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This is Kelly Henderson and you are listening to at home on the velvets edge. Podcasts my guest. This week is comedian. Jared frayed jared's INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT. And memes have been the silver lining for me to some dark days during this isolation periods so. I thought he would be the perfect guest to give us all something to laugh about. He's the host of the J train podcast which I was a guest on. He's also the CO host of the U up. Podcast with the girls from batches. Obviously stand up. Tour has been put on hold during this pandemic so we talked about how he is handling isolating in New York City moving in with his girlfriend and of course the bachelor. Here's our conversation all right. So you're in New York. What in the world is it like right now. Well it's so funny like New York is fine okay. But I'm also not working in a hospital. You Know I. I'm in a very luxurious position. But it is funny that when I talked going outside and you're like how is it going there and I'm like it's fine. It's just Very quiet I'm not waiting through bodies in the streets route like that and It's actually there's parts of being in New York that are probably that I enjoy better like the fact that I can go out for a walk and you know there are coffee places. That are open. There's a day go to you. Know there's there's a little more going on here than people would assume considering you know the numbers and how New York has become like the you know the top corona virus place in some regard right. I just imagine it to be so kind of eerie feeling even just because New York is so busy all the time. Yeah that's well. That's it's eerie to look like. I live in an apartment building to look out on the street. Yeah morning and just see no cars. Nobody's moving in and out of the city like I moved so I moved in with my girlfriend mid Quarantine. Wow dictate is yes. So I moved in with my girlfriend and You know the stressful part was all the stuff leading into it. We'll people canceled last-second. Well we get our couches will the they'll do it. How do you do but You know but then once you got to move it was actually easier. Because there's no traffic you could park. The truck could be parked outside. Always beeping at you being like the fuck out of the way like it. Actually you know in in this is it's so tough because we live in this world of black and white and the reality is all nuanced and in the in between so like some people's lives are better in quarantine and no one wants to admit that because then someone comes and goes to people are dying and my grandma and it's like and it's like no obviously that's that obviously. I know that I'm an adult. I had parents that brought me up. I'm closer to you than any you know. We're all closer to one another's feelings. I'm just saying that a mover when I looked at the movers and I was like what is like. And they're like there's no traffic it's great you know. Come and go ahead. I'm sorry I was just GonNa say my boyfriend says all the time and he's living his best life right now. I think if you can pay your bills it's like it's not that bad and the thing is no one you know this whole talk of like who's privilege and where do you rank on the privilege map. It's like no one can ever tell you. Life is okay so like everyone has to go online. Go on their instagram and be like in these trying times. We must come together. And it's like fuck you bitch you. You had a job before and now all of a sudden you're team us like that's the other thing like all these people that like had no job now are quarantined. And it's like. Oh No oh. Now they get to the home. If you've got to tell me this is an easy decision for you. It wasn't an easy decision forever. Like my shows do stand up at night. I every night. My shows had to get postponed and cancelled. Like you know you know it wasn't easy. You know to say that I was like okay time to stay home. I wasn't that way. I was always annoyed. I was fucking pissed. I I I am ready to do shows right now you know so it's like All of this is more gray than we. All you have to take time to understand and I understand. The easy thing is like you know to live in the black or white. And you know it's like when you see like when you see these people with seven homes and they're like I'm at. We're all in this together from their pool. You're like no no no not no not in the same boat here. Yeah so like an insight. You know what you know. The social media is a hot Mike at the front of the room. Yeah yeah everyone feels like they gotta give a speech like some. Sometimes you just don't we don't need to hear from you like we don't have to hear from the fifth bridesmaid at the wedding. I can hear from one maid of honor and maybe one close friend as the rehearsal dinner. And that's it. I WANNA know what so. You moved in with your girlfriend during this time like a job in planning that before this happened. We're playing up before department ready. Okay the you know the the thing that sucks about it is like no I you know. We have our arguments and you like any couple dozen. You're like is this quarantine or is this is. This is the new reality. Yeah so it's like I. You know the tough thing is like my job is literally a Joe. I am hey to make jokes. You know it's It's tough because like if I have worked. Traffic comes up which you know