Roleplay Retcon does Batman & Robin, Ep. 4: Conference Call... of Justice!


Playwright con does not own any part of the original versions of the movies, we rent con, nor we associated any way with the artist who made them. Also, while we are not the rowdiest bunch. We are adults goofing off. So we might say some things that some people might not want their kids to hear previously unroll play read, con does Batman and Robin, Jerry botanical gardens, and it hits us door and the door instantly freezes solid sheet of ice. This is our home now. And he says, I missed a freeze. I look I picked up this here. Cannon piece there's a sort of raised stamp on it in the middle that says Corp. What Gulf war? Isn't that you're leading competitor bat man? She hands a shadowy figure vile Mark venom in return, the shadow hands her a file folder, and we see in her hand is a picture of a beautiful woman is closed suspended in a frosty. Tube the photo was labeled nor threes. Guys. Why do I have in my notes? The word Chlor. Cool. Clinic. Like calendar months. Okay. Is that why it just as the bullets of like things I need to? As we go to this. Four. The coach is for me and then the first bullet points. You made that job last time to like, I'm not going to remember what? Yup. Okay, good way, you have good memory because I had no idea where I was going with that. Okay. So I kinda wanna take a page out of the telltale games. Book recipes still took games. Or they did there. Oh, yeah. Man land likely police people there my man gun but that it was like, you know, big sounds. Right. But anyway, they're Batman game is like really cool to gaze. We'll do this thing in the Batman game where you decide if you want to approach some situations as Batman or as Bruce, Wayne. And I'm gonna let you do that. Or in the situation, Batman or George Clooney. You George Clooney. You know, the GOP court CEO fares boil ferris Boyle sorry, and so you can choose to either either go, I guess I should've asked. Are you going to go investigate Goth Corp like you kinda have to? But are you. I have to feel like I'm not going to just getting. Okay. So how do you want to do this? Do you want to go as George cleaning or do you want to go as batmans? I feel like if my very good friend fares. Bueller is the, the CEO when coming, then my should approach him as his very good friend, George Clooney in perhaps, we should just have similar, you know, cocktails into cars in front of the fireplace in just chat as jets. Okay. I went to know also what the other two are two. Robin Becker will, how are you approaching the situation? Go. Go ahead. Describe Goth core is basically just like a big headquarters and like it's like the shin rebuilding in front of seven, that's not a good. That's not a good. That's not a good descriptive for this group. Like, just sounds like the company that runs hot topic to me. Science. They do a lot of science stuff is so they have ARA and analyze the corporate offices like all in the same building. So, like the science of how band sh t shirt, fits young people. Absolutely. That is that is exactly what they do. Yeah. It's actually they were Goth Corp, and then they moved to Gotham because because they were off court. They were like, oh that'll be cool. And they were right. But it takes it takes us apprising amount of science from a surprising amount of fields to, to figure that out. Including us of Christ's research to figure out, you know what's cool. Tell me what you are doing. Are you approaching this as Barbara Gordon or his backer? And are you approaching this as Tim Drake or as Robin? Let me also put this era when you're quicker, if you need someone to be costumed you have night wing at your disposal. Like I forgot from the last session is are we incorporated with bad, girl? Now. Are we like are we like Jared? She's still like solo getting this. I think I try to within accidentally sets in ended her. Is that what happened? I wanna say that Mr. freeze shot through a window. In the scape in the backer of went after him. Okay. Yeah. And Abaco you've just did not catch him. He left, you know, like Ayla eight he left his car, and it is like a pretty good car in. You were just not able to keep up with it with the bike. That tell marks. Or you get cool tasting but ultimately changed. You, you could say he just froze by bike, and then that would be the that definitely is what happened like, okay? Right. Did we go through this? Like is this thing that we did our you read conning this? I mean we we stopped with you finding the clue. So this, this could have happened afterwards after you've clue like or like imperil. Okay. So since we're not like all Batman incorporated, yet. I'm going to be in costume, and I'm going to be ghosting. George Clooney's meeting at Goth Corbin. Explain more, I'm going to be stepping around observing. What's going on without being seen? What is your still rating? I don't know. Okay. Yeah. No your problem. I, I think this is like taking place in his office, though. So that's all right. Like, maybe I'm cross the street using electronic surveillance. Okay. Wanted to do cool. Do they do? They know the Barbara Gordon's background yet. I think we figured, I think you, they figure that I think I remember Alex figure figuring it out last time. Yeah. While we were in the like the ballroom or something, I think they just been cool about it. And haven't told will, like I think I took pictures of your, your person, but before I could like surf the internet about it, you tattoo, my PD and deleted them. