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I grew up in my mouth and then went into my nostril. Just one tweet. And he's not beating around at his right at it. I wanted so much in the night that I thought I. I'm not dead and you're like Hey Street people. Hey Street. People come to comically. Hey welcome anxious I am Becca and I am brandy and this is a podcast in which brandy and I over share and bring dishonor to our families. It reminds me of Mulanje. Yeah I like it. That's why I did it. I like long today. We'll be disgusting threesomes ice cream payments skinny ladies. We'll talk to a street person. See what's happening in Florida and let the stars predict are weak. Let's do it. But first a quick recap of the week. Okay so I have a tattoo on what used to be my hip but now is more like a Fuca. It was my first tattoo ever and I was really into Irish step dancing for like a decade. It was like all my whole life so I got this Celtic not with like it was the early two thousands okay so a butterfly was cool so I got a celtic. Not With a little butterfly over it but I needed it to be small because my mom wanted me to get the tattoo. My Dad did not. I needed to hide it. So I got this teeny tiny round Celtic not but Celtic knots. Need to be big. Because they're very detailed so do all that detailed work in it'd be like clear on a tiny tattoo is not easy and let me tell you. It doesn't turn so now it just kind of looks like from far. It looks like a like a chicken drumstick. So Brandy was like you should you? Should you know get covered up as a drumstick and the more she said it? The more was laughing about it in the morning. I thought yes I should because she pointed out. Like if I'm in a bathing suit and I you know got a drumstick tattooed on my thought. What was a hip but is now fat. That would be hilarious. And then I thought like imagined rapunzel seeing that it was like he he would like it. He would find the humor in that. I thought maybe maybe he'll get a matching one. Maybe we'll have matching drumstick tattoos. Perfect I just like I feel like that's real love. You know when you get a matching tattoo. Because if we ever if he ever decided to leave me knows he might. We wouldn't be like yeah that that was for my ex. No just me like you have a drumstick on your hip and it would be hilarious. Hah Ha so I'm making plans. Yesterday I decided I would go home. I would re-pot some of these plans. Have they need a little bit of love? Their kind of fading out So I- replanted several plants and I was like studying this plant and I was like I'm going to give it a little more water so obviously the water. I used water. My plants is in a spray bottle. Because it's how that's how professional doesn't that's how professionals water plants professional botanists so anyways. I'm watering the plant. I'm like looking really close at it and I'm not even noticing until I get the lavender scent bad I've just watered my plant with cleaner. You took all that time to replant it just to smother at in cleaner. It's going to die and now we wait to see if it survived. Now we watch it slowly die miserable survive. I think that's foreshadowing watching something. Slowly die I'll keep you updated on how my plant survives also today. I was having a conversation over my cubicle with some of my girls. Yes and I threw up in my mouth and then it went into my nostril and I could smell it for several hours. I hate the smell and I thought that if I shared that people would appreciate the fact that I kept trying to like snr like do this. Why just to that actually made me gag a little bit? Actually maybe it would go down my throat us the over but like a must have shot up just right to where it was just like right into my nostril because I could smell it. It was burning. I had a lot of hot sauce for lunch And it was like right in my nostrils smell. It was burning at stunk. It was disgusting and so I was trying to like get it like to just at least like go back into my throat. Like it just wasn't like wasn't having it for it was. Yeah I've thrown up in my hair a few times and then that smell lingers for days even if you get rid of it and you can't. I've thrown up in my car when I tried to land it into a Taco Bueno Cup. I had like an illness on my birthday and we were all going out was going to be so fun when to a Mediterranean restaurant. The instant I smelt the food I was like I gotta get Outta here. I gotTA leave. I have to leave so we got in my car and then I was like okay. Have this Cup some throwing up in this. Cup It overflows. It's all over me. It's everywhere moral of the story is bomb. It smells bad communist-era that e- especially when it is in your nostril. We actually had a friend of brandies right in his name is Dan. He said he's been catching the show. And we appreciate that. We appreciate your time. Dan Thank you for coming here today. Thank you for giving us your also. Thank you for letting US know that you brought non alcoholic beer to a party not knowing it was non alcoholic. Major stuff look like a fool. We appreciate starring person. Looks like a full we do because we always look like fools and we you know. Misery LOVES COMPANY GRAY SLEIGH HEY This is a segment in which we read you. Sweet messages written craigslist. I up I never had a M M W trio before. I'm looking for strictly. Plano WHITE COPPELL NO TATTOOS and no body piercing amassed. Not