred ninety. Seven hundred thousand dollar house paid for and you'd have two hundred thousand dollars invested okay. If I woke up in your shoes as the way I answer these questions. He's been gone a year right so while it still hurts and it's very recent. It's still a year ago because I tell people not to do. Tell people not to make big decisions in the first year because it takes about a year to even breathe in a situation where you're okay so if I woke up in your shoes or you're my little sister I would tell you to pay off your house today. Let's let's talk about where that leaves you. Then you're sitting in a paid for four hundred thousand dollar house. You have two hundred thousand dollars to invest. The two hundred thousand dollars could create about fifteen twenty thousand dollars a year in income easily without touching the two hundred income. It Creates Okay. That on top of your social you should be okay worst case scenario. If you're not okay you sell the house and moved down into a nice little two hundred thousand dollar condo. Then you got four hundred thousand dollars to invest and a forty thousand dollar income to go with your social security and you would be okay but I don't think you're GonNa have to do that. That's if you had to or you wanted to because the house became more to manage than you wanted to manage so I pay off my house and I'd sit down with a good investment professional if you need some help then jump on Ramsey dot com and click on smartvestor and put in your information a list of the smartvestor pros in your area that we recommend for investment advice will sit down with you and help you. I'm not in that business. But that's who I recommend. This is the Dave Ramsey. Show folks I don't have to tell you what your student loan debt is doing to your budget. Get read of it. Go TO SPLASH FINANCIAL DOT com slash Ramsey and see if you qualify to refinance your loan to a lower rate. Unlike other refinancing splash has no fees. I'm talking no application fee. No closing costs. Not even an early payoff fee. And if you qualify you'll get lower rates to help you get out of debt faster. Sounds like a no brainer to me. Stop wasting time. Go TO SPLASH FINANCIAL DOT COM slash Ramsey. Check your interest rate in minutes and see if you qualify Jenny Waco access. Welcome to the Dave Ramsey. Show any my call. Sure fucking to help. We're going baby program among We have a third car because her husband's a new beginning of the year that he got a company car for and that car that he used to drive is upside down Extremely bad it is our largest debt. Thirty four thousand. We have an opportunity over the next three months to be able to pay Seven thousand dollars on it and our inlaws. My in laws offered to pay ten thousand dollars so that we could trade or turn that car into. Carmax and I just didn't know if that's the best opportunity to get that large debt off or do I stick with snowball so the ten thousand dollars is coming from your inlaws gift. No allow not a chance. We do not borrow money from relatives. Okay no absolutely not seven thousand dollars upside down in thirty four thousand dollar car. Eighteen thousand upside down so the car has three four owed. Yes how did you get that far down? You must have rolled negative from into it. It was yeah It was at a steak on a car purchase but We were not told that it was a salvaged car. And so we had to get rid of it. And it just snowballed from there. It was a bad mistake. You took a bad mistake. I made it worse. Yep Okay Wow so. It's your household income hours in its sitting. Monthly income is seventy three twenty five hundred thousand dollar a year income. Roughly one hundred seven hundred twenty thousand income roughly Yes it just. It would take a six hundred and fifty dollar payment off plus probably have insurance and that we could be able to roll. Start Rolling really in. Dr Debts owed our inlaws before. And I don't care there's no way ever GonNa tell you to borrow from inlaws ever okay. The borrower is slave to the lender. And you you just run all. There's no upside to that. Only downside Can't be the nicest people in the world thanksgiving? Dinner didn't taste the same when you eat with your master Or I much other debt. Have you guys got? We've got about one hundred and five total including that car including thirty four and what's the rest of it's Bad decisions were then. We were living too high for our. So what's the rest of it and on One more car It's it's just. It's not an expensive car. We just want it. We bought it and then I would say just not credit cards but loan debt so you just have sixty thousand dollars and fifty thousand dollars personal loans. Okay so the other cars ten grand or something on the other car is sorry Fourteen you have the ability to get a personal loan for the whole that you're in now. We tried because yeah we tried. Who is the loan with on the car car it is? I don't I don't know that one because my husband stays that that bill donahue twists. I'm sorry that's okay. Yeah you need to combine your finances from this point forward going onto so that you both know what's going on With all that donahue he pays that's all I know what it is. I just don't know what he paid. He does the pain part and I do the budget part so we both have a hand. I mean we. Is it a bank or do you have any idea? Thank okay. Is it a local bank that they would work with you on the deficit. Let you sign a note for the difference. We had tried. I've tried listing Linda. Yes we've tried. Everything was their only option was to get the ten thousand from his parents and they just won't give us before amount because they don't think we should sell it for that cheap. They think we should try and sell it though what other people could tell us where. I agree with that. There's no panic here. There's just a lot of disgust