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So we don't know I feel like Batman wouldn't know who Barbara Gordon is though, we made operations about how your waxing all weird around around Commissioner, Gordon, when he show up and you'd like run off all stealth. So we've probably deduced it. Yeah. I think you don't know yet, if you do wreck on him. Sorry. Sorry. People listening. Maybe it'll help us move along with the stories. Okay. So. Well, I mean, there would be no reason for Barbara Gordon to be Bruce Wayne's meeting, right. So, yeah, I guess I'm. You know, have to reveal yourself, not unless she was like fairest dealers secretaries on. No, I think she's like a college student. I mean college students can have internships. Yeah. But she. It actually it wouldn't be inconceivable for you to have an internship ago core. And I would allow that level of convenience we could even say that you have specked of that God core pet some kind of connection to this for a while. And now that like batmans on it, you're kind of, like, okay, we'll know him very sure. I think it would be too convenient. If I was an intern at go Corp, because it takes it takes a while to get an internship, somewhere, not in the movie. Yeah. That's the thing that sucks about. See. That's the thing that sucks about some movies is, they're unbelievable, in things that would very easily have been made believable. So I'll say she. The kid likes and his blockbuster movies, detailed realism, and internship programs. Just not laziness what if you were a bar Easter in the in house, like, Starbucks. No, that's worse to me. I recorded Stover Starbucks burst. We. We could say that she's. We could say that she's not there and move along. Yeah. That's almost because it almost doesn't make sense that she would be there at all. Do some hacking get. Yeah. Sure. Okay. Because that's also that's also kind of her thing at this point, she's not just following Batman and Robin around. She, she wants to be more like backup than another partner. Like she might be off doing something else, because she's like I know they can handle this Goth Corp thing. And I'm pretty sure I have some like Hake Shire's of, of. Our evidence. All right. So to move on here. Yeah, we're gonna do is we're going to have this conversation. This'll be like more more patients, telltale games book. We're gonna conversation with a I got a little southern. They're here that conversation with. Okay. With them. With ferris bueller? I'm so glad that we've made a joke name because it's easier to remember that, that his real name was fairest. Bueller and a and George Clooney, and you to want to interject into this to, like cut away to you to do something just do it. Like I don't have to ask you if your turn. I, I'm not gonna tell you, it's your turn. You're just going to Phoenix. Right. Style be like hold it in your going to do something. Okay. Another thing. That's the thing I will tell you guys you guys have just been some like super well behaved roleplaying game players. I think you should do a little less of that. I think a lot of that you guys have been, like, okay you like been like trying not to like overstep, the bounds of like what a player could do you were like, I'm not allowed to like shape the world. That's supposed to be the GM STA if you want to do a thing. Like, like let's say like. Like you're in a fight scene, or something in your like I wanna punch this person. If you have an idea of, like how that altercation could go you can like speak for the NBC to see. See trees. Yeah you can speak for the trees. Where next time Batman fights trees, maybe actually will happen. Okay. Okay. So you come to Fairfield office, and he, he's like, hey, chewers. How you doing? What, what, what's he Cajun feel like I said, I should mention that like you and like Goth Corp our competitors in some ways, but you are not like bitter competitors. This is some overlap, but you, you know, you're not you're Nintendo and Sega in the nineties, or more than ten dough and saying it now. If you do you want to be. Yeah. You know what I would definitely say that, that clean Corp is is is intendo? And like anything else in town. Sega perfect. I heard it was your day all, so I decided to pop into a visit. He says, like. George, you know that anyone that's Gump Acer would cling corpse than doesn't have a day off. But I could give a couple of hours for Brandon guards can I interest? You take that would love some, you know, catch up roll time sake. I miss the days when we would just have brandings Gars every teams day, Tuesday's that was Brad into gardai. As, as they're moving into the office and getting the whole brandy and cigars thing I wanted to cut to Robin, who is across the street up on up on the top of the building, just like hanging out on the ledge with his surveillance gear out, just eating a sandwich. Leading just eaten the grilled cheese sandwich thinker, fared and brought hoping. How long are we going to linger on him chewing before we cut back at least three choose maybe? Half more like it's off three fully choose by bites like chop and then some choose. Yeah. One by shoes and like, maybe half of swallow like cuts. Right. At that is Tim Drake of -tarian affiliate. This is important. No, he is not. You hear any cheese spin? That's why I'm asking. In fact, you know what I think he put some lettuce on