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The. Hey boys, no. Have key for Ilan daily this Tuesday. June fourth. Did you listen to yesterday showed did you go here? Did you take a little squeeze it? That's right. Because it wasn't a daily. It was the big show, the lodge showed the grand show. So go and check it out. I thought the energy was really good Thome, and Robert nigh were on fire actually did it set it a morning when we usually record in the afternoon or evenings. We were little tight so that one was good one. So check it out. There's Big Mac event today. Will that's yesterday Yotam? Big Mac on the MAC all excited about the new stuff, particularly at the pro stuff. But also about the updates to s and the ipads, and all that stuff. But I feel like a bit of a hostage because epilogues come to it with stuff that androids head for three years, and apple people get so excited and the Android people go really dock mode with had that quite a while. Thank you very much. I think it's just funny. It's kind of. Like, what's cold hostage syndrome? Yeah. That's what it's like anyway. The big news of last week was actually head self to Ryan McCaffrey from ride the lightning podcast, that's a podcast. It's been ran longtime almost as long as as long I guess he is a game. I guy that does some gaming podcast, perhaps anyway. He's got very popular has the podcast and he snagged Illinois for now. So all the rest of us the do test, the put gusts very, very jealous of him extraordinarily jealous. But nice work. I much prefer alone being interviewed by fans of tesla than by the financial people and stuff because they focus on different things. So there's about one hundred million things I wish Ron have asked, and he didn't. But it's only an hour and you couldn't ask questions you want to if you had, like twenty hours with him, but here are some of the most important ones, I got at, but go check it out riding the lightning cussed so Fremont, it is for model. Why not necessarily what I heard in? Ilan's voice because he thinks it's the right thing. But the people around him that he listens to think that it's the most efficient way to get model up fast. And that is sort of to move onto one line into model three and y sort of next to each other using about seventy seventy five percent of the parts, not doing it over and Fremont. And he did not know that's no perfect solution. Because the batteries in the skates are Millard over in Nevada Fremont, because, you know, it's much more expensive and terms of living there. And so if we have to pay people more all that kind of stuff, but in the end, it sounds like the other voices of made him realize that Fremont is the way they should go for now. I want to know what's going to happen in the parking lot Freeman. They can have to have a lot more people working there. And the parking lot for the workers is already full upsetting. It's upsetting. It did say a couple of interesting things about model why, and I most importantly, that he felt he really underplayed model, y very specifically because he didn't wanna capitalize cannibalize Keppel has. Cannibalize model three. So if he had gone out there and gone, like this is the best cow, vivid evident by fire. It's better than the s it's been in the exits bid on the three it's so much. It's so much better. It's got so much room on the inside, even though it doesn't look much bigger than the three, it's like the Tatas way, bigger inside. This is the car that you should get. It doesn't have the falcon wing doors. And if you did Bill that then people would go, well, I'm not going to buy model three. Thank you very much. I'm going to wait for this amazing incredible. That just is a sort of year or so way. I think that's right. I think that's what you have to do. You have to get people fairly excited, but not too excited or you're not gonna be able to sell your model threes right now and they really do need to sell model threes. I personally, I'm super excited about the model y I think it will be the last car, I ever own because after that, I think, you know, play that out for threes after white comes out. I really do think that autonomous driving. If Ilan is even close to being right. We'll be baked into all of the cows the threes, the wise in. The recent is an Xs and there will be a rideshare network in most places that where I go. So I don't think I'll need a character that, but we'll see at Fathi is. But if I'm going to have in the next three years, I've got a lease that comes up, actually, in January, it'll be model why so probably have to do a month to month for wall, but I really do want a model why. And then at the end of that time, I think it'll be old done for me because I do not want to drive any more. I want somebody to draw me like miss daisy. Now, one of the things they talked about was roadster, and he talked about roads roadster and killing the halo effect of the ice car. So right now, it is true, although much less than it used to be that there's a halo effect of ice. Cows are just better and faster and they go further on a tank of gas, and he wanted to put the smack down to that halo effect of ice cow. So if you've got a car that is electric that has foster acceleration fast, top speed. Better handling because of the low center of gravity has six hundred twenty thirty