The Great Gildersleeve 48-10-27 (301) Gildy Proposes to Adeline


The Kraft Foods Company Presents Herald Perry as the Great Gildersleeve. The Great Gildersleeve is brought to you by the Kraft Foods company makers of Parque Margarine. Millions of women all over America Serve Parque, because if tastes so good, why parque tastes like it should cost twice as much. To? Do to get some. Home again home again, try it. You'll like it, you love. Saying. P. A., R. K. A.. Y. R., K. Margarine made by crap. Well Sunday in Summerfield. are of peace and goodwill surrounds Water Commissioner Gildersleeve as he strolls home from church in his Sunday best with a pretty lady on his arm. Good Morning Jones Gladys. You encourage he martin. Jones is a clerk in the city treasurer's office at line. Always liked to see those follows in the Treasurer's office, attending church. Well as May two, really good morning Mr Mayor, glad. You saw me in church. I mean. To Go to church, on Sundays. After Press Kit Symons. Make you feel so good inside line they make. You feel pretty good when you get outside, too. Long Talker Prescott. You I enjoyed every minute of it I. Never saw so many pretty new forehead. Awfully sweet of you to that meet ago, you'd WanNa, hear my. Fellow she sang beautifully. A. Little Marjorie choir. FAMILIES GROWING UP headline. Before, we know that the baby will be going to Sunday school poor little foundling. I don't think anybody's ever GONNA play. When are you going to adopt the Throckmorton. Law seems to think I should be married I. None of my business but I agree the baby. All the have a mother. Be True. Some other couple could come along and adopted unless you get married. Now! But who could I marry? Have, there's an old southern expression. Sometimes. You're so close to the forest. You can't see the tree. As well. Here's your house and there's mind goodbye. Tree all right. She nearly had me on a limb. Well, Brady Sunning the baby yes Mr Gill lease thought I'd bring out in the yard for a while. Good idea. In. HOW YOU LITTLE BABY! You like it out here. I guess she does. Watch it for while Miss. Gill's leave our star dinner dinner all right ahead ready. Thank you got along, little! Baby Son's moving around. Let's move around with. That's all he had baby here. We go right out the driveway. Is a car coming in here? Bullard always using my driveway to turn around. His own. Hope! You don't mind my using your driveway. Anytime. That's what foreign neighbor. Nice car. You're driving Mr Boom. I got my forty nine model late forty eight. Yeah. I'm waiting for a forty nine model to. BEEN WAITING? Since nineteen thirty six. Nice buggy your pushing. Buggy oh. Yes, there's a baby. I know I've been noticing. I'm very interested in babies. Elo their little meals baby remember me. I missed a Rumson bullet from across the street will brother and we shook hands the other day remember. He doesn't seem very responsive today. Well, maybe it's your gloves. Mr Boy, she might be frightened by the yellow swayed. You're lucky to have a lovely child goes leave Mrs Bulletin I, often discussed adopting a little girl to grow up with Craig that might help. Little Craig. and. This baby has aroused my interest she has. have. You started adoption proceedings yet you'll loosely well as Lord who doctor I'd have to get married and seems a little drastic. I can understand why you wouldn't want to assume additional obligations. A water commissioner salary being what it is, it isn't that instable whereas with my income I could easily support a little. Tax Exemption. Yes indeed GP welcome in the bullet home. No look here board will. Little Tar. What he meant by that. How'd you like to have a stuffed shirt like that for father? Those are my sentiments exactly. I Better Watch that guy. I may put a gate on that driveway two. Can't seem to get to sleep. Wonder if I ate too much birdies roast beef. No it isn't that. It's all moneybags bullied were saying. What he meant by all those like comments. Museum! Preceding. Welcome in the bullet home. Hum. You. Want. You're dreaming. Your screaming. Guy Knows I was Leroy. Why did you wake me up? A Comey what character. Well the night that. I'll be at the office in a minute. I can get some sleep. Bullard wouldn't try to adopt my baby. He's a in a friend. A neighbor anyway. Hey. Is Bullard. Going into the courthouse courthouse. I'd better follow him. He goes down the hall