Princess Mononoke - Love at forest sight


itchy knee son. Welcome back to the foyer. Reference podcast vets is Al Merce delectable reference Degussa Station then welcome welcome. Welcome If you're nasty and you come in at the third calls you are most welcome. If you've joined us in the station. We started off with a very palatable spirited away we also moved into a very juic- sumptious Porco Rosso And this third course that we delivering to you is monarchy him. Take the show away. Howdy friends and lovers? Welcome back to the four year reference. PODCAST you've got to Herr's Katie and ot and if you're well behaved the're thea will be your weight off for the third in the referenced. Gus Station Oh hold onto your bag is because your ex is going to stab you in the hot thought today today we are covering monon. Okay him a otherwise known as princess-mononoke and who who horror film water film indeed. What what? What film indeed Yes it's studio Ghibli We know it's very cute. That it's like a mispronunciation with the accident saying Jubilee But we do recognize a Ghibli in the foyer royer reference household. And you know what I'm just realizing our T.. We are consciously learned but apparently were accidentally learned because this is the third cause and Saen means three in Japanese. Aw Aw Oh oh right. The three times a SP- lose friends and lovers But yes they are. All Maze ocoee masterpieces. Obviously he wrote and also so directed this film. We have our Hisashi which has seen us through the reference? The station And you you can. We can talk more about The music but it's quite evident that it has more substantial and tangible depth as opposed was to the whimsical sort of teams. That you would hear in spirited away for example So you know it is full shift kisses or around and This is quite a big film four Miyazaki it is one of the most successful in aspirated way episode. We you talked about The Japanese Academy price and only two animated films have got it spirited away in the first one being princess-mononoke Whoa and they now have animated category but at the time it was going up against films that weren't animated should me and it also has so you know if you read fun facts about May as ocoee you would have heard about Him Sending a Samurai Sword to the Disney studios with a simple note saying undercuts no which was acute just show but it was also cute threatening sort of gesture and that was actually based off of the way they butchered Naurskaya I think it was to do with them wanting to also cut down rating down to a PG. Ah Plenty Helen and like I said. In the spirited away episode Miyazaki is known for not finishing storyboards right up until the end of production reduction and other people. I won't give grace's but having consumed and immerse myself in the world of me as ocoee this man can do whatever the fuck you wants. Who the fuck do you think you are to to Cartier's fucking fil and if you haven't watched the official first cinematic nick release of Nebraska Valley of the winds? Please do that. We have quite nicely again. Maybe it's accidental learned nece But it is. They're they're quite a lot of Very similar themes aside from the overall sort of tangible themes that may Ezaki has that you have with Princess Mononokai and also no Scar Valley of the wind. So you expect that as our full of course later on in this week in this month long celebration celebration of our one year in regards to adapting it to the English sort of language. It was made very clear that there wasn't going to be a full upheaval of English. Dubs again if you watch a lot of animals you know this controversy about you know just change you get for the sake of changing it completely loses its meaning or you know. In in order for it to relate more to American audiences it loses its distances. Essentially Neil Gaiman So sad what's happening to American gods. But that's that's a story for another day Ian McShane Daddy would the four year reference costs of the shows. You actually look forward to watching. We waited so we could cover it but it seems like it's falling apart on sorts appeases So this was released in July of Nineteen ninety-seven I don't know if you could guess. But apparently Quentin Tarantino was approached before Gaiman to adapt this into the English dub. Good no one wants to see chaos feet me ready for Zonta say the N.. Word or no no. Yeah so Neil gaiman he. Essentially he was given even official translation to English and he was only supposed to change things just so like we talked about in spirited away just explaining that like Hawkers Dragon just explaining the small sort of BITs Like Dave changed sake to wine He also there also some things that he wasn't allowed to he wasn't allowed to mention in China also Japan. I don't know why that would be more palatable but anyway that's just some context In regards to that for the budget it was two point four million Japanese yen. It's one of the most expensive animated films ever been the most expensive all. The time was well then more than killer which is wow well? That's all over the place so come and fight me in Merkin and Japanese but the worldwide gross was one hundred and sixty two point. One million dollars proof pretty penny indeed. My neighbour Totoro that we're not covering as part of Audi gas station. Maybe that's on the kitties menu. A new that catapulted studio Ghibli. Into essentially the merchandising is what you know brought a claim to Ghibli on an international sort of scale. So that's why you see Torso as the studio Ghibli lager but in regards to you know butts in cinemas and acclaim and respect and all round maze ocoee becoming a household name. It started from Prince. Okay well yeah gotTa bring the Otto's audience audience in seventy SAR. Playing San. We have issued a