#189 Costumes of Superman


As it. Is Jason J. Louis. The Voice of Superman on Justice League action smarten. Wade while. You're listening to the crypt on report chain you're listening to. The all things for Tony podcast including Superman and super. We discussed teams. Cartoons to. Find the FACEBOOK instagram. Youtube and twitter. Welcome to the Krypton report. has a special PRI Halloween ish I guess gift I don't know this time of year. I was thinking you costumes and wanting. Cost play. This will be the coolest. Time you know to to this episode that I had on my mind for a while I actually built. Made. This little reference powerpoint here months and months and months ago just on a whim sitting board in my Car Geneva was doing something in a store So we're GONNA talk about Superman suits. And we're GONNA try to represent as much different common variations as we can. There's an infinite number of little variation, the comics. So we're looking at live action in a few of the comic books were. But as always I am your hostess. Who boasts. About. Nothingness. Tyler, and with me, it's always my other half the superman of read the mighty man, the muscles, the strength teams. Just Watch. Beetlejuice is that what you got going on here Sounds like hippy now. Actually they don't know just like watching. Different stuff with the kids so just. You know stuff just comes to you. Yeah. Well. It's spooky seasoning or Halloween. Last from like September first until. Thanksgiving. So we'll. Buki season last. saw the whole time. So. A nightmare before Christmas season kicks off October first and runs toe. December thirty first. Bagley, like at Walmart, we were there yesterday. And of course, they've already started putting out the Christmas decorations and they have a nice little pocket where it's the Halloween decorations in the Halloween decorations end. With nightmare before Christmas. And then right next to the nightmare before Christmas Christmas decorations, and that's where the Christmas decorations. While that's clever I'm sure that's not I'm sure that's not. Everywhere think that was. Specifically that soar. I'M NOT GONNA. Give Walmart credit. That's a good way to transition us. Cute. I'm listening to give this store some credit like yeah. So. But Hey, let's kick off. A good photo fashion. Costume, discussion. So here we go. All right. So we're pulling up our little sly tyrian. The first one that we see his ray middleton, you got that up James. Yes. So, this is a colorized. Photo of Ray Middleton from the world's fair. And I'm going to put this slide show up when the episode drops. So people can see. But Ray here is wearing. Blue. It looks. When I look at this, I like the old Halloween costumes, kind of plastic. How his like s shield is like it's it's black with the red s but it all looks payments straight triangle with the largest. Even sitting here and says Superman honor it and like the boost like somebody route plastic around shoups. They may do this. Listen a very like I mean this is the kind of homemake Hossam. Your mom makes you grow quickly you feel like, Superman. Went around your house is even like the Yellow Bell is like looks like just A. Liquid those old military style belts painted. Like, yellow. Yeah looks like it even has the trunks Kinda. Popping up and hanging over the top of it. Yeah and That's I. Mean That's just. Kind of what it is you know. That was that was race you know really quick interpretation and. There was. A real first costume though you know what I mean outside of comics and cartoons so Horrible you look at action comics number one, it's. Pretty true to form so. I give it a pass. You know I'm not going to hate on it like it's just it's one of those pieces of of history and it's nice to see in. I, you know everyone should check it out. A whole lot to go over with it but I mean, I give it a pass. Yeah does I mean if it does kind of have. Like the more. Like shape and the black behind the s was back then. Like it was in the comics like it was in the Fleischer cartoons. Speaking of Fleischer cartoons. That's our next slide. Because it's the only real big difference that was in animated. Style especially for the time this. This is our next introductory to the character. For anybody. WHO's thinking on time line the nineteen, forty, one Fleischer cartoons and I have always loved this simple. You know the thin gold outline, the black, and then that just popping bright. Red S. And And the Cape is just just down to the knees I was actually getting ready to say that you know. It's something that we get to our more of our live actions continent bring up what is your preferred style of Cape And I you will continue with this but the the the Fleischer cartoon is just beautiful like the look of him in the cartoon. It's amazing. I mean there really is. No other way of saying. Oh absolutely. I mean they you know they took inspiration from the Fleischer cartoons for. Like this. And George Reeves. Will the Clark Kent Look and then then the pos the hands on the hips and Even the way the light shines from behind and everything. So it was makes it more interesting when we get to? The next one, which is the Kirk Allen. Suit, which is the first. Films Live Action. And of course, being shot in black and white eight. His suit. Is Very hard to tell I mean. It looks more along the lines. Okay. If you look at his shirt. If you look at his costume. They look very like a A. Shirt, a thermal. Style. Type Shirt. Yeah it's it's literally just got your your stretchy your elastic, a wrist cuffs that you have on most any long-sleeve shirt. Me Even, to this day. And it's one of those I'm like. Okay, you know like. All right. And what color were the suits when they filmed them in in black and white weren't they like? Like grey and Brown or something like that. Yeah. When they film them black line because. The blue and the red didn't show up like black and white like that. Yeah. It looked muddier in. So the US grace. ooh With like a brown boots trump's in Cape. and. Look. Like a shield. How it's like compressed. And it has that really kind of. Flow through raise the first. Thing about this is your first introduction to the shield in here we have five. The deamond. Estimates of the shield now being represented in live action. and S that actually goes from like top to bottom and completely from side to side you know more of what we will come to know. And let me say the is the Cape, is at the knee. Now, we're GONNA jump over to George Reeves here, and this is a colorized version because the the show related starting black and white. And then went to color I disliked the colorized because I love I. Love the colorization Asian process for like old television and things the way it just POPs. It just looks like. Bright yet if you ever watch Any older films that were done in A. Crap not it was not cars a technical process. But when they converted on like when they actually. Converted into blu-ray like it's just such a unique. Pop to it because. They overdid the color when they first went to color they want everything that's brightest postles when you get that like. One example is the old errol Flynn. Adventures of Robin Hood. It was re masterful boulay. Looks Awesome. because. Of just how the colors pop. And like here's an example. So looking at Georgia's suit, it's very similar to kirks. Except George Fills, it'll be better more of a bigger build. George had a bigger build but Kirk actually had more of A. A taper. Physique to his frame. Yes he did. Well George was known to be a smoker and a drinker and things like that. He was not. He was not necessarily superman outside of the suit one thing yet to notice his his. His Cape is thinner and longer. Like if you look at Kirks if you go back, his Cape is whiter, it's wider on his frame has the need you look Georgia's it doesn't really go past his body. And his Cape stops just a little bit below the boot. And he had his boots are about they're not knee high they're like mid range boots. And they're pretty close to two thirds