you calling me a work thing. Yeah we're talking about you know we're we're having fun talking on the phone. She hears that and she's like that's what you do for work while method fucking important. Shut the fuck up. I knew with math. That's that's Kinda tough and especially because we had a week where we were living in my place and then she added a place downtown and she was in a studio so we had a week. Were in a studio. That was a little tough like. I took a lot of long hoops and that was going on. Yeah and but then now. We're in a one bedroom together and that's you know easier and you know that's nicer. I you know I I. It's the one it's the moment where I'm thankful I'm I'm like an thirty five and didn't have kids yet. I'm like thank God. There isn't some kid in the back of my zoom meeting right. Dad Dad you know I You know everyone's situation's different and like you know. Life is hard for everyone. So you know our our our squabbles. Like like her birthday was while we were in the studio apartment was her birthday so she went and like had social distance drinks with their friends at a feel she went into that and while she was out. I cleaned up the apartment a little bit and I put out a glass Bala Champagne I put out a card and then I lit like a candle and when she comes back Yeah I was like when she goes back. I'll be like have you start the. It was the night before her birthday so I think let's start the birthday. You know what I mean and she comes back and you know she does. At first she was like this is so nice. Oh my God thank you then. A couple of drinks center and then at one point. She's like I can't believe you just lit that candle. I'm like what and she's like. I don't know I mean who has the confidence to just light a candle in someone else's home and I'm like wait what I was like. What are you talking about? She's like one of the Nice candle like that's kind of like a candle that I don't like wait a minute. That's a candle. You don't lie and at that point it's called an art installation okay. It's not that's not a I I've never. I'm not familiar with the no light candles so it was just. I guess so neo. That colleges the candle that you're not like what price of a candle makes it not liable five. Is it a five hundred dollar candle because Violence Our candle yes. I'm mad at myself writing. I'm mad at you for being the person who buys a five hundred dollar candles so I I'm mad for a number of so now we're fighting about a candle I Like we're arguing the scandals. He gets what don't get lead. And then she you know we we go over this in the studio and And I tweet about it. 'cause I'm like that's what I do when I'm like? This is a funny fight so tweet about the scandal and I put it on Instagram and I get a message being like. Hey I run a piano company. I love the things that you do. Can I send you on your girlfriend? Kansas candles so I got free cans and I'm like this is so nice I tell her I'm like how great is this girl. She is a candle company and she's a follower and she wants to send US Canada. I was like Reagan so I go. She goes so I said I was like thank you so much and I send and she goes. What's your address? I give her my address for the new apartment and she goes. You're she goes. Are you kidding me? The person candle person she's like. Are You fucking kidding me? I was like what she's like. That's my exact address last apartment. That's the apartment next to me. Oh my your neighbor exactly. So I'm like no fucking way. She was like yes. This is so crazy I was like same floor in the same. God Can you imagine? And so now like she's like she dropped off at her like it's and then like we're moving in on like winter. Is this candle. Check like looking for and we end up moving our window. You can literally like the building like an L. You can see into the girl's apartment like it's like Kinda crazy. My God corona virus. Really just bringing everybody together exactly handles and corona in KUNA long. It's great you said I. Will you brought up the fact that she post everything on instagram twitter? And like I personally something about being isolated as you obviously are on social media a lot more. I need a laugh like especially if you get sucked into the news. So one of your accounts my favorite just because the mediums. And you always are posting about your podcast. You have these rants. You do about corona virus. So what is this about like? Are you just irritated with people are? What's the deal? Well I think you know I am a Mike Comedy standup up that I do is just all luxury issues. I don't have real problems and I'm fine with it and I'm fine with admitting like I'm happy that I don't have real problems but I what I love to talk about on stage or the problems. That aren't problems. The candles to insult the candle situation to me is my wheel. Yeah and I think My job on earth is to be fun and I think you know. I think what people what happens during times like these is like people forget the job you had before corona virus the job we want you doing during a Job. We want you doing after so people think that. Oh I have a following so now. It's my turn to be a politician. No now now brown cow it is your turn to be about model still. We still need. But we only yeah. Yeah so I'm not GonNa like all of a sudden change what I do just because of what's going on to me. I can help people by doing what I did before. And may trying to be