Podcast #864: The 7 Best 70-75-77 inch TVs


Welcome to the HDTV punch featuring our Derian and prayed Russell. Now, the HDTV podcast. Everybody welcome to another episode of the TV and home theater podcast. This is episode eight hundred and sixty four for October. Fifth of twenty eighteen and just talking about an outpouring of support that we got this week. Our that was really, really cool. And so we have a lot of Catholic go through in a second, but how you doing man chance to catch up really. Yeah, I'm feeling very loved. So the exactly for the reason that you mentioned, we'll talk a little bit more about that in the cath section, but the weather seems to have changed here in southern California, and I feel fall in the air, but I never let that fool me because summer always comes back, at least once in October. Yeah. I mean, we got a little bit of rain yesterday at least where I was. Oh, is that what you call falls out of the sky? I, I had never seen that before. It's it's long Google in it like crazy is been. So then today was like a sunny summer day, so. Yeah. Well, I'd say spring, you wasn't hot, but it was sunny for sure. Yeah. All right. So let's see. This is the first episode of the month, so contact. And then I want to ask you because I did watch magnum p. I do wanna talk a little bit about that. Okay. If you wanna get in touch with us, if you want to contact us in any way, the easiest way to do that is to go to our website HT guys dot com. You can scroll to the bottom of the page. All of our other access methods are there. You can send Email to us HT guys at HT guys dot com. Social media are as at TV podcast. I'm at Brayden Russell out on Twitter or on Facebook. Everything's there at each guys dot com. All right. Did you watch magnum PI? I did. I watched the first episode. What did you think? I'm I'm going to say that I was not overwhelmed, but I enjoyed it and it was in the style GIC enough that I think I'm gonna. I'm gonna tune back in and trying to their episode. Totally agree. I want the characters grow on me, but magnum I like the actor who plays magnum. I don't know why. But right off the bat, I had no problem with the actor being magnum Higgins is this is a woman and only bummer is I used to love it when TC would call him Higgins baby, hey, hey, baby, you know like that. So in this one that would be, I guess, sexist. So he calls her Higgi which is just a nickname, which is fine, but I kinda missed the, hey, hey, baby. And then Rick. I am not warming up to it all a give. Him time and maybe I will warm up to them, but so it will take time and I will get used to them. But I, I like the the pacing of the shows better than it was in the eighties. And the other thing is I got those basic bass, bass shakers in the couch when there are explosions feel it. So it's really at outs to it. Yeah, and I enjoyed it. They did the the kind of Omar's to the original car and then how they moved on from that original car and everything else. The Robin backstory, I thought worked in made sense. I liked it all. I thought I thought the way it was put together was was done really well in the way they kind of revived the story. And all of the sort of nods to the original thought were really well put together blown away by the overall show. So I don't know how long it'll hold me, but I'm, I'm gonna give it a chance to do that. Did you catch the nod to Hawaii, five o. The comment in there where he goes HP and five, oh, have been notified, blah, blah, blah. And because they're both on CBS and I am waiting for the crossover. You know, mcgarry it's gonna show up on magnum PI and magnums gonna show up on the Garrett because wasn't in this one to get along. They're gonna. They're gonna, rub each other the wrong. No, no, no. Here's the reason why magnum is also a navy seal, so so as mcgarity. So I think there will be a little bit of a camaraderie there you think? I think it could go either way. I think there could either be a commodity or a rivalry. Yeah, I just now, maybe in my head of got this glorified image of all seals loving each other because they've got each other's back. You know what? You know what I'm saying. So I, I kind of feel that more than the rivalry. Although I do have a big Ray where the Camry is with Danny. Right? So he deigned very good. Now I do have a great idea for survivor. So what do they do in survivor? They get these. People, and they just throw them out on island and make them survive, and they're typically out of their comfort zone, but wouldn't it be cool if you had navy seals against delta force against green berets, and you know, had three tribes of these people, and now you've got groups of people that are used to having each other's back, but they're also used to surviving out in the wilderness, and the way the show is you end up pitting them against each other. And I'm just curious to see how it would work. So it either be super interesting or they would go by rank. Okay, you know, sergeant you win. You know, on the vote against the the sergeant, you know, it'll either be super exciting or