of three quarters of the way up Shen. Yeah. Yeah. So I find that interesting I don't like the. CAPE. Will Start picking apart things what we like I don't like his Cape. The length is fine but I don't like the fitness of it. And how just comes out of the collar and and it's really thin across it doesn't it doesn't drop out over his shoulders Yup. It's like it's doing Cape but not wanting to do the Cape. Yeah. So. The Shield is very much the same. It's it's very interesting because this guy. Like. The negative space is a Filipino way larger with the way it compresses in moves inside. His S. it's a little bit fatter. Fatter S. Crest so it's something to of take note it's. Its distinctive. His is when you place it against all the others. So as we go through and you look at it you by. George or the George Kirk because they George Kirk. Star Trek reference. She's about how that flows. So. All. Right. Now are the horrible. This. Makes me cry I had to put it here because this is podcast this is David Wilson. Who we probably maybe mentioned once from the. One I'm familiar with this is from the television. Production of it's a bird. It's a plane at Superman. Horrible And his suit looks very just. Over the counter, but it's not really. Do that but I mean the boots look alright. To cave once again is right above the knee. That's why. But they say ads shorter than shorter than all of them. Yup Not even to the knee? Yeah above the knee. And I think that's more for the performance. Wise. But that Simba's horrid. Interesting. But look how much negative space is. In the kids, it's more fragmentary law. It's a very long diamond shape. There's there's barely Aslan at the top for the for the top two points on the left and the right. It's very long to the point very small like it doesn't expand out. But Yeah we'll just keep moving on this suit is not A. Homemade like the best like look at the s on the belt. s like with superglue or something. So we're listening we're going to bypass him and we're going to Bob Holiday. Who is the Creator? stage. Of the original see little history on it. D- it's a bird. It's a plane. It's Superman was performed I actually have a whole episode one day I'm going to do on A. Stage musical and then they adapted and change it and tried to quote unquote modernize it for the TV special. So the TV special is not an exact representation of what was done on stage. But Bob Holiday was the superman of the stage. And honestly his suits not bad. Like it looks comfortable to be a long term you need a stage in front of a live audience. The Cape. Is Actually. Pretty. Pretty good like it comes down past the knee but above. The boot. Just, brakes knee. It's it's not as wide. AS WE'VE SEEN CURB Jan David's but not. Finish George. Not As long as David. the belt looks good I mean it's it's straight on through the trunks. Look good. The got the red loops on the bell. Now it's nice and yellow all the way through, and then you have the larger shield. That takes up more whole chest. It's not fitting. You know he's not a out of shape man. But. He's not ripped. But it's looks good in the suit. You know one thing I wanted to point out about like back at George, his trunks dimos. I hate to use the word diaper, but like George Risi can said before he thought bring diaper outside like a very high waistline too. Yep didn't help. Your time. Yeah I give Bob Holidays Pass I like it. Like. This if this, if this was a homemade suit, like this is a really good classic homemade suit, it would have been. Little on the television. Series. So now move keep moving forward. They would have been an improvement on Georgia's suit from from the from the show. Yeah. So now the next suit is none other than. The Great Chris. and. Frankly, his suits. Awesome. Okay and not much changes wake. We could really like tell from a lot of photographs between Superman two. Three four there are some changes in material and stuff, but it's all very some of the same suit. His boots always looked bigger to me. I think than what they are. because 'cause they come up really high, but they have really really deep kite in them. That makes him not look. It's it's all the way up over the calf. It's not quite to the knee, but it's all the way up over the cash. Yeah. It's like his nieve since perfectly in the decrease of the boot. I will say I'm not. Picky but the bill always little to plastic he for me not as much like a belt. But the the Cape looks great on his shoulders. The, s crest. Just as immaculate. And then once again we're at. where it's like right like right below the knee. The top of the boot. Yeah and you know Chris had the Christmas the first one to actually like develop a physique to fit the suit to. To actually look like. Superman did. Not, just not just suck in the gut and have some padded shoulders like there was no padding in crisis suit no least at least in his physique. Just joking. The. The best. He looked in the suit and then like in shape wise wasn't superman three. Say, what you want that move a he looked the best. And Superman. Three More, years you train you know the. The better. You look I mean when you when you got Tom Welling. in shape for the first, you know for four or so years like. He's developing muscle. He's he's He's cut in the scenes he needs to be cut when he's got when when they have them do shirtless scenes and stuff. But then by the time you get five, six, seven, eight, and nine. Like he's just big. Because it takes you know because. Training I five, six, seven, eight years. To. Maintain a physique you are naturally going to build. Muscle he he put on forget what he said he put on over the ten years of training. There was an interview and I can't remember what it was because it was quite a while ago. Now, you know that shows offering off the air for nine years. But. You know he said he'd probably and he probably put on twenty pounds of muscle by just you know having to train and stay in shape for the role. Naturally going to happen watch I mean you watch that we just we did just watch the pilot and he's he's more like. Lanky for lack of letter term. You know he's more kind of like. Know. What do you call it? then. Any anything. You would see later like as the series goes all he said he gets bigger and bulkier like those middle years. And I mean like you said the more you do it. Wasn't hugh. Jackman from looks the best physical in the Wolverine. A. Because he basically did. That are days of future past. Yeah. He wants the best because he did the Wolverine then went straight into filming days a feature passed. So he had to keep doing the routine for so long. Just, just built upon with the already had. And he he got big for the well, he tried to put on muscle to for the role of. Real. Steel to look like a boxer. So he tried to. Did. In. Between a cup inbetween which film I can't remember which ones specifically he. Trained, to gain some weight train to get bigger and and have more muscle. So then he put on muscle and then he had to get shredded again to play Wolverine. So then you know after what fifteen years of training hard training he was he was jacked by the time he he did his scenes in days a future passed. He got he got huge from X. men one to X. Men two. But then you add another ten years on top of that thirteen years on top of that. He frigging, yeah, he he was. He was a specimen and when it came down to it through caught him a huge Jackman. Huge, Jackman. Could press thousand pounds. Does not. Surprise me. Even. For his for his small legs is because he's tall, you know he he was strong. Men are just. I don't know what to do to to accomplish those goals, but you know. It's hard with. And when you don't. Get. Paid to work out four hours a day and have a team around you to make it happen Kit. I mean. Are you gonNA taste, indication, but dedication center vice but I think can also be considered to collect for some things when you have to take care of your kids. Yeah you. Are just taking care of your family but speaking Jack Chris boom there's a picture right