funny so what? I what I try to do. Is On my podcast? Which is now daily. I went from twice a week to five times a week. And Yeah so. We take emails and then every episode. I blow some steam of mild something that is related to what's going on and listen. I'm not going on there being like like these are thought out rants. I'm I'm I'm but I'm I'm trying to speak for the silent majority. That's that's really what I do and everything. I'm trying to speak for the person the the you know. When you see an influencer on instagram post. Something from their third house and tell you how we're all in this together like it's not worth your time to like comment on the thing. It is worth my time to speak up for the people who have real jobs and they have you know. Have other things to do and be funny about so. That's where it came from like I'm going to rant about the things. We're all thinking that really nobody has time to say. I've got the time right. So you got all the time all the time in the world today sect. How annoying it is that people are baking banana bread. They've been vacant banana bread their whole lives. Yeah the what bothers me about the banana. Bread isn't that they're making good for you. But like this like subtle omission. That you've reprobate before in your life like and and this is where a lot of women do this. We'll they'll be like. Oh let me just which up and it's like something like you spend your whole fucking day on this. You googled how to do this. Yes you didn't just reach in your back pocket like you did go to the market. You didn't have a bunch of flower. You didn't have a bunch of Old Bananas. You don't just like Oh. I just picked a banana. So my banana tree ran this. All An instagram is is is the like the king of that stuff everything on instagram subtly. Oh myths reality of life it subtly amid the dirty kind of icke parts of life where you're like. Yeah I just wanted to do. I just want to bake this banana bread so I can show it to my friends and show them that. I'm not a fucking loser like them like so that's so every day. I try to rant about something new or I'll do a thing called the luxury lounge where I complain about. A luxury issue And then today the luxury lounge today was that The pouring my own drinks like talking no just like I know. It's a luxury for me to go to the fridge my drink. But I don't WanNa do that because I don't have the stopper at the top of my you know bottle of vodka. I can count off like you can't even do that. Three count so I do the three count. And it's like Gluck Gluck gluck and then I go and then every time you stop pouring you pour a little more so it's like I don't WanNa pour my own drinks anymore. It's fucking annoying so I and then I do a church cury chat right Chitchat about charcuterie. Because that's my real passion is it. I didn't know this about you. Yes I am a big fan of the charcuterie. Okay will you. Also you're a big fan of the bachelor. Would you describe yourself as a fan of the bachelor? I mean you love to hate on it right. I'm a huge fan of the bachelor. I love the show. I like to comment on the show that I love so much. I and okay. I'm watching. I'm watching listen to your heart. Nashville's representative exactly. Are you getting things? Called live screams you promote it are you. You're talking about the show as it's happening. So what are you thinking about this? Listen to your heart show like give me the the whole. I actually like it. I I wasn't so I I live screen. I put on my instagram stories. I just watched the show and I commented that's going on and I wasn't planning on watching with your heart and then the quarantine happened. I'm like I gotta fill some time so now I'm watching. What's your art and I liked the show because the bachelor The the the the bachelor this whole idea of like you're not there for love is like you know kind of like a background noise on the bachelor. You're on a date. The Bachelor's later. Yeah Yeah what I like about. Listen to your heart. Is it a lot of it? Is about that these guys on the show. WanNa be touring musician right like so like they do. They are there for to think right and they can admit to it so I kinda like it. So what they've done is like the first two episodes they did it like Bachelor in paradise where it was like okay matchup and whoever does it have a partner at the end of the day. I called genital musical chairs. And so like. If you don't have a genital you better leave the show I do episodes. They like they like got rid of people and now they're down to couple and then the last episode Chris Harrison was like you. Better be serious with someone. Because if you win with the YOU'RE GONNA MATCH-UP WITH ONE PERSON. And if you wouldn't them you're gonNA four the country together. Okay answer well. Then it turned into American idol and they did like each duet went up and sang and they were one of the things that they were ranked. Judged on was their compatibility as musicians. Looked like they were in. Love or yeah. And that's I kinda like I kinda liked that it turned into like America like Jason Mraz is one of the judges and cash And commentary about them. Yes and Joe Joe. Who's a former Bachelorette? She was on my favorite. I did enjoy the music aspect I do like how it's like a change up and it's on the same like like the bachelor master at like you know the beach. You know okay. So then they go on a date. This gates. Don't