super boring. Yeah, I think you'd have to have like someone else through the elimination because you're by rank. It would make it difficult, but we'll see how that would be a fun show to watch. I remember go ahead. Did you ever watch surviving the cut the the no discovery documentary did not. It was about all of the different training schools for those elite branches of the different military. So delta force in seals and para rescue and all that and what they have to go through as part of the qualifying to get into it, which was super impressive. And all of them looked like ridiculously impressive, but I'm sure each one thinks that there is harder than the other. Yes. So they all think that you know, they're tougher and stronger and better than the other groups. So pitting them against each other. I think it would be fun and then I'd love to see their camps. You know, you'd have huts with like running water and the heating and air conditioning that's in my toilets that my or you know, like the seals who needs a camp, just gonna sit right here in the elements. We don't care the put a little mud on her, and we're good. So I, you know, I don't know what is his name? Mark Burnett, listens to this podcast, but if he does there, you go great idea for the next -vivor. All right. Let's think our CAF pow. Donations. Oh, I, you can support the show and we've gotten a whole bunch new patriot supporters. A lot of people responding to my personal situation where my company is moving shop to or my division, the companies headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. So if you're familiar with that, you'll know what company I work for and they're moving our our group here in Irvine back to Cedar Rapids. I will be out of a job at some time in the near future. They have not given us a date. So one of the things that I I said is probably have to go get a new job in which case I'll be focused on that. And I said, however, if the support is really high, I can find a way to sleep less and still do the show. But if the support state at the levels, it would just be very difficult for me to do that. And you listeners have responded. I, I would love to see a little bit more, but thank you so. Much. We picked up a few new donations on patriotic and a few of our listeners actually up their donations. All of you, it is immensely appreciated. I was touched. I explained this in my wife and she could see that I was. I was very touched by the outpouring and she said, see, they love you guys. And we have a great note from one of our listeners here coming up. So you can support us at patriotair dot com slash HDTV podcast. All right. And let's go through the calf POWs. Thank you so much to everyone who bought us coffee regardless. If it was a cath, how not thank you for all the cups of coffee that you got us for the calf palace. Thank you to Frank barn. Akot Timothy surreal, low Steve lamb and Marcus Hammonds of four of those fine gentlemen got us calf POWs, but, and so they get their names read but didn't give us a shout out, but thank you guys. We really, really appreciate it. And so Brian, I don't know if you remember Frank, he worked, I think at the time for either CBS marketwatch and he interviewed us for an article a long time ago when we started the show and it was on, I think it was market watch Frank. If I got that wrong, I apologize, but he still listen to the show. I'm so touched by that. So that's great. Franks been with us for quite some time as well as probably most of these people have been. Then the next calf, how is Denny Claver? And he says. I'd like to send a shout out to my wife. Gina, who took a leap of faith by purchasing a small business after thirty years in HR for the for a local university. She has owned expressly gifts for two years and recently moved the business to a physical store in south tolsey. She ships gore made gourmet and made in Oklahoma gift baskets nationwide. And our website is WWW dot pulsa gift baskets dot com. And there will be a link at our website for that. And our next calf, how is from Tom Dunlap? He says, hope you get enough to continue. What will I do? Friday mornings. Then there's Chris Vargas and uses. I wanna use my calf pie, shout out to congratulate the Washington, the Washington Capitals for finally raising the Stanley Cup banner to the roof of the Capital One arena. Let's go caps and Chris, I watched the first game. You guys are very lucky, no hangover. I think it was like seven, nothing or maybe Boston may have scored a goal. I turned it off after a while, but I remember when the kings won the Stanley Cup both times than they got blown out in the home opener. 