I'll stay a little ways behind me. Between left I'll bet that's where you go to take out adoption papers. Just peak around the corner. Gildersleeve. Slave following me in. Just on my way to my office Gildersleeve. What are you up to well? I am what are you? What are you doing down here? I'm seeing a certain official about a certain Matt and it certainly none of your business. It's certainly it. I'M GONNA see my lawyer. I gotTa Talk to you. The facts occasions Mr Garfinkel judge. Get off the phone. Excuse me. I'm conversing with a client farmer Gosh Finkel I'm a client to sit down. Now that Mr Guy Painful. You alleged hunters trespass on your property and shot eight km geeze Deuce at the time like this. which we shall hereafter, he fire to as the Corpus Selecta. Hang Up, there's GONNA. Be a conference booker. Pardon me Mr Garfinkel. There's a big commotion in the Office. I'll call you back. I hope you're satisfied now that you've interrupted me on my biggest case this week yesterday. What's you were alleged? Mind judge. You've got to help me. Adopt the baby Gal. I doubt if I'm your solution. What do you mean to adopt a baby? You have to get married and I don't accept your proposal. Let's not be ridiculous. I have every reason to believe that somebody is trying to adopt the baby before I do who's yelling? Rumson Bullard Sandberg just yesterday. He said he admired her. This morning I caught him sneaking into the courthouse judd. You've got to help me guilty. I regret to say that if Rumson Bullard is taking steps, there's not much that I can do about it and if you're not going to marry and adopt the infant. Willard's home might not be a bad place horror. Cultural and social advantages opportunities to marry well money. You never want for anything gilded now I can see it. You're on Bullard side to. I'll bet you even drew up his papers. You turned against your friend and fellow jolly boy. You're nothing, but an old goat wolves clothing. You know I'm the best friend you and that data, half or spiders horse sweaters. You can say up. Regarding is eight dead geese. Maybe should adapt the baby. At least you have a pet for other own. Turncoats Hand Goose Liar Goodbye. Well, LITTLE BABY! You don't know what's happened today, do you? See that big house across the street. As a big man in there and he wants you. I couldn't bear to see this little girl grow up across the street. Break my heart. But is booker, said. She'd never want for anything. Might be for the. Little Girl. The only way I can prevent it is to get married. But, the prevention seems worse. It's not funny. Lowly right. Quarter her. Why do you want to dollars and a quarterly right for non-payment on a dog dog? Why do you want a dog? Paddle and play with a leroy dogs running across lawn every five minutes. You can pet them. Just. Pedigree dogs pedigree dogs. Where did you get such an idea? Nowhere but. I'll put the two and a quarter with what I haven't. I. Don't you by Leroy? Pedigree dogs cost a lot of money. There's like Christmas presents. Until you. Leroy. Things between now and Christmas. Right. You don't want me to have my boy. I didn't say that Saddam. Let's talk this thing over your old uncle is made of money you know. All Right Can can have a dog. Luma. Pedigree dog. you go up and see if you settle for pedigree looking Mutt. Who could that be nearly summertime? Craig blurred. He's upstairs create. He doesn't feel good. What's that? Come Down I say my pedigree dogs. So, that's where Leroy got the idea. I doesn't have a pedigree dot. We may have one someday. I've been thinking of buying a bird dog just like that. Done. About, Don, a Welsh terrier wells terrier oh. Yes, getting a little doctor out there. He's got a pattern. and. Then yells, read very nightcap. Far. More expensive than I thought. Down a little late gone home I'm closing the door. I've got news for you I don't like him either. That's not true. You go home now. You on Home Supper and don't come back with bird dog you. Know, Birdie. Just suggesting to Craig that he go home. Oh. Birdie! But would you think about letting some wealthy family like the boards? Adopt the baby? That's the. Birdie I know it comes as a shock to you, but a lot of things in favor of it. Always be things the water peddler commissioner campfire. Everything to Gildersleeve. Look how you raise Miss Margin Leroy. You know what you give them children that money came by. You'll