there. The next suit we have is the evil superman. Some people say Bizarro I'm not really sure 'cause I don't recall a Bizarro Superman but the darker version of Superman from Superman three. And? The costume is basically the same darker like it's more of a Maroon ish dirt read with a darker blue and I kind of like the blue. To be honest with you because I feel that Christmas regular shoots much more of Scottish blue, very light blue I i. Kinda liked it a little bit slightly darker blue. but in this photo of the evil been, you can see how. He is. How much how much bigger he had gotten? And so. Does just there for reference moving on the next one is super boy. And I think actually my slides backwards. So I'm GonNa just that here because it should be. John Newton. I. Think my slides in the show rightfully backwards. and. John Newton suit. Is. It's modeled. For Super Boy, the first super way of season one after. The Chris suit same producers, the blue is a little bit. More off blue. But it's not really much of a liar blue just more of A. Otter shade of blue. Like everything here's like really good. Chris toppy. The Cape is This time. Halfway down to the calf. I'd say. What do you think? I mean I kind of like the Cape You know halfway down halfway down his shin. Along Cape. I. Like the way the Cape drapes over his out over his shoulders. I mean maybe the shield is a little low. A. Little Low. Alike along Cape. I like the color of the I like the color of the blue. I, like that color a little better than than like the Gerard. Christopher blew. Me I think I think his suit. If the s was up about two inches. It will probably be. Near perfect classic looking sue like reefs. Yeah. So you said Gerard. His. Gerard's costume is pretty similar. But the CAPE IS BACK to being wider. And shorter and has a little bit more of it's not an angle. Belykh is not straight across there's like A. Flow to almost like A. A rounded end if you look at Johns. And the past few case that we've seen they've all been like stop. A lot of ways Gerard is a little bit more like David Wilson's has that rounded. Part. And I said, it's it's, wider. His symbol is bigger and you can tell the colorization of is blue is different. And we'll get more information hopefully soon about these costumes as be talking with my friend. Sam Who actually owns? Some of the costumes. Really. Yes. That's cool. So I like Gerard's bodysuit and I like his boots. Sorry I think there's like a boots always kind of difficult I don't like the Cape. A personal thing, it's too short i. So. ADDS, it's more. Rounded nece mean it goes to just to the top of the calf. But yeah, it's that roundedness that it looks like it has. At the bottom. That's probably. That's mostly that's most of what makes it look not as good. So the next one. Is the lowest and Clark Dean Cain. Heil it. and. Because the customer and the pilot is not the one that continues on in this series, there are some. Variations. So looking at it. First of all, I'm going to say I hate the boots. Boots. Yeah, they look like they don't fit they look like. They're overly clinging be like. Just look too big and bulky and. They look almost like they were last minute grabs because they don't vote they flow with like the colors of the rest of the red but like. They don't match the red of the rest of the suit. And, the front is points up as opposed to kind of like a cut that crease that goes down. Do you like the bigger symbol though? It's very prominent, very large. This is now we're in John Byrne territory. I do like I do like the bigger symbol. That Dean had throughout the entire. Series it did have a larger symbol. The pilot the way the Cape. Attached. Over the shoulders and to the front. menas reminiscent of like Tyler's Cape. Now. In on the CW. But also like. The way the way, the neckline of the suit it was like really far down. Down on his chest. So like that pushes the whole thing down like that makes the symbol go down farther. With a similar BELLYBUTTON. I mean, it nearly is, and so the biggest thing visually right off the bat is the shoulder for the Cape. His when we now will we jump to the next slide which is? Referred to as version two. It's completely different. Like it's the same boots. But the body suit looks. Like the same body suit. And the belt looks the same the trunks look the same. But that symbol of still big it's higher up. Now the neckline is different than we have more than standard tucked in. CAPE. which looks so much better. Yeah. It's like it's like I've seen costume. It's like when people do their costumes or cost play or. Maybe even what they do on some of these shows that. Is Not. The Cape is not attached to the Shirt Cape is not attached to the suit. It's actually like you put the Capon. And you slip your arms through and it and it actually hooks on to your body to your shoulders, you slide your arms through. Yes and then you put the shirt on the Cape comes out and so it's actually connected to your body and it actually can't be pulled offer anything. Yet but the. Word Souder. Yeah. Yeah. Goes into the sue and it looks like it's tucked into the suit. And it's attached shitty inside I. Think I think that is how it looks. Like that that look a lot better you. I'm not a fan of his belt. You're the gave him the very square look and just you know I understand the belts kind of their break-up, the color. The trump's are smaller. Than what we had. Previously of since even we mentioned Gerard's trunks cut slimmer than what John's were. Right all that's gone from the eighties to the nineties and stuff too you know. But. I. Know other than I like the Cape the case that material for the Cape always looked good because I felt very breezy Fli. And White Avenue and lightweight. But just the biggest thing about his suit that I don't like is the boots. So here's our first specialty costume. which is Dean Cain third costume, which is his Crypto Nian in his version of kind of the black suit in season. I believe or is it season for? The beginning of season for. Spin it's been a long time I hadn't gotten. Caught up on against still I, watched it when I watched the Janine I were watching you just straight through we first moved in. It was coming in the background. We just went straight through it. I'm some of the stuff runs together. But it's sawed black he has black boots and blend in really well, like the black boots looked good except for the blue toasts. Home. He has blue cuffs. And then he has just a giant. Blue. Shield. Like the outline is blue. Is Blue. It's big and it's prominent. and. It looks good. I mean, it fits deans physique and shows off and. For an alternate costume I like it for a trip Tony in style costume. Just, Kinda neat. Different Hunter Representation. It's always kind of NEAT cassie the idea the superman costume without a Cape. Yeah I mean. I mean it's like the first representation of a black suit immune as one of the first alternate suits you've ever gotten. So. I mean the blue, the blue stands out. Really good. It stands out from the black and. I I do like. I do like some super suits that. Don't have the Cape. Liquor next one. Right. I do like some suits that don't have the. I mean, I like different variations of Superman suit. Obviously that's why we're talking about him. So it's come to see how it's translated through time like you know I think it's interesting. That I'm sitting here, looking at picture over on my shelf of the return of super where he's wearing, it's the scene where he's back and he's wearing a black suit and he's running with super bowl a behind him and steal. He's got the Big Silver S. As one. It's interesting like why dean suit wasn't done like that why the blue you now. Now, we're GONNA move onto the greatest cost place you of all time. And that is from SMALLVILLE. Tom Welling in blue shirt red jacket or red shirt blue jacket. Dum. Dum Dum. Like the easiest cost play ever the one that jeans boots and. The one you kind of just fall into don't realize you're doing, and then you're like man cost plan