even matter. I just WanNa see them saying and see if they sucker now like you. Ju and the the thing is you do see that. They are not really that compatible. Saw you point out that they keep putting at the end of each episode the thing about Claire Crawley or whatever like find any guys like. Have they always done this or did I just not enough? I didn't notice it or is it like worse with her. So Claire Crawl is going to be the next bachelor at yeah. She's famously thirty eight years old now. Thirty nine people are acting like this aim tent. I mean if that is the big joke well the the the thing is like I make fun of it. Because her season hasn't stopped paint right now when they can. I have always been on the side of I always thought the Bachelorette should be like late thirties. Early forties wants divorce okay. Can I wouldn't know what they want. Well and then I and then I wanted it to be older men like that was like I wanted to be like fifteen above men with thirty eight year old woman inches because I thought that was a that would be a better show. In a more realistic watch the thing about the bachelor the Bachelorette better than the Bachelorette because the bachelors. You know thirty women that are in their twenties looking to get married like. That's kind of a believable clock. My and then but then the Bachelorette is like thirty men in their twenties trying to get married like the. Yeah so you kind of know on the Bashar. He's going to do well right away. 'cause like they'll be an older guy who like a little bit more serious and it's like the I always thought had twenty furling twenties. One is probably the worst representation of the female race car. And and it's an air because it's it's a little embarrassing which is fine but the unfair party. The most embarrassing form of the male species is midlife crisis. So I kinda lie so I kinda liked that the that older bachelorette night offer are like the most embarrassing. It would kind of like even things up. God I'd never thought about this right. If you've got a divorce has a company that is semi retired whereas still there. Yeah we're exactly where sneakers jeans shirts with the Paisley under the cuff. Like you know that guys like I wanna see that embarrassment. Oh my God. I'm cringing thinking about it right. That's that's the male version of the girl who goes through goes I. It's high birthday months like that's the male version of campaign. So I I. But then they can't show and it was all younger. Guys layer on a fucking suck. Yeah it doesn't I think so so then when they stopped paving I think they saw an opportunity to kind of like add. Some people show. So that's why they keep coming on. Listen to your heart. And they're like hey if you want to submit the Bachelorette so I keep making the Joe Find One man boy and it's like I'm joking. It's it's funny because I put up to host and one was like me making fun of how Jason Mraz like baby and I baby like a toddler and a hat and then like there. Was this one girl that was like I liked the Jason Mraz joke. I don't like the thirty eight year old player joke. And it's like. Oh you like jokes when they don't relate to you eight year old single I if anyone think thirty eight years old. They're out of their fucking lines. Y'All so everyone is stupid so but I I do enjoy all the shows. I like you know these shows on a big scale are stupid but the small fun like like like the small moment like this on this. Listen to your heart show like this girl. Julia got dumped by one of the guys and then she stayed on the show because she's got a guy that is obsessed with her so she put one guy in the friend zone and then she keeps talking shit about the guy who dumped her and his new relationship. A fun thing the why. Yeah also. It's like for me every I say this every season. I'm like I'm not GonNa Watch this season. I don't like that person. I'm not going to get sucked in. But it's like you you sit there and you're so for me. I'm so shocked at the absurdity. Most of the time that I hate myself watching it but I can't stop either. There's nothing there. Hey you know like I just mentioned maybe you know we hate you ever watch like full. House growing. Of course you know and the full house episodes When they teach the lessons in the music change I used to get the feeling. I would always like. Try to change the channel. Because I'm like well I don't WanNa feel like I connect with the same goes for a lot of people with the bachelor and Bachelorette you connect with kind of like the worst part. The crazy your humanity. That's true because I watch these twenty seven girls and I'm like I know I did stupid shit like that but I would like that. Yeah and it feels like it's like when you watch the scene like in a Rom Com from high school in your life and it's like someone being evil highs when you're like oh I remember having those thoughts like I was such a stupid fucking idiot. Yeah it's amazing okay. So you have two podcasts. Let's talk about him. I actually was a guest on the J. Turnpike which was so fun and we broke down. And you have so many of these Listeners right in with very serious questions. A lot of romantic questions but we went through a couple those. I remember Answering they're so fun. What else do you talk about on the J train podcast? It's physically any me. Take any email and give advice so young right in with any so. It's like most of them are dating