'cause I believe they had the Stanley Cup hangover. And our last CAF pow for the days. Bruce Johnson says, just heard the newest podcast, please keep the show going and retire, so you can pursue your passions in life like woodworking at cetera. So thank you very much, Bruce, and Chris and Tom and Danny Marcus, Steve Timothy Frank, very much appreciate the cath POWs. So the first Email actually is from Bruce and it's a little bit long, but I, I wanted to go through it because it kind of. Puts the journey of our podcast in the perspective of a listener Brayden. So he says, aside from the CAF pow, since you guys on Saturday, I got to thinking about some specific ways in which your podcast benefited me and increase my quality of life. I really like this emails going say says, sure. I may have eventually heard about these things in pursued them, but also have missed out on your also may have missed out on years of enjoyment. I'm going to celebrate a lab rate on each one a little bit. Hopefully this gives you some sense of how you guys have made the world better place to borrow an overuse cliche because of your podcast and braid. Once you go through a couple of those, we'll just kinda tag team. These. All right. He says, because your podcast, I learned about a new streaming music service called Pandora. In the early days to this day. Pandora is my constant companion during daily exercise walks pounded music with beads to motivate writing my monthly financial report classic rock or electric blue stations, long road trips at cetera. And the more vigorous walking exercise triggered by the music has likely improve my health as well. Do you remember when we were so excited about Pandora when it was new and we were thinking, this is so cool you, you know, you can. You can customize the station to the way you like the music by thumbs up and thumbs down, and you can kind of just get it honed in there. That was so cool and it was also long ago and you could you could get it on the the Sonos, back in the day where you had the specific Sonos controller and you could do the thumbs up thumbs down from that Sonos control where like the world was changing. You could stream music to anywhere, and yeah, it was. It was a change. In how it consumed music for sure. So next up is he says, I, I learned about the Roku streaming box. Then the that first model is now long obsolete in crammed into the bottom of a closet somewhere. And now I have several much newer Roku boxes or sticks throughout the house still the best dreaming interface out there. And that was when I kinda saw the light would the Roku about streaming and Netflix, and I began to start going into that area. So I started out with Roku. I moved over to the Amazon fire, fire TV, and then eventually over to the apple TV. But it's all started with the Roku. That was me saying that he he's still all Roku, Bruce. Yeah, I'm still all rookie. I got Roku somewhere. I got Roku TV's all over the place now. So he says that because your podcast at I learned about the MO who leaf antenna that was superior to all other small, indoor tennis is a useless intentive for my location sixty miles from the main towers in Atlanta. However, I did try it out at our summer place in Michigan and confirmed it superiority. And this triggered some more research at my home in Georgia, ultimately leading to an obsession with over the air TV signals in two large outdoor antennas that get me all of the over the air networks and sub channel sixty seven total with my setup after decades subscribing to cable TV because I had no sense of what was possible. I cut the cord last year with charter spectrum and use direct TV now to supplement over the air. And he also says, because because of you, I learned. About the tvos and the TV meeting network DVR hardware. This really makes OTA system seeing, and you know, I'm sure there's other things too, but it's amazing about the journey from the listeners perspective. So hopefully we have helped you discover new products, whether just be a new story or actually featuring a product that just come on the market and Brayden and I thought it was cool. So yeah, we really appreciate this Email. He's also says, finally, to get a little sappy your weekly podcast as brightened my Saturday morning for years, especially before I retired doing those weekly chores, like taking a low to recycling driving to the grocery store now. And then it also brightened my Monday morning commute commute. If the weekend was too long or busy kinda guards breath in Athens. So thank you so much there. Bruce. And yeah, I, I. If we were to stop this, it would be a very tough choice and it would only be out of necessity because we actually love the interaction with with you with the emails that we get the tweets and that kind of stuff. So it will be a hard decision if that decision does come, please understand it won't be made lightly for sure. All right into next Email is from van. And he says, a co worker asked me a question. I couldn't answer if my TV. Here's the question. If my TV upscale to four k. what's the real difference in the net flicks tier model? I explained that the source file is better, but the rebuttal was will the upscale ten eighty p two, four k be good enough. And then van says, I would love your insight on this one. Note she has three point. One set up with four k. passer receiver e series four k. vizier television. So my take on that is upscaling is really, really good at making good content. Look good on your