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This is episode number forty is always on your host Robert via and with me my boys, ardal jumper and David. Rodriguez. And her baddest producer the world. Rudy Lara, how's it going fellas? Good brother how you doing? I'm good. Man Yoyo. Good Rob has always. That Inter always homeless me up dude. I can see. I know the viewers can't see you or hear you. Can we always see Jammie to the intro? Man. Though speaking of the Intro I'm sure you all saw the brave intro before show the president of brave combat approved. So that's pretty bad ass. He loves it. So mom shut out you really for making that happen. Guys we have a cool show today ready to be talking about you see on ESPN nine. All the stuff that went through that event, and then also we have this weekend we have to fifty. And then we're also going to have our gas ma boy Florida's is a ring announcer four. PBC. He's also done I believe some top rank I believe I i. really don't remember. I know he's The for PBC. He's done some MMA MMA events. I actually was at the then when he was reading announcing for the Canal Overseas Kirkland events so it'd be pretty cool guys. Dogging to love Ray his he's pretty bad, ass. Boxing, any better than alright Flores Heli data. Exactly. Quick shout out to fight TV We are going to be on their news feed though all our articles, all of our. Stuff that we published was going to be featured on onto their website as well. As always, you know our show is on there. Live right now. Shutout to brave and to the other promotions are where affiliated with. Guys. You'd see on ESPN nine went down last weekend. WHOA hold up hold up. Didn't you WANNA start off with little John Jones News. That's what I was. GonNa say wait a minute what he's doing. Hey. I WanNa talk about let's talk about it. So I saw you know, i. went onto his instagram. I saw the video of just a nice little article about what he was doing with those kids grabbing the spray cans. He's trying to do good trying to put. His name out there. Trying to show people that it's not always all the bad. We need to show all the good. Did you guys is point on that and. I'm not scared to say it live I don't care. And I get my ass is the international airport somebody. I think it would stayed. It seems a little lake. I I don't I mean it may have happened I'm not saying it didn't really happen but I mean the ironic. That camera just happened take these perfect. It's there's Of Him peacefully you know. Stopping some non-peaceful people. I mean don't get me wrong if John Jones came up and I was messing up his AAC Yik with fucking up I'm GONNA. Hand him no spray game but yet Donald Donald Sie beef I asked. Only I gotTA. Spray, painted. Frame in. The is run off on me. There's a lot of. I mean I. I don't I don't think it was as real. As as as they're trying to make to be, I, think there's a little. conspiracy theory in there was this a staged or was this not not wanna say. staged. Because we know Dr John Jones is a very his he's downtown Albuquerque quite a lot i. mean you know what I mean Albuquerque night they know John Jones and he happened to be down there and along the lines of this situation where yeah. Ironically like magically there is a camera right there whether it was buddies or somebody that knew him or whatever. But. They. Don't they knew the Guy But honestly though that that being by maybe possibly stage thing. You know get some you know whatever gets the name keeping get John's been in the news a lot for. L.. The contract negotiations but Albuquerque News Rob you seen it. I think the next day. John some guys Jackson Week were down there. A couple of businesses that didn't get. Robbed or possibly burn down and others a lady. I can't remember the business name but she thinks on Jones and It had the Koa News crew down there. So I I, think that part of course. That they were they're doing it. You know stop some some random people trying to whatever the new nowadays break in and steal everything what the hell their agenda is, but he'll be he'll be running for governor. I mean this helped become the Mayor Albuquerque. Easter on. He gets pulled over. Birds y'all y'all. y'All stop the riders. It's the. People, don't like the truth but like I said Don Jones is a very his presence known in downtown Albuquerque like when is they're not been an instance where Donald has been in trouble and has not been in downtown Albuquerque absolutely at this. Well you guys want to hear my theory on this. Yes I think. John, Jones was one spray painting he got caught and. These white nudes to film him stopping him stopping them. That's my theory. Actually look. Like. Kids. Lead stop. Watch watch tomorrow footage going to serve as men. If it does you really the profit if? It does I'm asking you live question. What's the meaning of live rooted? There's a different angle of different camera where you see the green pain on and. The different angle and there's a building. It says bones JOE's. He said not what what happened was someone tag my name and spray painting over so people will say I did. Were thing is to out with Jones I, mean, we're always hearing we here I mean we know what he is a Sport and then the legend that he is, but we constantly see you know outside of the cage stuff this being a positive because they're trying to stop motherfuckers from now ruining shitting downtown Albuquerque but he's always going to be judged You know what? I mean whether it's good or bad and people know elected all the shit that he's done. You know what I mean. So He's a guy that's constantly. Going to be judged even though he's one of the best to ever do it in the cage and as our John Jones the fighter like I said, he's been in the news waves for its contract negotiations beginning served seven million dollars to fifteen million to fight Franson gone. So that's what I want to get to next. You know his talk about you know the next move for John. Jones in the cage. The UFC we know they don't crack for anybody. I mean conor McGregor demanded stakes in the company in shares in the biggest draw you have ever seen and new adding this. Fifteen million dollar tax whatever to fight France's so that's why I wanna get your thoughts on going forward. Yeah. Long because. You know what happens for Jones next because him not in a cage we said it before. John, not, in a cage, you said at are going to end up in prison or lockdown. That him relinquishing the bell didn't he relinquished about this week or some? Shit. Yeah. Yeah. Well, supposedly he did but I mean it wasn't even there hasn't been officially announced the UFC. he's still in the rankings. So it's not like how who the where he's not in the rankings. Being John, Jones, filling the UFC Rican still. I think this is just A. Part of Jones Sir. Tactic to get that money. Goodbye. So yeah, like right now he's still like I, say stolen ratings he's still there. He he hasn't relinquished anything. You might say that he did but I think it's just all talk and do for for the UFC Dana white to say okay. Let's let's meet in the middle on how much you you WANNA get. Yeah. And what's he won fifteen to fight in Ghana? He didn't mention a number that I know war. Because he I remember him saying where he even told I forgot who told The he said that he never mentioned a number. He just said I want to get paid down to water money. Now you know he I agree with you I think all this. I'm relinquishing bells doing this I think. That's all just just a scare tactic. Not. Try to force them into. Paying him. we've seen this tons of times with athletes, spiders, whatever. Now will he get wilder money? No. No. Way Up see you have see won't pay anybody that Kinda that Kinda change. Could he? He could revenue that Kinda money though for them if he stepped up to heavyweight and fought someone that dangerous but like I said thousand times before if he did it, I think if he stepped up to fighting gone is the reason why he's wanting that super mega paydays because he knows how dangerous it dangerous it is the he may go in there and get knocked out. In Vietnam and if you've got knocked out in twenty twenty seconds, he knows how bad that would. Damage. His legacy. In. So He's won compensation for the possibility. Of this, that event to go the worst possible way? To. The UFC two they've known like I said, they don't budge. You're not into even with Jones. One of the best connor they didn't give Connor Shit that he wanted in. Connor I mean he's still the biggest raw right now. But I thought it was interesting that I think. Daniel. Cormie. said it up I mean these the ultimate nemesis of John Jones gave him Kudos credit for what was going Albuquerque but he did mention that the fifteen dollars or fifteen million dollar payday for wilder, Jones has said that he's been paid you know three to seven million dollars before. So anywhere in between there I think God DC said. He thinks the AFC would offer him give him like a seven million dollars thing to to move up to heavyweight. Gop Shins at light heavyweight. I think I think John has five or six fights left on his contract. So no matter how long does hold out last on either GonNa you know the in Ghana fight happens for like an interim heavyweight title that may happen or it's DC at a heavyweight bout of steep as long shelf until whenever I mean St Base still the undisputed chance so. I think both of those fights are the fights to happen and if it does John Make. John Moved. Then we gotTa Dominic Reyes Yon Block a which the light heavyweight title. Fight. Fresh You know moneywise. If