superman today or the one I kind of do every day of my life like. Blue Shirt though the traffic. Right, the unofficial suit like at was kind of like Oh. That's kind of neat like kind of a wink like is when a blue t shirt with a rake to. Cool. Cool. And then as a red, a blue jacket. Okay. Who and then of course, how they did Bizarro as they put him in like a darker red shirt and darker blue jacket? Yeah. Because then at that point Clark was always in the blue shirt red jacket. Yeah. Constantly like you almost never saw him without it. You know it kind of got like old. Okay. Clark ever changes closed like visit you owner giant. Bill. What happened what happened to the farm boy who wore plaid all the time? My favorite is there's an episode in season one that I reviewed for always hold on. Smallville, and he's wearing a yellow flannel. About lost my junk quashes. Has More than like two two shirts like we were pointing out the other day in Washington, the pilot and then I watched like the next day I. watched a few more episodes season one with the kids like he wore his like Brown jacket and he had his plan will. No and then they just got laziness you know. Blue share red jacket blue shirt red jacket, blue jacket until season nine. We get. The blurred her outfit. Know where he likes supposed to be done being Clark and he's just now. where it's basically a black, it's his black costume. Big Thick blabs. Matrix. Neo Quirky decision having sunglasses but it's basically him wearing a black trenchcoat. Black. Jeans with sick motorcycle black. Boots. Black. T., shirt with a grey spray painted symbol. Well I mean it's it's the the idea of it like. Being all black and having having the grey symbol on the shirt is the idea of. When season ended. Doomsday didn't kill Superman, but in all in for all intents and purposes for Clarke. Clarke was dead. Yes. Cow And he was only the bler. So so it was like it was the symbolic changing from the colors to the black and silver like he did in the comics when he came back exactly it's symbolic. Yeah I just like he's just spray painted, but it's the first time he's the symbol. Right, which I like David Cool for Smallville and what they were trying to accomplish in A. it's another easy fun cost play to make. Just, walk around and then the next. It was cool and it has its place in the series and. In the. Pantheon of Superman. Figure of it. Because, then I would round out have all three of my smallville figures that would be awesome. I have my let's petition McFarland to do it. We're already working on Val side here. Okay. One I can't get enough superman figures man. That tells me. That I can't. Write. The next one is my favorite. Not, just because I have this jacket, hang up behind me. and. My wife is amazing but it's Yeah. I agree Christmas morning I would have. Pain Leather Jacket though yeah you do. I. Would have taken my wife and. Spit marital relational time with her had it not been the relatives around and it was Christmas morning. I was so overly Jewish. Inserts your insert the boys favorite line insert my favorite line from the bookcase. Season to. Listeners do the woodland, but I like this look at seven season two. There you go. Check it out. It's still red shirt or blue shirt red jacket. But it's neat because now here's a dark. Blue Jean. In like Sylla's bulkier boots. A red motorcycle jacket with his symbol on it and I like this because. This was the smallville super suit. Like. This was his superman suit on smallville and I I liked it a lot. I have a really cool picture of him in the suit on my wall because. I. Thought it was awesome. You know the shirt is a lighter blue. Very much sky blue. And if you looked at like you about the costuming Smallville. Cyborg Green Arrow? Flash. And this jacket thorough hoodie ZIP based. You know Oliver's is like a vest. Is like a zipper on like A. A. Wet suit wet. You. So this jacket fits that style of all kind of being like hoodie jumpsuit athletic wear. and. Had he suited up quote unquote? In, crisis. This is what I wish. I would've liked to have seen him do. This felt a little bit more true to me to character than the actual super suit. He would quote unquote tried to put on. Yeah. I mean they did you know in the in the show they did give him the the actual superman suit. In the finale like name no, he never wore it was referenced that he has the soup the actual superman suit. Took it and put it in the fortress. Until you before it. took the suit that Martha made from from him and said, you know what? Screw you this you're not ready for it. Yet I kind of weird mother. Earth, mother gave this to you but I say, ready Kinda. Honestly. Like from your point of view I, kind of wish that this jacket would appeared a little earlier. the one dade. One maybe like if he would've award or something at the last episode of season nine like has like a rebirth symbol where he's fighting Zahed instead of still being lake where he was. Or. Like he got her at the start of season ten because he gets like a couple of episodes in it just comes out of nowhere. He just comes walking down a hall. Go. Yeah. He walks out onto the roof, the roof of the watchtower there, and he's in this. It's pretty early on in season ten when he gets in this but then he doesn't wear it that often throughout season ten either no, he doesn't. Wash season ten, just to see this, the the jacket about to put it on a ship for put it on what we did this and took pictures myself walking around the house. Tomorrow Boarding. So the next suit and we kind of did we were doing. But I thought you know compressing all the Smallville together was the best way to do it. Is Brandon routh for. Superman. Returns. And flat out I. Will Say Right now I hate to Cape Material I hate the boots. I don't like the darker ray-ban liked to trump style. And I actually really liked this belt. This is my favorite belt. To be, honest. And? Symbols pretty symbols pretty unique. It probably could be at a Scottish bigger. The blue looks really good. Read does the read the like Maroon I was didn't like that I thought it was too dark. The yellow isn't like a bright yellow. It's almost like a gold ish yellow, which I liked. The material look great except for the Cape You know it just looked too heavy it does not. Come up again it looks just to leather a bulky heavy. It doesn't look comfortable won't be it'll would float in the air. What we need it to. So. I'll always liked the blue colorization. Though. But I like the blue of the Superman returns suit. It's my second favorite colored suit of modern time right now. It's very interesting to with this suit. You know when you actually got real when you get close up images of the suit like there's little S.'s all over the things which I don't like that that was dead and two thousand. Everything, Scott Lake. Texture thinks Spiderman which I take it back Michael Wilkinson if I, remember eight would later go on and do like. You know. Superman immense steel and everything. So Yeah. So and everything you know everything in that movie so much in that movie being so beautiful to look at and the suit having the things that it does and it and making it not as good to look at. It's like man like what what happened there Because no matter what that that was a beautiful movie. Got You. Know I'll always always give it that the cinematography and the art and the direction. The. The. Visuals was it was a gorgeous looking movie. To watch it with the sound off and just look at it. Does the one thing about it makes me sad is. Is We call it. It's so beautiful to watch but like the story. WAS SPLIT was. So. Moving on now I. Have our next big jump. Is the man of steel suit. And I picked this photo because I love this photo. His a little bit. It's during the smallville where it's all more natural lighting. which is my favorite scene of the movie. Took my favorite fight scene of the movie. which is like it's like the way like the pre climax climax like it's the mid scene if you're looking at your pacing, but it can almost be like the big