Negotiable they kill my boner who can host and were ill let let me blow the man away while the woman watches no recip- unless the man wants to do it love having my nipple sucked by two people. They will do as my reward for job well done. Here's the thing is that you are being. You hate tattoos and you're seeing an piercings yet. You WANNA COUPLE. Who Comes in like you're not? Yeah I feel like people who have piercings and tattoos were open to different experiences. You're looking for close minded people who want the man to have sex with you while the woman watch. Yeah it can be difficult to find on a really straight laced. Couple right especially on craigslist. Yeah I feel like most people on craigslist if I had to guess have tattoos and piercing There I hey I have tattoos and piercings. I'm just saying I'm the kind of person that writes on craigslist. I'm the type of person who's you're not going to you. It's not likely that you're going to find a very clean cut person. Who's very openminded? Yeah it's not easy. I have nothing it doesn't happen. I'm just saying it's going to be difficult. You waiting awhile. Basically just feel like this is going to be a wait for you right. Also I don't like that. He says he's looking for strictly. Plano white couple with no tattoos and no body piercings. That bothers me because it's kind of confusing. Why wouldn't you say I'm looking for a strictly white couple without tattoos and body piercings? Why you have to say with no. Why do they have to be in Plano right? If they're willing to drive doesn't matter what where does it matter that they come from? What is it about Plano people? You really like maybe. It's a whole bunch of very clean cut. People who are really freaky. I'm never know. Is that how Plano is? I don't know I'm the Freaky we're not really sure. But I am positive of one thing and that's going to be waiting awhile but also I hope if you have puffy nipples. I know someone we can hook you up with no someone who likes a good puffy nipple all right. So next up is hot girl. Wanted White boy forty five cute and Clinton needs company must be cute. I have cash and ice cream e you come to me text me. Yeah bedding doesn't know that those two words have eased at the end like he doesn't know that clean is without any at the end and ice cream doesn't have any. I don't know or is he trying to be cute cleanly an creamy like rhyming. Yeah it's hard to say but I would assume that he just doesn't know because he saying white boy yes and forty five euro white man. Yeah not boy. No you're not even almost man. You're just like old man. You're getting to the point where you're almost old man and don't call yourself a boy silly not a boy. That's false advertisement if I want a boy and I get a forty five year old. I ordered a boy was there man. Here was a terrible joke. Good luck he's cute. He has cash an cream. You know what I've always you know. What though what is ice cream? I'm imagining ice cream drugs. Oh I don't know I feel like it could be drugs. I was thinking is actual. 'cause I was like what does he really want because if he's just looking to hang out. I'd like cash in ice cream. I like cash. I like ice cream. I'm cute I wouldn't go as far to say like a largest hot right but I'm cute and I do enjoy is like screen if you've got cash to give away. I'm GONNA take it like to shop. I could use it. It's funny because he's just saying Hawker one in white boy. Forty-five Keel. Yeah that's really all that he has going for him except for the cash. Nice cream. Don't it doesn't make sense. Good Luck Sir okay. Nextstep skinny Lanky scrawny twig. Most people don't appreciate how sexy you are. So they label you with hurtful names but I see your beauty and know how to show you my appreciation of it. You deserve a man who treasures you recalling skinny lanky scrawny twig hourly. They're waiting to hear those name. Imagine we show up. Can you at least call me as skinny? Linke's granny twitter. I would like to hear it. This is very silly because I'm pretty sure thin women don't have an issue being called beautiful or sexy that's I don't feel like that's an issue for them Because I feel like most men want a woman who's been right but I'm not. I don't think that that's what he's getting at. You want them to be an erect sticky type. What well what the thing is is. It looks like he's looking for people who are very very skinny. That people are calling names like need a burger but in appreciate and how sexy they are. He wants it to be a basically skeleton. Skinny Skinny Women Look Skeleton. I'm not Haley if you're a skinny skinny woman now regulations but I'm just saying you could look a little bit Valentini and maybe he's into ended. I appreciate it because I see your face and I'm like look how thin that face it. I'm like look how thin skinny Lanky scrawny twigs like the fees. I bet she could wear whatever she wants. Yeah that's what I typically thing but I'm just saying maybe he's into like a bony look like a really bony. Look Right. He probably is from the way that he labeled right right. Just the name makes me think. Yes the phone. I mean I feel like he's not beating around the Bush tells you know it's just one twig and he's not beating around. He's coming right at it. So there's that okay nextstep sexy pleasant and real here. Are you currently in need of some company of a younger man? I'm twenty eight. I'm