Yuriko playing usher Taka we have Matsuda Yuji and a good sort of crossover that we have with this. Pairing Yuji also played as bill in Oskar all the kid. so He's kind of that love stricken kid that follows the strong Coleman around and we also have some crossovers that I just want to mention as well Turkey The rambunctious wife that lives in the ironworks to Kirker. She's played by Shimomoto Sumi. Who played well when you've got the talent? The Marine agreed voice actors. You come and I also want to mention as well for an upcoming referenced station moral the Wolf that we have love played by Akihito actually plays the wish of the waste in house moving causal wow And I just want to mention this now before I forget Milwaukee hero is known and lovingly plays a female impersonator And the reason why that's relevant and whites cute and why it's a fun. Fact is because in Japanese sort of mythology Wolves a have a masculine sort of quality to them. That's why when we started watching this film in Japanese subtitles will wondering is that a man. WHO's as little contrasting to Gillian Anderson really yes moral? Yeah even brilliant. Yeah and even before recording this I said did you want to try the English dub just we could say it But you know with to learn it to have the English dub in the four thousand. Wow and Billy Bob. Fulton olden is also on the English. Dub Gillian and Billy Bob. And just just I think this is the most English dub we've ever talked about But Turkey is played by Jada Pinkett Smith or got Jada some freshly minted Pinkett Smith. Mind you. So there's the cost that we have in regards to Monaca. He may otherwise known as princess-mononoke while we're on that actually The the team. That was adopting it into English. Subs sub's really couldn't find another word for one on okay. So essentially one okay means angry. Oh vengeful spirit. And they couldn't unless they thought that like angry. Princess like these knees reprints the Japanese Disney Warrior princess or maybe they could call the red wing warrior Princess Red Ring us all about it. Email him got some budges mate. So let's get into Al themes or if your fancy and you'll have a D. gas station. We've got some tasting notes Just like a fine wine. And if you've listened to aspirated away and I'll portico Rosser episode You would have heard these themes already. This is going to be a fun. One eighty so Hi Friends and lovers if this is the first time not just in this referenced gas station just in general welcome welcome welcome. What a sumptious episode you on But if you've been joining in this referencing station you will know or if you've watched me as ocoee films you will know that there are some tangible sort of themes that he likes to introduce and again this is not an Quinton Miyazaki. So we're not talking about wanting to roll MS occupy. Yeah you definitely bring a flavor to this podcast. You're a flavor for that I don't have in my spice cabinet. Let's just put it that way. I didn't even know what to do. Now you've completely bamboozled me But let's start off with the first Sort of evident theme that Maze Ocoee has and that is planes slash flying just a quick sorta summary Miyazaki's father built pots for planes and His love for the nature of flying and the innovation of flying. It is quite evident in a lot of his films. Do you feel like that was he. No not really not not in this good because that was a trick question the movies you make from a different spicer reference. Well the interesting thing about this is Miyazaki got sick of people comparing and pointing the fact that he has lots of flying in his four he did not include any sort of flying elements in this film. Row Smoke Book Ball. It's like yeah you think I'm one pony we need to leave. Quinton Jerome Tarantino alert. Clearly yes so to three All the Dixie. The next theme that we have with maize ocoee not is anti wall as Meyer McKay would say war is bad woes rural. So what do you think about tame not in the aspect of it's covered in Poker also anything like that is definitely elements of antiwar. Aw especially when it comes to the conflicts between humans and forest and the animals inasmuch as humans destroying the forest orest. There are better ways to go about achieving sort of peace Rather than try and go full gang ho so there is some elements of that. Oh hundred percent hundred percent agree But yes it isn't a hundred percent like Polka Rossa way. It was like the most tangible. Oh sort of time and place or Wodel one There is wall between humans. Because there's the introduction of guns Right right and you know I. I guess you could say on some element. It's too simplistic to you. Know as a theme of war just just one hundred percent is being bad. I guess you could draw that comparison but that's not necessarily how I feel. I feel like it was done quite well. Well when we do our Naurskaya episode of it it was quite interesting to watch these relatively close together and see the the the the key messages and how in some cases one on okay thrived in its ability to refine it a lot Hot in the iron so I think anti wall was quite prison Not just in the fact of like war against nature or war against animals but also against people and I do WanNa talk a bit more about the leopards as well because that was quite an interesting sort of element to introduce into that as well There were questions about Whether Miyazaki introduced you know lepers into the film as a way to you know denote possibly the way that we we treat lepers in general and he did confirm that and Miyazaki doesn't confirm a lot of the messages that he chooses to portray. I think it does leave a lot to be open right then. I guess that kind of brings me to like this is America of like Donald Glover. Like sometimes it's nice for creatives just to leave