this, grilled cheese sandwich just to piss off poison Ivy. Yes, it does put like tomato on it. And I'm like, why, why are you doing this? Yeah. Like. Sandwich with bacon on it. Well, let's people do that. But I think it's overkill, like I've never tried that have to do that. I think it's just people needing to cool it with the baby wanted to have a crow Commissioner you just put that he inland there. The French do. I said that word croque-monsieur the other day you made fun of me for saying those words for fifteen real minutes. Why are you? Well, it sounds right? When when they say. This is the proper situation talking about putting pork on your just saying it the show off. Like Luca the loan, fringe words, I knew. I'm a blessing to your lives. I just would like to remind you all. Carry on. All I wanted to say your status is that he's there. Fairus opens up a port zoo, brandy from he has one of those like nice like glass, decanters. He opens a box of cigars. He kind of puts toward you. And he says they're not Cubans any like wings at you. I'm sorry. Doesn't embargo on Cuban cigars, and they are legal. Oh, yes. The joke is they are keeping in there. Okay. Again. Now, I'm sorry. Right. A ha ha. Take one time towards Clooney played by Neil Patrick. Here's left by Belay. Actor Harrison, George Clooney, as I'm self, I have been a definitely been imagining this whole time. Did we land that? I was played by Michael Sara. Yes, I believe. That makes the same it seemed like way better. Of pitting. What was I saying? Oh, so fair is ask you why you're here. Hey, what's, what's Asian? Why are you coming by? I, I have to know win you the business. The pleasure is always at mixed with the least of drip, a business. Well, first and foremost force, I was sitting in my giant Nanshan all alone with just my ward. My young ward, did we've assigned the board was weird. We decided that it wasn't feared right. Definitely is weird. Don't know what else to call him my. On it. Like company of dogs. Shouting at you guys. Sorry, down now sees me. I was standing on top. So. He's just like monkey squatting on their downs like ill, or like when. Yeah. Yeah. No, it's L. Yeah. Like the bag is last protagonist. We ask you why you're here and you said, what you were you were interrupted. Nice said, you know sitting giant mansion with my adopted. Sign the end. I realized that I use Rona dulled conversation so long way. Just hang out with my very good friend, various feeler. But the way I heard something it was shown weird. I heard some like gossip upon the streets about some weird like hice robbery that happened. How is that I wanted to come off about it? Oh, you mean the thing over at the botanical garden? Yes. How is that? Gardens. The museum. Oh, yeah. That was from a. Yeah. I guess I guess both kind of happened last night. Didn't they did they? Which one that I got the what? Episodes wanted to happen, the same evening. But I don't remember if time passed between two and three. Anyway, they said too, about this crazy Gunilla stoned river. Has it came from you isn't that weird. He's quiet. I, I can is not looking at you. Oh, gosh, I'm sorry. I did not mean to imply anything wrong with that. I did not mean to imply that at all. You know, I was just coming here to chat about the crazy peasants on the street. I am so sorry. That's a kind of a messed up thing to say, George. What you mean? Like. I guess, I just don't think money makes me other people, I have to say. Either course. This friend Cameron lake. He's pretty poor. I mean like is rich and eight just like it was so main to as whole life. Yeah. Listen, he thought driving car backwards would take the dominant. Is like so a gun. I you know, I mean, like George I we're friends I can tell you. We don't develop weaponry here. I mean, I guess we develop I'm not saying we never developing dangerous, but we're not we're not like a government contractor or anything. We don't. Where at least on a military contractor, we don't we don't make weapons. Yeah. That's what I thought it was so weird that they were talking to them. Gonna are we talking here? You know, the dangerous crying that hurts people, I didn't think that you into this mess of forthing, anyone, by the way, I told him that idear for I feeler was that kind of guy, but who seems like raising peaking. Anything with, like riot, jenex or something like that, that, perhaps when stole information for to make some kind of weapon, you know, George. Of course, not in George takes a long drag on his cigar. He's like, well, we used to have cryogenics department actually, but yeah, I got shut down. There's a pretty bad accident awhile back in the. Yeah. I had no idea what happened. There was a guy. Doctor is named Victor. Well, we kinda muse. I mean I know earlier we don't like weapons. But we you know, we work with some stuff that could be pretty dangerous in. He was using the cryogenics to do some unauthorized projects. And we, we try to set them down. But he got he got violently but pull the gun on us and. The altercation. There was an accident in. Some of the equipment broken. I mean it just doused him in the stuff. He died instantly. That's, that's theory upsetting. I'm so sorry to hear that. It's a. A rough but. No. I mean but yeah, I just only quip everything for the project was disposed up destroyed. So I can't imagine anything could have been taken from here and. And the reused wherever you heard that rumor it really was it have been