screen, but it doesn't make it look better. And if you've got a four k. screen your forecast contents gonna look better so agree, but I asked a follow up to van. He never replied to, but the question I asked him what's the size of the screen? Because of the size of the screen is say, sixty inches and you're sitting twelve feet. Away. It won't make a difference if the only difference is for k. so in that regard, I think we needed a little bit more research, but to your point is correct. It won't make ten eighty p four k. but if you're watching on a device that you can't discern the difference anyway, it doesn't matter. Yeah. I mean, it's kinda like when you had cassettes versus CD's where you can run the cassette through turn on your building noise reduction in all the processing you could do on the cassette to make it sound really good still didn't sound like a CD. Absolutely not, but that's a little bit different because there was a dramatic quality improvement between. That's true. That might have been a little bit. Yeah, I'm about analogy. I take it back the human. I e the different said. Feet. So a four, Cain, ten AP. All right. All right. Like when we had VHS and then we went to DVD either. Yeah. Okay. So next up Email looks like from Stephen Texas says, Hello fellows, love your podcast. I've been waiting for the past two years of find an affordable eighty inch, four k TV. I took your advice in stayed away from ole Ed and culet, but I purchased the TV from Costco when it was on sale for twenty seven seventy nine and threw in a three year square trade warranty. On top of their warranty sent us a link to the TV there was also linked to best buy. We'll have those at the site as well. He says the TV looks fantastic, and I have no complaints as far as four k content goes as my first four case Martinez. So of course, I wanted to feed it for k content. I was planning to purchase an Xbox One to purchase them for k. movies I already own some of my favorite movies on. Blue Ray and didn't wanna buy them all over again since his TV. Upscale blue rays to four k. I decided to play them on my PS three. I put put in Pulp Fiction, and I was blown away by Blu rays look. Fantastic, fantastic. Upskilled in four k. hey, so there's an answer van just tell them about Steve's Email. And this is on a eighty inch of TV where if you're sitting at about ten feet, you should be able to see the difference. He says, I recommend using the built in Netflix and YouTube and other streaming apps included in the TV and not your cable box or a Blu Ray player or the PS three. This will ensure clean for k. feed without unnecessarily running the signal through multiple devices. This is also the easiest and cheapest route. So I decided not to purchase Xbox One just yet. I almost forgot the sound. I connected the TV via an optical cable to my receiver so I can enjoy home theater surround sound while enjoying my four k content and very good Email. Thank you, Steve. The eighty inches twenty seven hundred dollars and you've got almost a theatre like experience in your family room. But don't some of the streaming services support like the full Dolby atmos- and and stuff that you can. You have to go beyond an optical that you would need an HD my cable out of your TV to get that full audio experience if you want more than just Dolby digital. That is true statement. So if Dolby digital is good enough for you, the optical cable will take care of you. But if you want a true HD even think they'll be digital plus requires HDMI indefinitely at most does you will miss out a little bit on that in that case, which you want is a TV, which I'd be surprised of this TV doesn't have it is a a r c audio return channel and then run that into your receiver. And then you will get all those audio formats that we just talked about. Right on. That's it for Email for today. Thank you. Everyone who sent Email emails, whether we read them or not. Thank you very much and jump over. Do some news dish has rolled out an adapter designed to offer dual watching and recording capabilities for their air TV players. Individuals can watch and record live TV through an over the intent, and they can also watch popular streaming platforms. So this is their cord cutters dream box, and you can now watch and record at the same time. So that's cool. Yeah, it is. Very cool are right. A recent parks associates study found a twenty six percent of US broadband households have at least one smart home device. Also twenty two percent have made a smart home purchase in the past year. The buyer journey for smart home households is an important study and understand and understand as we see one purchase frequently leading to a second. Second. And third, and I think we said at a longtime ago, Britain. Once you start home theater, it's like crack. Sorry, home automation. It's like crack. Get that first light in and get it oughta medically, turning on at sunset, and you're gonna want all your lights to do that. So says it will lead to a second and third with householders house holders acquiring devices in