it open. If you give people enough breadcrumbs Hansel and Gretel Katie. He will find their way to splash mountain. But I think as we continue to talk about the film we're going to bring up a lot about the anti war As well the next thing that sleeves in quite nicely and sometimes it's paired together is environment and how we traded or also how we mystery environment. Do you think that was tackled in this film. That was a very those very sixty minutes. The I wanted a specific soundbites. Oh yes the whole thing. The most important laying being theme of the movie is about the environment and how we treat it and Solve conflict that exists between even. Now it's such a newest movie movie where it's applicable daycare laid all so it's definitely covered in abundance in abundance in Dade and I guess just to give you you know a bit of a reference in regards to me Ezaki. He actually used to visit a blacksmith as a kid and he was so or inspired by by the craft and the autism sort of nature and the craftsmanship of being a blacksmith but then he sold the resources sources that when needed in order to create that yeah and it kind of inspired him to make this movie and I think that denotes quite a lot to this this film generally I think it's more of an even-handed sold a message in regards to how we treat the environment. It's not necessarily that. You know we. We need to live as we did in ancient times better ways of going about it. That's one hundred percent and I think it it was more clear cut when you watch no Scott as well but I think that was quite an interesting SORTA tasting to have this this film. The the foundation of this film is our environment and that fucking ticket of God. But we'll come to that very soon. The next theme that we have earthy is a female lead slash kids one the one we thought for sure we have precise went on. Okay hello She's strong even you know she. She's carrying the whole the sort of body that she has to be doubly tough living in the forest being human in our on our animals who of cost apart from the Moro tribes. He has as human. She's quite strong and the way she goes about finding on walk. She's super dedicated. She's like a single wheel sort of conviction in terms of getting any Bauchi to To Kill Ladyboy. She pretty much She's really strong on dedicated. I think she he's one of the strongest characters we've seen in amuse movie has come to the table. I right and he has come on the table. Mind you and we all most well. Can you know when you go to fancy restaurants. And they have like the little water with the lemon women to like cleanse your fingers we have fluids again You saw Princess Mononokai. It does have a higher rating in regards to maturity. But you know you probably for you a safety. You should have paid attention to the explicit tag is episode interesting thing in regards to Ceylon which is her name. She doesn't doesn't appear until like twenty minutes in the film which is quite interesting One of the producers of the film was quite worried that they wouldn't be able to keep you. You know the runtime of the film you know within a tight sort of two two hours balk when the cat about Ron Times okay right now though just before movie care in the wall you know what China's tomatoes score. Who Says He? Because we've mentioned the Irishman two of these courses so I think that's exactly what he wanted to do but one of of the working titles for this film was the legend of Avoca Because if you think about it. San Is the hero and it is called Princess Mononokai but also at the same time again. She doesn't turn up until like twenty minutes in do so. It is interesting I don't know how we would feel about. Potentially you having Ussia as our main character but it is based on or I guess you could say that part of this film was is based on a graphic novel written illustrated by our all hailed higher Mizuki code the journey of Shuna and it's also about a prince that has an elk as well just showing her to further So that also Jerusalem influences and also with Yuck as well But I really like the way that this film was structured and also talking about the structure of this film. You'll notice. There is quite a lot of doc themes with this and again. We didn't mean to do this. But since Miyazaki did PORCO he wanted to tackle something a a bit more darker and he also mentioned once he did poker officer he couldn't go back to doing Kiki's delivery service. which if you've watched it's about a cute little witch on a broomstick right so he wanted to tackle something with some more dark themes because we were talking about wall we'll tell you about inability to love and accept yourself rather being a pig than a fascist in Porco Rosso And then now you have one okay so it still has more real world shit essentially so I think that's quite interesting and it's quite a nice. I'm sort of menu can you. We've got going on I smell word is cooking and we all woke up the next theme that we have which I think was is quite interesting and I definitely want to dive into some more detail is the ambiguity that may Ezaki has the ability that he allows his cactus. Have Multiple Dimension you. Someone isn't one hundred percent bad in his films and then one hundred percent evil good rather. Oh Oh yeah I think the perfect example for this is letty. Washy On one hand. She's destroying the forest bought on the hour she's pretty much helping communities thrive she's taking in Leper. She's taking the people who are disregarded by the society in Lepres and prostitutes and helping album them and finding a community around them give them a purpose to live giving the purpose to to to to be proud of themselves so ladyboy she is quite a complex. This character and I think this is kind of the things that we started seeing in spirited away as well