just a rumor. Of course you know that happens all the time. I think you again, for four to wring your lovely office with me. I, I really am enjoying myself. I'm so sorry to brought up all of this, you know, negative stuff how Ben? You know, I get it the. I know I said earlier that haven't money doesn't make us better than anyone. But it just put us in a position of sponsor -bility in the. We gotta check up on each other. Right. Make sure where any he almost seems to have Glendon is is he says using using our power responsible? Right. Do you think of us in power sponsor? I think it's a question you should ask yourself every day, George. Ask myself every day. But no, I wasn't implying anything specific. That's good to go. How is your boy, what's his name Tim? Yep. It's is it. It is too. It is. Ten you know, he's doing right. You know, I really. As far as I wasn't sure of taking on, you know, a kid was something that I would be best at, but we all do our part. You know, and he's doing great. He's at mating very well. I want to play on a cut Tim right now. And he's just sitting on the roof pick it as nose. Three. Hygiene is incompatible. Hey, Becker, you've been pretty quiet. I guess I could go ahead and say. Doing so. She's a college student, but she still lives in the city where I'm just going to go and say, virtually Gordon dad still lives in the city where he's the Commissioner. So she's like over what time of day, is it? I think it's always like the middle of the night. If I was thinking, like six, or seven pm? Okay. So, yeah, she's like at Commissioner Gordon's house for dinner, just like checking her PDA? That is transcribing. What's going on in the meeting? She's with did you collaborate with Clooney to do this now? She's she's tapping into. Tim surveillance is she she's already established like a connection. Like we tween the headsets. I'm going to check back on the records of when Victor Cohen quote died. Okay, it was about, like eight years ago, and there is actually some security data the security camera data that is like really buried in, in the system like they thought they deleted it. But you know they didn't like they didn't really scrub it. They didn't like burn the server like they should have, or whatever if they were trying to hide it. I definitely watch that. Okay. So what you see on that. On that security tape is basically. What fares? Bueller? Told George Clooney just with a couple of like very important details. Taken out for one thing you do see this. Dr Victor freeze he appears to be working on. There's a person in a an alike. Cryogenic tube. And he appears to be working on. Something to do with that person. And then. Buehler does indeed come in with a couple of security guards any inlet seems to be like an angry altercation? Bueller? Kinda says that he's studying down this project. It was drinking his company's funds in this was this, this research was not. Approved by him. That makes Victor for Rica Victor figure begs him, not to. And he says, something that makes you think that this person this tube is a woman who he cares for very much. And that if he stops this project that the that it will effectively kill her vicar pulls a gun on Buehler. Buehler like, kinda like tells his guards to open fire on him and in Victor like falls into a table of these crowning chemicals, and, yeah, like it looks bad and then that's the end of the end of the tape. Can I find any files about what happened with the equipment and the, the program the, the floating floating lady, a lot of those? Seem to be scrubbed clean, but you can tell where that room was in the building. In way in Goth court. Yeah. Okay. So I wanna wreck on this a little bit. So seen the scene already happened where it showed that Barbara was at Mr. Gordon's house just for dinner. She gets up at NCC's. Thanks and leaves. Oh says, yeah, I have some homework to do. I need to get back to my place and leaves. And then. Guest goes she goes and gets under bike drives away a little bit. And then puts on like her bat costume and and radios in to Robin and said and says, like what did you see? I heard you gas or something, I don't know, sense. No, no. I like that. I think that is good. Are you still spying on us a little girl? I. So he does. But like, don't do that. We're trying to make us better. Yeah. She's like ten years older than you. That's funny. Michael Sarah is just. Just a turtle twelve year old. Yep. I tell back grow what, what happened. Are you going to try I, I wanna do voice, but I just don't know how to do like a good. I gotta try and go inside. Voice slightly voice. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Just doing like this. That's all you gotta do know. She's also getting a voice. No, that's great. Do that. My, my Robin voice. Mickey mouse. Oh, yeah. I was I was gonna head in there and see what I could find. But I've not been spying on you because I don't trust. You have, I'm where I don't I'm not good with coq dialogue right on the spot. But I wanted to say. A lot longer than you have this. Along the lines of I'm on my way to help you. Not hinder you that makes sense. I know any of this going on. I do because our telepathy. I assume I'm Brady radioing you a play by play as I'm doing this. Yes perfect. Okay. Batman will Clooney really of earlier, I think you were going to say something, and then they launched of like pretty good role playing their humor, that was used to say. No, I was just going to