incrementally, rather than all at once and that was according to research director, Brad, Russell? I would say that is pretty much my experience with the one exception. I did do it incrementally. And then at one point I went all in, I think after maybe my third purchase, I just went all in. Yeah. I mean, I think I went all in in certain areas, but not all in the whole house. A couple of things I wanna point out here, Brad Russell is my brother's name, but this is not my brother. We're not trying to get him shameless. Shameless research that he did and also are, and I don't do a lot of crack. So getting these products is, you know, when our says like crack, don't think that that means that we also are doing a lot of crack as well, so that we know what it's like. It's an expression. I had a friend that told me that's what it's like. I don't know what you wanna say, but we're not doing a lot of crack. I, I mean, I'm not. I. Young man's game. I quit that years ago. I didn't think that needed to be said, but if you did that, I'm glad. I just wanted you to stem the tide of all those emails that are gonna come in. Cass crank is wag. All right. So next news story, a fire TV stick that supports four k ultra HD video streaming and a voice remote powered by Alexa or the latest devices introduced by Amazon, which also has a lineup of new echo speakers, accessories, and a DVR coming out this fall. The company is servicing twenty five million households with fire TV are twenty five million people out there using fire TV for their streaming. That's pretty impressive. It is very impressive. Alright. So we received a press release from SVS and the are officially entering the high-performance wireless audio space. And this is something Brayden and I have also been excited about since I think maybe our first CAS and remember that's where the guy told us wireless doesn't mean truly wireless. It just means less wires. Yeah, like different wires, right. So the prime wireless sound based transformed speakers with hi rez wireless, audio streaming future facing collectively, and smart speaker control while driving them to their full potential with effortless power from three hundred watt amplifier and a high end Dak conventional speakers connect directly to the prime wireless sound based via standard five way binding post and receive a massive one hundred fifty watts per channel more than enough power to drive any full range tower bookshelf or other speaker sound. Another speakers to sound their best. One hundred ninety two kilohertz twenty four. Did Dak insurers pristine high resolution signal path and sound quality that is always pure natural, transparent and faithful to the source material, no matter what, what streaming connected. So I read this as it's a high-quality amplifier that has some wireless capability and you can connect it to your already existing high end speakers. Yeah, I think so. I mean, it's, I think that's a great product. I think a lot of people would like to untethered there speakers and move them to other parts of the room. And this gives them that capability of doing that. Audio engine has a similar product, right? So it's yes, the, it's a dad, but you have to provide your own amplifier and this one is both built in. Okay. So then SVN prime wireless speaker system delivers crisp accurate in full range sound with a stunning dynamic impact and true stereo imaging. The active passive stereo speaker a is a major enhancement over the unconvincing. Virtual stereo output from ordinary by wireless mounts smart speakers. Cost, no object. Acoustic design is married with smartphone, tablet, and voice control via Amazon, Alexa wifi and bluetooth connectivity, direct access to most popular streaming services and a wide range of inputs and outputs. High resolution multi-room streaming custom presets, and more. That's a lot from this device for reference sound quality to the intelligent control interface. Prime wireless is. A seismically forward for smart wireless speaker. So that was from their press release. So it does sound very raw, but it's more for the information. SVS has high quality products. We reviewed many of them in. I don't think there's been one that we've disliked. So I have no reason to believe this product would be any less than outstanding. But if you're looking into wireless audio, we have a link to their website and you may wanna check out these new products. Do what the heck is a seismic leap. Is that mean that you jump and you land so hard? You causing earthquake? What's a seismic leap? Yeah. Okay. Serious to me seismic means it moves the earth. So it's it's so yeah, I think you're right now. Now that you describe it that way, it's a huge leap that when you land it moves the earth, yes, Brayden you nailed it. It's just a weird phrase, man, seismic leap forward. It's a lot of very flowery language in in that in that paragraph. Well, I mean, yeah, but every press release does that the main point is they do have these new devices. And as I said, we've never been dissatisfied with SVS product. That is true. Okay. So