relationships. Just because that's the kind of group that I That follows me yeah And that's what they're worried about but like you get roommate stuff you get stuff with your you know family stuff but it's really just like I'm not an expert You know you're not an expert either but it's just people giving perspective and like there's nowhere easier to be honest and on a podcast right because we don't have you know like we don't have to see their faces. We see an email and we don't even have to relate it to are. You can tell your own stories that relate to it but you can just give advice and that's kind of what we do it and it's I know for me like I think the best you know. You know the best P The I think the reason the podcast exists in. Why so many people right in is people are really good at giving advice And a lot of times friends aren't good at giving advice because and family because friends and family use the history they know about you against you a lot of times so like no situation has just taken for what it is like. You'll be like wow. I dated this guy and they'll be like well you. You have set you. You go home with a lot of guys on a first date and then they just tell you my story so takes the situation. Yeah and like I have people that comment like my instagram isn't just podcast is also like people who like other stuff but I do so. It's interesting because all post stuff and I can see the worst parts of people respond to them. Because like and I'll and I know right away. Why the PICA suggests because so like I posted something where someone can't remember. What was the email was like something where the the person will be like? They're feeling anxiety about their relationships. And it's like someone wrote well. I guess someone's not very confident and I'm like get nobody's confidence. We all have our own. We have yeah we all have insecurities and like all it takes is for you to feel like you're vulnerable to you. Know to not be sure what to do or do the wrong things that there's nothing easier than giving advice. It's really hard to take the advice of being give. I think that said. Oh Yeah so you know when you came on your great and talked about a lot of like remember. I remember when you came on the email about you know traveling spirit airlines and it was so I actually. That's a very good email. I wish You know I wish I had video of it so I can post it because I think relatable they like dealing with a friend who doesn't want to spend the same amount of money on something like money such a personal and like very raw subject to get into friends like like we were saying. You don't want to travel with those friends that I don't want to spend money because when you take a genuine wanna be able to splurge or that's my mentality. That's your mentality to in. That was the dilemma or this email. It was it was really a tough one. It was and you know what I in like. I see eye to eye with that email because like I remember like as my friends who started have kids like kid became really important for some of my friends when we went away together to play golf and I was like why the fuck all the sudden they need to play golf and it was like it was so interesting because like I and I started to realize I was like Oh golf is like at least I played golf like when you're younger taking trips with no kids like It was on a trip the next week. It doesn't matter like whatever we do. You know if this weird thing like I remember turtle races at one of my buddies Territory parties what they did in in Chicago. There's a bar that like you can bet on turtle races. Oh and so. We did that as one of the events when you know he got married young when you're getting married at twenty three and everyone has no wife no kids. Now we'll do the turtle race funded. Who gives a shit when someone's thirty on the Bachelor Party they're like no I'm taking? This is the one week I can. I get away from my kids. I need to do off because at least I know it to seven. Can't have something be a three can't wasted so you guys check out the Day Tearing. Pa You also have another podcast with benches which I am obsessed with them all of them but you. It's called you up. Tell me about this. I haven't listened yet. I need to listen to this one. So you up tax so yeah you know. I was doing my podcast. We're giving advice and I knew the batches and they're they have a fantastic company and I. I love working with them and they were like you want to start a new podcast where it's just date jus- modern data in a dating relationship but talking about so like. Jordana Abraham who's one of batches I every episode we dig into like modern dating issues the cross section of technology and relationships Y- pace. You can't go to your parents to get. You can't ask your parents. What does it mean when he likes and pictures of my instagram in a row? And they're GONNA you know. What does it mean when snapchat streak and what does it mean? And it's like all these questions that you know you and I and we all understand is very much a part of the times like what what we're living in so there's a lot of stress right now like you know You know I want to date but I don't WanNa be a dating APP. I I'm I'M GONNA Small Town. I love and I live in the south. Everyone's religious or they're or they're or they're crazy or they're too immature like I've got so we go through it and we take and so many of these conversations