help Robin out by asking what Dr Vickers last name was or is Dr Victor, his last name. Victor freeze. Victor freeze fries. It's like if our I e s. What did you yell the way to explain kid why you yelled his name? I like standing meal. Patrick. Here's just standing in the office. What was what was talking last night? Oh, it's free. Dr freeze Dr three. How do you spell that threes? Now, that was telepathy is yelling until the I'm sorry. It's way better. If you just say. Is like a yeah. That's, that's the last name of the guy that we were talking about, like fifteen minutes ago. I guess I'm waiting for bat girl to arrive, so we can infiltrate this secret room. She lands next to you. Hello. Building. I don't catch you. All right. Speaking character, Alex. I thought it'd be cool. So it would be Huntress or spoiler. Maybe. Question the hell you are. I'm not gonna have is now I'm not gonna have to gravelly voiced detective characters in this arc. He is now booster goal question, isn't a gravelly voiced character. I guess he's definitely dour though. Yeah. I mean he's he's got no face. Yeah. I mean he's just the blueprint for ROY shocked from watchmen like he was gonna be Russia for watchmen of them were like kills these characters if AL's gonna kill these characters my ways Mike make up his own characters. It's sort of killing these characters. We just bought. Right. Sorry, I'm going gonna stop. What is going to stop the railing conversation bore of? I doubt that will ever happen. He's a weirdo any. So what do you guys do it? You go into this room. Yeah. So you know which room it is, though. Yeah. I've got I've got a layout. Okay. I've got the architecture Eliya. Fine, if you guys just like found your way, there are like outside the door to you. Yeah. You definitely go down this hallway. And you find this, like, no, there's even this low. This is a great chance to have like a cool. First time Tim and Barbara team up to sneak into a place seen. We like knock out some guards. Okay. Yeah. I was that you find the floor where you need to go and. But yeah you are in a safe place right now. And you could definitely see that there's some guards in the way of where you need to go guards. I didn't wanna knock guards today. There are not. They are armed with guns which seems like a thing they should not be allowed to be armed with a gun free zone. My cat cats coming in over the Mike growling at this. I can't. Anyway. Yeah. So, so we'll say you guys. Do you guys want to be like a bit or like behind the door or what I, I think it'd be just in my mind. What I'm picturing is like we sent a couple of, of lines across to the building. And we know that doesn't make sense because you can't zip line up. You could if you're grappling like Batman grappling ex. Yeah, so we do that. And so we're like suspended on the outside of the building. So I had you like if you peak around the edge into the window, you can see. Into an empty office and the door is opened at the beyond that you see the hallway where you need to go. You can also see this hallway is being patrolled by two guards in this hallway is t shaped so one of the guards is patrolling the horizontal hallway in the other ones vertical hallway and occasionally, they'll meet and kind of, like turn around, and, you know, like Melliger solid style. What are you guys want to do? Let's be much better. If we were in a vent system, don't you have the schematics of the building? I do. Can can you find the vent system that would be accessible via nearby? Let me boot that up on the old that berry nice soup. Okay. Heading reverts open. Flappy bird thing. Oh, yeah. It would make sense. They have opened in nineteen. Yeah, let's, let's, let's go through the ventilation system. And see if we can get a little bit closer and maybe we can. These cards to get into this room. Is there a great nearby? I don't know buildings work. But like sure there's one of the outside. A exhaust somewhere. Right. If it's if it's a ventilation system. Yes. Vince to the outside of the building. I don't know where they are top of the building like it seems like they would be. There would be some along the walls of it will for ease will say that that's definitely what's happening. Yeah. Spiderman PS four mission, where you have to like, go up the, the heat exhaust pipes or whatever or like Ungun. Yeah. Quite remember, it's like that. That's, that's building is yeah. Okay. So we do that. Squeak. Squeak. Squeak. Squeak. Squeak. Sleekly the ventilation system does not go into the room you need to get into it does. However, run the length of, of the t shaped hallway. In will say there are Vince at each end of the tea in the middle of T. Okay. So what I propose is are they? They're, they're patrolling do they meet at the middle of the t. Yeah. Yeah. That is that works is that how it worked? So if they meet at the, the middle of the tea when they split up and go the opposite way by the Vago. Every time I do it you can tell if they've been doing this like. Like six times an hour eight hours a day for a long time. And like fake just don't know how to make an awkward inquiry. Hey. Just do the like the ruffle your mouth smile at each other. You say. What I was saying is when they part ways, we'll just drop through each vend like Arkham asylum style, and like just knock him out and pull them back up through the vent. Okay. Sounds good. Well fighting. I need to go get my dice. Cramp. Once. Right. Fighting fighting fighting