he wants to make a big paper view like the lives wild bird theory like. Wants to make wilder money fifteen plus mail. It's GONNA to be against bay or in Ghana No. One's GONNA WANNA see no. I, mean people would wanna see we WANNA see. EMENDATIONS heavyweight. We wouldn't. We wouldn't mind that fi but that fights I mean, he's he regardless of the Asterix beside it is already to know. and. I mean he's still to no one dominated l you know regardless of the Asterik and so that's that's What's going to play a factor for it? I don't think it'd be DC IT'S GONNA be there Steve Bay or gone if he wants that Big Bay in I, think he would do it at ten Mil. I think that's where they're gonNA come into the Middle Browns I think they're gonNA hit a ten million dollar payday form. And then they hide fighter pay to data's even. Either that say that they like that you know the. Fighters Dan, write they hide I mean we'll never actually no I think the season got. Three hundred k. like that was his. Contract three hundred kfi in standard cormier when the best everybody said my fighting for three hundred K now. Definitely not. John Jones DC's probably making a million of fight. So John Jones I think he can probably get a five seven million dollar deal for the guy who fight. But it has to be the interim heavyweight belt it has to be. You know I've never understood. We're GONNA talk and money here. We're kind of Walt. This is the Wall Street Journal edition of Sitting Ringside. Speaking of money. I never understood how they'd never pay those guys more than a million dollars. Because realistically they're generating. They're generating. pay-per-view numbers. Like mayweather pay per view I mean, they're probably neck and neck on pay per view buys with mayweather pay per view. And you mean to tell me, floyd can take home a hundred million dollars in one night. In still pay his still pay his opponent twenty million. Fifty million and still pay everybody underneath him. Like the Kilmainham in all the all the pre fights. Damned some of them get into million of them not but none of them getting. You know twenty, five, thousand, one, hundred, thousand they're all polite scratch in that five, five, hundred, thousand plus the people under nate. And so I'm like, why can't? They do that. You know what I mean but word. Union. Yet, because we know connor changed the game when he came in and did what he did his rise to fame in him becoming the biggest draw he changed it up. You got a million dollars back in the day. Your name was probably Dart. saint-pierre and there's nobody else. Yeah I mean it's it's just sad if that happens that way because you got these guys that fight all their life to make it to that moment in the me, they're not reaping the benefits of the fruits of their labor as as well as they should be. A lego out it unless they go to some of these other. You know. Owners I take like brave who take care of their fighters. You, know they. They get that. They understand that. So that's that's. But. What what what me about that part is everyone only wants to mention you see as being the greatest now dr not. Somehow. nope. That's The Wall Street Journal edition entering not not in this day and age of how the. Mason has grown worldwide? especially. Now that that brave is the number one international. Promotion who takes care of their fighters. Even even when there's no events, they still take care their fighters absolutely absolutely home. So that tells you right there. The difference between an organization president and everybody under that umbrella. How they feel about their fighters. And what really means but what what is? Meaningful to them is the money or the fighters. So, brave sees sees the company as a as a company as an organization where they'd have to take care of their fighters because without the fighters, there's no brand. Yeah. So they. Are The show both short stories Yup. A brave fighter and he even mentioned. He sees the difference between how much takes care of him and his fighters. To how USC took care of him and the fighters and the staff or you know his his Coach in you know everybody else's Cornerman. That'll. That's fine. I just I love brave that because of that because of the mingles they have and they bring to the table. Yeah. Don't we have Carlos creamer talked so highly of them. And you know. His his biased but. He's wearing the he's been he's been. In this Buried longtime time. Just doesn't commentate breathe he knows smash global he doesn't epic fighting out in California. I believe some other ones so you know for him to seed what he said about brave I mean that just says a lot. And you can. You can tell another thing about the organization. By the way the people that talk about it. After they're doing. EV- everybody talks about it was you a paycheck But. When you hear you hear a lot of discomfort from a lot of fighters when they leave, you have seen I always tell people no disrespect to the UFC. But always tell people you have seen as the best in the United States. That's where I draw. You main because they're not granted their globe around the world watches from here. You know what I mean but like like you said best in the global is is brave. And like I said, but like I said, let's take care of them and like you said, they know without fighters, there's no shows. To at the moment, the way the USC is putting on these shows that they pack on the way they did the three event deal in Jacksonville in a white admitted there. Out A lot of money but these shows on. You know what I mean. So like it's like a gamble like we're talking about Dana White in the early days of the AFC with Pitas, they put a lot of money out there. They didn't make money for four five years in the game. So right now, they're just trying to be consistent trying to be back on. On and get to these big shows. Could I think they've yet to put on a really big show, and if this fight island thing is planned to do that I mean they've been booking fights every other day. But. Now out articles, fresh articles about matchmaking upon the outright might be putting out right now. You know. So there's fights happening the you've seen on pace like they're they're back by Dana said so but the plan for the big fights i. mean I know Rudy, you're down in Texas I heard Texas fifty percent in stadiums so. Half of Texas stadium with the McGregor to who might be you know that that's going to happen. I think eventually if if a Dana why decides Texas might be the spot you know what I mean. And you know. The SPA with realistically be. If. You take like the Houston Texans Stadium. Texas stadium down there where the cowboys are the Texans play. Those those stadiums alone one hundred plus thousand people so that. You in that's not that's hundred thousand in football. That you can fit fanzine. So that means that's not count, and there's not as many. There's maybe a hundred people out on the field. Taken back by close to two hundred close around the to fifty range on the film. you're looking at two hundred fifty. Jews there on the field, and then you take something like that input. At capacity when I went to Texas stadium I went to I went to the very first game at the new stadium and they set the record for most people in an. ETIQUETTE ETA NFL game with like one, hundred, twenty, four, thousand people. Hundred Twenty four thousand people. So you take something like that and you could probably if you put it UFC fighter the fifty yard line and Smack Dab in the middle you put the cage there you're fitting another probably three thousand people on on the field. That you're sitting you're sitting at a thousand, five hundred people and I guarantee you just go to show people would feel at the rest of that stadium. The rest of those big old jumbotrons lower down like they did for wrestlemainia lower those lower those. Screens down and run it people people would pay for. In another thing is you you wouldn't have to charge as much and I guarantee still generate more money because. Because, you'll fit more people. In A. Seventy thousand now, person arena because when you knock out the, you're going to add people too. So we're going to roughly say. Sixty five thousand people what's going to be in there in the Louis spacing apart, people would be would do it in sixty thousands of way more than they would generate sitting in Vegas. Yeah. 