fun young. I can travel anywhere in the Wrigley Place. I don't know what that I'm real that you already said that I'm reasonable and I'm serious. This will be session of delight for you unless you WANNA please me too. You sound boring as fuck. Yeah like if I hear I can travel anywhere in the Wrigley plays the bubblegum. I don't know what that means. But he's he's willing to travel within reason ladies He Israel and he wants to emphasize that twice in this Ad. He's sexy pleasant. He's real he can travel. He's real. He's reasonable any serious. My God he sounds like a good time how much you WANNA bet. He's not real. What makes 'em fake? It's just like all the times he had to say he was real all the time she was just so fake. You know how girls like to say that like any you've heard girl say that like she's fake but he wants you know so he's probably just overcompensating in this ad. I'm real I'm real real. I'm so real. Here's like a plane flying over him. I'm real I'm real. I'm real. Hey you I'm real boy. Pinocchio Rich You. Suppose He's Pinocchio Gerona Betty's The grownup Pinocchio Watch Ladies Using Real Boy. His nose is GonNa grow if his penans grow as Venus wasn't going to grow because I'm Barbara Down Straight people and do all right so we will be talking with a street person today as always street person is Dana from Houston Texas Goodall. Houston while I'm living in San Antonio but I'm from Houston Houston is one of those hidden gems. You have to be from the city to appreciate it okay. So let's really get into it so just thank you for joining. Us obviously and In three words describe Your Vagina. Perfect beautiful and does not look like lunch. Me Lucky God so blessed Hashtag actually no I have a very lovely vagina not gonNA lie so send us a picture. Xers didn't happen all the time and I'm not a post. Okay what's next brand year up? what's the thing that you did? That disappointed your parents the most. Oh I stole pennies whenever I was like thirteen or no six-team than they bought me a car and they took it away because We did get arrested and we got put on probation so yeah one For How many pounds? One pair now is like five pairs. Yeah I mean we put them on and then like we try to wear them out and yeah. That doesn't work it doesn't it would be funny if you wore them out over your. It was already ballsy enough because we had enough money to pay for something like goodness. I'm surprised that didn't work. I would. That wouldn't have ever occurred to me like I'm GonNa put these underpants. What are they going to do? They're not your panties. They told me to take my pants off. So what happens once you get arrested? Like how did they say? Yeah I know you got your under our underwear on just by honesty to be honest. They like they'll trick you with questions and stuff like that but they did see puts them underneath regular clothing and then take them into the dressing room so. I'm pretty sure that that's not their first Rodeo. That we're here today with the panatheist where your day with the most notorious panty thief Texas ever seen? I have like way worse. But they haven't caught me. They never caught me doing anything. That's probably the only thing that caught me doing but I've done way worse. What have you done that as disappointed yourself the most? Oh just get myself into a lot of Shit. Relationships relationships relationships relationships. Yeah I have had a lot of shitty ones so you were married for a number of years Ten years you said Will you're only thirty? Two four thirty-three almost thirty four. So so you're thirty zero and you got married when you were nineteen you got divorced when you're twenty nine or wait mathis heart. Don't ever rely on me for math but in twenty six. Okay we were. We were together for ten years. Total married seven so I just say it's OK tonight so since you were twenty six to thirty three. How many bad relations Could you've been in that's not that long Three four one of them was really short. Next step is what makes you feel the most supported. Actually someone who will be there for me through all of my crazy which my current boyfriend actually is. what was your most embarrassing Fart? actually about a year and a half ago with my boyfriend put him in the fringe zone. Aah He's telling me that you know. He would absolutely consider being with me and I was like. Nah I shorted. Were you with him or were you on the phone with him right next to him and then I was like I need to get out of that room and then I came to loves like his fucking notice city notice. Did you notice no easier? Oh Hey boyfriend so yeah. My most embarrassing sports shirt was written. What are your anxiety triggers loud noises? I'm not gonNA lie like especially like balloon popping balloons poverty talking Brinkley out. I get mad but she sweat do feel like that immediate like surge of like energy or arms in like like any of your limbs. I cannot stand loud noise neither. I'm so glad I'm not the only fucking when I also can't eat with the fan on or the lights off okay. So what's your overall most embarrassing moment? Oh so when I was Eighteen hours living with my Now has been in his parents. We weren't married yet and Nobody in the House. It was two men and a boy in myself and his mom and nobody had a period for me and his dog had never smelt period before while. I was at work probably on one of my first periods living