biting there. I'm gonna spend a point. Okay, good to make sure that, that this, this happens, hopefully. Oh, yeah. It's a five plus one. A six. Can I can I do something like add to the little bit, of course? So like. So where where, like looking down at where like they're crossing point? Right. Right. I actually -ssume that we're in separate places looking down a way from their processing point. Okay. So we're on, like Egypt, the hall. Okay. Then I would make sense. What was your thing? Maybe it'll be better. I was gonna say like while they were crossing. I could like drop like device that like springs out in attention. Ron on either side just like confuse them and have them looking down. And then drop on them like a surprise attack. I mean. Do that. What do you do ends up to you? I think I like yours better decided the hall. Yeah. Okay. In like we just drop on them after they they've turned it in several ways. Yeah. Sounds good. Tonight. You got to decide if you're spending points of enroll your diesel, six. Well, no. I should go ahead and spend points. That's probably good. Yeah. Is reset after each encounter. Yeah. It's actually true. Yes, it is been at the beginning of excessively reset. Right. In the rules, says they said at the end of each encounter. Yeah. But this whole thing is an encounter. Yeah. I'm I'm not saying that it's not. Yeah. Like mixed session. We'll have our points back. If we get through this encounter tonight, think Kia, but okay. Or if there's a new annex scene or something. No, I'm not deciding that. That's what you've told us trying to get that, right. I guess that's the way. Road is. It's been free. Okay. Two six you both world six the guards each role, the five so you guys do it. Yeah. Like like pretty definitely you guys do you win. And so now this hallway is a clear and you can go up to the door, you need to go through. Nice. Wait. Can I roll play? How I do it. Yes. Yeah. Because we're going to do the organ, we're going to thing here, but yeah, what is it? So like from the, the vent system. I, I like whisper. Hang here that he looks up. And I go through hands. I land on his face like bouncing face. I twist around like bring his head into the ground. Just like with my body weight is bringing it he's not dead. Somehow just Harry knocked out. I assume he's wearing a helmet if he's like a ghost. Just like breaking walls and ceilings, but they're fine, not even. Yeah. Alex, do you have anything that was cool or I should say, we're? I just kind of like tach my repel line to the to the, the vent at I just dropped down, and like Kelly swoop up in my, my little Cape level yellow Cape. Bring him back up into the punch him in the head. So you are just doing Arkham asylum. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So you guys can approach this door now. Let's do it. It is quite adore. It's locked Doorns park. It's got this like yellow and black striping on it. And this is like key pad thing there that, like doesn't even seem to work anymore was oak. Is mahogany. The marvel at all right. From into DC. I spy the key pad and I do a little bow on a gesture, like after you. Why thank you. Mistake out my. Yeah. The bad berry berry t- think that you could hack this thing to open this door, but it would make an alarm go off in. There is no way able that alarm. Are there like a Jason doors that we might? Nope. This is the only door into this place is they were really trying to knowledge anyone near this thing. I want to believe that there's just like an open door, next to that, obviously goes into this room. Fall out for like four the like. The doors are just open mixed like super high level block pick doors. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not the design my game a little better. Actually, they're very good at design their execution. Okay. You have you've already hacked. It was you've already hacked into. Oh, buehler's. I have right. Yeah. Yeah. No, no. The, the, the keypad is like destroyed the only way to open. This door is to, like, hot wire it. What I've already cracked into their system. What if I just disable their alarm from the front desk, you cannot disable this alarm? It's on its own system, and it's right. I'm not I'm not saving. The alarm itself. I'm disabling their receiver at the other end. Okay. So the alarm will trigger from the door, but I'm disabling their receiver. So they don't hear the alarm, this alarm doesn't seem to be electric. I mean it's electric in a sense. It uses trinity but doesn't use computers. It's like it's like how it'd be like trying to hack. It be like trying to hack a sprinkler to get to not like sprinkle fire went off like it's not a thing you could do. So then there's going to be circuit or a wire that goes to an alarm bell that I can cut. I mean, I guess you could drive. I'm gonna try that. Okay. I mean every alarm system has a way to be turned off or shut off show is how just a magic alarm that was always in place. Fine. I'm gonna try to do that. What's a skill you can use to do that? Well, if it's not computers. And it's probably not botany. Might not be linguistics notice. I try to throw the whole notice that thing and been just not having every every session. Info notices just if you're like in a in a room in like a big room in, you need to, like, like. You know what I exception check in for one of one of its explosives? Okay. I could I could try to plaque pack a controlled charge to, to blast the door away