you know where it's not necessarily known as inherently at least bad in this it's where lady Hossam layers to and by the end she definitely had more complexity than you. Baba spirited away she. She was less Mustache Mustache twirling and I I guess. My point was more towards Baba's sister and the way they try to Depicts if the two so end this monarchy we have ladyboy. She who's fundamentally I think. A good passan abate. Doing I would say that fundamentally good who's kind of just doesn't see the bigger picture. How about this? She's a person and being a person. Means your floored. I'll agree agree with that. No because Passan. Except when they're all under the end of this we see that she accepts washes dawn and she understands runs the importance of the environment and sees. Hey Okay so I've had some sort of character development by the end of it where I can accept my faults. I'm try and change and build a community which she does. Okay I I said in L. Poker also episode I will never rank films and asked me to do that but I do feel like in particular with Lydia Bolshie that her character development was a bit to talk. Yeah it was tied into a bird although you go see Batali perils Tarintino. You've got a lot of aliases today. It Ain't easy why that's an arrested development reference between needs a fucking cover this year but we are covering today is is modern Oklahoma otherwise known as Princess Woman. Okay thank you for tuning in. Thank you for continuing to tune. In unbelievable. She definitely stirs is up a lot with humanity. It's like that mean you think you'll saw him but you really later. But that's I like the fact that we toy with are inherently good inherently bad because that just doesn't exist aside from other instances that we're not going to get into today the next thing shall we move on The next theme Ms Ocoee really has an affinity four pigs. and He's also known for illustrating himself as a pig. How was the pig fat in princess-mononoke? Oh we got awesome pegues. We've got some stupid bag. Well we do have pigs in there. See how impose those are just pretty much wild pigs and and they're quite fundamental in the story because we see the costs is pro forma ball though shot by L. A. B. Bush's guns and it's starts from there. Let's this that's pretty much. The starting point of the movie and with a Cuarto currency how pigs of displayed in this where. They're pretty much dom house because they display the peaks you wish but we'll see see how they displayed and they're pretty much dumb thing well. They're full full. Lack of reference on the pigheaded like they had a goal. And that's all they focused on and let's definitely put a bookmark in regards to you. Know the initial saying because that was quite right interesting in regards to the curse because it's essentially hatred right you've got those Wrigley Sorta worm maggots but essentially it symbolizing your your hatred trade. And you can't see Pasta. Yeah right so. Let's definitely put a bookmark on that. But in regards to you know the fact that it really is the reference circle of life. I know thorough the tomatoes at me but it really is because you see the horizon lurs and you see aside from the humans really That there are graces to be given to so all parties in this again as aside from the humans yes they they will continue to take advantage of an HR to advance right unless you're going to be more. Agricultural you know to advance into a metropolitan SORTA society. You need to take advantage of nature. But there's a way to do that and I really enjoyed the finesse in the message in the film But pigs definitely get too big tick according to his own detriment to his own people sacrifice sacrifice them all did. They drank the P. gate at the Bay of Pigs and it was a fiasco are for them all but we'll definitely talk about the interplay between the different animals because I thought that was quite interesting but pigs definitely get to be tick but you'll also notice like even spirited away and also pokharel say that we've already covet The pigs were also not of the best quality either Well apart from Corozzo now but he couldn't love himself so that's why he had that curse on you. I believe Anyway True True I. It's more of how pigs eggs maybe Displayed Kosh really in Japan. Well religiously Pigs displayed as sort of dottie creatures. And you don't WanNa really associated with them because in the Bible you have like this sort of Jesus cost demons into pigs because their daddy whatever the hell they explain it with the thing you grow up thinking and thank you for that tasty nut. y'All most local. I'm the last theme. That we have is wims ICAL slash fantasy. Yes that's quite interesting because when you know when you're spirit away for example you'll like oh whimsical fantasy. Yes music. He does that right but sometimes nor always go. Oh to see no but I kind of how was the yes Mr my ass is in the whole fact of the. Da Got. Well I guess. Do you WANNA call mythology fantasy and I guess going with it. Because I didn't know whether or not to classify see fight as thought like jed is is a religion. Does this stop being fantasy. But I get what you're saying because I was going to make a similar soto point point the their devices in a fantastic sort of nature that are used to convey key messages real twelve environmental messages. So I definitely understand what you're saying. Yeah but if go more towards the traditional sort of explanation for this is more geared towards things like the forest spirits where it's sort of a mythological thing we have in many many sort of cultures we have the stories like Africa has heaps heaps heaps of that in this we have the we have the OBAMAS which there to solve the the kind of portray the health of the forest and yeah like the tree spirit. Yes