there. The dog had Eight up and strung out all of my gross thirty tampons over the fucking floor and my father-in-law ex logging law had to clean it all up while I was at work so I don't care what they say. I flush tampons no actually I. She's crazy yeah. I don't know why you're when your entire apartment complex backs up. This is all your fault. Okay so it was so fun talking to you and meeting you great. I hope you had a good time. Yes I did absolutely. We will talk to you later. Thank you bye-bye Mazda. Let's see how stars are going to fuck with us this week? Jim Nine I'm up. It's me I'm a Gemini. This is Becca. Yes you can be proud of yourself. You really know your stuff you have fully invested in deepening your knowledge and capabilities and it really shows friends and family members will be coming to you for advice and rightfully so try not to become complacent. Though it's an easy trap to fall into you will need to continue to full speed ahead on your knowledge seeking adventure in order to keep the edge. That totally makes sense so knowledgeable. You're just full of knowledge. Yeah if you're if you guys want knowledge I can drop it on you. She's dropping knowledge. Trust me I'm the one to please don't get people at. I'm full of advice inside and I don't take my own and also I mine is not coming from a place of knowledge at all pretty much whenever I give advice. It's just me guessing right. Don't ask But I understand where this is coming from because really I'm very smart and I've just been reading so much mine is next and the Libra. You are likely to be ultra. Wear of things going on around you today and you may well internalize the opinions of others. Be careful the opening yourself up so much that you get hurt. When someone makes the offhand comment that isn't especially flattering. You will find the most comfort today in those things that are tangible and staple feel free to enjoy the more material pleasures in life my bed. Yeah my I will. I can't wait. I'm a material girl. Living in a material world most prized material. Possession is my God. I can't wait to get mine actually have really sweaty but recently. That's where all the acnes coming from. All the act needs coming from my but sweating profusely at night is. I don't know I woke up this morning and I was like did I pee the bed that much. Yeah so I would like sniffing around like that's not p. It was literally sledge. I'd sweated so much in the night that I thought I peed the bed. Wow you need to turn on the fan. I had the fan on and you sleep naked. Don't you yeah and I know I had underpants on 'cause you know period's going on but I had the fan on. I did not have the heater on weird in. I'd sweat so much that I thought I peed my pants that's nuts. I didn't know God Wild Pisces with luck and prosperity knocking on your door as it is now. You may be turning a deaf ear to the slow nurturing grounding force that is asking you to put it on. The brakes put on the brakes in regards to certain projects or relationships. Don't brush aside. The message from the Cosmos may seem rather annoying at first but in actuality is quite beneficial to your goals. Keep yourself open to outside advice at this time. Okay so just so you know if you listened to my. What does this call? I was GonNa say forecasts sculpture yet to my forecast If listen to my horoscope you'll know that I'm the one that's giving advice right now. And Pisces. You're the one who needs to take it so if you're in if you're pisces and you're looking for advice definitely message US My email address is poop beard comically anxious DOT COM. I'll give you advice. I'm giving out advice. Pancake any Pisces. Looking for advice. I'm a Gemini. Who can give it actually tomorrow? We're having dinner with a pisces. And she's GonNa win your vice. She's definitely going advice. Anyways to all EU Pisces poop beard at comically angels Dot Com. I can really take care of your problems. Trust me had also advice advice as the worst next up is Florida. Hey flow automation okay. So our demand is a woman accused of zipping her boyfriend up in a suitcase in taunting him cheating on her until he died. Let me just tell you that before. I saw this story on my phone from Rapunzel I had seen it on snapchat and I thought I can relate to that zip a bitch up on my God. I don't know what happened is up to mob. It was an accident. We were playing a game in which he got forced into this suitcase. I imagined saying that. Imagine saying he just got in the SUITCA. He asked me to do this. It was the DM UP. And somehow days and days later he died of starvation. Because how are you going to die in a fucking actually was thinking that night? I don't feel like our article actually said how long he was in it because I was thinking. Is it starvation or was it or was it certification? What was the oxygen like? This isn't a casket suitcase. Well it depends on the suitcase so you know those ones that are like a plastic shell. Yeah that could be you could definitely suffocate inside of right right but isn't do think a Florida woman has a giant man sized plastic. Shell suitcase. I don't see how she has a giant man any man size suitcase at all. No matter what yeah. How does he fit in it? And how do you coax him into it? Because if it's a man if if puzzle I ru feed him and shoved him into the suitcase like I'm not sure I could do that. Yeah I just don't