battle, but it's not you know. Here's what I'll say about this suit. I liked the cape, but it's too long. I don't like how much extra fabric like elephant if he stepped back, he's step on it and fall. We know that in the film, most of the time, the Cape, a CG except for some shots like this one here. Which I think to keep us too long. It's neat like the ideas are first. Major Superman suit non trump's. The boots they're made from the same material as the suit, which is part of what they were going forward with the being like a second skin under. A bodysuit, the creep. Tony and war. I liked the cuffs kind of just breaks up. The the suit is a little bit texture of it's a little too dark the blue I chose this one because it's not as dark as people think when you see in the natural lighting. But it is a little too dark. Yeah. They they D- saturated some of they saturated the colors in the film. So it makes it look darker than it is. So it's not that dark. the. The the waste like. Around the sides in in the middle like right along the waste like I never had a problem with that. But like the way it kind of comes off at the buckle in like. Goes up underneath the arms like all the way up to the Latte and everything I was like was like what's that that the same way I feel about going down the leg? Had, had we seen like maybe giral in this like his we seem quickly and his body suit like this but if we had seen maybe how the armor connection works. It serves some port toy armor connects on the trip, Tony or something. Different. But we really didn't see how the armor. Connected to the suit. The the top part like it's very like it's At the caller line. To where it stops? And, the CAPE GOES OUT FROM IT rubbery. It is the cavaliers ripped, but this does has more it's not it's skin tight, but it doesn't it has padding in it. Somewhat, I think this one less than what will get to. The boots have the VK. But if you notice, it only had the one stripe. Am A little a little less than like. Say. Justice League. Because when we go to the bvs one here soon, like cavill was even bigger. Oh, come justice come devious than he wasn't manner steel and I mean you know the man of steel seeing when he comes running out of the water after the oil rigs seen I mean the guys just massive. Theater. In your mean, you realize no, I should work out. Like that, it's like it's like that tic TAC I got shared and I shared to you guys. Won't be that Jack But. I could be a little bit. Better you know so. Then you'll be healthier. That's the main point i. The attract the sexual attraction is definitely a plus but being healthier as the more important I have to. Pick up everything. So yeah. Absolutely so just connecting to that one. We never get a great shot of it, but we get the black suit in this film. and. It's in the nightmare scene in it. So quickly that it's almost blinking. But I did want reference 'cause we will get to see a better. Coming up. You know here because when I made the slide, they hadn't released. Snyder cut but the black suit. it looks good. It's just I mean it's it's like solid black. You know like it's black with a silver. Yeah. that. You would of think it's black everywhere much means exactly the way that Zaid and Richard Citron and all the other people. Right, well, it's it's interesting. Honestly when you think about it, 'cause like all of the suits from of steel they were all black like Zahed and everybody on. Krypton this this nightmare scene for for cal in man of steel their all black. The ship. and. When he gets the black and silver suit. From The crypt Tony Ship that Tony and ship is twenty thousand years old. So. Twenty thousand years ago they had a little bit of color that's where the the blue and the red came from. So back then they had some color and as time has progressed, they've become even more cold, even more sterile and. And they're like flat black you know what? I mean. So I light type. Gets it. I mean, there's a little bit of silverish looking at the pictures of the upcoming. Style to his black suit it's still it's still pretty dark. You know and you're right because even like Durrell. Durrell suits a dark blue with a black symbol when he? Is on the back of Harare. But. With Harakah Harakah stand by the ape restaurants Bro. You know sort of. Like Sh. But no, you're absolutely right because you know it's worth pointing out like how it was and I always felt like the ship it would been Kinda neat if they had done some sort of dial wise. His suit if you just heard like Kelly tight voice like. You know like as if they had the suit within. The. They put the symbol of whoever? House it was you know right onto it. So I thought that was that was the one that was the one thing I was wrong about when it came to be the S., and then further on I thought the ship was going to be was going to be his fortress of solitude. In the Arctic in the middle of nowhere well, the fact that it crashed, and then that's where it stayed was in the city like is it still going to be able to be his fortress in oh? Because, because it was only his fortress four whatever time between the time he flew it out of the ice. Took it exactly. That was it. You know he didn't haven't anything beyond that. I mean, he died after you know after eighteen months but still. Some. More out of it. Yeah. But now get into the evs suit which. Out of all travel suits, I like this one the most. Yeah. This is my favorite. It's a brighter blue which I liked. The. Symbol more prominent. Those like there's there's the gold. Gold Square on the little bit more gold on the hips for like illusion of the belts. there's a light blue I prefer the risk designs from the main steel suit. To this one ounce nitpicking but that's what we're doing. Yeah I the Cape is still you know a long looks great when he's walking now. Expanding there. But it it seems impractical because it's like it's dragging on the ground. And what's what's interesting? It doesn't wise but you know so it doesn't go as wide as you would think. You know it's not as an was George, but it's not as wide as some of the others. I like the symbol be more pronounced to goal the reds in this one though like has little bit more. In the legs, it feels gets more padded. Even though Henry's jacked as he is and I wonder if sometimes. Creating the padding on the suit helps with like stunt doubles. To keep a very same look in shape. like if they put more padding in the stunt doubles costume to match like the actor or you know what whatever? makes. Sense so that. Kinda helps keep the same shape so that you know The shots look the same because I mean I've seen the scenes of like behind the scenes of Henry stunt double and everything, and he doesn't look as big as Henry, but it's hard to tell his brain the costume you know. So it makes you just kind of wonder. But you know this one definitely has more of. It's more sculpted than the Manziel suit was. Yeah. That's probably. And that's probably more more if than than more padding. It's more just to look more sculpted. Than it did before you know. So I. Like this one. The boot now has like the double like. At the top. Yes. Which I think looks fine I like it. So serving onto. One version of the Justice League. The Justice League theatrical version because we could call it. and. We've had discussions about this where. It's a brighter blue. It looks more sculpted because I don't think Henry was as. And as great option, he's in great shape but not like the Jack shape that he was because this was. Later. For All issues we've talked at length about how you feel like everything. He did was sheets in that film. A couple of scenes. Near early every single close up and and almost everything he says is reshot. It looks like it has more silver tone to it which I mean it should be a little bit different just because you know this is him back now that we know what we know about. Certain things in the production makes me Kinda wonder. Well they do have a special feature on the Justice League where they do talk about his suit and