so I guess to some extent but marshes we've seen in in spirited away yeah and we we talked about Comey in the spirited away episode. So if you want to hear more about like Shinto sort of influences ince's Throughout me as ocoee works we did cover a bit of that in the spirit away episode but yeah it wasn't interesting and you can see you know the treatment of the Kodama obviously reflects how nature is being treated as well so I definitely want to do a bit more of a dive in in regards to that but those are the things. Those are the tasting notes In regards sue princess one and okay. Let's talk more generally about the film. I think we should start off with Ash Taka because he actually starts the film off and then we can work our way on Tucson. Sean I should talk. He is a player without a prayer. What the fuck man really is Sir our he no he had this gal he had the sweet hot Kaya even to the point where she gifts her most beloved drool Dagga to him. And then you later on see in the movie. He was casually gives it Tucson. He really wristed off of that lady Eh. Because he was like pasta the first thing he said was you're so beautiful and fell in love like the belly. Spoke book ten watts to each other by like like early and Juliet. Who Crazy he he saw he saw that wolf and he was not looking back on? No Man Jesus Christ men interesting and I feel like his character is quite interesting to Quite a similar to as bill in Naurskaya well L. but I should take. He really seemed to be the guy that you would want in your village. He was there to protect you. He did what needed to be done. and he could fuck you. Buy dinnertime all at the same time unless you Kara. You want to write like sitting sitting there like writing love letters to this guy. I should talk a lovey so much. I'll give you my only doug my precious possession. She was probably really praying to the God. That's why I got nowhere. Probably I have quality. Do you go to shit. We'll get back to him. Laid up but yeah he was definitely only a guy a good old guy that you wanted to have around. Yeah and he. He definitely ended up. He ended up leaving his Jennifer Ghana. A great guy clearly hitting care too much about Kaya because of the interval he doesn't even go back to the village because he says the greatest live the head come visit one Roku whatever when she's in heat a when I should tucker is feeling like a red warrior red wing if you'll pardon the wing what it was interesting and then we we meet some characters along the way GEICO Burg being one of them. He's like an old SORTA Samurai. We later find out that he's kind of like a double agent and he's Kinda working with Lady Abo- She as well yeah he's kind of just self centered and he was kind of likable. I'm not really he. He's seeing the wild around collapse but he's insisting on running with the had as fucking ridiculous why are you going to go with. It is running up a mountain. You gotta go especially in that verb that precarious the plot yellow ridiculous car. Yeah but I also feel like you could have a super evil person. But he kind of wasn't now he's lost any Bauchi Erique he. He's a man looms because his another fun fact for you. My Lover T. like he mentioned that he didn't WanNa make a ball. She liked the leader of the iron works to be a man because it was boring and eh wasn't progressive enough so he thought it would be a more interesting sort of dynamic to have a home in at the helm a woman the man I think it would have still come come up the same to me and the thing is he was all about himself. I'm lucky bossie. Who Body to uplift the community here but then she thinks she also? I used people that were discovered by society because no one would look for them. No I think she gave them poppers. But I feel like you're really seeing being it through an tinted glasses. Lose the losses a ball me but anyway see advocates and Bolshie Glasses Mitch but seriously They discarded people in society belly. Luca so when someone does house something and empowers them only to be able to cut themselves brought to you know. Give them Papas in life. That's something you can take takeaway. I'm not taking away from the fact that she helped them but I'm saying what her intentions were. I don't necessarily think it was you know are just out of the concert. Ha Well you could see the Aleppo's aw really appreciate it for Bauchi because of the laughter lead before before that careful exactly you could see the processes regardless of at least abortion. Thought in mind or she was there when she was there when no one else else was the end of the day. That's all the modest them godless over the intentions were fully pure on speaking of pure. Aw I don't know why we're not addressing the elephant in the room. Let's talk about US portrayed in a Miyazaki film for the first time as Caracazo and Turkey as the useless husband and the rambunctious wife. So how's the RHUMBA. Actions Wife yes how does he feel. Wow she she. She took the reins when Bush was not around. She is a leader. Oh Oh yes you could definitely see the effect that Bush is hard on everyone and she was there to lead the community. Anybody she was was not there she gave gave commands to men women and children alike. You know there's actually no children in this village I said you know. That's that's good because it's a fun fact. This does tackle more. You know more heavier sort of subject matter well another fun fact act for the OT. Some extra seasoning On Your Station Menu Miyazaki noted that he didn't want to have kids at least visible in the town because he didn't WanNa show as if they were in the settling phase of town. So you know you you can assume that kids with that because you and me. Ot went nothing. Boom mammals did GOLETA. But I get your point. Doing deedee. Deedee deedee eighty