give them your heart. Just prejudice you may not be a man with a big pocket book, but you man with a big heart. But in the long run the baby may be better off with Mister. Board Mr Gill's need to give this baby to that man. You don't want this sweet little thing to grow up like that snooty Little Craig, do you? See guilty, that baby was left in your car, and it's your responsibility only way I can keepers to get married married if that away I take it. Throw caution to the wind. May Have to that now you talk Mr guilty. No sacrifices to great when it comes to saving the baby I may save the baby. WHO SAVED ME? Fifty Thousand Dollars in prizes including twenty brand new sit ends think of it. Seven hundred twenty one prizes, including twenty powerful streamlined new Ford sedans will be one in parque series of big contests why those Ford's alone are practically priceless today and the Grand Prize winner gets one thousand dollars to go with a luxuriant car. He wins just listen to these prizes each week for five weeks. Parque is awarding for beautiful. New Ford. Sedans Forty General Electric Table Radios. Two Thousand Eight corny coffee makers, twenty postmaster automatic pop up toasters, sixty new ten dollar bills now to enter just helped. The Great Gildersleeve got a name for the pretty little baby girl. Girl found some weeks ago. Right? You're suggested name for the baby on a contest entry blink available at your food dealers with complete rules or use a plane piece of paper sand entry with one red flat from the end of a package, of Parque, margarine, and your name and address do Parque Margarine box seven, three six Chicago seventy-seven Illinois is your to enclose your parque dealers, name and address makeup bid for your beautiful, nineteen, forty, nine four, but hurry this third weeks. Contest closes this Saturday mail your entry to Parque Margarine box seven, three, six Chicago seventy-seven, Illinois now the first weeks, winners will be announced at the end of this program. Let's return to the Great Gildersleeve. Arms locked behind his back. He walks the streets, varying his chest and thoughts to the wind and rain. Marriage. Won't be able to go out. Nice the jolly boys as much. Laughter the first year. I can adopt the baby, and that's what I want. getting yourself, we've. Got To get married. TV Crunched. Can I do for you? React. If you don't mind, I'd like to stand over your flaw. Furnace a few minutes you. GotTa come up through there together anything. I know that PD. PD. I just made a big decision. I'm going to get married. Honey come your. I. Mean it this time. I'm sure you do. Who is lucky woman? Well, that's what I'd like to talk to you about. You decided to marry knowing who? That's living pretty dangerous. I have a pretty good idea but I'd appreciate your opinion. Honestly no Dorothy Day. No, but you've been married long time you know what adds up to a happy married life. Might be able to point out very traps. Trapper Notre peavy. It's the best thing to do for me. The baby and Miss Fairchild. Fairchild Day What do you think of that line Fairchild TV? She appears to be a fine upstanding woman. Oh, that she is. Now! That I have a baby in the house I have to have a way. Your, your neck, putting the cart before the horse. He. I have reason to believe that. If I don't adopt the baby right away, somebody else will I. Don't blame you. If we're wanting to adopt a baby, you don't buy. George PD call right now and make. Dayton proposed tonight MPV. I didn't give that hot. Get any drying. At Michigan lately. I wondered if you would mind using telephone roster straight. Out of order no, you're a good customers together. Thing I'd hate to. Have you come in here years later. Look at that booth and hold it against me. Goodness I'M GONNA call from here. And you can suffer the consequences same as me. You look so nice tonight Ed. Thank you buy your lotion smells devastating, and you've shaved so nice and close. But. Aren't you little Pale Pale? Talcum powder I think. Another political rate, Leroy, this is no rally. Feeling great anyway. I. Don't know who you're calling on tonight on, but whoever she is I. Betcha can't resist you. Suppose you. Wait I. Straighten your tie. Not Stand back I WANNA take one last look at you. You better take one last look Tuli right. I want you to remember me. Well. Can't stay out here all night. But I go in. Policemen cruising around