from the the alarm. I like this. I like this. So while this is going on years under, just chatting about life, and his family, my family, and our recent trips DisneyWorld together. Continue. I feel I feel like I feel like Batman would go to a Warner Brothers theme park. Don't you think? Certainly. Have any real characters this universe? Certainly would marvel of sieve DisneyWorld last time we went to universal studio, there was another band there and he just. George Clooney Bill so uncomfortable. George Clooney just didn't like it. Okay. Wait. A Florida Batman. Is that what you're saying? Benjamin, there's a Batman for every state. Is that what bam corporated is never read that? Yes. Maybe I know those Japan, Batman. Pay 'em man. It work. Anyway. I like I like I like exposes. So do you definitely do that? I'm definitely doing that. I will even spend a point to make sure it works. Okay. Well, I. It's out of the tech tree, which is not the generals did a point. It's, it's more like you get a little bonus. Yeah. I want the bonus to be I don't set off the alarm. Bonus. No. You know, just putting thoughts in your head. Okay, go ahead. And so we're going to do that. We're gonna make it explode. A control of pleasure. Well, short of the exposure, though is still an explosion in definitely like. It's definitely loud. But it destroys everything here. So the alarm does not go off. Yeah, I do. However. It is it is allowed in so winter cutback to. Batman in ferris. Fairus you both kind of distantly here this? Of I guess, Batman you, you have an idea of what's going on. Yes. Because telepathy, yeah. Yeah. And a m like like fierce bueller is like what blazes and he's like excuse me, a second. He's, he's like, he's like, walk walk into his desk to, like, pick up the phone call. Someone stare as I'm sure that, you know, here's a Curie team is more than capable of handling, whatever that is. I'm really interested about how your cats were doing you were just telling me about the one with diabetes. Please. Tell me how that ones do. Do you have like? A bluff skill or something. So we're going to go to charm. And I'm going to charm him. I say. There is. I know that you've run this, this business like, you know, proper ship, 'cause you used to be in the navy ride any were so good at it. And I know that you've got plenty of security people who could handle that. But I'm really interested to know about your cat. In how you know she's doing with all the diabetes shots. Can you show me pictures? Why do you be considered? Been asking law. I'm sorry. I thought that we were just friends getting together in talking about life stuff. I didn't know that. I would. Doing something wrong there. Maybe I should. Should go win in let you attend to your business. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. Father, you you're clearly stressed out. I think that does it. I think the idea of like George Clooney. Leaving because of something he said is like not a thing he likes. Like you don't wanna run George Clooney out of your out of your building. Even if your business competitor with him, and he's like, no, no, I'm sorry. I just. I've just skittish lightly. I understand. It's been a lot of weird stuff happened in the city, I under state leave all been under, you know, a lot of stress and pressure, and there has been a lot of weird things. That's you know, one of the reasons I wanted to come in and talk to you, and make sure you were doing okay, especially, you know, since I heard that weird, those weird rumors I just wanted to make sure that, you know, you hadn't heard, if you had that you were doing no k within because gosh, I remember your remember last year when those crazy rumors were flying around my business in you. You know, you personally to give that gift basket that really touched me. I just wanted to come out like old friends like we used to do. Yeah. Yeah. He does this like crooked Linas for Charlie Brown smile. And he like. Helix feels touched by that. And he was like, yeah. Yeah. We, we've always been. We've always put a friendship, I haven't. But I mean, honestly, of course, I understand that you as a businessman, if you need to get to this, I can, you know, Steph out in. No, no, you're right. I, I hire good people who can take care of. I'll ask about it. Later, you're more important. Okay. You have. You have a do were successful. Good job. Okay. Let's go back to the other guys, I would say that Batman has bought us some time but. Yeah, we got to be quick about it. There's not much in this room. True to his word the seems to have been shut down and sealed off a long time ago. It doesn't even seem to have been cleaned up after the ultra -cation you saw on the tape except that there's definitely not a body of guy in here. But there is that too, and they're does still seem to be a person. So I guess there is a body. Are there? Vitals coming off of this person. Is there any kind of readings? This person is barely alive, but they are alive. This thing is still plugged in for some reason. It's still this tube is still plugged, Dannatt still. Even even though the rest of this is deserted on operational. There's, there's also a small chart. Well, you know, not a small clipboard, that's the, the base of this, too. I will look at that chart. A sort of literacy skill. Can you read? It's an English. So you're good. But I'll, but you can also read the doctor chicken scratch on it. So that's good because you're linguistics