League of Nations dissolved - April 20, 1946


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A podcast where you really do learn something new every day. I hope you all are still doing well. I'm doing well still recording here in my closet. I know that the days can get pretty long sometimes monotonous but. I do hope that this podcast brings something new into each of your days and to each of your lives. So let's get on with the show. Today Is April Twentieth Twenty Twenty. The Day was April twentieth. Nineteen forty-six the League of nations and Intergovernmental Organization that formed after the First World War ended was dissolved. The League of Nations was the predecessor of the United Nations back in nineteen fourteen. A British political scientist named Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson drew up a scheme for an international organization to maintain peace and called it the League of Nations along with British academic and politician Lord Bryce founded a group of international pacifists and the US in Nineteen fifteen a similar organization called the League to enforce peace formed it promoted arbitration and imposing sanctions rather than going to war in one thousand nine hundred eighteen the British foreign secretary Lord Balfour appointed a committee on the League of Nations to study the feasibility of creating such organization. The committee was known as the Fillmore Commission after its chairman Walter Fillmore. The fillmore commission recommended the establishment of a conference of allied states whose members agreed not to go to war with one another without first submitting the dispute to arbitration in June of nineteen eighteen. France also drafted a proposal advocating the establishment of an international council after. Us President. Woodrow Wilson. Saw the Philo more plan. He instructed his visor Edward House to draft a US plan that incorporated his own views in those of the fillmore commission. Some of Wilson's views were idealistic for instance. He's suggested the prohibition of dishonorable behavior between states such as dishonesty and espionage war one ended in November of nineteen eighteen when Germany signed an armistice agreement with the allies the Treaty of her Sai signed on June Twenty Eighth Nineteen nineteen ended the war between Germany and the allied powers. An estimated twenty million people died in the war as militaries were able to cause a lot of destruction with new technologies like tanks airplanes and machine guns beyond the casualties political economic and social structures. Broke down in the wake of the war. People began to demand that some sort of method be established to help prevent another devastating war from happening. There was a lot of support in the UK and the United States for an international body that could maintain peace and prevent further wars British politician. Lord Roberts Seasonal in South African statesmen smuts were the principal drafters of the covenant of the League of Nations by the time appears peace conference began in January of Nineteen nineteen. The proposals for the League of Nations had gone through several revisions but that month delegates agreed to form the League of Nations. Part one of the Treaty of Versailles established the League of nations in June of Nineteen nineteen forty four countries signed the Covenant which served as a charter for the organization. The League of Nations was officially established on January Tenth Nineteen Twenty when its covenant went into effect it held its first meeting on January sixteenth the US never joined the League whose headquarters were at Geneva. Though the organization did successfully mediate minor international disputes. It did not prevent the outbreak of the Second World War in nineteen thirty nine. It was dissolved on April twentieth. Nineteen forty-six after the United Nations was established. The United Nations continued many of the operations that existed under the League of Nations like the Committee Intellectual Cooperation which became UNESCO and the Health Organization which became the World Health Organization. I'm jeff hopefully you know a little more about history today than you did yesterday. If you'd like to send us a comment or you have any questions you can send us a note on Social Media at T. D. I eight see podcast. 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