we found this article over at ABS forums, best sound bars under five hundred dollars and the we're going to tell you about him. Why don't you do the first one Brayden since you like clips? You're, you know, you have a lot of clips in your house, and I think this would be good for you to do. Yeah, I am a fan. So the first one on this list, this. List put together by Mark hinder. We'll have a link to it like are set at the website is the clips HD. Theater S b three sound bar and it is a two point. One sound bar. So comes with the bar and a sub woofer. And they say that the ten inch down firing sub adds solidity to the performance and three surround mode creates a more spacious sound watching movies or playing video games. But the main reason to get this system which is shoes HDMI and networking. And basically every other feature of other sound bars is for the two channels eclipse sound packed into a sound bar form factor. So clip sounds really, really good. They're great speakers. If you won't clip sound in the sound bar, this you go. All right. Then next up is the Polk audio magnify max out gladly, vouch for the fidelity of this sound bar. Poke has research has really knocked it out of the ballpark. When it comes to price and performance, the magpie series, you'll get crisp clear dynamic. It sounded includes impactful bass and surprisingly competent sub woofer. Furthermore, the psalm Barr uses pokes patented SDA stereo dimensional array technology to render a wide and immersive sound field without requiring surround speakers. It's also smart with chrome cast built in which allows it to stream directly from many apps and also part of a multi room audio system. This one. A couple of clips didn't have a price either. I'm gonna bind a price for this. Okay. That one that I talked about was four hundred ninety nine dollars just barely a hair under five hundred. There's a bunch on the list. I'm going to jump over the Samsung h w n six fifty. If you're looking for a sound bar and you may potential to add surround sound speakers to it. They sell wireless ad on speakers for that Samsung system. So it's it's pretty cool, but I wanna talk about the Sonos beam. And the article says, when HD my finally arrived in the Sonos university came in the beam, a surprisingly affordable offering from the company that practically speaking single handedly created the multi room networked lifestyle speaker category that's now on fire beam is true, Sonos design, carefully engineered down to the last detail. You can count on several things with any Sonos product. The beam sounds good is attractive, reliable and easy to use. So what's the catch the beam does not include a sub woofer and if you wanna have a proper cinematic experience or get the most out of your music, you need a sub. The price of the Sona sub is steep at seven hundred dollars, but it's a much better performer than the subs that come in the box with other sound bars and speakers and speaks of the fact that you can build out SUNA system that's based on the beam by adding wireless around and the sub for true. Five point one. I haven't heard the Sonos beam yet, but I am excited to try it out. So I have like a really, really cool speaker. I have a Sonos beam. I bought it for our condo and we went up there for Labor Day, but we went with some friends and I didn't have time to install its all have to get to that a little bit later on. But I, I know the products been out for a while. So the review may be old news, but I will at least give you what our impression is of it in the last one I wanted to talk about was the Yamaha music cast of the music cast four hundred Yamaha's been in the sound bar game a longtime and much experience building great sounding examples. The music cast bar. Four hundred is a perfect example as well. It's well rounded technology and now Brayden and I, the first thing we heard was the Yamaha sound projector at a e ES and we were blown away. The problem is it was in a controlled environment where they knew. Exactly how to set up the walls to get the best reflections. But we heard sounds behind us and the only speakers were in the Amaha sound projector. Consequently, we brought those into our houses and did demos in never got that type of performance because in reality, your houses never just four walls. He got stuff all over the place or have open walls. So that's to me were sound bars breakdown and so would the music has bar four hundred? You do get Amazon. Alexa voice recognition DT as virtual x for immersive, sound Dolby vision support via HTM. I am more. It's flexible with a wall mount option and the musicale support streaming services and allows it to be part of a large, multi room sound system. And it is one of the best sound bars for under five hundred bucks. So would that said Brayden I am building sound bar, but it's not really a sound bar on building a an enclosure that houses three speakers that if you've. Got a receiver you can connect up the three speakers to it. And I, I wanted to try this out because I think a lot of people have space for a