forty miles of range on a single charge and you know, head to head, they'll be drag racist with the most expensive two million dollar supercars. And if the roads that can just blow them away on all of those things, then, yet that guy in the pub, the Tokyo bad how great ice causa and the latest greatest McLaren or whatever it is. And you can say the roast is better than that. But the rose has been that eve at the roads has been, it is a psychological effect. Okay. And then there's a trickle down thing, which occurs in also tesla makes the best fastest thing in the world. But it also makes these other which are really great. It's a really interesting marketing move if you can do it come out with a super premium ridiculous model and capture people's imagination Silla much cheaper model, but people who are buying the cheap model feel like they kind of got a piece of the super premium thing, it's done in lots of places and it works very well. So I hope the roads is just killer. But he only thinks they're going to sell ten thousand a year. I'm amazed that they sell ten dozen. But I guess, for supercars in the range that people used to paying two hundred two hundred fifty thousand dollars is not that much. I guess these supercars I don't have one are like three four five hundred thousand up to a million or more dollars. So it's a relatively cheap Karen, if they can do all the things that he says amazing. And he's still talking about putting stupid rockets again. We could put like three g rockets on you could vertically up into the air to g oh, please don't do that. It sounds frightening. And he talked a lot about the pickup. So he personally is most excited about the pickup of everything that's coming, even. Why and roads to? So he said in summary on this podcast that they need to make better than the F one fifty an intimate for lifts than fifty thousand dollars. Now, the if one fifty four hundred fifty here in the United States is the biggest selling passenger vehicle. They celebrate a million of those years about twice as many as they do the sedans that are at the. It start twenty nine thousand dollars. And the limited edition version, which, I guess is the completely tricked out version is sixty two thousand dollars people really love their trucks here in the United States. It has a range in a full tank of gas of about four hundred five hundred fifty miles depending with doing city driving ohi way driving. It gets a bad sixteen to eighteen miles per gallon, which works out to about twenty two cents a mile here in the United States is at right. Right. Twenty two cents. Whereas for model three, for example, in California to average electricity prices you're going to get a bad for four cents a mile so four to twenty two cents. The truck will have less efficient than model three, but it gives you an idea Euboea driver, your big truck and a third the process that you'll be out of driver, and your gasoline, truck, he says it's gonna look with but that's not necessarily a bad thing because when, you know, cause came out, they look really weird compared to horses. So he's suggesting that maybe they're gonna be pushing the design as of this a little further than most people are gonna be comfortable, but maybe they'll catch up later. So what do I think it needs to have some of the basic things I think you need to have in this car. That's listen, fifty thousand is a five hundred mile range that probably won't hurt the fifty thousand elevating, but at least a five hundred mile range, I think they need to have a six hundred mile range vehicle in this thing because you also want to have the ability to plug stuff in one hundred twenty volt stuff to be able to plug into that, which would significantly reduce your. So you wanna be able to drive along way and then be able to plug in some Queant and run it off the battery, and not worry that you're gonna be able to drive home, kind of stuff you definitely want the ability to Jack it up and down with something like suspension in. He says it's going to be blazingly fast. I think it'd be really great to have. Interesting cargo with seen in the Riviera and we've talked about, on the show, so something between the cab and the back with his big hole, and you can put extra stuff in there, and all of a sudden, you'll have the front, and that kind of stuff. So I think if they do it, right. They can have something significantly better than an F one fifty. The question is at what price. So he says they gotta start at under fifty thousand but that means it's still gonna be an expensive truck. And what would you get for fifty thousand versus I'm sure there'll be a seventy seventy five thousand version. Little have everything. He's excited about it. So therefore, I'm excited. Bill, ladies and gentlemen, boys nails go listen to runs right land podcast. My name's mellow. But part of the talking tesla. Podcast as it were we had the big show at the lodge show yesterday Monday. Go check it out. I think it's a pretty good. And hey, ladies us a rating review going tunes and become a patriot would love to do to do all that stuff takes a lot of effort to put this together every day, we love doing it because, you know what are you trying to do pretty important stuff? And we'd just trying to do pop. Sport.

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