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They said it couldnt be done but yet here it is MDW341


Hello they said it can't be done but if you're listening to this it can be sorry for the audio quality or lack thereof by Doing this from my home. It's consolidated my podcast. I got rid of the anchor. She'd and those of you that were subscribed to that are now six guide to this but I want to be able to still plot my phone and do little quick episodes like this and so. I'm doing it doing it. The Right Way and those view Litter Kiki and care about podcasting type stuff amusing backpack studio somebody else got that good anyway not to Belabor the point. I did have to make a switch on the website. Go Daddy hosting sucks these days. And so you're looking at power press sites which is a blueberry hosted site and that works out pretty good too. So let's see if I get this uploaded this little clicky test episode. Have a fuller episode coming soon. And we'll catch you later.

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