receiver, but they don't really have a good place to put speakers. And the way I've designed this thing, it's only four inches high forty inches wide and five inches deep. Some thinking I can get some pretty decent sound out of it. I'm making a video as I build it. I should have done in a few weeks, but it will. I think it's gonna look really cool. And I think it's a product at a lot of people would like the component parts are only gonna cost about two hundred and fifty bucks, and I guarantee you, you know, except for the clips is going to sound better than pretty much all these other sound bar. Maybe not the Sonos either, but the other ones it will definitely sound better than I've been trying to look up pricing on that cliff shin, it's no longer available Crutchfield than Amazon. This only visible from one seller in his nine hundred bucks. So. It must have been five hundred bucks at some point. Yeah, and now it is in scarce demand, everybody wants it and it's hard to get your hands on. He had there you go. All right. So the last thing we want to talk about is article found at ratings dot com. It's RT I n g s dot com in it's entitled the seven best seventy seventy five seventy seven inch TV's and this is based in October. It may have been released earlier, but they revise it just recently. So we're gonna go through these TV's really quickly for you and the best seventy seventy five seventy seven inch TV is the l. g. o. led seventy seven c eight model. And it has a mixed usage rating of eight point eight. But for movies, it just shines at nine point, three sports, eight point. Seven TV shows eight point five now HDR movies. It's got a nine point one rating and it says the best TV we reviewed that is available in the sizes that we just mentioned is the LG the LG see aid is an outstanding TV would with excellent dark room, performance perfect for gaming or watching movies in a dark room. The selfie miss of technology delivers deep blacks, perfect of black uniformity and his excellent emotion handling with near instantaneous. Response times. So motion looks crisp with very little blur. Here's the thing I took out of this dark room. So if you are watching any kind of daytime content, this may not be the TV to get, even though it's ratings, number one, pick. Yeah. And that next paragraph says, it's kind of like a one, two punch. Gamers will love the extremely low input lag, although it lacks more advanced gaming features like the our auto low latency mode, unfortunately, like all lead TV's. It does have a risk of temporary image retention and permanent burn in, but under normal varied usage, we don't expect this to be an issue for most people. So like you're saying, if you're doing maybe a lot of gaming or daytime content might not be the right screen. So maybe you're looking for an LED based alternative to that one. If you're concerned about the risk of burning the LG, see eight or simply want the best LED TV on the market, they say, you wanna get the Samsung q in seventy five. Cute. Nine f. n. it's an excellent q. LED. TV is not have the perfect blacks or the wide viewing angles of the leads, but it does have a great picture quality with deep blue. Lacks thanks to excellent native contrast ratio in great local, dimming colors. Vivid in the TV is great for HDR content. It's very bright also suitable for bright rooms. It costs less and also offers great performance but doesn't have as good local dimming. So cost less. Sorry. Britain is fifty to ninety seven versus sixty nine ninety six for those TV's the old lettuces sixty nine ninety six and the q. is the fifty to ninety seven. So about a little over twelve hundred bucks less. All right. Moving onto the mid range. It's the Sony XP are seventy five x, nine hundred. F- if our top pick is too expensive for you. The Sony XP are is the best range TV that's available in this size, even though the x nine hundred doesn't have the infinite blacks or perfect uniformity of the l. eight. It has excellent overall dark room performance. It's livers excellent, deep blacks and full array. Local dimming improves overall experience. It performs better than the eight in a bright room and is noticeably brighter in SDR and HDR motion looks almost as good on the Sony and but it is slightly. It has a slightly worse impact latte, input lag. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the size. Same wide viewing angle is a CA, but overall, a great TV that should please most people and it has a mixed usage rating of eight point three. And movies is eight point five, but in HDR movies is a point four. It has a mixed usage rating of eight point three and the Ola barely even got anything. Any individual category down at a point, eight point to a Louis scorecard, PC mono. And this goes, you and I talk about side by side. You're gonna see the difference, but if you don't have them side by side, I don't know anyone who put the Sony in their house and be disappointed with it. Yeah, for sure. But they do list to alternatives. So that was the best mid range TV if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the