the block or getting suspicious. Bettering the I guess. What Ad Line doesn't accept me. Now, you're grabbing at straws. Got To go through with the baby sake. Hammer Nella. Said this. AD. What do you mean by that nothing? Are you sure. You're touchy. Well had a hard day. I'm headline. Thank you. This afternoon on the phone. You sounded so eager and so romantic. Just going to sit there, wish alona. Bono, no! I propose over the telephone. Of. This. Is Wrong with him. SWANNEE was coming over here to propose. Trap. Rathmell. Oh. Adalah yes. Line! Wonder if you'd hand me one of those mince. My mouth seems a little dry Holland. Little hasty. Sacrifices I make for that baby. Kid Man. Thank. You. Report on media meal. Adlon. You and I have known each other long time nearly a year. That's long enough for people to make up their minds about each other. So. I came over tonight to ask you yes. To ask you Hanmi another mint. My mouth strike again. The point. I have opposed to him. Unless they wait to. Here's the men Throckmorton. Is I was saying? I seem to like you and you seem like me. So the night airline. I'd like to ask you to yes. I mean. Why don't you take the whole box? Thank you. Headline You're good natured. Nice looking always attractive when I come over in the evening. I've always admired YouTube throckmorton. You're successful businessman, you an attractive instead. Advocate. Landline. Now that we've talked it over I. I'd well I'd like to ask you. Then I better go home Martin. You should. Could it be you sweet? Little man that you came over here to propose delillo landline access. I've saved. At line great big broad shouldered husband. Gildersleeve, you have every reason to be a happy man. That sick feeling in your stomach is probably because you ate so many mints. Probably. The WHO that? Bullard add locking. That dog I've got something to say to him booed. Wait a minute. Ride. Good evening. Bullard, you can't have the baby. That Gildersleeve, you thought you could double cross. Meet with all your money. You thought you could step in and take my baby away from me. Well boarded won't work. I've taken steps. I'm going to get married well congratulations, don't you congratulate me blurted means I can adopt the baby. I think that's wonderful congratulations again. Why aren't you mad because you can't adopter? Certainly not? Why should I be bully? What about this morning at the courthouse? What were you doing there Yoda's leave? It's none of your business, but if you must know I was getting this dog a license for God. The. The names of the four top winners in the first park as five big baby, naming content I want to hear that each one of the following contest entrances one a massive powerful, streamline, nineteen, forty, nine, four or Ford's Damn Mrs L., A. Morris of Long Beach California. Lauren are Kermit's junior of Detroit Michigan Mrs Alley, each room of Portland Oregon Mrs Luana passenger of route to box thirty-three Rockwell. Rockwell North Carolina congratulations to all of you indeed, winners of one hundred forty other prizes in the first weeks, contest will be notified by mail. Four more winners affords. We'll be announced next week. Remember you can enter the big fifty thousand dollars contest as often as you want. Send in several entries, maybe four or five this week and boost your opportunities to win a brand new Ford Sedan. Ladies and gentlemen every year at this time, the community chest appeals to you for help. A single donation to the community chest means a donation to all health welfare and recreation organizations that serve your community by giving generously. You can be sure that your money is helping where it's most needed. You give once a year, but the wonderful work of the community chest goes on all year round, so please give generously. Thank you and good night. Play with your food budget. It's ts golden good to you. That's a bargain in Ukrainian Jesus. The podium who the main dish food impact downs forearms basic food. Majesty's for high quality, complete protein, calcium, phosphorus, and other nutrients from milk tomorrow. GET ONE OF CRAFTS, famous past drives, process, varieties, media, mellow, craft, American or sharp old English. Rich Jet Mild Cheddar flavor yet the delicious cheese food VELVEETA for marvelous lower cost main dishes cooked. NBC The National Broadcasting Company.

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