everything and they're the underneath Su there's actually an underneath suit and it has like a chrome underlay of muscles. So all the muscles have this chrome. Are All sculpted with chrome look to them a like a A shine over them so that when they put the blue body, sue over top of that. It literally shines through. And in my opinion, it looks it looks horrible. Yeah. I agree, I don't let just as the. So. For All for all intents I, mean it looks almost identical to. BBS except for the color and the brightness the and the silver shining through. Absolutely. Correct. So. The. Next suit I put in here was worth mentioning because some changes, but it's Zachary Levi stunt double pretending to be Henrik avalanches am. Wanted to put it in here because there are a few adjustments that actually kind of dig. And that's the red. In the belt. What do you think? I mean I like it. I, it's almost closer to the rebirth, the early rebirth era whereas like just like the red in the middle and then read along the sides. I mean, this is still got the Gold Square in the middle of a gold rectangle in the middle but It kind of looks like it's forming more of a belt. I like the red like this. Because I feel like that's what. It's like a way of honoring the trunks and their colored without actually having to do it. Actually have to do the trump's. Like we said before I. Don't mind the trunks and comics. Live action I think. Trump's are very hard to do Say That hard to do is we'll get there. But I do I do like the use of the red in their? Little married. To the suit. Right. I definitely agree the trunks are. They look they don't look good in live action. I mean it just it looks it looks older. It Looks I don't know some people would say it's classic but those people probably prefer the trunks. They they just look older. They look old style they look out of date. They they can look weird in on in live action. in comics and comics I mean I prefer Superman without the trunks. Different styles, belts what have you to break up the the upper body lower body you know separate at a little bit more color in there you know. Things like that I mean like coming up in future state with John Kent's Superman costume his his completely blue doesn't have any trunks. He's not wearing a cape, but he's got more red in the upper body to more read out across the shoulders in down the arms and everything. So you know he has more red it's not just full blue bodysuit kind of like how these are in live action. Yeah. But it it's. It's straight blew through through from the chest down. There's no trunks. There's no, you know what I mean. So I mean I, prefer it that way. I mean, we'll get to. We'll get to modern comics. We get a little further and I can delve into that just at least my pet peeve on it. When we get there. So the next suit is the two thousand sixteen tyler. Suit? And His, who is interesting? I will say this. Quick I example one. Cape length. All right. Hit. The Cape Material paid the boots like a hate the boots hate the belt. I like the bodysuit the blue bodysuit actually liked the bodysuit. It's got a different feel to it a different texture the actual crest symbol it's it's rubbery but I Like. It looks it looks cool. If you ever look, do you like the do you like the little? Yellow spots on the outside of it. It's like there's four little yellow spots on the. Or corners no on the symbol no, no that that's weird took. It's it's it's. Weird. The way the Cape attach is because it's like the K. pokes within like it still goes around his neck. It's odd. So. But I despise the boots. They looked so big and clunky and like supposedly more new fifty, two style inspired but they just look. Or? Inspired just because they put more lines in it. So. The neckline instead the body students great for the blue. And The color of the blue good. But Yeah I just. The. Other read aesthetics. I'm not a huge fan of. Yeah I mean the Cape is good like you said, looks a little heavy but. The material. Wise. But the length is good because it's it's long but it's not dragging on the ground long. He's not gonNA step on. You know. Bad, the clips, the little yellow on the outside of the symbol i. mean it makes it unique makes it is own. It makes it this version superman. The belt is a little thick. You've got red and gold. Belt makes no sense. The color but honestly like. It makes no sense why he has that. Also, don't know why like the red had to go thin and then has to have gold. Trim. JENN air either. JUSTA, honor I mean I guess like I said a little bit more like the new fifty two, the sum bell was read and. It's it's. I get it and if if we look. I threw in a picture of him in crisis because it's the same suit basically. But it looks darker. The bodysuit looks darker in crisis than it did when he premiered on supergirl. And I just wanted to point that out like it looks like. It's the same suit with a darker blue bodysuit. Just, the big one is when we get to else worlds. which is his black SUV version and. I liked this suit. Yeah. The boots looked good You know. Maybe maybe the maybe the dip, the the. Decrease down the front. Is maybe that's too far down, but it's not like. And that's just nitpicking at it. But they're not the big clunky looking boots all black, the black and silver of the black can silver looks better in this belt style. It even looks better with silver on the little silver spots on the outside of the symbol like the Elo spots. And it has the collar. Like the new fifty, two suit and that's the thing like I, I like about so. I think the. With the collar like in this. I think the caller look scared. The boots look better. There's their sleep. Curious. the kind of material for the bodysuit. In everything. And I think it's IT works team. I didn't put the slide in, but I should have. But look at if you WANNA. Go real quick. Up the Manoel. Suit. How they put Manoel is basically the same suit. except the colors inverse but it's it's a blend. Because I, liked the style of the belt. Of the Mon- LC. It's the same like looks like the same kind of boots. You know it's just a Blue Cape. Now, there's a spot for the shield, but there's no shield You know they re purpose, but it's the same kind of style of the Tyler's suit. For Manoel. Yeah, the the way that tyler suit is it almost looks like the simpler the better you know what I mean the more complex you make this sue the more the the weirder it looks but like Manoel suit like you say it's it's the exact same soup but the colors inverted but there's There's so much less. I mean there there's a little bit less to it and it looks better I like the belt style for the Manoel sued but I wish they had done that belt. When they did. The Black Superman. I think it would've worked. Much. Much better. But We're we have a good feeling we're going to getting. We see you suit here soon. So So the next one and that's what they said. They said that the the suit that he wore was not designed for continuous production like a like a show. So you know they have their, they have to create him a new suit. The Last live action suit and the one that is kind of a counterpoint to a lot of the things we've said, and that's just because they it is the crisis on infinite earth? Brandon Ralph. Kingdom come style suit. and. It's it's a kind of a different style. And I like it. A Lot. Yeah, I. It's it. It's padded. You can see the pattern muscles the symbol. Looks like a symbol on top of the suit, but it looks really good. Material. Looks Good. It's long, but it's not on the ground is. This is my favorite. CAPE. My favorite. Blue Bodysuit. The blue. Looks really good. I mean Brandon Routh, just talk and has huge feet. So the boots just look really big. and. They look not as bad as the suit like I wonder in some ways like they were trying to keep it like this is where the Superman return evolved into. So like the way the. The trunks are cut more like a brief. Yeah. Then like a full on just like. It was before. I think I. Think it looks more like like an actual set of trunks kind of thing less