Sony x, nine hundred f. they recommend the seventy five Sonia piece, seventy five f one, the piece series does not have the excellent brightness of the Sony, but it has a superior input lag and an equally good motion handling. It's versatile TV. That is good at almost any usage and their alternative for gaming. If you don't like the Sony for playing games on, they recommend the Samsung u n seventy five. And you eight thousand. It doesn't have the picture quality. The Sony will not perform as good in movies or with HDR content. It lacks full array, local dimming. However, it is a quilt with a very low input lag and variable refresh rate capability, which makes it pretty attractive for gamers. And the Sony goes for how much is the Sony here? Thirty five hundred dollars so much cheaper even than the q. lead. And I believe. The culet and the old Ed are not necessarily two thousand dollars better, but all right. So the best budget television, the seventy seventy five seventy inch size category is the. Hang on, what did I miss your device skipped out? No, it's the, it's the video d seventy three. The video d series for k. model is the best budget. TV does not have local, dimming features. So dark room performance isn't as good as the x, nine hundred. But it has a fast response time which delivers crisp motion an excellent, low impact, low input lag for gaming, and this TV goes for. Nine hundred ninety five dollars. So you've you've dropped way down in price, but also the the mixed usage rating is seven point four. So I think that's a significant difference where you might actually see a difference a but at the price point, if you're just looking for bang for the buck, big size and still pretty good TV your, it's going to be hard to beat that at at that price at that price is is an incredible deal. But yeah, when you look at where that seven point four mixed usage came from the two lowest scores on the list are six point seven for movies and six point eight for HDR movies. So if this is going to be your movie watching TV this is probably not going to be the best one for you to get. You may be able to spend a little bit more and get something that's going to be a little bit better as a movie watching. Yeah, totally vision and they have a in this category. Also another alternative, the larger alternative in this category. If you want a seventy two seventy five seventy seven. Inch budget TV, but the gaming performance of the video isn't good enough for you. You can get the Samsung UN seventy five and you seventy one hundred. It has extremely low input lie for gaming or for uses a PC monitor has optional black frame insertion feature that can improve motion. Clarity at the expense of some brightness also has an optional motion interpolations feature that can further improve motion smoothness. Although some people don't like the soap opera effect that this introduces so I think across that entire list are if you're in the market for a TV in that size range, there's got to be something in there that would speak to you with all their alternatives for different use cases and stuff. Yet you know, I think ongoing would the the Sony the XP are seventy five x, nine hundred f. I think that's what's going to do it for me because it's got the direct. Lit LED. So I get the really dark or darker blacks, and the price point is reasonable. And the performance eight point three is actually pretty good usage compared to a point eight. So you're not taking that much of a hit on the quality? Yeah. And it looks like a great performer from April five on movies in a performance GR movie. So it looks like a great like home home theater screen. I add on how you would say that wreck is not really theory, but like you're, you're right movie screen. Right? Exactly. So that article will have a link to it. It's again, available ratings dot com. That's a great site. They do some very indepth reviews quite frankly to the level debris, and I can't, and we do have permission to use a lot of their information. We just point you back to ratings dot com. So we think them very much for allowing us to do this and for. Everyone who has become a new patriarch in patron of the show or has continued in that or the cups of coffee and the calf house and everything that came in. Thank you so much. We really appreciate it, and our fingers are crossed were hoping you know that it it can continue so that we can continue to the show. Thank you very much for listening. We predate it, go TV, and we'll see next time. You've been listening to the HDTV and home theater podcast with are the dairy and Brayden Russell. If you're not already a subscriber, find the show in I tunes Stitcher for your favorite podcast aggregated in social media look on Facebook and on Twitter at HDTV podcast to contact our or Brayden for questions and feedback. Email HD guys at HD guys dot com, and they're on the web at HD guys dot com again, be sure to subscribe and thanks for listening to the HDTV and home theater podcast.

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