eighty and the Bollywood thing. Well at least we're never going to get copyrighted. Because because I I don't know what fucking kids that shit that try to pull the children you had an. You'll sack you quite open your head than I was just regretting all of the ASS. They call it long. Suffering for a reason may eight but it wasn't interesting sort of thing but this sort of love campaign you have a label she. I'm not really targeting. Getting up because we have a lot to get through but I really think it was a bit too simplistic to just say. Okay I'm a good person. Now she's a good passer now. It's it's just more so than people different layers to them. Yes you literally took all of her bad layers. She didn't understand the difference between ignorance and now even wanting to lan more. That felt very pointed to. Let's move on. I'm so we've we've talked a bit about the humans right we have we have AstraZeneca's village and we actually. This is a good point. I want to mention this. So we have the article at the start of the film in the opening sane way. She pays her specs to the ball Even though the boers pretty much threatened them and said I'm going to cause fucking Shit and you're gonNa feel all of the pain that I'm feeling. Yeah can I just say me Hashtag. Same I'm a vengeful mother. The fucker if I'm dying suffering so will you Right but we have the article and she saying. Please forgive US poss- peacefully let us be on our way right so that was quite a beautiful message that he had at the side of the film and if flows on quite well into it you know like I said we've covered covered the humans. We talked about the ironworks. We've talked a bit about the summary. It's also the only film that Miyazaki has set in feudal Japan As well which which was quite interesting He wanted to make sure that I should talk. A wasn't on a horse. Could he didn't want people to think that he was a summary. So that's how we got your and then we also talked about the lepers. We talked about The women as well and I and works. I want to spend some time talking about the animals I really. Don't you know. Because in spirited away we talked about. When did the fantasy stotts of like Shahirah dreaming that this was happening? I'm I'm really not interested personally in the fantasy and when it's real and when it's not to be perfectly honest I feel like I just I. I dipped my toe in and felt great So I remained in that space. So let's let's stay there so we have a high rocky of different sort of animals and spirits as well so I definitely want to cover then the three main groups of animals slash spirits that we have other apes. I kind of regard them more spirits. Because they they seemed more like personages as opposed to like solid creatures We also have moral and the Wolfpack And we also have the Bulls which is headed by ECHO. So you want to start off with the apes the subtle apes I felt like it was is quite interesting and it might also have been deliberate. Learned nece but you know when you talk about apes and you know I. I'm not sure what you're Christian in science classes told you But in regards to evolution if you think about apes you know it it is the more primitive the more sort of genesis in regards to existence. And that's how I partook in regards to how they were feeling and how they wanted to respond to the human mints you You you have them. Throwing rocks with was like really funny like throwing rocks towards moral and towards specifically because AstraZeneca was and he was a human right so they'll like throwing rocks in their general direction. And you know the there were speaking simply there was speaking very permissively and they said we plant trees humans destroy them. We eat the humans. Women's we grow stronger. We kill the humans right and it was a very fundamental pragmatic sort of approach. Yeah it's like we're here minding our how business trying to build our nature and they're fucking it all up so yeah we're going to eat you and fuck you up true so it is a very primitive sort sort of like yeah. Let's go in. Let's do it right but you could also see that. They lost a lot of power that they possibly might have had in previous sort of life. Yeah it seems like they've been through arena you know There clearly disillusioned to the point where they think the only you step for them is to try and get some sort of strengths from the human. That's by eating them. Yeah so it's it's kind of like I felt. Oh sorry for them trying to maintain the forest and trying to plant trees. I think they're the only ones doing that. Yeah they're actually trying. Yeah Yeah Yeah. 'cause I don't think moral and the balls are doing anything about planting trees and that's actually addressed at least in passing. When I should talk first comes to the ironworks? They talked about how the animals weren't happy. They were clearing out the forests right so it was nice. You had some direct wreck sort of correlations in regards to deforestation but then you also had offhand comments that had major sort of impacts especially in regards to the apes off off shore. They were really just trying their best right. And it's like they came to a point where it's like you know. Many men or API men SORTA things so they'll just trying to do their best really true Let's focus on the boss a little bit like we mentioned I'm in the tasting notes of the themes themes pigs is fun little thing that we have of maize ocoee films and he's not bad. He's Dom Tom and is that worse. I think it's waspishly with nearly leadership position but he's not even dumb either now he's dumb ah I think he was just focused to his own detriment to be able to will that much power. You can't be that dumb. Surely I think with him is just model brute force radium lead the PUCK and the fuck. He knew very well