bills. So you this, basically, what this tells you is, at this person's name is Nora freeze in her night, last name is spelled like Victor freezes last name wonder if it says, mom. Well, her age is lifted as thirty one which makes you think that no, she would not be that adult man's mom. You're a lot. No. Okay. What else is the chart? Tell me Benjamin. Year. You I know you probably have some medical knowledge. Do you have medical? I mean I could tell you I do there is medical expertise. But do you don't lie to be? Oh, I thought you were just asking if there was a thing on the cheat. No, I do not. I guess you guys probably biscuit point at least one point everything new. This game is like broke it or doing it. Ron probably that one. It's probably about about. Kobe will become. Well, okay, one thing that's different. Is that really this game is supposed to be like, long detailed complicated intricate campaigns like? Like yard on pins like on a on a cork board with pictures on the complicated like so you're supposed to be like have like really spend your points a lot like if it was not, how do I get stuff? That makes a really good podcasts. Yeah, you're right. I watched the creator of the game like play of YouTube a little bit. And it was like awful. It was probably a great game. But like watching five people play and I wasn't participating was terrible. I don't know where I was going. All right. But so your medical knowledge will tell you that, like this is above a bean. I, I know it's weird to tell you that you can't read anything else of this chart, but your medical modest sales that is just crazy. Advanced this is not something that even like, like smart, doctor people will be able to whoever wrote, this is was on the cusp of something. She seems to be. Seems to be suffering from some sort of like terminal disease. In. She was in this crowd. Cryan. Genesis for like, two reasons one to keep her alive in to the crime. Genesis seems to have been a key to the cure for her condition. And you have found the cork Lou. Yeah, we did it radical, which is which was Nora freeze is still alive. And in this. This building. So you guys have what you'd need the you guys Li like how do you guys get out here? Now, I've been taking pictures. Pictures? Patients are good things. Is there any way to reinforce the power conduit to like, maybe? You know up her quality of stasis. I would say that's beyond your like scientific knowledge. Like I know you probably have a lot on there. But. Like you don't know Victor freeze knows I again this this machine is like nothing you've ever seen or heard of it's incredibly advanced. But I figured you'd also figure like it's worked this long by itself. Is there a way we can replace the door so that? We running out time. So I think I would say you don't have time to at this point. The damage is done. We should just ghost. In fact, let me get my guy out of the vent. And I'm gonna put some some explosives on him. Oh, you're a frame of. Yeah. Nice. I like assuming cameras all. You're hearing like like you're hearing, footsteps like a funder down the hallway, let's go out of here. Okay. Yeah. Can we run across the hall and growth that window? Let's go back on the Vince does allowed though, not if we're quiet about it. If you, if you just book it, you can definitely get out that wind. Okay. We book it. Yes. Oh, yeah. Sorts. You know what you're gonna do? But right as they do that, like back in the office of his phone rings. In. He's like excuse me, a second. I really I really get this. Oh, of course, of course, take your time. I'll just be sitting here looking at these pictures that you're showing me. Oh, yeah. Okay. Cat. He he, he picks up the phone. Any listens for a minute. And he looks very concerned. He's like I'll be there in a minute. Any any puts the phone down. He's like, George sorry to be rude, but seems really do have situation here. Can I can we do this again? Sometime. Oh, yes. Of course. I'm so sorry yet. Please, I'll call again, maybe you know in a couple of weeks. That. Yeah. Yeah. Sounds great. This was nice, right? Yeah. It was nice. We should we should definitely do this again soon. But you take care of whatever you need to do. All see myself out. Don't worry. Kind of hurries you out of his office, and like you another another employee like shows, you Alabama, like very politely colony you, like, Mr. Clooney and stuff. And yet, so you've all have left the building. You've found the core clue. You've all escaped safely. In secretly. And let's go to our final scene here. Somewhere, Mr. free Stanton shadows. She's a lar- you've, he says incredulously she was a muffled voice says until you cross the bat and his brands they show, Mr. freeze a picture of Robin back girl framed in a way that suggests they are tampering with north tube. Mr. freeze crumples photograph in his hand in spare, let's wail, this despair curdle to anger, and he activates new gleaming cannon on his forearm. You are a good person. And as a good person, you understand the importance of good technology. Hi, I'm George Clooney, head of cleantech here at cleantech. We understand the good people can't fight the injustices of personal life and business unarmed. That is why we are the leading distributors of PDA's throughout Gotham. Keep yourself and your information safe with our latest model the clue nine thousand and always remember to not be evil.

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