like a like a set of underwear. Yeah. Less and less legs. His tighty whiteys tidy read whatever. Ultimate costume, but it is like I. Love. You know the bell is cool because it's it's different. WHO's now we're not using the gold where using to black. So the blacklist cool with that style of this and. And then the gold belt buckle in the middle. It all comes together. Nicely. And looks great in motion in live, action? The still you can kinda like pick little things apart. But also when you see it in live action and and Brandon routh and motion in, it looks really good. And you know as much as we've said that. Trump's don't work in live action. Well, you know. I can eat words NIEKRO. It's cool. I think with doing the darker tone. Help. And I think the trump work on this suit. And there's also I'm thinking takes a certain. Actor. To characterization. Yes. To to embrace it and they'd be sold off. Like they put trunks on cavill. Question like he would pull it off like. It's kind of like you're not gonNA. Make. Fun and pick on super bad now. Like. No, no. No. Mr Superman certain NOPE NOPE? So I love it but moving on. So moving on, we've kind of we've now completed our live action with our one reference and our top love about an dive into the comics and we're what I call this section is. Major noticeable big comic changes in the past few years. I could rack all day and all the alternate versions of the comics in the suits. It was worth pointing out. So action comics number one. The page I chose shows a lot times where the boost colored blue. along with the body suit. So that was very interesting as with the rebirth look when people complained about it. So here we go. Joe. Shuster. Right here straight up, you know blue boots. So plus the boots were a big hint what was going on but you know what nobody was paying attention. Nobody. Intention. I wasn't. I still can't believe I taught that when I relate or read reread action comics and was like, Oh man. But yeah this is cool. You know just a it's very Stan Superman. Joe Shuster with the blue boots and then the straight just triangle gold triangle with the S. The next big major change other than throughout the comics of just like. The changes little bits with the flash air and then the size of you know in the comics from like the Curt Swan. More stronger smaller to. John Byrne. Massive S is our favorite, the electric blue and Red Superman. Yeah. No matter. The stories are what you think about this era of Superman. I was I was a kid when? This when this was a thing and I thought the SS looked awesome. I thought he looked really cool and blue and red and just the electric. I mean when I was drawing as a kid I would draw these versions of Superman. I thought it was like you know looking back. I thought it'd be Kinda. Cool. 'cause like. Some stuff in your brains a little shorter. I remember getting the Superman Red Superman? Blue issue one but with the three cover. So, having the three D. glasses. Were so cool. And we still need this back to back red and blue shirts red and Blue Krypton reports shirt shot I go with what we need. Or going to the there's no doubt about A. and. arson. This'll kind of a neat story line to do like after. What do you call it after his death and when he returns let this is what happened to him. He return like his powers from after death was. In this. Right well, it was cool how they use this idea also when they did the The the reborn storyline. that. Has that there were red and blue. Powers has basically like the new fifty two as like like the red version or whatever, and the the. The the Lowest Clark, the one we know. At the end of new fifty two and ended in the beginning of rebirth was. Left the blue version. Yip. Hearing, second because the next slide is the two thousand eleven new thirty-two rebirth three born and I picked I was trying to find all like Jim Leisure Ong's but. It didn't quite work out. So the new fifty two was a big deal because in two thousand and eleven, we are getting the first images of the upcoming film Humana Steel. Trunks and now the new fifty two is no trump's it's an armor. and. I like. You know there's a lot of lines people always joke with. About his suit but I kind of like the idea we've talked about this. Of being his suit being alien. Armor kind of being crypto NEOM based. It's kind of NEAT. Just something a little bit different than the mocked him made the suit. You know what's interesting is like this is. Like the. Initial new fifty, two, Justice League drawing the Chin we did. Plastered on everything I. Pictures of. Two pictures of it around the House here. On my coffee mug. And it's funny because one. Wonder Woman's wearing pants. which I thought was cool right. She's wearing black which I thought was interesting. But she's that never appears in a wonderful book. Just. This one. Jim Lee dry and in Superman's very more lean. But then when you see him show up draw Jim Lee in Justice League origins he's a little bit bigger he's not this kind of lean. The boots have that uptake like we talked about and they're square. The one thing I do absolutely love with the new fifty, two storyline with. The Cape. was. Drills. The he gave him put cow in it rap calendar capsule with which I would love to see that. Translate to Live Action I. Love the idea that the giral takes his cape off. That's like his father's like. A. Family thing. And wraps cow limit so that not only just like you could even say if you WanNa, do mom makes him the costume. But then it's he takes the blanket. He was actually his father's Cape. INPUTS THE CAPE ON. I i. like that I I think that's a little bit more strongly like just the imagery of. GIRAL taking off. His his Cape and. I. THINK THAT'S You know it's a symbolic, I'm rambling but I like it. Yeah. I mean. As in. Say You WANNA. Stick in the new fifty two here. Real quick. Like the action comics number one in the new fifty, two I was I was going to put out the action. In A. Say Yeah Action Comics number one of the new fifty two. and then vote later would be like the truth storyline. Say. Those are like the other two Haha favourite costs place. Right. T shirt and. Jeans. The next light but I wanted to touch on just finish up like. The like. Next to the new fifty two is the picture of Superman rebirth, which is also drawn by Jim Lee but I think it's How much different. His Superman is. That looks more like regular super. Well the Rebirth Superman Is the. The Lois and Clark. Road to rebirth Superman. This superman from. Pre flashpoint. Yeah. So in the. I mean the suit looks different but then we also go to next to that. Well I don't want to skip ahead. I do like. I like this suit it looks. It looks smoother. I like new fifty two. I even like the collar I like the armor. Of the CRIP Tony in armor and stuff. and. Then in this shot, you talk about the the boots. With, the with the red line with the little uptick of the red line on. This whole suit is blue, but it's got the the Red Bell. which is almost even reminiscent of Mana Steel where you know you've got the the buckle in the center and then and then it's blue in between and then you've got what looks like the rest of the belt that goes around the sides that goes around the hips, and then you have the cuffs on the risks that are very ministerial. And then I do WanNa mention this actually throw this in there when they did the soft tweak. To the new fifty to suit with the Johner amita junior and Geoff Johns where. It had like. The risks came down like on the Jim Lee here like the risk comes down at a point. And in this a came over the knuckles and over the thumb, and then the K- kind of wrapped around and the belt Kinda did instead of a straight across a dip it was like the same super like slightly changed. So. And in the last suit James taken away because we know how much we love this suit? Yeah. This is This is the reborn suit after. Superman and Clark head merged. The way they did in the reborn story line. And it's got the the light, the sky blue. A. Blue Bodysuit. Really good ass like