that if he held some absorb resentment and became vengeful at the end will towards. When he's dying he'll become this vengeance vengeful spirit? Didn't he gate for share. Yeah but when you get treated so badly for so long is it really. Is it really that much of a surprise when you go on a bloody path of And I guess that's what that's the point of it all because the DA. God kind of said at the end of it all. He'll decide whether you leave. Would I. And I guess that's kind of the point of we see more Koto towards the end and from then on you could just tell the not leaving well the to set in their own ways and and even if they were to live they wouldn't be able to live in a way that would be conducive to peace true and that was quite clear it was. It was sad that it had had to end that way. But like you said with Moral Makoto they just couldn't live in in in a new world because there was too much pain they had suffered too much in to live in peace. That was definitely earned but not necessarily it was the wrong time the you know they had suffered way a too much to be able to enjoy to be able to exist in that sort of peace and when the humans oriented these gases of the balls on. Okay I take it back. He Dom then stone he was spirits. Well that's that's very important because what he thought was more important than what was real and that was his problem. Yeah he he had that hatred right and let's come to that in a second but he had that hatred he had a goal and he didn't say how he got there and end. Let's talk. Let's talk about that for a second because moral I think is a good way to end because we'll also Tie in San as well But when we talk about the spill you know with Polka Rosser even with sin Shahirah in spirited away hey And even upcoming with house moving costs. Will you know spells if you want to have an extended Sort of Reference Stig station and fame pack. You can also add spells into there as well because that's also prevalent in this film as well. Yeah Yeah and you know yes. You have a visual because that really helps to convey that right you have a visual of those like head anti baby worms coming Levy. Is that what it was because that would make the film a lot less interesting for me. You just give the movie rated our me. I fucking riders. Credit is Katie is lucky his estranged kid that he refuses refuses to acknowledge his fourth. Cugat I will get my riotous credit on all films at least the ones featured featured in the reference the station and also in not a see you in the ring brother or Cafod coggins. You'll the six full Kagi. ugh Oh kgosi plenty. You might as well be thawed then give chance to pull. All of our glasses says up because I feel like we're being very talking nodes right now. They got us. Listen to our ladder episode and also out Atta May special with automated and savage at talk. Look at US referencing on Reference Vigo Station. Huda thunk it not Akoto. So let's let's go back to the skins. I think it made sense because sometimes you know when you have characters that a dumb just to drive the along. I think it made sense to his his character that he just wanted to believe it because he wanted to take his brothers and sisters to go and get healed by the D. God so it was a lable intention. Does that have any sort of bearing or not not dummies dominate. Doesn't matter whether o intentions was in the right place on all the elevator. If its intelligent than so why why do you ever talk on this podcast. Ot Kota plumbing the jerome blood. fluey Lee Quinson alert. I wonder do you think we'll cover Quentin Tarantino film this. Yeah thanks germ appreciate it. Oh but wow I've really enjoyed it and we didn't really get into office impressions because we've kind of ready done it on the other two episodes but I do just want to take some time to say that you know. I've always been that kid that just absolutely love dogs. I think developmentally. I resonate more with dogs eggs than I do with humans Like I would rather spend time without dog. Were not but don't tell him he's the Akoto. Talk this household dog. That wild dog is the. He's not leaving. He's Akagi again. Listen to another toy episode But it was very it was very interesting and as someone that really loves dogs. I was very disappointed that once we go to Greyhound. I couldn't ride through the CD on our dog like the princess. One okay but it's quite is quite a beautiful film. I really love princess-mononoke gay and it's definitely the film that will stick with me. It is something that will I will continue to watch it did become a bit too resolute Miyazaki medically that he didn't WanNa end just on the wall and then it happened and then war is bad So we did see a bit more of the ending. I'm GONNA became more of a like a happy heavily ever after SORTA theme to it. I'm Neil gaiman mentioned that he would have made it more resolute in the fact that sign and also I should talk would get medals metals. Well and then. We'll skip off into the sunset couscous. Wow that's sort of wedding it's been awhile it's been awhile since we referenced. Keen Peel So there's is a came peel reference for you. We will reserve your tickets at the pony shirt off shore and I'd like to talk about the. Da god-forbid yes. Yes thank you just for a little bit just a little bit because I think he is. Crap O K P AG ot raw. There's no doubt about it. He sees the Gal all the polls in the world. Yes somehow somehow it's the most powerful thing nobody does fucking nothing and we love you guys and again Any sort of real talks hail Satan about religion We weren't covered On our main sort of podcast. But he really felt like a Christian called to me. He walked his omniscient. He's everything yet yet somehow when things happen he's not that is nausea. Takes him big shot in the fucking head to lift a finger but even then it was the humans I saved him and his head back. He couldn't even catch only two guys running up a hill. Yeah and we knew he was fat. 