'cause yet the T mobile center I mean I, think it's like twenty five thousand twenty six. When I heard about that the governor announcing that they're allowing the fifty cent stadium I instantly thought big time fight Texas stadium or. In but if it's going to happen, it's going to be the. USC returning to a live event with fans. More than likely it's going to be Texas and last time they're they're they're pretty judging. People were criticized the commission, but it's going to get the back to advance having fans absolutely and the timetable is there. They got the fight island deal for next month in July. So maybe take place after that in. August. Maybe she gets a whole lot better than you're. Absolutely. Absolutely like I said we're. Were can you be at half capacity with that many people know you gotta get? Right on. So let's go ahead and welcome our guest. Ray Flora's. How's it going, brother? Ray. Could he can hear this? Well we can't see him. For some reason, he might be trying to. Figure that up I, Dunno. callback. You talking. Get been making the rounds on a couple of shows I've seen lately soak. He's been in the game for awhile and up talking boxing returning to mgm grand to as well. I'm sure that's a big plus in the boxing world in our low you know that in. Your to get him on and get his take on that because not only is Emma may have been back. Can We? Get back in the mix. We haven't found table on that as well. Absolutely. And you know I was going to mention David since you mentioned the Apex Center. You know. No matter what I want to give to the even though we kinda bash on them but. The are bringing enemy back. They are doing actually they're doing really really well. I love the way they're doing it at the centre with the interviews. Policy Yemen where the fighters are going to the interview section with the backdrop you know. Like doing the media scrum like dude old school outback. It too 'cause like. Yeah you get an interview sometimes Michael Bisbee steps in their interviews to three fighters throughout the night that this time around DC interviewing from top to bottom of the card, and it was cool to hear each fighter fresh off battle. You know fresh off a big win on the big stage either making their debut. On I mean I mean the fights were fucking killer like I enjoy this card I mean he ferguson I really enjoyed the first hard but this one I really really enjoyed pop the bottom. It's it's pretty bad, ass I. Just I love the way they're doing it man doing doing well, like I said, they're bringing back events. You know exactly what the fans want. All right. There we go. With Audrey. What's up guys how are you? Pretty good brother. The shows now? It's a pleasure. Join you guys. Yes. Sir Well, Ray we know who you are, but if you can tell the fans out there who you are. And who you compensate for and and tell us a little bit about how you started a compensating for these big promotions. So I worked for premier boxing champions. play by play commentator, a ring announcer for F s one, a showtime, a call, all the international law, the fights that are on Big Fox in on a review for premier boxing champions I do all the pay per views for them the international audience, a host press conferences for td promotions and. Do a lot of work for P. B.. C.. Also, very fortunate to be living here in southern California been involved in combat sports half my life I've worked for ARDY PALOLO is one of the guys that gave me my one of my first big breaks with banner promotions. He was promoted resent providing Bokov actually was fortunate to make my debut when it prevented called fought Lucas t say back in April of twenty. Fifteen. Work for golden boy promotions back in the day back in twenty eleven twenty, twelve and twenty thirteen I was. Filled in for Jomaa Tina's on their solo book sales series transition over to F s one, and then for to to do a lot of mayweather mayweather undercard. The highlight of my career has been to be a part of a mayweather McGregor tour. Get four cities in four days hosted the the press conference in London did all the in arena stuff for the entire tour on a been involved in the sport animation boxing half my life, a matchmaker when I was twenty years old northwest Indiana a worked with I don't know if you guys know Miguel Tortoise is the reason why I am where I am because you know he's from me Chicago Indiana my hometown and he started fighting locally. So I started follow him around and call in his fights for public access. TV In that bill to me meeting all these promoters M May. May Start off in the business I emma got into boxing. Then the rest is been history ever since in been with premier boxing champions coming up next month for the past five years. So it's been a wonderful journey and very thankful and blessed for all the opportunities I've been given. Awesome. Awesome. Now I remember. Back in two thousand fifteen when I was living in Houston. I waited covered my very first boxing event, which was Deacon Illovo over Kirkland. Fight. Verger voice I was like. That's Ray. So then took a picture of of you on the jumbotron bad. Yeah. Texas texting house like I see you bro and you're like, wait a minute. What are you? Ha. You're like. Get those messages late at night like two in the morning. Asser. Man. Just, to give you I, don't know you know Robert a quick story guys is that that day in Houston we started the fight at I think like eleven thirty in the morning because the car so long and it. And this was after this was one week after mayweather. Pacquiao. So, there was only one five in the HBO show. So I did everything before Cannella in Kirkland. So Michael comes in does one fight I'm there from like eleven forty five and my lab I went from eleven forty five in the morning to nine o'clock at night I literally didn't even have time to really have a break for like or lunch or anything along those. It was like if I had a five minute break, I'd put something. Eat something quickly and then right back out there and I mean it was that was a marathon of a car guy. So when it's it's funny that we see people like. You know what? Along card? It's five or six hours online. Bro, you. Know Y geo. Parties. Forty five in the morning till past nine o'clock man like I didn't get to my hotel until midnight that day. I remember. You invited me to go to the restaurant. Backing. Meet a vendor and who else was yeah we'll buy I. Had I had dinner with Bernard? Bernard I had become. You know very familiar with each other because I really had a nice lengthy discussion among prior because they were doing a say and provide Makovsky not say was the golden boy providing cough was with banner in Bernard. I. Had a time when we spend a few days talking and. Learning about the game from Bernard in I was asking you I'm like bro You know if you WANNA come on and we're GonNa have dinner and then You know that was that was a lot of fun in quickly. I'm walking to dinner to go I literally dropped off my stuff. My Room came back down I'm walking out of the out of the elevator lamp please. Walk in with his wife, he stops the elevator and he goes, Hey, he goes on water. Tell you that my wife enjoys ring announcing and I respect you work and for me Lampley is the greatest boxing announcer ever idea. He's the greatest sportscaster of all time and win Lampley told me that I started freaking out like I played on but in my I'm like Jim Lampley. Respects my work like holy crap man like this is nuts. ECONO- ruined my my question. I was going to ask you like what? You know being in the business as long as you've been, what is like Have you ever been starstruck? Have you ever had a moment and I I? Think he just kinda summed it up right there. Was Awesome. Any Lampley to me is the kind of guy that is. He is he's very poetic on the Mike and call in a fight and in giving you the information number one is vocabulary is is through the roof way that he articulates his point and I think that him and Larry Merchant were like that was like the summer all in Matt in of boxing. Verge merchant like he said a merchant so well and merchant would. Up with this like this historical facts and be like Morales back when the spartans were met by the Romans in invaders and stuff like that, and I'm like, this is nuts but tate sense when you think about it, but I mean those are it's one of those moments guys is working with with that also quickly to further your answer, the answer on your question is when we were doing mayweather McGregor I, don't know if you guys remember Jim Hill who was the host of sat pay per view back in the day for showtime. So Jim Hill is sportscaster here in Los. Angeles were in the back after the tour after we're done with the first leg of the tour he comes over he goes hey, goes you know I'm Jim Hill this that, and I wanted to be like, yeah, I know you are he goes hey, great job out there and stuff like that. I'm like I grew up watching this guy on a pay per view when I was four years old when Chavez fought. Camacho. Back in like ninety two and this guy's like he watched me work in me perform and it was just like to get that love from like a cat that I've. Mired in up to a mean, it don't get no better than that. That's got to be the best in the world man. Those guys those guys are the greatest that that's. That's what I love about. Boxing his hearing their voices man and they'd always cut cut away to Letterman Exactly, it's like it's like now you know the after the. Break the tape. Now, they'd go to the rules. Betterment I mean that's another guy who I I've become good friends with the his daughter Julie Lederman is is a judge and she dates a friend of mine in Max. DELUCA. WHO's another judge? California so I mean, it's crazy box full circle guys. In you know speaking of the announcing the thing I, love about merchant in that crew of HBO was they were very much almost like a last of a dying breed of announcers can paint the picture if you listen to it on. Radio. You could you could just listen to them in fill in know what was going on with what was with the action like they didn't miss a beat. Will in see that's what the younger generation like me like I I grew up listening to Lampley and merchant also Steve Albert, with thirty per chaco like were spoiled as boxing fans guy. So as as I am now giving that opportunity to call these big events like for me, there is nothing better than a big fight either on HBO or showtime, but they're very. Different stylistically but Lampley to mean would tell you you know from the MGM grand or from your in laws the city is buzzing alive and me being even a little kid of twelve or thirteen years old like I'm like man I can't wait to get Vegas to be out of that and that energy and that electricity and I mean guys, there is nothing better them. As a better job