every time you look at it sitting travel you feel stupid So but that's not. That's not a panic. There's nothing I mean show. I agree that you should sell the car for more than I do. Not Agree would ever have you borrow from them so what I do. Where was the seven thousand coming from our income? Oh no no no. I thought you said there were seventeen and they were going to loan you ten and was the other seven coming from. I have well. I get an extra paycheck this month so between this month and the next two months we can pay that towards it to get it to where we can just clean it up at Carmax with paid for it and I'm not do not sell it for Carmax but sell it for twenty two instead of for eighteen or twenty four instead of for eighteen slow sale. But don't do that until you've got the money lined up and it sounds like that the money is GonNa come from you saving up the money to do this and if you want to do that before you start really attacking the debt snowball. You can but You know it's not the end of the world either way but I you know. I don't think I've talked you out of it. But there's not a chance on bar on the money from You've got to quit borrowing your way out of these things and you know your your in-laws at your age loaning you money. Oh my gosh you got to stop this. It's just a bad practice and you're gonNA it's GonNa Bite you these days. They're so they're so many control things and so many things that happened with that stuff. It's just a bad idea. So yeah if you want to stop your debt snowball and just say we're going to get rid of this car and cover the difference in the next few months and then start officially started at snowball. You could do that if I were in your shoes what I do that I might because you've got insurance issues and you've got a six hundred dollar a month payment clearing up. It might be worth it to get that out of the way. And there's such a level of disgust around this particular purchase. That was a bad purchase rolled into a bad purchase rolled bad purchase. But don't give the car away for wholesale. Don't panic I mean you know five thousand dollars a lot of money in your world alright now and five thousand dollars more getting for the market for that CAR RATHER THAN CHARLOTTE. Carmax is helpful for the situation and it lowers the amount that you need to do this. So yeah that's how I would look at it. Thanks for thanks for joining us. Mike is in Houston Texas. Hey Mike how are you? Hey Dave how do you use? How can have quick question for you when you're not quick we'll see I guess but I've got a son that's been turned sixteen at the end of the year and It's got me thinking about buying a car. A third car for the family and in the process of this I came across a side business idea and that's joining the peer to peer car. Rental business you know by by car put it out. There for went and hardy considered all of the liability issues with that. But here's the thing I would. I got I've got three options for this and we're doing the debt snowball right now. So we these three options out there and get your opinion on so number one. I can just abandon this idea. Altogether paying down the debt snowball check. Okay number two number three. You need to hear him. You know what they are. I'm not doing peer to peer. I'm not putting a car out there. Someone else driving a car that is in my name. This is. There's so many downsides to this that don't offset the little bit of money that you get coming in I mean peer number two that runs. The car gets drunk and hit somebody head on in a car you own. You've got a mess on your hands. I don't care how much ability insurance you've got. You're not hurt and I just. I think this is a really really dangerous practice. The chances of me doing that are Z. Ralph thanks for the call. This is the Dave Ramsey show. You've been working hard to get control of your money but if you do this one simple thing that we all do. You are literally at risk of being hacked and someone stealing what you've worked so hard for. Do you ever use public Wifi? Hackers can use a simple device to mimic WIFI and with just a little bit of skills. They can take over your financial life. That's why I trust cyber ghost. Vpn TRY IT for free for seven days protect up to seven Internet devices and keep all of your internet connections secure Download Cyber Ghost. Vpn Today from your APP store in the lobby of Ramsey solutions. Spencer and emily or with us. Hey guys how are you read? Welcome where do you guys live? We live in Elizabeth Indiana. Just across the River from Louisville Kentucky. I gotcha okay. Great t shirts live like no one else with Gazelle zone them. Exter- I love it. How much have you paid off? Seventy Thousand Dollars Seventy K. How long did that take twenty three months? Good for you and your range of income. During that time we started about fifty one thousand and up to one hundred and one thousand. Whoa did you double your income and twenty three months well. Emily started going to work fulltime. And a couple of job. Changes and I my parents opened up a small business and we kinda started working there on the weekends and stuff to kind of make drink and okay so lots of extra work. Wasn't there the year before. Gotcha okay money everywhere though. Good for you. What do you guys do for a living? What are your careers? So we work at the same company. We got Rinaldo designers over doing what I work in sales and he's a shipping manager. Okay great very good. Good for you guys. And what kind of debt was the seventy thousand dollars? It was all our mortgage. You paid off your house Sir. I am looking at where people I love it. How old are you two? We're twenty four. Oh my gosh. You're really weird. I mean you're you're like really big time. Where twenty four with a paid for house. What's this House worth right around? One hundred one