'cause it was quite evident with the upscale man Jiggle. Goldberg had way more up skirts the NAS car and that's saying something but the de Gaulle. I found the Daego to be very problematic and again if if you guys religious on all on a different extent you'll spiritual the no offense to you guys. But this Ville thematically medically made me wonder why people would believe in a d God or something similar because it's this omniscient sort of power. But he did fucking muffing. You know you had and you also had moral. They will birth trying to help. The apes will try to help themselves all the WHO I. Oh God was doing fuck. Wherever we've bumped coup ever so often you spot him just grazing walking past like I feel like Harry Potter's paternalistic? What is the way more than this? D- God he did more Ataka in the wound. Healing him right. Yeah it's just man it's yet. It was a problem. It was definitely a problem. I did kind of like you. You know if I can take all of my cynical. Mosul coils of that. Hamlet Reference Yasser. Welcome just think he'll Kenneth Branagh stop pretending to two and we all think about Kenneth Branagh not necessarily the hook. You'll power Kenneth Brannagh with any overshot looking at his bald. All spot. That was that was a bit much. Let us know if you want us to cover mid on Oregon's express because we will read the book because we're very learned and thirty is the 2017 muck. If the over was such a stupid car is such nerds. Two people Touching each other. While we're just talking about books gotTA re Dot Gov Chris Teammate right ten little sailors. Mind you Yeah but the the D- gone I really found to be appropriate He he was really the he wasn't necessarily the catalyst but he was really really the pinnacle that people were working towards pilgrimage. If you will And he really fell to deliver not just in spiritual sort of nature but just from the story point of view But again if I can Rattle off my cynical mortal coils. Which is where I was going t before he got jealous? List of Kenneth Branagh I did enjoy the ending. You know it wasn't the most sophisticated But you know they were talking about out the DA. God has died at his chosen for you to live the D. God lives on because he is life and death so I appreciated that in in the sense that it tied the film together From you know humans obeyed to not necessarily sir. I think it was quite full. Development on humans agreed agreed hundred percents Let's finish off with Sawn because again. This is Princess Mononokai Oman. Anarchy him it I really liked it. She was a bad ass bitch. Tom Minder and business You know she needs to ride that Dick every once in so often. But that's been a good for really right ladies yes she. She has no interest in humans. Humans she infarct says that she hates humans. Never forgive them. And that's why she'd returned to the forest the wolves and I guess to a point the suffered for such a long time it's understandable But will reach a point. I think she would need to realize it. Is it your human notion no. She's she's a human but her hatred for human isn't enough for her wanting to live amongst them we can all be. Jane Goodall A.. Okay and live amongst the guerrillas. At least that's my vision. If this podcasting doesn't work out I've got some hippos in Varsha I do WanNa know cake. Just swooping in a bloody dotty river with heap I tease my daddy re if you if you're looking for some travel Nevada is a great place for hippies righty And even if I'm not take you find some other hippies there and you could even pizza tests next to the heaps. which is what you used to do right? Oh yes indeed in deed as well if you guys are interested in MS ocoee joint. Let's let us nor thank you so much friends and Lavas one okay. Him A has always been a film that I've really just held tight to myself You know we talked about in the POLKA Rosso episode. Ms Ocoee is full on escapism. It's really a well that will sweep you away and you can also introduce should use some heavier themes as well. That doesn't have precocious children and you can still find enjoyment in Oria indeed indeed and that's why I feel as ocoee excels and continues to excel. There's a reason why moniquet was able to relate to serve many. There's a reason why it's one of the most successful animated films in Japan and for a long time. It was the highest grossing film in Japan. There's a reason reason why. And you know the whole episode is why We strongly encourage you to continue to immerse yourself in in the IMO motorized words of on June her Don't let that one inch Get in your way embrace it. Enjoy it As Tory torda would say in Spartacus. You you WANNA love it. You WanNa fuck it and it's a good all-time guys so thank you. So much guys for listening to the third course in Lavigne's Daego station. We are chugging along and we are moving towards our fifty of absurdity. Yeah very exciting. We're two episodes away from fifty episode just in time for our one year of podcasting which is very exciting again. Thank you so much for tuning in another week in the foyer reference household Usually we have our saying men code for your reference But again this is a dig session. Menus are are. The references are as the name. Allergy requests accepted. Unless you're not ready to be a red wing we allow you to you. Be Comfortable with that Speaking of being comfortable on twitter and Instagram we off route us an email. Hello while Butkus DOT DOT com. We want to thank you guys so much for all of the lovely ratings and reviews on apple podcast. If you'd like to contribute to that will be so much I see.

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