of, but there is nothing better to me in the prefight pageantry for a big price fight in box. Oh. Yeah. Because you feel that it's like when that combing events happening and you're watching your like especially in Vegas guys like I. Love All cities. But man, there's something special about Vegas and you get that comb event in the Star Star. Coming out in sitting in their seats and it's like and you have like people decked out women down gowns and the guys are like. On point with their suits or there, it's just a different level and then when they start making that ring walk and the anthems happened, it's like grow. Let me a little spit of Spanish but or via. Man. Off. Roberto we gotTA HOOK HIM UP with Steve Roscoe man because his visual MMA is. He summed it up. That's exactly the pageantry boxing. That's what Steve Wants to put in MMA and man that'd be awesome did. Now what we know. Al I'm a little older than you. So. What I love. Is the Mega MSG. That's that's what I love. Seeing. The Stars Rollout because New York City you mean still old school the whole. I feel everything he said, but Mike goes to. The East as. I look and I bid these code like msel is there for a for a cupboard Koto in Martinez at MSG FOR ESPN DOT com in and it's like and it's unfair for it. So sad guys what happened Jimmy Glenn the owner of Jimmy's corner of that I don't know if you guys have been to that unbelievable small boxing bar right in the heart at times square but it was like it was a thing of It's a right. Of passage the night before big fight in at Msg we all go or people all go to Jimmy's corner. So I went with Kieran Mulvaney Brian Campbell, and we were all there in Jimmy Glenn came out I've I've been fortunate to get to know his is his nephew that's running the place but that's a right of passage. But as much as I love like I'm Barclays Center, Guy, because that's where a lot of the big PBC fights have happened. I am Adler for both but man when people are walking through the Casino in Las Vegas all. These specific guys, the grand. Gardner, Rita to me I like t mobile a lot but it reminds me like any big basketball arena, the country, the grand garden arena with the seats and you gotTa go through the Casino in how there's only one or two entrances. There is no celebrity entrance guys at the Grand Garden arena that I know of. So all the. Stars kind of have to go through the main entrance like everybody else in the on on the main level are on the first floor and it's just like man you just feel that in I. Love The staff is great there. There's not a bad seat in the housing man I, just I I can't wait to see fans back in the arena for fights. Louis name either. Really. You got me excited just the way you're talking overweight I. WanNa see boxing I want. You know it's one thing guys. I'll beyond a quick stories at I win corona virus started and we had to start to stay home. What I started to do is a Mike Okay I'm going to watch a big fight day. So I was like tell my girlfriend I was like I'm GonNa, watch a big fighter day in in sort of keep you know sharpen this and that now I'm like maybe one or two fights a week I'll tell you why it's because now it makes I'm kind of getting depressed because unlike man I I can't stand watching every day because it's a reminder of what? I'm missing out on and we're GONNA get boxing back. Hopefully, you know PBC comes back in July or August outbreaks come back next week but each is it was just like a reminder of how much I miss this end especially at that high level like that network level that pay review level like when you get a big pay per view guys I mean you know it you feel it I get friends a mind like a typical morning at the mgm for me like it's like eight, eight thirty in the morning I'll go get a cup of coffee. Get some breakfast. Got To do what I ask. You just feel that Baas man like man it is fight date the Chinese shining in Vegas and it's like it's like eleven thirty in the morning and people were kind of grabbing their the t shirts in the posters but I'm like in the next six to seven hours, this place is going to be packed. People are GonNa be excited, and then tonight after the fight I, mean people are going to be parting people and be like. Well, what did you see? What did you do? It's all long in the body community guys I mean that's that's what I miss like the whole process. You know I've only felt that one time going through. Vegas. And I was invited to bleed for this premiere at the poems Nice. In A. Red Carpet 'cause I I know Vinnie me in vinegar friends and I'm really your friends with this lady. So we I feel what you're saying when you say like people just come in and you're an evening gowns or ause are. It's just the electric the that brings you know, and you just feel it and you're you're right about the about the box community band. It's real tight knit group man. Like I love having educated boxing discussion with people because I trained people I I gotTA named Health Program that I do right now that I drank kids with I'm hoping to be A. Put in as today I put in for the. United States, Marine Corps boxing coach. Oh that's great. We'll good luck on there. That's fantastic. Thank you. But yeah. So that's what we're looking at me and look I I know what you feel about that electricity. It's just it's just something about Vegas I. You know. Come on. Big Yoga myself as just like you know it in there. I. Mean I get that that really fuzzy feeling everywhere. But Ashley to me like the Grand Garden in for me now because you know this is my whole Mariam Staples Center because the stars come out man and say, this is Hollywood this is. You're going to see and being there for wilder fury number one at the staple center in to see what that crowd did. You know to be there for Santa. Cruz in Mar one you know there's so many great memories that I have of being a part of events there. But like the not the more of a fight, your life as a do or as anybody but you're like man I gotTa might succeed Oh on point my hair's gotta be on. What am I what I'm going to show out with my shoes in you know this and that and and then go in there and you're fired up and I'm like this is this is what you live for man like this and I'm talking to trainers and coaches. Talk. That's what's beautiful about our sport about combat sports compared to any other sports you could be walking through the casino and see someone like J. D.'s Salo or maybe talk to him for a minute and a half. But are you GonNa go talk to Doc rivers the morning of the Eastern Conference Finals as he's getting ready. Coach. Knew. That's what I love about that. That's what I love about our sport is that the accessibility to fans to media to to trainers it's like we are really a fraternity avenge looks out for everybody. What was your favorite? By, you've ever covered I know there's got to be worn that. I mean there there are a lot of them I mean there are a lot of them. So a say two of them. First of all and I mentioned it was provided cough Matisse say your bell does. I mean, these guys pete the hell out of each other I mean it was absolute savagery that we are watching a city next to Jim Boone from Keio tickets. I. Don't know if you guys note Jim Boone familiar with him. You know he He does a wonderful job of providing a fight tickets to fans you know through through his agency. So you know if you're looking for tickets to the big fight and they're sold out through the casinos you. Know, my Guy Kale tickets to fans go through. But we're sitting there and it was just what they were doing to each other. You knew that providing cough is never going to be the. You'll know Matisse was never gonNa be the same also wilder fury one at staples. Center I called both of them while they're fury one end too. But I called wilder fury one by myself and be able to call tire pay per view, but then to see that prior to. This. Last fight that because it was on showtime Espn Fox, took my call to televise it. You know before the second fight. So that meant a lot to me that I fight in Los Angeles in you know heavyweight championship of the world you know in the entertainment capital of the world I mean it's hard to get any better than that but yeah I mean you know provide cough not say indefinitely while the fury more Always be. Kaufman you knew you were going to show if he bought. Like I to the guy, he only knew how to fight one way and one would typically typically I'm gonNA eat three or four punches and then delivered two or three thuds your way. So I mean that guy was the Russian Arturo Gatty. Absolutely what he was able to do in people say what? He was a brawler he gave awarded Timothy Bradley. Lettuce let's not forget. He was a world champion guys nip. He was a world champion at one time. He was the Brawler, but he was world champion. Timothy Bradley was never the same after their fight now. Bradley. Bradley. Completely had to change the way he did. You know looting. In blood a week after. When you watched the interview on Hbo Afterwards where he talks about, he's had slurred speech for three months. He had since I. Mean, I don't think I ever stepped back. You know. I'd be like man, I'm good after the. If I'm still punchdrunk three months later. I have that dog in. Way It's different levels. Is. They talk about guys there different levels to this game. It's like, what are you willing to go through a me? I think one of the most apropos statements was and I think it was just yesterday that was the four yard diversity of his pass in the greatest of all time. Muhammad Ali. Ali Seventy Years Fighting Frazier, and