hundred thousand dollars paid for house. This is unbelievable. No body this white ago. Thank you go. You guys absolutely incredible. There's gotTa be a story here. So tell me how does this happen? Twenty three months. So you start this. You're twenty two sir. Tell me what what tell me so I grew up knowing about you. My Dad kind of talks about you through our house. We didn't really live by it. But we kind of knew about you and your principles and so I was like I'm GonNa go to college and I'm going to graduate debt. Free payoff semester. You know at a time and so I did that for the first two years and I met Spencer and I kind of told him I plan and he was like okay. We're doing this. So then we did the rest of the rest of my school cash float it then. We got married cash flow that and then we bought a house. And we're like okay. We're paying this off as quickly as possible so we kind of made the Gulf ourself two years and we did it in twenty three months. So did somebody tell you you should do this. I mean not really. My aunt and uncle gave us the book. Complete Guide to money for our wedding and We kind of read through it we. We're not very good at reading just sitting down and reading so we kinda would just read it in the car. She'd read it while driving or while she was driving and so we kind of went through and so we decided to buy the house. Where you know follow your principles put on fifteen year fixed rate and Metro Payment. One more than a quarter of our take home. Pay said. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA kill it. Get on it. You look up and did you when you bought it. Did you think you would pay it off in two years? Maybe not quite that fast. But once we started going down some chunks of money we looked at it and we were like you know what? Let's set our goal at twenty four months. We should do it. And then December of last year. We were like hey we can finish it this month. Let's do it as a Christmas present. Let's kill it month early. Yeah there you go so emily you were just coming out of school. That's what you getting. The job is is that I was going to school for education so the last semester. I couldn't work at all. And so that's why we were only at that one thousand nine. I got you okay. So then you come out and out of school take the full time job and then both of you working extra and everything else. All kinds of different jobs. Everything just going crazy for a period of time So Spencer. Where your was your family doing this? I mean where did you grow up? No I'd and I mean I never really had even heard you until I started hanging out with Emily and her dad. You know has some of your videos and the couple books and stuff and sounds like this guy seems like he knows what he's talking about so both of you just kind of get your nature to have avoided. Dad I mean you just do. It was a natural thing for you. Yeah that'd probably somewhat attracted you to each other then to wow amazing way to go you too. I mean did you have people I mean it were there cheerleaders in the offing somewhere. I mean people telling you to go on. You can do this and are most people telling you you're crazy. Yeah most people were tariffs on especially her parents and stuff every Every time we go down a couple grand or grand down on the house we'd Tell them about it and they'd like that's awesome. Just keep plugging away at it and keep going and keep going and we're actually coordinators. That were just start. Our second class this past Wednesday and Having that community is really important in Just your accountability and stuff like that. You know the communities encouraging because everybody's on fire everybody's Gazelle intense living like nobody else and then when you're leading it you have to do it. I mean it's like you know it's it's not like a rule but I mean it's like you'd feel weird you'd feel like a hypocrite if you weren't into it you know so this is your second class so most of the time you've been doing this you've you know. Been through a couple of classes during the twenty four months. Wow well thanks for leading the class gotta be pretty inspiring to have your coordinator walk in and go. I'm twenty four. My House is paid for. Shut up really. I think they can go. You know can't really argue with that. This is this stuff works. Wow why didn't go you guys? What do you tell people the key to getting out of debt is? I think he is to just do it. I'm not trying to make a nike commercial or nothing but it is. It's just do it like we were sitting there and we were like could've decided to be like everybody else. And just you know. Spend Twenty thirty years with a mortgage but we decided we were. We were GONNA do this and so literally just not be in that victim mentality. Having life just happened to you. We were going to happen to life and we were going to do it. Now Start Right now where you got an early start. You're going to be so wealthy. It's GonNa be unbelievable if you keep your eye on the ball and keep the thing between the ditches man I mean. You're the math on where you are incredible. Absolutely incredible. Emily. What do you tell a? What do you tell people? The key is pretty much the same thing. Just go ahead and start doing it and then it's just going to get easier from. They're not easy. It is definitely hard but it's just start it and you're GONNA learn it and get an accountability partner. We were both kind of on board from the starts was real easy for US. To keep each other accountable. But if you don't have an accountability partner or your spouse's onboard if you can't get them on board Just find someone who's GonNa stay with you and help you through it. Just walk you through it while you make it sound so simple. What was the hardest part for you? I'll tell me tell me. Something was hard police honestly for me. It was vacations and not