it's large, but it's not like overly huge. It takes. Excuse, me takes up most the chest. And literally just goes to the bottom of the sternum. The full red bell with the with the little yellow yellow buckle on it the red, boots New Trunks here I mean, this is. This is like one of my favorite suits nothing. No surprise here this is James is probably. Favorites soon that we've seen recently in communists. I. Mean Pretty Close to so far I mean, yeah it's. It's one of the best suits the only without the trunks. The only thing I would you differently, I hate saying that. Critic. I put the cuffs back. Yeah. I like the cuffs. I. Think it just breaks up and I think it's Kinda. Cool I. Mean that's something different out there. Okay. Yeah. and then the thing about it is what bugs me here is because you know the modern is the classic suit back to the Red Trunks and I mean, it's just it's the classic suit that that it always was just. You know I mean it's just the thing that bugs me is was. To bring back the suit. They gave a nice story reason why you now giving lowest the Crip Tony Suit? So that way she would be protected when she went to space with John. But then she comes back in just a matter of weeks and then it's never seen heard from or talked about or asked about again they just the used it as an in story reason to put him back in the classic sue and that's it. Trunks are back. Yep. And so keeping in this error jump to the next one. And that's where we have our action comics number one from the new fifty two where he's just wearing jeans at t shirt with Terrell's Cape. And then I put in the Superman truth. Story Line. He's back to having being depowered, but he has a blue t shirt with the s that I actually like more of the Fleischer. Style S. To I. Think it's just once again it's that. That is like the. That's cost playwright there that I just naturally find myself falling into every day before heading to work. Some Point Superman today. Imagine that Superman again today. HOOPS ME my bad. Oh well, and then I wonder if. This coming. So the next the next slide. I kinda pit them together IS THE BLACK SUIT REJUVENATION suit from the deaths return Superman, and then the black suit that we would get later in the lowest and Clark. Wishes the superman that would then become the rebirth superman. Now looking at the suit now we can. A pre flashpoint superman. We call. I see where like the Dean Cain got the blue from the toes got the silver in the black suit toes because to me that's the Dean Cain suit that he had with the blue right there. But just it's silver. Yeah I mean literally like it's the blue cuffs where the silver cuffs are the. Blue Shield where the silver shield is in. Yeah. The The blue tells where the silver toes are at. So. yeah. I don't know why they didn't Two more on suit for most Clark but. It's like okay. Yeah the the the lowest. Clark suit, the the Comic Lois and Clark suit there at the end of the new fifty, two he's got the he's got the silver ass with the black background The picture we got here is a full silver S. Silver. S and silver background. And he doesn't have the cuffs. He's got a silver belt and silver boots. Our. Drop out of this suit as I dropped the silver boots. Other. Than that. I actually pretty much like this. I mean I prefer the boots to the to the Silver Toe Yeah Not, a fan of the silver. Or. Like the solid like black gloves the he has. The rejuvenation blacks you. But you know. This. You know if no one's ever read the Lois and Clark. Run. It's a great run. A great story I didn't read it at first until someone told me I needed to rebate and I bought the first issue I read it and then went to the shop and bought the rest. Yeah it wasn't intrigued yet. Or couldn't find the end now now it's a trade and IT'S A. Lois and Clark Road to rebirth or something I'm pretty sure as is the title. Is Tagging a road to rebirth Lois and Clark. It makes sense. So yeah, 'cause it's it's Superman. It's this version of Superman and Lois and John. Kent. Because they got pregnant had John Kent during convergence event amass how he ended up how they ended up on this world and It's him in the background. It's them in the background while everything in the new fifty two is going on. And all the way to the end where the new fifty, two version of Superman. Dies Story his death. Still. Really good one now. Is. So. Please the last slide there was probably guys done yet. To the last slide, we're talking about Superman no, of course not. Dog. Is the Jim, Lee Drawing. Of Superman, from action comics one thousand. Two what the current? Look of Superman is. and. Honestly. I think this drawing first of all is one of Jimmy's worst. I. Don't think it's a good drawing. I know I'm not trying to be like D. bag here. Pay People not trying to say oh No he doesn't. I can't better really not. I can't do better. But what I'm saying is his Cape looks horribly flat. It's so weird to look at this superman after seeing the other to Jimmy Superman that we just looked at and discussed. And then I look at artwork for. Businesses, run and you have Ivan Reis is drawing Superman. That I think looks amazing. I think I think Jim Lee's version of Superman here. Being Action Comics one thousand. Being a tribute to the very beginning. I, think that's what this is. I think this is a you know a modern look at the classic Superman, you know stockier. Built. You know just rounder face rounder body. You know what? I mean I. Think I think he I. Think he did this on purpose you know what I mean just. It's Kate's that really gets me. Yeah I can see that it does look very flat against it, which is really weird to say coming from like Jim Lee drawing because if you read. Justice League origins. The depth that he has in all of that artwork is like renew nearly unparalleled. Yeah. You don't see that type of depth and perception in in a lot of artwork I. Mean it's unbelievable in especially in origins the first six issues. So to see you know how to to see it and look at it and and you know think that like, yeah, that kind of. Looks flat it doesn't look. So three dimensional behind you even with the shad, the shading and stuff. Yeah it's definitely I definitely can see that you know and what's crazy is. Here is less than. Oh. Brain His it's basically the standard superman costume. The looks in this picture, the s looks a little bit more new fifty, two esque. Always sharper edges. and. Then he has the cops plus version of the cuffs on his wrists other than that. It's like we're back to trunks and everything like I said, I, love the Arte Ivan has done for just regular superman in the bendix run. Yeah Superman the bend, the Superman book in in. Around has has looked fantastic. So I mean. Yeah. That is our you know our almost two hour talk about superman in his suits, which is it's been a good time. So. I just wanted to say thank you James for discussing suits. You know if we had someone on here who was probably like really into cost player, whatever we can probably dug into a lot more like you know fabrics and everything but I decided to be kind of cool to know look at the different ways superman his Volvo like you know people are about the difference changes and all the bats use and Doug that there's been a lot of changes in the bat suits. But there's also been a lot of changes in superman suits as well and I just wanted to you know bring that knowledge. To everybody you know yeah, you know it's it's our opinions on some of the students you know it's not every soup but you know things we liked things we don't like. You know a lot of great suits over the years and. Obviously a few a few duds but. You. Know I mean. It's it's iconic. In all forms. Aren't good listeners finish your feedback. You know you can reach us at Krypton report on twitter facebook instagram. crypt on report pod at gmail.com, send us your feedback and what you think. Let us know how we're doing or what we could do better. I remember. In Sky look up in the sky. Guy.

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