he goes I've never been I've never ever been on the brink of death until I fought Joe Frazier like listen to that that that statement is it's it's scary but it's also such a like I admire that statement because of what these guys are willing to risk as the price fighters and that's just not Ali feel there several other fighters that are along those same lines as well. Absolutely. Right. Guard bread Dave Rodriguez appreciate you making time beyond the show. This show wouldn't be called sitting ringside with having people like you join us and your experiences I definitely feel you I appreciate the everything you've done for the sport of. New in having you on the show very much appreciate. But I gotta ask you you've levered big time fights. You've been sitting ringside. You've paid your way into UFC one hundred, which is one of the biggest events of the USC and. When twenty four you gotta? Know about those experiences man I mean look UFC one hundred was so so the way that like. I've been around, you know combat sports, half my life so as When when you have seen ninety and I'm going to go back ten USC's real quickly when you have, he was getting ready to come to Chicago a fight news, which is still in existence someone reach out to me or I reached out to fight is being, Hey, you know do you need to cover you know the press conferences and this and that they're like Yeah Yeah No problem. So I got general to see ninety and wrote the prefight stuff, the post fight stuff, and then you know what I made I became friendly with the people at the you have C. Diana. Breezy Arolla who's now moved on what she's doing now but she was very good to me along with Jennifer weighing who is the head of PR as Dana's right hand. Ersan. Reach out to them. I'm like guys like. Hundreds. Coming out. Can I I work for local access station in e Chicago Indiana, a public access TV and I'm like, Yo. You know. Can I cover it this and that and then I'm like, yeah. Yeah. Come on no problem this nat-. So I had a camera guy we paid our hotel our flight. Our expenses. But the whole thing is that when people ask me they go you know how do I get started in this? I'm like. Well, it's like being an independent pro wrestler. You have to pay your dues like guys like I put some of these trips and I win I'm like all right. You know I'm going to have this is my vacation. Money I'm not going to spring break in college. I'm going to go cover you have see one hundred, and that's what I did I interviewed Dan Henderson interviewed Hoist Gracie and it's interviewing all these legends in and not only interviewing them but learning from them, hearing their knowledge and talk with different trainers in during the press conference, Miguel Torres, and frank. Mir. Were, real tight because Miguel tours was in the WEC rang me missing the UFC. So they were I think they were under the same management. So I'm walking through the lobby of the Mandalay Bay and I go to Frank. Hey, frank introduce myself. He goes all I. Know You know you Miguel Torres his friend he goes. What are you doing tonight this? is on Thursday. He's fine brock listener at you have one hundred in the main event on that Saturday I'm like, what are you doing later? I'm like we'll hanging out. He goes he goes. Here's the number you used the address to the gym I'm going to be train at if you WANNA come watch me train you know come through some like Yopougon Absence To. Why guys I saw frank. Mir training getting ready for brock listener. Miguel tour was in there. You know doing his thing Kenny Florian before his fight with Bj Penn you know all these guys have fights and they're all in the gym working. In their respective corners but the all came together trained at the same time looking out for each other and I'm sitting there like are you kidding me I did like Like like as fanned camp but I wasn't as a fan but I was I was taking notes paying attention, and then you have C. One, twenty, nine happened in Toronto I. You know the same thing you know I paid my way to go to Toronto paid for my flight. My Hotel got through customs cover that whole of Bentham, you know the the UFC fan expo the that was going on interview different guys you. Know that was I interviewed Tompkins the late Great Shawn Tompkins I. Don't know if you guys remember we was excellent trainer with Chris Hordes Desk and mark comedy you know really put Canadian Ma on the map and I interviewed him before he was getting ready to corner his guy in fighting. Josie. Aldo in front of sixty thousand people. So I mean it was things like that that I knew I had to do because it was It's like you've gotta Pay Your dues. How can you be ready to fight at the MGM grand if you haven't thought in a small ball ballroom in the middle of Nowhere Ville in the world in front of two or three, hundred people, you can't do twenty thousand people if you haven't done that to three hundred seat arenas. Da Da that I love to hear that played out because I mean you from that to you covering you know like you said, Mayweather McGregor like you've accomplished so much and I mean starting from the end like that's how it works exactly like the path you gotta pay for yourself in you've done a hell of a job doing that making it to the top. So love hearing about that. That's why I was like well, you had to pay your dues and You know knowing that that's where the starting point happen in. You made it to where you are. That's hard work and that's what it takes. Appreciated Dave you know there's still a lot more to accomplish in go through and everything else and you know it's a work in progress but I can't wait for these fights to to come back because you know I am Ansi. Ansi. I'm ready to go and I think a lot of fighters are ready to go and Hopefully in the fall. We can get fans back in the arenas guys. So that's that's the most important thing being safe but also haven't fans back in the arenas. My other qualities sorry Yeah. Manny Patio offer how soon do we say that by a guys it's interesting because the talks have picked up in that regard. So I I was of the mindset in that it's getting more traction but I was of the mindset that it seemed like we were GonNa get like this kind of quasi well to a tournament. The sense that you're hearing spence is GonNa Fight Danny Garcia. So who was GONNA fight package. So I thought he would you know pack? Unified potentially. Daddy. Garcia maybe a rematch with Keith. Thurman. But after it's like Garcia in Spence. All right. It's going to be pack Yell Against Maybe mikey Garcia or angry match with Keith Thurman. So that's what I was thinking and this week this new started coming out about in Crawford what I will say is is I don't think it's far off saying this but I think that the talks have I don't know if even talks have happened but. It, it helped out wilder fewer to helped out that discussion because top rank and PBC worked so well together and I was in the middle of all that. So I think that both sides now are willing to say, okay, we can make these cross promotional fights. Happy. We don't have to wait for wilder fury three to maybe have another one before that. Now I don't know, and again this might be is might be posturing. You don't know if if certain fighters like a Thurman or Garcia asking for too much or if they don't want on a certain date or pack, yell wants to fight. Crawford because he feels it's better for his style of there's so many things that we have to consider in. It's just that's the thing I. Don't know if it'll happen. I know I'm hoping that pack inside the ring and you know at the end of you know by the end of the year because manny pack is a living legend I don't think we have many more fights to see him perform at this level. We will never ever see another many pack Yup and I want to see him fight. You know another couple of times but I said this under another show guys in on yours. But I think that many Pacquiao last fight needs to be in the Philippines assuming that this global pandemic is behind us in why I say that is because of what he's done for the Filipino people and when he's done for his society so I want to be able to to be there in to see is home country and for us is boxing fan say thank you. You know. Thank you too many pack y'all for for the entertainment for the sacrifices that he is done because when you want on the street and you mentioned manny pack, the Common Fan knows who you're talking about in. Not. Many fighters and we're starting to get more were more. Guys are GONNA become crossover stars but manny pack is carried boxing on his back for a very, very long time and we allot to him for what he's been able to do. So I am on a camp campaign guys to see if we can have many pack y'alls last fight in the Philippines hundred thousand people as to save manny. Thank you for what you've done and I think it would be beautiful for the entire world to see the Filipino. People come out and support their very own self. That's what I'm hoping for guys awesome. Yeah. It would be awesome just like how you said it ray. It would be a an honored for us to be able to watch. But at the greatest of all time that you know that we can say he's the greatest of all time in many pack you're finding in his home country. Win Or. Lose. It doesn't matter but he's he's going to retire. It'll be his last fight in his home country in front of his fans his family and patriotism is people man that's the biggest thing Everything that he's done for his people. No, I think that would be a huge honor for him and for everybody that's watching to to just be able to witness something like