even like extravagant vacations. My GRANDPA owns a house on a lake in Michigan. And that place is always kind of been home to me. It's kind of where I grew up going my dad and stuff and we didn't get to go up there as much as we wanted to. Because we you know making a decision that we weren't going to spend that extra money on and then last year we skipped out on a family cruise in order to be able to throw some money house out. So what are you? GonNa do to celebrate. Now that everything's paid for I WANNA buy an ice guitar. Oh good for you. But what do you make one hundred dollars year house payment? Did you buy guitar? Of course you can buy guitar. Show emily what do you want to do to celebrate? I'M WANNA get lay sick. And that's about five thousand dollars so we're just going to save up for another few months and get lay sick and then we're looking at buying are bigger forever home with cash down the line so it kind of just start saving for that store moving towards something a couple hundred grand y you guys are impressive. Year amazing twenty four years old. Wow Wow wow wow. We got a copy of Chris. Hogan's retire inspired book for You. That is the next chapter in your store. You will be in ayers quickly before. You're thirty easy. Oh my gosh amazing. Amazing so congratulations you to Spencer and Emily From Louisville Kentucky Seventy Thousand Dollars paid off in twenty three months making fifty one to one hundred one that includes. They paid off their house. Wow count it down. Let's hear a debt. Free scream three two one man. Oh man you see. I'm a fan of millennials. You've found a couple of them like that. You'll become a fan of millennials that goes there's a whole bunch of fall in that category too. Wow that's so impressive. They get on something they get on it man now if they're not only anything there enthusiastically ignorant too but the ones that are on it man. These like that couple they got dialed in math. That's just dadgum impressive. Very very very well done. This is the Dave Ramsey. Show joining us to what if you never had another debt payment. You never had another credit card bill. You got rid of that student loan. That's been around so long. You think it's a pet never had another car payment. What if you never had to worry about money again? What would you be willing to do to get there more? You'd have to change a lot of stuff for sure. I mean you'd have to take some stupid stuff. You've been doing off your list of things to do right I did. I used to do stupid. Zeros on the end I know exactly what it looks like. I looked in the mirror and there he was stupid. You know you gotTa Change Right. You can't keep doing the same thing over and over and over again. Expect a different result. That's the definition of insanity. Do you change. Well the only way I've ever figured out that people changes you give them new information that they didn't have you put them in a community that walks with them and holds them accountable and encourages them and you show a very clear path for transformation. You don't want to be normal. You don't want to be normal. Financial Peace University is helped about five million people take control of their money and change their lives if you join one of these groups and get a membership that lasts you a year for the online and the everydollar plus to Taty Your Bank and you go to one of the groups and go through the nine lessons at your local church and we'll give you the kit to go through that and you learned to stay on a budget written plan using that everydollar APP the most robust beautiful app out there when it comes to budgeting four million people now using that APP by the way you can try for free if you want but if you want to get in Financial Peace University and do that one your membership and then go to the group. It's GonNa Change everything for you because you can't be. We will not allow you to be comfortable being normal anymore. Check it out go to Daveramsey DOT COM visit Financial Peace University or call triple eight twenty two peace triple eight two two seven three two two three you know. I started talking about this several years ago when I very first started teaching this stuff. Thirty years ago. Start PULLING UP statistics. The Wall Street Journal says seventy percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. That means seven out of ten houses on Your Street. Have too much month left at the end of the money. Normal is a car payment or student. Loan a mastercard or discover card American Express card normal is if I go on vacation pay for it for the next year after. Go on vacation normal. Is Christmas as Crisis Normal? Is the brakes. Go out on my car. The tires go out on my car. It's a crisis normal. Is I have no freaking idea how my kid is going to go to college and I feel like a dog because I've not done a good job prepping for my own kid normal. I don't know how I'm going to retire and I'm really sure the social insecurity is a stupid plan. But I've not done anything about it. These are all normal things. Normal is the number one thing couples fight about in their marriage is money. I think it's pretty safe to say normal sucks. I don't WanNa be normal normal anything for that matter. Normal is not okay and I love that scripture in Romans says be not conformed to this world. Don't be normal. Find out what people are doing. That are not winning. And don't do that. Hello is that. Is that what we're saying? Don't be conformed to this world. Don't do what people that are losing are doing and expect to win. I don't know why that's rocket science but it seems to be in that scripture continues it says but be transformed. How are you transformed? When were you ever transformed? I've been transformed in different areas of my life been married thirty seven years. It's a really good thing for Sharon. She's not married