feel like I don't feel like a man sits in a suitcase. I don't know that I could. I could find their story person. Yeah and she would have to. I don't know I'm not really sure. So that feel like details. Need to come out and be like she probably smothered him before he was put into that suitcase and it probably took her several days to get him inside of the suitcase to zip it. Yeah because imagine. Sometimes it's hard to zip up when it's just your clothes man I would have to do it in spurts. It would be like you're sitting on it like bouncing trying to get into the he was like. I'm not and you're like shh. He's gearing it dead motherfucker. Do you remember any fucking cheated on me. You were dead. You cheated on now. You're in a suitcase. Remember on your penetrating that chick. Now you're in a suitcase motherfucker. You won't be penetration any I hope it was worth it. Because they said that she had recorded herself taunting him which was trying to get out of the suitcase so obvious he was alive when it was in there. He happened to be alive when he was putting. She had to have tricked him. Because you can't Dick Pic someone and I don't know. But how do you how to run? I don't know but if you're alive when you're in the suitcase you have to get tricked in because I can't she can't force a man in force him down and close it without without him. Fighting back added that happened. I don't know so many details like like we must know But it's funny because she somehow God has asked into the suitcase also. Everybody knows that if you take zipper from the inside you can move your finger zip it. I don't know there's some lock you. Maybe there was a lock. You know he can zip. They also come to me. There's two and he but at that point he could've at least end zipped it enough to breathe through it so he had to have starved to death. Somebody Zip me up into a suitcase for a few days. I could use it to start. Ii Realty mean someone to starve me for the I. Don't tell Sir everything in the store. And what if he had to Poop was in there? What if he should in the suitcase now? He's around her suitcase now. She can never use that suitcase again. How is she going to pack for jail? Not In that suitcase probably shouldn't cheat on her. It's probably a bad idea. Don't do it. We don't advisor shaving shaming victim shaming him. I'm just saying don't do it. Don't cheat and you won't give evidence by your woman. Listen everybody knows if you don't cheat on your woman you're not thing about. It is if it took him several days to die in the suitcase. She just left him in there. She was just like no he could have been like he could have been. Hey Carol really sorry and she would have been like shut up John or he had a heart attack trying to get out. Could you imagine him being like I'm GONNA call the COPS ON GATT this and she's going to be like let's say you get out of it like how does she taunting him? I want to see the video. I release it. It's released I don't know we have to see. That's a good one though. I really like list. It's ridiculous. Hey Florida woman all right so my bitch of the week is that I stopped eating gluten because my twenty-three meal was like hey have both components that we tested for to have cell disease and for a long time. I was like no way. I'm allergic to dairy turns out. I probably have not ever been allergic to dairy but instead it was gluten so I stopped eating at. I ate some yesterday and I was farting pooping all night long. It was terrible and today I felt very bloated. Like it hadn't all can come out of me. Yeah And I felt ten disgusting in the stomach so today I haven't eaten any NFL. Just fine. But I'm not going to say that I've given up bread because I will not until I'm diagnosed by a doctor that this is actually a thing that I to do But right now I have given it up at least for a little while. I'm glad you're on the mend or at least feeling less gassy on a regular basis. Well for my bitch of the week I would just like to say trying to help people. Sometimes it backfires. Yeah and I wish that it didn't so in the future to make it not backfire and thinking of stopping helping thing. That's a good idea. I just feel like listen if you need help other than the advice that I asked you to. Give me or mean asked for Don't ask me for help because it never just I don't want I can't make everything better and sometimes when I try it just doesn't turn out the way I thought it was going to. So it's been pretty as I was upset about it. So now let's happened and it's over but I'm just thinking about really being less helpful. I think that's a good idea. I think that sometimes you're too helpful. I just feel like as mind. Job Progresses and realize that now my duties include a lot of morale uplifting. I wanted to help people and now I feel like maybe I don't yeah. I think it's just a dark hump and I think that you'll like get over. Something is humping me and I just needed to be dark. Coming is a dark hump of not helpfulness that I've become apparently so anyways. That's that and it'll be better all right. So if you love the show Tele friend give us a review. You can review US anywhere. You listen and we're going to masturbate to Yuri and we will I always do and hey guys just remember come down on meat. Just they might be as possible. Hundred percent will be no. Okay bye bye.

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