that. You know I I can't imagine the emotion he would feel just being there you know. At the end right hiring just that's insane. Guys do you remember Real Quick Win Win Arturo Gatty. Thought Alfonso Gomez in Atlantic City on Hbo and that was I. Believe that was Yetis Les Fight. But Win Gaddi. Gaddi lost that fine. But afterwards, the motion the the support from the fans and as you pointed out, win or lose you know. Chip you know for the most part that is a win win situation because in Atlantic City fans were able to to show their emotion in. Go ahead in pay tribute to your hero Gaddi for what Gatty was able to do. For Atlantic, city in combat sports very rarely do you get to go out on a high note but even in the loss Gaddi God rest his soul win out on that high note in front of his fans Yup. Yup. Name that would be if backyard if we actually that plays out, I mean given the global pandemic that we're dealing with. Now I think if times are different what you're looking at ray that that vision I mean it probably would happen and be one of a hell of. A fight boxing, the I mean everybody would come together for that one and manny like you said, forty one, their unique we probably won't ever see anybody. I. Mean even at forty one many pack still the man and he's still down get in there and Crawford maybe he's trying to get in there and get a big win at one forty, seven WanNa toughest divisions and. Many pack UNM I. Mean I WanNa see that five play I wanna see that announce soon. Forty one older something. Hopefully. Not Be. I know right I turned four him maybe. Man Well Forty one in boxing years I mean okay. We can understand that. Not Like A. Legend experienced. Re. From covering enemy to covering boxing. I know you're you're I love was enemy. from the time that you're covering them may what what is your favorite event or your favorite that you? Witnessed or announced Wise yes. So guys I started off as a before. I started off as a boxing fan. So this is for the the you have C. was thing ninety three. So I I. Start Watching Boxing Act in nineteen ninety now is four years old watching Chavez fight Meldrick Taylor. So that's I go back even three years before the you have C. But I got off in the I got I got started in the business of a May I. Before I got boxing was able to bring back you know the the big boxing business, but may wise reme-. A covering it I wouldn't I. It's it's tough because you know you have C. One hundred was was special because it was a it was one hundred anonymously. UFC One thousand, nine because they were you know we're hearing talks just in general society about about movement well in at Yosi One hundred was the enemy movement. Finally gotten the respect it deserved because that week for the first time ever N-. Sportscenter was was had they were on location in Las Vegas for you have see are they were covering you see press conferences on espn of the UFC was finally knowledged by the bigger sports websites not just US hardcore m. a reporters. A Your See, one, twenty nine was a celebration of you know getting almost sixty thousand people inside the Rogers Centre in the passion and the energy and the enthusiasm from the crowd in Toronto it was symbolic because you had a Canadian hero enjoy. Saint Pierre. Really did such an unbelievable job of furthering MMA them. But you also had the vision of Dana White who you know without Dana White obviously the for Titas had the the financial forward thinking and they had the business savvy. But from promoter standpoint, Dana White as is one of the best promoters that we've ever seen combat sports. He had the vision long before you have seen one, twenty, nine happen that I'm going to do a big stadium and people were like you're crazy or crazier. What's the fight? What's the fine did George saint-pierre against Jake Shields now? NO DISRESPECT TO J.J. Because Jake. Is An Unbelievable. Fighter but jake shields doesn't have that. In Rural Appeal. Not at all. Here at that General Appeal and just with that alone a almost sixty thousand people so It was but it was a celebration of like man like one hundred is the United States knows who we are and here we are the Mandalay Bay twelve thousand people go crazy. You have see one, twenty, nine, kicked it up a couple. Notches has this. Day We. Most we. Pretty. Much filled the football stay. Em. To why? A chill fight. That hadn't happened in also in boxing in a very. I'll survey then Marta. Book. What'd did you get so quite David. Now there. Yeah I can I can hear you think our guest that knows. He's doing callback. Really. Rich in India. See Twenty nine fellas like that. Also was the night. Jose. Aldo made his debut in the AFC against Martin. And the transition period of you know, WC, to the scene a couple superstars really make their statement on the anime world. So yeah, and it's Kinda yet to be done again because the only time we ever seen it again was highly home against Rasi, which is a bigger crowd different. You know I mean. Seating wise. It wasn't really like super visually appealing, but I mean. Like. You said, you know Ronda Rousey vs holly whom I mean. That was like the biggest talk of the town I mean everybody wanted to see that fight because they wanted to see it holly who can do What she says, she said she was going to do and he proved everybody wrong. Yet and I even talked with Arlo the other day personal conversation. I said at the time when it happened, I think I was doing ESPN radio segments you know about that rob to in. I think we did it and we took calls and people. In Albuquerque we're really questioning Bali homes ability to go in there and take Rasi out where we me and Henry. t else my mentor might. The, and we we said, yeah, that's going to be good. Kick heard round the world in. What happens when you? Man Hung. Up. Try. Try. Get Really. Technical. Difficulties. But. Activity, like he mentioned one hundred, I mean everybody remembers USC one hundred one of the best events to ever delivered in put the. UFC on the mainstream but the one, twenty, nine card, I mean Jesus was just an amazing I mean that's is really takes me back I mean it's like a ten it goes back ten years I think was twenty ten I happened so array as you rejoin us that. Like I said all along the lines of Jake shields DSP town Robin Rudy on the Undercard, we've seen a real a legendary Jose. Aldo made his debut in the AFC. I, mean at that was really a car. You've been their cars on the enemy side and in boxing that is super legendary. So like it's awesome that you've you, you're there I mean sitting ringside covering it like I said you had to pay your way into twenty nine and. A few. Experience, bring up Josie. Although. You bring up Josie Aldo I was in I. Don't know if you guys remember when rampage fought machida in Detroit that's another one. Then I was Chicago at the time. So my buddy and we drove up I did a radio show in. CHICAGO WE DROVE UP TO DETROIT and dot they're just in time to see the bell presentation of Dana White giving you know the the one. Hundred forty thousand pie or the featherweight title to Josie Aldo. So that was a significant moment. So I saw all be given the title in that was when you have seen got murder, the WC merged with the UFC. So that was they were making that transition because I also covered WC events as well like Miguel Torres got knocked up by Brian. Bowles when Torres fought to km. Gawky. The so many fantastic cards that you know Ricardo Lamas started off in the WAC. Sarojini I mean at the pet is I mean those cats have been around for a long time and you know it was great to see that zoo for bought the WAC emergency in the UFC. That's what we've mentioned in the the time we're the. Hadn't happened other than Ronda Rousey were championed moved from the BBC to the AFC without a a match up happening in happened to be the mark where people probably remember that fi because of the markovics face. But A, that's really Jose although on the scene and end up people knew the legend is Jose Aldo. So very cool time period it was a big transition in You know like you said, UFC one hundred day covered. So yeah, these events that you've been a part of I mean like I said, we wouldn't this show wouldn't be sitting ringside with having a guests like you in the experiences in you know your mark on the game MMA and boxing? I appreciate it quickly, guys like I don't know I haven't been. You've seen a while because you know doing my boxing stuff but do they still play you know the WHO in babble Riley in the arena beforehand and stuff like that. Do they still do that or is that now a thing of the past? Pretty sure fast. that. Such a bummer because you guys remember like I'm an old school head like before when the prelims were going on as they're getting ready to go to main card if they had a couple of minutes to spare, they play a cool music video of with the WHO and Babbo, Riley and they pat him all these significant and historic. You have see moments and the last minute of when they're with the violins, they're showing Bonner Griffin which I think is the greatest MMA fight ever if put it on put the US? Stratosphere. But the last minute that music video these showed that the highlights of that fight and then you got ready for the main card in the came out with face the pain by stabbing and doing. I love that. was like. That was insane like even as a media member, you're ready to run through a one like. This and It's been a while a long while it's been a it's been a minute since they've done that and they don't even the face opinion saw. Man Or you know what I noticed that back