the same guy that married her thirty seven years ago because he was a torp. I'm a lot better person than I watch thirty seven years ago. I'll have not arrived yet. Believe me you can. She'll tell you that straight up two okay. Just don't get her started but she also in a moment of weakness we'll tell you the truth and that is that thank God. Her husband's not who she married thirty seven years ago. Have you ever been transformed? I've been transformed. I'm a better dad. I'm a better GRANDPA THAN I was. Daddy Yeah Papa Dave man grandkids. We're going to be able to be nicer to their parents. Are you better than you used to be at something? I hope so. I hope you're getting better. Or You ever transformed be not conformed to this world but be transformed. Transformation BE TRANSFORMED. How this by the renewing of your mind new information in your brain. She didn't have. That's why a lot of you listen to this. Show you listen for new information and for the inspiration that comes from people that call in and you go. Wow that lady just inspired me. That guy just inspired me that debt. Free Scream just inspired me. You do not listen for the fact that this show has absolutely new content every day because it's basically the same content every day for twenty five years. I say the same thing over and over operator told me the day. Goes you say the same thing over and over and I said Saudi you. You've got one story. You tell it. Every seventy the gospel right. I mean come on I got one. I'm a one trick pony I help. People transform their lives and believe that they can take the steps to not only get away from the edge of the cliff financially but then also become wealthy. And I'll show you exactly how to become a millionaire exactly how to become a multimillionaire and it's not theory. It's proven now. Tens of millions of people here in the last several years have done this last year alone. The debt free screams were over fifty million dollars on this show. That's the ones that were on the air doing. They're screaming and it's a six week. Wait lists to get on the air here and we don't let everybody on if you're still using your stupid credit cards. We're not GonNa let you do a debt free scream. You don't qualify. You Ain't figured it out yet and not everybody gets on the wants to get on the qualifies so there. It's not a privilege not a right. It's something we do to inspire. The listener is not for you for the listener. Be Not conformed to this world but be transformed new information in your brain new inspiration in your brain the renewing of your mind. Renewing my mind. Yeah my pastor does tell the same stories essentially that then you know thirty seven years. I've been going to church. You know thirty five years. I've been going to church and still hearing the same stories but you know what every Sunday. They're different aren't they? Every is another experience with God. Isn't it why go church? I hope I hope we don't go. Because there's some obligation or something you go for the renewing of your mind it transforms you transformed you. And that's what we're doing here and that's what you need to embrace because I gotTa Tell You you don't get transformed by Osmosis you've transformed by you you get your mind renewed and then you change your habits you change your decision you change your beliefs. I you change your attitude. Second then that causes you to change your following your activities and so you change your beliefs about that and change your attitude towards debt and then the action is you get out of that and that's when you get out the credit cards and actually cut them up. That's when you look over and go. I have twenty two thousand dollars savings account and I have a twelve thousand dollar debt. Why am I still in debt? Just because you're in writing the checks only reason you'd be out of that right now at this moment but the if you haven't done that yet that means your belief system is not changed you've not yet been transformed so I still have work to do. Because that's what we do here or all about making you believe that if you plant corn corn will grow so plant some corn that you're going to report you so if you'll take these steps if you submit yourself to a different process than you've ever used before you're going to get a different result than you've ever gotten before if you. WanNa get something. You've never gotten before you got to do something you've never done before in your marriage your parenting your career and your money. Some of you need to just repurpose yourselves at work and say I'm actually going to work while I'm at work. Well there'd be a breakthrough transformational. Isn't it transformational? Your belief system has to change that. Something good is going to happen if you do that. As otherwise you slew the man and you wind on the little men get blame everybody else. I crap because you might have stupid decisions. It's time to not be normal. Normal socks transform. This is the Dave Ramsey. Show James Childs producer of the daydream of show. I'm excited to announce the word now carry on six hundred radio stations across the country to find one near you at Daveramsey dot com slash show. Hey if you've got questions about retirement investing or becoming an everyday millionaire go bigger and broader with my man Chris Hogan on the Chris Hogan show I am excited to be able to talk to you all weekend and week out. We're going to focus on your calls and it's going to on building wealth investing and how to become an everyday millionaire. Subscribe to the Chris Hogan Show wherever you listen to podcasts. Hey It's james producer of the Dave Ramsey show. This episode is over but check the episode notes for links to products and services. You've heard about during this episode. Thanks for listening.

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