especially dating is is like an uncomfortable conversation there so we like to call it like a a place where we have uncomfortable conversations competently. I got the strength of the. Us podcast is like we talk about things that someone could. You know I think for me especially as a Guy. You could look at me and be like well. You're being a Dick. You're being this and it's like Jordan ever does that to me. She's always like open to hear a perspective. That is maybe a little icky like. Yeah Guy who liked the guy who dmz you is. It's his penis. He likes you and like the idea that and like a lot of women right now. They're like well. Does he like me or does he not light beer? It's like that's not how like exist to a guy to a guy like exists on a very wide spectrum. Me Well like I liked soccer. Do I like her enough to go on a date with you? Know twilight current. Just look at her instagram stories. Every day and never message her. Just that's enough for me me going just enough. Yeah see that actually helps me. I like to hear the guy's perspective because it would be confusing to me otherwise like exactly the behavior you're talking about would be so confusing totally that and that's kind of what the podcast there for it to have the male and female side of thing. Yeah and and also like there's no shutdown. There's never a point where you know. I look at your Dan our analysts and all that stupid. There's talking it up. Yeah I need to listen to this one. I'm assuming you guys have talked a little bit about quarantine dating and all the that's the only thing we're talking about right. I mean it's crazy. Though right I keep having friends say I mean. My some of my friends are dating more than they did in regular life right now. Yeah we'll because there's more is on the screen like yeah even if you look at like your socials are probably like you know. More people are looking at instagram. Every day more people are looking at at their phones. More people have more time like you know. Dating is seasonal. You know we only think of it. During cuffing season but all seasons have differentiation dating. Yeah and we just added a new season now and a lot of people right now are getting reached out to by people. They use today right and they're like well. Why is that guy reaching out? Well that guy can't just find someone who said Yes to their penis before on a dating right you go back to the Rolodex of people who have said Yes to his naked body before and try to hit up those space. What is there Isa go for it? My advice is no I mean. If you WANNA fuck and you WANNA hook up. Yeah but I wouldn't expect anything more right like someone's reaching back out to you. It's not because they're like they're not. I'll say this. Not a Lotta guys are saying quarantined being like I gotta get my Life Right. Visited by the ghost of fuck boy pass. You know. They're not like having a more like I. I've been wrong my whole life. I'm the girl. And and and Kerry was the one that you know saying that they're saying shit no option for their I'm alone. There's no option for random fucking. I'M GONNA GO. I'M GONNA message. Someone said if they say no my egos intact because they're only saying though because they fucked me before not because they're not attract people come back to you because it's an ego protection. I never thought about it that way. Yeah like if you if you talked up with someone and they're like hey where you been. How you how you doing you know Kelly come on. Let's go in and and then you're like you're like Oh. Hey why are you messing? They can go. Oh well we ended before at least I had I been there when yeah yeah crazy dudes man and there's so much sued. Jayme podcast you up. Podcast where else can people find you at share on Instagram? That's that's where it all have ask R. E. I. D. That's right free. Well I appreciate you being here so much. I totally appreciate your instagram. It keeps me laughing and some days right now. You really need that. That means a lot happier. You too. Good luck in New York. Good luck handles man all right. Thank you guys. We're listening. Here's something good is a new show from the Seneca Women podcast network and iheartradio each day. We aspire to bring you the good news the silver lining the glass half full because there is good happening the world everywhere everyday we just need to look for and share it. Here's something good is a short daily show that offers positive stories helpful suggestions and shared experiences to inform and inspire you every day. Listen to hear something. Good on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows subscribe now. Oh See oh look over there. Is that culture? Yes last coach Don calling. This is not Rogers and this is Bowen Yang and you might know us from shared credits including SNL show shrill nor from Queens and broad city. So yeah what those credits you can tell. These people must know what they're talking about. And here's the thing we do. If you listen to this pop culture podcast and we stayed in opinion on Pop Culture. It is henceforth law every episode. We get into the formative culture that made our guest say culture was for them. Well if that sounds interesting to you and you WANNA keep it in. The iheartradio family listened to Las Culturas. Doesn't mean I heart radio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts.

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