during quarantine. So you know I was watching the paper now where does the pain go? I know where's the Gladiator Guy Man? Kind of dark it was in Everythi now job. Yeah no I think after the the you've got bought out with this new company. I believe that's the bell that stock They brought him to one night. It was like an nostalgic. For their for their anniversary. That that's what it was. They brought all those research last time they did it but before that, it had been a while. As he that was that was all the process man like being in Toronto and and hearing that things go when they went to that main card Cardi was like you felt it was almost marrying kind of symbolic and deatrich to like how the wwe does pay per views. It's like you felt like they they made the crowd pop we were supposed to. So I don't know that's what I like about boxing is that before the main event you get all the prefect pageantry and everything else. So you know I'm an old school guy though guys. Now. I know you you've covered the Florida and Connor. events or the the the the world tour yeah. We're all that. Being you found out that they were gonNA fight each other. What was your first reaction? Your I thought can you that Conor McGregor was coming tottered? Did it I was like he didn't eat actually did it like he made the FI, become a reality and Like floyd is such genius when it comes to his business but I'm like I can't believe like 'cause I was even getting ask questions six months before they're like, do you think it'll happen? I'm like. I'm like it'll happen if floyd wants at the happen in I, thought. Floyd is going to entertain this stuff like that, and then I started here more rumblings about it, Mike? Maybe, but now like screwed. Too. Good to be true to the best talkers that we've ever seen two of the most popular fighters that we've ever seen a partnership between you know mayweather promotions in the of M.. Mike two different networks now a, and then when when I find when when Floyd Mayweather was interviewed by Jim Gray or by I think it was actually Steve Far Hood. During show box and Floyd said the only way I come out of retirement for boxing is the fight Conor McGregor. and. When I heard that on my. Man Like he's serious light now, just the numbers have to be right and then I think a couple like two months less than two months later, the fight guide announced and then it was like, oh my gosh, like this is insane and guys that whole tour was it was like traveling with as they say back in the day like traveling with the Beatles or rock star or. Star like the rolling stones or or the Bulls of the nineteen nineties in what it felt like an every city you win. The crowd was loud and proud in Pacha, and that's the watch to talk with each other towards each other like that's what was even crazier. Both. Yeah. I wanted to know what your first stop was. When because I knew that you were you were involved in all of this. I was like man I wanted to know what his thought is. It was like he found out he got got the fight card and you've got your Chinnery for the next four days. You. No it's on know when I when I got so. This is back a couple years ago during a a couple of years ago, and you know on on Fourth of July I was actually told that I was on the tour like I heard rumblings like keep it under your hat on like. I hope this. Thing, ever my career and then fourth of July there like you're going to get a car, you're GONNA get a call fourth of July that you was on a Tuesday or Wednesday name. I didn't get a call until that Saturday to officially confirm like they had me locked in but I haven't gotten a call yet and I'm not going to be bugging people because the last thing they need to be worried about trying to four cities in four days me. So I'm like, okay keep patient patient I got that call and they sent me my flight stuff. It was like I got the call Saturday lot on Monday we started in La Tuesday Brooklyn Wednesday or Brooklyn was We started off in La on Tuesday Toronto, Wednesday, Brooklyn Thursday and then London on Friday, and then we had a fight in Nassau, coliseum on that Saturday. So it was wild guys but I was like you we go man, this is going to be unbelievable. It was something I'll never forget for the rest of my life. Style. I couldn't believe it was just. A one the only time I've been able to do this is just to give you guys some behind the scenes stuff. So this is after La on Tuesday and like everyone you know they were all the staff showtime all these other different people and I had to call up the travel agent on my hey, I'm like you know what time is my flight to Toronto you know what American Airlines Delta you know you know I I gotta get to Canada you know what I'm saying. Like. Meet downstairs in in the lobby of of the the Marriott next the staple center there like with the team being with the man you know they were furthest tour they had jet sponsorship. So you know it was a one for floyd in his people one for Connor, his people, and then a staff, the staff was on another one. So I was fortunate to be on that third one in I get on there. I'm. Like whoa Mike this is crazy like I've never flown private like this in my life like this is this is next level stuff you know what I'm saying like I'm they're trying to be all quiet and I'm like observing and seeing Leonard Alabi who's always been we've been such a great dear friend of mine from the promotions a CEO The company, and he's like Ray, how're you doing this? I'm just kind of like, Hey, this. Man. Style. Man. Get it is. So it was a lot of fun. That's bad. Ass Man. I love it. I love stories like this man I've liked all of his stories man every every person that he's named has been a staple, my childhood I grew up. Loving Bernard Hopkins Larry Merchant Dave Letterman I, mean all those guys man I'm old school I started off watching the Hagler vs earns sugary Leonard I remember getting tergence Fried Chicken Cups for. Marvin. Hagler vs earns. That's crazy. We'll did you ever have a chance to meet George Foreman? I haven't I haven't met four men but a as a college student I did purchase one of his grills. But. You you brought up sugary letter though an. APP Mayor Mayor Mcgregor I was the translator for the Fox portion and before the fights you know I introduced my stuff the sugar ray and we're talking and he was working with Brian? Kenny and and before the fights hey, sugary I'm like you know what do you think about the fights breaking down the you know the you know the Fox portion of the. Card to and he's like, Hey, he goes I like what you what you're saying. He goes you know before before every fight, you know give me your thoughts on the fight April gets ready to start for Mayor Mcgregor I'm going to go take my seat he goes now he goes years I want you to sit here stay next to me the entire time What he's like yeah, he goes. He goes I like the information you giving me stay stay next to me. So before every fight in the pay per view with exceptional may or the McGregor you was like it was like to be was on one of the the pay per view was on the paper and I'm like well to beat he does this. To beat does that because I've been around these guys for a long time and I've done a lot of their fights. So I'm doing this and and it's like sugar. Ray. Leonard is asking my opinion that's for on. On these fights. But I'm GonNa give you a step even further. So they were delays because people were buying the paper that it over flooded the systems to we had to have a break. So during this break, I'm talking to sugar rain I'm like I'm going to ask him some questions that I want to know about Geeky boxing stuff for so. I asked him questions like sugar. What is it like the morning of a big fight like what do you do and he's telling me he's like well, the first thing I do he goes I wake up I go to the bathroom I flip on the light close the door he goes I start shadowboxing in the Mir he goes I started doing that. And I'm asking him a Bob you know fighting hagler fighting. Duran. All these this that I'm like I can't believe what's going on right now. This is one of the greatest fighters of all time and he's willing to talk to me about when he fought Marvin Hagler or when you thought Duran or when he saw Tommy hearns and he's wave into his daughter and he's like, Hey, waived my daughter Mike your sugar sugary Leonard. And we're talking Hagler in. and. We're talking it was unbelievable man and just I was just being nice talking about the prelims guys to him and and he's giving me all this unbelievable information like. You're a fan buoying you know. It's One of those things that I. Like I'm not I'm not one of those people like I. Say this I'm a fight fan I. I'm going to be professional at all times and everything else. But like as I look at it now. Yeah. I fan boy out because it's like I was literally given so much knowledge in information about what goes through the mind of prizefighter not just sugar ray Leonard laymon brewster, who's one of my near and dear friends who have met through PBC when he was a champion in the world and he knocked out Andrew Golota Adam and I asked him I'm like Yo I'm like, what was it like making that walk in Chicago when you had twenty thousand Polish people against you and what was going through your mind and he told me That one of the people spit on him and he goes if pissed off even more ray, he goes I was I was mad before I was even more furious and but those are the questions that that I want to ask price because prize fighters to me more than any other athlete off on the planet no disrespect to them. But