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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jeanine herbst. The death toll from the new corona virus has risen to fifty six according to officials in China and as NPR's J. Zimbabwean reports in Hong Kong local officials are scrambling to put measures in place to contain the outbreak. Tens of millions of people in China are under orders is not to travel unless absolutely necessary public transportation out of Wuhan on trains buses ferries and planes has been completely cancelled. China has also suspended long-haul bus services services nationwide shutdown local bus routes in Beijing and directed local travel companies to cancel all upcoming tours. Outside of the city state media reports. Three doctors in the capital have been sickened by the new disease. Two of them had just returned from assessing the situation in Wuhan and the third had sat next to one of them during a meeting. Meanwhile workers racing racing to build a new makeshift hospital on the edge of the city to treat the hundreds of new patients who are expected to come down with the disease in the coming days. Jason bobbie-ann NPR News Hongkong Warehouse General Counsel Pats Baloney presented opening arguments today in the impeachment trial of president trump as NPR's cloud the solace reports. The president's lawyer said the president did nothing wrong and Democrats failed to prove that he did SIP Baloney says they will go through the record. The House Produced Austin. It's impeachment inquiry and showed house impeachment. Managers didn't share in their opening arguments SA- Baloney said. Democrats are now trying to stop trump from running for reelection election. They're asking you to remove president trump from the ballot in an election. That's occurring in approximately conine months. Simple Oni said the best evidence in the case is the July twenty fifth call record between President Trump and the leader of Ukraine. But Democrats have set Eddie show. Trump was seeking a political favor in exchange for US military aid. Claudius Ellison pure news the Capitol Israeli Prime Minister. Benjamin Netanyahu's main in rival Bennigan's says he is accepted. President Trump's invitation to the White House to discuss trump's Israeli Palestinian peace plan which hasn't been released yet. Naomi Zack has more gun. said he will meet with trump on Monday the day before. Netanyahu is scheduled to discuss the plan with the president the Israeli leaders. Here's trips to Washington. Come as the two are vying to lead. Israel's next government on Thursday trump told reporters that he will likely release the long delayed plan early next week doc. Palestinians have dismissed the trump administration's attempts to negotiate a resolution accusing the US of bias toward Israel the US recognize Jerusalem limits. Israel's capital and moved. Its embassy they are in two thousand eighteen. One of several moves seem to favour Israel. Palestinians claim east Jerusalem as their capital for NPR news. I'm Naomi's off in Tel Aviv. And you're listening to NPR news from Washington. A former California congressman WHO's legislative work helped reshape. America's health system has died during his forty year career. Pete Stark helped craft craft the affordable. Care Act the signature policy change of the Obama Administration and also the Cobra. Insurance Law is family has died Friday in Maryland at the age of eighty eight. Montana's little shell tribe of Chippewa. Indians is celebrating something that generations have fought for and that four hundred other. US tribes are without without federal recognition as Livia rheingold of yellowstone public radio reports. It means the federal government now recognizes the tribe as a sovereign nation. The great falls event will feature speeches from state politicians and culminate in a POW. Wow dance tribal chairman. Gerald Grey says. There's more to celebrate than the federal dollars tribe now has access to the dignity was always been kind of in question you know. Are you really an Indian. Yeah we always knew we were but as other tribes tribes and non-indians looked at us as like well. You're not federally recognized. The little shell have been fighting for federal recognition since treaty talks over a hundred years ago it passed last month as a writer to the National Defense Bill. Now the tribe can gain a land base and be eligible for resources from agencies like the Bureau of Indian affairs an Indian in education for NPR news. I'm Olympia wrangled. In Great Falls Montana at least twenty nine people are dead after a magnitude six point. Seven earthquake rocked eastern Turkey Friday night more than a thousand are injured. There have been more than four hundred aftershocks. I'm Janine Herbst N._P._R.. News in Washington.

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