they're the greatest athletes on the planet because when they stepped inside that ring, they are risking it's life or death than they are essentially partaking in they might not be able to walk out of the ring if things don't go their way. So to hear a guy, say that they are the heavyweight champion of the world that says to me and I don't pay atten- at that point, I don't pay attention if you're WB WBO WBZ, IBM gun matter, you're the baddest man in the planet at your way class there is no more intoxicating feeling four a man on the face of God's Green Earth than saying I in the baddest man at one forty seven when it comes to boxing or may like there's nothing better than that guys. Yeah. So Man Ray. that. I wish I can just be in your shoes. event. Or just like next to you be like I'm just GONNA. Follow you you know. I tell my girlfriend this you know quite a you know many many times but it's like I wanna be like I grew up listening to like the old writers like Burke sugars of the world and we mentioned him I WanNa be like that Oh gee like you know still covering fights in and commentating fights at seventy seventy, five years old I. WanNa be in the lobby at the MGM grand the night before the fight my wife and I are going to be having dinner and I'm going to have a cigar maybe. You know with my beverage of choice probably Tito's water with lemon lime and I'm GonNa be revenue seen with the boxing guys with you guys. Probably, we're GONNA be with our wives and everything and we're going to be reminiscent about the old days robotic. You know old fight dates and then looking ahead towards the fight the next day like that's what's beautiful abandon involved in this sport for so long is that. The fighters trainers, the matchmakers are so generous with their time. I had a great conversation with Brad Goodman from top rank is one of the best matchmakers in the business that great conversation with Tom Broadway thinks one of the best matchmakers ever and I. Will be one day being the International Boxing Hall of fame. But I like hearing why they made this fight why they made that fight but man those conversations in Vegas the night before the fight you know and even after the fight off things at that I look forward to with all of you I mean, you know when people are like, Hey, thanks so much for the time and this and that I'm like I'm a then more than you are probably like you know like I wanNA. Talk about this stuff. Yeah man that that's why I keep reaching out. Mac. 'cause I was like I got. We gotTa have ray on the show because I know David and Arlo Rudy's love. You. Watch it. I've been a fan way before we became friends on facebook and You know back in two thousand fifteen. That's when we met and I was like I'm going to reach out and then when we met at you know in Houston and yeah just hearing you commentate and announcing these fights just like it was just surreal you know and then you know plus watching Carmelo knockout correctly and. That was hard. For, me hearing it all the way up in the media Rio. And you being like right there man I'm sure that that knockout was just. It was chilly. Chilly. Kirkland. Okay like. Because I. Assistant Traders Gerald Talker, who is fomer. Stop. Top level amateur in Cincinnati and use one of the trainers for. Kirk. And I looked over at GT in his yoke as he's okay and that's the thing I wanted to make sure that these guys are safe. Or most and but yeah, it was unbelievable to see that to see the crowd come on and you know with the Charles doing what they're doing guys. I, want to get back to Houston I mean I you know we did you know the the arena down there and arena but there's no reason why you know we can't go ahead and do the what they call it the Toyota Center there's no reason why we can't do the Toyota Center for Charles Fight the Jamal Jamal or quite popular and They're always ready to fight whoever's so hopefully, we can do the Toyota Center down in Houston so. That'd be. That would be nice to have them as the main combing. Now that that's the hope. So you know a down there and I love these hometown fights. Man. One Day Thank you so so much for being on the show of man. It was it was awesome. It was a privilege of an honor especially for me being a fan of yours, you know to be able to hang out with us. I mean, that's just a that that means a lot to us so. It's a memorable experience for me man a huge boxing fan. That's my first love. I fell in love with boxing before anything and yeah man you're awesome. Bro You. You've got the charisma of all the all the greats that I watched growing up. So That's off logo why I appreciate it guys in one thing that I'll tell you in Robert all you guys. Thank you so much for the invitation, but I'll tell you this is now I have a very old school in tally in the sense that whenever I come on the air, I do anything on television ring on-scene a play by play hosting in press conferences. I always put myself in the position of if I was a fan at home. So I take great responsibility in preparing immersing myself in the fighters talking with the trainers getting as much information as possible so I can. Tell you the fan at home what is going on in why this is significant and the conversations that I had that I just got like I'll tell you. Hey, I just like I spoke to J. D.'s literally hours before wilder fought fury the second time in I mentioned that on the international telecasts. But I take it with great responsibility when I met these events, guys, I don't look at it as another day at the office. I look added as I am blessed to be here because there are millions of other people who are very talented like yourselves that wish they could be in. My position. So I need to make sure that I am at my best that I have as much knowledge as possible than I am that I have gotten proper rest and nutrition so that I can give you guys the best possible broadcast because Lampley didn't Steve Albert did it merchant? Did it Ferdie Pacheco did it guys sat on our for the younger generation like me and it's not to go ahead like they will forever be themselves and I'm not trying to be Lampley Steve Albert or or any of these guys but I am trying to take the sport even further because they set. Forth, the foundation for people like me they opened up the doors a Bernardo sooner has opened up the doors for people like me so I have to walk through them. So I can allow other doors to be opened for the younger generation. So we can't keep boxing going forward and more into the general conscience of the American public. So I take it with great responsibility and thank you guys for all the support in the love than let's hope defense can get back in the arena. You're safe conditions and we can have these big crazy atmosphere's like how we love so much in boxing. Her. Doing the set at any better man. Thank you guys so much and stay safe guys care you too, Sir thanks. Radar. Awesome Guy Man. Yeah, man really good stuff. One of my most favorite interviews so far and that's because we've had we've had like some. We've got a lot of big people. Raise a a frequent huge name and I really enjoyed that honestly man 'cause I love boxing boxing. I love boxing more than May and yeah. Think the boxing. I the older cats we that's what we saw I. Rather than the minute. The first thing he opened up with was talking about Bernard Hopkins. Right now in my favorite boxer ever. And then he started talking about Larry Merchant I'm like right there. That's my favorite ring announcer ever you know I mean not you know just everything he was talking about just hit home with me man. It was a good good memorable experience for me. Yeah Kellyann that man that was fun. Yes sir. Yes. Although. We didn't get through nearly half the stuff we wanted to today. It's okay. It's okay. Maybe we can throw a show tomorrow you know and and do a pick him. Do a quick pickup show. Yeah. Maybe we can do that. Do a quick thirty, forty, five minute show do a quick pick them for a round ninety to have. Though yeah man we're already there. We're past two minutes of our time. Will we'll talk off line to see if we can set that up and we get our on on the on the show as well may do it quick thirty, forty, five minutes show. Against Sobel, a will run that through Pinkham and. Yemen, who was an awesome show will Be Blessed to have ray under. I've been wanting to get on the show for a long long time, but him being so busy. You know they're just played out ride with the with the whole pandemic and you know. It was just perfect timing. The, pandemic but. Being able to talk. But few shots everybody that's watching listening. Thanks so much for the support all the five book ever fans all our crew. That's. Helping us. Keeping, the website going and and the and the facebook group page David thank you so much math for being on the show again and our low I know yet to you know leave real quick so. Again thank you, man. David. Does Not Year 'cause that's show brother. Yup. MINUS ONE Y'all nowhere to be every Thursday night, we do it off. You want the best seat in the house four Horsemen Bama may sitting ringside number forty, eight onto the necks. Thank you. FACEBOOK is all about faces facebook. Yeah. They do more stuff as well but fight book is all about fighting on facebook and fight book MMA is just a really great mma page on facebook it is unbelievable. All right guys my. Cousin Hind tells me all great things about you. So I figured to give you a shout. You guys are doing an awesome job got beat body on being, but a boom booth. Third.

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